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Google Wants to Chip Your Eyes

Back in January, Google showed off their prototype smart contacts for measuring glucose levels in diabetes patients. An outside company has now procured and in-license agreement for control over all medical uses of the contacts. This company’s name is Alcon; the eye care division of Novartis.

Novartis' Alcon eye care division has entered an in-license agreement governing all ocular medical uses for Google's smart contact lenses, it announced Tuesday. Google unveiled a prototype of its glucose-monitoring lens in January.

Source: TechNewsWorld

Light Night Vision

Up until this point, airforce pilots have not had a convenient way to view in night vision, but now they do. British Aerospace Systems have developed what they have name the Striker II. What this does is eliminate the need for an overweight pair of night vision goggles and replaces it with a night vision camera that projects onto the pilot’s visor, making the whole affair a lot less bulky and weighty. Think of this as Google Glass for fighter pilots.

The Striker II, designed and built by British Aerospace Systems, eliminates the need for cumbersome night-vision goggles (NVGs) which attach to the front of helmets. Instead, the Striker II has a tiny digital camera which turns night into day for pilots and projects an image on to the pilot’s visor in 1280x1060 high-definition resolution, along with other critical information such as speed, weapons and target.

Source: Telegraph

Scuba Gets a Wet LAN

As those of you who scuba dive know, communication is limited to simply hand signals for the most part, so if your air runs low and you can’t grab anyone's attention you could be in severe trouble. There is now a more practical solution that does not require your mates to be staring at you to know what you mean! This solution is called Ultrasonic Subaquatic Networks, and is made by Aqwary and does not only allow divers and some above water to monitor air levels and if an emergency arises you can alert everyone in your group up to 70 divers. Next up, local gaming underwater.

All of which means that recreational divers don't have much in the way of foolproof communication. Now, a Swedish startup called Aqwary hopes to change that. The company has developed a new approach to underwater communication: allowing divers to create ultrasonic, subaquatic networks that passively share information like their location and air supply status.

Source: TheVerge

More Power to Nyko

If you are one of the many individuals who purchased a PS4, you were most likely pleased except for the inferior battery life. There is hope on the horizon however; Nyko has developed a battery that hooks up into the micro usb port on the remote. The retail price of this battery is suggested at $20.00.

The Power Pak is designed to add extra power while the controller's in use, but it is also compatible with Nyko's Charge Base, a dock that can store and charge two PS4 controllers when not in use. It's available in video game accessories stories for a recommended retail price of $20.

Source: IGN

Microsoft Stock Hits Decade High as the Fire People

Microsoft recently announced that they were axing a bunch of employees and the stock market responded - by going up. That's right, the stock market celebrated unemployment by pushing the price of Microsoft stock up higher than it has been in a decade. With all the buzz around their manifesto lately, there may be some good stuff coming from Microsoft over the next few years. People seem optimistic at least - well, those that still have jobs.

While there is no doubt that Nadella is changing the way the company is operating and is installing a new "challenger mindset," Wall Strett loves layoffs from a profitable company; investors traditionally look at layoffs from a profitable company as a way to streamline operations and reduce unnecessary expenditures. When Microsoft bought Nokia's devices arm, it also obtained more than 25,000 new employees; with that many acquisitions, there are overlapping roles that results in unnecessary overhead for the company.

Source: Neowin

Kindle Unlimited

Not to be confused with Hingle McKringleberry, Kindle Unlimited looks like it may be coming soon. There is a commercial on YouTube and even some information that has since been pulled about this upcoming service. Think of Kindle Unlimited as Netflix for your Kindle. You can get all the books you want for a monthly fee. Just want everyone needs - another monthly subscription. If you're an avid reader, this will actually be a great deal.

By clicking the button above, you agree to the Kindle Unlimited Terms of Use . You authorize us to charge your 1-Click credit card or another available credit card on file with us $9.99 per month plus applicable tax until you cancel. You may cancel your subscription at any time by visiting your account and adjusting your settings.


Source: Amazon (Cached Page), YouTube

FBI Wants Self-Driving Cars Banned

The FBI makes a good point when they state that self-driving cars could actually be used as "lethal weapons" and wants them banned. Of course, many people that shouldn't have their license also make cars into lethal weapons - and stairs. Stairs kill people too. Either way, check out all the details about this claim and how it actually has some merit at the link below.

In an unclassified but restricted report obtained by the Guardian under a public records request, the FBI predicts that autonomous cars “will have a high impact on transforming what both law enforcement and its adversaries can operationally do with a car.”

Source: TheGuardian

Add E-Ink to Your Android

There are a few people who use their Android device for reading and while the screens are much easier on the eyes than they used to be, the truth is that they are not easier on the battery. A Kickstarter campaign has recently surfaced that aims to add a folio case and an eInk display to your device via Bluetooth. The beauty of this is that it will give you 17 hours of reading time on a charge. While it will make your phone last longer, you'll now be charging your case, your phone, your headset, your watch and more. Can we just make better batteries please? Until then, check it out at the link below.

How it works and the technology behind the InkCase Plus
InkCase Plus is built with the same E Ink technology used in the e-reader series; image or information on the E Ink electronic display will be retained even in the absence of power.
Source: KickStarter

LG G Watch vs. Pebble Steel

Like it or not, wearable technology isn't going anywhere for the next little while. You don't have to buy into it of course, but there are some appealing aspects that may entice some users. Pebble is one of the first companies to get into this market successfully, but their first device was pretty ugly. They have launched a much sleeker version and today, that is up against the brand-new LG G Watch based off the Android Wear platform.

Here is a comparison that needs to be done – the infamous Pebble smartwatch, the Pebble Steel in this case, versus the new comer, the Android Wear powered LG G Watch.  How does the ‘old’ world stack up to the ‘new’ world in the smartwatch arena – which one offers the most features and best specifications for the money?  Other than the fact that both watches will tell you the time, these watches are as different as night and day in the specs department.

Source: AndroidHeadlines

Comcast Really Doesn't Want You to Leave

If you love Comcast, you're probably in a very small club with yourself. Recently a customer tried to cancel their service on the phone, and this happened.


It's pretty fantastic at how igrnorant, arrogant and how much the "Customer Service Rep" was a hoser. Also, it's impressive that the customer was that patient. Well done. Self control level: +7

Source: SoundCloud


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