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Ubuntu Phone

The people behind the upcoming Ubuntu Phone platform are still working hard to get everything ready for launch and have announced two hardware makers that are going to feature the Linux based Ubuntu OS. Unfortunately they are Chinese-based Meizu and Spain-based Bq, but I guess at least it is progress in the right direction. I guess time will tell if they are onto something or if this phone OS is only going to be for hardcore Linux fans who want to customize everything. AndroidHeadlines has the full story.

The Ubuntu phone is one of those intriguing mobile operating systems that we just don’t hear enough about. Sure, it’s not quite the powerhouse that Android and iOS are today, but given time, it could become a viable solution for those looking to have an alternate option for a smartphone, especially if they use Linux or Linux based OS’s on their computers, like Ubuntu.

Facebook buys Whatsapp for $19 Billion

Facebook has announced that they've purchased the popular multi-platform chat program Whatsapp for $19 Billion dollars. I had to check my calendar a couple times to make sure it wasn't April 1st, but according to Reuters this deal is legitimate. Whatsapp currently has 450 Million users (2nd only to Facebook) so I can see why Facebook would want to buy them up but the price was most definitely a steep one.

Facebook Inc's purchase of fast-growing mobile-messaging startup WhatsApp for $19 billion stunned the markets but analysts said the deal made strategic sense as it will solidify the social network's position as a leader in mobile.

Facebook shares were down 3.1 percent before the bell on Thursday, representing a loss of about $5.4 billion in market value.

WTU Episode #250 - Darth Vader Security

We have just posted up Episode #250 of Weekly Tech Update.  In this episode we are discussing Kickstarter and Forbes get hacked, the NVIDIA GTX 750 Ti plays better than the Xbox One and Android is #1.We have those stories and more and the links below!

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Android App Pick - Word Puttz

We have just posted up another Android App Pick of the Week and this week we are playing a game dedicated that will make you a puttz. Word Puttz is the game and it combines a fun word game with Golf for an epic twist that will have you battling for great words in order to sink the putt. Take a look at this game that is a funky twist.

Word Puttz


How Crucial Ballistix is Made

I thought that this was pretty cool and wanted to share how Crucial Ballistix is Made. This is a pretty nifty video put together by Crucial and is worth 2 minutes of your time.


Candy Crush to Go Public

Apparently King Digital - the company behind Candy Crush, is planning on going public here soon if they can raise enough capital. They think that their one game is really enough to generate enough buzz to make it on Wall Street. At least they are confident. Too bad they are delusional from eating too much hard candy. I think their diabetes coma has affected good judgment.

According to the filing, King Digital - which hopes to raise up to $500 million in the offering - will be publicly traded on the market with the ticker symbol 'KING'. The filing also gave a glimpse into the finances of the company, which saw a revenue of $1.9 billion dollars in 2013. Most of this success is owed to their most popular game, Candy Crush Saga, which has been downloaded over 500 million times since its launch in 2012.

Source: Neowin

HTC Gives Away Screens

If you are an HTC customer - or want to be one, there is something worth celebrating going on over at HTC right now. They have recently pulled the cover off their HTC Advantage program and are showing off some pretty good incentives to choose one of their devices. The biggest news is probably the one-time free screen replacement if you break your screen (within 6 months of buying it). That's pretty sweet and will give you a reason to pick up a new HTC phone - if you don't have one already.

Introducing HTC Advantage™. Because when you buy the best, it should stay that way—from technology to design to your content—at no additional cost. That’s our commitment to our customers. Now when customers buy any HTC One they can rest assured their device will be future proofed, with major Android updates for 2 years from launch. And it’s nearly accident proof too, because we will replace a broken screen for free once within the first 6 months you own it—let’s face it accidents do happen and we want to keep your device in great condition.

Source: HTC

Devs Still Want to Build for PCs

If you think PC gaming is dead, devolopers will tell you you're wrong. Recently a survey was done from attendees (2,600 developers) of the Game Developers Conference as to what platforms they are planning their next release for. It's pretty impressive that Smartphones topped out at just over 50% and PCs peaked the results at 52%. What is more interesting is that consoles trailed behind considerably. The PS4 has just under 20% of developer attention while the Xbox One is sitting just under 17%. What is really sad is that the Wii U doesn't even make 4.5% of next generation games.

While PS4 has a narrow lead in the console space when it comes to developer intent, it's still lower-barrier PC and smartphone/tablet development that attracts most developers surveyed. Fifty-one percent plan to make their next game for smartphone/tablet, while 52 percent anticipate releasing their next game on PC/Mac.

Source: GameDevelopersConference

120GB OCZ Vector 150 SSD

We have just posted up our review of the 120GB OCZ Vector 150 SSD. This drive is one of the first drives they've released since being part of the "Toshiba Group" and it is a mainstream unit that shows a lot of promise. It's not the fastest drive we've ever seen, but it looks good, performs well and has a great warranty. Check out our review to find out more.


This drive - although labeled similar to the OCZ Vector, is actually a totally different beast as it now features Toshiba NAND memory instead of Micron or Intel NAND. That is one of the changes we'll see in OCZ drives going forward - they will all likely have Toshiba NAND and Indilinx controllers.

Huawei Mocks Fruit and "Some Song" in Teaser

I'm not exactly sure what Huawei is up to, but they think they have something better than the competition coming down the pipe very soon. Apparently at Mobile World Congress they will be showing off a new tablet and a new phone. We'll have to wait and see, but they are "ready to amaze the world again."

Source: BGR

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