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AMD Ryzen Crushes Mac Pro

While this article is pretty nifty and all, you have to remember that the Mac Pro is getting long in the tooth. While it is a fantastic piece of hardware in its own right, the price now at $5,660 for a load Mac Pro is a little steep when compared to current PC prices and the fact that a Ryzen 1700. This is pretty cool as they have it running a Photoshop benchmark, which is a good indicator of real-world performance in the content creation space.

Using a Photoshop Benchmark based on a Radial Blur action released by photographer Keith Simonian, Tech Guy found that an operation that takes the Mac Pro 15 seconds to complete only takes 8.8 seconds on the Ryzen-powered PC. He then overclocked the Ryzen PC to 3.5GHz and was able to complete the test in 7.7 seconds.

Source: PetaPixel

iPhone 7 Repairability = 0

Here's a bit of "good news" if you have an iPhone 7. It seems that there is software embedded in this device that will prevent a third-party from fixing your device. They can try and actually do the hardware swap, but afterwards it won't work unless it's plugged into a machine at an Apple store to be "recalibrated". This is a blatant move by Apple to put people out of business and help increase their revenue stream by charging you big money when they do the repairs themselves.


In a video demonstrating the block, Michael Oberdick, owner of the independent iPhone repair shop iOutlet, swapped the front displays (and home buttons) of two iPhone 7 devices. When swapped, the phone displays an error message that says "The Home Button May Need Service." Its functionality is disabled and "Assistive Touch" automatically pops up on the device, creating an onscreen, software-based home button.

Source: Vice

Twitter co-founder is selling his Twitter stock

The co-founder of Twitter, and largest individual shareholder, Evan Williams, is selling off some of his Twitter stock for "personal reasons". According to reports he's going to offload no more than 30% of his holdings which has people scratching their heads. He of course didn't make mention that Twitter's stock has been going down and the company has been having a tough time making money but instead he's going with "personal reasons" as the reason for the sale. One of the personal reasons may include, he'd like to personally have some money before the company implodes. Recode has more on the sale.

Twitter co-founder and current board member Ev Williams is going to offload some of his Twitter stock.

Williams, who was once Twitter’s CEO and is the company’s largest individual shareholder, said Thursday that he plans to sell a “minority of my TWTR” stock over the next year. A Twitter spokesperson said that he doesn’t plan to sell “more than 30 percent” of his holdings.

Williams was careful to say the sale was for “personal” reasons, not company performance reasons. Twitter’s stock is down more than 15 percent over the past three months.

Microsoft Surface Pro 5

It's been pretty quiet over at the Microsoft camp in regards to the next Surface devices, but finally someone has let the beans spill that there will be a new Surface Pro 5 coming (hopefully soon). Nothing too major in terms of details other than we'll see the new Kaby Lake CPUs from Intel inside the new device and Microsoft will not be changing the power connector. We'll probably know more shortly as it is expected that Microsoft will have a special launch event in the next couple weeks. Until then, The Verge has a little more info on the next Surface devices.

While we’ve heard some rumors around Microsoft’s Surface Book 2 plans, very little has emerged about the Surface Pro 5. Paul Thurrott has now revealed that the Surface Pro 5 will not change the proprietary Surface power connector, and that Microsoft’s next laptop / tablet hybrid will switch to Intel’s latest Kaby Lake processors. Thurrott claims there’s “nothing dramatic” about the Surface Pro 5, which could mean the device is simply a refreshed design with upgraded components.

What kind of name is Oath?

Verizon announced last week that they'd be combining newly acquired Yahoo with AOL into a new company they are calling Oath. We discussed this on our latest episode of WeeklyTechUpdate and of course made fun of it. We are not the only ones who don't get it apparently as PCMag's John C Dvorak also can't quite figure it out and hopes its some kind of April Fool's joke.

Verizon will meld AOL with Yahoo and rebrand the operation as Oath, AOL chief Tim Armstrong announced yesterday. This comes around April 1, so it could be the back end of a dumb April Fool's Day joke. If it's not, I would immediately claim that it is a joke, because it's a good way to backtrack on a terrible idea.

Like Tronc, Oath is not a pleasant word. It sounds like a creepy, cultish organization. In Oath, there's definitely a secret handshake and a weird hat. In fact, Armstrong's tweet encourages people to #TaketheOath.

YouTube launches live TV service

We've been hearing that YouTube would be launching their live TV service soon, and apparently for 5 US cities, it was yesterday. YouTube TV features over 40 live TV channels that you can stream all through one app for $35 a month. You can get a one month free trial right now if you live in San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, Chicago and Philadelphia, however, if you live anywhere else you'll have to wait. It's hard to say how popular this service will be, but it gives consumers another option if they want to cut the cord on their cable tv service. TechCrunch has the full story.

Back in February YouTube announced YouTube TV, a $35 TV streaming service it hopes might kill your cable box. At the time, they didn’t say exactly when it’d launch — just that it’d be “soon.”

“Soon,” it seems, means today. YouTube is rolling out the service in five major US cities this morning.

YouTube TV takes a bunch of the more popular U.S. cable channels — ABC, Fox, CBS, NBC, CW, Disney, SyFy, ESPN and 40+ more — and crams them into one app. It’ll cost $35 a month, which gives you access to Live on up to six accounts with up to three devices streaming simultaneously. (Update: this post initially said up to six devices simultaneously; it’s three, not six.)

Weekly Tech Update #396 - Verizon Ends Yahoo with an Oath

We have just posted up Episode #396 of Weekly Tech Update. In this episode we are discussing Oculus’ founder says goodbye, we get ready for the launch of the Galaxy S8 and Verizon steps up and makes an Oath. We have those stories and more at the links below...


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Tesla Most Valuable Automaker in U.S.A.

Earlier this week, Tesla passed Ford in terms of overall market worth and on Tuesday they also passed GM, making them the king of the auto-building empire in the USA. The thing is they don’t have a lot of cars on the road, they don’t have a lot of different models and the fact is, they have a few major quality issues. How are they worth more than companies that have proven track records? The quick answer is that they are over-valued. Either way, good for them, but I still wouldn’t trust my life to a car that runs on batteries. Not yet.

Tesla’s stock is buoyed in large part by its potential: The company has been readying to launch its Model 3 electric vehicle, with a price tag starting at $35,000 U.S. before tax incentives for green vehicles. Demand is incredibly strong, with around 373,000 pre-orders as of May last year. So far, it seems on target to meet its goal of beginning shipment this year, and even delivering some of the first vehicles by the end of 2017.

Source: TechCrunch

Apple Working on a New Mac Pro?

Back in 2013, Apple launched a new Mac Pro that looked pretty odd and was completely amazing in terms of design and performance. While a person could build a more powerful unit, for once they could not do it cheaper than the solution from Apple. Since then the Mac Pro has been forgotten by Apple and hasn’t had much of a refresh, but apparently in 2018, we could see something new and quite different again.

“We designed ourselves into a bit of a corner,” admits Apple’s Craig Federighi, who looks after software engineering and regularly appears on stage at Apple events to demonstrate OS improvements. “We wanted to do something bold and different. What we didn’t appreciate completely at the time was how we had so tailored that design to a specific vision that in the future we would find ourselves a bit boxed in - into a circular shape.”

Source: TheVerge

Netflix Goes Offline on Windows 10

If you have been elated that Netflix can now download titles to your phone for offline viewing, you’ll be even more excited to hear that this feature is now available if you use the Windows 10 App for Netflix on your PC. While I still prefer the interface on the webpage (subtle differences), now that offline viewing is available through the App, I will probably install it again - before I take a trip for sure.

Netflix added the offline viewing options as part of the most recent update to the Netflix app on Windows 10, according to Windows Central. Because the Windows Store doesn’t show you what version of the Netflix app you’re using, just make sure you check for updates using the large blue button in the upper-right corner of the Windows Store app to receive the latest version. You won’t need the Creators Update to take advantage of the new feature, either.

Source: PCWorld

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