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Android App Pick - Mirror Photo

BlackBerry Outs 5-inch Z30

BlackBerry is joining the 5-inch revolution with their Z30 smartphone.  This is a full on large device with a 2,880 mAh battery that gives 25 hours of "mixed use".  Also it's not a 1280x780 5-inch screen that is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro, 2GB of RAM, an Adreno 320 graphics controller and more.  Its decent for sure, but not ground-breaking.  If you're still on the BlackBerry fence, this may be the device you've been waiting for; then again, maybe not.

The Z30 will arrive with version 10.2 of the QNX-based OS, which should also seep out to beleaguered Z10, Q5 and Q10 owners by the middle of next month via an over-the-air update. This brings a bunch of much-needed fixes and enhancements, including a new notification system that allows one to fire off message replies in an instant.

Source: TheRegister

iOS 7 Released and Overviewed

If you're an iOS 6 users and you have a a current-generation iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, you'll be able to snag the iOS 7 release today.  This comes at the launch of the iPhone 5C and will spawn a whole new generation of "flat" apps and interface touches.  It's a decent update for sure and does add a lot of android-like features, interface touches and more.  Take a look and see if it's worth the upgrade or if you want to stay away from it like you should have with iOS 6 and Apple Maps.

Windows 8.1 Upgrade Pricing

As of Tuesday of this week Microsoft has announced the price of Windows 8.1. In accordance to what they announced some months previous, the new upgrade will be free to windows 8 users!  Microsoft announced a few months ago that Windows 8.1 will be a free upgrade for anyone already running Windows 8. That still holds true.

But Tuesday, company officials shared more on how much Windows 8.1 will cost for those running an older version of Windows. For those running Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7, Windows 8.1 will cost $119.99. Windows 8.1 Pro will cost $199.99. These prices are for either a download from Windows.com or a retail-packaged DVD product sold at retail. These are the same prices Microsoft charged users of older versions of Windows for the Windows 8 and Windows 8 Pro upgrades.”

Source: CNET

Offline YouTube Viewing

This is awesome news coming to mobile users.  You can now watch stored videos with no internet connection!  This comes off the back of he ability to pre-load videos.  I know this will be great for for some things like video podcasts are available on YouTube, but I'm not sure how many funny cat videos you'll actually pre-load.

YouTube's Android app added the ability to watch precached videos (while still online) last summer, but Google's video streaming unit isn't stopping there. A post tonight on its Partners & Creators informed video makers that viewing of stored videos with no internet connection is coming soon. According to the blog the feature is coming to its mobile apps -- following up on the recent updates on Android and iOS -- in November, and will let viewers store videos for disconnected viewing for a "short time."

Source: Engadget

Android App Pick - Air Control Lite

We have just posted up another Android App Pick of the Week and this week we are getting back into the game with Air Control Lite.  That's right.  Air Control Lite is the name of the game this week and it is landing on your devices today!  This game will have you managing a busy airport and trying to get all the planes and helicopters on the ground safely.  It gets pretty tough so make sure you give it a try.


Vote for BCCHardware!

BCCHardware has been nominated for a "Technology Innovation Award" here in our community.  If you have a couple of minutes, please head on over here and vote for us!  It's question #3 and you can click next to skip questions you don't want to answer.  Thanks!

Gabe Newell Says Linux is Future of Gaming

If you think that your Windows PC or Console is where it is at, Gabe Newell says your wrong.  He figures that the future of gaming lies with Linux and is pretty excited to show off that there is a whole new generation of hardware coming for this platform as well.  If you are into gaming - and have an open mind, make sure you check out the full article at the link below.  He admits that it currently makes up less than 1% of gaming, but that WILL change.

Valve brought Steam to Linux in February, and the platform now has 198 games. Newell has previously promised to unveil a Linux-based "Steam box" to compete against living room gaming consoles sometime this year, and his company has updated the Steam software to work better on TVs. While he didn't specifically mention the Steam box today, Newell hinted at an announcement next week.

Source: ArsTechnica

Next Car Game - Car Damage

The Physics and effor that goes into car damage in a game is pretty nifty.  It's a lot more detailed than you'd think.

Bill Gates - Still Richest American

Bill Gates is doing ok.  He's been doing ok for a while now and in fact, this year marks his 20th year as the "Richest American".  This is pretty awesome as the guy had to step down from Microsoft in order to really put his heart into the Bill and Melinda Foundation - where he gives away almost as much money as he can.  They have great hearts and are putting a ton of effort into humanitarian aid, and still - the guy is loaded.  Who knew the Microsoft would still be making him truckloads of money.

In second place comes Warren Buffett with $58.5 billion, up $12.5 billion from 2012. Despite the 25 percent increase in personal wealth year over year, it's still a notable distance away from Gates, who remains a major shareholder in the company he co-founded.

Source: CNET

Meet Microsoft's Digital Assistant - Cortana

On the weekend, the newswires were buzzing with news that Microsoft was working on a digital assistant to rival Siri and Google Now.  The rumor was that the codename of this project was "Cortana".  If you've played Halo, you'll immediately know the name and be able to put a face to the AI.  While that rumor may be unfounded, the reality is that the internet blew up about this idea and is trying to petition Microsoft to keep the name.  It would be cool for sure, but I'm sure that I'd have to suffer with a Windows Phone 7 / 8 or Surface Phone in order to get this feature.

The thread has also generated over 500 comments, most of which are supportive of Microsoft using the "Cortana" name in this context. Some of the more recent posts are like this one from "Quicksilverr" who wrote, "Cortana is the best possible name for an AI. She has guided us all on the Halo games and now she can guide us on our phones."

Source: Neowin

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