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WTU Episode #291 - Saying Goodbye to G4TV and iPhone 5C

We have just posted up Episode #291 of Weekly Tech Update. In this episode we are saying a hello to a lower priced Fire Phone, saying goodbye to G4TV and the iPhone 5C and we take a look at the worst product ever made. We have those stories and more and the links below!

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Batter and Cook Shrimp in 3 Seconds

There is simply no better way to advertise LTE speed than with speed-fried shrimp.


Steve Wozniak is Doing a Reality TV Show

I hate reality TV shows. Seriously. I am not a fan in any way, shape or form and I think that type of television has killed creativity and endorses stupidity. That being said, a reality TV show starring Steve Wozniak and Kari Byron (former Mythbuster) could be spectacular as they talk about futuristic tech that is coming sooner than you think. I love the idea and hope it actually is half-way as awesome as it sounds.

The show will feature Woz testing futuristic gadgets hands-on. The press release says it "introduces the audience to facilities where science fiction is quickly becoming reality." 
But that's really all we know so far; I've reached out to producers and the man himself for more information. We don't know where or when it will air (it looks like they pitched it to Discovery already) but this pedigree should make for entertaining TV.

Source: Gizmodo


Samsung Gear S Review - Barely Wearable

As we posted yesterday, just because a company promises big things - doesn't mean they can deliver. Samsung has really tried a lot of awesome things with their Android Wear powered Gear S, but although it looks good on paper and in the PR world, the end result is less than perfect. A lot less than perfect if you believe what you read at the review below.

Samsung's wearables strategy seems to be: "Throw everything at a wall and see what sticks." In a little over 12 months, the electronics giant has launched six -- yes, six -- different smartwatches, each with its own unique personality. The latest is the Samsung Gear S, and its particular claim to fame might be the most ambitious yet: It's the first Gear watch that lets you make and receive calls from your wrist, no phone required.

Source: Engadget

Intel Inside Google's Glass

If you really want to get your foot in the door of wearables, you can either compete with some of the more established companies - or you can simply be the chip manufacturer that powers these devices. Intel has been pushing hard to be inside Google's Glass and it seems that they have just clinched the deal. The big question is: "Is Google Glass really going to be popular enough to make Intel serious money?" Time will tell.

Through a program it calls Glass at Work, Google is working with software developers including Augmedix Inc. and APX Labs LLC to encourage use of Glass in industries such as health care, construction and manufacturing where employees work with their hands but need information.

Source: WallStreetJournal

21 Century Old Analog Computer

"More than 21 centuries ago, a mechanism of fabulous ingenuity was created in Greece, a device capable of indicating exactly how the sky would look for decades to come -- the position of the moon and sun, lunar phases and even eclipses. But this incredible invention would be drowned in the sea and its secret forgotten for two thousand years."


Source: Antikythera (YouTube)

Worst Product Ever KickStarted

Not everything that launches on Kickstarter is that great. In fact, according to Snazzy Labs, the "Ring" by Logbar is probably the worst product ever made and it still qualifies as a "successful" launch. Be careful about what you fund.


Nintendo FIles Patent for Gameboy on Mobile

It looks like Nintendo might be finally getting the idea that not everyone wants to carry around a dedicated gaming device. While they still want to sell hardware, selling software has some benefits as well. According to sources, they've recently filed a patent for an emulator that will run on mobile phones and will bring classic gameboy games to your favorite device. I wish them the best as they do need to switch things up a bit if they want to quit losing money.

Many have called for the company to consider making its signature titles available on smartphone devices as a way to shore up struggling hardware sales, but thus far the company has seemed reluctant to the idea. Lately, it has been offering spin-off games from the Pokémon series on iPhone and iPad, but it has yet to provide full ports, as Square-Enix has with the Final Fantasy series, for instance.

Source: TechCrunch

New Fanless Design on ThinkPad Helix

Lenovo has cheapened up the ThinkPad line a little more than I'd like, but they are still putting a lot of thought and some cool (literally) innovation in their latest version of the ThinkPad Helix. It has a fast Intel Core processor that uses a vapor chamber in place of a fan to keep it cool - and silent. This is nifty stuff.


Disney's Star Wars Trailer

As I watched the new trailer for the latest Star Wars movie - the first one made by Disney, I couldn't help but expect to hear Mickey Mouse or Donald Ducks voice come out of some of the characters. Sadly, the trailer doesn't showcase this, but here's hoping!


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