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Nexus 9 to Launch Wednesday

It looks like the Nexus 9 will launch on Wednesday and it will give us the first real look at a "finished" Android L operating system. The rumor is that both the Nexus 6 phone and the Nexus 9 tablet will be soft-launching via a blog post from Google tomorrow. With so little fanfare, I don't really expect anything that exciting from either device. I guess it's time they refreshed their products - so to keep up with the corporate release cycle, we should see them sometime tomorrow morning.

Volantis will be available for pre-order on the 17th October and available to purchase on the 3rd November. Although there’s no information on when Android L will be available for other Android devices, and the pre-order and purchasing dates are subject to last minute change. The 16GB version will cost $399 and the 32GB LTE version will retail for $499. Both devices will have expandable memory.

Source: Forbes

Dropbox: Not Hacked, but Exploited and Deleting Your Data

Dropbox didn't have much to be thankful for this past long weekend here in Canada. Not only were rumors floating around that they were hacked, the also had a bug sweep through their system that caused some of their users data to be permanently deleted. This was a very bad weekend. Thankfully, they weren't hacked. Unfortunately, a third-party exploit caused thousands of their users logins to be accessed and a good number of them were published online.

Dropbox has confirmed that a bug in some older versions of its desktop apps deleted the files of some people who turned on Selective Sync, which limits cloud syncing to certain folders. Typically, this would happen after a crash or forced reboot, making a bad problem worse -- at least a few users found that they'd lost years' worth of content through no fault of their own.

Source: Engadget

Assassin's Creed Rogue (Story Trailer)

With the next Assassin's Creed on the way for the PC, now is the time to make sure you have a decent rig. The latest information shows that Ubisoft will be crippling the resolution on both the PS4 and Xbox One in order to provide AI calculations with such a "weak CPU" so if you want it to look good, PC is the way. Check out the trailer below.


Alienware 18 Laptop is a Beast

If you are in the market for a gaming laptop and want something that won't hold you back, the Alienware 18 is one beast that will rock your gaming socks off. This unit is powered by a Core i7-4940X processor that boosts to a crazy 4.4GHz and is backed by either Dual GTX 880M or Dual R9 M290X graphics. Combine that with 32GB of DDR3 and you've got a better machine that most people - and yours is portable. I wouldn't call this a laptop though as it will burn up your chance of having children.

The Intel Core i7-4940MX, Intel's fastest current mobile processor, usually boasts a base/boost clock frequency of 3.1GHz/4.1GHz. This has been judged to be too slow by Alienware laptop systems designers who will ship Alienware 18 laptops with factory overclocked chips that reach speeds of up to 4.4GHz. Intel wrote via a 'Chip Shot' blog post that the overclocked chip will "enable some of the highest-performance laptop PCs on the market".

Source: Hexus

WIndows 10 Downloaded 10 Million Times

I'm one of the 10 Million people that downloaded the Windows 10 Technical Preview and overall I've been quite happy with the build. As far as functionality goes, it is better than Windows 8 for the desktop for sure but I still can't help but feel that it is really a full service pack. There has been a ton of demand for this download and people are "testing" it widely. If you want to give it a go, check out the Windows Insider Program here and if you want to install it to your Hard Drive (as opposed to running in a Virtual Machine), check out the guide over here that shows how to partition your drive.

Another indicator that we have solid usage is the number of app-launches that happen on a device. 68% of you are launching more than 7 apps/day, and some people are using it even more heavily. We have seen about 25% of devices running the Windows 10 Technical Preview launching more than 26 apps per day, and 5% launching a whopping 68 apps per day!

Source: Windows Blog, CNET

Google Rents Camels to Explore

If you want to explore parts of the world that you'll likely never see, Google Earth is an amazing tool as it's part of Google Maps and "Street View" is actually pretty amazing. What is even more amazing is that Google has hired a few people to do things like hike down the grand canyon with a huge camera pack and now they are even exploring deserts - with camels. The ultimate camel selfie is taken by the guy leading the camel for 10 months straight. Ouch.


Snowden's Privacy Tips: Live in a Cave Without Power

Edward Snowden is the guy who released a lot of information about how the USA has been tracking and spying on its citizens as well as the rest of the world. He's looking a lot thinner and a little stressed as there are a lot of pissed off people that want him dead for what he's said. In this latest interview, he talks about privacy and how you can try and have it. First, you'll have to give up Facebook, Google and Dropbox and then you've got a small place to start. The question is, are you willing to give that up for privacy?

He added that on an individual level, people should seek out encrypted tools and stop using services that are “hostile to privacy.” For one thing, he said you should “get rid of Dropbox,” because it doesn’t support encryption, and you should consider alternatives like SpiderOak. (Snowden made similar comments over the summer, with Dropbox responding that protecting users’ information is “a top priority.”)

Source: TechCrunch

Samsung Sets Sights on Faster WiFi

Samsung is always pushing the limits of pretty much everything and they are now setting their sights on Wi-Fi. According to their latest results, they figure that WiFi will be able to be at least 5 times faster here in the near future. As we've been testing out actual bandwidth for WiFi, Powerline and Wired networking, it will be interesting if this boost is merely in theory alone or if the hardware can actually deliver.

Samsung says its Wi-Fi technology will open up the door to data transmission speeds of up to 4.6 gigabits per second (Gbps), or 575 megabytes (MB) per second. This would be about five times faster than the current ceiling for Wi-Fi speeds for consumer electronics devices, which stands at around 866 megabits per second (Mbps), or 108 MB per second.

Source: Digital Trends


Netflix Raises Rates for 4K TV Owners

4K content is not only bandwidth intensive, but it also takes a lot more space to store and stream to your clients. Netflix is the first company to really offer on-demand 4K content and for a while (when it was in beta), it was all part of the main package price. Now if you sign up for Netflix as a new user, if you use 4K content, it will cost you a few more bucks every month. That being said, if you have a 4K TV, I'm sure you won't mind spending an additional $36 a year to get better quality.

According to a report by HD Guru, new Netflix subscribers -- or any current Netflix subscriber who decides to purchase a 4K TV -- will see their monthly subscription rate increased from $8.99 to $11.99, an increase of $3. This higher rate comes with the perk of having access to 4K streaming content, which Netflix currently offers in a limited capacity with shows like House of Cards, The Blacklist, and Breaking Bad.
Source: Neowin via HD Guru

Android App Pick - Hay Day

We have just posted up another Android App Pick of the Week and this week we celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving and Three Years of App Pick! How do we do that? We start off with Hay Day - a great "Farmville" style game that will have you busting sod and farming like crazy. Then we give you details on how you can win yourself a $50 Google Play Card. It's a real Hay Day!

Hay Day



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