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Lima Ultra Personal Cloud Review

We have just posted our review of the Lima Ultra Personal Cloud. This is a device that connects a hard drive to your network and gives you as much cloud storage as your drive is big. If you need a lot of information available to the cloud - and synchronized between computers, this could be the perfect solution for you. It's not for everyone, but the steady software updates have been pretty consistent. Take a look for all the details.

In the end, the Lima Ultra is a much simpler and more powerful single-drive cloud solution than any we've used before. While there are ways to do something similar through a new router with a USB port; the seamless integration, synchronization, installation and usability of the Lima far exceeds those other options.

Lima Ultra

Next-gen Radeon announcement coming Feb. 28th?

The Ryzen CPU has been getting most of the attention over at the AMD camp, however, on their Radeon graphics side we are getting close to finding out more about their Radeon Vega GPU which they've been teasing people about. It looks like we are finally going to get more information on February 28th about the Vega which is being rumored to be released in the first half of 2017. We'll keep you updated when we know more. PCWorld has more on the story in the meantime.

Radeon Vega doesn’t have a firm release date, but AMD says the card will launch in the first half of 2017. Want to know more? AMD’s holding a “Capsaicin” livestream on February 28, where more Radeon Vega details will no doubt be teased

Samsung Galaxy S8 rumors

The rumor of the week is the new Samsung Galaxy S8+ will be sporting a 6.2" screen. The smaller S8 version could be sporting a 5.7" screen which makes then booth on the larger end of the smartphone spectrum. All of the other specs are pretty standard, dust and water resistant, Snapdragon 835 CPU, really nothing on the specs end that will surprise anyone too much. The Galaxy S8 is expected to be available late March so if you've been waiting you've only got about another month left. The Verge has more details.

Samsung’s Galaxy S8 is slated to arrive in late March, but details continue to leak in a steady stream in the lead up to the event. The latest dump of new info comes courtesy of VentureBeat’s Evan Blass, who posted the S8+ spec sheet on Twitter this afternoon. The thing that should pop out is the monstrous 6.2-inch display size.

Due to the S8’s rumored design, which drops physical buttons in favor of drastically reduced bezels, the phone may not be much larger than the Galaxy Note 7, which packed a 5.7-inch display into a 6.04-inch-tall device. Prior leaks containing photos of the device back up the idea that the S8 will pack an edge-to-edge display that allows for a drastic increase in screen real estate while retaining a relatively compact form.

Cybersecurity "Experts"

A new poll has found the only 25% of candidates hired into cybersecurity jobs are actually qualified, and that's a stat that should scare pretty much everyone. Finding qualified security experts isn't an easy task due to the extreme shortage, however, it is also a good reminder once again that giving your personal information out online to sketchy outfits. If the big guys can't get qualified people to keep themselves and your data safe, chances are good that "Ed's discount cell phones" might not have the strictest data controls... DarkReading has more on this story.

Sobering news on the cybersecurity hiring front: More than 20% of organizations get fewer than five applicants for an open security job and more than half of all positions (55%) take at least three months to fill with a qualified candidate.

Of those who do apply, fewer than 25% are actually qualified for the posted job, according to a new ISACA report released at last week's RSA Conference in San Francisco.

Weekly Tech Update #391 - Netbooks Could Be Making a Comeback

We have just posted up Episode #391 of Weekly Tech Update. In this episode we are discussing why the Netbook is coming back, making bold predictions about your next gaming CPU, and we’re talking about Samsung's Vice Chairman going to jail. He does not pass go or collect $200. We have those stories and more at the links below...


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Xbox One S with Minecraft = $200

If you live in the USA, Newegg is blowing out Xbox One S consoles with a 500GB drive and a free copy of Minecraft for a mere $199.99. While this smaller capacity console is not the hottest item right now, it's a solid buy and that's why it is going for such a good price. Normally, this is a $299 piece of hardware and there is no telling on how long this deal will last. Get it while it's hot.

For only a limited number of units (so you'd better hurry), Newegg is offering a white 500GB Xbox One S with a free copy of Minecraft for $199.99. The console normally retails for $299.99, meaning that you'll be saving $100. Minecraft may not be the most exciting game to be bundled for some, but the price is still an excellent value for someone looking to dive into the world of Xbox gaming.

Source: Neowin via Newegg Ebay

Best Games of 2017 So Far

There are a few games released this year that have been pretty horrible, but there are a few that deserve a second look. There are some great games released so far this year and they are summed up at the link below. If you've got some extra cash and some time on your hands, make sure you take a look to see what they recommend.

I empathize with annual curators. Given the constant deluge of new titles, each arriving with their own noisy hype, it can be a struggle to remember a TV show or a film from 11 months ago. So this year, I’ve decided to keep a journal of my favorite video games, a public way to collect the year’s finest.

Source: TheVerge

Disney Nails Free-Roaming Wireless Power

The nifty thing about wireless charging is that you can charge your phone simply by placing it on a table, pad or even a cradle that has a power coil - without actually plugging wires into your device. The downside is that it can't move much off the sweet spot or it won't charge. Disney, of all companies, has managed to pull off free-roaming wireless power delivery and can charge a device anywhere in the room. As soon as you walk in, your device is charging. No word on how much it would cost - or how often you'll need treatment for cancer.

The efficiency of the system is quite high, between 40 and 95 percent, depending on the receiver's position within the room. Furthermore, a surprisingly large amount of power can be pumped into the room - about 1900 watts - before the specific absorption rate (SAR), a measure of how much energy is absorbed by the human body, reaches dangerous levels.


Source: ArsTechnica

New Atom Chips Have 16-Cores

Just to prove that number of cores don't always mean more power, Intel has announced that their latest C3000 Atom chips will have a total of 16-cores and also include some "Pro" features. While many server chips don't even have 16-cores, the Atom's cores are not necessarily about computing power, they are about number of streams of data. While Hyperthreading works in theory, extra cores offer better performance in the real world and it is these cores that will help NAS arrays and other networking gear to handle loads better.

The Atom C3000 succeeds the older C2000 chips, which were originally targeted at microservers and networking and storage equipment. The Atom C2000 chips recently ran into trouble with a flaw that could crash servers and networking equipment. Intel has provided a temporary fix, but the company is working on a permanent fix.

Source: PCWorld

ROCCAT Skeltr Keyboard Review

We have just posted our review of the ROCCAT Skeltr Keyboard. This is a membrane (non-mechanical) keyboard that throws in some pretty nifty features such as Bluetooth calling to your phone through your PC headset, a universal device dock, Bluetooth keyboard integration with your phone and more. It might not be perfect, but it is boldly going where I've never seen a keyboard go before - and it's solid. Check our review for more details.

Gaming keyboards lately have been going towards mechanical switches, however, not everyone likes the noise and feel of mechanical switches, and if you're one of them you are probably pretty excited to see a high-end gaming keyboard that has membrane switches, which is what the ROCCAT Skeltr features.

Skeltr Keyboard Review

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