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WTU Episode #347 - Xbox One to get an Upgrade

We have just posted up Episode #347 of Weekly Tech Update. In this episode we are discussing Xbox One Upgrades, Foxconn buys Sharp and Apple won't step down. Check out those and lots more tech stories at the links below.


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White Men Can Jump (With the Help of a Trampoline)

This story falls under the category of "Just because you can, doesn't mean you should." That's right, Steve Ballmer takes to the courts and with the help of a trampoline, dunks a ball just after they unveil the new Clippers mascot. The face he makes is the same one he does whenever he speaks at a keynote. It is nice to see it once again.


Forza Comes Free to Windows 10 PCs

Some good news if you're a gamer and you have a PC that runs Windows 10. Microsoft is bringing Forza Motorsport 6: Apex to Windows PCs this spring for the low, low cost of $0. They are trying to bring gamers back to the PC / Xbox platform with a great title on a solid platform that may make people a bit more excited about Windows and racing. It appears that this will be the first of many free PC games brought by Microsoft as they continue to do interesting things with their business model.

Arriving on the Windows Store this spring and available for free, Forza Motorsport 6: Apex is a powerful demonstration of what the ForzaTech™ engine can do when unleashed by DirectX 12 at resolutions up to 4K. Developed by Turn 10 Studios, Forza Motorsport 6: Apex is the first step in Microsoft’s commitment to creating amazing Forza experiences for Windows 10 PC gamers.

Source: Xbox

LG Smart TV Owners Get Console-less Gamefly

A while back, Samsung showed off some of their Smart TVs that had capability to stream and play games from the Sony Network. Now that Sony is tied up, LG had to go somewhere else and they have been working with streaming service Gamefly to bring their library directly to your TV without a console. This is great for casual games, but serious gamers will still likely want a console. Is this enough to make you choose a TV brand? LG is hoping so.

LG announced on Tuesday that it will be adding a streaming app from video game rental service Gamefly to its WebOS-enabled smart TVs in late April -- much like its recent deal with Samsung. The new app will allow users in the US to stream Gamefly's archive of gaming titles. You'll need a TV with WebOS 3.0 or above to use the app, though model year 2015 sets running WebOS 2.0 will get a software update to the newest revision alongside the app's launch.

Source: Engadget

HTC Vive Sold 15,000 Units in 10 Minutes

I STILL don't know what all the fuss is about when it comes to VR as I've tried using it and have constantly hoped to be impressed. At this point, I haven't seen a "killer app" that makes me want to strap a screen to my face for more than just a demo. That being said, 15,000 people stood in a virtual line to buy the $800 set in the first 10 minutes. The numbers and rush must slow down significantly, or we'd hear more I'm sure. Still, not a bad start for an expensive system that doesn't serve a purpose.

It's hard to know exactly what to make of the figure. These are the first Vive pre-orders, so thousands and thousands of people who may have been waiting over a year to buy the headset were rushing to get their order in first, meaning sales may have slowed dramatically in the minutes thereafter (as you'd expect with any high-profile preorder). On the other hand, the Vive costs $799 and requires a high-end gaming PC, so it's really only available to a limited audience.

Source: TheVerge

Android App Pick #199 - Blocus

We have just posted up another Android App Pick of the Week and this week we are back from a bit of an App Pick hiatus with Blocus. The truth is, things have been really busy and it's time to slow down and relax with this very addicting game. It's a lot like "Breakout" which was one of the first video games I played on the Atari 2600. Get your game on this week with Blocus!




Raspberry Pi Released on Feb. 29

I used my Raspberry Pi 2 at VulcLAN this last week to run both a mumble server as well as a TeeWorlds game server. I was surprised at what the little box could handle - but there are limitations of course. Today, the Pi got an upgrade that includes a faster processor, faster RAM, GPU and the new Raspberry Pi 3 includes built-in WiFi and Bluetooth. It's a worthy upgrade that still costs a mere $35.

It's perhaps hard to believe that four years ago to the day the original Raspberry Pi Model B with its humble 256MB RAM was released. It was an instant hit and immediately sold out around the world. Since then, the Pi has gone from strength to strength spawning a couple new models, including the Raspberry Pi 2 and the Raspberry Pi Zero both released within the last year.

Source: Neowin

Yet ANOTHER Reason LEGO is Awesome

Check out this cool video that uses LEGO to make a Earth, Sun & Moon Orrery. Very nifty.


Source: JKBrickWorks

Microsoft Updates Windows 10 for Raspberry Pi 3

Raspberry Pi 3 was released on February 29, and there are a few improvements that make it worth checking out. With the 64-bit processor, built-in WiFi and Bluetooth, Microsoft had to update Windows IoT for the device. The update is already available, and you can get more information and a link to the download below.

Microsoft's keen to be associated with the Pi mission of teaching computing to kiddies. But Redmond also has its own interests to advance, namely that that Windows 10 IoT Core provides hooks a-plenty to Azure, with the cloudy service offering all sorts of as-a-services that thing-makers can use to collect and crunch data.

Source: TheRegister

The MacBook Selfie Stick is Real

People that take pictures with iPads need to be slapped - as do people that walk around taking selfies with a self-stick on their phone. If phone self-sticks and iPad photographers make you want to punch a kitten, just imagine the MacBook selfie stick. It's real. That's the saddest thing I've seen yet this year.

Artistically, what does it mean? Of course, it's a blatant attack on society’s obsession with self and vanity. Using a larger piece of technology is absurdist, bringing attention to the selfie sticks that we have gotten used to. These artists intentionally make themselves stick out by looking absolutely ridiculous, expanding the size of their own selfie game, acting as a sort of magnifying glass turned toward standard selfie culture.

Source: Mashable

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