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Facebook is Abusive

When it comes to products and services, it's safe to say that nothing is really free. When a company gives you software for "free", remember there is a cost somewhere. It is probably at the expense of your privacy. Facebook is not different, and is in fact much worse. They take and take without really giving you much in return. Oh, sure they give you moments of satisfaction and occasionally even a little levity, but in the end they take everything from you and can create a profile that is actually a little bit scary. Time to divorce - but really, that time came years ago. Get out of the abusive relationship and go explore. For more information, please check my Facebook page. Just kidding.

Earlier this month, news emerged that executives from Facebook's Australian tentacle claimed the social has the ability to create emotional profiles of its users, even to detect and target vulnerable teenagers. Which suggests we’ve paid a lot more than we anticipated for this ‘free’ sharing service. We’ve handed over a bit of our autonomy, sold a corner of our souls.

Source: TheRegister

AMD to Show off Vega and Navi GPU Tech Mid-May

AMD has been on a roll lately and come the middle of the month they are planning on showing off some new GPU hardware, codenamed Vega and Navi. Also planned for the May 16 event is a product brief about the new Zen+ CPU core as well. The amazing thing here is that the new products will be built on a new 7nm FinFET process. In many ways, AMD is way beyond Intel as far as product technology - if they can just keep nailing the performance...

AMD has teased out tantalising details about Vega over the past six months or so, although in April it indicated that graphics cards based on Vega would be coming in the current quarter to the end of June. AMD's anticipated roadmap for Polaris and Vega slipped by around six months last year. Polaris had been expected around March or April, with Vega out in the fourth quarter.

Source: TheInquirer

Prey Speedrun in less that 20 Minutes

Many of today's game focus so much on the multi-player aspect that the single-player game feels like an afterthought. With the Call of Duty series, the single player campaign can often be finished by a standard player in three to four hours. Prey is one of the latest FPS games to hit the digital shelf and a guy has just blasted through this game in under 20 minutes. Of course this is a speedrun, but still it doesn't take long.

To be fair, DraQu does accomplish his feat by taking advantage of several environmental glitches to bypass entire sections of the game. The speedrunner also uses the GLOO Cannon to cleverly manufacture platforms to navigate the space outside the game’s environment.

Source: TheVerge

$1,200 Pair of Bluetooth Earbuds

If you have nothing but money on your hands you might want to drop some extra cash on a good pair of Bluetooth earbuds. If you want some of the best - certainly the most expensive, you could check out the Beyerdynamic Xelento Wireless Bluetooth headphones. Much like other wireless earbuds, they have a cable between the two, but unlike other earbuds, they have a central receiver that houses all the electronic goodness. Are they worth a big mortgage payment? I'd think not, but then again, I've never listened to them.

Audiophiles tend to prefer to listen to wired headphones, but they might make an exception for Beyerdynamic's upcoming Xelento Wireless, which will retail for $1,200 (£1,000) when it's released later this year. That converts into about AU$1,625.

Source: CNET

Transformer Mini Takes a Dive

If you are looking for an adequate 2-in-1 device that has just enough power to make you not hate it, check out the Transformer Mini. This is a Windows 10 device that boasts an affordable 10-inch screen, Intel Atom x5 CPU, 4GB of RAM and 64 GB of internal storage. Extra storage is available via an microSD card slot. Other features include 802.11ac wireless, Bluetooth, USB 3.0, and more. All in, this device will cost you $249 - and it comes with a keyboard, fingerprint sensor and a stylus. It's pretty tempting.

Source: Microsoft Store via Neowin

Global PC Gaming Growth Expected for Years

According to Dell, PC Gaming growth is expected for at least another 5 years. They base this hope on several factors including VR adoption as well as eSPORTS. I believe that eSPORTS holds more weight, but then again I'm not a big fan of VR. Either way, we'll likely be seeing more XPS and Alienware systems over the next few years. When we met with Dell at CES this January, they were excited on their gaming products that ranged from quite affordable to very lavish. This outlook is good news for PC makers.

Electronic sports (e-sports) and VR (virtual reality) are main growth drivers for gaming PCs, Wah said, adding gaming is becoming e-sports and this is a global trend. Continual gaming content updates push hardware developers to upgrade the specifications of gaming PCs, Wah indicated. The number of e-sports fans will increases to 145 million in 2017.

Source: Digitimes

Universal Gearing up For 'Gears of War' Movie

Whether or not you like movies based on video games, there are some pretty solid rumors that a Gears of War movie is coming. They are getting writers all lined up and if the script is any good, there may be a movie coming in the next couple of years. As much as I enjoy the Gears of War saga, I really hope they don't try and do a movie. Gears of War 4 was heavy on the story, and it wasn't as great as the other games with less story.

Universal and Microsoft announced their collaboration on the game in late 2016. At the time, Rod Fergusson, head of Microsoft subsidiary The Coalition that develops new Gears Of War content and the franchise co-creator, said the film would not be based on any particular game but instead be a new story set in the universe.

Source: Deadline

No Surface Pro 5 Says Microsoft

Last week the Surface Laptop from Microsoft launched - and the starting price of $999 surprised a lot of people. Microsoft says that their machine is a good investment though as it is designed to last all through the four-year college term. They also say that even though there is a Surface event coming in Shanghai later this month, there is no Surface Pro 5 however. According to Microsoft the Surface Pro 4 is "a product that's going to be competitive for five years."

Does that mean there's a new fifth-generation Surface Pro on the way soon? "When it's meaningful and the change is right, we'll put it on market," he said of the still-hypothetical next Surface Pro. "Meaningful change isn't necessarily a hardware change, which is what a lot of people look for. They're like, 'Where's the latest processor?' That's not what I mean. I'm looking for an experiential change that makes a huge difference in product line."

Source: CNET

Raspberry Pi Zero W ships 250,000

Nine weeks ago the Raspberry Pi Zero W began shipping and has already hit the 250,000 units shipped mark. The Raspberry Pi camp has also announced another 13 additional distributors to try and help with the demand. BetaNews has the story.

It seems that the Raspberry Pi Foundation can do no wrong. Every new Pi it announces goes on to be a huge hit. The most recent model, the Wi-Fi enabled Pi Zero W, is a great example of this.

Launched just nine weeks ago, the Foundation announces that it has now shipped the 250,000th unit, and it is making the tiny board easier to buy by adding 13 additional distributors.

Why Netflix is winning the piracy wars

Netflix made headlines a few weeks ago when a hacker was able to get a new season of one of Netflix's exclusive series and was trying to blackmail Netflix. Netflix of course declined and in the end it doesn't seem like not paying will really affect Netflix's bottom line at all even though the hackers did release the content via bittorrent. A couple years back this would have probably been a bigger deal, however, now people didn't really care and a large majority are more than happy to wait until it hits Netflix officially. Bloomberg takes a look as to why piracy is declining and why Netflix is a major reason why.

A hacker who has unsuccessfully tried to hold Netflix for ransom has achieved an unexpected result: His failure shows that subscription-based business models in content distribution is making piracy pointless. Intellectual property owners' slowness in adopting these models is the only reason content is still being pirated.

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