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$239 Tablet Boots WIndows and Remix OS

If you can't decide if you want an Android tablet for simplicity, or maybe you want a Windows tablet for productivity, you don't actually have to pick one. With the new Chuwi talebt, you can have both - in one unit. This little machine dual-boots Windows and Android and can run applications written for either OS. It actually has pretty decent specs for the price - which is set at a mere $239. It's not a bad choice, but I have a feeling that 99% of the time you'll just boot to Windows.

Here's where the two versions differ: the Vi10 Plus that comes with Remix OS alone has 2GB of RAM and 32GB of onboard storage; the model that dual-boots both Remix OS and Windows 10 has 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage. Aside from that, the two models are identical.

Source: Neowin

Nintendo Slumps as Pokemon Go Details Emerge

Nintendo looked like they had a landslide winner with Pokemon Go, but they have just let their investors (and the public) know that it wasn't originally their idea and that they only get about a 13% share of the App profits. This is a bit different picture than we all believed at launch and the shareholders reactied. Nintendo is still doing well, but they don't get everything that you're spending online.

In a press release after the market closed on Friday in Japan, the Kyoto-based company said the game’s financial impact will be "limited" and that it is not necessary to revise its annual forecast even after factoring in current conditions. It also said revenue from Pokemon Go Plus, a Nintendo-produced accessory for the game expected to go on sale soon, has already been factored into the current guidance.

Source: Bloomberg

Final Fantasy XV - Kingsglaive

The new Final Fantasy XV trailer is out. If the story is half as good as the trailer - it will be fantastic.


Verizon Snags Yahoo for $4.8 Billion

There has been rumors that Yahoo was looking to sell off their core business, but it was unclear as to who would buy them. Many thought that Microsoft would be the logical choice - or even Google may be a decent idea as they could integrate some search, patents and more. Out of left field comes Verizon however. They swooped in and snagged the ailing company for under $5 Billion, but the downside here is that this is only Yahoo's core business and the stuff that has been actually making the company money is not included. I hope Verizon has deep pockets.

In the end, the company was done in by Google and Facebook, two younger behemoths that figured out that survival required a continuous process of reinvention and staying ahead of the next big thing. Yahoo, which flirted with buying both companies in their infancies, watched its fortunes sink as users moved on to apps and social networks.

Source: NYTimes

Gears of War 4 PC Details

The Gears of War franchise has been console-only, but that is about to change. Gears of War 4 brings the COG to your PC screen and with it a few extra exclusive details, bonuses and extra goodies. This game won't be a simple port, there are a lot of extra features, settings, and more that will set it apart. That being said, I'll probably still play this over-the-should game with a controller rather than a keyboard. More details at the link below.

Some of the work designed to give smoother Xbox One performance is also being redeployed on PC in order to further enhance the experience. The game features a dynamic resolution scaler, designed to lock the gameplay at 30fps in single-player (it seems to be doing a great job based on the E3 performance analysis on this page) and 60fps in multiplayer.

Source: Eurogamer

Facebook Takes Flight

Mark Zuckerberg announced a while back that he intended on bringing the internet to the world via drones. That time has come and Facebook has taken to the skies with solar-powered planes that will bring the internet (and Facebook) to the world. This is a really nifty idea, and one that has more merit in my opinion that Google's balloons. It will be interesting to see if they try and roll this out of if this project ends up as only a proof-of-concept.

As the Sun rose over the desert, a crane lifted Aquila onto the dolly structure that would propel it into the sky. The drone has a tremendous wingspan: 141 feet, compared to a Boeing 737’s 113 feet. And yet Facebook engineered Aquila to be as light as possible to permit ultra-long flights. Built with carbon fiber, the latest iteration of the drone weighs around 900 pounds - about half as much as a Smart car.

Source: TheVerge

Microsoft Cuts Some Prices

Microsoft is feeling generous and has already started to cut the price of the original Xbox One just before the Xbox One S lands. It's only a $50 discount, but with the price of the first-generation console down to $249, it makes it a bit of an impulse buy. On the other side of the productivity fence, Microsoft has also cut $150 off their Surface Pro 4 entry-level unit and the price is now a decent $749. Not a bad price for either (or both) of these items.

Microsoft has slashed $150 off the entry-level model, which usually costs $899, reducing its price to $749. That model features an Intel Core m3 processor, along with 4GB of RAM and 128GB of storage. Like other Surface Pro 4 models, it also comes with a Surface Pen - which will be very handy for the new and improved inking features in the upcoming Windows 10 Anniversary Update.

Source: Neowin (1), (2)

The Best Smartphone for Every Need

We all know that there isn't that one perfect smartphone that will fit everybodys needs so Gizmodo has come up with a list of what they think is the best smartphone based on your needs. Best phone for Android purists? They've got it. Best Apple phone? They break that down as well. Check out the full list over here if you just cant figure out what phone would suit you best.

“What’s the best smartphone?” It’s a question I hear at least once or twice a month.

That’s fine. It comes with the territory, really. I write about all kinds of technology all day, every day, but none so much as smartphones. I’ve reviewed many of the major ones released in the past year, from the dirt-cheap to the metal and glossy. They all have something to add in their own way, but only a handful really stand out.

And as you’d imagine, the answer is complicated.

NVIDIA unveils $1200 Titan X

NVIDIA has just announced their new Titan X card which is the next step up from the previous Titan X card they released last year. The original Titan X carried a price tag of $999 but the new Titan X has stepped it up to a cool $1200. The specs of course are the fastest available thanks to the 3,584 cores it will have the and the 12GB of memory but the price tag of course makes it pretty tough to justify. Engadget has more on the release.

If you recently bought a $599 NVIDIA GTX 1080 in order to have the fastest rig around, I have bad news. NVIDIA has revealed the latest Titan X, a graphics card with 12GB of GDDR5X memory and 3,584 cores running at 1.53 GHZ, yielding an absurd 11 teraflops of performance. That easily bests the 8.9 teraflops of the GTX 1080, which itself put the last-gen Titan X to shame. You probably won't feel too bad, however, when we tell you that the new card has a price tag of $1,200, double that of its now-second-best sibling.

Nintendo is now worth more than Sony

Thanks to the huge success of Pokemon Go, Nintendo has seen its stock soar and has now surpassed Sony in value. Nintendo has seen their company value tack on an extra $23 Billion dollars since the release of Pokemon Go which as investors giggling. One would assume the value of Nintendo will come back down at some point once the hype dies down but for right now Nintendo is on top of the world. Mashable has the full story.

Pokémon, whoa.

Nintendo is now worth more than double what it was before the launch of Pokémon Go, as investors continue to drive up the price of the video game company's stock.

In dollar terms, Nintendo has added a whopping $23 billion to its value in less than two weeks.

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