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Why the Amazon Fire Phone Flopped

A couple years ago Amazon started making rumors that they were going to make their very own smartphone and people got excited. People were excited until they saw the price tag (~$650) and then that excitement quickly disappeared as people were hoping that Amazon would be delivering a good phone at a reasonable price. Amazon has been struggling to move the Fire Phone for the past year and have tried to bundle it with other services and even lower the price a little but neither has been enough to get people excited again. The article over at CNET isn't so much of a breaking news story but more of a "of course it flopped" reminder.

There are times when being the first person with a new gadget will elicit cheers and envy -- like outside New York's Fifth Avenue Apple Store, surrounded by applauding salespeople, curious fans and gawking media.

Then there's buying the Amazon Fire Phone.

Spam emails are dropping

Probably the best news I've heard in a long time is that Spam e-mail levels have dropped to the lowest they've been since 2003. While the way people are spammed and the schemes they've come up with might have changed, at least the sheer volume has decreased which probably will make most people happy. There is still a long ways to go but this is progress. ZDNet has more on this story over here.

Spam email levels have dropped to a 12-year low, new data from security firm Symantec shows.

The overall spam email level has fallen below the 50 percent mark, putting spam levels on the same levels as they were in September 2003.

Levels dropped by 0.6 percentage points from May. By comparison, Kaspersky Lab said 59.2 percent of all email in the first quarter of this year was spam.

PayPal's Value Soars

Ebay purchased PayPal back in 2002 for $1.5 billion dollars and brought it under the Ebay banner. Fast forward 13 years and Ebay has decided that maybe letting PayPal function on its own and return to being a publicly traded company might be beneficial for everyone. PayPal was listed once again on the NASDAQ stock exchange and after a couple days of trading has seen its value soar up bringing PayPal's value up to $52 billion. Ebay's stock has dropped a bit since the split, but overall it looks like Ebay has probably made the right move and is benefiting financially from it. Reuters has more on this story.

PayPal Holdings Inc shares jumped as much as 11 percent in their highly anticipated return to the Nasdaq after more than a decade in eBay Inc's fold, valuing the digital payment processor at about $52 billion.

PayPal is a giant in the market it helped create - it processed 4 billion payments totaling about $235 billion in 2014. But the online payments landscape has changed drastically since the company was snapped up by eBay in 2002.

WTU Episode #321 - Nintendo Gives AMD the Nod

We have just posted up Episode #321 of Weekly Tech Update. In this episode we are discussing Nintendo picks AMD, Netflix to increase prices and Microsoft talks about the end of Windows 10. Check out those stories and more at the links below.

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Xbox One Getting Keyboard & Mouse Support

This news comes with mixed emotions. It appears that Microsoft will be rolling out keyboard and mouse support for the Xbox One. While the PC Gamer in me loves this idea, I also hate it at the same time. Back in the day, I could own anyone on their Xbox with the help of the XIM from BCCHardware's own JayMorrison. Now, the playing field is leveled out and I can't win Halo at VulcLAN anymore.

With Windows 10, Microsoft is making a concerted effort to unify their platforms. Universal apps, Xbox One to PC game streaming, Xbox 360 game streaming, Game DVR functionality, and a host of other features and tweaks to make the Windows experience more seamless across various devices. I've always seen the potential for PC to Xbox One streaming, but for that Microsoft would need to implement full keyboard and mouse support.

Source: HotHardware

More Reasons to Upgrade

Microsoft has launched a video series as they count down the days until launch. The latest reason highlights some of the features of the new "Edge" browser that will be replacing Internet Explorer. I like Edge - a lot. The video below shows you some of the reasons why.


If you need more reasons, check out the link below as CNET covers even more reasons. Oh, did I mention that it's free if you use Windows 7 or 8? Yeah. That's a big reason there.

Source: CNET


eBay Gives Your Information to Anyone Who Asks

Now I realize that we don't have much privacy online, but you probably have even less than you thought. It seems as though eBay is one of the companies that is more than willing to give your personal information to anyone who is bidding on your auction. All they have to do is ask. This is not an isolated incident, it is part of their policy. Make sure you slog through those Terms of Service before you sign up for ANYTHING!

Maybe this is well known to frequent eBay sellers, but A. does this full time and no customer had ever requested his information before. Here’s the e-mail that he received. The information that’s redacted is his city and phone number provided to eBay, as well as the bidder’s own contact info.


Source: Consumerist

Sennheiser CX 686G SPORTS In-Ear Headphones

We have just posted up our review of the Sennheiser CX 686G SPORTS. These are in-ear headphones that are made to withstand the wet, sweat and vigor of your active life. If you are active - or want to pretend that you are - make sure to check out our review. These are pretty solid and offer a lot of value for the money. Catch all the details in our review.

With the CX 686G Sports blocking most of the ambient noise, the listening experience was even better. Vocals, whether in Audio Books or music was clear and crisp. No matter how loud I played a wide variety of music, it was very clear and seemed to be well balance. Bass was deep, mid-range was clean and the highs weren't harsh or overbearing.


Windows 10 EOL Date Announced

While Windows 10 hasn't offically launched yet, Microsoft has already announced the date they are ending support for the OS. Although many people said that this was "the last version of Windows", this clearly shows that there will be other versions - not just updates and subversions. Windows 10 will be unsupported by Microsoft on October 14, 2025 - so if you like planning ahead, you should maybe consider your upgrade options now.

Run a piece of Microsoft software after the end of extended support, and you so so entirely at your own risk. If new malware vulnerabilities are discovered after the end of extended support, Microsoft won't publish any fixes – unless you sign a paid, Custom Support Agreement (CSA), at considerable cost.

Source: TheRegister

Adobe Lightroom for Android Now Available

Adobe Lightroom for Android has been available for a little while, but it was such a stripped-down experience, it was hard to get excited about it. They've added a bunch of new features and really made it a part of your photo editing workflow. Take a look if you haven't already and enjoy! I just may have to head on over and try it out myself.

There's a new crop tool as that makes quick alignment tweaks and auto-straightening a breeze. A segmented view in Collections allows for easy search and browsing of all your images, too. Of course, in order to get the most out of Lightroom mobile, you'll want to use it alongside a Creative Cloud subscription -- especially when it comes to syncing previews and changes from the desktop version.

Source: Engadget

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