Author Topic: Case Mod/Cooling Complete (....or is it?)  (Read 9596 times)

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Case Mod/Cooling Complete (....or is it?)
« on: February 14, 2007, 01:37:04 pm »
 I'm pretty comfortable with my temps, so I BELIEVE im done......for now...muhaha
 I'm ALSO  :uglystupid2: when it comes to "before" photos. Heres a website-supplied gif of stock front & blazing blue sidelight eminating from the (quite loud) LED dual-fan vantec PCI "non-exhausting" type cooler.

 I pulled the supplied Arctic Cooler - Freezer Pro 7, and replaced with the Zalman CNPS9700 NT nVidia Edition(PWM controlled)(STG1 grease) Added a 2nd eVGA 7950GT 512Mb for SLI.....and the 2 stock eVGA fans were pulled & replaced with Zalman VF900 CU-LED coolers (full 12v) (STG1 grease) Slapped on 2 vantec heatspreaders to RAM. Blew the PSU with said fancy upgrades & replaced with Antec 650W TruePower Trio. (I utilised the cable-sleeving that came off the dead VM PSU of course ^-^)
 I then cut-out the VM logo through the top-front door, matching the stock-cut lower door.
 Front came with single lower 120mm intake. I added a 2nd 120mm intake in the 5-1/2" bays at the cost of my 2nd cd-rom.
 I pulled out the stock fan grill material, as I thought it restricted airflow, then mounted new aluminum screening for both front intake ports. All case fans replaced/installed are 120mm 1200rpm Noctura's.
 I needed one more exhaust....dreading to not cut a hole in my roof (I did shop to prepare for this) The case came with a funny 6.5in. x 1.5in. (16.5cm x 3.9cm) opening in the rear.....not being utilized. I desperately wanted to use this opening for any intake/exhaust, and save chopping new holes in funny places on my new expensive PC !
  Basically, pulled the blades & motor from a clear 120mm Lian Li fan......chopped off one side of the fan-case.....mounted plexiglass strips on top & bottom.  Then, mounted the fan one one side, and 120mmx120mm piece of plexiglass on the other. Strap it to your favorite hole of choice, and done! Homemade blower!
 Since this was done, I have discovered Lian Li makes a fan similar to the one i made, but better looking. Im trying to track it down. Lian Li Model BS-03


 I also mounted a Scythe silent fan on the back of the HD cage to assist in the intake airflow, but this may be coming out soon.....dunno if its worth it yet. 
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Re: Case Mod/Cooling Complete (....or is it?)
« Reply #1 on: February 14, 2007, 03:55:00 pm »
wow, that looks really good, you would think it was all factory still.

Nicely done

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Re: Case Mod/Cooling Complete (....or is it?)
« Reply #2 on: February 15, 2007, 05:03:45 am »
 I've been trying to make a bar graph this morning, but the new Zalman CPU cooler has a bit of a ticking noise thats about to drive me crazy.........origionally i thought it was a fin, and i could "work it out", but now im thinking its the fan itself.

 Heres the numbers:
                                  (IDLE)                        (3DMark06)
                           Stock: /  Current: 
  CPU-                   42.78  /  40.5                        49
  Case                   31.67  /  33.89                       39
  NB                      40.00  /  38.89                       44
  HD                      30.00  /  30.56                       33
  GPU1                   50.00  /  41.67                       57
  GPU2                   43.89  /  37.78                       51

  Or, for those of us on the Fahrenheit scale.....

  CPU-                   109     /  105                          120                                           
  Case                     89     /   93                           102
  NB                       104    /  102                           111
  HD                        86     /  87                            91
  GPU1                    122    /  107                           134
  GPU2                    111    /  100                           123

 3DMark Temps were taken at their HIGHEST point for GPU Temps (after Proxycon & Firefly Forest)
 (If I allowed 3DMark to run through, GPU temps were 5-6 degrees lower.)
 Fujitsu, the front intake alone raised case temps. -(I had to figure out how to exhaust the heat coming from VGA cards.....this heat was just circulating around more with the additional intake)
 Once I got the VGA exhaust figured out, I'd say the 2nd intake was a good addition.
 Keep in mind "stock" from Velocity Micro, was a "Arctic Cooling - Freezer Pro 7" CPU cooler, and not an actual "stock" cooler, so the differences aernt as dramatic.
 The GPU temps here were really my main goal, which turned out nicely.
 BTW. ambiant room temps are between 18.33 & 21.11 for both.

 ....update...stock PSU didnt like the new upgrades, so I now have a new Antec 650W Trio....hope it's enough!
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