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A look back at IPOs

Square (mobile payments company) went public this week with their stock offerings and saw their stock price jump an impressive 45% on the first day. That prompted Business Insider to take a look back at some other famous IPOs and where you would be if you put $10,000 down on day 1.

The recent pickup in tech IPO activity got us thinking: If you had invested $10,000 in the biggest tech companies before they went public, how much would your shares be worth now?

We crunched the numbers and figured it out. Note that this doesn't include dividend payments, which in a lot of cases would have made you even richer.

The rise and fall of Rdio

It was announced this week that Rdio was going to be sold off to Pandora, bringing the end of the Rdio saga. Rdio was one of the major streaming music players for quite some time but were unable to compete in the end with the likes of Pandora and Spotify. The streaming music market is a tough market where it takes deep pockets to play with the big guys and unfortunately for Rdio they are just another casualty. Engadget has the full story.

Spotify is probably how most Americans were introduced to streaming music over the last four years or so -- the service has grown by leaps and bounds since it launched in the US in July of 2011. But a relatively small group of music fans were enjoying pretty much all that Spotify had to offer months before it hit the US. That group was using Rdio, and we'll now have to find a new option: Rdio will be dead soon, sold off to Pandora in a bankruptcy deal. The service will remain a cautionary tale about the brutality of survival in the streaming music world. A great product is important, but it's clearly not enough.

TigerDirect sold to PCM

TigerDirect has been sold, PCM (formerly know as PC Mall) has purchased them for $14 million in cash. TigerDirect has fallen upon hard times after some scandals and have been closing stores and trying to focus on online primarily so seeing a sale can't be too surprising to anyone. PCM will be closing the couple remaining retail locations of TigerDirect, which brings the end to TigerDirect stores that have been open since 1987. Twice.com has the details over here.

PCM, formerly PC Mall, has agreed to purchase Systemax’s TigerDirect brand and some of the B-to-B assets of its North American tech division for $14 million in cash.

The deal is expected to close on Dec. 1.

The sale will effectively end Systemax’s spotty retail legacy, which included a multimillion-dollar kickback scam by TigerDirect’s founding Fiorentino brothers, who are now serving federal sentences.

The Pyro Mini is Awesome!

The Pyro Mini is a $150 gadget that is more than a little awesome. It will have you shooting fireballs out of your hands and blowing the minds of your friends (and putting fear into your enemies). Check it out!

Source: BGR via Ellusionist

Google Deletes Photos off Your Phone

Google has been doing a few updates lately with the focus of these to make your small-storage device a bit more usable. One of the latest updates to Google Photos is the "feature" where they delete photos off your device - once they've been backed up to Google. This sounds like a decent idea - until you try and show someone photos you took last week and find that you're out of cell range. Is this a yay or nay? Sound off in the comments.

On the Settings screen, users will now see a "Free Up Space" button. Clicking on the button will prompt the user to bulk-delete copies of photos that have already been backed up from their device. To prevent device copies from being accidentally deleted, we're asking users to double-confirm their intent during the 'Free Up Space' flow.

Source: Google+

Lumia 950XL Pre-orders Pulled

If you've been eagerly anticipating the Microsoft Lumia 950XL, you'll be sad to see that the pre-orders are now all gone over at the Microsoft Store. If you are lucky enough to grab a locked version (unlucky maybe?) from your local wireless provider, there are still a few in stock. Another bit of good news is that the smaller, slightly slower 950 is still available for order. Both Microsoft stores in Canada and the USA are sold out. This shows that there is demand for products other than from Samsung and Apple.

Earlier, Windows Central reported that the Microsoft Store in both the US and Canada was showing extended delivery times on new pre-orders for the Lumia 950 XL. While those who placed their orders early can still expect to receive the device by November 25, those attempting to do so a few hours ago were presented with an estimated shipment date of December 11.

Source: Neowin

iPhone 7 Release Date

I realize the iPhone 6 is not that old, but the rumors have already started to flow regarding the upcoming iPhone 7. The good news is that it won't be making its way onto the market until September of 2016. That's right - the rumor mill is about 10 months early this time around. If the rumors are to be believed, aluminum and Qualcomm are out, Samsung displays and Intel are in. Take a look if you want to get your rumor on.

There is talk that the handset will be tougher than before, though. Chinese media has reported that the next iPhone will have a strengthened and waterproof frame. The reports claim that Apple will ditch the aluminium used on the iPhone 6S too, adopting an entirely new material for the iPhone 7.

Source: TheInquirer

WTU Episode #335 - SteamOS, The 2nd Best Gaming OS

We have just posted up Episode #335 of Weekly Tech Update. In this episode we are discussing Zune is dead - again, Facebook makes you miserable and SteamOS pretty much sucks. Check out those uplifting stories and more at the links below.


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Alienware Steam Machine Review

Alienware is one of the first companies that have tried to get behind the Steam Machine. They have a few different models to choose from that range from a Core i3 to a full-on Core i7. Prices range from a mere $449(USD) all the way up to $749(USD). All you are getting for your extra money is more RAM and a faster CPU. The GPU is the same through the entire lineup - and is not upgradeable. Neowin has a full review on the $549 mid-range version.

There's also an issue with viewing text on the screen. While trying DOTA 2, some of the fonts were so small during the tutorial that they were practically unreadable from the couch. Valve claims the box is for the living room and the "10 foot experience" (meaning distance from the TV to the gamer), but this is very clearly dependent on what games you decide to play, and the lack of standardization is hurting the Steam Machine.

Source: Neowin

Fallout 4: Real-Life vs. In-Game Boston

This is pretty awesome and is why it's been more than a few months since the last Fallout was released. This looks like a quality game for sure!


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