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Facebook Wants to Help You Hide (They Know Where You Are)


We all know Facebook for it’s social media, drama, selfies, games, pages, our day to day lives that we share with the world around us. It seems that almost everyone is using it from users such as you and me and even your grandma Jill. Every time there is a major update, we all scramble to check our privacy settings. I tend not to trust Facebook with my personal information too much and now they are trying to make anonymity even easier. I prefer to be known by people as “Ravlanda” from Soviet Russia. There. I’m anonymous. That was easy.

Now, it looks like Facebook's responding to complaints with a mobile app "that allows users to interact inside of it without having to use their real names." That's according to two people speaking with The New York Times, anyway; the sources also said the app is set to launch "in the coming weeks."

Source: Engadget

Build The Next Level

We've all played Angry Birds by now right? If you haven't played one of their many versions, then you should get your butt to the nearest App Store! Download it and try it out. There’s something for everyone as there are spinoffs from Bad Piggies to Angry Birds Racing. I have not beaten them all as I haven't been able to keep up with all the new versions and I've changed my phone a couple of times over the years. You now have a chance to help make the next level! Be infamous! Check out more details after the jump.

Get inspired by one of the themes below, send us your ideas as a sketch, painting or photo, before October 15th then we’ll pick our favorites and turn them into levels for the next Angry Birds episode! How flock-tacular is that? The answer is very. Very flock-tacular indeed!

Source: AngryBirds

S-Pen Feature Roundup

While not everyone wants a Galaxy Note or has a use for the S-Pen, it is still a pretty compelling addition to a large phone or tablet. The thing is that it can  be used for a lot more than writing notes and doodling on a picture. Check out the "Enhanced S Pen" video below.


Windows 95 Smartwatch

If you are a regular here at BCCHardware you've probably noticed that we aren't huge smartwatch fans, however, that might be about to change with someone figuring out how to put Windows 95 on a Samsung Gear Live smartwatch. It looks like there are still a couple bugs to work out, but just think of the possibilities?


1000TB on a DVD?

A researcher in Australia has figured out a way to blow the top off of optical storage by packing 1000TB's of data onto a DVD that normally has a 4.07GB capacity. This is a pretty amazing increase and we will have to wait and see how long it takes to hit the public market. I'm looking forward to the day that I can backup everything on one DVD, but undoubtedly you'll still have that friend who brags about their need for 2 DVD's "because they've got so many movies.....". Full story over here.

In 2013, Gan and his colleagues found out how to fit 1,000 terabytes (TB), or 50,000 high-definition movies, onto a DVD - an increase from the 4.07 gigabytes they’re currently capable of storing. And he’s now been awarded one of 12 Victoria Fellowships in 2014, which will help incorporate his research into practical, mass storage devices.

Gan and his colleagues managed to increase DVD storage so significantly by using light to create extra small dots or ‘bits’ - the unit used to store information. This means they could write far more information than ever before onto discs the same size.


Apple vs. Google

If I go 2 weeks without a good, Apple vs. Google story I feel like I am not doing my job. This week, Google's CEO Eric Schmidt fired back at Apple's claims of being "more secure". Eric Schmidt made a pretty good quote on the subject:

“Someone didn’t brief him correctly on Google’s policies,” Schmidt quipped. “It’s unfortunate for him. In the first place, in Google’s case, we have always been the leader in security and encryption. Our systems are far more secure and encrypted than anyone else, including Apple. They’re catching up, which is great.”

I doubt we are going to hear anything back from Apple for a bit on this one.... BGR has the full story.

Windows 10 Download Links

If you want to be among the first to try Windows 10 head on over to Brutable and follow their instructions on how to get your preview copy of Windows 10 for free. Be warned, this is Windows 10 in a very early stage and most likely will contain glitches but if you are brave enough to give it a try follow this link.

Just 2 days ago windows released their new operating system. And most surprisingly it’s not version 9, it’s version 10. We know that you’re eagerly waiting to install it on your pc and test it down.So let’s have a look at some of the windows features.

Kickstarter video game funding declining

Last year we saw video game after video game gaining huge amounts of funding from Kickstarter and the whole indie game market was on the rise. 2014 has been another story as funding appears to be drying up and people aren't so eager to throw money at a good idea. In 2013, $58 Million dollars was pledged to games, 2014 has only seen $13.5 so far. There are probably a number of reasons why this is happening, but I think most people that are supporters of indie gaming aren't happy to see this trend. Kotaku has the story.

Kickstarter's had a mixed 2014: canceled games, shady goings on but also successes and feel good stuff. Numbers don't lie however, and this year less games were funded and less money was spent. A lot less.

WTU Episode #282 - Windows 10; Because 7 Ate 9

It's been a big week as Windows 10 was just announced and Apple had their share of problems with bendy phones, iOS8 updates and more. Don't forget that PayPal and eBay are separating... On a positive note, the Tetris movie is coming and Bill Gates is still doing pretty good financially. We have those stories and more in Episode #282 of WeeklyTechUpdate.


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A Tetris Movie? Really?

We've seen video games hit the big screen as Mortal Kombat made a few ripples years ago. Also adaptations of things like Battleship have also surfaced and were quickly sunk. The fact that there even could be a possibility of a movie based off the game Tetris should shock me, but it doesn't. According to the people working on the project: "What you [will] see in ‘Tetris’ is the teeny tip of an iceberg that has intergalactic significance,"

“It’s a very big, epic sci-fi movie,” Threshold’s CEO Larry Kasanoff tells Speakeasy exclusively. “This isn’t a movie with a bunch of lines running around the page. We’re not giving feet to the geometric shapes.”


Thank goodness. I thought it might actually be crappy. This makes it much better.

Source: WallStreetJournal

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