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Sell Something on Facebook

Facebook is testing out a new feature that will allow users to 'sell something' when they are posting to a group. The way things are setup right now Facebook just facilitates the deal and does not take a cut (yet). Basically its like combining Facebook and Craigslist, both parties are responsible for the deal. The addition of this feature is probably a good thing for active selling groups, but we will have to wait and see where it goes. For some reason I just can't help but wondering how long it will be until Facebook tries to find a way to monetize this...

TheNextWeb has the full story.

Once posted, Facebook doesn’t do anything further to attempt to facilitate the deal, but formats the post nicely with clear prices, delivery options and description.

The feature appears to be in testing right now, with a linked help page (which doesn’t work for everyone) explaining that Facebook is not responsible for purchases or sales made on the site but a second link to give feedback about the new feature that is broken at time of writing.

Viber vs. ESET

As you've probably noticed, there is nothing I enjoy than a good social media fight. Viber (a Skype-like competitor) recently started getting flagged by ESET (virus detector) and decided the best way to deal with it was to take to Twitter and publically announce that #EsetSucks and to get a better antivirus detector. ESET offered one of the best Twitter comebacks by posting some of Viber's code and showing why they are being blocked (silent downloads and sending statistics).

You would think that companies would eventually learn that going to Twitter to "shame" other companies rarely works, I guess someone forgot to pass that note along to Viber....

Neowin has more on this 'digital upercut' that ESET sent Viber

What Viber wasn't expecting, however, was for ESET to respond, and the response was as classy as it can get. ESET tweeted back its own image, this time, however, it was an image of the Viber installer's source code showing silent downloads and silent statistics being sent back to Viber, and a message from ESET saying that their users' privacy comes first. Oh, and they also included an "#esetDOESNTsuck" hashtag at the end of their tweet.

Netflix says offline playback is 'never going to happen'

Even though other competitors are offering offline viewing of their content, Netflix has dug in their heels and said that it is 'never going to happen' and that eventually WiFi will be widespread enough that the problem will solve itself. 

Amazon has also coincidentally announced that they have offline viewing available on their Fire devices and plan on allowing other devices to have the same feature in the future.

TechRadar has more details.

For some time now, services like BBC iPlayer and 4oD have offered the ability to download shows for offline viewing, yet Netflix hasn't

And despite the pleas of the masses (or maybe it's just us) it doesn't sound like it's going to happen any time soon - or ever. Speaking to TechRadar, Cliff Edwards, Netflix's director of corporate communications and technology, said "It's never going to happen".

Facebook vs. YouTube - FIGHT!

Our world is video driven and viral vidoes are such a huge hit that different companies get jealous of one other. Hits = huge revenue. Facebook is trying to win over new users and keep G+ trampled in the dust by stealing thunder from YouTube of all people. They are trying to get into videos and video advertising in a big way. While Facebook has a huge user base, I don't think Google has much to be worried about. 

Facebook’s video pitch to marketers is much the same as it’s always been: thanks to the social network’s massive trove of user data, Facebook believes it can show video ads to precisely those people who will be most receptive to them. “[Marketers] are looking at Facebook to deliver very personalized messages,” says Nicolas Franchet, head of retail and e-commerce on Facebook’s global vertical marketing team. “Video is now one of the ways they can do that.”

Source: Time

US TelCo's Want You to Cut the Cord

It appears that companies in the USA are trying to get their users to cut the cord and go wireless only. I know a growing number of people are doing this and it makes sense to stop paying a bill for an extra line that you don't use. In certain areas of the US, TelCo's will actually not be offering copper lines in the future and as lines fail, there will be certain ones that will not be fixed - service will be suspended and cellular phones will replace these traditional lines. Too soon, or do you support this move?

For consumers, landlines are the most inexpensive form of phone service. The lowest cost options in Chicago start at $3 per month, according to the Citizens Utility Board. In more rural areas, prices start at $9.50 per month for local service. If providers succeed, landline customers could be forced to sign up for pricier alternatives — such as wireless service or broadband Internet to have access to a traditional telephone.

Source: ChicagoTribune

Nintendo's Next Gen to Use Free-Form Displays

Sharp has come up with some pretty cool technologies over the years and in fact the current 3DS uses a Sharp display to do the 3D magic. Well, Nintendo is a fan and Sharp's next awesome idea comes in many different shapes. "Free-Form" displays allow the panel to be cut to pretty much any shape to fit anywhere and will allow the next handheld device from Nintendo some freedom from the typical rectangle screen. It should be nifty. Stay tuned to E3 this year as it could be one of the highlights of the show.

Sharp's Free-Form Display technology is designed to allow for new shapes and sizes of screen, and the first client could be Nintendo. Japanese news agency Kyodo reports that the venerable video games company will be Sharp's first client for the LCD tech, which may be used in a new portable games console or the company's upcoming sleep-tracking device. According to one source, Nintendo is considering a doughnut-shaped screen with a hole in the middle.

Source: TheVerge

Microsoft to Allow Xbox One Games on Mobile Device

Microsoft is tying some gimmicks to get people to use their platform. Their latest move is pretty bold and we are hoping the rumors are true. They want to move to a Windows Phone or Tablet as they will (hopefully) be allowing you to stream your Xbox One content to your mobile device via WiFi. This is a great move as there will be nothing better than to ignore the big screen in your house and instead, play the $499 console and it's games on your 4-inch screen. Ok, that's a lot of sarcasm, but the idea is pretty cool.

The new technology, codenamed “Arcadia,” will reportedly replace Microsoft’s discontinued game streaming technology, called “Rio.” It also seems similar to the cloud service OnLive, which lets you play “console-class games on any device. Microsoft demonstrated Rio last year, showing how “Xbox-level visual quality” games like “Halo 4” could be streamed to a Windows Phone and a Surface tablet. Perhaps “Arcadia” will allow you to similarly play Xbox One titles on your Windows devices, or even through your browser.

Source: BusinessInsider

WTU Episode #293 - Nokia, Pirates and Sony - All Dead

In Episode #293 of WeeklyTechUpdate we talk about the end of the Nokia brand, the sinking of the Pirate Bay and we also discuss Sony's slipping PS4 sales. We have those stories and more and the links below!

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Android App Pick - ROCCAT Power-Grid

We have just posted up another Android App Pick of the Week and this week we get connected and efficient with our phones. That's right, whether you're playing games or using your phone as a remote control for your PC volume or even using Photoshop shortcuts, ROCCAT Power-Grid keeps you productive and streamlined for work and play. It's free and our App Pick of the Week!

App Pick #166



Half-Life 2: Episode One on Android (Nvidia Shield)

Valve is still around in the game business and the've recently ported HL2:EP1 for the Android platform. Currently it is only available on the NVIDIA Shield, but let's face it, this is not a game you want to play on a touch-screen. You're going to need a controller to use your crowbar and beat down the headcrabs. I'm excited and will probably re-install this game on my PC and play through it over Christmas.

The decision to release "Half-Life 2" in the Android Platform came together with the Android 5.0 Lollipop update for the Shield Tablet. Other Valve titles are also under development in order to be ported to Shield. These titles include the original "Half Life 2" and "Portal."

Source: Yibada

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