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P1 Power Sport Watch

Bitcoin On the Way Down

It's no surprise to us here at BCCHardware that Bitcoin is now on it's way down. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure it will be up again in the near future, but several open scams have been discovered showing Bitcoin price fixing as well as insecurity of the mighty Bitcoin dollar is starting to worry investors and potential investors. The result is that it has lost 48% of it's high-value and could be dropping even more. Other digital currencies are also following in it's steps, showcasing the volatile insecurity of something that doesn't exist.

The exact cause of these fluctuations is, of course, anyone's guess, though recent rumours of a cryptocurrency ban in South Korea may have contributed to apprehension in the market. The East Asian country has now clarified that such a ban will not go into place in the near future, while similar rumblings are now being heard with regard to its neighbour, and the largest contributor to bitcoin mining in the world, China.

Source: Neowin

Weekly Tech Update #420 - CES 2018 Wrap-up and More!

We have just posted up Episode #420 of Weekly Tech Update! In this episode we will be discussing the resurrection of Circuit City, Intel and AMD play nice, and we wrap up our CES 2018 coverage with news from Sony, LG, Samsung, Dell, and more! We have those stories and more at the links below...


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It's coming. Registration open! More details incoming at! There is NO other gaming event that promises more fun, frags and is four-day event for a mere $30 pre-registration. Come and get some!



Circuit City to Relaunch on February 15

Circuit City was once one of the major players in the USA when it came to electronics. They disappeared a couple of years back but are coming back in the form of a website, then following up with brick and mortar stores as well. There are very few purely electronics stores in the USA and Canada anymore, with the loss of Tiger Direct and Radio Shack. I'm not sure if Circuit City can bring it back, but it looks like they are going to try. With more and more companies selling through Amazon, it's going to be a tough sell, but I hope they can pull it off.

Shmoel described a curated product assortment that will include A/V, computers, gaming, imaging, small appliances and smart-home products by top-tier vendors like Samsung, Panasonic and Canon, as well as tier-two and tier-three brands. The new Circuit City owns some of its own inventory, which it is amassing in distribution centers around the country, and will also work with drop-ship partners, he said.

Source: Twice

Sony at CES 2018

In my opinion, Sony won CES 2018 this year when it comes to main consumer electronics. They seem to be trying to return to their roots to bring great quality products, some extra innovation and a polished overall experience to the user. The started off by showing us their new TVs - as does all the big electronics manufacturers. Sony is doing something a little different with their models this year though. They don't have speakers - and you don't need a soundbar. Instead, the use several transducers sandwiched between a support bracket and pushed against the back of the glass OLED panel. The result is a very impressive sound experience that was easily audible over the roar of the show floor. What's more impressive is the posititional effect they manage to pull off. They can reproduce sound on the side of the TV where the noise is coming from - giving it a "stereo-on-'roids" feeling and it works quite well.



They also showed off a new intermediate glass-tube speaker from a design that they showed off years ago, but never brought to the masses due to the high costs. This is a pretty cool product and it is a full 360° speaker that looks like a functional art piece.

Glass 360° Speaker


One other thing that was pretty cool was their new laser projector. It starts up and runs full brightness within 5 seconds and has something like 30,000 hours of laser life - before you see ANY degradation. It can put out a 150-inch image when placed only 8-inches from a wall. When placed 3-inches from a wall, you still get an incredible 90-inch image. This will cost over $30,000 at launch and before you gasp and start complaining, remember that the focus of this product is at 100-inch or larger panels - which cost considerably more. Also the projector is much easier to ship and install than a 140-inch LED display.

Sony also showed off Bluetooth speakers that are capable to sync with a total of 100 speakers for an incredible block-party. Also, they showed off their new noise-cancelling headphones, neckband earphones and true wireless solutions as well. As always, Sony has lots of nice stuff, but this year they seriously upped their game with transducer panels and some incredible short-throw projector goodness.

LG at CES 2018

Over the years, LG has really impressed us with their latest and greatest and this year their "OLED Canyon" was pretty impressive indeed. Last year they had a full tunnel of OLED panels, and this year they had a full canyon to walk through that showcased their ability to bend their panels both concave (traditional) and convex (outward). This looked very impressive and shows that LG is thinking about practical applications for large displays as well as showing off some pretty tight curves that they can do with their displays as well. The results are almost breathtaking and while some may argue that VR gives you the same effect, the fact is that this canyon experience is a bit better than 4K - closer to 800K worth of craziness makes it incredible.


LG was also showing off their very nice Thunderbolt 3 displays that are capable of daisy-chaining multiple 4K displays. The 32UK950 pictured below is capable of the HDR600 specification - making it far superior to many companies HDR10 spec that just meets minimum requirements. While the image below looks pretty vivid and incredible, you really have to see it first-hand to appreciate the beauty that is the 32UK950 series.



LG also showcased their gaming displays capable of 240Hz, but without the full HDR600 specification. LG does support both Freesync and G-Sync in their gaming displays. 

There was much more to see and take in at LG, but these are the main highlights I think you'll enjoy!

Sennheiser @ CES 2018

Sennheiser was back at CES with some updated hardware. They have a new audiophile headphone called the HD 820 that is their first closed-back audiophile unit. In the past, the only way to get the resonance they needed for audiophile quality was to use an open-air design, but they've managed to use a concave glass cover and have pulled off some magic. The earphones aren't cheap though at over $2,000 and the matching AMP to drive them - the HDV 820 will set you back an additional $2,399.95

HD 820

HD 820


Sennheiser also showed off the GSP 600 headset launching right away. These will replace the GAME line headsets and has a renewed design, better comfort and is really better in every way.


Weekly Tech Update #419 - RoboShark and More at CES 2018

We have just posted up Episode #419 of Weekly Tech Update! In this episode we talk CES 2018 including Pepcom, Showstoppers and of course, Roboshark! Those stories and a lot more CES and technology bits incoming..



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ASRock @ CES 2018

ASRock has a full lineup of motherboards, regardless of what size your looking for, or what brand of CPU you want to be running, and like every year at CES, they had the full lineup of new products proudly on display. 

One interesting thing that ASRock was showing of on some of their micro-ATX boards was a MXM slot that will allow you to add in a desktop GPU into a form factor that normally has to sacrifice GPU performance due to size restrictions. I've got a feeling we'll be seeing more MXM graphics cards in 2018 as ASRock already is working with system builders to utilize MXM GPUs and build full high-end systems in a super small form factor.


Mushkin @ CES 2018

With the speed of M.2 storage devices, combined with prices that are getting lower and lower, saying that 2018 will be a big year for M.2 hard drives probably isn't too much of a reach. Muskin is ready for the shift to M.2 drives thanks to some upcoming additions to their drive lineup with their new Pilot devices. 

While the new Muskin M.2 devices are probably going to garner the most interest, Mushkin has updated their other SSD offerings which will give you options regardless of your budget.

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