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Dodge Demon is 840HP of Pure Joy

While not tech related, the new Dodge Demon SRT is pretty amazing and it can pull a 0-60 time in 2.3 seconds. That ranks it up with some of the world's fastest hypercars - and this is running a V8. Mind you, it's running an 840HP version that produces some incredible torque. This would actually be a little scary as the front wheels come off the ground 2.92 feet at launch. Crazy.

It runs the zero to 60 mph in 2.3 seconds, and then on to 100 mph in a total of 5.1 seconds. Both are tops for a production car, says Dodge. And with a nod to a famous line from the first Fast and the Furious film, the Demon does the quarter mile in 9.65 seconds — here’s your ten-second car, Dom.

Source: TheVerge

Overwatch Uprising Event on Now

If you can't get enough Overwatch, you can get your fix with their latest event that runs from April 11 - May 1. There are a bunch of new items and other features that are worth checking out and enjoying. Have fun!


Roku TVs Evesdrop on Cable to Serve Ads

Roku TVs have been discovered to spy on what you are watching on cable so they can show you programs that are available on Netflix or one of it's other streaming partners. Roku TVs will advertise to you based on what you watch, and while this may seem like a big thing, the exact same thing happens when you surf websites. Relevant ads often show up based on your viewing habits online - now the same is true with TVs.

The way Roku describes it sounds pretty innocent until you look further and discover that while you can disable the function if you aren't cool with it, "viewing information collected prior to the feature being turned off" won't be purged. So, like pretty much every online-based service, any data collected during the time period is Roku's property and could be sold to the highest bidder at the drop of a hat.

Source: Engadget

Windows Vista is dead

Windows Vista came to an end yesterday, an occasion where not many people shed tears and many more made jokes instead. 10 years after Vista's launch Microsoft has officially ended support so if you were brave enough to still be running it, you'll now have to be even braver because you're officially on your own now. Vista was supposed to be a big change in the Windows family lineup, however, thanks to features being pulled from it and buckets of bugs, Vista was the version of Windows most people wish to forget. The only time Vista will now be mentioned is when you are arguing about whether Vista or Windows ME was the worst operating system ever.

The Verge has more on the end of Vista.

Microsoft is bidding farewell to Windows Vista, more than 10 years after it first debuted. Support for Windows Vista ends today, meaning users will have to move to a more recent version of Windows to remain secure. It’s the end of an era for an operating system that arrived late to the market with widespread criticisms.

Codenamed Longhorn, Windows Vista was originally supposed to revolutionize Windows with a new file system and user interface. Microsoft’s development of Longhorn spiraled out of control, and the company was forced to reset its plans and focus on shipping a stable version of Windows in the middle of its development phase. Microsoft had ambitious ideas for Windows Vista in the years leading up to its release, including a new Windows Future Storage (WinFS) file system.

360° Selfies are Coming

With VR still trying to find a killer app, companies are pushing out their 360° cameras that can caputure pretty interesting images. It's still not worth the cost of a camera, and a VR headset, but some of these do offer pretty decent quality. There are a bunch more cameras capable of 360° stills and video than I thought. If this is your thing, take a look at the link below.

Once people discover spherical videos, research suggests, they shift their viewing behavior quickly. The company Humaneyes, which is developing an $800 camera that can produce 3-D spherical images, says people need to watch only about 10 hours of 360° content before they instinctively start trying to interact with all videos.

Source: TechnologyReview

ZTE Shows Off Their $192 Wearable

There are a lot of smart wearables that look pretty tacky, and others that look really nice but cost a months rent. ZTE has impressed us time and time again with solid products that are powerful, well designed and are actually quite affordable. They just unwrapped their Android Wear 2.0 watch and it looks amazing - for a mere $192. That's about half the price of a basic Apple Watch and this is arguably much nicer and more functional.

The watch will offer:

  • 1.4-inch AMOLED display with Corning's Gorilla Glass
  • Qualcomm's Snapdragon Wear 2100
  • 768MB RAM with 4GB storage
  • GPS
  • Built-in speaker and microphone
  • IP67 rated
  • 500mAh battery or around 36 hours
  • 1.81 x 1.81 x 0.56 inches
  • 3.14 ounces

Source: Neowin

Play a Game to Unlock Ransomware

Ransomware sucks and the biggest reason it's so popular is because people don't back up their data. When something like this happens, you don't want to lose your data so you pay. Now there is a new ranssomware making the rounds that will unlock your files if you get a high-score in a game. The crazy thing is that all you have to do is play "TH12 ~ Undefined Fantastic Object and score 0.2 billion in LUNATIC level. It sounds pretty easy, right? Good luck.

As you may have guessed from the specifics here, the Rensenware bug was created more in the spirit of fun than maliciousness. After Rensenware was publicized on Twitter, its creator, who goes by Tvple Eraser on Twitter and often posts in Korean, released an apology for releasing what he admitted was "a kind of highly-fatal malware."

Source: ArsTechnica

Maware up 744 on Mac

Well, there is some more bad news if you're an Apple fanboy/girl. It seems that malware attacks are up just a little bit on the most secure platform that used to claim to be unhackable and virus-free. It seems that the only reason it was virus free is because people weren't using it. If you have a Mac, please be just as careful as you should be on a PC. Thinking before you click will help save you a lot of time, energy and headache.

Malware attacks on Macs were up 744 percent in 2016, according to the latest Threat Report shared by McAfee Labs [PDF]. Mac users don't need to be overly alarmed, though, because much of that huge jump can be attributed to adware bundling. macOS malware samples jumped up 245 percent in the fourth quarter of 2016 alone just from adware.

Source: MacRumors 

LG Goldberg Machine Torture "Test"

The point of the video below is to show off the features, quality and durability of the new LG G6 device, but I can't help but notice that most of that "machine" is computer generated. I'm sure the device would stand up to what they show off, but the fact that it is mostly CGI really turns me off. Just my thoughts.


How Much Should Project Scorpio Cost?

There are a few analysts that think that Microsoft will win the console war this year as they are pushing hard with their current hardware and with the Project Scorpio being the most powerful console ever built (duh?), it could take them into new territory and give them an edge over Sony. The thing is, this console won't be cheap. Also, there is no way that if it costs $100 or more above the original that it should be considered an Xbox One. At that point, it's a new console - breaking Microsoft's goals of releasing new consoles every 5-8 years. Gamespot editors give their opinions about price.

If Scorpio sells for $400--where Microsoft (likely) sells the system at a loss--people might forgive the current lack of enticing Xbox exclusives due to the perceived value of the hardware compared to PS4 Pro. Microsoft wouldn't be the first manufacturer to subsidize the cost of a new console, and doing so with Scorpio may be the only way it can revive Xbox's competitive edge in light of the current lukewarm game forecast.

Source: Gamespot

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