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S9 Camera Should Be Amazing

When it comes to a moder smartphone, one of the features that really set them apart is the camera. All cameras are not created equal and while megapixel count is nice, quality of those pixels is much nicer. Apple and Samsung have been neck and neck with their cameras, but the S9 could take the cake hands down. It looks like the S9 will have an incredibly fast f/1.5 aperture, and the most interesting thing is that it could be an adjustable aperature. Depth of field and hyperfocal options become available - not through processing, but through good old solid photography.

A larger aperture allows more light to enter the sensor, so it should provide better images in low light conditions. The ability to adjust the aperture should allow you to add different effects to your images, such as a more natural bokeh than the fake one that comes from dual-lens configurations.

Source: Neowin

macOS HIgh Sierra Serious Bug

No matter who makes your OS, there can be issues. For the most part macOS as been very solid, but at times there are issues. The latest issue facing High Sierra allows full admin access without a password. The solution is pretty simple though. All you have to do is set a password for the "root" user and you're good to go. Out of the box though, you can get full access without any passwords or prompts. That's a bit of an oversight.

The vulnerability effectively allows someone with physical access to the machine to log in, cause extra mischief, install malware, and so on. You should not leave your vulnerable Mac unattended, nor allow remote desktop access, until you can fix the problem.

Source: TheRegister

Windows 10 to Run Apps in Tabs

Windows 10 has a few new things up their sleeves in the coming months. They've got some new ways to remember what you were doing and when. They are also bringing Windows 10 apps to a tab-like interface. Keep in mind that this is purely for Windows 10 apps - not installed applications from 3rd parties. This is rolling out right away to "Windows Insiders". Stay tuned as some of these new features are super handy.

You’ll see changes to the Windows interface with both aspects. With Sets, users will have the option to add apps to tabs, in much the same way Edge or Chrome works. Don’t be fooled - these aren’t web apps you’re looking at! Essentially, Microsoft is reworking the Desktop Windows Manager within Windows 10 to enable app switching via tabs, versus more traditional windows.

Source: PCWorld

The EVE V Could Take on the Surface Pro

If you want the performance and quality of the Surface Pro but can't afford the price, Eve-Tech may have a solution. The EVE V is their 2-in-1 that is pretty impressive and considering it has four USB ports it has certain advantages over some of the competition. It has a high-quality screen, and is really a Surface Pro clone that is priced very similar but there are more features and accessories with the EVE V. I think that the price would have to be a lot lower in order to take any market share, but it's a nice idea.

At the high end, an i7 Eve V with 512GB of storage and 16GB of RAM is $1,499 versus the Surface Pro’s $2,199, again without the keyboard and pen; bumping the Eve V up to 1TB of storage costs an extra $400, and it’s $500 for the Surface Pro. You could be saving close to $1,000 with the i7 Eve V, but again, the Y-series processor is less powerful than the U-series in the Surface Pro. Still, the trade-off in price and power consumption may well be worth it for you.

Source: TheVerge

HP Gets Into the Spy Game

Cue the James Bond music! HP gets into the spy game as they recently started installing a piece of software called "HP Touchpoint Analytics Client" without consent or permission. This piece of spyware "harvests telemetry information that is used by HP Touchpoint's analytical services." The biggest problem here is that HP won't really say what data they are gathering, what they are doing with it and they never asked or warned about the installation.

Martin Brinkmann on ghacks has a detailed accounting of the spyware and how to remove it. He gives step-by-step instructions for disabling the HP Touchpoint Analytics Client in your Services listing, as well as deleting the HP Touchpoint Manager.

Source: ComputerWorld

Driving and Pokemon Go Don't Mix

There have been a few augmented reality games that have been designed to get people out walking. Ingress and Pokemon Go are the first two that pop into my mind. The idea is great. Put objects around different areas and people are encouraged to go walking and find them. We live in a lazy, lazy world though and people take to their automobiles to play these games. The result is a lot of vechicle crashes. In one county in the state of Indiana, two lives were lost and $20 million in damages have resulted because of this "game". Maybe people should walk more.

To understand how they figured this out, it’s important to remember that in the world of Pokémon Go, there are pokéstops and there are gyms. Pokéstops are where you can get more pokéballs and pick up supplies; gyms are where you battle. You’re supposed to walk around to hit all these spots, but plenty of people cheated by driving to the various stops, then hopping out of the car and picking up some supplies or going for a quick battle.

Source: TheVerge

Destiny 2 Lets You Play for Free

It looks like game developers - most likely publishers are getting the idea. Their games are very expensive to produce and the price of a new game has gone up quite a bit to reflect that. As such, there are a growing number of people that aren't playing the new titles as they are priced too high and people take a "wait-and-see" approach. Destiny was a huge blockbuster game and Destiny 2 has a lot of improvements and changes that are highly regarded - but some don't like it at all. To encourage plays to upgrade to the second title, as well as to get new players, their is now a free version. You don't get the entire game, but they are hoping it's enough to get you hooked.

So you missed out on Destiny 2's beta tests and didn't want to buy the game without giving it a try. Are you stuck? Thankfully, no. Bungie will offer a free Destiny 2 trial on PS4, Xbox One and PC starting on November 28th, and it's giving you a sizeable chunk of the game to try before you fork over your money. You can explore Earth's European Dead Zone and Titan (though you won't get all the campaign missions), fight fellow players in the Crucible's Quickplay rotation and progress up to level 7.

Source: Engadget

Samsung Galaxy S9 and LG G7 to Launch at CES

It appears that the LG G7 and Samsung Galaxy S9 are set to launch at CES. This is the first time in a while that a couple of big names have used the Consumer Electronics show to launch a new mobile device. This used to be the normal state of affairs back in the day, but the mobile world has garnered it's own events such as Mobile World Congress. That is such a huge event now that companies are starting to see that their announcements are getting lost in the shuffle. The good news is that CES is still around and will be the launch platform as we kick off 2018. We will be there and will have details from the show floor.

Citing industry sources, Business Korea is reporting that the release of the iPhone X has spurred considerable interest in next-gen devices. Samsung has apparently moved up its usual March release timetable to January for the Galaxy S9 and S9+. The move is designed to put a "check" on the popularity of Apple's flagship device. While the S9 is expected to keep much of the same design as the S8, with the exception of changing the rear camera alignment and fingerprint sensor placement, the units are expected to have a new AMOLED display, dual cameras, and Qualcomm's new Snapdragon 845 processor.

Source: Neowin

Bitcoin Breaks $9.000

I don't think anyone can really explain why Bitcoin keeps climbing, and perhaps there are many people mining that really don't want to know why - they just want to make money. While there is talk that Bitcoin funds terrorism, I suspect that is tainted information from regulators that are pissed they can't tax it. Either way, with over a $1,000 rally in less than 10 days, it's climbed to over $9,000USD and has no signs of slowing - yet. 

The result comes in spite of warnings from analysts, including Ulrich Stephan, chief strategist at Deutsche Bank who said, “I would simply not recommend this to the everyday investor.” With the conversion rate of bitcoin increasing at its clip, one could be forgiven for thinking that there will be an imminent crash in the value of the cryptocurrency, particularly as it has appreciated in value by $1,000 every one to two weeks since breaking the $5,000 mark.

Source: Neowin

Jeff is Now Worth More than $100 Billion

Jeff had a pretty good day on Friday. Mr. Bezos has been doing quite well running Amazon over the past few years and with the large amount of Black Friday shopping, his net worth slipped over the $100,000,000,000 mark. For a guy that still buys his velcro-touting shoes at Payless, that's pretty impressive. There have been some fantastic hits and some major misses by Jeff Bezos over the years, but clearly he's figured out how to win more than lose.

But at that stratospheric level of wealth, the kind of money that’s basically impossible to comprehend short of talking about national governmental budgets, you can’t avoid a simple question: how much will he give away and how? Bezos himself is clearly looking for an answer. This past June he asked Twitter for ideas on how to be a better philanthropist. His goal was to tackle problems “at the intersection of urgent need and lasting impact.”

Source: TheVerge

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