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BlackBerry Passport

BlackBerry officially launched the BlackBerry Passport smartphone today and sales went live in the USA. The Passport has attracted a bit of attention with its square shape and combination touchscreen and physical keyboard that was BlackBerry's big feature in years past. Chances are good you've seen a picture as this has been talked about for quite some time now but if you want more information head on over to Computerworld.

The new smartphone went on sale in the U.S. today at ShopBlackBerry.com for $599 unlocked. Several U.S. carriers, including AT&T, are expected to sell the device later this year for about $250 on a two-year contract, BlackBerry officials said. Amazon.com will also offer the smartphone although pricing wasn't disclosed.

Apple releases iOS update, promptly pulls it

Early adopters of the iPhone 6 have been dealing with a few bugs (as can be expected with any new product). Apple decided to try and patch a few things with their new iOS 8.0.1 patch which lasted a whole 90 minutes until it was pulled because it was causing way more issues than it fixed. If you are ok with losing cell service and having the fingerprint reader messed up than read no further, if you would like to find out more, or maybe even figure out how to "downgrade" head on over to ZDNet.

Less than a week following the release of iOS 8, Apple has released the first update to the platform.

Within an hour-and-a-half of it going live, Apple is said to have pulled the update. The update, which was meant to bring new fixes to the latest software, brought more problems than it solved. 

Microsoft: Windows 9 isn't going to be called Windows 9

A senior staffer at Microsoft's France office went on record as stating that "Windows 9 will be released in a few days." Microsoft USA told the media that the president of Microsoft France doesn't know what he's talking about and their is "no name" just yet. Yes there is. It's Windows 9.

Worried that Microsoft was going to keep the “Threshold” codename on the next version of Windows? Fret not, it probably won’t. In a speech to employees, Alain Crozier, president of Microsoft France, called the new operating system “Windows 9″ quite recently, and there is tape of it.

Source: TechCrunch

iPhone 6 Bendable Display NOT a Feature

Apple has been telling a few fibs lately, but when they say that their new iPhones are NOT supposed to bend, I'd believe them. The phone material isn't rigid enough to survive a week in your jeans pocket. That's ok. Apparently iPhone 6 users don't wear jeans - or they are wearing them wrong. Good luck with your broken/bent phones.

Not sure if you want to hide your shiny new iPhone's newfangled design in a bulky case? Maybe you should -- apparently, it's quite pliable. iPhone 6 and 6 Plus users on Twitter seem to be finding small, but noticeable bends just south of the handsets' volume controls. Front-pocket storage is all it takes to give the handset a gentle slope...

Source: Engadget

Quadcopters ala Cirque de Soleil

What happens when Cirque de Soleil gets ahold of quadcopters? This.


iOS 8 Crashing 78% more than iOS 7

There was a time when Apple really and truly cared about their products and their users experience. Those days are long gone as they have started playing "catch up" to Samsung and other companies. They have been rushing to meet the release cycle instead of taking time to actually test their products. Last year we saw stats show that Android crashed less than iOS 7 and now iOS 8 is crashing even more than its predecessor. Just another reason I'll stay away from the fruit.

Crashes will be a result of both bugs in iOS 8 and buggy apps, and so over time as iOS and app updates are released, this figure should do down. It's possible too that older handsets are running old apps that either haven't been updated, either because the user hasn't applied the update or because the app has been abandoned by the developer and won't see any further updates.

Source: ZDNet

WTU Episode #281 - NVIDIA is King (For a Week)

If you are into tech news, make sure to check out our latest episode of WeeklyTechUpdate podcast. We talk about Apple's new NFC feature, Google finally drops Google+ from GMail signups and the NVIDIA GTX 980 and GTX 970 are crushing everything (for a week or two). Take a listen to those stories and a bunch more at the links below.


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Android App Pick - Device Info Live Wallpaper

We have just posted up another Android App Pick of the Week and this week we are stretch the "app" thing with a live wallpaper. This is a wallpaper that is so cool we felt it just had to be listed here. Take a look and see your phone's CPU usage, temperature, battery stats and a lot more - all on your desktop and lock screen. It's awesome!


iPhone 6 vs .50 BMG

There are no words... Ok, a few words. One of them is AWESOME!


Google's Self-Driving Cars Now Legal in California

With self-driving cars actually starting to exist in the wild, different states suddenly had to address questions like regarding liability of a crash with a self-driving car and this delayed deployment. It seems that Google has managed to iron out some of these little hiccups and their cars are now legal in California. This is a huge win for Google.

Google's self-driving cars have made impressive progress in the past few years, logging over 700,000 accident-free miles without human intervention, according to the company (there has been at least one accident reportedly caused by a human driver). But those test-drives have been limited to a few closed courses and select areas. Starting this month, Google and a few other ambitious automakers will be able to unleash self-driving vehicles on any public road in the state of California.

Source: TheVerge

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