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Android App Pick #194 - Microsoft Office Mobile

We have just posted up another Android App Pick of the Week and this week we actually get to work and work while we are getting there. Microsoft Office Mobile is out pick this week and it's rather remarkable what this free suite from Microsoft has to offer. It fully supports cross-platform file support and allows you to view and edit pretty much any common Office file format - all on your phone. It's super handy, and our App Pick of the Week!

Microsoft Office Mobile


AMD Gets Sued for LYING

AMD is under the gun here once again as they have been caught lying about the number of cores in their processors. While some of their more recent processors have been touted as having eight cores, the reality is that there are merely quad-core CPUs with a sort of "hyperthreading" type module beside the other core. The reality is that these modules cannot operate independantly so it is not a core. It allows core-like processing, but still - they were stretching it. This is not what AMD needs right now - negative press about how their chips are only half what they claim. In all fairness, performance for the price is fantastic, but you can't pull the proverbial wool over people's eyes forever.

In fact, the Bulldozer chips functionally have only four cores - not eight, as advertised. Notably, AMD built the Bulldozer processors by stripping away components from two cores and combining what was left to make a single 'module.' But by removing certain components of two cores to make one module, they no longer work independently. As a result, AMD’s Bulldozers suffer from material performance degradation and cannot perform eight instructions simultaneously and independently as claimed.

Source: Neowin

Hobbyist Railgun

My DIY projects generally were pretty low-key and while I may have built a potato gun, I never ever attempted anything quite as nifty as a railgun. Not only is this railgun awesome, there is even a link to show you how you can build your own. It really isn't all that complicated once someone else figures out what you need. I don't recommend playing with this type of electricity, but if you do - please send us a video.

Properly built, railguns could be a world changing weapon. Electromagnetic forces accelerating projectiles at high speeds means powerful guns could one day again line the decks of ships. And the Navy has taken note. It is investing in railguns for the future, and is already building ships that would someday carry the sophisticated weapon.


Source: PopularScience

The First 104 Backwards-Compatible Titles for Xbox One

Microsoft has promised a lot when it comes to their Xbox One. While many tests show that the PS4 has a slight performance edge, Microsoft has made sure to counter-punch that idea with a platform that does so much more than gaming - and it does it well. In addition to all the features, Microsoft blew Sony's mind earlier this year and announced backwards compatibility. If you've been waiting for this to happen and wondering what games were going to work at feature-launch, here is the list.

Today, I’m happy to unveil to you the first 104 Xbox One Backward Compatibility games. Some of my favorites are included, like the complete Gears of War catalog, Assassin’s Creed II, Fallout 3, Borderlands, and Castle Crashers. The full list of the first 104 games is below and can also be found on Xbox.com/BackCompat. And, as I shared at Gamescom, going forward, all Xbox 360 games available through Games with Gold after Nov. 12 will be playable on Xbox One.

Source: Xbox

Amazon Rocking the Cloud

There are many different companies that want your data. They want it all in there cloud and they are doing a lot to try and get you to store it with them. Microsoft, IBM, Google, Oracle and a few others are the main players, but Amazon is absolutely destroying them in terms of market share. In fact, Amazon has almost as much data as IBM and Microsoft combined. It looks like there really is no stopping them, and if you want to find out why, make sure you check the link below.

The most important concept in cloud computing is "hyperscale."

To support their websites and service, Amazon, Microsoft, and Google have all built a ton of computing infrastructure. The data centers these companies use are vastly bigger — and way more efficient — than any server room or data center that most other companies could build or run on their own.

Source: BusinessInsider

World of Warcraft Movie Trailer


3D Printed Car to Enter Production

3D Printing is growing up and can be used for more than just CosPlay. LM3D is a new project that aims to have production cars ready by 2017. It looks pretty nifty and this version is built for land and water.


Source: LocalMotors

James Bond's Tech

There have been a lot of gadgets and tech used by one James Bond and if you've got 16 minutes, check out every gadget ever used by any of the James Bond actors. These cover evertything from the first film to some of the latest gadget used in the last movie. I really enjoyed the earlier Bond movies with Brosnan as he was the gadget junkie.


Now that you've seen all the gadgets, Bloomberg has compiled a list called the "James Bond Index" where they compare each actor and their attributes they bring to the films. For example, number of gadgets used, number of drinks, number of puns and more. This is pretty much the definative guide to your James Bond trivia.

No one man is James Bond. In the official film series, which has now spanned 53 years and grossed about $6 billion globally, without adjusting for inflation, six actors have played the gentleman spy: Sean Connery, George Lazenby, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan and, mostly recently, Daniel Craig. The latest film, released in the U.S. on Friday, could very well be Craig's last time out in the tux.

Source: Bloomberg

Mass Effect Official Video for N7 Day 2015

Mass Effect Andromeda is coming and while there isn't much in the way of teasers, this video they released on N7 day is interesting and whets my appetite for the upcoming title.

Halo hits $400 Million

The numbers are in, Halo 5 has hit the $400 million dollar mark in its first week. In comparison to previous Halo titles, Halo 5 has beaten all of their first week sales records and has pushed the Halo franchise over the $5 billion dollar mark. Not much else to say other than this is pretty impressive. Gamespot has the full story.

Microsoft has announced that Halo 5: Guardians generated more than $400 million in global sales during its first week, meaning the Xbox One game is now the "biggest Halo launch" of all time. The figure includes sales of games and hardware, and drives Halo franchise lifetime revenue to over $5 billion.

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