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Technology Hits the Philippines

In North America we have many apps for things such as hailing cabs and paying for them through your smart-phone. The Philippines has not been on board with these kind of apps till now. This could be a great lead forward for app developers in that country as well as for consumers as it does in fact make travel that much more easy.

The DOTC is also imposing certain standards for vehicle eligibility, such as the requirement of global positioning system (GPS) tracking and navigation devices for convenient and safer services. Only sedans, Asian Utility Vehicles (AUV), Sports Utility Vehicles (SUV), vans, or other similar vehicles will be allowed. A maximum age limit of seven (7) years will be enforced.

Editors Note: What is an "Asian Utility Vehicle"?

Source: DOTC

Gaming in the Void

We all have that one game that has captured our interest and imagination for quite some time, and done so in such a way that we wished to actually be there. Though this is impossible, Ken Bretschneider is working on giving us the next best thing. This will be called the "Void"; a padded room and a head mounted display. All of this to provide the best to date of virtual reality.

As soon as next summer, customers visiting The Void could don his custom-built virtual reality gear and not only be immersed in a different world, but able to walk and run around in it. What looks like a bland room lined with dense foam walls will be transformed into something entirely different. Imagine it as laser tag on steroids, or a video game you get to dive into.

Source: TheWashingtonPost


Ever had the desire to pre-order a new App before it is released? Well, I haven't. If you have been chomping at your virtual bit and can't wait to give your money away, you may be glad to hear that Google has now allowed this through Google Play Store.

Google has introduced an interesting new feature to the Google Play Store after it began allowing users to pre-register for upcoming Android apps.
Terminator Genisys: Revolution from Glu Mobile - the company that recently took investment from China's Tencent - is the first title to take advantage of the feature, as the folks at Android Police noticed. Interested users simply tap the pre-register icon (which is where 'download' would usually be) to show their interest.

Source: TechCrunch

Kids React to Apple Watch

Normally, some of these kids reactions grate on my nerves, but when they see how really useless the Apple Watch is, it kind of melts my heart. Such sweet kids.


Lego Landers

Many have heard of the game "Skylanders" and of its success. LEGO has a brick up their sleeve and are making a game similar, called "Dimensions". This game has sets from The Lord Of The Rings series as well as Batman, but they are also bringing characters from Back To The Future, Doctor Who and the Simpsons.

For the first time ever, characters from different universes join forces in worlds outside their own. A Dark Knight, a Wizard and a LEGO Master Builder traveling down the Yellow Brick Road is just the beginning.

Source: LEGO,

Move over Raspberry Pi, here comes Chip

The Raspberry Pi project has done extremely well and has sold like crazy and has given people access to a low cost, small form factor, PC for ~$35 bucks. Well, apparently that was too much for some people and some engineers at Next Thing Co. have come up with a smaller and cheaper alternative that will only cost you about $9 bucks yet can still offer you full computer functionality. 


Chip has started a Kickstarter campaign and has already tripled their goal in pretty much the first day.

AMD wants to compete for top performance

In recent years AMD has focused on providing CPU's that compete more on price than on high-end performance but that appears like it is about to change. AMD's CEO has announced that they are no longer going to be competing as aggressively for the low-end market and will be making moves to ensure they are competing in the high-performance end of the CPU market. This is good news for enthusiasts as in recent years when upgrading your CPU you've been able to choose between Intel, Intel, and Intel, when choosing your next CPU for your high-end system. Arstechnica has more on AMD's announcement.

Yesterday, at the AMD Financial Analyst Day event, the company finally decided that enough was enough: AMD will no longer be competing in a race to the bottom. "It's extraordinarily important to ensure that we have competitive, high-performance cores," said CEO Lisa Su. "We have reduced our low-end PC exposure. When you look at AMD's historical business, we were very, very heavily concentrated in consumer, low end PCs, that was actually our speciality. However, when you look at that market, there has been so much volatility, especially at the intersection between tablets and PCs and differentiation hasn't been there... very clearly, we are an x86 company. We have tremendous x86 heritage, and opportunity to lead in that area. We are absolutely going to invest in high-performance x86."

Will Windows 10 be Microsoft's final OS?

Now that I've got your attention with a true, yet somewhat deceiving headline, we can talk about how Microsoft is going to be moving away from the 'new OS every couple of years' model and looking to go to the 'regular update' route. Microsoft isn't planning on letting Windows 10 go stale like previous versions of Windows have when the next generation come out, but will be giving users regular updates and improvments. Moving to a model like this will make things easier for the users of Windows and we will see how successful this model is and if a couple years down the road Microsoft is still wanting to stick with it. SlashGear has more details.

Windows 10 is on the horizon, and with its launch, Microsoft will be challenging the way you think about the operating system. Microsoft plans to run Windows more like a service and less like a traditional OS, where users are always waiting for the next big version to roll out. Microsoft announced at its Ignite conference this week that Windows 10 will be the last version of Windows. Microsoft has no plans to let Windows 10 become stale. On the contrary, it plans to keep Windows evolving with regular improvements and updates.

If Comcast is late, collect $20

Comcast has done some market research and concluded that people don't like it when their technicians are late to appointments they've set. In response to this Comcast has announced a plan to credit you $20 to your account if the technician is late to arrive at your home. This is based on the popular '30 minutes or it's free' pizza delivery model and just might make people a little less upset if for some reason their scheduled technician is running late (which I'm sure pretty much everyone has experienced at some point in time). The WSJ has more on this announcement.

Comcast is going to pay you $20 if its technicians are even just one minute late to your home for a service call.

At the National Cable & Telecommunications Association annual show in Chicago, Comcast Cable President Neil Smit said that starting in the third quarter, if a company technician shows up a minute late to a service appointment, $20 will be automatically deposited into the customer’s account. The company said it has set a goal that by the third quarter, its technicians will no longer show up late to customers’ homes.

Oculus Rift gets a shipping date

The Oculus Rift Virtual Reality headset is finally going to be available to the general public. Unfortunately you still have to wait until Q1 of 2016 but the fact that they've even given a 3 month window for release is a step in the right direction. Oculus first came onto the scene in 2012 with a Kickstarter campaign and then promised a 2014 release date but in the meantime sold to Facebook for a cool 2 Billion dollars. Even though we won't see it for at least another 9 months, chances are good they'll sell like crazy as Oculus is still 'the name' in VR. The Washington Post has more.

Get excited, futurists. The Oculus Rift virtual reality headset is actually coming soon to a store near you. Really.

Oculus VR announced Wednesday that it finally has a shipping window -- the first quarter of 2016 --  for its much-anticipated technology.

That's almost four years after it first gained mainstream notice by way of a 2012 Kickstarter campaign, and two years after its first target shipping date of 2014. (It also means that the headset will miss the holiday shopping season; expect some IOUs in stockings this year.)

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