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Android App Pick - Sea Battle

Android App Pick - Device Info Live Wallpaper

We have just posted up another Android App Pick of the Week and this week we are stretch the "app" thing with a live wallpaper. This is a wallpaper that is so cool we felt it just had to be listed here. Take a look and see your phone's CPU usage, temperature, battery stats and a lot more - all on your desktop and lock screen. It's awesome!


iPhone 6 vs .50 BMG

There are no words... Ok, a few words. One of them is AWESOME!


Google's Self-Driving Cars Now Legal in California

With self-driving cars actually starting to exist in the wild, different states suddenly had to address questions like regarding liability of a crash with a self-driving car and this delayed deployment. It seems that Google has managed to iron out some of these little hiccups and their cars are now legal in California. This is a huge win for Google.

Google's self-driving cars have made impressive progress in the past few years, logging over 700,000 accident-free miles without human intervention, according to the company (there has been at least one accident reportedly caused by a human driver). But those test-drives have been limited to a few closed courses and select areas. Starting this month, Google and a few other ambitious automakers will be able to unleash self-driving vehicles on any public road in the state of California.

Source: TheVerge

Apple Says It Won't Axe Beats - and Your Photos are Safe

Rumors are floating around that Apple is planning on killing the Beats music service and instead pushing their own iTunes brand instead. This actually makes a lot of sense to me and Apple will probably keep the Beats hardware. Apple is denying this of course, so I guess we should believe them. They also say that your photos are safe in the iCloud. We see how that worked out.

The rumors and uncertainty come less than four months after Apple shelled out $3bn to acquire Beats, and bring cofounders Jimmy Iovine and Dr Dre on board. When the move was announced, it was widely believed that Apple was primarily interested in gobbling Beats Music to whack into iTunes.

Source: TheRegister

Apple is Good for Music Videos

Apple products have a lot of potential and let's face it, many videos are edited on their hardware with their fantastic software. This music video was shot using a bunch of their device and the finished video was one continuous shot. Take a look and you'll be impressed.


Toxikk Gameplay Reveal

There's something about arena gamplay that is awesome. Unreal Tournament and Quake are prime examples of this and TOXIKK is pretty much a rehash of this gameplay style that looks pretty cool. There are no loadouts, perks, classes or free-to-play bonus. It's pure 1999 gaming at it's finest.


NVIDIAs 4K on 1080p Tech

NVIDIA has just launched a couple of new graphics cards (GTX 970 & GTX 980) and they have announced some new tech as well. These new chips manage to play game and video content in 4K and then downsample it to match your computers screen so that it looks absolutely amaizng. This isn't a new or crazy idea, but the ability for the card to do the downscaling and rendering is new - and it looks amazing! If you to check out this new technology, check the link below - or the full review of the GTX 980 here.

By running a game at a high resolution beyond what your monitor can support and then downsampling (rescaling) the image to your monitor's native resolution, you get some gorgeous, crisp visuals that is often much better than any form of anti-aliasing can accomplish. But downsampling always required hacks or external tools, and it was never flawless. NVIDIA decided to address that, with what it's calling Dynamic Super Resolution.

Source: OverclockersClub

Windows 9 Technical Preview in October

If you've been waiting to get your hands on the latest preview of Windows 9, you'll have to wait until October. We were hoping to get it in late September, but we'll have to be a bit more patient. I'm certainly optimistic about this next version for the Desktop use. I will be trying this out as a preview as I have not a lot of love for Windows 8.

Additionally, something we may have seen in previous screenshots but haven't really touched upon is the new location for File Explorer, which now becomes "Home" rather than "This PC". There, not only library folders and drives are shown, but everything relevant to you, such as recent or frequent files, folders, favorites, drives and so on.

Source: Neowin

Netflix Finally Lands on Linux

It's true. Netflix has finally arrived for Linux users. If you're currently using Linux exclusively you'll now be able to stream your favorite B-List movie from Netflix thanks to the HTML5. That's right. Finally. Both of you are welcome.

Now, with Silverlight fading, and Netflix embracing the power of HTML5, your wish of watching flicks in your favorite distro (be it Ubuntu, Mint or Arch) may finally come true. Paul Adolph from Netflix posted a message to Ubuntu developers, telling them that, "Netflix will play with Chrome stable in 14.02 if NSS version 3.16.2 or greater is installed."


Source: Engadget

Woz likes the iPhone 6

Steve Wozniak (co-founder of Apple) has always been good for a sound byte and Android fans have always enjoyed him talking about his love of Android devices. Unfortunately those days may be over as Woz has said he has ditched Android in favor of the new iPhone 6. CNET has the details.

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak is one of the most likable guys in tech -- but that doesn't mean he always likes everything. That Ashton Kutcher Steve Jobs biopic? Woz said it got a lot wrong. Wearables? Woz says they're a hard sell. But Woz sure likes Apple's new iPhone 6, so much so that he's ditching Android, Google's mobile operating system he's grown fond of.

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