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Lenovo @ CES 2017

Lenovo appears like they are going to have quite a busy 2017 thanks to the wide range of products they are showing off this year at CES. We've seen some of the new ThinkPad lineup, including a newly updated Thinkpad Carbon X1 ultrabook, new smartphone offerings from Lenovo and their sub-brand Motorola, but one of the things that is a bit of a different path for Lenovo is their Legion series of products.

Legion is the name of Lenovo's products that are aimed at the gaming community. On the portable side, the Legion Y520 and Y720 are both laptops that have features gamers want and offer more performance for today's games. The Y520 is the "entry level" system in the notebook series and then you can move up to the Y720 which adds even more performance and aims at a mid to high range gamer. Due to the number schemes that Lenovo likes to utilize it would probably be somewhat safe to assume that we'll see a Y920 at some point to fill out the Legion notebook series down the road. Oh, I almost forgot to mention that the Y720 is also the first notebook to offer Dolby Atmos sound build in. 

Lenovo Legion Y720 Gaming Laptop

If you'd like a gaming system but want a bit more power than what a laptop can offer Lenovo's Legion series of products still has you covered. Lenovo has some portable PC towers in the Legion series (available now), and at CES 2017 are showing off their "All-in-One" Legion system as well. Normally when you thing all-in-one PC you don't think gaming performance, but the new Legion All-in-One features the ability to upgrade your system and even uses a full sized video card for the performance that gamers demand, all in a nice tight form factor.

Lenovo Legion All-in-One Gaming PC


If you'd like to see more from Lenovo make sure to check out our CES 2017 picture gallery.

HyperX at CES 2017

HyperX has separated themselves from Kingston a bit this year at CES and actually had a separate venue. While they are still a division of Kingston, their focus is entirely on the gaming side of things where performance and curb appear are some of the two more important factors. 



Speaking of performance, Kingston was showing off their new M.2 NVMe SSD solution and was managing to pull a ridiculous 1.96 million IOPS from the array. Keep in mind that they were in a RAID array and these drives are very expensive. Regardless, that just shows you what NVMe flash and money can bring to the table. The prices of all these PCIe flash solutions are coming down, and last year the price of a similar setup was almost double. 2017 will be a great year for NVMe and the gaming enthusiast.



Of course HyperX also had a few of their latest headsets, keyboards and mice on display as well and in the end, they offer a pretty impressive and complete internal and external upgrade solution to many of your componets. HyperX memory is fast, their SSDs are faster and all that can be comforably controlled via their Alloy FPS keyboard, Fury gaming surface and new Pulsefire gaming mouse.



For more CES day 1 images, please check out the gallery here. Also, for our full CES coverage, you can follow along here.


MSI Sneak Peak Press Conference at CES 2017

MSI comes to CES this year with a one-two punch with working hand-in-hand with Intel and Nvidia to produce products for performance gaming with great cooling while some are also able to be VR ready out the box. One of their stars for this year is the world’s first Nahimic VR with 7.1 sound that is provided exclusively to some of their laptops.



Other great features that were brought to their motherboards are M.2 shields with thermal pads to help protect against throttling and a VR boost option to help deliver a smooth VR experience with lower latency. Some of the motherboards come with a new feature called RGB Mystic Light which allows you to change the colors and effects of the light on the boards themselves with just a single click of the mouse. On case side of things one of the major changes is the Silent Storm Cooling setup with allows for two chambers of cooling, one for the GPU and one for the CPU.



For more of our CES coverage, please follow along at this link. All of our CES press day images are over here.

Opening Keynote at CES 2017

Nvidia brought some big announcements to CES this year with the major categories being their car and home AI systems, Streaming with Facebook Live, Geforce Now (cloud/ OnDemand gaming), The new version of the Shield system, Nvidia Spot microphone, Google Assistant for the connected home and auto AI systems, BB8 car with AI autopilot and AI Co-pilot, Along with partnerships with many mapping and auto supplier companies. (Mapping - Baidu, TomTom, Zenrin, here) (Auto suppliers - ZF, Bosch, Audi)

Opening Keynote


Starting with streaming, Gamers now have the ability to stream right to Facebook using Facebook Live using the Geforce experience app. The new version of the Shield allows for streaming of Netflix and Amazon prime over wifi to your TV in 4k along with becoming an integral part of the Nvidia home AI system. The Nvidia Spot microphone works seamlessly with the home AI system and if there are multiple ones, they can be used to triangulate your position.

Opening Keynote


Geforce Now is Nvidia’s product for cloud gaming and gaming on demand. Basically you download steam or the game OS you are using through the Geforce Now app. Once installed and logged in, you should see your whole game library and then be able to download and play each game within minutes. In-order to play you have to pay 25 dollars to purchase 20 gaming hours, and once the hours are up you would have to purchase more in order to keep playing. This kind of system is designed for the gamer that does not want to keep large games on their computer, as well as the casual gamer that does not necessarily have the system to run all of the best games.

To view the full length Keynote presentation, follow the link to Nvidia’s site here. For all of our press day images, please check the gallery here. Also, for more CES 2017 coverage, follow this link.

Dell @ CES 2017

It's probably not too surprising to anyone that Dell has some great new products to show off at CES 2017. One interesting move that we are seeing from Dell is the crossing of the lines between their Alienware brand and their "more mainstream" Inspiron lineup of laptops. Alienware of course is their premium brand and it carries a higher price tag. Dell is now offering features like discrete graphics cards (NVIDIA GeForce 1050 and 1050Ti) in their Inspiron laptops and offers gamers a "less expensive" alternative but still gives them the features that gamers want. The newly announced (and already available) Dell Inspiron 15 will be available for well under $1000 and will allow you to customize and add features to suit your needs (and budget).

Dell Inspiron 15 Gaming

Of course Dell also was showing off a couple of new Alienware laptops, which when it comes to gaming, they definitely bring the "wow" factor. Now sporting features like OLED and 4K screens as an option, Tobii eye tracking built in, updated CPUs, and a couple other updates, the Alienware 13, 15, and 17 models not only turn gamers heads, they also give you great gaming performance in a laptop form factor.


While the laptop refreshes were a big highlight of our visit with Dell this year, they've of course go new offerings in their studio all-in-one PCs, ultrabooks, and monitors. If you'd like to see some more from Dell check out our CES 2017 photo gallery.


ADATA @ CES 2017

ADATA at CES 2017 is showing off their new XPG SX8000 PCIe drives, which all you really need to know about them is that they are really fast. Being under the XPG banner of course you'd expect great performance and looking at the benchmarks I'd venture they won't be disappointing anyone. The XPC SX8000 will be utilizing 3D NAND technology, SLC caching, and a DRAM cache buffer. Basically this means you can expect performance up to 4x faser than your SATA SSD drives that are currently available.


Of course ADATA also is showing of some new DDR4 memory products in addition to some new refreshed of their portable data and battery products. In the portable storage market, ADATA will be offering some updated products to take full advantage of the new USB 3.1 standard as well as some new USB-C devices.

ADATA also now offers portable SSD drives that offer users higher performance portable storage that also features 3D NAND memory and supports the new USB 3.1 standards.

ADATA USB SSD Portable Drives

If you'd like to see more from ADATA @ CES 2017, check out our photo gallery

If you'd like to learn more about ADATA head on over to their website.

ZOTAC @ CES 2017

New from ZOTAC for 2017 is a refresh of their Zbox lineup with the new Intel Kaby Lake CPUs, NVIDIA 1070 graphics, and also adding Thunderbolt 3 connectivity. The updated hardware makes the Zbox even more powerful and functional. The Zbox Magnus EN1070K will be one of the updated Zbox systems that will be taking full advantage of the updated hardware and increased graphics capabilities.

Xbox Magnus EN1070K

The VR Go setup from ZOTAC offers users the ability to experience VR in a portable package. The VR GO, in conjunction with the HTC Vive, makes for a pretty unique VR experience. The VR GO allows you to strap the entire setup on your back and eliminate the cables that other VR systems have. This is a tough one to describe but check out ZOTAC's site for more info on the VR GO.


ZOTAC will also be offering a new external graphics enclosure in 2017 which takes full advantage of the new Thunderbolt 3 connectivity that their updated Zbox devices will have. This devices is still in prototype, but will have a 400 watt enclosed power supply that will allow you to add full sized graphics cards to your Zbox to add desktop graphics power to your Zbox device.

ZOTAC External Graphics Enclosure


If you'd like to see more from ZOTAC @ CES 2017 check out our CES image gallery.

More information on ZOTAC and their products can be found here.


Samsung Press Conference at CES 2017

Samsung's press conference was an interesting affair today as they opened with a cool video and then promptly addressed the elephant in the room - the Galaxy Note 7 debacle and then interjected that they still saw global smartphone growth this past year.


With that quickly out of the way, they moved onto other things - like their new QLED TVs. These new TVs utilize a new technique to pull even better image quality and performance out of quantum dots and the results are pretty impressive. Even at a distance the images from these TVs look incredible. The big kicker will be if a person can actually tell the difference between last years models and this years models side-by-side. Both look so impressive that my money is on the fact that you can't, but either way, Samsung needs to try and help divert attention away from this past years struggles.



Samsung has some new PC products coming this year as well that offer a few new feature improvements and overall updates that will keep them current for the next year. For more information, or to watch their entire press conference, check out the link here.

To view all of our images from Press Day, check here - and for all of our CES coverage, make sure to check out our CES 2017 section.


Hisense Press Conference at CES 2017

One of our first CES press conferences this year was Hisense - and while they don't often spring to the forefront of your mind when it comes to TVs, perhaps they should. They talked about a few new technologies this year. One of the new features of their 4K TVs uses a new technology called ULED. This is a bit of an upgrade over OLED and it offers a wider color gamut, broad color palette and images look better and more detailed.

Using a different technology all together, they have updated their Laser Cast projectors with sizes up to 100-inches. These look very impressive and will be relatively affordable for the size of the displayed image. Laser Cast is super bright at 2700 lumens and with the vivid colors, it is a beautiful image.



Hisense also adds 4K Roku Dolby vision and deepens their commitment to 4K by providing curated 4K content channels on the TV with their 4KCom now channel. Combined with Roku and a refreshed app store, you'll have enough 4K content to keep you happy as long as you need.



You can check out more of our CES 2017 coverage over here - as well as all the images from Press Day right here.



GeIL and EpicGear @ CES 2017

Chances are good you've heard of GeIL memory (they've been around since 1993) and of course at CES 2017 they've got some new products to add to their lineup of memory products. Notable products that you'll see from GeIL in 2017 is a new version of their LUCE memory which they are dubbing SUPER LUCE. Biggest feature on the SUPER LUCE is new lighting options that will allow you to customize your color scheme and adds a breathing effect which will alert you visually if your temperatures are getting too hot.


EpicGear is a little newer name (launched in 2011) and is the gaming peripherals arm of GeIL. EpicGear has a full lineup of devices, keyboards, mice, headsets, they've got you covered. We had the chance to review their new Thunderouz headset a couple weeks ago and were pleasently surprised at how it performed.

New for 2017, EpicGear has announced their 50 Cal gaming set, which will get you one of their keyboards, mouse, and headset (plus all the accessories that these devices come with) all in a nice hard case to protect your gear on the way to the next LAN party.

EpicGear 50 Cal Gaming Set

EpicGear was also showing off their new Morphax gaming mouse. There are other companies who offer "modular" gaming mice, however, EpicGear has them beat with the Morphax as you literally can change every component to suit your needs. Want an optical sensor instead of a laser sensor? Good news, the Morphax comes with both so you can easily switch between the two. They've also give you 2 different types of switches to suit your click style. Need more weight? No problem, the Morphax comes with weights that can be added or removed depending on your tastes. If all those options aren't enough, you'll also be able to change the faceplates to change the color of the mouse. All of this comes in a nice case so you won't lose those extra bits and pieces.

EpicGear Morphax Gaming Mouse

If you'd like to see more from GeIL and EpicGear make sure to check out our CES 2017 image gallery. You can check out our complete CES 2017 coverage over here as well.

More information about GeIL can be found here,

Or if you'd like to find out more about EpicGear click here.

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