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League of Legends World Championship

League of Legends and eSPORTS are really starting to take off and with the World Championships in Korea selling out to a 40,000 person crowd, things are picking up the pace. At this event $11 Million was up for grabs making it worth while to start gaming again. If this is an indication of the future, I really need to spend more time in the virtual world.

Last night, Riot’s final World Championship match series was held in Korea, where 40,000 fans sold out Seoul’s World Cup Stadium to watch Korean pros Samsung White and China’s Starhorn Royal Club compete for the honor of being the best team of the most popular game of the world, which boasts 67 million monthly players at last count.

Source: Forbes

Fall 2014 Cooler Roundup

We have just posted up our Fall 2014 Cooling Roundup. In this roundup we take a look at a few liquid coolers from NZXT and Thermaltake as well as heatsinks from Thermaltake and Noctua. We put them head-to-head in a maximum-performance shootout on a mildly overclocked Intel Core i7 4790K CPU.  If you are looking for a new cooler this fall, take a look as we've updated our cooling platform to reflect more current CPUs and have a total of nine coolers battling for top honors. Check our review for all the details.

We have coolers from Noctua, Thermaltake and NZXT represented here today and this round will cover HSF units as well as liquid cooling kits. We won't do a direct comparison of noise, but we will make some notes as to noise levels as we go. If you want some good kit-cooling and have a decent budget, make sure you follow along to see the candidates.

Cooling Roundup

Move over 4k, the Retina iMac hits 5k

I might not be an Apple evangalist, but I am a resolution junkie so I must give Apple props for announcing "the world's highest resolution display" on the new Apple iMac with Retina display. The new "5K" Retina display is sporting 5120x2880 on a 27" screen. For those of you keeping track at home, that is 67% more pixels than a 4k display. The new iMac is sporting a Radeon R9 M290x to drive all those pixels and the rest of the spes are pretty standard. All of this can be yours for a price starting st $2,499 and can be purchased today. The Verge has more details over here.

Apple has announced a new version of its iMac desktop computer complete with a high-resolution Retina display. The new model has what Apple says is the "world's highest resolution display", at 5120 x 2880 pixels on a 27-inch screen. Prior to this, the highest resolution iMac was the 27-inch version, which has a 2560 x 1440 pixel display. Apple notes that it has seven times as many pixels as an HD TV, with 14.7 million in total. It's also 67 percent more pixels than 4K displays, and Apple is calling it a Retina 5K display.

Nexus 9 more powerful than 2012 Mac Pro

All the hype behind the new Nexus 9's new Nvidia Tegra K1 CPU was apparently true as benchmarks are trickling in showing just how powerful that CPU really is. In the benchmarks that TechRadar have done so far the Nexus 9 tablet is more powerful than a 2012 Mac Pro and almost catches the brand new MacBook Air in terms of CPU performance. If you compare the Nexus 9 to other tablets, well, there really isn't much competition as the iPad Air and Nexus 10 both come nowhere near. 

Benchmark results for the upcoming Nexus 9 tablet have been spotted and the results are incredibly impressive, with the tablet performing as well as a Mac Pro from 2012.

Considering that Mac Pros sell for a lot of money and are usually used for professional video and image editing, the fact that the Nexus 9 tablet can go toe-to-toe with the PC is pretty impressive.

Nexus Time!

The long wait is over, Google has announced the new additions to their Nexus lineup. Google has made the announcement via their blog.

The Nexus 6 will be the newest addition to the smartphone lineup. The Nexus 6, built by Motorola, will feature a 6" quad-hd smartphone (2560x1440) screen in addition to a 13 MP camera. The Nexus 6 will of course be running Android 5.0 (Lolipop) and also give you a Turbocharge feature which will allow you to get 6 hours of battery life on a 15 minute charge. 

The Nexus 9 will be the update to Google's tablet lineup. The Nexus 9 will be produced by HTC and will feature a 8.9" screen and will give you an option for a magnetically attached keyboard. The Nexus 9 will of course also be running Android 5.0 and will be available for pre-order in late October and hitting store shelves sometime in November. 

The last announcement was for the Nexus Player, which will be built by Asus and it is a streaming media player (kinda like the one that every other company produces). You'll be able to play Android games on your TV, stream media, and all that fun stuff. The Nexus player will be available for pre-order late October and also be on store shelves sometime in November.

I think overall I'd say the wait was worth it for Nexus fans as all 3 products seems to have gone over relatively well so far. Thoughts? Use the forum link below.

World's Fastest Car

A group of engineers and scientists in the UK has set out to set out to produce the world's fastest car with a project called Bloodhound SSC. This group of engineers isn't looking to just break the record, they are looking to destroy it with the Bloodhound SSC which they are building to go 1,000 MPH and break the world land speed record. So far the car is still in development but you can follow their progress at their website and see if they can achieve their goal of a world record. I don't care who you are, you have to admit this is pretty cool.

Netflix raises prices, slows growth

Netflix has released their earnings report which wasn't what people were expecting or what they forecasted and have seen a huge drop in their stock price. Netflix still added about 3 million subscribers, but after forecasting 3.7 million and in comparison to last year those numbers didn't give investors a warm and fuzzy feeling. Netflix is blaming a $1 price increase on one of the major reasons for the slowdown as it appears that even a $1 increase is enough to scare away streaming customers who at the moment have a lot of different choices. Slate has the full story.

Netflix tacked on about 3 million new users across the globe over the past three months, undershooting its forecast of 3.7 million. But perhaps more worrisome, it’s growth in the U.S. fell year over year, reaching just 1 million net new sign-ups, down from 1.3 million in the third quarter of 2013. The company is blaming its $1 price hike in May, which raised the cost of a subscription to $8.99 per month. “As best we can tell, the primary cause is the slightly higher prices we now have compared to a year ago," management said in its letter to shareholders. "Slightly higher prices result in slightly less growth, other things being equal, and this is manifested more clearly in higher adoption markets such as the US.”  

WTU Episode #284 - Microsoft may Kill the Surface

We have just posted up Episode #284 of Weekly Tech Update. In this episode we are discussing the end of the Surface, Steve and Bill unfriend each other and the PC is dead - well, not exactly.We have those stories and more and the links below!


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The PC is NOT Dying

For years people have predicted that the end of the PC was "upon us", and yet PC sales are picking back up in Europe and North America. I believe that this is due to the marketing onslaught that was enduring a couple of years back where consumers were led to believe that tablet computers could solve all their problems. For portable entertainment, they are a valid option, but if you really want to get something done in a day, a PC is still the best means to that productive end. 

On Thursday, the analyst firm said PC shipments totaled 79.4 million units in the third quarter of this year, 0.5 percent down on the same quarter of 2013. However, that decline was down to the emerging markets — in Western Europe and North America, shipments were up 9 percent and 4.2 percent respectively (that’s the third consecutive quarter of growth in the U.S., by the way).

Source: Gigaom

Android "L" Means Licorice

There has been a lot of curiosity amonst geeks as to what the next version of Android will be called. Although Lemon Meringue Pie and Lollipop have been thrown around quite a bit, it seems that there may be another tasty treat in the works instead. Licorice has a lot of merrit and according to the guy who builds the Android sculptures at Google's campus, he really likes "licorice". We won't have long to wait to find out for sure.

Calabrese also wrote that while boarding the plane to fly to Google’s headquarters this week, he was asked by the Travel Security Administration why he had so many boxes of licorice in his bag. He also said that he handed out boxes of licorice to people at the boarding gate.

Source: BGR

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