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GOG Summer Game Sale

If you've started to catch up on your Steam library purchases and have played through a bunch of those games, GoG has kicked off their summer sale. While most of these games are not the latest titles, there are some pretty big names in the mix. From RPG to platformer, adventure and FPS, there is something for everyone - starting at about a buck.


Source: GOG

Microsoft Offers Refurbished Surface 3 at Discount

If you missed out on the discounted Surface 3 units last month, Microsoft has found another pile of the non-Pro tablets and hase them up on their site again. These are powered by an Intel Atom CPU, and pack in 4GB of RAM and 128GB of storage for $369. This is a solid device for a great price and if you're looking at a entry-mid range tablet for a good price, this is pretty much as good as you're going to get. More details below.

The best of a tablet
With its 10.8-inch Full HD display and thin, light frame that weighs under 1.5 pounds, Surface 3 is just the right size to take anywhere. And with Dolby Audio, an integrated 3-position Kickstand, and front and rear cameras, it's perfect for hands-free entertainment wherever you go.

Source: Microsoft Store

Microsoft Re-Re-Enters Mobile Again for Another TIme

Microsoft had a winner (in their minds) with Windows Mobile 5, 6, 7 and 8. Then came Windows Phone 10. That was incredible. The only downside is that they have pulled their own app support from their own devices. Also, no one is developing for it because they keep pulling the plug on everything they do. That being said, I'm sure the new Surface Mobile device will be so much better. It comes with a projector after all and is pretty much guaranteed to have a life cycle of less than a year. Still if you want to throw your money at a device that won't be supported for very long, consider the upcoming Surface Mobile.

Two new codenames are also dropped: ‘Surface Peking’ and ‘Surface Slavonia’. It’s unclear what these could be but they are mentioned alongside the word “terminal” which suggests they could be some sort of hardware similar to the Microsoft Display Dock used for Continuum functionality. ‘Surface Peking’ can be interpreted as ‘Surface Beijing’ as the names are interchangeable.

Source: OnMSFT

Battleborn Goes Free to Play

Battleborn is a hero shooter game from Gearbox and they've recently rolled things over to change the game to a Free-to-Play model. The player base has been slipping and in order to make things a little more appealing, they've switched the model over. This is a "trial" model, but in the end, it looks like it could stay free.

Although titled a trial, all of the game's competitive multiplayer modes are freely available without any time restrictions. This includes access to Incursion, Meltdown, Capture, and Face-Off modes, as well as the upcoming Supercharge mode.

Source: Neowin

Google Killed Andormeda

It appears that Google has killed off the development of it's Android/Chrome Hybrid OS. This OS was supposed to revolutionize and put the conveince of a mobile OS on a device that offers much more productivity that a mobile OS can offer. It seemed like a great idea at the time, but in the end, there isn't much of a demand overall, so it met the axe.

Does this mean the company is giving up on its efforts to bring together the separate, and often disjointed, experiences offered by its mobile and desktop offerings? Given the industry trend toward favoring such an approach, it's unlikely that Andromeda's demise also signifies the end of Google's ambitions in this regard.

Source: Neowin

WWDC and More!

Apple's WWDC kicked off this week and they've got a few updated bits that are worth mentioning. First off, one thing they don't really cover is the Macbook Air. They haven't updated it for a couple of years and now every laptop is thin and light like the original Macbook Air. There is however an updated Macbook Pro, iMac and a few other new bits worth checking out. For starters, you can watch the condensed Keynote (down to 15 minutes) below.


For more detailed coverage, you can check out the iMac Pro (specs here), the Macbook Pro here and more over at MacRumors.

Core i9 Doesn't Clock Higher than Previous Chips

After AMD leaked the "Threadripper", Intel responded with a few Core i9 CPU that will have 10 cores, consume 140W of power and cost up to $1000. The thing is, they haven't released a new process and this is simply a higher voltage, more core version of the same CPU they have on the market. As such, it doesn't overclock any higher than the current processor, so you're paying more for the same thing. I'm not a marketing genius, but I don't think that's much of a deal.

None, and I do repeat this none of the partners have had their hands on, or even seen the 12, 14, 16 or that 18-core part. So that does raise some questions as earlier on we have already stated that Intel is rushing things as an answer towards AMD’s upcoming Threadripper processor series. So on that note, we can confirm that X299 and the respective processors will launch with up-to 10-core processors in the Skylake-X processor series.

Source: Guru3D

Hushme - aka "Fine, I'll Shut Up"

I guess a device like this could be handy - if you're trying to cosplay Bane... It's pretty random that it actually exists - or could if they get the funding.


IBM Creates 5nm Chip

Intel, AMD and NVIDIA do a lot of chip manufacturing and design, but lately it is IBM that has taken the "shrinking-die" crown. They have just beaten their old 7nm process with a miniscule 5nm process. That means the chip can actually pack 30 billion switches onto a chip the size of a fingernail. The previous 7nm process was topped out at 20 billion switches on the same size die. That's pretty incredible.

IBM's said it's using a new type of transistor, called stacked silicon nanosheets, to pack transistors this closely together. The nanosheet transistor sends electrons through four gates, as opposed to the current-generation FinFET transistor design that sends electrons through three gates. FinFET (short for fin field-effect transistor) began appearing in 22nm and 14nm chips and are expected to continue being used with 7nm chips.

Source: Forbes

Windows to Kill File History

In a HORRIBLE move, Microsoft is setting up to kill File Version History on Windows 10. While I see their point on some issues (history and file versions are available for one machine - not multiple) I think having this option is still really key for some applications. OneDrive does some of this, but it requires another paid service in order to store enough data to be really useful. Also, OneDrive access is still not super simple from within Windows. If File History is your backup of choice, you'd better start planning for something else, as this update is already rolling out in an Insider Preview build.

File History is one part of a broader set of backup and recovery features that have been built into Windows for years. It can be configured to automatically backup your most important files to a separate hard drive or network location. But it’s better than a basic backup: File History also lets you retrieve earlier versions of a file, so that if you make a change to a document or other file, you can “go back in time” and return to any earlier versions.

Source: Thurrott

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