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Stick with Samsung, get $100

As Samsung continues the damage control after their run of exploding Galaxy 7 devices they've announced that if you stick with Samsung for your next device after turning in your Note 7 you'll get a $100 credit from your cell phone provider. While it might not be enough for some people, it's better than nothing. Mashable has the story.

If, after all the battery explosions and two recalls, you're still inclined to cling onto your Galaxy Note7, here's a new reason why you should reconsider: Samsung is now offering up to $100 in credit to every customer who exchanges their Note7 for another Samsung smartphone. 

The company said so in its updated Note7 recall page which plainly states that the recall has now been expanded to "all Galaxy Note7 devices," and asks consumers with a Note7 to power it down and return it to the place of purchase. 

Hot Wheels Stunts - Cool Video of the Day

I could totally see my boys strapping a GoPro on their Hot Wheels and pulling off a video like this. Very cool stuff actually.


Good News for Samsung

There hasn't been a lot of good news at Samsung HQ recently with the Galaxy Note 7 being recalled and then the refurbished phones having the same problem - and eventually the entire line of Note 7 devices has been pulled. Thankfully, the courts have some good news as they have been weighing evidence and ideas regarding how much Samsung should have paid Apple. It looks like Samsung might be getting a $400 million refund.

At the end of the hearing, Samsung's lawyer Kathleen Sullivan said she was "hopeful" about the outcome. "We're hopeful the Supreme Court will give a sensible and fair reading of the design patent damages statute, and we believe that will be a win for business and consumers alike," she said.

Source: TheRegister

Western Digital Jumps (Back) Into SSDs

Western Digital has once again delved into the realm of SSDs. They bought SanDisk earlier this year and they are now using that technology to market products under their own brand. They have the "Green" and "Blue" drives currently. Just like their mechanical counterparts, the Green drives are geared to the entry-level consumer with the Blue drives geared more for mainstream users.

Their WD Blue solid-state drives come in 250 GB, 500 GB and 1 TB sizes as a higher-performance line available globally to "select customers," according to their press release. The lower-powered WD Green SSDs, coming in 120 GB and 240 GB, will have a more limited release later this quarter in certain regions.

Source: Engadget

Pokemon GO Now Favors Casual Players

In an effort to keep casual players playing Pokemon GO, Niantic has released an update that nerfs the original game dynamic and replaces things geared toward casual players. The problem with Pokemon GO, is that in order to really succeed, you had to play it lots, and that took commitment and newer players weren't interested in competing. This helps level the playing field, but doesn't really reward players for all their previous time spent.

If you’re a dedicated Pokémon GO player, you might be able to tell that these changes favor those who only casually pick up the game. Making it easier and lowering the barrier to entry for the game was an important part of what made the title go so big overnight. In other words, these changes are designed to keep even casual users engaged.

Source: Neowin

Disney's One-Legged Hopping Robot



Samsung's ArtPC Looks Great - Doesn't Catch Fire

Both the Galaxy Note 7 and the new ArtPC Pulse look great - but only one of them catches fire. I'm sure that some will say this PC borrows heavily from the Mac Pro, but I have to say that this looks much better. It starts at a mere $1,199 and comes up to $1,599 when powered by a Core i7 CPU and 16GB of RAM. The crazy thing is that it could easily handle many games today and it's a very small little unit. Gosh I like this idea.

The device features a cylindrical design with aluminum bodywork, and what's referred to as "an exquisite expandable design", allowing you to "attach and remove expansion modules to customize your own system". A 1TB hard drive is listed as one of these optional modules for the Core i5 model, but the Core i7 model includes that module as part of its price.

Source: Neowin

Samsung: Stop Using the Note 7

In a move that could really hurt Samsung on the short-term, they have issued a bulletin stating that Note 7 users should stop using the device immediately. This comes after the fact that there have been a couple of isolated replacement Note 7 devices that have exhibited the same problems as the first-released product. This is very bad news for Samsung and until they get things figured out, they have pulled the plug on production of one of their hottest selling products. This could be the end of the Note. It will surely affect Note 8 sales - if they even build that device.

Samsung quickly issued a recall and began working with officials worldwide to replace the original shipment of 2.5 million phones. But customers have since said that replacement Note 7s and models with supposedly safe batteries were overheating and catching fire, fueling concerns Samsung hasn’t solved the battery problems after all.

Source: Bloomberg

Chrome 55 to Use MUCH Less RAM

One of the biggest complaints of modern browsers is the amount of memory that they hog when you have mutliple windows and tabs open. It is absolutely horrifying how much RAM these browsers can soak up and it's not unrealistic to need 16GB of RAM in your day-to-day computing machine. Thankfully, Chrome is addressing the problem and you could see up to 66% less memory in use in their upcoming Chrome 55. More technical details at the link below.

In addition to the JavaScript heap, V8 uses off-heap memory for internal VM operations. The largest chunk of memory is allocated through memory areas called zones. Zones are a type of  region-based memory allocator which enables fast allocation and bulk deallocation where all zone allocated memory is freed at once when the zone is destroyed. Zones are used throughout V8’s parser and compilers.

Source: v8project

Microsoft Paint for Windows 10

Microsoft has put a lot of work on parts of their software suite that don't make sense at first glance. Paint has been a staple of Windows for many years, but it has never been very useful unless you spent a lot of time and were really artistic. Even then, the results were mixed at best. The Windows 10 Paint App is none of that. It is pretty incredible. Of course, if you're not an artist - like me - it will still look like a bad Etch-A-Sketch.


Source: TheVerge

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