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NVIDIA GTX 970 / 980 Leaks

If you've been waiting for a card that will be able to push game content to all three of your new 4K displays, the wait may soon be over. It appears that some benchmarks and specifications for the upcoming generation of video cards based on NVIDIA's latest chip have leaked. Both of these cards look to be pretty impressive and I'm thinking that the 970 may be in my future. As always, take these "leaks" with a grain of salt. Many things could change before release.

...GTX 970 is looking sharp with plenty more OC headroom . That's only 1140mhz. According to TPU GPU DB of a bunch of different cards, 1178mhz should be the reference boost clock for the GTX 970. An 1150mhz GTX 780 Ti which is a healthy air OC for one, scores around 12,200 gpu score. That sub-reference-clock GTX 970, pumps out an 11,300 score which is under 10% less. Now realize that you can buy a 1280mhz or higher out of the box card at launch.

Source: HardOCP Forums

3DS Controller Used for Super Smash Bros. WiiU

This bit of news is pretty interesting. It appears that a 3DS will be able to be used as a controller in the upcoming Wii U title - Super Smash Bros. This is not a new concept as Sony has enabled their portable gaming systems to be used as controllers for a while. If Nintendo does this right, a 3DS could basically become another WiiU advanced controller and make the Wii U actually worth checking out.

This possible functionality was discovered by Twitter user Kyle McLain, who tweeted the following photo, along with the message "Am I crazy, or does this say that if you connect your 3DS with your Wii U, that you can use your 3DS as a controller?" The top screen does indeed say "Connect to Wii U" and "Connect the 3DS to the Wii U to use your customized characters and use the 3DS as a controller."

Source: IGN

Windows 9 Recap

Windows 9 is starting to get some solid rumors and some great "leaks" and there is a bunch of little video clips put together that shows off the start menu, notifications and virtual desktops. If you want to check out these features, make sure to check out the link below for all the videos.

Source: NeoWin

Xbox 360 Holiday Bundles Surface

If you've been waiting to pick up a new Xbox 360 to keep on playing your old games, there are a few new Holiday bundles that have just surfaced. These will be available right away and all bundles are currently $249USD. You have a few choices that include more storage and less games, or less storage and more games and accessories. Take a look and see what a console half the price of the Xbox One Kinect offers.

Today we are announcing the Xbox 360 Holiday Value Bundles that will be available next week at retailers around the world. There are a number of options; here are the details: Xbox 360 500 GB Holiday Value Bundle, Xbox 360 Special Edition Blue Bundle, Xbox 360 4GB Kinect Bundle.

Source: MajorNelson

SanDisk's new SD Card is Awesome

There was a time when if you wanted a large amount of storage in a camera card you had to go with a Compact Flash card. Now that those cards are all but dead, companies have been really pushing into the SD card space. It wasn't too long back that 256GB cards made their debut and now that size has doubled with the 512GB card from SanDisk. This is a UHS-1 card that promises crazy performance at a pretty crazy price at launch. If you need this kind of storage, it will set you back a mere $800.

SanDisk announced the Extreme Pro SDXC card (UHS-1) on Friday, the world's first SD card with room for 512 gigabytes of data — more than a half a terabyte of storage. To put that into perspective, 128GB is starting capacity for most Ultrabooks and the MacBook Air, and 256GB is common for most PC solid-state disk (SSD) drives today.

Source: Mashable

iPhone 6 vs Nexus 4

Obviously the iPhone 6 launch has been dominating the news this week and iPhone fans are looking forward to their next upgrade. In typical fashion, Android fans are pointing out that some of the new features that iPhone 6 users can look forward to are already available on Android and have come up with a chart comparing the iPhone 6 to the Android Nexus 4 and there are a few similarities. The biggest point Android users are bringing up is that the Nexus 4 is already 2 years old so the phrase "If you need help with your iPhone 6's new features, just ask an Android users, we've had this stuff for years" has become popular amongst Android fanboys that are enjoying poking fun at Apple fanboys and keeping the Android vs Apple back and forth going. HuffingtonPost has the details.

Microsoft strikes a deal with the NFL

Microsoft has dropped $400 Million bucks over 5 years to become the official tablet of the NFL. Now on the sidelines of NFL games you will see players and coaches using Surface tablets as part of this sponsorship deal. Nothing about this deal is out of the ordinary in terms of sponsorship deals, however, in week one of the new NFL season on two separate occasions, announcers make fun of the Surface tablets and mistaking call them iPads. This probably isn't what Microsoft was envisioning when they dropped $400 Million bucks. BusinessInsider has the details.

Prior to the season, Microsoft and the NFL struck a 5-year, $400 million deal with one of the major components being that the Microsoft Surface would become "the official tablet of the NFL" with coaches and players using the Surface on the sidelines during games.

But Microsoft and the league ran into a problem during week one of the season when at least two television announcers mistakenly referred to the tablets as iPads giving a huge rival some unexpected exposure.

Samsung takes a shot at the iPhone 6

Apple announced their new iPhone 6 smartphones and not surprisingly people are already taking shots at Apple. Samsung has released their new "it doesn't take a genius" lineup of commercials which compare their new Galaxy Note 4 to the new iPhone 6.

If you want to see more of the "it doesn't take a genius" commericals from Samsung head on over here.

TiVo Mega

As hard drive capacities grow larger and larger, TiVo has come out with their latest PVR that will ensure you won't have to delete anything. The TiVo Mega will feature 24TB of storage (yes, you read that right, Terabyte!) and will allow you to record up to 6 channels at a time and should give you enough storage for 26,000 hours of standard def video. Unforunately the TiVo Mega doesn't come out until early 2015 and carries a $5,000 price tag, but other than that this is the ideal PVR if you are a hoarder. The WSJ has more details.

The Mega DVR is less of a set-top box and more of a personal server farm for your videos. It’s got 24 terabytes of hard-drive space, which TiVo says can hold more than 26,000 hours of continuous standard-definition video, or at least 4,000 of your favorite “Real Housewives” episodes in glorious high-def. It can record six channels at the same time.

Maybe you’re just crazy enough to plunk down $5,000—which includes the lifetime subscription to TiVo’s service—when the TiVo Mega goes on sale in early 2015. At least you can stash the rack-mountable monster someplace other than directly beneath your super-thin TV: It automatically transcodes video to stream over the Internet to your iOS devices, and you can also access its abundant stash on any HDTV in the house that’s connected to a much smaller $100 TiVo Mini box.

Group Therapy: New Microsoft Cortana Ad

Microsoft must have hired a different ad agency. Lately their ads have been pretty decent and this one is mildly amusing at worst and pretty clever at best.


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