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WTU Episode #311 - Apple Watch Costs $83.70

We have just posted up Episode #311 of Weekly Tech Update. In this show we talk about the end of Microsoft's Internet Explorer, the end of Grooveshark and we also talk about some nifty things from the Build 2015 conference. We also talk about the Apple Watch and the 400% markup that is needed to offset all 70% of the units that have some defects. Ouch. Check out those stories and more at the links below.


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A Different Calibur of Character

Here is some interesting news for you Soul Calibur fans out there. The makers of the game have posted on their Facebook page that they are polling for people's favorite characters in the game. I myself am intrigued to see what this means in the perspective to new titles. Time will tell how much influence the community has, but this could be pretty awesome.

Calling all SoulCalibur Fans! Project Soul would like to hear your voice," said a post on the SoulCalibur Facebook page. "They need to determine precisely who are the favorite characters of the community! Project Soul is probably preparing something huge... Stay tuned and spread the news!

Source: GameSpot

Sony Gives us the Boot (It's a Good Thing)

In the past years Sony has made it hard for developers to test or use other operating systems, this is mostly due to the lack of ability to boot from a recovery partition. This is all changing when Sony releases new bootloaders.

As part of the Open Devices initiative (and after years of harassment from FXP), Sony Mobile is releasing a set of special bootloaders that enables booting from the recovery partition. This allows us to use the normal recovery images built on any AOSP based project, even those only vaguely related such as Firefox OS and Ubuntu Touch.

Source: FXPBlog

Steam Gets Hard on Cheaters

We have all ran into cheaters and other such creeps in online gaming and I am sure one thing we can agree on is that it is not fun. Valve knows this and has done a lot with their VAC but it is not quite enough. Valve has now given developers the green light to implement methods of their own to detect punks and ban them. We can only hope that this will not be abused.

Game developers inform Valve when a disruptive player has been detected in their game, and Valve applies the game ban to the account. The game developer is solely responsible for the decision to apply a game ban. Valve only enforces the game ban as instructed by the game developer.

Source: Steam Community

Sennheiser Momentum M2 Headphones

We have just posted up our review of the Sennheiser Momentum 2 headphones. Sennheiser takes a pair of great headphones and turns them up to 11 with tweaked specs as well as a solid folding design. What makes these even more awesome is that they work flawlessly with your favorite Android device for playback, volume and call answering. Take a look as they aren't cheap, and only you can decide if they are worth your money.

As far as comfort goes, the Momentum (M2) are over-the-ear headphones that are covered with leather and filled with the hopes of kittens and the dreams of bunnies. I've worn these on days when I was traveling for hours and even fell asleep binge-watching the Netflix Daredevil series while fighting a cold. After wearing them for about 7 hours straight, I can testify that they are ridiculously comfortable.

Momentum M2

The (Silent) Hills aren't Alive

There are a lot of people in the gaming community who have played the Silent Hills franchise and at one time the fourth installment of the franchise was going to be released. That was canceled, but here was a playable teaser that was on playstation store that could still be played, that is until it was removed as of the 29th of April. That's right - the Silent Hills are now noisy - and less scary.

Konami has not elaborated on why P.T. was removed from the store, which happened amidst a reported power struggle between the publisher and developer Hideo Kojima, who was directing Silent Hills. Director Guillermo del Toro and actor Norman Reedus were also involved with the game. Although Silent Hills has been cancelled, Konami stated that it remained "committed to new Silent Hill titles.

Source: GameSpot

A Green Breakfast Cartoon

Most of us remember the great stories written by Dr. Suess with fondness. Some of them have even made it to the big screen, but none in quite the way that green eggs and ham has. The beloved story will be made into a thirteen episode TV series and shown exclusively through Netflix.

We’d love to share some happy news
based on the rhymes of Dr. Seuss.
Green Eggs and Ham will become a show
and you’re among the first to know.
In this richly animated production,
a 13-episode introduction,
standoffish inventor (Guy, by name)
and Sam-I-Am of worldwide fame,
embark on a cross-country trip
that tests the limits of their friendship.

A Little Overkill

Most of us that play PC games have played the Payday games. What you may not know, is that they have been working on a co-operative The Walking Dead for PC and next gen consoles. The developer also forecasts that the game will do as good if not better than Payday 2!

We believe that 'Overkill's The Walking Dead,' represents a huge opportunity to duplicate, even eclipse the success Payday 2 has enjoyed in the last few years by leveraging the existing business relationship between our two companies," CEO of 505's parent company Digital Bros Raphael Galante said in a statement.

Source: GameSpot

How much does the Apple Watch cost to make?

Every time Apple releases a new product it is only a matter of time until people are trying to figure out just how much it actually costs them and how much of the price tag is profit. This time around we've got the new Apple Watch that starts at $350 bucks and goes up and up in price from there. If you had guessed $85 bucks, you'd be right. 

The major costs of the Apple watch are of course around $20 dollars for the screen, $10 dollars for the processors, and surprisingly $9 for the packaging and charge cable. Unsurprisingly Apple is making a good amount of profit on each watch they sell. ZDNet gives you the breakdown of how much your Apple Watch actually costs to make.

According to a teardown carried out by IHS Technology the actual hardware costs of the 38mm Apple Watch Sport are only about 24 percent of the manufacturer's suggested retail price, giving it the lowest hardware costs compared to retail price of any Apple product.

IHS Technology estimates that the hardware cost to MSRP ratios for other Apple products to be in the range of 29 to 38 percent

The end of Grooveshark

Grooveshark has called it quits, well more like agreed to quit and apologize. Grooveshark was one of the largest remaining 'music sharing' sites which let you upload and share music for free. The RIAA and other major companies like Sony started suing Grooveshark in 2011 and yesterday and agreement was reached for Grooveshark to shut down and remove any copyrighted material from their site. This really isn't too surprising as many other sites that have offered this same service have disappeared over the past few years. Arstechnica has more on the story.

Grooveshark, the free online music streaming service that allowed users to upload their own songs, announced on Thursday that it was shutting down.

Josh Greenberg and Sam Tarantino founded the streaming service in 2006, and the site attracted tens of millions of users. Grooveshark called itself "the world’s largest on-demand and music discovery service." But the service not only allowed users to upload any song; the founders also apparently demanded that employees upload popular songs in an effort to expand the site's music library.

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