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Google's Pixel Tablet Makes Some Mistakes

Google has usually had other companies put together the hardware for their devices, but with the new Pixel C, they have tried to do pretty much everything in house. While the tablet looks pretty awesome and is more competition to the iPad Pro rather than the Microsoft Surface, there are a few things that are less than perfect. Check out the review at the link below before you jump on in and spend your hard-earned money.

All of a sudden, pretty much every computer maker wants a Surface-like convertible of their own. Apple's got the iPad Pro, of course, but Lenovo, Dell and HP are getting in on the action too. And now there''s the Pixel C from Google, a premium hybrid tablet built in-house (just like the Chromebook Pixel), with a keyboard accessory that attaches via frickin' magnets. Much like the iPad Pro, the Pixel C seems like an experiment to see just how far you can take a mobile OS into productivity territory typically handled by desktop platforms.

Source: Engadget

Working Paper V8 Engine

This is not exactly tech related, but it is absolutely awesome!


Cloud Failure

Having all of your data at your fingertips - available from the nether cloud - can be really handy. This is what music streaming services count on, as well as pretty much every off-device data storage service; and there are a lot of them. Unfortunately, when Microsoft's Cloud has hiccups, so does exchange, Azure, OneDrive, Outlook, Office 365 and more. This was the case last week, and I bet it reminded people as to why a local copy of software and their data is not a bad thing.

At the time, Down Detector showed that Microsoft's cloud service has been stuttering since 9.17am on Thursday, and confirmed that the outage is affecting users across Europe. Microsoft has since confirmed that it has managed to resolve the issue, saying in a statement: "Some customers, particularly those in Europe and the UK, may have been unable to access services earlier today. Services are fully restored and we thank customers for their patience."

Source: TheInquirer

iPad Pro - A Nice Big iPad

Apple's response to the Surface 4 Pro laptop/desktop replacement from Microsoft, was the iPad Pro. According to Apple, the iPad Pro was supposed to be their laptop replacement offering, but after spending a fair bit of time with it, the guys over at Endgadget say it's nice, but no replacement. Probably the biggest factor as to why it can't replace anything is that it's running iOS - not a real, productive OS.

Apple's iPad Pro keyboard is thin, light and water-resistant, and doesn't need to be charged. It's also uncomfortable to type on and is missing some amenities you'll find on competing keyboards, like backlighting and settings shortcut keys. It will suffice in a pinch but for the money, you can do better.

Source: Engadget

Why Flagships Are Dead

We've been talking how the modern flagship phone is dead as there are some great alternatives at very decent prices. Perhaps the Q4 darling that proves our point is the Microsoft Lumia 640. This device has recently been discounted to a mere $20 at AT&T - if you buy a it with some GoPhone minutes. That is why people are not as eager to spend $800 on a new device - a $20 device is a really good phone for 90% of the people out there.

As one of the more recent Windows Phone devices, Microsoft’s Lumia 640 has been no stranger to price cuts, having been offered at highly discounted prices in recent months. The device serves as a great entry to the Windows Phone ecosystem, or a low-cost model for Windows Phone enthusiasts. 

Source: Neowin

Microsoft Beats Apple in Online Tablet Sales

I don't believe everything I read online, and certainly you have to consider the source when quoting sales figures. That being said, rumor has it that Microsoft is beating Apple in online tablet sales thanks to Microsoft's fantastic Surface series of products. You can still snag the Surface 3 / Surface 3 Pro online for a great price, but if you have to have the best, the Surface 4 Pro is looking pretty awesome. Consumers are voting and are beginning to realize that having a tablet than can do more than just browse Facebook and send the occasional email is actually pretty handy. Enter Microsoft Surface. Finally.

Apple’s iPad tablet ushered in the modern tablet era when it was introduced in 2010, and it’s dominated tablet sales ever since. iPad sales have stagnated recently, but nevertheless Apple has maintained its lead in overall tablet market share. WinBeta received an early version of an upcoming report, “1010data Facts for Ecom Insights, January 2014 – October 2015” by the 1010data Ecom Insights Panel, however, that indicates all of that might be changing as Microsoft assumes the mantle of best-selling tablet maker in terms of online sales in October.

Source: WinBeta

PSX Final Fantasy VII Remake Looks Amazing!

Often game remakes are merely just high-resolution texture and better lighting options, but the Final Fantasy VII is much more than that. This takes a classic FF RGP and turns it into an even better action-RPG. Take a look and tell me if I'm wrong.


Source: TechCrunch

Apple Missed the Boat

Apple was the company that really put digital music on the map and in the pocket of the everyday consumer. iTunes was revolutionary for it's time - bundled with the software and hardware package, along with the massive list of artists. Since then, streaming music has changed the way we enjoy content, and Apple was convinced that digital download only was not going away. Eventually, they switched on over, but this "eventually" has cost them dearly. Even with the Apple brand driving the war-horse, they are not winning the war - and aren't even making ground. Pandora, Spotify and Google are still running away with the streaming race.

It seems like a smart strategy, but when it comes to music streaming, it is looking like Apple waited too long to get into the game. As of October, Apple Music has 6.5 million paid users, which is a great number for paying subscribers for such a young service. But Apple Music’s biggest problem is and will continue to be that millions and millions of people stream music for free from other services, and have little incentive to switch to a paid music service.

Source: TheVerge

Google Fi Review

Google's Project Fi is a Wi-Fi alternative to standard voice calling - sort of. It's much bigger than that, and it offers a data package as well as the ability to quickly and seamlessly switch WiFi networks as you travel around your city. It is a data-only package through Wi-Fi and LTE, and it works pretty darn good. In the end, they kill the voice-network and just rely on data - and it works well. Check the editorial below.

First, let me explain how Fi works. It's essentially a unique WiFi-first service that prioritizes calls and text messages to be done over WiFi and not data. Whenever you're around trusted open WiFi hotspots, the phone will automatically connect to them thanks to a feature called WiFi Assistant (It won't do so with paid WiFi connections unless you've already set them up beforehand). If you're not around WiFi for whatever reason, Fi will switch to either Sprint or T-Mobile depending on which has the stronger cellular signal, a feature that's unique to Fi, at least as far as US carriers go.

Source: Engadget

Uber is worth Billions

Uber has set out to raise some new capital to help them continue to take over the world, this time around they've set out to raise around $2.1 Billion dollars. With this new round of investment, Uber has now been valued at around $64.6 Billion. Thanks to this new influx of cash, Uber is planning on continuing their aggressive expansion plans and if things keep going well that value could climb even more. The WSJ has the full story.

Uber Technologies Inc. has raised a new round of funding that could value the ride-hailing company at as high as $64.6 billion, a person familiar with the matter said.

Investors including Tiger Global Capital Management and T. Rowe Price contributed to the funding, which could total as much as $2.1 billion, the person said.

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