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Apple's Gatekeeper Doesn't

Apple used to claim that you didn't need security software if you owned a Mac. However, as more people used these machines, it become profitable for people to try and hack them. Now you need security software, and as such Apple themselves have engineered a few software bits to keep you protected. In truth, their Gatekeeper has a massive flaw that allows pretty much anyone to run any program on your computer they so choose - all with a simple exploit. Ouch. Apparently, Gatekeeper is about as secure as Microsoft Security Essentials.

Gatekeeper's sole function is to check the digital certificate of a downloaded app before it's installed to see if it's signed by an Apple-recognized developer or originated from the official Apple App Store. It was never set up to prevent apps already trusted by OS X from running in unintended or malicious ways, as the proof-of-concept exploit he developed does.

Source: ArsTechnica

Race for Cheap Tablet Crown

With Amazon recently announcing their $50 Fire Tablet, the race is heating up in the cheap-tablet space. There have always been cheap tablets, but they were always, well, cheap. With Amazon releasing a high-quality unit, there will be a lot more high-quality tablets from other companies as well. While you may not have heard of Onda before, their 8", Windows 10 Tablet that comes with a Quad-Core Atom CPU and 2GB of RAM for $115 may make you sit up and take notice.

Microsoft's October 6th event will most likely see the introduction of the next iteration in the Surface line, the Surface Pro 4. That device will have a premium price tag attached, which some buyers simply won't be able to afford. Luckily, many of Microsoft's partners are producing Windows 10 devices that aim to offer a solid user experience while remaining a good deal more affordable.

Source: Neowin

Microsoft says Windows 10 Doesn't Have Privacy Issues

There have been a few questions regarding the privacy and data collection policy Microsoft uses in Windows 10. It really is pretty straightforward though. Microsoft does indeed collect information so that Windows 10 works better for you personally. It's the same way that Siri collects information about iPhone users and Google Now collections information about users of Android. Microsoft is not much different, except Microsoft gives you the ability to limit or deny information that is collected. I like that idea very much.

A great example of how this data was used effectively was just last month, when aggregate data showed us that a particular version of a graphics driver was crashing on some Windows 10 PCs, which then caused a reboot. This driver was not widely used, but still the issue was impacting customers. We immediately contacted the partner who builds the driver and worked with them to turn around a fix to Windows Insiders within 24 hours.

Source: WindowsBlog

Windows 10 Surpasses 100 Million Installations

Windows 10 is still relatively new, but it has already passed the 100 Million installation mark. The large install base is of course due to the fact that this is a free upgrade if you own either Windows 7 or Windows 8. I think the numbers will get larger much faster here in a few months when all the IT departments have it figured out for the corporate customers and we see all of them make the plunge to the new OS as well. 

The Redmond giant previously stated that its aim was to have 1 billion Windows 10 devices in the next three years, and given that it has already reached 10% of its goal in just two months, this is quite an admirable feat. Microsoft has scheduled an event on October 6, where it plans to showcase new Windows 10 devices including new Windows 10 Mobile flagships, an updated version of its Band wearable and the Surface Pro 4...

Source: Neowin

Android Marshmallow is Coming Soon

There are a few reasons to get excited about Android Marshmallow. Some of the new features and more technical and provide better security and control permissions of the apps you use, yet others are pretty handy, such as mobile payments, native finger print support, really handy batter management, rotating home screen, and the custom removal of icons from your status bar. All this and more coming to your Nexus 5, 6, 7 (2013) and 9 on October 5.

It’s expected that the Nexus 5, Nexus 6, 2013 edition Nexus 7, and the Nexus 9 will all start receiving the Android 6.0 software on October 5. Sadly, however, it seems several older generation Nexus phones and tablets are being left out of the picture. Lollipop will remain the latest (and last) software update we’ll ever see on the Nexus 4, 2012 edition Nexus 7, and the Nexus 10.

Source: 9to5Google

Logitech's Slick Mechanical Keyboard

Logitech has been around long enough to know how to do peripherals right. They have a new G410 mechanical keyboard that looks pretty awesome and apparently feels even better than it looks. This is 10-keyless unit that is about perfect for throwing in your LAN bag - or perhaps using on a crowded desk. True to Logitech form, there are a few other enhancements that make it awesome. Check it out and see what all the fuss is about.

In among the G410's options is a mode that lights up the keys in a certain color for a second after you press on them. So you can have, like me, a subtle white backlight, and then have the keys turn a blood red when they are pressed. It's a very simple but effective trick, and it's made me just type away on this keyboard for no other reason than to watch the light show generated by my fingers.

Source: TheVerge

Ocarina of Time Meets Unreal Engine 4

This is how the Legend of Zelda should look. It's 2015 after all.


iPhone 6S Camera vs. the World

There was a time when the iPhone camera was the camera to beat and now it has been done by more than a few companies. Still, the new iPhone 6S has a few tricks and features up its sleeve that make it a decent choice for a wireless device as well as a take-everywhere camera. If you want to see how it compares to the G4, and GS6 make sure you check the link below as they have samples and more.

One of the design decisions that might have photographers dismayed is that Apple retained the same f/2.2 aperture for both its rear and front cameras, whereas competitors like Samsung and LG offer brighter lenses in their flagship phones. And, the inclusion of 4K video is great, but the iPhone 6S still doesn’t boast the optical image stabilization that the iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6S Plus have, which Apple claims is because the mechanical stabilization system requires more space (and not because it’s trying to establish a product differentiator).

Source: TheVerge

Xbox 360 and PS3 Don't Get a Campaign in CoD:BO3

Although I do have an Xbox One, I find it frustrating that companies like Microsoft and Sony claim that their older consoles "will be fully supported for at least three years" and yet we are seeing more and more titles released only for the next generation consoles. Also, as is the case with Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, the releases for the older consoles are getting stripped down. I understand that things have to be cut in order to move forward, but the big guys shouldn't have promised what they aren't delivering. More information on the lack of campaign for the 360 and PS3 below.

Though there will not be a campaign offering, Black Ops 3 will still release on Xbox 360 and PS3 with the multiplayer and zombie components. The Xbox 360 and PS3 versions will retail $49.99, while the XB1/PS4/PC version will retail for $59.99.

Source: Neowin via Treyarch

1,000mph Supersonic Car Gets Real

That's right, there is a car that is actually faster than a speeding bullet and while it may not have a lot of legroom for passengers, it's pretty fast. The Bloodhound is set to start tearing up dry lake beds early next year.


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