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Yahoo Stocks Surge Upwards

Yahoo is not a company that generates a lot of excitement for the average consumer. They've had their ups and downs over the years, but have been a pretty solid company overall. Still, they are struggling to keep current and as such they are looking at selling off their "Core" business. In light of that rumor, their stocks jumped a nice 7%, showing that investors think that selling off might not be such a bad idea.

The Journal is reporting that in the meetings, the board will decide whether or not to spin off its stake in Alibaba, sell off the company’s Internet assets, or both. The status of the company’s stake in Alibaba, which it proposed to spin off, had been up in the air after reports that the process could be more complicated when it comes to tax issues.

Source: TechCrunch

Microsoft Cranks up the HoloLens Hype

With just a month left until Microsoft allows developers to sign up for HoloLens dev kits, they have started their hype engine pretty hard. While it looks like a more useful VR/AR product than many others on the market, I still question how widely these products will be deployed. If you want to see some cool demos, make sure to check out actual video footage - looking through the lens here and here.

The HoloLens video clips come a month before Microsoft allows developers in U.S. and Canada to sign up to request access to HoloLens developer kits, which will be $3,000 a piece, with a limit of two per developer. Those kits will go out to those selected during the first quarter of 2016. There's no public information at this point as to what's included in the kits.

Source: ZDNet

People are Giving up on the Apple Watch

Wearables are all the rage - as far as marketing goes, but many people that spend their hard-earned cash on these expensive devices often find that they aren't quite as useful as they'd hope. Apple users are finding this out in a big way - and are leaving their Apple Watches in their drawer. There are a few main reasons why - but the big news is that many users are ditching their watch after only a few days. Check the link below to see the other main reasons why.

There is a "a significant negative bias" towards the Apple Watch from people working in the tech industry. 74% of unsatisfied participants said they had a tech-related job. Even John Gruber, a well-known writer who follows Apple closely and is generally positive about its products, recently admitted that he had stopped wearing his Apple Watch every day. 

Source: MSN

Sony Unlocks More Power on the PS4

Not only is the PS4 winning in total sales, but they have just unlocked more power on their CPU. The GPU on the PS4 outshines the Xbox One, but Microsoft's offering was able to edge out the PS4 in some titles as they require more CPU power. All it took was a simple string of code to allow the PS4 to use a 7th core on the chip - giving it a bit of an advantage when it comes to multi-threaded applications. Microsoft will have to do something - other than give away old games with a Gold Membership.

Right now it's not entirely clear whether similar conditions are in place at all on PlayStation 4, but one source informs us that PlayStation 4's debugging and analysis tool - called Razor - "splits the activity on that core between user and system", which does seem to suggest that the seventh processing core is shared to a certain extent between the OS and game.

Source: Eurogamer

What Does a Boomerang Say?

If you haven't strapped a video camera to a boomerang, you haven't really lived. Check out the video below of the Mobius camera strapped on and enjoy the fast "thwap, thwap" the boomerang makes. Be sure to turn down your volume when prompted as the wind noise is a little loud.


The Flagship Smartphone is Dead

There was a time when the flagship device was all that anyone wanted - and anything else was a poor substitue for the best. Today, there are a ton of amazing devices - not all of them flagships. Different people have different ideas as to what is best, and while some may want that 4K screen, there are a lot of people that are willing to sacrifice some resolution for battery life. Not only that, it's pretty hard to justify a $1,000 phone when a $150 phone is half as good.

Buying a smartphone in 2015 is a more complex task than it was in 2010. Picking a preferred operating system is just the start, to be followed by choices of size, materials, colors, memory, storage, and, of course, price. But it can also be as simple as taking a fancy to a device you find attractive and going with your instinct — another difference from five years ago is that there are almost no terrible phones left.

Source: TheVerge

App Turns Writing into Trippy 3D Images

If you've ever tried to describe a dream but couldn't quite get someone to visualize what you were saying, there's now an app for that. WordsEye has developed a piece of software that takes objects, items, situations and even relative information, such as position and size and translates what you write into 3D images. If you don't believe me, you can check it out yourself. Enjoy the rat on the cat on the back of a Christmas cow in the meantime.


Source: WordsEye

Shiftwear ePaper Shoes - Really

Unless this is a hoax, Shiftwear looks to be one of the coolest products I've seen in years. During the demo video below, the images and video have to be simulated, but if the final product is half as good, I'd probably buy a pair to watch Netflix on while I ride the bus.

Source: Shiftwear

Apple to Ditch the Headphone Jack

Jason predicted that Apple would drop the headphone jack soon - and we thought it may happen with the iPhone 6S. For that model, the 3.5mm jack has stayed intact, but it appears that with the upcoming iPhone product in late 2016, the headphone jack has been removed. Your listening options are now limited to Bluetooth - or what Apple is really banking on - proprietary Lightning Connector all digital headphones. Of course these will sound better than analog headphones. Wait, sound is analog. So it will still get converted to analog waves - just not in your playback device. It will happen in the $500 Beats headphones instead.

The so-called "iPhone 7" will likely be more than 1mm thinner than the 7.1mm thick iPhone 6s as a result, according to the report. The sixth-generation iPod touch could be a comparable device, with a depth of 6.1mm, but the portable media player still has a 3.5mm headphone jack. 

Source: MacRumors

Lenovo and Razer Team up to Build Gaming PCs

It looks like Lenovo is just the partner that Razer had in mind to build some gaming PCs. This is not a new idea for a custom gaming PC maker to team up with a big mainstream name in order to push their products. A few years ago, Dell started working with Alienware and the results were pretty good. Time will tell if this helps out Razer - or Lenovo. I think that Lenovo is doing pretty well globally, and hopefully Razer is not going to suck the life out of them.

The world's biggest PC vendor is getting serious about gaming, and it's recruited one of gamers' favorite peripherals brands to help it establish its legitimacy. Lenovo and Razer today announce a major new partnership that will see them co-brand a range of Razer Edition Lenovo PCs, starting with the Y series of desktop towers that made their debut at IFA in September.

Source: TheVerge

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