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1,000mph Supersonic Car Gets Real

That's right, there is a car that is actually faster than a speeding bullet and while it may not have a lot of legroom for passengers, it's pretty fast. The Bloodhound is set to start tearing up dry lake beds early next year.


iOS ad-blocking software chooses your ads for you

A couple weeks ago Adblock made headlines after they started allowing 'premium' ads to be allowed to be shown if those companies paid them money. Apparently (and not surprisingly) they weren't alone and now popluar iOS ad blocking sofware Crystal has started doing the same. All of these small ad blocking companies are looking for extra ways to make money, but it does raise some interesting points about who gets to decide which ads are good and which ads are bad. The Wall Street Journal has the full article.

When Dean Murphy created Crystal, an application to help users block ads on Apple Inc.’s mobile devices, he knew there was pent-up demand from consumers frustrated with how cluttered the Web has become.

Still, the U.K.-based software developer was surprised by how fast consumers snapped up his product. In the week following its Sept. 16 launch, the 99-cent app was downloaded more than 100,000 times, according to data from mobile-app market intelligence firm Apptopia, generating an estimated $75,000 for Mr. Murphy. (Apple gets a cut.)

$99 Samsung Gear VR

If you own a new Samsung device (Note 5, S6, S6 Edge, or S6 Edge+) and are looking to try out a Virtual Reality device, then you're in luck. Oculus and Samsung have announced that coming this November, the Samsung Gear VR, which is made by Oculus, will be $99. At this price this could be a winner. TechCrunch has the story.

At half the price of its last mobile VR headset, the new $99 Oculus-made Samsung Gear VR is cheap enough to unlock virtual reality for the mainstream. Revealed today at the Oculus Connect conference, it works with the whole 2015 line of Samsung Smartphones including the Note 5, S6, S6 Edge, and S6 Edge+. It will ship in November in time for Black Friday. Compared to the $199 previous Gear VRs that only worked with fewer phones, this headset will be a lot more accessible.

The new Gear VR is 22% lighter, making it more comfortable to wear. The trackpad on the temple of the headset also now has a tactile directional pad on it so your finger will know where it’s touching. The previous Gear VRs had a smooth trackpad and sometimes it was to tough to know if you were touching it or just the unsensitive shell of the headset when you couldn’t see for yourself.

Volkswagen gets caught

Probably by the time that I finally posted anything about this most people have already heard about Volkswagen's diesel test results weren't up to snuff, however, Volkswagen isn't the first car company to fudge the numbers, just the most recent. The New York times has a very intersting article on how this has been a problem in the auto industry for many years as well as they show you what happened with Volkswagen.

Long before Volkswagen admitted to cheating on emissions tests for millions of cars worldwide, the automobile industry, Volkswagen included, had a well-known record of sidestepping regulation and even duping regulators.

For decades, car companies found ways to rig mileage and emissions testing data. In Europe, some automakers have taped up test cars’ doors and grilles to bolster their aerodynamics. Others have used “superlubricants” to reduce friction in the car’s engine to a degree that would be impossible in real-world driving conditions.

Automakers have even been known to make test vehicles lighter by removing the back seats.

New Pebble Smartwatches

Pebble was one of the first smartwatches available but they haven't always been known for the 'sleekest' designs. Pebble has announced they've got a new model which they are calling Time Round and are expecting it to hit stores in early November. The MSRP is going to be $249 USD and battery life is expected to be 2 days (compared to 10 days with the Pebble Time Steel). You can head on over to Pebble's website and reserver your very own.

So light and thin, it’s pretty easy to mistake Pebble Time Round for any other watch. Sure, it’s great at telling time, with an always-on, always readable screen. It just also happens to do lots more.

Selfies Kill More People than Sharks

This is awkward. It appears that the human race really isn't evolving after all. There are a growing number of stupid people that are taking selfies in even stupider situations and getting themselves killed in the process. Vanity is lethal and I know more than a few people that think the only way they can get acceptance in this world is by posting 12 pictures a day (minimum) of themselves. Thankfully, "survival of the fittest" takes effect and those that aren't fit, don't survive.

According to a new study, there have now been more deaths this year from selfies than there have been from shark attacks. Ahem, we repeat, sharks! The death toll for selfie-related deaths now totals 12 people, whereas deaths related to shark attacks totals 8 people.



Source: EOnline

NVIDIA Launches GTX 980 for Notebooks

NVIDIA has just shown the world their new GTX 980 graphics processors for notebooks. These mobile GPUs pack in an incredible 2,048 cores and offer some of the best performance you can buy anywhere - and it fits inside a notebook PC. The nifty thing is that with the new Maxwell architecture, they run cool enough to actually be overclockable - inside your portable PC. Make no mistake, these will not be cheap, but if you are bit into LAN parties and don't want to pack around a full-sized rig, complete with monitor and more, one of these machines may be in your future. The graphics are ready at least.

The experiences are nothing short of incredible. Play the latest games — such as The Witcher III: Wild Hunt, Grand Theft Auto V, Mad Max, Metal Gear Solid: The Phantom Pain and The Killing Floor 2 — at maxed out graphics settings. Imagine gaming across three displays in full HD for a completely immersive gaming experience. Yep, with these notebooks you can do that, too.

Source: NVIDIA

Samsung to ship 4TB SSDs Early 2016

The SSD is slowly trying to replace mechanical drives, but the size king belongs to the mechanical crowd at this point. Currently, there are no consumer oriented SSDs much larger than 1TB, but Samsung aims to change all that early in 2016 with the launch of their new drives based on 3rd Gen V-NAND. In addition to this massive SSD unit, they will also be releasing 1TB M.2 drives as well.

Among the first uses of 256Gbit 3rd gen V-NAND will be to expand the capacity of Samsung’s current product lineups. The 850 lineup, which Samsung will continue to produce as their leading 2.5” SATA SSD, recently received a boost from 1TB to 2TB. Come next year, Samsung will be transitioning the 850 Pro lineup from 2nd gen to 3rd gen V-NAND, and in the process releasing a 4TB 850 Pro.

Source: AnandTech

Google Nexus Player Drops to $50

With Amazon heating things up with their FireTV unit, Google has dropped the price on their Nexus Player to be more competitive. Right now at BestBuy you can snag the Nexus Player for a mere $49. Right now it seems as though this price drop is limited to BestBuy, but I'm sure that will change as the competition continues to heat up.

Google Nexus Player Streaming Media Console: Use this streaming media player to complement, or even replace, your traditional set-top cable box. With powerful processing and a wide variety of preloaded apps, you can watch your favorite shows, movies and videos on your HDTV. You can also use the Google Cast app to stream content to your TV from a phone, tablet or laptop.

Source: BestBuy

WTU Episode #328 - Facebook's Dislike Button is Disliked

We have just posted up Episode #328 of Weekly Tech Update. In this episode we are discussing Facebook working on a dislike button, Steve Jobs probably would dislike the iPad Pro and Sharp dislikes 4K and introduces 8K TV. Check out those stories and more at the links below.

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