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App Pick - The Room

Self-making Bed

Forget self-driving cars, self-making beds are now available and the hours you spend making your bed will now be available for you to watch more cat videos on Youtube. The guys at SmartDuvet have started a KickStarter campaign and are hoping to revolutionize the duvet market. Not only does this bed makes itself, it also comes with an app so you can schedule your bedmaking for a convenient time (like after lunch so you don't get accidently made into the bed).


Samsung doesn't have to pay Apple $400 million

The latest Apple vs. Samsung saga has seemingly come to an end with a Supreme Court decision that threw out Apple's $400 million dollar claim that Samsung infringed on their smartphone patents. This has been going back and forth since 2011 and between the two sides they've probably spent $400 million in lawyer fees, however, it appears this round is finally over. The Hill has the full story.

A unanimous Supreme Court on Tuesday threw out the almost $400 million in damages Samsung was ordered to pay Apple in a long-standing dispute over the patents of elements of smartphones.

The justices ruled that Samsung does not have to pay Apple patent damages based on the profits for the entire device, only the components at issue, and reversed and remanded the case back down to a lower court.

In delivering the court's opinion, Justice Sonia Sotomayor said the text of the law resolves the case. 

Windows 10 coming to ARM processors

Microsoft announced this week that they will be bringing a full version of Windows 10 to work on ARM processors. What this means is that you'll be able to run your Windows programs on your phone (through emulation software). While the performance will be slower than your desktop of course, the experience will be seamless for end users. The Verge takes a closer look at the announcement.

Microsoft is bringing a full version of Windows 10, complete with desktop app support, to ARM chipsets. The software giant demonstrated Windows 10 running on a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 chip today, complete with HD video playback, Adobe Photoshop support, and Microsoft Office. Microsoft expects ARM-based laptops to be the first to adopt this new version of Windows 10. Traditional x86 desktop apps will be emulated, making the experience seamless to the end user. Laptops might be the first, but it’s easy to see past that and realize that this means Microsoft is about to turn a phone into a real PC.

Weekly Tech Update #381 - Microsoft Doesn't Have Mobile Strategy

We have just posted up Episode #381 of Weekly Tech Update. In this episode we are discussing the Galaxy S 8 says goodbye to the headphone jack Microsoft's shareholders don’t understand Microsoft's mobile strategy and Fitbit buys Pebble. Check out those and lots more tech stories at the links below.


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App Pick #207 - The Room

We have just posted up another Android App Pick, and this week we take a look at a fun puzzle / hidden object game. This game combines a wide variety of puzzle solving quests in order to unlock areas and continue on your quest. The story mode is quite addicting and super fun. Take a look and see why it's our latest Android App Pick!

Android App Pick #207



Google Docs Gets a Little Better

While I love Microsoft Office for the powerful and robust platform, I do use Google Docs and other Google apps almost as much. When it comes to major work though, I prefer Microsoft Office as they allow better formatting and customization. That is changing a bit though as Google is pushing their Docs App to be better and better. The lastest update to G Suite will help you prepare research papers with citations much easier. 

But beyond that, the feature will format the citations in APA, Chicago or MLA styles. So, no matter what your professor requires you're probably covered here. This starts rolling out tomorrow for folks using G Suite for Education. You know, just in time for that final paper you've been putting off all semester long.

Source: Engadget

AMD May License Radeon Graphics to Intel

The latest rumor to hit our inbox this week is that AMD may be planning on licensing their Radeon technology to Intel. This is a bit of a mixed bag as far as business sense goes. AMD integrated graphics are far more powerful that anything Intel offers, but Intel currently has faster CPUs, while AMD wins in the performance-to-cost category. One thing they really have going for them is their graphics, but Intel wants in badly and it would be good for AMD to make a sale. I'm not sure how I feel about this rumor - but remember, it's just that - a rumor.

The second scenario would be that in addition to patent coverage, Intel would use Radeon graphics technology and integrated it into Intel PC processors. The second scenario is far more complex and disruptive. It would make Intel reliant on its biggest PC competitor for a key technology. This would be an unprecedented move by Intel.

Source: Forbes

Doll Listens and Reports to

If you want everything you say to be recorded and sent to a firm in the USA, then sold to marketing, defence contractors and more, consider buying a "connected" toy this holiday season. If you don't like that idea, stay away from "My Friend Cayla" and "i-Que". 

Anything the child tells the doll is transferred to the U.S.-based company Nuance Communications, who specialize in speech recognition technologies. The company reserves the right to share this information with other third parties, and to use speech data for a wide variety of purposes.


Source: Forbrukerradet

Samsung Galaxy S8 Drops the Jack

Samsung may be following Apple's trend of making devices less functional as they contemplate removing the headphone jack from their Galaxy S8. While streaming media from your device via Bluetooth or WiFi through Chromecast and other services in indeed popular, the simplicity of the headphone jack makes this an odd move. It's not working out all that well for Apple, so I'm not sure what they are thinking here. More details to come.

SamMobile notes a few other rumors, like that the phone might ship with stereo speakers as a result of no headphone jack, and that it won’t feature a home button. It might also have a fingerprint sensor embedded in its 2K Super AMOLED display. SamMobile says the new screen will have the same resolution, but will no longer have a PenTile layout, which should improve sharpness, especially in VR.

Source: TheVerge

Intel Core i7-7700K Benchmark Sneak Peek

Intel's latest processor is almost ready and there are a few engineering sample chips floating around that have been benchmarked. This is a whole new generation of processor that is a minor upgrade to the previous i7-6x00 series. Is it worth waiting for? You'll have to take a peek below as they are just running a few synthetic benchmarks for now.

We will be showing you PassMark, 3DMark, and SiSoft Sandra scores today. We are comparing the Intel Core i7-7700K and Core i7-6700K processors, both at 4.5GHz locked clocks, with a 2666MHz DDR4 memory bus. The scores have been taken on motherboard that has yet-to-be released, but has full support for the new Kaby Lake processors as well as updated INF drivers. All we have done in taking these benchmarks is to switch out the CPU.

Source: HardOCP

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