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Samsung Shows off Features of Note 8's Dual-Camera

Some thought that Samsung wouldn't release the Galaxy Note 8 due to the troubles with the Note 7. They have pulled up their britches and gone ahead with the Note 8 and have added some nifty features and a dual-camera. Their dual-camera is more than just a 3x zoom though and they have just shown off some of the nifty tricks that you'll be able to do with their latest device. I really, REALLY hope that there are no major issues with this Note - or the Note line will be dead for good.

It's no secret that the Galaxy Note 8 will likely include dual rear cameras given all the leaks, but you don't have to take the rumor mill's word for it -- Samsung appears to have dropped a not-so-subtle hint of its own. The company's electromechanical division has posted a feature list for a dual camera module that lines up eerily well what's expected from the Note 8's rear sensors. To begin with, the second camera allows for 3X optical zoom, or a notch better than the 2X you see in the iPhone 7 Plus and OnePlus 5.

Source: Engadget

Google Puts Native Ad Blocker in Canary and Dev Chrome Builds

Google has decided to put a native Ad-Blocker in their latest build of Chrome browser. They still offer the ability to install ad-blocking extensions, but once their version hits the mainstream channels, I'm sure that they will make it harder and more clunky to use third-party applications. I get ad-blocking from sure, but as a content producer, it bugs me on a certain level. As such, I don't use ad-blockers myself, but certainly don't blame people who do. Google's big drive here is that their blocker will block non-Google ads, but allow their ads to pass through.

It may seem strange that Google is introducing an ad blocker to its browser, given that its core business is in online advertising. It actually makes a lot of sense, as the ads that will be blocked will be the intrusive ones that have nothing to do with Google. The standards will be agreed upon by members of the Coalition for Better Ads, including Google. By blocking the offending ads, the company hopes to dissuade users from installing third party blocking software that does impact its business.

Source: AndroidPolice

Making MIcron Memory Chips

This is a pretty nifty video showing you the steps and process to making memory chips. This basically applies to NAND or RAM. Check it out. It's worth the time.


Living with Windows 10 S

Paul Thurrott is a Windows Blogger who is not always impressed with the way Microsoft does things, and even though he is quite platform loyal, he does tell things as they are. He has been using Windows 10 S since the middle of July and plans to use it until the middle of August. It's not going well. There are a lot of limitations to the platform and instability runs rampant. Compatibility is another huge drawback, but don't worry, you can pay Microsoft to upgrade. This, in my mind is the real reason to give Windows 10 S away, so people will get tired of it and buy a full license. That's a dangerous strategy.

First, here’s what I’m doing: In the grand tradition of “idiot blogger doing stupid stuff so you don’t have to,” I’m going to try and use Windows 10 S every single day between now and the middle of August, when I return from our annual home swap and move to Pennsylvania. Now, I’ve already used Windows 10 S, so I know what I’m in for. And it’s not pretty. So I’m going to bend the rules a little bit.

Source: Thurrott

Apple Moves to 4K and HDR

Apple is innovating the streaming industry as they have just started to release a select number of titles in 4K and HDR. While their selection is pretty small, it's a giant step for consumers as this type of content has previously only been available on Netfix, Hulu, PopcornTime, PopFlix, Shazam, YouTube, Kodi, XBMC, StreamALot, MyVids, LiveStream, Crave, Shomi, LiveTV, CBC, NBC, CSpan and Teletoon.

Ok, so everyone else has been doing it for a long time. Still, it's nice that Apple finally realized that people want good content.

Not all movies are listed as "4K, HDR" at this time, and it may be region specific for now. One reader from the United States shared a screenshot of Passengers still being listed as "Film (HD)" in his iTunes purchase history. MacRumors can confirm "4K, HDR" has appeared in both the UK and Canada at least. 

Source: MacRumors

ASUS X399 Threadripper Motherboards

ASUS has posted a guide to their X399 motherboards and they cover primarily the ROG and Prime boards. These boards are not for the cheap of wallet as the ROG board will have 10GbE and be priced over $500. The CPU becomes one of the cheapest parts of the equation - which is not normally the case with 8 to 16 core chips. Either way, the future looks pretty bright for AMD at this moment. Take a look at the board information at the links below. In the meantime, check out how to install (and the size of) the Threadripper CPU.


Source: ASUS Threadripper Guide, ROG Zenith Extreme, Prime X399-A

Bill Gates is #1

Yesterday we saw Jeff Bezos (Amazon) dethrone Bill Gates as the "Richest Person in the World". Today we've got a new richest person, Bill Gates. You might remember Bill Gates from Microsoft as he'd occupied the top spot on this list for many, many, years but for a couple hours he was simply #2. Jeff Bezos saw Amazon's stock price drop by 2% after releasing Amazon's quarterly earnings which fell a little short and saw prices drop which in turn dropped his networth back to #2 on the richest person list. CNN explains how it all happened.

Bezos's net worth topped $90 billion on Thursday morning, allowing the Amazon founder and CEO to dethrone Gates, the co-founder of Microsoft, as the richest man in the world, according to Forbes and Bloomberg.

However, an afternoon dip in Amazon's stock price caused Bezos to slip back behind Gates, who has been No. 1 since 2013 on the Bloomberg Billionaires Index. Bezos finished the day worth $88.8 billion, just behind the $89.8 billion for Gates.

Sega Genesis Flashback

Thanks to the overwhelming popularity of the retro Nintendo consoles, Sega is jumping in on the bandwagon with the Sega Genesis Flashback. With the Genesis Flashback you get 85 titles (although some of the titles are kinda random additions). You'll of course be getting the classics like Sonic, Golden Axe, Phantasy Star titles which should make the Genesis fans happy. Unfortunately, the Sega Genesis Flashback seems like it need a little more polishing and the guys over at CNET weren't blown away by it.

 My entire childhood was spent in front of Sega systems. I got the Master System when I was recovering from appendicitis. I had the Genesis, the Sega CD and 32X, and the Saturn and Dreamcast. Even Game Gear. I've owned Genesis game compilations. I've downloaded Sega 3D Classics on the Nintendo 3DS. You get the idea.

I was really excited about the Sega Genesis Flashback: it's an HDMI-equipped nostalgia box for Sega games, and on paper it sounds like Sega's answer to the SNES Classic. And, even though it arrives in September -- along with a similar Atari Flashback model -- I got to play an early version of the system over the past week.

If only reality were as good as the fantasy.

Porsche Laptop

It's always interesting to see companies that try to get into markets that they aren't familiar with and then 9 out of 10 times struggle. Today's expample is from Porsche who've come out with a "Luxary" brand ultraportable, the Porsche Design Book One. The design is similar to the Surface Book with it's detachable screen, but the price of course is the biggest difference you'll see, starting at a hefty $2,500. Now the market has shown that people will pay a premium price for a premium product, however, The Verge takes a look a the Porsche Design Book One and has a few quetions...

I've been fascinated by Porsche cars for years. Even as a teenager I would keep scrapbooks of the latest models, and visit car showrooms to see the exquisite 911 Turbo. While Porsche is known throughout the world as a sports car maker, its name can also be found on many other products, such as phones and headphones, thanks to a subsidiary named Porsche Design. The latest product from the firm is a computer, one of my other favorite fascinations.

Porsche Design’s Book One is designed to be an alternative to Microsoft’s Surface Book. Unlike Porsche Design’s Huawei Mate 9 phone, the laptop is unique in both its design and functionality. It flips like a Lenovo Yoga, and the screen detaches like a Surface Book. A strange hinge does all the work, while echoing the look of a gearbox that might be found in a sports car.

LG G6 isn't selling as well as they were hoping

LG's mobile division has been fighting the tough battle and in their quarterly filings has revealed that their newest flagship phone, the G6, hasn't been selling as well as they were hoping. The quarterly results aren't terrible, but they fell short and they posted a loss in the quarter for that division (which never makes investors happy). Unfortunately in a crowded mobile market, LG isn't the only ones who've had a hard time setting themselves apart and are just one of a handful that have spent a ton of money to try to compete with Samsung and Apple and have come up short. TechCrunch has more on this story.

LG’s mobile business is in a sticky patch after the company admitted its flagship LG G6 smartphone hasn’t sold as well as expected.

LG Electronics itself posted a business-wide operating income of KRW 664.1 billion (USD 588.2 million) on overall revenue KRW 14.55 trillion (USD 12.89 billion). While LG’s operating income rose by 14 percent year-on-year to outpace a four percent annual growth in revenue, its overall numbers were curtailed by a mobile business that posted a KRW 132.4 billion ($117.27 million) loss for the quarter.

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