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Samsung: Stop Using the Note 7

In a move that could really hurt Samsung on the short-term, they have issued a bulletin stating that Note 7 users should stop using the device immediately. This comes after the fact that there have been a couple of isolated replacement Note 7 devices that have exhibited the same problems as the first-released product. This is very bad news for Samsung and until they get things figured out, they have pulled the plug on production of one of their hottest selling products. This could be the end of the Note. It will surely affect Note 8 sales - if they even build that device.

Samsung quickly issued a recall and began working with officials worldwide to replace the original shipment of 2.5 million phones. But customers have since said that replacement Note 7s and models with supposedly safe batteries were overheating and catching fire, fueling concerns Samsung hasn’t solved the battery problems after all.

Source: Bloomberg

Chrome 55 to Use MUCH Less RAM

One of the biggest complaints of modern browsers is the amount of memory that they hog when you have mutliple windows and tabs open. It is absolutely horrifying how much RAM these browsers can soak up and it's not unrealistic to need 16GB of RAM in your day-to-day computing machine. Thankfully, Chrome is addressing the problem and you could see up to 66% less memory in use in their upcoming Chrome 55. More technical details at the link below.

In addition to the JavaScript heap, V8 uses off-heap memory for internal VM operations. The largest chunk of memory is allocated through memory areas called zones. Zones are a type of  region-based memory allocator which enables fast allocation and bulk deallocation where all zone allocated memory is freed at once when the zone is destroyed. Zones are used throughout V8’s parser and compilers.

Source: v8project

Microsoft Paint for Windows 10

Microsoft has put a lot of work on parts of their software suite that don't make sense at first glance. Paint has been a staple of Windows for many years, but it has never been very useful unless you spent a lot of time and were really artistic. Even then, the results were mixed at best. The Windows 10 Paint App is none of that. It is pretty incredible. Of course, if you're not an artist - like me - it will still look like a bad Etch-A-Sketch.


Source: TheVerge

Pixel Smartphone Dominates Camera Quality

Even though Google's Pixel smartphone is well over my budget, I can't help but long for a pocketable device with such high image quality. This smartphone scores an unbelievable 89 on the DxOMark Mobile benchmark and is the best smartphone camera made - ever. Of course, Apple products are quite high on the list, but this one takes the cake - for the moment.

The Pixel’s strong scores under a wide range of conditions make it an excellent choice for almost any kind of photography. As with any small-sensor device, results are excellent in conditions with good and uniform lighting. But in addition, images captured indoors and in low light are very good and provide a level of detail unexpected from a smartphone camera. With flash, its auto white balance and detail preservation are excellent, making it suitable for indoor portraits — and even for photographing indoor events as long as there is some additional ambient light to help even out the flash.


Source: DxOMark

Sharp Showcases 8K 27-inch Display

I'm going to make a bold prediction that CES in 2017 will be full of 8K displays. Sharp is one of the companies that has actually been pioneering 8K (we saw it 3 years ago at CES) and they have continued to push the envelope and make really great products. This 27-inch unit is production-ready and it packs in an amazing 7680x4320 (33 Megapixel) at 326-pixels-per-inch. What is really impressive is that this display can run a solid 120Hz - if you can push 15GB/sec through your video cable.

So this is where the Sharp monitor on display at CEATEC gets interesting. The IGZO display is down at 27-inches, marking a 326 PPI, just hitting at the door of large FHD smartphone displays. The panel is also listed at 1000 nit brightness. But to double down on specifications, the stand listed the display as supporting 120 Hz while in 8K mode, and also supporting High Dynamic Range, or HDR.

Source: AnandTech

Gears of War 4 Review is Positive

Gears of War 4 is now live and the reviews are rolling in. When a franchise hits #4 (5 actually), there is always some apprehension as to whether or not it will live up to the expectations. Thankfully it appears to be a pretty solid release, although the reviewer thinks that they played it pretty safe with this release. I am looking forward to getting some time to play this game - hopefully in the rather near future.

In Gears of War 4, you play as J.D. Fenix, the stubborn-minded son of Marcus Fenix and Anya Stroud – central characters to the previous Gears games. You’ll be accommodated mostly by Delmont "Del" Walker and Kait Diaz throughout the campaign and, almost always, you'll be happy to have them by your side since they're capable of doing at least a little bit of good and rarely throw out horrible one-liners.


Source: Neowin

Sprint will let you trade your Galaxy 7 Note

In a good PR move, Sprint has offered to let any Galaxy Note 7 for a different phone from a different manufacturer or a different model from Samsung. After all the bad publicity this is a good move that makes customers very happy, I don't think the other mobile providers will be far behind in offering similar deals. The Verge has more details on the story.

Sprint is now allowing all customers with Samsung Galaxy Note 7 devices to trade them in for a new smartphone of a different type or from a different manufacturer — even if they've got one of Samsung's newer replacement models. The move comes a day after a supposedly safe replacement Galaxy Note 7 allegedly exploded on a Southwest Airlines flight before takeoff, causing the evacuation of the plane, and sparking an investigation by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Snapchat looking at $25 billion IPO

Snapchat is getting ready to go public and it is estimated that the IPO stock offering could put Snapchat at a value of $25 billion. It's amazing that a company like Snapchat could command those dollars, however, they are trying new things unlike some of the other social media companies who were unable to monetize the hoards of users they have (or had). MediaPost has more details.

Snap, Inc. is reportedly preparing an IPO that will value the company formerly known as Snapchat at around $25 billion.

The social darling is shooting for a March offering, The Wall Street Journal reports, citing sources. A company representative declined to comment on the report, on Thursday. 

Verizon wants discount on Yahoo purchase

We all knew this was coming after Yahoo announced that they'd lost 500 million user accounts information. Verizon is eyeing a 1 billion dollar discount on the purchase of Yahoo which they'd agreed to pay for $4.8 billion for before all of the bad news started trickling out. The New York Post has the full story.

Verizon is pushing for a $1 billion discount off its pending $4.8 billion agreement to buy Yahoo, several sources told The Post exclusively.

The request comes on the heels of the web giant getting bludgeoned by bad news in the past few days.

Galaxy Note 7's still exploding

The nightmare for Samsung and their Galaxy Note 7 devices just keep going. Unless you've been living under a rock you have probably heard about the exploding Galaxy Note 7 devices. Samsung has very quickly tried to get as many of these device replaced as fast as they can, however, another one just exploded on a Southwest flight yesterday.

The catch? It was already replaced and was one of the "fixed" devices. 

Looks like the nightmare for Samsung continues. The Verge has the story.

Southwest Airlines flight 994 from Louisville to Baltimore was evacuated this morning while still at the gate because of a smoking Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphone. All passengers and crew exited the plane via the main cabin door and no injuries were reported, a Southwest Airlines spokesperson told The Verge.

More worrisome is the fact that the phone in question was a replacement Galaxy Note 7, one that was deemed to be safe by Samsung. The Verge spoke to Brian Green, owner of the Note 7, on the phone earlier today and he confirmed that he had picked up the new phone at an AT&T store on September 21st. A photograph of the box shows the black square symbol that indicates a replacement Note 7 and Green said it had a green battery icon.

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