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Samsung gets thinner with the A8

Most of the talk around Samsung phones lately has been in regards to their new Galaxy S6 phones, however, they've also updated their, for lack of a better word, luxury lineup with the release of the new Galaxy A8. The new A8 is thin, real thin. At 5.9mm thick, the A8 is 0.4mm thinner than the previous Galaxy A7 as well as it is thinner than the iPhone 6. The A8 still packs a 5.7 inch screen, eight-core CPU, and all the other features you'd expect in a Galaxy phone. Oh, did I mention the A8 is all metal and has a very high-end finish? Realtechtoday has the details and all the pictures.

Phones labeled “A” in the Galaxy series, gained in popularity thanks to the luxury design, with much use of aluminum and ultra thin enclosures, although in specifications can’t be measured with the “S” series, which are still designed for those who want the most from their smartphone.
According to leaked information, the latest in the series, Galaxy A8, will have the smallest case of all Samsung phones so far, with a thickness of only 5,9 mm, which is less than 0,4 mm Galaxy A7. This makes it much thinner than almost all competitors, including the iPhone 6. The development will be a mix of plastic and aluminum, as well as all Galaxy A model yet.

Netflix is now bigger than CBS

Netflix has been on a good run lately and is now bigger than CBS in terms of market capitalization. Netflix is already the most watched 'channel' in the US and continues to prove that users like choice and the ability to watch what they want when they want. Other services have tried to play catch-up with Netflix but so far no one has been all that successful. Quartz has more on this story over here.

Netflix shares are soaring after another outstanding quarter. And as of right now, that’s pushed the market value of the disruptive streaming TV company above CBS Corp, which, by most measures, operates the highest rating broadcast TV network in the US.

Samsung is selling a lot of phones

The new Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge are selling well, very well if you want to get technical. Samsung has announced that in addition to the 20 million phones they pre-sold and are hoping to ship another 10 million in the first 26 days of its launch. It seems like the S6 Edge is the tougher of the two to find thanks to its unique design and even in spite of the 'premium' price the demand is still huge. It's not surprising that the latest Galaxy phones are selling well as the first 5 versions have been top sellers, but are we getting to the point that $800+ phones are going to start dropping in popularity or are they so important to everyones daily life that price doesn't really matter anymore? WeeklyTechUpdate topic? I think so.

BGR has the story over here.

To date, no other Galaxy S model has enjoyed such popularity with consumers, and both Galaxy S6 models are selling better than their predecessors.

Samsung has not commented on actual sales numbers so far, but it has said that sales are gaining momentum. The company did say right after announcing the handsets in early March hat it sold 20 million units to retailers.

“The two new phones are drawing impressive responses. Samsung aims to ship 10 million S6s and S6 Edges in 26 days after the devices’ global launch. That target is achievable,” a source told the publication.

Nokia buys Alcatel

Nokia is making a $16.6 Billion dollar move to try and become more competitive with their new purchase of Alcatel-Lucent. This move is aimed to help Nokia be able to compete with new pressure from low-cost competitors like Huawei and ZTE in a very crowded market. Alcatel has a full lineup of phones, tablets, and even smartwatches and should be an interesting addition to the Nokia lineup. Reuters has the details.

 Nokia is to buy Alcatel-Lucent in an all-share deal that values its smaller French rival at 15.6 billion euros ($16.6 billion), building up its telecom equipment business to compete with market leader Ericsson.

The deal will redefine a sector suffering weak growth prospects and pressure from low-cost Chinese players Huawei and ZTE.

Humble Origin Bundle 2

If you need to get some EA Origin Gaming love, then you should really check out the Humble Origin Bundle 2. Currently, the average is $4.72 and that will get you Dragon Age: Origins, Peggle, Dead Space 2, Medal of Honor: Allied Assault Warchest & Command & Conquer Generals + Zero Hour. If you donate more that $5, you'll also get Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare, Dragon Age II, Bejeweled 3, Mass Effect 2 and more. It sounds like a great deal for any one of these games, and you can get them all!


Source: HumbleBundle

Apple Watch Lease

If you can't bring yourself to spend $2,000 on an Apple Watch, there is hope. A company is planning on leasing out Apple watches starting at a mere $50 a month. Of course, for that price all you are getting is their low-end version, but if you don't want to drop $450 on a watch that you'll upgrade in a year, it might make sense.

Why would you rent an Apple Watch instead of buy one? With reviews saying version 1 is only so-so, some people might not want to spend $350 or more for a device they'll want to upgrade a year later, after Apple releases the Apple Watch 2 in 2016. But the current Apple Watch might be just good enough to borrow for a while.

Source: CNN

Best Sega Games Come to Nintendo 3DS

There are a few Sega titles that have been remastered in 3D for the 3DS. This is pretty cool stuff as I remember playing some of these back in the day. We should see "Streets of Rage II", "Gunstar Heroes" and "Sonic the Hedgehog 2" later this summer in the Nintendo E-Shop for $6. That brings a lot of awesome re-playability the only handheld gaming platform worth buying.

Next, and I'm going to say most importantly, is Gunstar Heroes. This is one of the greatest action games ever made, and it comes from Treasure, the studio behind arcade-twitch masterpieces like Ikaruga, Bangai-O, Sin and Punishment, and so many more. Gunstar Heroes was an astonishing game on the Genesis even in 2D, using various technical tricks to make it look on another level to almost anything else on the system; M2 will have its work cut out translating this all to 3D. 

Source: TheVerge

SpaceX Rocket Launch Win - Landing Fail

SpaceX has just launched another rocket and while the launch was successful, the landing was not. Mind you, they tried to land the rocket on a barge. They did hit the barge but with some lateral movement just before touch-down, the rocket ended up tipping over. They are not too worried about it though as there was a slight mechanical malfunction that caused this and it can be easily resolved.

Elon Musk reveals that the rocket landed on the ship, but "excess lateral velocity" caused it to tip over. That's a bad thing for a rocket booster measuring 224 feet high and capable of weighing as much as 1,115,200 lbs. "Normal video" of the crash-landing should be available when the barge gets back to port in a few days.

Falcon 9


Source: Engadget via Twitter

Machines vs. Primates

I'm a little confused. According to some people, machines will be taking over the world in the not-to-distant future and yet other futurists have indicated something more like "Planet of the Apes". In the middle of that, we'll all have to deal with a zombie apocalypse. Still, my money is on primates putting up the biggest fight and saving us from machines - probably to enslave us later.


Vizio Joins with Low-Price 4K Revolution

4K TVs really haven't been around that long and it is impressive at how fast they have dropped in price. Of course, all the big names were talking minimum $2,000 TVs until Seiki went ahead and started selling 39-inch 4K TVs for a mere $500. Their big 55-inch unit sells for around $600-$700 here in Canada, and now Vizio has seen the light and wants to snatch up all the fence sitters on a budget. If you've got $600 to spend on a new TV, you should consider a low-end 4K unit over a mid-range 1080p unit. It's something to consider at least - and Vizio wants you to consider them.

Vizio has already developed a reputation for offering decent 4K TVs on the cheap, and it's cementing that image now that it's rolling out its 2015 line of Ultra HD screens. The company's new M-Series sets (above) tout full LED backlighting, speedy 802.11ac WiFi and a six-core processor starting at $600 for a 43-inch model -- not bad considering that even stripped-down TVs cost more just a couple of years ago.

Source: Engadget

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