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Froza Horizon 3 Plays Beatifully at 4K/60FPS

To really enjoy this video below, you'll need a 4K display that can run 60Hz refresh rate. That being said, Forza Horizon 3 looks so amazing at 1080p on my own screen that the video below is still worth the watch. There are a few PC issues still floating in the works, but if you have a super graphics card, take a look and see how this game looks at 4K with Ultra settings.


More Chromebooks Run Android

If you've been waiting to play some Android games or run other Apps on your Chromebook, the wait is getting shorter and the compatibility list is getting longer. The latest release of Chrome OS to the stable channel includes Google Play Store access, but it is still limited to specific Chromebooks. There will be more Chromebooks coming to the compatibility list in the future, but for now it's pretty short.

You no longer have to be an early adopter to run Android apps on a Chromebook. Google has released a stable version of Chrome OS that includes Google Play Store access in beta, giving you the opportunity to run mobile apps on top of your usual web access.

Source: Engadget

How to Play BF1 Early

If you're sitting on some free time in the very near future and want to get in to play some Battlefield 1 early, you're in luck. There is a pretty simple way to be involved as part of the "Play First Trial" and that will be going live on October 13. There is still some time to make sure you get your PC in shape as this game will be a killer - especially if you play at 4K resolution. In the meantime, head on to the link below for all the details.

EA Access members get 10 hours of game time — that includes sitting in menu, so use it wisely — which has been the standard for most early access previews since the program launched two years ago. They'll spend that time on five maps playing four modes in multiplayer. The maps are St. Quentin Scar, Amiens, Sinai Desert, Fao Fortress and Suez. The modes are Conquest, Rush, Operations and Domination.

Source: Polygon

Yahoo confirms data breach

The rumor of the week was that Yahoo had been hacked and they were getting ready to confirm it, the numbers being floated around were ~300 million users would be affected. Apparently the breach was worse than expected as Yahoo confirmed that they lost 500 million accounts information and it all happened in late 2014. User information was stolen, however, it appears that financial data was not taken. I'm pretty sure Yahoo isn't very happy about making headlines for this as they are in the process of getting bought out by Verizon. CNN Money has the full story.

The company said it believes a "state-sponsored actor" was behind the data breach, meaning an individual acting on behalf of a government. The breach is said to have occurred in late 2014.

"The account information may have included names, email addresses, telephone numbers, dates of birth, hashed passwords (the vast majority with bcrypt) and, in some cases, encrypted or unencrypted security questions and answers," Yahoo said in a statement.

Why users block ads

A new survey has come out asking users why they block ads and if they feel bad about it. 77% of people who responded said they feel bad about blocking ads as there appears to be a realization that ads are a way that website developers and owners keep the content free, however, the few bad apples out there that go way overboard on ads obviously have pushed people to use ad blockers in large numbers. The Huggington Post has more on this story.

Also maybe it's a good reminder that if you like a certain webpage, as silly as it seems to 'whitelist' the site in your browser, it does help keep content free.

A new survey has found that 77% of ad blocking users feel “some guilt” about blocking ads. This goes against common stereotypes that ad blocking users don’t care about digital content publishers losing revenue, and suggests that if publishers took steps to make their ads less intrusive and less annoying, users might be more tolerant of their advertising.

Weekly Tech Update #374 - Headphones are Obsolete

We have just posted up Episode #374 of Weekly Tech Update. In this episode we are discussing the death of the headphone jack, Apple readies the Apple Watch 2, and Pokemon Go keeps losing users but keeps making money. Check out those and lots more tech stories at the links below.


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Note 7 replacements arriving shortly

It's pretty crazy to think about Samsung having to replace 1 million devices in the USA thanks to their very public battery recall. The logistics of replacing these devices is pretty insane but it's also pretty insane to think that they can come up with 500,000 replacement devices in pretty much no time flat, which Samsung has announced are arriving in stores this week to exchange for faulty devices. Currently 25% of the devices that have been recalled are already replaced but if you still have one make sure to make arrangements to get it exchanged as there appears to be ample stock now. CNET has the full story.

Samsung will have enough Galaxy Note 7 phones in stores Wednesday to replace half of the devices recalled for a battery problem. Stores will have replacements for the rest of the affected phones by the end of the month.

The South Korean company on Tuesday said 500,000 replacement devices have arrived in the US and have been shipped to carrier and retail stores. About 1 million Note 7 units had been recalled in the country.

"New devices will be in stores no later than tomorrow and we will continue to take the necessary actions to ensure users are powering down and immediately exchanging recalled devices," Tim Baxter, president of Samsung Electronics America, said in a statement.

Yahoo got hacked?

I thought the Yahoo news would be virtually nonexistent after their sale to Verizon for $4.8 billion  a little while ago (deal is still pending, but has been announced and confirmed). Apparently in 2012 Yahoo got hacked, like 200 million users hacked, and now Yahoo is going to come out and confirm it according to a new report over the Business Insider.  Probably a good reminder to change your passwords everyone once and a while...

Yahoo is getting ready to confirm a huge, historic hack affecting 200 million users, Recode reports.

Back in August, Motherboard's Joseph Cox reported that 200 million apparent Yahoo user credentials were being sold on the dark web. At the time, the company's response was only that it was "aware of [the] claim."

But now Kara Swisher, one of the tech industry's most respected journalists, is reporting for Recode that Yahoo sources tell her the company is preparing to publicly confirm the hack. (Her sources did not confirm its exact size, only that it was "widespread and serious.")

Why VR matters

Virtual Reality gear has been creating a big buzz for a while as pretty much everyone company tries to get their foot in the door. Personally, I haven't seen much in the VR world that makes me want to jump in but apparently there are good reasons to jump onboard. Medium has come up with some reasons why VR actually matters.

For the most part VR has only really invaded the world of games, where users are familiar with being disassociated with the point of view in a more omniscient way.

However, as the technology becomes more prevalent and accepted, which is happening as we speak with consumer headsets hitting a price point that most people can afford, there is a real opportunity for those willing to dive head first before the world recognizes that they couldn’t imagine a life with only this reality.

NVIDIA Gives Buyers Gears of War 4

If you've been thinking about picking up Gears of War 4 and want a new graphics card to be able to push this game to the max on your new 4K display, NVIDIA wants you to buy one of their cards. In thanks for buying either a GTX 1070 or GTX 1080, they will be happy to set you up with the full game download of Gears of War 4. Even better yet is the fact that this is an Xbox Play Anywhere title, so if you buy this, you'll also play be able to play Gears of War 4 on your Xbox One. Dang. That makes the GTX 1070 a tempting proposition.

When playing Gears of War 4, you’ll be able to modify the look of the game with nearly three-dozen graphics settings, covering Anti-Aliasing, Ambient Occlusion, Level of Detail, Effects, Lighting, Shadows, Textures, and much, much more. Or if you’re unsure of what they do and how they’ll affect your game and performance, let GeForce Experience automatically configure them with a single click, giving you the ideal balance between performance and image quality.

Source: GeForce

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