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12 Things You Should Know About the Xbox One S

The Xbox One S is much more than a smaller take on the original Xbox One. The One S has a few new features, a new controller, some extra power and more tricks up its sleeve that I knew - until I checked out this article. One thing I didn't realize is that Microsoft killed the Kinect port - showcasing that the Kinect is pretty much dead.

Maybe you'd rather not have an external hard drive running all the time, sitting in your media center — totally understandable. You'll have to shell out a bit more cash, but there's now an option in the Xbox One S to get a 2TB internal hard drive. If you're filling up that thing, well, bless all your free time.

Source: BusinessInsider

How Much is Too Much to Pay for Streaming TV?

People love content - and love cheap content even more. Netflix has been a pretty solid value over the years, but they have had a few price increases and it always leaves people feeling pretty bummed about the service. With the latest announcement showcasing a $2 / month price increase, the public is very sadly, outraged and it appears that they could lose almost 500,000 subscribers globally. If that's the case - even with the bottom tier costing ~$10 - that's $5 million month they stand to lose... How much is too much to pay for streaming?

With cable increasingly breaching the $100+ per month mark (and rising), the idea that an increase from $7.99 to $9.99 (or $8.99 to $9.99 for some customers) could send customers packing is ludicrous. Netflix not only has one of the largest streaming catalogs online but, with House of Cards, Orange is the New Black, Narcos, Jessica Jones, Daredevil and others, it’s also creating some of the best content on the airwaves.

Source: TheNextWeb

AMDs Big E3 Announcements

E3 is about video games and video game hardware and AMD took this opportunity to show off what they've been working on. There has been a lot of rumor and excitement about their new RX 400 series products in terms of cost for performance on the mid-range and AMD showed off just what to expect in terms of performance, price and release dates for their upcoming line. Will this be enough to take NVIDIA down a notch? I doubt it - but competition is always good.

Advanced Micro Devices says the Radeon RX 480 is expected to deliver “smooth AAA gaming experiences to gamers at 1440p resolutions”. This means that AMD expects this card to perform fairly well compared to the high-end of the previous generation, roughly falling somewhere around a GTX 970.

Source: Forbes

Google Really Pushing Two-Step Verification

With a new hack happening every week, I guess it makes sense to finally enable two-step verification for platforms that support it. Google has had the option for a while, but only recently have they taken another round at pushing it to their users. The will be a prompt on your device or PC shortly requesting once again that you turn it on - and this makes it simple and really helps secure your data. Secure data is never a bad thing.

The setup is simple: when logging into gmail or other Google apps product, a Google Prompt notification on your phone will ask you to approve or deny the login request, along with information about the profile, location and device you're trying to log in from. Making things even easier: the new feature is actually baked into Android using Google Play services, users only need to update to the latest version to get it.

Source: Engadget

Crapware Free Windows

There are very few things that are more frustrating than finding your PC is slowing down due to the amount of bloatware and crapware it comes with. The beautiful thing is that very soon, the Windows "Refresh Windows" tool will have an option - not only to Refresh it to just like when you go it, but it will also be able to restore and refresh Windows right to the out-of-the-box freshness we all love. Take a look below for more details.

In other words, if this tool works as advertised—and I’ll be testing it to this end over the weekend—anyone should be able to buy a new computer from any source, take it home, turn it on, and then blow away the crapware-laden PC maker install and get a clean image of Windows 10 on there. And then they can get on with their lives.

Source: Thurrot

iPhone 7 Rumor Update

Back when the rumors started to fly regarding the latest phone from Apple, many of us were led to believe that the headphone jack was going away - in favor of digital audio through the Lightning connector. As it stands, that may have been a bit presumptuous as layout, design, cases and more rumors show that the headphone jack may still be on the iPhone 7 after all. Also, it looks like there could be a dual-SIM option - making this the first time Apple as thought of their customers rather than desires of big wireless provides to hose you for roaming charges.

Other parts shown off by Rock Fix include some screen panels in the usual two sizes, some SanDisk memory chips of up to a whopping 256GB, plus a dual-lens camera for the larger model (hello, Huawei!). The shop owner also told us that there will be some changes to the antenna design, though he clarified that this won't get rid of those antenna bands on the back of the phone; maybe it's more to do with the rumored switch to Intel's modem for the GSM models.

Source: Engadget

Huawei's $700 MateBook WIndows Tablet is Coming

There is a lot of amazing hardware in the world - and most of it we never get to see here in North America. Thankfully the Huawei MateBook Windows tablet is one such device that we will get to see here in the near future. This is a very slick 2-in-1 device that tries to rival the Surface 4 Pro in terms of hardware specifications and features. There are some good things with this unit, but if you want a ultra-tablet, I'm sure many will still stick to the brand they know. Still, the MateBook comes with 128GB of storage - making it a bit more appealing for a lot less money that Microsoft's 128GB offering.

The MateBook made its debut back at Mobile World Congress in February, and we were impressed during our initial hands-on. Huawei's battery life claims are certainly impressive: 9 hours of video playback. And remember that the volume rocker also doubles as a fingerprint reader, which is a neat little trick.

Source: TheVerge

Android Lands on Chrome OS - With a Catch

It appears that Google's promise of Android App on Chrome OS has come to fruition, but it's not quite what we were expecting. The biggest issue is that it is very early beta, and there are a lot of bugs. Also the current list of supported Chrome devices is a bit limited, but again, that comes with the early release. I'm sure this will improve as time goes by, but if you don't have a Chromebook Pixel or Chromebook R11, you'll have to keep waiting anyhow.

Currently, users are reporting that there are a number of bugs to deal with, and the latter two devices mentioned above don’t seem to be running Google Play well at the moment. Meanwhile, the numbers of apps available is limited, as the platform only supports tablet applications right now.

Source: Neowin

Free games are making tons of money

The popularity of "free" games on your phones, tablets, and PCs, have become a huge market over the past few years. All of these free games offer users the option to spend a few bucks to get a leg up on the competition, but how much are people actually spending? Slice Intelligence has come up with the numbers and they are shocking how high they really are. Games like Game of War - Fire Age are seeing the money roll in and averaging over $500 per user who decide to pay extra. They've also got the numbers of all the other popular "free" games and while not as high are still shocking.

Most of us think of hardcore video gamers as those paying extravagantly for immersive and complex games, but data shows that mobile gamers are in fact the big spenders.  The mobile game with the largest average in-app spend is Game of War, where players spend, on average, $550 dollars to insure their army conquers the competition. What do Game of War gamers buy? Crates of gold, with the average item price hovering at $52 dollars. 

Napster is back!

Napster is making its return! Rhapsody, who ended up with the Napster name and rights back in 2011, has announced that they are going to be changing their name to Napster. Napster of course became very famous in the late 90's for its file-sharing capabilities that weren't always exactly legal. Napster's second go was as a legitimate music streaming site (which didn't last very long). Rhapsody is hoping that third time is the charm as they are adopting the name yet leaving their service relatively the same.

ArsTechnica has more details.

It seems that nothing is changing about Rhapsody except the name and the branding—in fact, Rhapsody already sells its streaming service under the Napster name in countries outside the US. But the company may be looking for a new way to compete in a packed music streaming market, and pulling on the heartstrings of millions of now-grownups who gleefully marvelled at the ease with which they were able to download music in the new millennium might be just the ticket.

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