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50 of the best cancelled video games

Usually on a slow news day I can always find a best of list and today is no exception. Today's "best of" list features 50 of the best games that got cancelled before completion. Chances are good you can think of a couple already that are on this list that were promised and then eventually cancelled but there are a feew interesting ones that I found that maybe someday will get a 2nd chance when game makers completely run out of ideas. Den of Geek has the list.

We all know that, from time to time, games suffer delays and slippages. Release dates are pushed back, developers need more time to work on a game, or a publisher sees a better launch window that may generate more revenue. It's pretty common, and even big name titles can be affected. However, delays aren't the only problem to hit games, and there's a whole graveyard of cancelled titles, with interesting ideas and unique innovations resting in piece as they failed to make it to stores.

PS4 sells 7 Million units

Since the release of the PS4, Sony has been able to already sell 7 million units and admits they can't keep up with the demand yet. This is good news for Sony as some of their other divisions have been dragging them down and the success of the PS4 might help that temporarily. Phys.org has the full story.

The PS4 is up against Microsoft's Xbox One, and Nintendo's Wii U for dominance of the digital home entertainment market at a time that consoles are under intense pressure to prove their worth in a world of ubiquitous smartphones and tablets for games and videos.

By comparison, the Wii U, launched in late 2012, took more than a year to sell 5.86 million units.

Steam Statistics

Arstechnica has come out with a very interesting article which gives you more statistics about Steam than you ever thought possible. Want to know what the most popular game is? Want to know how many games get bought and never played? Want to know how many hours per game people play on average? All those questions can be answered over here.

Right now, I can tell you that about 37 percent of the roughly 781 million games registered to various Steam accounts haven’t even been loaded a single time. I can tell you that Steam users have put an aggregate of about 3.8 billion hours into Dota 2. I can tell you that Steam users tend to put nearly 600 percent more time into the multiplayer mode on Modern Warfare 2 than the single player mode.

Basically, I can give you an idea of how any of the thousands of games on Steam have performed, both in terms of sales and gameplay hours.

Galaxy S5 vs. Drop Test, Water Dip & .50 Cal

There's really not much more to say... smiley


Toshiba Launches 4K Laptop for $1.5K

Screen resolution is a wonderful thing - especially when you have lots of it. This is the moto of the new Toshiba Satellite P55T laptop that comes with a nice Core i7 CPU, NVIDIA graphics and a 4K panel. While the price tag is pretty reasonable at $1,500 for a 4K machine, that is really the only stand-out specification, but if you believe that you will be needing a 4K panel to stream all that Netflix content, this is a decent portable choice.

The laptop body itself was perfectly fine, but failed to stand out, with a generic-looking silver-grey aluminum body and black island-style keyboard. Some design touches feel ported over from the premium Kirabook line, such as the rounded corners of the chassis, and the similar rounded top corners on the large clickpad-style touch pad.

Source: CNET

Microsoft Launches Office 365 Personal for $70 a Year

If you have to force a subscription model on people, you should at least make it affordable. This is the message that Adobe is finally getting with their software package and Microsoft is getting as well. Previously, Office 365 was pretty expensive for the casual user, and now with the $70 a year (or $7 a month) option, this makes it a bit more inviting and not a bad deal if you like to keep your Office software current. The downside is that this subscription allows you to install on one PC and one tablet, instead of the five PC limit for teh Office 365 Home package at $99 a year.

An Office 365 Personal subscription allows for one PC or Mac, and one tablet (including iPad) to be connected to the service, and is the best option for individuals interested in using Office 365. By offering Office 365 Personal, in addition to Office 365 Home, we are better positioned to deliver the right Office to a broader range of households–whether it’s an individual or a family of five.

Source: Office Blog

Samsung Galaxy S5 Fingerprint Fail

Even though Samsung uses a "swipe" fingerprint sensor on their new Galaxy S5, the truth is that it is just as susceptible to spoofing as the Apple iPhone 5S "contact" sensor. The bigger deal for Samsung is that their fingerprint authentication does more than just unlock the phone - it can also be used for making Paypal payments among other things. This is not good and is a reason as to why you should stear clear of fingerprint technology on phones at this point.


Android App Pick - UNO & Friends

We have just posted up another Android App Pick of the Week and this week we are getting our high-tech game on with UNO & Friends. If you've ever played UNO, this will be super familiar. This is a great and very fun game that can be played with friends from your social networks or just with random people. Take a look and you'll see why it's our App Pick of the Week.




Heartbleed Hits Android 4.1.1

If you're an Android user and are currently using Android 4.1.1 on your older device, make sure that you go quickly and update your Google services. There is a flaw in this version of Android that makes it vulnerable and if you are currently using it, you'd better think twice about your data. Thankfully, it is already patched, but you may need to do a manual update in the Google Play store to seal the whole on your device.

Security researchers said that version of Android is still used in millions of smartphones and tablets, including popular models made by Samsung Electronics Co., HTC Corp. and other manufacturers. Google statistics show that 34 percent of Android devices use variations of the 4.1 software.

Source: Bloomberg

Cortana vs. Siri vs. Google Now

If you're wondering how Google Now ranks when compared to Siri and the new Cortana for Windows Phone. There are no real winners here as each of them win in different areas. It is interesting though how fast Google is when compared to the others. Siri did get more things right though.

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