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Chillblast Fusion Tiger Shark Core i5 System

If you're looking at spending a bunch of money on a new gaming system, the Core i7-4th-Gen from Intel make a pretty solid backbone.  The beauty is that you don't always need a Core i7 to get the job done.  With these new Core i5 systems topping out with nice overclocks at 4.4Ghz, it's pretty hard to justify another $150 to get the Core i7 model that - while faster, isn't all that much faster outside of specific benchmarks.

Moving to performance the overclock applied by Chillblast was completely stable and overall the performance was good. That overclock takes us closer to the more expensive i7-4770K, though not quite as fast overall and gaming wise we have a system which can play games like Grid 2, Metro etc at 1080 resolution with maximum detail.

Source: HardwareHeaven

Seiki Launches $700 39" 4K TV

Seiki sure is making the 4K war a reality with their 4K TVs.  They recently launched a $1400 50" unit, but the new $699 one has a more office friendly 39" version.  This will be great for anyone in an office that wants the resolution of a 4K panel, but doesn't have the budget for a super expensive unit.  I would gladly replace my 30" Samsung 305T 2560x1600 with one of these.  For the price, you really can't go wrong.

The screen probably won't compete with top-tier rivals, but it's hard to disagree with the price -- we're really looking at a regular 1080p, 120Hz TV that happens to handle 4K, even if few can see the extra detail at this size. And don't worry if you think Seiki should be going larger. The company plans to ship a 65-inch 4K set by the fall, which should cover those who equate large resolutions with large screens.

Source: Engadget

Tuesday Gaming Goodness

Game releases are a little stale this week so instead of going to the regular place, we head on over to IGN and discover a lot about the Microsoft games that are coming to Android and iOS, but mysteriously not Windows Phone here in the near future.  Of course these games will eventually be on Windows Phone, but oddly enough Microsoft seems to ignore their platform first a lot of the time.  One of the titles that is up first is Age of Empires.

The first port, Age of Empires, will purportedly launch by the end of the 2013 fiscal year and is said to be a free-to-play title. Details regarding Xbox Live integration were not mentioned.  While the report is far from official, Microsoft has previously shown acceptance of mobile platforms outside of Windows Phone and Windows 8 / RT with the release of its SmartGlass app on Android and iOS.

Source: IGN


On the review side of things, Surgeon Simulator 2013 get's the Oculus Rift treatment at HardwareHeaven, and then GRID 2 gets reviewed over at Techgage.  Lastly, eTeknix looks at Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen for the PS3 as we wrap this up.

Facebook Security Breach Affects 6 Million Users

Facebook has recently discovered a security "glitch" that has only affected 6 Million users. The issue? They managed to share email and phone data with a lot of people. This is not great - especially if you don't want to share your information with the world. There is a reason why you simply shouldn't include a lot of personal information on a social network.  This is #57.

Facebook published a blog post on Friday afternoon explaining a security glitch that caused the email addresses or phone numbers of about 6 million users be unintentionally shared. The glitch arose as part of Facebook’s efforts to make suggestions on who you might want to add as a Facebook friend.

Source: Gigaom

Instagram Goes with "Long Video"

Instagram has been a huge photo-sharing success.  The fact that Facebook bought them and offered tighter integration hurt them a bit, but overall their growth rate on Android and iPhone has been very impressive.  Now they are trying to challenge Vine - which recently made it's way onto Android - by offering video support.  I think this is a total waste, but Instagram is trying to add some value by making video clips a little longer.  Vine gives you six seconds - Instagram gives you 15.

Facebook is rumored to be launching video ads as soon as July right within the social network’s user news feeds. That’s a move that has some worried — particularly if, as reported, the videos are auto-playing in order to deliver massive advertiser value commensurate with their six- or seven-figure price tags.

Source: VentureBeat

Samsung Galaxy NX ILC Camera

Samsung is betting really big on Android.  They have combined their NX-Series camera with Android and come up with the Galaxy NX Mirrorless Camera.  This is the best of both worlds as it gives you all the flexibily of an Android phone/Tablet with a great camera based on a DX-sized sensor.  If you want to check out some hands-on video and images at the link below.

This is the Galaxy NX, an ILC with LTE connectivity that's capable of capturing at 8.6 fps and contains a hybrid autofocus system made by Samsung. In fact, the company says it's behind every part of this new device, from the quad-core 1.6GHz Pega-Q processor, to the 4.8-inch LCD screen, to even the shutter mechanism. With a "DSLR-class" 20.3-megapixel APS-C CMOS image sensor we've seen on other NX cameras, new DRIMe IV image processor and ISO settings from 100 to 25,600, Samsung appears to be making a serious pitch for photographers interested in more than just an Instagram hook-up.

Source: Engadget

Zynga stock keeps dropping

It has been quite some time since I posted anything on Zynga, but what the heck, it's Friday after all.

Zynga has continued to see their stock slip and have now hit the point where the company is valued at $750 Million, which is substantially less than what it was worth at its IPO in late 2011. Zynga announcing that it was laying off 520 employees made the stock slip another 12 percent this week, down almost 70% since the IPO. The amazing thing is that Zynga has 1.6 Billion dollars in the bank right now, unfortunately that's the only good news. AllThingsD has the story.

After it announced layoffs of 520 employees and lowered its guidance to Wall Street, Zynga’s stock dropped precipitously yesterday, down 12 percent, to dip below $3 a share.

FAA to ease in-flight electronic restrictions

The FAA has been looking into what electronics can and cannot be used during flights and may be relaxing restrictions later this year. The FAA has been banning electronics during take off and landing since 1966 and has finally decided to look into changing those restrictions. Engadget has the details.

We've been hearing rumblings that the FAA wants to start letting you use certain gadgets on airplanes through the "terrible 10,000 feet," and according to the WSJ, it's about to do just that. A 28-member industry and government panel's draft report strongly recommended relaxing blanket rules against electronics that have been in place since 1966 due to massive changes in technology since then.

NVIDIA Shield now $300, arrives June 27th

If you have been waiting for the new NVIDIA Shield portable gaming system, you'll only have to wait until June 27th to get their hands on one. The other goods news is that they've dropped $50 bucks off the price to bring it down to $300 which isn't cheap but a little more competitive with the ~$250 PSP Vita. Head on over to Engadget for more details.

Even before hitting store shelves, NVIDIA's Shield is shedding $50 from its original $350 asking price -- the little Android portable gaming console will cost $300 when it arrives at retail on June 27th. NVIDIA revealed both the new, lower price and release date today in a blog post which cited gamers asking for a lower price as the reason for the change.

Samsung said no to the Facebook phone

Mark Zuckerberg went all the way to South Korea to ask the folks at Samsung if they'd make a Facebook phone and the reports are that Samsung is not interested and have said no to Mr.Zuckerberg. So far the only phone that features the Facebook Home software is the HTC First and so far the sales have been terrible, bad enough to start the rumor that AT&T is already looking to stop selling it. Business Insider has more details over here.

Unfortunately, Facebook Home appears to be a dud. According to our sources, sales of the HTC First, the only phone to ship with Facebook Home out of the box, are pretty dismal. The app also has bad reviews in the Google Play app store. Finally, there's been talk that AT&T will stop selling the First soon.

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