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Chrome Adds Bluetooth API to Browser

Google has done some great things with their Chrome browser, but then they come along with version 56 and pull off a stunt like adding a Bluetooth API that allows a web page to communicate directly with a Bluetooth device. While that all seems good and fine, Bluetooth security is less that adequate and now a script running on a web page could actually access and control a connected Bluetooth device such as mouse, keyboard, phone contacts and more. I'm not sure why we need this support, but Google tries to come up with a good explanation.

As pointed out to The Register last year by privacy researcher Lukasz Olejnik, the API makes it possible for site owners like Google to gather a huge amount of privacy-intrusive information from your nearby electronics. The Bluetooth Web API community would have trouble denying this, since its first example code is for retrieving data from a heart rate monitor.

Source: TheRegister

Hands On With Microsoft's Windows 10 Cloud

There has been a rogue ISO of Windows 10 Cloud floating around the web and people have been playing with it and installing it on some current hardware. Their goal is to be as nosey as possible and see what Microsoft has in store with their ChromeOS competitor. The reality is that this is super early and the product hasn't even been officially announced. Take all you see and read below with a spoonful of salf.

When we went hands on with the new build, we did found two things that are notably missing: OneDrive and PowerShell. There is no OneDrive integration with the File Explorer, so your only option at this time is the UWP app. PowerShell scripts don't work either; however, this seems like something that might change in the future, as the option to "Run with PowerShell" still shows up.

Source: Neowin

CoolerMaster To Market Mini MasterCase (Puzzle)

CoolerMaster is all about building great cases, and this one would be pretty sweet if you were a Smurf. The Mini MasterCase Wooden unit is a 30-piece puzzle that actually looks pretty amazing when all said and done. I don't think it will fit much hardware - but it would be awesome if they built this thing to hold a Raspberry Pi or some other micro system.

Mini MasterCase

Source: CoolerMaster

LG G6 Center Stage at MWC

LG is betting big on their "Big Screen - That Fits" phone with their upcoing G6, and they also claim that it "won't explode". That little jab at Samsung could really do them a lot of damage if they happen to have a bad battery somewhere along the way. There have been a few leaks of the device and it looks pretty sweet - but I'm still not sold on the 18:9 (think 2:1) aspect ratio. We don't have long to wait - February 26 is the big reveal.

Our official invite to the launch event for its next flagship mobile phone has arrived and positions the G6 as having a "Big Screen...That Fits." The words and diagram continue to hint at a device with minimal bezel, which backs up images previously leaked.

Source: Engadget

Intel Working on Curved Laptop

While curved screens look cool, and perform well in non-light situations, they aren't always the most practical - especially if they are glossy. Intel has thrown common sense to the wind and has decided to go for a curved laptop. This patent shows that not only will the screen be curved, the entire unit will have a hump in it to match the screen. If the curve angle is to be believed, this unit would be horrible to type on at a desk, but would do very nicely on your lap.

One Intel patent, sent to us by the team at The Leaker, envisions a weird kind-of 2-in-1 laptop that boasts a curved screen. It’s relatively recent, dating back to last November, and describes an “electronic device with detachable curved display”. Here’s a sampling to show you what they’ve got in mind:

Source: TheNextWeb

Early Version of Windows 10 Cloud Leaks

The rumors have been confirmed that Microsoft is working in a Windows 10 Cloud platform as they now have an early build that has leaked online. Before you get too excited, it appears that this is more of a Windows RT style of OS rather than full-on Windows 10. Once installed, the Microsoft store works to install programs, but regular 32-bit programs will not run. That breaths of future failure if it's a proprietary OS. It looks like Microsoft hasn't learned anything from the Windows RT failure.

An early version of Windows 10 Cloud has been leaked online which gives us a tiny glimpse at what Microsoft is cooking up at Redmond. An ISO of a Windows 10 Cloud build was leaked by Twitter user @adguard, which you can actually install today. Needless to say, we wouldn’t recommend installing it on an actual machine, so make sure to install it on a virtual machine instead.

Source: MSPowerUser

Google to Discontinue Google Now Launcher

One of the best parts about an Android phone is the Google Now Launcher and it seems that Google is debating on pulling the App from the Play Store. A while back Google killed the ability that Hangouts had where you could merge SMS and Hangouts conversations into a single thread - another fantastic feature. I'm not sure why they insist on castrating their platform with these changes, but I'm sure that overall, they can't compete with other launchers such as the Nova launcher.

That means OEMs can slap the Google Now panel on whatever launcher they want. Some device makers have been shipping with GNL, including Motorola and Nexus devices. Google says they can just grab Launcher3 from AOSP and add the search services, or build a new launcher. It's unclear what, if anything, Google will do for Nexus devices.

Source: AndroidPolice

Overwatch Wants to Block Keyboard & Mouse on Console

Blizzard has allows Overwatch to run on both PC and consoles, but they are struggling with the reality that keyboard and mouse input for games is better than controllers. On PCs, it's not a big deal as all gamers are somewhat equally equipped. On the console side of things however, some people using keyboards and mice have an unfair advantage and Blizzard is looking at the possibility of blocking people that use aftermarket keyboard equipped devices.

Aiming remains a sticking point for Overwatch fans who prefer consoles to PC. For their part, the folks at Blizzard said they’ll change their tune about keyboards if console makers ever introduce support for them out of the box.

Source: Polygon

Snapchat going public

Snapchat has made it official, they're going public with an initial stock offering on the New York Stock Exchange. Snapchat is hoping to round up ~$3 billion in funds and initial estimates say that Snapchat could be worth in the $20-$25 billion range thanks to it now having 158 million daily users. This should be one of the largest stock offerings in the technology sector in a while and it looks like it is pretty good timing for Snapchat as they've had a very good past couple years of growth. CNET has more.

The Los Angeles-based social network, wildly popular among teens and young adults, has been one of tech's unlikeliest success stories in years. Started by Evan Spiegel, a 26-year-old who dropped out of Stanford University, the app was once dismissed as a sexting app.

But it's clearly much more than that. Power users include Kim Kardashian, DJ Kahled and John Mayer. Instead of posts piling on top of each other like they do on your Facebook timeline, pictures and videos posted to Snapchat disappear after a set amount of time. It ushered in a form of casual social networking that's something of an antithesis to Mark Zuckerberg's nearly 2 billion-strong behemoth.

Apple to build iPhones in India

Apple is eyeing new markets as their traditional markets have seen their growth slowing down and India is the next country Apple is setting their sights on. Apple will be opening a manufacturing plant to product phones there for sale in India and hopes to climb up the charts there as they are currently sitting in the 10th spot overall for smartphone sales in India. Interesting to note the manufacturing plant will not be in partnership with Foxconn but they'll be using Wistron to get this project up and going. It's an interesting move but not too surprising as India is one of the fastest growing smartphone market in the world. Bloomberg has more details.

Apple Inc. will begin assembling iPhones in India by the end of April, a regional minister says, heightening its focus on the world’s fastest-growing major smartphone market as growth slows elsewhere.

The U.S. company has tapped Taiwan’s Wistron Corp. to put together its phones in the tech capital of Bangalore in Karnataka, said Priyank Kharge, the state’s information technology minister. Apple executives met with him in January and confirmed the timeline, he said in an interview.

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