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Blackberry Classic Sold Out

With all the fancy smartphones on the market, there is still something to be said about a classic BlackBerry that warms the hearts of many people. If you have fond memories of the first real usable smartphone, you may be excited to know that the BlackBerry is coming back and is branded the BlackBerry "Classic". The bad news is that the pre-orders have sold out. It seems that the grass maybe wasn't as green on this side of the fence.

BlackBerry® Classic is a new smartphone that builds upon the extremely successful and iconic BlackBerry® heritage. Our loyal customers asked us for a very specific phone and we answered with BlackBerry Classic: a familiar design inclusive of the beloved classic navigation keys and physical keyboard, with the speed and powerful performance of BlackBerry® 10. True to its heritage, the BlackBerry Classic is built for ultimate reliability and durability, with high-quality materials and finishes, designed to provide optimal grip and better protection from impact.

Source: BlackBerry

Ford Sync 3 Minus Microsoft

Microsoft has updated their Sync system to version 3.0 and this time around it shows up with no help from Microsoft. Blackberry's QNX platform is what powers the new interface and backbone and instead of being crazy feature-laden, Ford has opted for something a bit more simple, intuitive and functional. This system won't be shipping in any 2015 models and will instead appear in 2016 units. Hopefully drivers will have to reboot their cars less often.

Striking harmony between your phone and car is something every auto manufacturer is pursuing; after all, over 80 percent of Ford customers are now carrying smartphones. Raj Nair, Ford’s CTO of global product development, said the company went out of its way to understand what customers are looking for. "It’s more research than we’ve ever done for any vehicle line, any product, any feature in our history," he said.

Source: TheVerge

Trendnet USB 3.0 to Gigabit Adapter + Hub Review

We have just posted up a review of the Trendnet TU3-ETGH3 USB 3.0 Hub & Gigabit Adapter. This is a little device that gives you three USB 3.0 ports in addition to a super-speedy Gigabit Ethernet port for your Laptop, Ultrabook, Windows Tablet and yes, even a Chromebook. If you want extra connectivity and want it on the cheap - without sacrificing performance, check out our review of this little beauty for all the details.

The build quality, price, performance and general usefulness of the USB 3.0 to Gigabit Ethernet Adapter + USB Hub is fantastic. While it will not be required for desktop applications; Laptop, Windows Tablet, Ultrabook and Chromebook users can gain a lot of extra connectivity without shelling out a lot of money, and that is a great big win.

Trendnet TU3-ETGH3

Hulu Offers Free Streaming on Android for Holidays

If you want to try out Hulu, but don't want to shell out for it, Hulu is allowing Android users to stream for free over the Christmas season. This is good news for you at the moment, but Hulu is hoping that you'll get hooked and sign up for the full-service after they shut you down at the start of next month. If watching TV on your phone is your thing, check it out!


Source: Android (Twitter), Google Play

US Navy Deploys Ship to Combat with Laser

The US Navy has finally taken their laser cannon out of the testing stage and now deployed it to a combat situation. The USS Ponce was recently sent to the Gulf to patrol and has a defence system that relies heavily on a laser to shoot down incoming planes, missles and other flying things. The cool thing is that it has a mile range and is a frickin' laser!

While that's true, the video shows certain limitations in the LaWS. For a start all the targets it blew up were traveling in straight lines and moving relatively slowly, and it's unlikely such cooperative wartime targets would be available. Nevertheless the Navy could be hiding some of LaWS' lights under a bushel, and the weapon does have one huge advantage – it's cheap to use.

Source: TheRegister

Apple Christmas Commercial

I have a few issues with Apple as a company and their zombie-cult following (mobs of people in search of brains), but that doesn't change the fact that every Christmas, they pull off a great commercial that brings a tear to your eye. I think they've done it again with this one. Enjoy - and remember, you can actually do all of this with a PC running Windows, Linux or OSX. Just saying.


The Pirate Bay Lives On

The rumors of the death of the Pirate Bay have been highly exagerated...sort of. It appears that it has been resurrected by former rival ISOHunt. While the actual Pirate Bay site has not been brought back to life, the database and search feature has been mirrored and lives on. In reality, the Pirate Bay and ISOHunt don't actually host any illegal files, they just host the service that indexes the files on personal computers around the world that have opted in to share. I don't expect this to last, but if you need to get your pirate on, you still have a means to do that.

As you probably know, the beloved Pirate Bay website is gone for now. It'll be missed. It'll be remembered as the pilgrim of freedom and possibilities on the web. It's a symbol of liberty for a generation of internet users. In its honor, we're making the oldpiratebay.org search. We, the Isohunt team, copied the database of Pirate Bay in order to save it for generations of users. Nothing will be forgotten. Keep on believing, keep on sharing.

Source: Neowin

Xbox beats PlayStation in November

Not surprisingly, thanks to a nice price cut and some aggressive bundles, the Xbox One surpassed the PS4 in sales in the month of December breaking Sony's sales dominance. It should be interesting to see how (or if) Sony responds but so far we haven't seen much yet as we get close to the Christmas season.

Also interesting to note is that the Wii U had its best month so far in November, which can probably be attributed to the new release of Super Smash Bros.

November was also a strong month for Nintendo on the console side, as sales of Wii U hardware and software increased by more than 10 percent and more than 90 percent, respectively, over the same period in 2013. In fact, the week of Nov. 23 was the biggest single week of Wii U hardware sales since the system launched in November 2012...

IGN has more over here.


New Super Mario Bros. Movie?

Rumors are coming out of the Sony camp (thanks to the recent hacking) that they are looking at making an animated Super Mario Bros. movie. The fact that Sony is even considering this is a bit strange due to the fact that their PlayStation division is a direct competitor to Nintendo who obviously own the Super Mario Bros. franchise. At very least we can all be glad that they are looking at an animated project and not a sequel to the hugely unsuccessful 1993 live action Super Mario Bros. movie.

Kotaku has more on the story.

If the absurdity of this needs to be pointed out, Sony Pictures is part of Sony, the same company that makes the PlayStation, and which also developers a ton of its own video games. Yet the Buzzfeed report says they "could not find any emails in which anyone at Sony Pictures expressed concern about any conflicts with their video game corporate cousin Sony Computer Entertainment, which is a direct competitor with Nintendo."

The end of the Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay has been shut down for the past 48 hours and the speculation is already starting as to if it will be back or if this is indeed the end. The Pirate Bay has been in the news pretty consistently for the past 10+ years and has been controversial since day one. TorrentFreak has more on the shutdown as well as thoughts from one of the founders who is more than happy to see it gone.

More than 24 hours have passed since The Pirate Bay was raided by Swedish police. While it's still unclear how hard the site was hit, not everyone is mourning its troubles. Many of the people who built up the site are happy to see it gone, former spokesperson Peter Sunde included.

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