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Is Lenovo the next big smartphone maker?

Over the years we've had the chance to check out some of Lenovo's smartphones during CES, however, as impressed as we were, the fact that they aren't available in North America has obviously been a major problem. Lenovo is looking to fix that problem with the aquisition of Motorola a few months back and is setting themselves up to become one of the big players in North America if all goes as planned. Arstechnica takes a look at Lenovo and what their plans for North America are over here.

Lenovo posted its first-quarter financial results last night, and overall the news was good. Revenue was up 11 percent compared to the same quarter last year, and profit after operating expenses was up to $283 million from $202 million. These aren't huge numbers if you're used to looking at results from, say, Apple or Google or Microsoft. But overall Lenovo seems to be doing a good job of keeping its head above water and growing share in a time when that's hardly guaranteed for old-guard PC companies. In fact, Lenovo has been one of the few companies to grow faster than the wider PC industry over the last three-or-so years, as tablets and smartphones have taken a sizable chunk out of the traditional PC market.

BlackBerry on the rebound?

Even in spite of the new numbers show that Android and iOS are domintating the smartphone market, BlackBerry appears to be making a bit of a comeback and they've seen their stock rise 45% this year (although to be fair their stock prices had pretty much tanked about this time last year). The hype around some of BlackBerry's new offerings that will be released this fall are probably helping things, but only time will tell if their newest lineup of devices is enough to help right the ship that has been steadily sinking for a couple years now. Global News has the details.

BlackBerry is mounting something of a comeback in the face of long odds many experts – and media – have placed their bets against.

Some however now appear to be reconsidering their wagers.

Shares in the former smartphone leader have quietly touched new highs this week (though are down Tuesday), as the Waterloo, Ont., firm readies for a slew of new product launches this fall.

iOS + Apple = Domination

The fact that Google's Android OS and Apple's iOS are dominating the market probably isn't too much of a surprise to anyone, the surprising fact is just how much they are dominating. According to IDC's latest numbers, iOS and Android are controlling 96.4% of the market share (up from 92.6% a year ago). Android is still the biggest winner, controlling 84.7% of the market themselves which is nothing short of impressive when you consider there are over 300 Million smartphones out there now. PCWorld has more details over here.

According to IDC, the total combined market share of Android and iOS swelled to 96.4 percent during the second quarter, up from 92.6 percent a year ago. That left just 2.5 percent of the market to Windows Phone, down from 3.4 percent in a year’s time. 

In part, that’s because the worldwide smartphone market swelled to 301.3 million phones, moving past 300 million phones for the first time in its history, according to IDC. That represents 25.3 percent growth from a year ago.

Sony's PS4 hits 10 Million

Sony was more than happy this week to announce that they've sold 10 Million PS4 consoles so far as they continue to outpace the competing Xbox One from Microsoft. Microsoft hasn't released any numbers recently but it is being reported that the PS4 could be ouselling the Xbox One by a margin of 3-to-1 in the past few months. The best part of the whole deal is that the fierce competition is great for consumers as we've already seen a price drop from Microsoft and chances are good that Sony will have to follow suit eventually which I doubt any will complain when they have to spend less money. The WSJ has the story.

 Sony Corp. said Tuesday it has sold 10 million PlayStation 4 videogame consoles to consumers, as the Japanese consumer electronics company continues to outpace Microsoft Corp. in the new console sales war.

The PlayStation 4's dominance over Microsoft's rival Xbox One console has been a hot topic in the videogames industry, which is gathering in large numbers in Cologne this week for the annual Gamescom conference.

Rosewill Rise Glow Full-Tower Chassis

We have just posted up our review of the Rosewill Rise Glow Full-Tower Chassis. This is a very tall case that supports some crazy liquid cooling setups as well as motherboards from mATX all the way up to massive E-ATX boards. If you are planning on building a monster system with multiple large graphics cards and you need room for some incredible cooling setups, the Rise Glow could be the case for you. There are a coupole of things worth noting before you drop your cash so make sure you check out review for all the details.

The Rise Glow is ready to go for some pretty large cooling options as there is room at the top, the front and the rear for a bunch of different radiator and cooling configurations. It is possible to install a 360mm radiator at the front of the case for your CPU or graphics card cooling as well as an additional 140mm radiator at the rear or a 280mm radiator at the top of the case. Rosewill has cut out the extra that a lot of people don't use and instead given us some amazing cooling options.

Rise Glow

WTU Episode #275 - NVIDIAs K1 is a Game Changer

We have just posted up Episode #275 of Weekly Tech Update. In this episode we are discussing NVIDIAs Tegra changes the 64-bit Android and Chromebook game, Facebook tries harder to make their users mad and Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare trailer - no it's not 2007. We have those stories and more and the links below!

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Ballmer Retires Clippy, Buys Clippers

Steve Ballmer may not have been the greatest CEO of Microsoft, but you have to give him credit where credit is due. When he was at Microsoft, the helpful "Clippy" made its appearance and forever changed the way we hated used built-in software help. It is now official though that he has more money than you - as well as an NBA team. 


Source: NBA

Alienware 'Alpha' Is a Half-Step Toward Steam Machines

Alienware is one of the companies that have jumped on board and promised Valve a Steam Machine. This has been a really slow process as Valve has tried something new with the controller and it hasn't worked out as good as they'd hoped. They've been back to the drawing board a few times and now with their new little "Alpha" system, they are half-a-step closer. Valve has done pretty much everything wrong with this launch and here's another example. We don't need "half". We need all.

Not long after, at CES 2014, Valve revealed a full line of Steam Machines from 14 different companies. Chief among them was Alienware, Dell's gaming PC arm, which showed a teensy $550 box called the "Alpha." Alienware was a standout not just due to name recognition, but because the company proposed a launch window for its "game console". The Alpha won't ship with any of the promises of the Steam Machines initiative: no Steam OS and no Steam Controller. Valve's delayed both, but Alienware's pushing on nonetheless with a fall launch.

Source: Engadget

Samsung's VR Headset

Samsung teased they are working on a new heads-up display that will be their new VR headset and while we all assumed that it might be based on their own hardware and such, it appears that they are more or less just rebranding an Occulus with a few other tweaks. I'm sure that they'll fill it up with all their Apps and that it won't have much storage. If you're wondering what it looks like, details are at the link below.

Besides the lenses, Project Moonlight appears to have a focus dial and may have a Micro USB connection to the phone. The headset is pictured here next to a Galaxy S5, but given the positioning alongside the Note 4 launch, it's almost certain that the newest phone in Samsung's smartphone stable will be compatible. A lid appears to be used to hold the phone in place once it's connected.

Source: TheVerge

Steam Movies, TV and Music - Coming Soon

I'm not sure how soon the updates are coming to Steam - and knowing government restrictions, it will only roll out in the USA first, but Steam is positioning themselves to start rolling out TV, Movies and Music on their platform. This makes perfect sense for many gamers that enjoy things other than games, but I don't think that there is enough market left for another streaming service. Time will tell who gets this upgrade and how competitive pricing will be. Still, if you want all your content from one place, this may just about do it.

Now that Steam is making its way into the living with the introduction of Steam Machine consoles, it makes sense that Valve would want to bring enhanced functionality to its extremely popular digital store. Game consoles are some of the most popular media streaming devices on the market, so if Valve wants to compete with Microsoft and Sony (along with Apple TV, Roku and other set-top boxes), adding new capabilities to Steam might be a necessity.

Source: BGR

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