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Android keeps growing

The Q3 stats for global smartphone sales are in and once again Android is in the lead and still growing. Android (led by Samsung) has hit 81% market share and is dominating the global marketplace. iOS saw a little growth and Windows Phone also saw a fair bit of growth at the expense of everyone else. SiliconRepublic has the statistics over here.

The latest market intelligence from analysts at IDC sees Google’s mobile operating system Android reaching more than 80pc global market share for the first time, while Apple seems to be suffering for its smaller screen sizes.

According to the Worldwide Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker, 261.1m smartphones shipped worldwide during the third quarter of 2013, representing a 39.9pc increase year-on-year.

Zune Marketplace is dead

Bad news Zune fans, the Zune Marketplace is done and will be closed on November 22, 2013. As a former user I can say that I thought Zune Marketplace was superior to iTunes, however, that apparently was not the general consensus as it never caught on and died a slow and painful death. TechCrunch has more on the life and times of Zune Marketplace.

Alas poor Zune, you are dead. Microsoft has stretched out the end of Zune over such a long time that I feel that we have called it RIP for years. Here’s what I consider the last domino: By November 22, Zune’s Marketplace will stop selling and renting content, and won’t allow users to browse TV content.

Motorola announces $179 Moto G

Google (owners of Motorola) are really putting the pressure on the rest of the smartphone market with their lastest Moto G smartphone. The Moto G will feature a 4.5" 720P screen with a Quad-core CPU and a bunch of other goodies for $179 with NO CONTRACT and will be fully unlocked. I would think this will be very popular and will help Motorola get back on the map. The Verge has the details.

Following the expansion of its Moto Maker service and a price drop for the Moto X earlier this week, Motorola today announced the Moto G, a new low-cost entry-level smartphone for global markets. The Moto G doesn't skimp on features, but Motorola is selling it for a rock-bottom price: $179 unlocked and without contract. The company says that its partners plan to offer it for even less.

Snapchat passed on $3 Billion buyout

It was revealed that Snapchat has turned down an offer for buyout from Facebook for around $3 Billion dollars. I am not sure what to say. Hopefully for the Snapchat founders sake he is able to either sell for more later or turn Snapchat into something profitable otherwise he will always be know as the guys who turned down $3 Billion dollars. WSJ has the story.

Evan Spiegel, Snapchat’s 23-year-old co-founder and CEO, will not likely consider an acquisition or an investment at least until early next year, the people briefed on the matter said. They said Spiegel is hoping Snapchat’s numbers – of users and messages – will grow enough by then to justify an even larger valuation, the people said.

A Snapchat spokeswoman declined to comment.

Android App Pick - Pianist HD

We have just posted up another Android App Pick of the Week and this week we are having some fun and getting a bit creative - all while learning how to play piano.  Pianist HD is the Pick of the Week and this app will have you tapping out your tunes as you learn to play piano.  It's not guaranteed to make you into a Mozart, but it might get you started.  Check it out!

Pianist HD


Firefox OS Review

There are a few new OS's on the market for mobile devices.  Ubuntu has a mobile offering and Tizen is now on the horizon as well.  Another player has hit the market and this one is Firefox.  How well can a web browser's OS actually perform?  Good thing we have found a review and they share their thoughts.  I won't replace Android anytime soon, but the mobile market is heating up in more ways than one.

The way the OS is currently built, users are supposed to mainly rely on these web apps to get stuff done. Whether they “install” them through the Marketplace or via the Search Pane, users have to rely on these faux apps.

Source: Neowin

Awesome Video of the Day

The researchers at M.I.T. are amazing.  That is all.

Kkt Kat Starts Rolling Out to Nexus 7/10

If you're an Android user, you may be really looking forward to Android 4.4 Kit Kat.  It starts rolling out today to Nexus 7 (2012 & 2013) users as well as Nexus 10 users.  I haven't received anything at this point, but I'm checking often as it will be fun to play with and get used to before my Nexus 5 arrives.  According to Android themselves, the update is only for the WiFi Tablets and the 3G versions - as well as updates for the Nexus 4 will be rolling out "soon".

You don’t need to touch the screen to get things done. When on your home screen* or in Google Now, just say “Ok Google” to launch voice search, send a text, get directions or even play a song.

Source: Android G+

Surface RT for $199 on Black Friday

If you've been holding off of buying a Surface Tablet merely because of the price, Best Buy has plans to drop them to $199 for a 32GB version on Black Friday.  This makes them a bit interesting for sure.  In fact, if I'm around a Best Buy that day, I may just have to snag one for BCCHardware.com - That way I can call it a "business" expense.  More details below.

We will be going over some of the biggest PC related sales that will be offered during Black Friday 2013 in a future article but today we wanted to post an alert that should get the attention of folks who want one of Microsoft's Surface tablets. Today, Best Buy revealed their 2013 Black Friday sales items and, as reported by BFAds.net, the 32GB Surface tablet, previously known as Surface RT, will be priced at just $199.99.

Source: Neowin

Xbox Red Ring of Death Solution at 10M FPS

If you've had an Xbox 360 suffer from the Red Ring of death, there is a solution.  There are several solutions actually.  You could get it fixed.  You could buy a PS3/PS4.  You could blow it up with C4 and record it at 10,000,000 FPS.  Like RR did.

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