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App Pick - Compass 360 Pro

NVIDIA Shield delayed

The NVIDIA Shield portable gaming device was supposed to go on sale Thursday, however, some last mintue issues popped up and now the device has been delayed until next month. NVIDIA hasn't set another date for it to go on sale, just saying it will be sometime next month. You can get all the details over at NVIDIA's blog.

So, while we announced last week that SHIELD will go on sale this Thursday, we’ve taken the hard decision to delay shipping until next month.

The issue relates to a third-party mechanical component, and we’re working around the clock with the supplier to get it up to our expectations.

We apologize to those who have preordered SHIELDs and to all those who are waiting for them to go on sale. But we want every SHIELD to be just right.

Printed Lattes

This is just pretty awesome.  I'm a fan - not just of the idea - but of coffee.

iPhone 6 Most Wanted Features

As people are already wanting more Android-like features on their iPhones, rumors and speculation have been flowing in non-stop about the next Apple hardware.  iOS7 has a lot of nice looking features and functions that make it nice and usuable (aka Android-like), and now people are looking to the future hardware.  There is a nice want-list here so take a look and see what could be new and interesting.

It's hardly a must-have upgrade, but it would be cool to swipe with your finger -- instead of entering a password -- to unlock your phone. It could also be combined with NFC (near-field communication technology -- see next slide) for making mobile payments.

Source: CNET

Slow Motion AK-47 Underwater

Does a AK-47 fire faster under water or in air?  Thank goodness Destin is here to answer our question.

NVIDIA Trys to own the Midrange: GTX 760 Launch

NVIDIA is trying to own the mid-range lately and they have just launched the GTX 760 graphics card.  This card aims to take on the mid-range gear from AMD and do it at a very affordable price point.  There are lots of reviews flowing in, so brace yourselves for the flood.

Cliff Tumble Physics

If you've wondered how a car can handle a really steep tumble down a hill, you can do one of two things: a) push a card down the hill, or b) create a realistic 3D model and then apply a proper physics engine and give it a virtual push.

WTU Episode #217 - The Xbox One Does a 180

We have just posted up Episode #217 of Weekly Tech Update.  In this episode we are discussing Microsoft does a 180, Zynga keeps falling and NVIDIA Shield - insert witty comment here. We have those stories and more. . .  Below are the show notes.


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Android App Pick - Candy Crush Saga

We have just posted up another Android App Pick of the Week and this week we have a fun app that will keep you coming back time and time again.  Much like real candy, Candy Crush Saga is kind of addicting.  It's a fun game that only takes a few minutes of your time and is a real challenge for young and old.  Take a look and see why Candy Crush Saga is our Pick of the Week.


AMD's 'Fixer' Never Settles

Chillblast Fusion Tiger Shark Core i5 System

If you're looking at spending a bunch of money on a new gaming system, the Core i7-4th-Gen from Intel make a pretty solid backbone.  The beauty is that you don't always need a Core i7 to get the job done.  With these new Core i5 systems topping out with nice overclocks at 4.4Ghz, it's pretty hard to justify another $150 to get the Core i7 model that - while faster, isn't all that much faster outside of specific benchmarks.

Moving to performance the overclock applied by Chillblast was completely stable and overall the performance was good. That overclock takes us closer to the more expensive i7-4770K, though not quite as fast overall and gaming wise we have a system which can play games like Grid 2, Metro etc at 1080 resolution with maximum detail.

Source: HardwareHeaven

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