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Microsoft's "Games for Gold"

Microsoft announced that it will be giving away 2 games per month to Xbox Live Gold members, a move which matches Sony's strategy of giving away games to it's PlayStation Plus members. Microsoft hasn't really impressed everyone as much as Sony due to the fact they are giving away older games while Sony once again one ups them by giving away much newer games. It seems like no matter what Microsoft does this time around, Sony is right there to show them up. The Verge has more details.

Microsoft's Games with Gold initiative, which rewards its paying Xbox Live Gold subscribers with two free titles each month, officially kicks off today. That's about where the good news ends, however. After giving away Fable 3 — released in 2010 — as an early post-E3 "bonus," the company is following up with an even older game. 2009'sDefense Grid: The Awakening, which usually runs 800 Microsoft Points, will be free to download for the month of July.

Firefox 22 Tops Chrome 27 in Benchmarks

Browser benchmarks aren't the most exciting thing in the world, but for the first time in a long time, Firefox has come out on top with their new Firefox Release 22 browser. Chrome has held the speed crown for quite some time but Firefox has finally edged them out for the time being (although Chrome wasn't too far behind). If you are looking for a new speedier browser to finally replace your old Netscape Navigator browswer, you might want to head over to Tom's Hardware and see how the newest versions of Chrome, Firefox, IE and Opera all stack up against each other.

Firefox 22 pulls off an upset, replacing the long-time performance champion Google Chrome as the new speed king! Google doesn't lose by very much though. In fact, if we moved the decimal point and rounded, this would show up as a tie. Meanwhile, moving on to the next win-eligible browser, IE10 is far behind in third place, with less than half the performance score of Firefox 22 or Chrome 27. Opera 12 is in last place, lagging slightly behind IE10.

Google working on Android-powered gaming console?

The rumor of the week is that Google is working on a Android-powered gaming console which they hope to have ready for Fall 2013. Google of course has other Android-based projects on the go as they attempt to move into the market beyond smartphones using their Android operating system. There are quite a few Android-powered consoles out there so far but you would think that Google would have a bit of an advantage. TechHive has the story.

Google reportedly is developing a gaming console powered by its Android mobile operating system in an effort to widen the software’s reach beyond smartphones and tablets and stay ahead of its competitors.

The company’s plans also include developing an Android-powered wristwatch and a new version of the company’s Android-based Nexus Q media-playing device, according to a Wall Street Journal report on Thursday that quoted unnamed sources. The Nexus Q was unveiled last year but never released to the public.

BlackBerry Z10 and Q10 sales lower than expected

BlackBerry has been back in the news thanks to their new Z10 and Q10 smartphones, however, it now appears that all that hype has not translated into sales like investors had hoped. In Q1 BlackBerry shipped 2.72 Million units of the Z10 and Q10 which was shy of the 3 Million they were hoping for and posted an overall loss in Q1. Share prices dropped 27% after the announcement which dropped the value of BlackBerry's stock by almost 2 Billion dollars. It will be very interesting to see how the rest of 2013 goes for BlackBerry as this is not a great start. The Guardian has more details.

More than $2bn was wiped from the stock market value of smartphone maker Blackberry on Friday after financial results suggested its bid to join the personal computing revolution had hit the wall.

Wall Street analysts had expected the Canadian company to produce a modest $25m (£16.4m) operating profit but instead the firm revealed a shock $169m loss and missed its sales targets.

BlackBerry has spent the last 18 months evolving its handsets from email machines to internet phones capable of hosting any application from Ebay to Twitter.

Windows 8.1 Preview

Microsoft released their preview version of Windows 8.1 this week for those of you that just can't wait until the official release later this year. There have been some enhancements to desktop mode and a few other changes but only time will tell if they are enough to keep the masses happy. BGR has more info on Windows 8.1.

Microsoft on Wednesday kicked off its annual Build developer conference by making a free preview version of its brand newWindows 8.1 operating system available to download. Any current Windows 8 users can simply go to Microsoft’s Windows preview website and download the new update for free.

Or if you are already sold on Windows 8.1, head on over to Microsoft's site to get it for yourself.

Verizon to buy Wind Mobile?

There has been rumors of American mobile carriers looking to expand into Canada for quite some time, but now there is a report coming out saying that Verizon has made a bid for Wind Mobile. Wind Mobile is a smaller player in the Canadian mobile market, but it would get Verizon's foot in the door. Also being reported is that Verizon has approached another Canadian carrier (Mobilicity) about a possible takeover. Reuters has the story.

Verizon Communications Inc has offered to buy Canadian telecommunications startup Wind Mobile and is also in talks with rival startup Mobilicity as it makes proposals that could create a viable competitor to the three wireless operators that now dominate the Canadian market.

NVIDIA Shield delayed

The NVIDIA Shield portable gaming device was supposed to go on sale Thursday, however, some last mintue issues popped up and now the device has been delayed until next month. NVIDIA hasn't set another date for it to go on sale, just saying it will be sometime next month. You can get all the details over at NVIDIA's blog.

So, while we announced last week that SHIELD will go on sale this Thursday, we’ve taken the hard decision to delay shipping until next month.

The issue relates to a third-party mechanical component, and we’re working around the clock with the supplier to get it up to our expectations.

We apologize to those who have preordered SHIELDs and to all those who are waiting for them to go on sale. But we want every SHIELD to be just right.

Printed Lattes

This is just pretty awesome.  I'm a fan - not just of the idea - but of coffee.

iPhone 6 Most Wanted Features

As people are already wanting more Android-like features on their iPhones, rumors and speculation have been flowing in non-stop about the next Apple hardware.  iOS7 has a lot of nice looking features and functions that make it nice and usuable (aka Android-like), and now people are looking to the future hardware.  There is a nice want-list here so take a look and see what could be new and interesting.

It's hardly a must-have upgrade, but it would be cool to swipe with your finger -- instead of entering a password -- to unlock your phone. It could also be combined with NFC (near-field communication technology -- see next slide) for making mobile payments.

Source: CNET

Slow Motion AK-47 Underwater

Does a AK-47 fire faster under water or in air?  Thank goodness Destin is here to answer our question.

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