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Android O Details

Android "O" (for Oreo) details are emerging and there seems to be a few things that will be changing. While I'm sure that the background features and stuff are getting a major overhaul, the reality is that people only see the GUI and that is largely what plays into their user experience. This time around the notifications are getting a major overhaul, which is interesting as notifications seem to be one thing that Android already excells at. Other rumored features include picture in picture mode and more.

In an effort to improve battery life, the next version of Google's OS will also restrict background activities from apps, much in the same way Chrome 57 currently deals with tabs. It will be interesting to see how much the battery life will be extended as a result of these optimizations.

Source: Neowin

Galaxy S8 AnTuTu Benchmark

The S8 is supposed to be coming along very soon and there have been quite a few leaks about the upcoming handset. According to "Jacky", the S8 looks like it will easily be the fastest device on the market - and that includes the devices released at MWC just a few weeks ago. Things look good for Samsung with this device - if they can provide a solid piece of hardware without any major bugs or issues.


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GoPro makes more cuts

GoPro has announced a third round of cuts with the announcement of 270 more jobs being eliminated. This is the third round of cuts since 2016, round one as 15% of staff, round 2 saw another 7% leave, and now another 270 jobs. GoPro has been having a rough time thanks to increased competition and lack of a new "killer product" and lost $373 million in 2016. Time will tell if they can turn things around in 2017. The Verge has the full story.

GoPro is reducing its workforce by about 270 employees, the company announced today, citing an effort to reduce operating costs by about $200 million for 2017. The new cuts include current employees as well as open positions, and it’s the third reduction to GoPro’s workforce since the beginning of 2016.

The camera company operated at a loss of $373 million in 2016, in part thanks to production delays on the new Hero 5 cameras and the recall of the Karma drone. GoPro’s stock price hit an all-time low this past week, though it was up more than 10 percent in after-hours trading following the news.

Ryzen 5

AMD's Ryzen 7 CPUs have been received very well thanks to comparable performance to the competition at half the price. Ryzen is now showing off their Ryzen 5 CPUs which features 4 cores (8 threads) for the $169 price range and up to 6 cores (12 threads) for $249. It'll be interesting to see how the mid-range consumers react to a new option in the CPU market but from the sounds of it the performance increase in comparison to the competition should at least get AMD some consideration. Arstechnica has more details.

There are four Ryzen 5 parts launching on April 11. At the top end is the R5 1600X: 6 cores, 12 threads, with a base of 3.6GHz and a turbo of 4.0GHz, for $249. Below that is the $219 1600. It has the same core and thread count but cuts clock speeds to 3.2/3.6GHz. At the bottom end are a pair of 4-core, 8-thread parts: the $169 1400 at 3.2/3.4GHz, and the $189 1500X at 3.5/3.7GHz.

The chips will continue to use the AM4 socket and will be compatible with all the same chipsets and motherboards as the R7s.

NASA's Apollo Computers vs. iPhone

I guess one thing that NASA's Apollo computers have going for them is that they haven't been found guilty of price fixing in Russia. Also, the Apollo computer system is incredibly reliable and was designed not to crash. Any kind of instability brought about a solid resolution and that made them incredibly reliable - even if they are super under-powered by today's standards.


Apple Guilty for Price Fixing in Russia

It appears that Obama and Apple all fall under the same sentence in Russia. GUILTY! Neither of them get much love from the Soviet Union and just recently, Apple was found guilty for price fixing iPhones in the coutry. It's no secret that huge companies fix prices, and it's a solid win that Apple is getting the screws put to them over the shady dealings. Hopefully things will chage - or better yet, Russia will ban iPhones.

Apple is said to have done this for the last several years of phones, from the iPhone 5 through the iPhone 6S. The Russian news agency TASS reports the regulator did not find signs of price coordination for the iPhone 7. Apple did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Source: TheVerge

Mass Effect: Andromeda Pre-Loading Has Begun

If you are excited about Mass Effect: Andromeda, you'll be chomping at the proverbial bit now that pre-loading has begun on PS4 and Xbox One. At this point, PC pre-loading hasn't started, but it probably will later this week. For all the details regarding the launch, head on down to the link below. In the meantime, check out the trailer - one more time.


Source: GamesRadar

Sony Parties with OLED 4K HDR This April

LG is not the only game in the OLED town. Sony is also in the game with their 4K OLED unit that is shipping this April. Sony is doing something a bit interesting with sound on this as it is super thin and implements a technology they call "Acoustic Surface" which sounds like the entire screen is used as a membrane/speaker. It will be interesting to see if the performance of this is as good as what we've seen from the master of OLED - LG.

The new TVs are packed full of high-end technology, as you would expect given their considerable price tags. They include Sony's 4K HDR Processor X1 Extreme, promising "powerful image processing", along with the company's 'Acoustic Surface' sound technology. The company says that this "emits superior, powerful sound from the screen itself".

Source: Neowin

Google Kills Off CAPTCHA

CAPTCHA can be frustrating, but it's a necessary evil to help prevent spam bots from running rampant on your sites. Google is about to kill off CAPTCHA by simply using a new idea - "Invisible reCAPTCHA". This doesn't require any intervention or interaction by people at all. It uses your browsing history. If something doesn't add up, you may be required to face multiple "challenges", but for the most part it will be quick and simple. I like the idea.

Google has also pointed out that visually impaired users will be offered CAPTCHA in the form of audio. This will be easy to solve for legitimate users but considerably harder for bots. The company has noted that CAPTCHA isn't used only for enhanced security but also for the automated digitization of books and improvements to Google Maps.

Source: Neowin

Watch NASA's Mars Rocket Test in 360-Degree Video

While there really isn't any purpose for this video to be shot in 360, it's interesting to see the different angles they have different cameras, but let's be real here. People want to look at the action, NOT WHAT IS HAPPENING BEHIND THEM during that action. Come on NASA, quit sucking up to Facebook's Mark Zuckerburg - the child-porn harboring sicko.

NASA will eventually use the Space Launch System to send humans to Mars -- it might even carry a crew the very first time it launches. Unfortunately the world's most powerful rocket is a tad behind schedule (it was originally supposed to launch this year) and over budget.


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