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New Super Mario Bros. Movie?

Rumors are coming out of the Sony camp (thanks to the recent hacking) that they are looking at making an animated Super Mario Bros. movie. The fact that Sony is even considering this is a bit strange due to the fact that their PlayStation division is a direct competitor to Nintendo who obviously own the Super Mario Bros. franchise. At very least we can all be glad that they are looking at an animated project and not a sequel to the hugely unsuccessful 1993 live action Super Mario Bros. movie.

Kotaku has more on the story.

If the absurdity of this needs to be pointed out, Sony Pictures is part of Sony, the same company that makes the PlayStation, and which also developers a ton of its own video games. Yet the Buzzfeed report says they "could not find any emails in which anyone at Sony Pictures expressed concern about any conflicts with their video game corporate cousin Sony Computer Entertainment, which is a direct competitor with Nintendo."

The end of the Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay has been shut down for the past 48 hours and the speculation is already starting as to if it will be back or if this is indeed the end. The Pirate Bay has been in the news pretty consistently for the past 10+ years and has been controversial since day one. TorrentFreak has more on the shutdown as well as thoughts from one of the founders who is more than happy to see it gone.

More than 24 hours have passed since The Pirate Bay was raided by Swedish police. While it's still unclear how hard the site was hit, not everyone is mourning its troubles. Many of the people who built up the site are happy to see it gone, former spokesperson Peter Sunde included.

The Microsoft Lumia 535

The new Microsoft Lumia 535 isn't the most impressive phone ever released, however, there are a couple things that are noteworthy about it. First of all, this is the first "Sans-Nokia" phone that Microsoft has released, they've replaced the Nokia badging with Microsoft's name instead. Secondly, the price tag on the Lumia 535 is ~$30 bucks with no contract which might make you think that it is a piece of garbage automatically but that just might not be the case. Arstechnica takes a closer look at the Lumia 535 to see what it is all about.

It's no secret that Windows Phone and the Lumia smartphone range have had the most success at the low end. The Lumia 520 sold like hot cakes thanks to aggressive pricing, and it's still on the market today, with the Microsoft Store currently running a special offer where an AT&T-locked, off-contract phone can be picked up for less than $30.

The successor to the 520 was the Lumia 530, and it had big, if cheap, shoes to fill. Unfortunately, we don't think it really pulled this off, with less storage, no auto-brightness sensor, and a markedly worse screen. The Lumia 630 and 635 were more compelling, with decent screens and more capable cameras. However, they still had only 512MB RAM and lacked the ambient light sensor, which felt a little substandard for their price point.

Acer Chromebook Impressions and Google vs. Microsoft

We have just posted up an article discussing the real reason why Google and Microsoft are fighting for the entry-level space. They want your data. In return, they are pretty much giving you a free laptop and it's up to you which one you will pick. Google kicked things off with their Chromebook, then lost ground with the initial release of the Chromebook 2. Microsoft stepped up and dropped their price and now Google is back in a big way. We talk about that as well as the Acer 13-inch 1080p Chromebook that will set you back a mere $249. Check out all the details in our latest article.

The performance of the Acer CB5-311-T9B0 13-inch 1080p Chromebook is amazing for the price. While the screen quality certainly isn't IPS quality, it is more than adequate and much better than you'll find in many laptops in this price range. If you're into the Google ecosystem, check it out. You really can't go wrong as the total cost of ownership over two years is exactly the sticker price - not jacked up $60-$70 as with the Windows counterparts.

Data Battle


Gigabyte Tri-SLI Liquid System is Available to Buy

A while back we talked about the Gigabyte Tri-SLI GTX980 setup that comes with three 4GB graphics cards - all equipped with custom water-blocks and a crazy awesome top-mounted liquid cooler. Not only do you get three of the high-end cards from NVIDIA, you also get them delivered to your door in a custom roller suitcase. I guess if you drop $3,000 on a graphics setup, you get a $50 suitcase to haul them around in.


Source: Newegg


Police Raid Pirate Bay - Take it Offline

Police in Sweden have had enough and have recently raided the actual Pirate Bay. They laid siege to their servers and other equipment and took it offline. Along with the big Pirate Bay, several other torrent sites went offline today. That is too bad for users that continue to insist on stealing content - and unfortunately it is not great for other users that use the peer-to-peer service for legitimate reasons. Both of those legitimate users are pretty upset tonight.

“There has been a crackdown on a server room in Greater Stockholm. This is in connection with violations of copyright law,” read a statement from Paul Pintér, police national coordinator for IP enforcement. Police are staying quiet on the exact location of the operation and the targets involved but the fact that the national police IP chief is involved at this early stage suggests something sizable.

Source: TorrentFreak

Amazon Prime Now Streams 4K

It amazes me at how fast 4K content is really taking off - and that this content is not found on physical media. It really didn't take the Blu-Ray long to find it's way on the back-burner when it comes to new content and Netflix was one of the first companies to bring 4K to the masses. Amazon has now joined the UltraHD bandwagon and if you're a Prime Member, you will be able to enjoy it.

“We want to deliver the best entertainment experience, and offering Ultra HD movies and TV shows raises the bar on quality and innovation that customers have come to expect from Amazon,” said Michael Paull, Vice President, Amazon Digital Video. “We’re also excited that Ultra HD is the latest benefit of the Amazon Prime membership, giving members instant access to great movies and TV shows in a premium picture resolution at no additional cost.”

Source: NewsForShoppers

Eric Schmidt Says Embrace the AI Future

There are way too many movies that paint AI with a bad name for me to be comfortable with an "artificially intelligent future". According to Google's Eric Schmidt, this future is unavoidable and everything will work out fine. Now that he says so, I'm sure it will work out - so bring on the self-driving cars, wearables that control our life and more! Thanks for the peace of mind Eric! For a more realistic look at this, check out the link below.

According to Schmidt, people have been concerned about machines taking over the world for centuries. “Go back to the history of the loom. There was absolute dislocation,” he said, “but I think all of us are better off with more mechanized ways of getting clothes made.” Plus, he argued, in the past economies have prospered the more they adopt these new technologies. “There’s lots of evidence that when computers show up, wages go up,” he said. “There’s lots of evidence that people who work with computers are paid more than people without.”

Source: Wired

Android App Pick - Twisty Hollow

We have just posted up another Android App Pick of the Week and this week we are all about taking orders and filling them as fast as we can in Twisty Hollow. This is a simple - yet challenging puzzle game that will have your twisting your way through different combinations in order to fill the orders of your townsfolk in time. Take a look and see why we've picked it as our App Pick of the Week!

Twisty Hollow


WTU Episode #292 - Rovio's New Title: Angry Employees

In this episode we are discussing Rovio launches new title called "Angry Employees", Sony loses all their employees information and Grumpy Cat actually has something to be happy about.We have those stories and more and the links below!

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