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Sennheiser CX 686G SPORTS In-Ear Headphones

We have just posted up our review of the Sennheiser CX 686G SPORTS. These are in-ear headphones that are made to withstand the wet, sweat and vigor of your active life. If you are active - or want to pretend that you are - make sure to check out our review. These are pretty solid and offer a lot of value for the money. Catch all the details in our review.

With the CX 686G Sports blocking most of the ambient noise, the listening experience was even better. Vocals, whether in Audio Books or music was clear and crisp. No matter how loud I played a wide variety of music, it was very clear and seemed to be well balance. Bass was deep, mid-range was clean and the highs weren't harsh or overbearing.


Windows 10 EOL Date Announced

While Windows 10 hasn't offically launched yet, Microsoft has already announced the date they are ending support for the OS. Although many people said that this was "the last version of Windows", this clearly shows that there will be other versions - not just updates and subversions. Windows 10 will be unsupported by Microsoft on October 14, 2025 - so if you like planning ahead, you should maybe consider your upgrade options now.

Run a piece of Microsoft software after the end of extended support, and you so so entirely at your own risk. If new malware vulnerabilities are discovered after the end of extended support, Microsoft won't publish any fixes – unless you sign a paid, Custom Support Agreement (CSA), at considerable cost.

Source: TheRegister

Adobe Lightroom for Android Now Available

Adobe Lightroom for Android has been available for a little while, but it was such a stripped-down experience, it was hard to get excited about it. They've added a bunch of new features and really made it a part of your photo editing workflow. Take a look if you haven't already and enjoy! I just may have to head on over and try it out myself.

There's a new crop tool as that makes quick alignment tweaks and auto-straightening a breeze. A segmented view in Collections allows for easy search and browsing of all your images, too. Of course, in order to get the most out of Lightroom mobile, you'll want to use it alongside a Creative Cloud subscription -- especially when it comes to syncing previews and changes from the desktop version.

Source: Engadget

Best Buy Tops Spam Lists

According to some studies, spam is now at a 12-year low with cybercriminals trying other ways to rip you off. That being said, one user over at ArsTechnica has been keeping track of his personal spam folder and found out that BestBuy was perhaps the worst of the lot. The best quote in the article is "Best Buy has spammed me more than all of Nigeria's princes combined".

I could have just blocked all the e-mails from the beginning and been done with it. Nothing horrible happened to me, but I became fascinated by how poor this company's customer service experience is. After dealing with online businesses like Amazon, which goes out of its way to make customers happy, this was like watching an easily preventable car crash unfold in slow motion.

Source: ArsTechnica

AMD to Supply Nintendo's Next Console

The rumor floating around the web recently is that AMD is set to supply Nintendo with the processors inside their next generation console. While I don't often put a lot of faith in rumors, this one really adds up. AMD is desparate to sell chips and they have good performing chips for less money than Intel is currently offering. We all know that the Nintendo console won't be earth shattering in terms of performance, so this too, adds up to score one for AMD. Time will tell, but my money is on AMD in this case.

Nintendo’s next console is still at least a year away from being launched, but bits and pieces are starting to leak and are giving us hints about the upcoming device. According to the latest credible rumor, AMD will be the ones manufacturing the NX’s CPU + GPU combo. This in itself makes sense, as the chip manufacturer also created the accelerated processing units (APUs) found inside the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 – so it wouldn't be surprising if they also create Nintendo’s processors.

Source: Neowin

The Perfect Streaming Music Service

With all of the music streaming services on the market (and with Apple joining the party), people are taking a look at what is the best music service for themselves and their family. Emily Yoshida compares Spotify, Tidal, Rdio, Apple Music and Google Play Music this time around. While there are a ton of other services, these are the big names that have the largest libraries and the most features overall. The winner is subjectively announced at the link below.

The biggest ongoing problem in my technological life is when, where, and how to easily listen to music. There are two reasons why this is a problem: 1) music is a vital part of my life - I need a steady stream of new tracks and artists to listen to, and I need to be able to cue up my old favorite songs at crucial moments - and 2) I strongly suspect there is no perfect way to listen to music. But sometime in the mid-aughts, I came close.

Source: TheVerge

Tesla Gets Ludicrous

A while back Tesla showed off their "Insane Mode" for the Model S and they managed to push the performance of their 4-door sedan to a nice 0-60mph in 3.2sec. They have just taken the performance up a notch with the new "Ludicrous Mode" and now managed to get the same Tesla S up to an incredible 0-60mph in 2.8sec. That is just downright awesome! This new electronics pack will set you back an additional $10,000 though - unless you do the upgrade in the next 6 months. It will be 50% off to help make the upgrade less painful.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk said that the new mode pushes the vehicle to 1.1Gs while accelerating and that it's "faster than falling." Musk also introduced a new 90kWh battery pack upgrade for the 85kWh Model S which increases the range five percent for $3,000. The 70 kWh rear-wheel drive Model S also got a price drop to $70,000.

Source: Engadget

10 Reasons to Upgrade to Windows 10

It's pretty interesting that as Microsoft nears the release of Windows 10 that the marketing machine has taken over. The software is pretty much ready, but in order to make launch really successful and popular, they need to market it well. As we look at their first video releasing nearing the launch, it's kind of funny that they are focusing so heavily on the Start Menu - which "no one wanted" with Windows 8. I guess they misjudged that.


Liquid Metal Android is All About Security

The Turing phone has been making headlines for a while as the concept of the device was discussed. Well, the time is rapidly approaching for launch and it seems as though this liquid metal (liquidmorphium) is about ready for prime time. It is waterproof, features a fingerprint sensor but doesn't even have a USB port. It uses a proprietary magnetic connector that actually makes a lot of sense, but will require you to remember your device specific cable. This phone has a lot of great security features in addition to it's pretty cool design.

“We’re walking into the cipher phone age." That's the way Turing Robotics Industries CEO SYL Chao introduces the Turing Phone, an Android smartphone that aims to put security, durability, and fashion above all else. In a myriad of ways, the Turing is anything but your typical phone. There's no headphone jack, and the thing doesn't even have a USB connector. Instead, you charge it with a plug that looks like a clone of Apple's MagSafe.

Source: TheVerge

Samsung Pay

Everyone is trying to come up with a mobile payment system because of course who doesn't want to be the middleman? Samsung is now testing their mobile payment system which they've dubbed Samsung Pay in Korea. Samsung is testing out their system on their S6 and S6 Edge phones but it is probably a safe bet that other Samsung phones will follow afterwards. Eventually you'd think that all of these big companies will have to come up with a more universal solution that works on all smartphones but until that time I guess everyone will try and claim a piece of the pie for themselves. Tom's Hardware has more details.

Since the launch of Apple Pay several months ago, the service has expanded rapidly, being accepted by numerous businesses around the world. Since then, Google and Samsung have been working to develop their own services to compete with Apple. Today, Samsung began testing its Samsung Pay service in Korea.

Samsung is testing Samsung Pay in Korea to ensure that it is ready before spreading it out to customers around the world. The service, similar to Apple Pay, uses Near Field Communication (NFC) to communicate with other devices and process the payment. Samsung also stated that its service will also work with Magnetic Secure Transmission (MST) technologies, claiming that it's the first such service capable of working with both types of interface.

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