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FFXIII Goes to the Cloud

Mobile gaming has grown increasingly popular over the last few years. While Nintendo has missed out on a lot of the mobile gaming goodness, Square Enix doesn't want to miss the boat as well. They are launching a Cloud-Powered Final Fantasy XIII in Japan for iOS and Android devices. This will bring more people to spend money on the Square Enix title and also bring better games to Android as the graphics will be rendered server-side and pumped to mobile handsets. While this hasn't worked for competitve shooters on the PC, it could work awesome for mobile games.

The game is delivered as a free, tiny (~20 MB) app, and the entire game is streamed from G-Cluster servers to your device as a video. To accommodate the game’s controls (which were originally built for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 controllers), the screen is surrounded by large touch targets that match up with most buttons that would normally be available.

Source: TechCrunch

$20,000 iWatch = Sold Out

Looks like Apple's $20,000 Gold Watch gimmick has paid off as they went on sale in China and were sold out in less than an hour. Apparently $20,000 isn't too much for a status symbol and while the total amount of watches sold isn't known, the fact that more than 1 sold is proof enough that some people do in fact have more money than brains. Business Insider has more on this story.

The Apple Watch Edition has already sold out in China — and it took less than an hour for the most luxurious gold version of the device, which reportedly costs 126,800 yuan ($20,000), to get completely snapped up.

Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge

Today is the day that the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge go on sale in the United States and thanks to the positive reviews so far, Samsung is expecting big things from their flagship phone. How big? Samsung is hoping to move around 50 million of these devices in 2015 alone which is a pretty impressive feat and would make it the best selling Galaxy phone so far. Right now it seems like the S6 Edge might be the more in demand phone and supply most likely won't be able to keep up with demand for a while so if you are in the market for one you might not want to wait around otherwise you'll be disappointed. The Verge has more on the launch over here.

Samsung's Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge go on sale in the US today at 12.00pm ET, with the South Korean manufacturer predicting record sales for its new flagship devices. Samsung certainly needs a boost, with relatively sluggish sales for the Galaxy S5 dragging down its revenue and profit in the last quarter. However, after positive reviews across the board for the S6 and S6 Edge, some analysts are expecting the new devices to sell as much 50 million units in 2015 alone. "We expect the sales volume to hit the highest record ever among the Galaxy series," said Lee Sang-chul, Samsung's head of mobile marketing.

YouTube Ad-Free

Not surprisingly, YouTube is getting set to roll out an ad-free version of YouTube for a few bucks a month (rumored to be ~$10 per month). This is probably a good deal if you watch a ton of YouTube and can't stand the commercials. YouTube will be offering 55% of the revenue this program generates with its partners who will obviously not be making ad revenue off these 'paid users'. No word yet on launch date but I'd bet good money that we'll be hearing more from YouTube very soon about this upcoming service. The Verge has more details over here.

YouTube's forthcoming paid subscription offering is rapidly taking shape, and is expected to become available within the next few months, sources familiar with the matter tell The Verge. The company told creators of popular channels today that the offering, which does not yet have a name, is coming soon. It will offer ad-free videos as well as the ability to store videos offline on their mobile devices, for a price expected to be around $10 a month. It will also let creators put their videos behind a paywall so that only subscribers to the premium version can view them, sources said

Xbox One will help you cut the cord

Microsoft has announced that they are working with Hauppauge to bring you a HDTV antenna that will plug into your Xbox One and give you over the air TV on your Xbox One console. In addition to allowing you to watch TV, you'll also get PVR functions with this device so you can pause live TV and cache up to 30 minutes in addition to an on-screen tv listing and other cool features. Right now the device will be around $80 bucks and available in Canada and the United States with a cheaper $60 dollar version to follow in the coming months. BGR takes a look at this device that might just be enough to make you cut the cord with your cable company.

This might be a fairly specific scenario, but if you own an Xbox One and are on the fence about signing up for a cable subscription, Microsoft might have just made the decision for you. On Wednesday, the Xbox team announced that it would be bringing over-the-air TV functionality to Xbox One owners in the United States and Canada.

“Starting today, members of the Xbox One preview program in the U.S. and Canada can get over-the-air TV by purchasing the Hauppauge WinTV-955Q (MSRP $79.99 at Amazon, Best Buy, GameStop and Micro Center), and an HDTV antenna,” writes the Xbox team.

Google to buy Twitter?

According to a new rumor, Google is looking at buying Twitter. Apparently Google has 60 Billion dollars burning a hole in their pockets and Twitter would only eat up approximately 34 Billion and leave them enough money to throw a pizza party for the entire Google staff. Hard to know if there is any truth to this one, but Twitter's stock rose almost 1.5 Billion in value since the rumor surfaced which should make Twitter shareholders super happy. The Telepgraph has the story.

More than $1.5bn (£1bn) was added to the value of Twitter on Tuesday following reports Google could launch a bid for the social network.

Shares in Twitter jumped 4.8pc on reports the US company had hired Goldman Sachs as an adviser to fend off approaches.

Two companies are believed to have contacted Twitter with “serious” interest, according to Briefing.com, with Google identified as one of those firms.

BioShock Re-Rendered on CryEngine 3

There is some pretty amazing talent around the world and the fact that this guy has managed to re-create a bit of a level play-through of BioShock using an entirely different (and much better) game engine blows my mind. Check it out.

Source: Vimeo

Samsung GS6 is a Pain in the Bum to Repair

I love the teardowns that these guys do on technology. With most gadgets, the manage to tear them apart and find out just what is inside and what makes them tick - as well aas how easy they are to repair. The nifty thing is how the screen is made on this device and how Samsung gets it to wrap around the edges. It's pretty cool stuff for sure so make sure you check out the entire tear-down and be glad you don't have to fix yours anytime soon.

GS6 Teardown

(Image courtesy iFixit)

Source: iFixIt

Cool Video of the Day

While match-stick rockets aren't all that new, filming them in slow-motion is pretty awesome. Just don't be like these guys and shoot your eye out with a rocket. I know this isn't too "techy", but at least it is rocket science!


WTU Episode #308 - 2015 Macbook vs 2011 Macbook Air

We have just posted up Episode #308 of Weekly Tech Update. In this episode we are discussing Bendgate 2.0 (Samsung says it's not a thing), the 2011 Macbook Air outperforming the new 2015 Macbook, as well as Nintendo wants a cut of your YouTube money.We have those stories and more so check it out!

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