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Surface Flops, Win8 is Dissapointing - Ballmer

In a recent statement to Microsoft employees recently, Ballmer said that they had a few more Surface RT tablets kicking around than they could sell - as sales of these devices were incredibly flat.  Later he admitted that they aren't selling as many Windows devices as they want to either.  This is not great news for a tech company when all of your products are in a state of decline.  In all honesty, I think that this has something to do with recent hardware being so decent.  You don't have to upgrade to a new computer every year anymore.  This will definitely keep the new hardware sales down a bit.  When you throw in peoples desire for ultra mobile (think phone and tablet) usage, of course Windows sales are weak.

Although Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has always exuded unwavering confidence in public interviews, behind closed doors he's apparently being much more candid. The Verge reports that Microsoft held an in-house town hall event this week where Ballmer admitted to Microsoft employees that the company "built a few more” Surface RT tablets “than we could sell."

Source: BoyGeniusReport

Xbox One with Unlimited Cloud Storage

The battle is continuing to heat up in the console camps.  Microsoft is on a path that requires they add extra value to their console in order to justify the extra $100 price tag.  Of course, the Kinect Sensor and TV PVR functionality adds some, but gamers and enthusiasts need more than that.  Microsoft just announced Unlimited Cloud Storage.  In the Xbox 360, you have 512MB that is was only used for game data and achievements, but the Xbox One will allow you to store your profile, actual games, achievements and yes, your entertainment (movies and music).  The best news is that for full cloud storage, you don't even need to have Xbox Live Gold.  It's free for everyone.  Sony, it's now your turn.

It's no secret that Microsoft has one of the most powerful cloud services with Azure, SkyDrive and other products and services, and the cloud is being used extensively with the Xbox One to power some of the computing and rendering processes, but that's not all. Another lesser-known use of the cloud for the device is that it can be utilized as an extension of the hard drive, storing and retrieving game data.

Xbox One


Source: Neowin

Canadian Carriers Want Verizon Out

For years Telus, Roger and Bell have dominated the Canadian Cellular market and they like to keep it that way.  They've even managed to open a few "discount" carriers under different names to make you think that you're getting a deal, but most of these are all owned by the big three.  Now that Verizon is looking at snagging Wind Mobile and Mobilicity, the big three are in a panic.  Maybe - just maybe, they'd have to start offering things like nationwide calling and larger, more affordable data plans.  Oh My Goodness.  What will they do with a smaller mountain of cash?  We need some real competition.

According to Bell and the other Canadian telecoms, it's a matter of leveling the playing field, and forcing Verizon to play by the same rules. Still, while these rules might be good news for Canadian business, it's unclear they'd be good for the average consumer. As one analyst told The Financial Post, "anything that makes the three bullies a little bit afraid is something that Canadians should celebrate."

Source: TheVerge

3D Printed Rifle In Canada

3D Printing is all over the place and while it has some useful purposes, there will always be those that try and use any technology for odd things.  There has been successful 3D printed pistols, but now a Canadian has taken this to the next level with a rifle.  I'm just glad I didn't hold this gun when the barrel and receiver split.

Thank You Kickstarter

Have you ever wondered what happens if you fund a project on Kickstarter and the people you supported decide not to do the project afterwards? Well that appears to happen with a recent project to build a new board game that raised $120,000 dollars recently. Apparently due to some problems the people behind the project have spent all the money and have nothing to show for it. I would suspect we will see more stories like this as the popularity of Kickstarter continues to grow, but it will probably make you think twice before you randomly fund projects on Kickstarter. Gawker has the story.

If you were thinking about donating some money to help Spike Lee get back on his feet, maybe think twice: this guy just raised over $120,000 to make a game, and then just walked away with all the money. Contrary to what The Crowd Economy preaches, strangers can still screw you.

The new Nexus 7 is fast

Google announced their new Nexus 7 tablet this week with updated specs. But just how much faster is it than the previous generation? Androidpolice puts them up against each other head-to-head to show you just how much performance you will be gaining.

While we aren't going to claim benchmarks are any kind of end-all measurement for real-world performance, there's little denying many people take a lot of stock in such utilities when purchasing a new device. The new Nexus 7, which is now packing basically the same chip as the Nexus 4, should provide a major performance boost over its Tegra 3 predecessor. But just how much of a boost? Google quantified it as 1.8x CPU performance, and 4x GPU performance. Let's see what the popular holistic benchmarking app Geekbench 2 has to say about that, along with the memory benchmark Androbench.

EA calls SimCity a success

EA has been quoted this week calling SimCity a success even after a bunch of launch issues. Apparently EA hasn't read anything about SimCity where people have been complaining about various issues and connectivity problems that have plagued the game since release. If EA thinks SimCity has been a success I would hate to see what they consider to be a failure. Kotaku has the story.

SimCity had one of the most catastrophic launches in video game history. Even after the server problems went away, fans slowly found out the game was a city-building mirage, with many key features and mechanics simply not working. Somehow, at EA, this qualifies as a "success".

Google uses 25% of US Internet

Quite often we post stories about how big Facebook, Twitter, or even Netflix has become, but if you combine all 3 of those giants together you still wouldn't have the amount of traffic that Google uses daily in the US. Google now accounts for 25% of all US internet traffic and 60% of all internet connectd devices use Google servers on a daily basis. CNET has all the impressive results.

It's no surprise that Google is leaps and bounds ahead of other companies when it comes to search, but Google is even running the game when it comes to Internet traffic.

According to Internet monitoring firm Deepfield, the Web giant has set a new Internet record by running nearly 25 percent of North America's consumer Web traffic through its servers.

Google's Chromecast is coming for your TV

The rumors have been flying regarding Google making a device to link your mobile devices to your TV and we now know just how they are going to do it. Google announced their new Chromecast device, which is based on their Chrome OS, and will let you link your devices with your TV easily. The even better part of the whole deal is the fact that Chromecast will only cost you $35 bucks. Uproxx has all the details.

Here’s the basic idea: say you’re watching a YouTube video on your laptop, and you feel the need to show the whole room the dog farting, or whatever. You click a “Cast” button, and it pops up on your TV. Really. That’s it. That’s all you have to do. Even better, you don’t need a remote. Got a phone or tablet? Any phone or tablet, iOS, Android, whatever? Chromecast uses it as your remote, and if you leave the room, it just finds another device to act as a remote. Which is neat, although we suspect a dedicated remote will be coming sooner rather than later.

Nokia Lumia 1020 Reviewed

The Nokia Lumia 1020 is the possibly the first non-Android phone that I may consider.  This is a Windows Phone device and the biggest and best feature is the 41MP camera compliments of Nikon.  While the sensor does have 41MP, it accomplishes this by super-sampling and then reprocessing down to a more reasonable size.  This is a dual-core phone that is spec'd right in the middle of the road, but it carries a premium price.  Check out the link below and find out if tt's worth the extra price tag.


The Lumia 1020 comes in three colors (yellow, black and white), each with a matte finish and a coating that's both fingerprint- and dirt-resistant. We much prefer this over a glossy phone any day, and while we didn't give the handset a full nature facial to test that second feature, we can at least confirm that fingerprints barely made an appearance during our time with the device.

Source: Engadget

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