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Mentos and Diet Coke - Slow Mo

I know that this has been done a bunch of times before, but this video is pretty cool as it captures a lot of angles and explains why this works so well.



Woz Loves the Apple Beats Deal

You know the deal is official once the Woz comments on it, and it looks like he likes the Apple-Beats deal a lot. The co-founder of Apple says that Apple is finally getting back "to some cool roots" by picking up a brand that is highly regarded as "cool". I'm not sure how cool Beats really is, but I do know that it's pretty popular and that Apple is probably more interested in their recent music platform than they are the actual headphones. Still, it's a nice package deal and costs about the same as the Clippers that Steve Ballmer bought recently.

While it’s true that Beats headphones are particularly popular among teenagers, most observers think the single biggest reason that Apple bought Beats was because of its Beats Music streaming service, which Apple CEO Tim Cook said “was built with deep respect for both artists and fans” and is “the first subscription service to really get it right.”

Source: BGR

MIcrosoft to Offer Five Free Games with Gold in June

Microsoft is expanding their "Games for Gold" program to cover the Xbox One as well later this month and that means that there will be more games for Live Gold subscribers. Unfortunately, while it sounds like you will get five free games, you will have to split those up between three for your Xbox 360 and two for your Xbox One. Still, this is always a nice bonus as the list of games for the Xbox 360 this week would cost you $60 if you bought them on the Live Marketplace.

As Microsoft promised earlier in May, owners of the Xbox 360 and the Xbox One consoles will be able to download a total of five free games in June if they are paid Xbox Live Gold subscribers. June will be the first month that Xbox One users will be able to access those games.

Source: Neowin

Free: Battlefield 3

EA really wants to be your friend and if you agree they'll give you Battlefield 3 for free! This isn't the first free game giveaway from Origin, but so far its the best. Only catch is you have to download the Origin software but that also is free. This offer is good until June 3rd. Follow the link for your free game.

If Battlefield 3 isn't your up of tea, you can also get Plants vs. Zombies Game of the Year edition for free as well at the same link.

  • Free?! What's the catch?

  • There's no catch. Grab full games, expansions and more at absolutely no cost. Just make sure to act fast because On the House specials can appear and disappear at any time.

  • You mean a trial or demo, right?

  • Nope. You’re getting a full version of the real game — for free!

  • How long will I own the game?

  • Once you’ve claimed your game, it’s yours to keep!

  • Why is Origin doing this?

  • Our goal is to provide a great gaming experience and a way to discover awesome new games. Having a game in your library, for free, is a fantastic way to see what Origin is all about.

Valve delays Steam Machine Controller

Valve's Steam box hasn't been making news headlines as much as it was a few months ago but now they are back in the news thanks to the announcement that they are going to be delaying the Steam Machine controller until "next year at the earliest". At CES 2014 we saw a prototype and weren't blown away by it (and we weren't the only ones) so I guess they are trying to get it right which isn't a bad thing. Unfortunately by delaying the controller for almost a year the hype of the Steam Box is going to be pretty much gone and people will have moved onto other things. The BBC has the story.

The US-based firm said it needed more time to work on the system's controllers, which feature two haptic-feedback trackpads.

The announcement is also likely to impact the 14 third-party manufacturers planning to sell their own Steam Machine hardware.

However, one industry watcher suggested Valve had taken the right decision.

Apple iWatch Rumors

More rumors coming out today about the Apple iWatch over at Pocket Lint. The fact that Apple has been working on a smartwatch won't come as much of a surprise but now the "leaked" pictures and rumors are going to be coming fast and furious as it is being reported that the iWatch will be launched in October. According to supply chain details it's looking like the watch will look similar to the Motorola 360 smartwatch but since it's made by Apple it will be "revolutionary". For more on this set of rumors head on over here.

Design details of the Apple iWatch have been revealed by an analyst that claims to have got the information from within Apple's supply chain.

Brian Blair of Rosenblatt Securities alleges that his sources in Taiwan are insistent that the new smartwatch from the Cupertino company will have a round face, much like the Motorola Android Wear device, Moto 360.

Google's Self-Driving Car Prototype

If you ever wanted to be a passenger in a vehicle, but didn't want to put up with other people in your car, you might be interested in a self-driving car. They make the commute to work better as you don't have to deal with anyone. Think about it.


3DMark to get DX11 Update

With NVIDIA's new GPU hitting the street, many people that spend $3K on a new graphics card want a new benchmark to show that their money was not spent in vain. Futuremark just announced that an upcoming update will add a new "Sky Diver" test soon and that this will be included in a patch for those that currently own the benchmark. This DX11 benchmark will be geared toward high-end laptops and gaming desktop systems.

With 3DMark, you can benchmark the full performance range of modern DirectX 11 graphics hardware. Where Fire Strike is like a modern game on ultra high settings, Sky Diver is closer to a DirectX 11 game played on normal settings. This makes Sky Diver the best choice for benchmarking entry level to mid-range systems and Fire Strike the perfect benchmark for high performance gaming PCs.

Source: Futuremark

NVIDIA's Titan-Z Finally Launches

NVIDIA announced a while back that their Titan-Z was a super-computer for your home and it has finally launched. The most impressive thing about this card is the price. It will set you back $3,000 and is twice as expensive as the Radeon 295X that is AMD's flagship dual-GPU card. I'm not sure if I'd be willing to drop the price of a used car on a graphics card, but if that's your thing, you should be able to find them available now.


Source: Videocardz

Steam Box Delayed Until 2015

While there are some OEM partners building and selling Steam Machines that run on the Linux Distro - SteamOS, the fact is that Valve has once again delayed their own Steam Controller (and we assume the Steam Machine) until 2015. The hardware for the console is ready and waiting to go as there isn't a lot different between that and a standard PC, it's just that darn touch-pad controller that is giving them issues. I'm starting to think that this could end up being vaporware. Time will tell.

From Hope’s post it sounds like the primary hold-up is Valve’s proprietary Steam Controller, which is not a huge surprise—the controller’s design has already had two major iterations, and Hope states that extensive playtesting is “generating a ton of useful feedback.” The Steam Controller is a vital aspect of Steam Machines, the bridge between keyboard-and-mouse and traditional console-style gamepads.

Source: PCWorld

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