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I Could Actually Be Good at Darts Now

I'm not all that good at darts. I'm pretty solid - meaning I can usually hit the board, but other than that, it's pretty rough. Now there is a custom dart board that can track a dart through the air and perfectly position itself for a bulls-eye everytime. 

ARM Steps up their Performance Game

There's been a lot of talk lately about the AMD Ryzen CPU, but ARM doesn't want to be discounted out of the fight just yet. They are working hard to step up their performance game to keep up with Intel and AMD - but at the same time they are committed to excellent battery life and excellent efficiency. ARM has come a long, long way and once they enter the desktop CPU market, things are going to get really interesting.

The improvements increase the possibility of Apple switching over to ARM architecture on its Macs. That hasn’t happened yet as Intel’s mainstream Core chips are significantly faster than current ARM processors. Like other chipmakers, Apple licenses ARM architecture, which it already uses in iPhones, iPads, and other devices.

Source: PCWorld

New iPad is Thick and Heavy

In a world of whiney consumers, some days you just can't win. Apple has just announced their latest iPad - which costs a mere $329. Sounds like a winner right? Not if you like ultra-thin and light devices. This new iPad is thicker and heavier than the iPad Air 2, but let's get real. It's 1.5mm thicker and a mere 30 grams heavier. That's not much considering you get a very nice iPad out of the deal.

In relative terms, this is a pretty substantial change. The new iPad is more than 20% thicker than the iPad Air 2 although in absolute terms, it’s important to note we are still talking about millimetre differences here. An increase of 1.5mm is small but it will definitely be noticeable in the hand if you have handled both tablets before. At 9.7 inches, the weight increase of 0.07lbs or about 30 grams is probably not discernible in practice.

Source: 9to5Mac

AMD Ryzen 7 1700 Overclocking x2

The AMD Ryzen is now available in stores and there are some good things coming from AMD this time around. While it's not an absolute overclocking beast, it still offers some solid performance gains - on air, as well as liquid. Take a look below and see how they are pushing this CPU and yet it remains stable.


Super Mario Run Coming to Android This Week

Super Mario Run has been a big hit on iOS and it is coming to Android on March 23 - this week. If you've been waiting to get your hands on this $9.99 game, the time is coming closer. Hopefully, the price won't be inflated from what it currently is on iOS. We'll see in a few days. Are you going to get it? For $10 - with no in-game micro-transactions, it might be worth it.


Source: GooglePlay

New Xbox One S Bundles Have 2 Free Games for $299

Microsoft is pushing their Xbox One S a little harder than they were. In light of the Nintendo Switch launch doing so well, Microsoft is trying to sweeten their One S deal with two included games for the price of $299. This is a pretty affordable gaming console and the total cost of ownership will be much less than a Switch. Take a look at the link below to check out all the different configurations available for the $299 price tag.

The bundles start at $299 and include a variety of different options like Minecraft, Forza Horizon 3, and Gears of War 4 - just to name a few. Now to make the deal even sweeter, Microsoft has offered up two free games that can be selected from a set group. As mentioned previously, you'll be able to score a free copy of Mass Effect: Andromeda or if that isn't your thing, you'll have plenty of other great titles to choose from like Halo Wars 2, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, Final Fantasy XV, and more.

Source: Neowin

Tiny Battery Cools Chips While Powering Them

This idea brings the idea of perpetual energy closer to reality - and that's not even the goal here. Researches have constructed a battery that has a dual benefit of supplying power to chips as well as cooling them at the same time. There is some pumping required to remove heat, but the entire process takes 0.4W and it still leaves 1W left to power the chip. Once they figure out how to cool the chip, capture the heat and use that to make electricity, it will either create a black hole - or solve the world's energy problem.

"Redox flow" batteries that use liquid electrolytes are normally used on a large scale to store energy. For instance, Harvard Researchers recently created one that can last over ten years with very little degradation, making it ideal to store solar or wind energy.

Source: Engadget

Nest Security Cameras Can Be Killed via Bluetooth

The more we are connected, the more we open ourselves to vulnerability. To stop this, we connect more device to our networks to monitor our valuables and family, but these also are subject to attack. The latest in the line of failing devices is the Nest Dropcam and Dropcam Pro security cameras. These devices have Bluetooth for setup, convenience and sensing when the owner is around, but a simple hack can cause the cameras to crash and currently there is no fix. This is a problem as a thief could disable the cameras before they pop in and steal your stuff.

For the first bug, an attacker can trigger a buffer overflow in the camera by pinging it an overlong Wi-Fi SSID parameter via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). This causes the gadget to crash and reboot. The second flaw is similar, but in this case the miscreant sends a long Wi-Fi password parameter to the camera. This too will cause the camera to crash and restart, we're told.

Source: TheRegister

Intel Optane is Quick

Intel's Optane storage units are now in the wild and while currently they are only available in 375GB, the fact is they are blistering fast. Also, they are ridiculously expensive at $1,520 for this particular unit. Later this year they will be available in 750GB and 1.5TB units, but for now they are relegated to this 375GB size.

Storage is a big bottleneck, and the Optane SSDs will reduce latency. That will improve the productivity of servers, and will help in applications like analytics, which deal with large data sets. Optane could be used for for caching or long-term or short-term storage.

Source: PCWorld

LG 4K 32-inch LCD Gets Release Date and Price

When it comes to monitors, you can get cheap monitors, gaming monitors, 4K monitors and then professional monitors with great color accuracty, but they aren't good for much else. At CES earlier this year LG showed off their new 4K USB-C HDR10 4K monitor that also supports gaming. It's a great unit, but the $1000 USD price tag is a bit scary for some. 

Requiring only a single cable to stream images to a 4K display, charge a connected laptop and execute data transfers simultaneously, the 32UD99 is able to reduce cable clutter, which adds to its streamlined appearance. And the monitor’s built-in speakers pack a punch with LG’s Rich Bass technology for a full-bodied audio experience.

Source: MSPowerUser

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