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Intel Releases Minnowboard Max for $99

If you like tinkering with hardware and are a bit of a Linux enthusiast, you'll be interested to see that Intel is trying to get back in the game. They just announced and released their new "Minnowboard Max" board that has an integrated 1.46GHz Atom E3815 processor. This won't compete directly with the half-priced Raspberry Pi, but it will perhaps give Intel a player in the micro-PC hacking crowd. This little system will support Linux and Android and is available today.

The board’s schematics are also available for download and the Intel graphics chipset has open-source drivers so hackers can have their way with the board. While it doesn’t compete directly with the Raspberry Pi – the Pi is more an educational tool and already has a robust ecosystem – it is a way for DIYers to mess around in x86 architected systems as well as save a bit of cash. The system uses break-out boards called Lures to expand functionality.

Source(s): TechCruch, MinnowBoard

April Fools

Every year the April Fools jokes get more and more elaborate. This year was no exception with Google, Samsung, Thinkgeek, and more coming up with videos of "April Fools Products". Directory Journal has come up with a list of 8 products that were just jokes but we all wish were actually real.

April Fools’ Day is a hoot for many yet often a tragedy for prank victims. It’s no secret that April Fools’ pranks can get out of hand, but what happens when tech companies promise a revolutionary product they can’t deliver only to have customers pleading for the actual product?

That answer is simple. The internet goes into an uproar begging for these products that don’t actually exist. Want to see what product ideas you’re missing out on? Check out some of these tech pranks of 2014 that consumers wish were real.

Google Wireless?

This isn't the first time "Google is starting a cell phone company" rumors have surfaced, but once again a new report has surfaced saying that Google has been trying to figure out ways to get into the wireless business. Google of course made headlines after they jumped into the broadband business with Google Fiber so also joining the wireless business might not be too far-fetched as they could then provide you with internet access at home and outside your house. BGR has the details.

Armed with a massive advertising business and an uncanny ability to collect and utilize data in amazing ways, Google has time and time again shown us that it’s not afraid to roll the dice and bet big when it comes to breaking into new categories.

Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile should all be on high alert, then, because Google is once again rumored to be toying with the idea of launching its own wireless service.

Comic Relief

Comic book lovers rejoice! Google Play Books has released a way to get your superhero fix in with buying more than one issue at a time! As celebration of this, there is a sale on certain comics and range from $.99 $3.00 apiece!

Google Play Books and DC Entertainment are showing off their super friendship once again, but, this time, for readers who'd rather consume comics in bite-sized portions. As of today, you can grab single issues from the publisher directly from Mountain View's media market. To celebrate, there's even a sale on the likes of Aquaman and Adventure Comicsfor $0.99 an issue, while a handful of others including Batman and Green Arrow are under $3 apiece.

Source: CNET

Time to Kinect

Motion electronics is always intriguing to people and Microsoft has caught on to this with their Kinect; first used with the xbox 360. Up until now that sensor bar has been exclusive to the 360 but they are now opening this technology up to PC! MS has announced the prospective release to be scheduled for sometime later this summer!

As Redmond tells it, this self-publishing will happen "later this summer." Next summer (notice a theme here?), Microsoft is adding support for one of gaming's most pervasive dev toolkits to Kinect for Windows: the Unity engine -- tools developers already know the strengths and weaknesses of, which should bolster the app selection even further. Given that the Xbox One will see Unity support this year, this could mean that cross-platform apps and games are a distinct possibility. Or, maybe we'll get a cool new bank account manager instead.”

Source: Engadget

The EU scraps roaming fees

The European Parliament has passed a bill that scraps roaming fees for mobile phones that will allow you to place a call anywhere in Europe for the same price it would cost you at home. All I can say about this is, it's about time! Hopefully North American greed providers someday soon follow suit. The BBC has the story.

The European Parliament has voted to scrap the roaming fees charged for using a mobile phone while abroad.

Under the wide-ranging telecoms reforms, the cost of making a call or downloading internet data in another EU country will be the same as at home.

The change is due to take effect from 15 December next year. It still requires approval from EU governments.

EA has to apologize for Nintendo jokes

Yesterday was April fools and EA thought that announcing Half Life 3 and other Frostbite games for the Wii U as well as declaring the Wii U "the most powerful 4th gen console" would be a funny joke. Well apparently the higher ups at EA didn't find it as funny and now have issued an apology. I guess EA finally realized that maybe they aren't in a place to be making fun of other companies and might have opened up yet another can of worms. Kotaku has the full story.

There are a lot of awful pranks and unfunny jokes out there today, but this one might be the weirdest: the official Twitter account for Frostbite—EA's proprietary video game engine—is acting like a big ol' bully.

See, EA is on the long list of publishers that no longer makes games for Nintendo's Wii U, as their powerful Frostbite 3 engine just won't support it. So the folks behind Frostbite are making jokes... about running it on Wii U.

Is the Start Menu coming back?

Microsoft was showing off some new Apps that they are going to have that will work on both Windows and Xbox and was hoping that would get people talking. Instead the thing that most got people excited was the teasing of a possible return of the Start Menu like we all know it in an upcoming Windows 8.1 update. The Start Menu that was being teased has a little bit of a twist to it with the addition of live tiles on the side which could be a great combo. Engadget has more details.

As a part of its Build 2014 announcements, Microsoft showed off an interesting twist on its classic Start Menu. Coming to Windows 8.1 in a future update, it has the look of the Start Menu Windows users have experienced for years, but adds the Live Tiles Microsoft has been pushing as a part of Windows 8 and Windows Phone.

Android App Pick - Stickman Snowboarding

We have just posted up another Android App Pick of the Week and this week we celebrate winter with Stickman Snowboarding. This is a fun app with simple controls that will keep you boarding for a long time. It's fun, simple and a bit addicting. Take a look and see why it made the cut this week!

Stickman Snowboarding



Halo Actress Jen Taylor is WinPhone Cortana

I'm not sure how many of you are excited about this, but dang it - I AM! Even though I don't have a Windows Phone, the good news today is that Microsoft's Windows Phone 8.1 will feature digital assistant "Cortana" and that will be voiced by Jen Taylor - the very same voice used for Cortana in the video game mega-series, Halo. I do hope they bring this assistant to multiple platforms, but if not, I guess I'll have to skip out as I don't see this as being the killer app to make me switch from Android to Windows Phone. Still, it's pretty cool for all you Halo game junkies.

Microsoft provided the following statement to Neowin regarding Taylor's voice being used in the digital assistant: "[The] Cortana beta synthesizes voices from more than one source, Jen Taylor being one of them. Over time, we plan to employ Jen Taylor’s voice throughout a greater portion of the experience."

Source: Neowin

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