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Free Samsung Test Drive

Samsung is pretty sure that you'll choose their new Galaxy Note 5 or S6 Edge devices over an iPhone that they've started a 30 day test drive program for iPhone users where for $1 you can try out one of the new Samsung devices if you are a T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon, or AT&T customer that currently has an iPhone. It's interesting to see Samsung targeting Apple directly with a promotion like this, but there are only so many people who want a 'premium' handset and currently most of them either have a Samsung or Apple device. Tom's Guide has the details.

Samsung is confident that iPhone owners will love the Galaxy Note 5 and S6 Edge  — so confident that the company is letting them try the new phones out for free. As part of the company's Ultimate Test Drive initiative, folks with iPhones can test Samsung's latest handsets for a month — complete with a data plan — for virtually nothing.


Apple Music

Apple Music has hit the 11 Million user mark which is a pretty impressive number for a new service. The not so impressive number is that 48% of those users have already quit the service. Even with only ~5 million users, Apple is still of course making good money off the service but it is interesting to see how users are more reluctant to sign up for another monthly subscription. The Guardian takes a closer look over here.

Just over half the people who sampled Apple Music have stuck around to use the service regularly, a study by music industry analytics firm MusicWatch has found. Apple recently took a victory lap for hitting the 11 million user mark among people who had sampled its new service, which is meant to compete with similar offerings from Spotify and Pandora. But 48% of those users aren’t there any more.

How Streaming Music Payments Works

The guys over at Medium have put together a very interesting article on just how music streaming services work and how in the end it's a bit of a rip off (mainly to the artists). The system is obviously flawed and as these services become more and more popular eventually artists are going to band together and demand some major changes in how people get paid.

If you subscribe to a subscription music service such as Spotify or Apple Music you probably pay $10 a month. And if you are like most people, you probably do so believing your money goes to the artists you listen to.Unfortunately, you are wrong.

The reality is only some of your money is paid to the artists you listen to. The rest of your money (and it’s probably most of your money) goes somewhere else. That “somewhere else” is decided by a small group of subscribers who have gained control over your money thanks to a mathematical flaw in how artist royalties are calculated. This flaw cheats real artists with real fans, rewards fake artists with no fans, and perhaps worst of all communicates to most streaming music subscribers a simple, awful, message: Your choices don’t count, and you don’t matter.

Samsung Pay vs. Apple Pay

A few weeks ago Samsung announced Samsung Pay which wasn't too surprising seeing as everyone wants to get into the mobile payment market. Samsung Pay is being tested in Korea but will be rolled out shortly to the UK, Spain, and China. Seeing as Apple of course has Apple Pay, it's only natural to compare the two services head to head and the BBC has done just that.

Samsung has launched its mobile wallet service Samsung Pay in South Korea.

It joins Apple - which launched a rival facility last year - in trying to convince shoppers to use their handsets, rather than plastic cards, to make in-store purchases.

And Samsung believes it has one critical fact that will work in its favour: its tech works with a much larger number of existing payment terminals.

Google Gets Into Hardware

Google has made the plunge into consumer networking with their new OnHub product. This is a WiFi router that is administered through an application instead of directly through a web interface. There is a lot of promise going on with the router, but you have to realize that Google is probably inspecting all of your packets and getting even more data off of you - and you're paying them to do it. The OnHub goes on sale in the USA shortly and will set you back $199.

OnHub's key selling point really seems to be that it's easy to set up and painless to troubleshoot. It connects to iOS and Android phones through what looks like a clean and stylish app, which tells owners how many devices are connected to OnHub and what kind of speeds they're getting.


Source: TheVerge

Xbox One Update Brings 1080p 60FPS Game Streaming

It appears that Microsoft is keeping their promise of pulling off 1080p game streaming to your Windows 10 PC - and keeping it nice and smooth with a silky 60fps. This is good news and the update is coming very soon. This is part of the August update and it will be a nice addition to all of those that have bought an Xbox One and it might be a bit of an incentive for those that are thinking about taking the plunge.

1080p/60fps Game Streaming – You can now stream games from your Xbox One to Windows 10 devices in high-res HD quality at 1080p/60fps. The new streaming capability works best for gamers who have home networks with adequate bandwidth. In the Xbox app on Windows 10, go to Settings > Game Streaming and set the video encoding level to Very High, which will then stream games from your Xbox One to your Windows 10 PC at 1080p and 60fps (frames per second).

Source: Xbox Wire

Intel Skylake Core i7-6700K Almost Hits 7GHz

Intel's Skylake processor series is just starting to make its way to the overclocking benches and so far it's holding up pretty well. In an early torture tests it has managed to top out right at 6998.88MHz. This is no slouch as the processor's stock speed is a mere 4GHz. This quad-core CPU shows a lot of promise and boasts a mere 91W TDP rating.

The Asrock Z170 OC Formula is a premium platform for overclockers designed by Asrock and Nick Shih. The motherboard features 17-phase voltage regulator module for microprocessor that is based on high-end solid-state chokes and capacitors. The motherboard has sophisticated capabilities for overclocking and expansion.

Source: KitGuru

Weekly Tech Update #324 - Apple Sheds a Cool $100 Billion

We have just posted up Episode #324 of Weekly Tech Update.In this episode we are discussing OUYA gets copied, Apple sheds $100 Billion, and Android gives you choices - 24,000 choices. Check out those stories and more at the links below.

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M is for Mashmallow

Android "M" has been revealed. It's sticky, goey and really quite gross. That's right, it's a marshmallow.



Source: Neowin

Earbuds for Superman

Earbuds haven't changed much since the dawn of the speaker-you-just-stuff-in-your-ear. Sizes, shapes and quality all vary quite a bit of course, but they basically pipe sound in via a wire (or bluetooth) connection and let you listen to your media. These new earbuds by SoundHawk are a totally different ball of (ear)wax however. They allow you to customize the sound by turning down sounds you don't like - as well as by turning up the ones you do. This allows you to customize environmental sounds in real time. That's nifty.

Instead of earbuds, which typically deliver music and voice sounds through a wire, and hearing aids, which boost certain frequencies (lost to the elderly who listened to loud music through earbuds in their misspent youths), the new hearables -- wearable devices that live in your ears -- enable the customization of environmental sound. You can cherry-pick which noises you want to hear better, and which you want silenced.

Source: ComputerWorld

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