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Thecus at CES 2014

Thecus may not be the first name you think of when it comes to your NAS solutions, but they have a few products that are very affordable and don't sacrifice quality. We talked briefly as they showed off what they have now, and what is coming later this year.

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ASUStor at CES 2014

We stopped in at ASUStor early on at CES this year. They have expanded their great line of products into more affordable solutions that almost everyone can afford. What makes this even better is that they don't skimp on features.


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ADATA @ CES 2014

The fine folks over at ADATA invited us over to check out some of their new products at CES 2014. ADATA is known for their memory and SSD products primarily but they've also got a few other products that they were showcasing this year at CES. ADATA was showcasing a full lineup of mobile accessories, USB Flash drives, memory cards, SSD's, and DDR memory.


ADATA of course is known for their SSD lineup and this year one of the highlights would have to be their 2TB SSD which will be part of their XPG lineup. Naturally a 2TB SSD is going to cost you a fair amount but the fact that SSD makers are able to cram that much storage into their drives is impressive and naturally the prices will drop and eventually become much more affordable.


Naturally ADATA also had their full lineup of DDR memory showcased. Currently the XPG V2 memory comes in gold and black but ADATA was showing off some other color schemes that someday might make it to market.

In addition to SSD and DDR memory, ADATA also were showing off some of their mobile power accessories that have become extremely popular and more affordable than ever. ADATA was showing off their PV100 Power Bank that features a 4200 mAh capacity and lets you charge your devices at 2.1A which helps speed up the charge time significantly.

Check out more pictures in the gallery here - as well as more of our CES 2014 coverage here.


Feenix @ CES 2014

This year at CES 2014 we had the chance to meet with Feenix for the first time. It became very evident quickly that Feenix is a company who has a burning passion for gaming and that is reflected in each and every product that was being shown off at CES. 

Feenix Nascita Gaming Mouse

Feenix has adopted a policy of not releasing tons of products but instead working tirelessly on the few they do have to make sure they are perfected. We had the chance to quickly play with the Nascita gaming mouse which features a small LCD screen which tells you what DPI setting you are currently set at instead of just guessing or having to go back to a software application to find out. 

We also took a look at the Feenix Autore keyboard which is a mechanical gaming keyboard aimed at gamers. Also showcased was the Feenix Dimora gaming mouse pad which is a nice compliment to a product like Feenix's Nascita gaming mouse.

One other cool product being shown off was Feenix's upcoming gaming headset, the Aria. This headset is aimed at the audiophile gamer who wants top quality audio performance without sacrificing any features that gamers demand. The Aria is still a ways off before it hits store shelves but we were overall very impressed with the short demo we had and are very interested to hopefully get some more hands-on time with it in the future. As you can see in the picture below the biggest feature is the wooden sides which help give the audio a much warmer tone than other plastic headsets offer. 

Feenix Aria Gaming Headset

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Trendnet @ CES 2014

We had the chance to stop by Trendnet at CES 2014 and check out their latest networking products. We've had the chance to take a look at quite a wide variety of Trendnet products over the years and we've always found that the price and performance are tough to beat.

Trendnet had a couple of new products that caught our attention, the first being a new addition to their powerline networking lineup. Trendnet was showing off their brand new Powerline 1000 series of powerline networking products which looks to improve on the performance of their previous Powerline 600 series. The Powerline 1000 products should be hitting shelves in June with a MSRP of around $169.99 USD

Trendnet Powerline 1000 Network Adaptors

Trendnet was also showing off their brand new AC1900 Dual-band Wireless Router (TEW-818DRU) which offers performance of 1.3 Gbps when using AC networking products or 600 Mbps when using Wireless N technology. This router should be hitting shelves in February and will be carrying a MSRP of $259.99 USD. You can find out more information about this product over at Trendnet's website.

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Patriot @ CES 2014

We stopped by for a quick visit today at Patriot and saw some of their newest product offerings here at CES 2014.

Patriot is known as a memory company but this year at CES they were really trying to show off some of their other products (don't worry, they still make memory). Probably the biggest lineup of products they were showcasing was their Fuel+ lineup of batteries that let you charge your electronic devices on the go. Portable batteries might not be the most exciting product but Patriot has been able to offer them at very competitive prices and offer features that no one else does (like 2.5 mAh charging speeds which helps charge your devices faster). As you can see in the picture below, Patriot has Fuel+ products of all shapes and sizes.

Patriot Fuel+ Portable Batteries

Like always Patriot also has USB drives, media cards, and DDR memory and was showing them off as well.

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Fractal Design @ CES 2014

We were really looking forward to catching up with Fractal Design today and were not disappointed. They had a lot of cool products to show us. We got a great look at their cases, a couple variations of power supplies, and even some custom builds from a XoticPC. 
Fractal Design had some new variations of power supplies from their Newton and Tesla series. The emphasis was having a quality product. There are a couple color options, as well as, having different cabling available.  The showcase items looked pretty nice. There were also a few sweet looking cases being promoted. The showcase included cases from the ARC, CORE, and NODE series. The main push was the ability to really customize these cases to suit the end users individual needs. All these cases looked and felt like Fractal Design put a great deal of thought into quality and giving their users a great deal of flexibility.
Fractal Design Build
Finally, Fractal had some cool custom builds from XoticPC. This was more to show us what could really be done with these cases. These rigs looked awesome. We are confident Fractal Design is going to have a great year with some very satisfied customers.
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Mushkin @ CES 2014

On day 2 of CES 2014 we had the opportunity to stop by and visit Mushkin and catch up on what they've been up to and what they've got coming up in 2014. Mushkin is best known for their DDR memory and SSD's and this year they've got some improvements to show off in both of those categories.


Mushkin Frostbyte II DDR3 Memory


Mushkin's Frostbyte memory has been around for a while and the new Frostbyte II version offers some new speed improvements a well as a new and improved heatspreader which will help maximize performance. 

Mushkin Scorpian II Deluxe PCIe SSD

Mushkin was also showing off their new Scorpion II Deluxe PCIe x4 SSD based on the brand new LSI SF-3700 controller which offers performance that will make any enthusiast drool. These new PCIe controllers can offer speeds up to 1.8GB/s read speeds. That is not a typo, 1.8 GB/s read speeds are possible. I think I speak for everyone here at BCCHardware when I say that we really can't wait to get this drive on our test bench and see first-hand just how fast it really is.

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Func @ CES 2014

Today was a great first day at CES 2014! We had the opportunity to meet up with Func at the Hardrock Hotel & Casino. They were really excited to give us the scoop on some new products they are releasing. 
Func was showcasing some really nice looking peripherals. We were able to get a look at a few surfaces, including the surface 1030L & XL.  Func was also presenting the Ms-32 Gaming mouse that was really nice looking and really customizable. We also got a good look at their KB-460 Mechanical Keyboard that was packed with features, as well as a nice feel.
Func HS-260 Headset
The item that really struck me the most was their HS-260 Gaming Headset.  I thought the design was really versatile and could work with anyones cable-routing needs. One of the features that really showcases versatility is the ability to swap the main cable and the microphone. Both earphones can support either connection, so the cord can be routed however. The microphone can be swapped to either side or removed completely. The HS-260 also features controls right on the earphone quick adjustments. Last but not least this headset comes standard with two sets of ear cups, one set leather and one set velour.
All in all Func gave us a great reception and was really enthusiastic about the new products that are being released.
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Genius @ CES 2014

We had the chance to stop by Genius at CES 2014 and check out their latest and greatest products. Genius is a company that has a ton of different lineups of products and has something for everyone, from the picky gamer to the professional businessman you should be able to find just the peripheral to suit your needs. We would need 5 pages to showcase everyone product that Genius was showcasing at CES so I will just post up a couple highlights.

Genius GX Gaming Lineup

Genius has a full gaming lineup which goes under the GX Gaming banner. Showcased in the picture above is the Maurus X mouse, the Manticore Gaming keyboard, the Zabius gaming headset, and the SW-G2.1 2000 speaker set. 

Genius might not be the first name you think of when it comes to gaming hardware but each year Genius has expanded their lineup of gaming products and this year is no different. Head on over to the Genius website for more information on these and many more products.

Check out more pictures in the gallery here - as well as more of our CES 2014 coverage here.

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