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Nintendo Switch

We've finally got some details about the Nintendo Switch console thanks to a new conference from Nintendo today. While there are still a few questions about the console we did find out that the switch will be a 720p experience on the tablet (1080p when hooked to your TV) and is being powered by a custom Tegra CPU from NVIDIA. The amount of storage space isn't huge (32GB) but you'll be able to add more storage via microSD cards. All of this will run you $299 USD at launch which is probably a low enough price to get a few people to get in the pre-order line. The Verge has a few more details.

In addition to the wealth of news surrounding the Switch that Nintendo announced at its Tokyo event tonight, we finally got some concrete details on the hardware specifications of Nintendo’s latest console.

The Nintendo Switch device offers a 6.2-inch, 720p multitouch display that runs at a 1280 x 720 resolution when used in a handheld mode. When docked, the Switch is capable of outputting full 1080p visuals through an HDMI connection to an attached TV. Nintendo says that the Switch runs off a custom Nvidia Tegra processor, but hasn’t released more specific details.

Weekly Tech Update #385 - CES 2017 Highlights and More

We have just posted up Episode #385 of Weekly Tech Update. In this episode we are discussing our CES highlights and lowlights, Notebooks make a comeback as the tablet craze starts to fade and Facebook VR has a sketchy origin. Check out those and a few more tech bits at the links below.


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LG at CES 2017 - More Than Beautiful TVs

Last year was the first year we took time to set up a booth tour with LG, and we were very impressed with all the products they have to offer. While LG is mostly known for their mobile devices here in Canada, they do make some amazing TVs as well as a host of other products. After being impressed with everything from their clothing "refresher" to their OLED TVs last year, it was obviously one of our must-see booths at CES again this year.

At the entrance to their huge booth was a massive crowd of people waiting their turn to step into the tunnel of OLED. They had well over 100 4K OLED TVs all arranged in a tunnel and with 10 different sound systems overwhelming your senses in both visual and audio glory. The amazing thing about OLED is the total black it can achieve as the pixels are self-lit and therefore, when off - are truly black. The end result is magnificent and images don't really do it justice. 

HLG = One Step up from HDR


LG introduced their new W-Series TVs this year that earned them a bunch of CES awards. The "W" is for wallpaper, because that's about as thick as the TV is - like wallpaper. LG strips away pretty much everything unnecessary with this TV and the panel itself is a mere 2.57mm thin. It is mounted to the wall with magnets so that there is no gap. Hisense, Samsung and LG introduced a super slim cable that goes from their panels to a connector box so you don't mess up the amazing look of the TV with a bunch of unsightly cables. Included with the W-Series is the new Soundbar from LG that incorporates Dolby Atmos and we were able to take in a demo. It is truly unbelievable. Dolby Atmos can project sounds to virtually any where in the room making it feel like you have well over a dozen speakers around, above and below you. 

W-Series with Dolby Atmos Sound
W-Series with Dolby Atmos Sound


LG is much more than just high-end items though. We were able to view and listen to their Bluetooth standard and levitating speakers as well as pick up their new "Gram" Ultrabooks that weigh in at less that a kilogram and pack in unbelievable battery life and Core i5 processors. They have curved displays for your PC, amazing 5K displays as well, and a everything you need in your Smart-home including fridges, laundry care, physical and virtual assistants and more. LG may at one point been a name that you'd consider if you couldn't find what you want, but they have stepped up their game in a monumental way in the past few years and are really industry leaders.

LG Gram
LG "Gram" Ultrabook #want


There are a lot more images from the LG visit in our gallery over here. Of course you can keep up with all of our CES coverage right here.


Nokia returns

Nokia is back in the phone market, this time they're in the Android camp and are going to have the Nokia 6 available towards the end of February. Nokia will be doing the official song and dance at Mobile World Congress which is on February 26th. These phones aren't necessarily true Nokia phones, they are just using the brand name in partnership with HMD (who are the ones making the hardware). It'll be interesting to see if Nokia can claw its way back into the market or if the big guys are just too big to compete with. CNET has the story.

BlackBerry isn't the only mega-brand of yesteryear attempting a major comeback. Nokia, too, will unveil its first Android phone, the Nokia 6, to the wider world.

Nokia Mobile teased the Nokia 6, which is already on sale in China, in a video on its Facebook page (see above). "Get ready!", the post reads, "The Nokia 6 is coming to China! More announcements to follow on February 26th... Save the date!"

Amazon gets fined for misleading pricing

Amazon has got hit with a $1 million dollar fine up here in Canada for pulling some misleading pricing. Basically they were upping the MSRP and then discounting it making it look like you were getting more of a deal than you actually were. Amazon of course isn't the only retailer online that does this, however, they were one that got caught and now its going to cost them. ReCode has more on this story.

Some deals are too good to be true. And, for Amazon, they will cost the company.

A Canadian enforcement agency announced today that Amazon Canada will pay a $1 million fine for what could be construed as misleading pricing practices.

The investigation centered on the practice of Amazon displaying its prices compared to higher “list prices” — suggested manufacturer prices (MSRPs) designed as marketing gimmicks to make people think they are getting a deal, even though it’s often the case that no shopper ever pays that price.

Edge at CES 2017

Edge is a new company to us here at BCCHardware, but they've been around for quite a few years actually. They are a subsidiary of Avant Technology (as is Mushkin), but Edge products are geared more toward business users and high-reliability operations. While the DRAM chips, basic design and controllers are often identical between Mushkin products and Edge products, Edge focuses their firmware and power regulation toward higher reliability rather than raw performance. Don't get me wrong, their performance is still excellent, but with power-fail capacitors on board as well as better provisioning and wear leveling algorithms, Edge certainly is geared toward the business user.

Edge PFX3


At CES, Edge showed off their new PFX3 drive that includes power failure protection and still offers capacities up to 1TB. Not only do these drives offer 256-bit AES encryption, they also come backed with a 5-year warranty - not many SSDs offer that long of a guaranteed service life. On the 3D-NAND side of the 2.5-inch form-factor coin are the eMerge 3D SSDs. They have two different versions of this drive with the eMerge 3D-V using 3D TLC NAND flash while the non-V version using 3D MLC NAND. The non-V drive also has a slightly slower speed, but a longer warranty.



Their "NextGen" M.2 PCIe SSD is a beast. It uses 3D MLC NAND flash and an external DRAM module for buffering. It's a full double-sided 2280 module that uses 4x PCIe 3.0 lanes to make things happen rather quickly. While other companies have a very similar drive for their enthusiast systems, Edge caters once again to their business customers and offers a few of their features to keep the product more reliable. Still, the drive is rated at a mere 2.5GB/sec read speed with a 1.1GB/sec write speed. Keep in mind that this drive supports ECC functions, StaticDataRefresh and is also backed with Edge's 5-year warranty. 



If you want to check out more images from our Day 3 coverage at CES 2017, please be sure to check out the gallery here, as well as our entire coverage of CES 2017 right here.

Also, you can check out Edge Memory's site here.

Sony at CES 2017

Sony brought a few new TVs to CES this year - along with a bunch of products that are already on sale - and are quite impressive. They also brought along a prototype project that should make it to market in the coming years. Sony’s XBR-A1E Bravia is their first consumer ready OLED TV that will come in 55-in, 65-in. and 77-inch sizes. This TV also sports a unique sound system in that there is no speaker but instead use a bar to vibrate the screen to produce sound all the while having a subwoofer to help with the bass. Oddly enough some of the Sony reps won’t call the OLED their flagship TV and instead point to some LED TVs as the prime examples of what can be done with them.



These 4K HDR LED TVs will eventually have more shutters in them than currently on the market, to turn off the LEDs to achieve the same blacks in the OLEDs all the while pushing the power to the other parts of the TV to help improve the brightness of the picture to give it a brighter picture than OLEDs.



Sony also introduced some amazing projectors with short throw lenses in them so that they only need to be about six inches away from the surface that it will be projecting on. These projects can either rest on the floor or shelving unit, or be mounted to the wall and can produce a 4K HDR picture up to about 120 inches. When powered off the projector will hide itself inside of its unit making it look like normal decor in the room. Because these projectors use lasers instead of what’s currently on the market these projectors can still display clear and crisp images even when the lights are on full blast. One of the cooler things that you may not hear about when it comes to sony is their small scale projector that is currently in prototype mode. When connected to your home or google home network you can use the image that is being projected onto your tabletop the same way as if you were looking at your phone or your computer screen.



For more images from our Sony visit, please check the gallery here. Also, you can find all of our CES 2017 coverage right here.

ROCCAT at CES 2017

ROCCAT's CES 2017 demo consisted of three intriguing mice, and their new mouse sensor technology The Owl-Eye, along with refreshes of two of their keyboards. The two keyboards that got refreshes are the Isku+ and the Isku+ Force FX. The Isku+ got some minor changes but the big one was the finish that surrounds the keyboard keys, as instead of the the glossy black finish that was a bit easy to scratch at times, the new finish is like the outer edges of the keyboard that has a more textured feel to it. The other significant change was the backlight for the keys; it’s more of a softer blue color now. The Isku+ Force FX got the same changes the Isku+ did but if also got the new pressure sensitive technology. This neat tech basically allows you to use the WASD keys as multiple keys, lets say a normal press of W would have you walking/running forward, well now a half press of the key could have you change stance while a full press could move you forward in the new stance. Another option would be for games that have lean buttons, a player could lean left on a half press of A while a full press of A would strafe them left.



The Kone EMP takes the reigns from the Kone XTD and brings with it RGB lighting and ergonomic features for medium to big hands but the major feature that it comes with is the new Owl-Eye sensor. The Owl-Eye sensor is a PixArt sensor that has been modified to the high standards that ROCCAT strives for. Kone Pure 2017 sports the same Owl-Eye sensor but is lighter and smaller than the Kone EMP.



The LEADR is ROCCAT’s first serious wireless mouse for gamers, sporting the same Owl-Eye sensor as the other two mice. This beast of a mouse is equipped with a 1000Hz polling rate and a 2.4GHz data transmission for non-existent lag with virtually no latency. The sleek docking station has a top-up cable that can be detached from the dock and directly to the mouse just encase the 20-hour battery is running low. 

Leadr Top Bottom


If you'd like to check our more images from our ROCCAT visit, and the rest of our day 2 CES gallery, please check here. For all of our 2017 CES coverage, you can head over here.


In Win at CES 2017

In Win definitely brought another eye catching display to CES with two of their custom modded cases, the Medieval Metal and the CSAT, that will be put into production for consumers to buy. Both mods started from plain 509 cases and were modded to themes and rules for In Win’s 30th anniversary case mod invitational.

In Win


In Win also came out with their own RGB fan called the Aurora that is fully modular and has 4 RGB LEDs that can each be altered for different colors. These fans can also be daisy chained together which opens the possibility of changing each individual light on each fan to create some interesting lighting effects. On top of that these fans and also be remote controlled with a hand held remote control, which allows you to not only change the light speed, mode, and brightness but also allows you to change the fan speed, turbo mode (on/off), and lock status.

In Win


In Win has also brought lighting effects to their power supplies for those that really like to show off their cases and mods. In Win also brought along a new and really cool looking case called the tou 2.0. Some of the images of this case do not exactly do it justice as it sports tempered glass sides that can act as two-way mirrors. To top it off all the USB and audio I/O ports are located on the front of the case at the bottom while a light control panel is located on the top front of the case.

We took a lot more images over at In Win and you can view them all starting right here. Also, please check out the rest of our CES coverage right here.


Thermaltake at CES 2017

For CES this year, Thermaltake brought along some new products and refreshed a few, all the while making kits and combos for certain products. One of the new products this year is the Tower 900, which from looking at it from just the front side only looks like it’s not that big depth wise but when you get a closer look at it, you realize just how much space there actually is.

Tower 900


The other two lines of cases that have new releases are the view series and the core series. All the new cases come with tempered glass side panels whether it be on one side or both sides while also being able to support DIY liquid cooling setups. Speaking of coolers, TT also released some new coolers in their water line starting with the Water 3.0 Riing RGB 280 which features RGB Riing fans that have 14 LEDs that have a range of 256 colors.

Riing Fans


One of cool things they did this year was making Pacific 16mm-12mm PETG fitting kits so that experienced PC builders and builders just getting into the customization scene know that they have the correct fittings when starting a build. The other cool thing to see at Thermaltake was their own chair line. At first look they might not look comfortable, but after sitting in one you appreciate just how comfortable it is. On top of that, the ergonomic design helps to promote better sitting posture.

For more from our Day 1 images from CES, please check out the gallery here. Also, you can check out our entire CES coverage at this link.

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