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A Reason to Move from GMail to Google Inbox

I've been using GMail for a long time and the default method has been over at gmail.com. A while back now, Google announced a new mail client to access your GMail. It is called Inbox and while it certainly has a nice slick interface, some people get a bit lost over the reminder, dismiss and archive features. In all honesty, there hasn't been a huge reason for many people to switch. Google just gave you a reason. If you have more than one email account, Inbox lets you log in to multiple email accounts and display them all at once. I'm switching right now.

Google Inbox has a new “all inboxes” view on Android, allowing you to see all of your inboxes without tapping back and forth. This saves you two seconds of tapping each time you check your mail and keeps you from missing important messages arriving in your less-used mailboxes. While Gmail on Android has had this feature since 2015, it has yet to come to Gmail on iOS.

Source: TheVerge

Android Oreo To Roll Out to Devices in the Next Few Weeks

If you've got a Pixel, Pixel XL, Nexus 5X or Nexus 6P, you'll be happy to note that these devices will be the first to get the latest OS from Google. Android 8.0 Oreo is coming and with it, are some nice feature improvement and tweaks - as well as better security. With all sorts of malware targeted at mobile, this can't come soon enough. This will be the last major update for the Nexus line and moving forward, you'll have to get a Pixel at the minimum.

The company said that Android 8.0 builds for the Pixel, Pixel XL, Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P have now "entered carrier testing", adding that it expects to begin rolling out updates to those devices "in phases over the next several weeks". Updates for the Pixel C and Nexus Player will be made available within the same rough timeframe.

Source: Neowin

Age of Empires IV is in the Works

I'm not RTS pro just as our very own Jason Schneider, but I do love the Age of Empires franchise. I've played the previous versions through repeatedly and I'm looking forward to seeing what they can do with the upcoming version. It's been over 10 years since a new AoE game was released - and it's about time! I'm not alone when I say I'm excited about this game.

It's been over a decade since Age of Empires III came out in 2005, but fans of the lauded RTS franchise will once again be subject to Gandhi's merciless wrath: Age of Empires IV is officially in development. At Gamescom today, Microsoft announced the next title in the much-loved series -- and that we'd be getting remastered versions of each of the previous games.

Source: Engadget

Quake Champions Available on Steam Early Access Tuesday

Quake Champions isn't quite finished yet, and up until now, it has been available in a closed beta. If you just can't wait to play until it's all done, you can take a look as it will be available to play through Steam's early access on the August 22. It looks like a nice update to the franchise and it's about time we had some real good arena FPS games once again. I'm looking forward to playing some this fall/winter.

Technically the game is free to play, but if you want to play via Early Access (and to have all the champions) you'll have to pay. Assuming you didn't already have access to the closed beta, that is. If so, you can keep playing, but will only be able to do so via the Bethesda.net launcher. Yes, it's a little confusing. The game's free to play version will launch "at a later date."

Source: Engadget

YotaPhone 3 Price and Features Leak

The YotaPhone was the first dual-screen device that actually worked. The rear screen has always been  e-Ink and the second version was much more polished, had better specs and was a huge improvement over the original. The 3rd version is coming and it will feature either 64GB or 128GB of storage on a device that uses e-Ink on the rear (and gives you days upon days of battery life) and a solid full-color display on the front. For the price, this may be my backup device.

Okay, now that we have established this, let’s get to the pricing information. The 64GB Black color variant of the YotaPhone 3 will apparently be priced at CNY 2,398 (approximately USD 360) while the White color 64GB variant will set you back by CNY 2,498 (approximately USD 375).

Source: TheAndroidSoul

The Surface Pro 4 is Cheaper

The Surface Pro 4 with a Core i5 processor and 4GB of RAM has taken a major price drop in the USA. The version with the 128GB of storage option has dropped in price by $360.  That's a 36% drop to a mere $639. If you are looking for a basic laptop/ultrabook/tablet, at that price you can't find a better product on the market. If only they were on sale in Canada...

As part of Newegg's flash sale, the firm is now offering the Surface Pro 4 for 36 percent off of its retail price, bringing the price down considerably to $639. This is a brand-new unit, that comes with a Core i5 processor, 4GB RAM, and 128GB of storage space. If you require more storage space, you can always utilize the Pro 4's microSD card slot.

Source: Neowin

Android Oreo?

The next version of Android has been speculated to be coming for a while, and the naming pattern leaves us most likely with a food starting with the letter 'O'. Well thanks to a video post of Google+. it looks like the Android Oreo name might have just been leaked. Luckily someone was still checking Google+ otherwise we would have all missed this. The Verge has the full story.

It’s been a long, confusing road, but a file attached to a Google+ post announcing the newly announced Android O eclipse teaser may have finally revealed that Android O will in fact be called Android Oreo. The file’s name was caught by Android Police, who noted that the (now deleted) video post on Google+ was called “GoogleOreo_Teaser_0817_noDroids (1).mp4”, which would seem to confirm — or at least, strongly imply — that the next version of Google’s mobile OS will be named after milk’s favorite cookie.

The Essential Phone

You may have heard about the Essential Phone a time or two, but now, you can actually buy one. The Essential Phone is the brainchild of one of the co-founders of Android and is touted to be the perfect Android phone. Well the buzz around the Essential Phone has been pretty good for a while, however, it doesn't seem like it's blowing people away. ComputerWorld gets their hands on it and shares their thoughts here.

Perhaps one of the most poorly named products in recent memory, the new Essential phone arrives just in time to make us wonder why it even exists.

Using a “modular” design, the idea is to add pieces like a 360-degree camera or maybe some sort of connected home gadget to the smartphone, which runs a stock version of Android. It also uses a slick black enclosure, something that might make you think of a recent Blackberry model. And, the screen runs all the way to the edge. Hmm.

Here’s my problem with it. While the modular design seems novel (Motorola does the same thing) and I’m impressed that any company would even try to go up against Apple and Samsung, there’s already some signs that this will be an uphill climb.

Nokia 8

The latest and greatest from Nokia is launching, dubbed the Nokia 8. This new Nokia phone is using the Nokia name but it a partnership by a company called HMD Global which hopes to bring Nokia back to its former glory days.

Now it's no surprise that the smartphone market is crowded, with Samsung and Apple being the big players and a whole truckload of others all scrambling for market share. The Nokia 8 has something that no one else does with a new "killer feature" which they are calling the 'bothie'. So basically what the 'bothie' feature will do is use both cameras at the same time which will allow you to either take a picture or record video of you as well as what you are looking at. Now the idea seems a little silly, and who knows how popular it'll be, but for the somehow hugely popular YouTube streaming audience it might actually be something they grab onto. Now of course, if it is to take off, I would assume everyone else will come out with the same thing, but until that time, the Nokia 8 is your device.

The Guardian has more.

Nokia has launched the most important new handset in its attempts to revitalize the once world-beating brand for the modern smartphone era dominated by Samsung, Apple and China’s Huawei.

The Nokia 8 marks the culmination of efforts to bring the Finnish telecoms brand back to the mainstream handset market, which kicked off six months ago with the nostalgia-inducing remake of the classic Nokia 3310 feature phone.

Netflix to spend $7 Billion on content in 2018

Netflix is going full steam ahead into 2018 and has announced that they'll be putting $7 billion dollars into content next year. In 2017 they've invested $6 billion, which was an increase of a billion over 2016 so the trend seems to be that Netflix is growing at a pretty good pace. The amount of money that Netflix is throwing around is starting to be questioned if it can be sustainable, but for the time being they seem to have people buying in and it's making the other streaming service (and other traditional media formats) really have to pull up their socks in an attempt to stay viable. The Streaming Observer has more on this story.

Now that Apple has seemingly lost its spark, Netflix has become the most talked-about company in the world – and for good reason.

The streaming innovator is in the middle of disrupting several industries, having completely revolutionized television and now poised to do the same with the film industry. The company’s commitment to innovation has put Netflix head and shoulders above its closest streaming competitors in terms of both subscriber totals and critical acclaim; Netflix dominated other streaming services in this year’s Emmy Award nominations, picking up a total of 91 different nominations, proving that their original series and films are true forces to be reckoned with.

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