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Tie Fighter Meets Music Box

If you've got an extra $18,000 to spend and are a very crazy Star Wars fan, you may be interested in this fancy music box. The overall design of this thing is incredible. Check it out!


Star Wars: Battlefront Skips Co-op on PC

While Star Wars: Battlefront has a pretty immersive cooperative play mode on both the Xbox One and PS4, they passed over the PC when it comes to split screen gaming. While not to many people really care about this, it goes to show that products like Valve's Steambox aren't really a threat - or even a consideration when it comes to playing games on your TV. If you're doing that, you'll probably have an Xbox One or PS4.

In the Walker Assault mode, vehicles will be accessible via collectibles scattered throughout the maps: activate them and you'll automatically spawn inside. Meanwhile, Y-wings will not be playable, while Missions will not contribute to your multiplayer progression, though credit rewards can be obtained.

Source: PCGamer

Comic-Con Trailer Roundup

While not tech-related, the Comic-Con festival in San Diego is always a haven for nerds, and we've found a roundup of almost all of the exclusive video game and movie trailer that was shown off at the event. At the end of the day, this is pretty much all you wanted to see anyway, right?

From "Star Wars" to "Batman v Superman" and from "The Man From UNCLE" to a glimpse of the upcoming "Arrow" and "Flash" spinoff, we've scoured the Web and compiled some of the footage from this weekend for easy viewing -- since we're pretty sure everyone will be talking about them this week.

Source: CNET

Microsoft Kills AV Updates for Windows XP

It looks like you have yet another reason to ditch Windows XP here in the very near future. Microsoft announced that they have now killed updates for Microsoft Security Essentials. Patches have been stopped for a while and now without real-time protection, there are not many reasons to keep on using a 14 year old OS.

"Of course we wish Microsoft decided to support the XP platform for a longer period given its commercial success, but since things didn’t play out that way, it’s important for users to know that if they don’t move away from XP they stand to lose financial resources, personal information, and critical professional files," Zaharia says.

Source: TheRegister

WTU Episode #320 - Samsung Pushing for 11K Screen

We have just posted up Episode #320 of Weekly Tech Update. In this episode we are discussing IBM's is getting smaller with their 7nm CPUs, the Internet gets faster in a lot more places and why the Apple Watch sucks, Check out those stories and more at the links below.

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Quad Backflip on a Pedal Bike - No Big Deal

Just so you know, I almost pulled this off as a kid when I was on my bike racing my sister on her pony... almost.


Google Backs Up Photos - Even if You Uninstall the App

I'm not so sure that I really like the connotations of this "feature". In Google's latest mobile OS, you can manage your photos with the aptly named "Photos" app and when you set it up, it asks if you want your images backed up to your Google account. Some people don't like this idea at all (or the app), so they uninstall the app. Further digging reveals that Google keeps on backing up your photos however, and if you want to disable this feature entirely, you'll have to dive into you "Google Settings". Google thinks that you really do want all your photos backed up - even if you think you don't.

So whether you're going to have the Google Photos app installed or not, check your Google Settings to manage your photo backups. We're not sure if this is the right way to handle services and their settings, or the wrong way. Just be sure to turn it off if you decide you don't want to use it.

Source: AndroidCentral

HP Delays Windows 10 PCs Until mid-August

Although Windows 10 is only a couple of short weeks away, HP has joined a few other PC manufacturers that won't be shipping Windows 10s for launch day. As Windows 10 builds are still rolling out very quickly, I wouldn't be surprised if Microsoft misses their lauch day - at least with a finished product. Either way, the OS feels pretty close to me and it would feel all finished if companies would make Windows 10 drivers available. Yes, I know Windows 8 drivers work, but it feels that something is missing when you can't find the proper download.

On Monday, HP said in a press release that it doesn't anticipate having products available with Windows 10 preinstalled until "mid-August into October." That means it will be a minimum of two weeks after Windows 10 ships to Windows Insider members and as possibly as long as a couple of months before HP product running the OS becomes widely available.

Source: TheRegister

Comcast Offers 2Gb Internet

Comcast is the first company that offers 2Gb internet for your home or business and while the price isn't super cheap ($299 / month), the fact that you can actually get 2Gb internet is pretty amazing. The crazy thing here is that any router I've seen anywhere only has a 1Gb WAN port. This is truly a "first world problem" as you will have to have a crazy new router or split up your internet with a pair of good routers. Oh, and it's 2Gb down as well as 2Gb up. Yeah.

Multi-Gigabit LAN Requirements
In order to connect multiple devices to the fiber handoff, a compatible 10 Gbps Layer 3 switch or router is required (in addition to the single-computer requirements for each device to achieve 2 Gbps)
+ (1) 10G switch/router
+ (1) 10G SFP+ transceiver (850nm MMF)
+ (x) single computer requirements (required for each computer to reach 2 Gbps from the Layer 3 switch/router. The actual number of devices and configurations supported will vary by switch brand/model)

Source: Xfinity

Android App Pick #187 - Relic Run

We have just posted up another Android App Pick of the Week and this week we are stepping into the boots of one of my favorite heroines. Relic Run puts Laura Croft in the spotlight and this game is perhaps the best of any "Temple Run" style game there is. In addition to the standard movements and controls, you get to wall-run, parkour, ride ATVs and more. Check it out and you'll be hooked for hours!

App Pick 187



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