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Gionee's M6S Plus Phone Unveiled

There are some solid Android phones from major companies and there are even better devices from companies that most of us have never heard of. The Gionee M6S was recently unveiled and this quite-slim beast packs in an amazing 6GB of RAM as well as a huge 6020mAh battery. That battery is larger than many USB power banks I've been given at CES. It uses a mainstream Qualcomm Snapdragon 653 processor, so you're getting battery life for days.

  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 653 processor
  • 6GB RAM
  • 6-inch 1080p AMOLED display
  • 12MP rear camera with LED flash, 8MP front-facing camera
  • 64GB or 256GB of storage
  • 6020mAh battery


Source: Neowin

Verizon Fios is Quick (and Cheap)

Verizon has pretty speedy internet in the USA and they are stepping up their coverage of Fios - while dropping the price for new customers. You will be able to snag a ~1Gbps connection for as little as $70 a month. The actual speed of the service is a "mere" 940Mbps down and 880Mbps up, but I'm guessing you won't notice that for browsing old cached Geocities sites.

According to Verizon, the new (almost) gigabit internet will be available to customers in the New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Richmond, Va., Hampton Roads, Va., Boston, Providence and Washington, D.C. areas, but you’ll probably have to check with your local Fios service given the historically spotty availability of Fios.

Source: TheVerge

Amazon Turns to Subscriptions to Keep Dominating

Amazon is a huge retailer. They have their fingers in hardware, software, publishing, online checkout services and even their own fleet of jets. They've had some subscription services for a while, but are now moving in to other subscription services - such as Dropbox. They offer bonus deals for Prime members. It's a great deal all around - if you're a Prime Member. If not, well, give one a try.

"You have full control over pricing, with the option to create different tiers of service, offer a free trial or set an introductory price," according to the Subscribe with Amazon page. "Subscribe with Amazon is a self-service solution that allows you to make your digital subscription purchasable to millions of highly qualified shoppers who trust Amazon to be their primary shopping destination."

Source: Engadget

Samsung Galaxy TabPro S Review

We have just posted our review of the Samsung Galaxy TabPro S 12-inch tablet. This tablet is a premium unit that offers more than just a pretty face. Our sample was powered by a speedy Intel processor, a meager 4GB of RAM and an adequate 128GB SSD. While the specifications won't blow you away, the fact that it comes in well under a entry-level Microsoft Surface should keep you interested. More details in our full review.

At the end of the day the TabPro S is a winner in my eyes, I miss it already. I probably spent more time trying to find a reason why I don’t want one (but wasn’t able to find one) and now I find myself late at night looking on the TabPro S online, writing lists of reasons why I need one, and trying to figure out a way to have it shipped without my wife finding out that I bought another laptop...


Bill Gates is a Solid Dad

Bill Gates is THE tech icon of our generation and it's interesting that he recently revealed that he wouldn't let his own kids have a mobile phone until they turned 14. I'm sure he could afford one for them, but it shows insight that even though he pioneered a lot of software and pushed some hardware to new places, he didn't think it was necessarily beneficial for young people. As a parent, I would tend to agree. Either way, he had his reasons and I'm sure you have yours. Still, it's pretty insightful.

“We don’t have cellphones at the table when we are having a meal, we didn’t give our kids cellphones until they were 14 and they complained other kids got them earlier.” Just which phones they got is not clear – possibly not those designed by his long-time rival, the late Apple founder Steve Jobs?

Source: Mirror

Hacking Browsing History from Your Light Sensor

Nothing is secret or safe if it is on an electronic device. People have shown that you can listen to someone using their headphones or speakers and there are a multitude of ways that people can hack your computer. The latest vulnerability comes by way of your ambient light sensor which exists on pretty much every smartphone as well as the latest generation of Macbook devices. The hack is detailed and demonstrated at the link below.

Source: LukasZolenjik Blog

Low Cost Surface Cloud to Compete with Chromebooks

First, the good news. Microsoft is working on a low-cost Surface with their Windows 10 Cloud OS software to offer a solution that will compete with Google's Chromebooks. While HP tried this with their "Stream" line, they weren't quite what people were hoping. I have a feeling that people won't be happy with the Surface Solution either as the Windows 10 brand will make people think that they can do whatever they want on the device, but it will be underpowered for intensive tasks. 

Prediction: It will start to catch on, then Microsoft will pull it early.

Google is on to something with its Chromebook line, at least in the U.S. Combined with hardware support from major manufacturers, a mature app ecosystem, and ease of IT management, Chromebooks are the preferred choice for school IT departments. In speaking with some local school IT administrators – both public and private – here in Marlborough, Mass., it is the ability to lock down and secure Chromebooks, followed by cost, that is driving Chromebook adoption.

Source: WindowsCentral

Weeping Angel Spies on Samsung Smart TVs

WikiLeaks has exposed a tool that the CIA used (or maybe still does?) that is called 'Weeping Angel'. This nifty little software allows the CIA to tap into the internal microphone of Samsung 2013 F-Series TVs. The beautiful (not) thing about this is that they can do this with the TV powered off. If you are a citizen of the USA, you have to be pretty pissed off that your own government has been spying on you so deeply for so long. More details below.

The implant is configured on a Linux PC, and then deployed onto the TV using a USB stick (after having configured it using a Linux-bases system). Audio files can then be extracted using a USB stick or setting up a Wi-Fi hotspot with-in range of the TV. It is also possible to listen to audio exfiltration live, using the Live Listen Tool, designed for use on a Windows OS.

Source: HotHardware

Bose knows everything?

If a lawsuit filed this week is correct, your Bose headphones have been spying on you. This new lawsuit alleges that Bose has been doing some data mining and could have potentially listening in on whatever you're listening to. In addition, it's being alleged that Bose isn't just collecting that information for their research purposes, they are selling it to a third party as well. If the allegations are true this could be an expensive problem for Bose. The Washington Post has the full story.

Combined with the registration information, that gave Bose access to personally identifiable information that Zak and other never agreed to share, the complaint says. Listening data can be very personal, particularly if users are listening to podcasts or other audio files that could shade in information about their political preferences, health conditions or other interests, the complaint argues.

The filing also alleges that Bose wasn't just collecting the information. It was also sharing it with a data mining company called Segment.io, according to research conducted by Edelson, the Chicago-based law firm representing Zak.

Samsung Galaxy S8

The Samsung Galaxy S8 launched this week and so far the buzz around it seems to be pretty positive. Anytime a new Galaxy smartphone launches it generates pretty good interest. In comparison to the previous model (S7), there are few new cool features and a couple tweaks to the design which have people interested in upgrading. Don't believe me? Check out CNBC's coverage of the S8 launch and why they think it's a pretty good device.

Now, after a week testing Samsung's new device, I think I might actually buy it. It's the most exciting device to launch so far this year, is supposed to be much safer (though only time will tell if the battery will hold up this time) and is future-proofed to support faster Gigabit LTE networks as carriers begin rolling them out this year.

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