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Core i9 Doesn't Clock Higher than Previous Chips

After AMD leaked the "Threadripper", Intel responded with a few Core i9 CPU that will have 10 cores, consume 140W of power and cost up to $1000. The thing is, they haven't released a new process and this is simply a higher voltage, more core version of the same CPU they have on the market. As such, it doesn't overclock any higher than the current processor, so you're paying more for the same thing. I'm not a marketing genius, but I don't think that's much of a deal.

None, and I do repeat this none of the partners have had their hands on, or even seen the 12, 14, 16 or that 18-core part. So that does raise some questions as earlier on we have already stated that Intel is rushing things as an answer towards AMD’s upcoming Threadripper processor series. So on that note, we can confirm that X299 and the respective processors will launch with up-to 10-core processors in the Skylake-X processor series.

Source: Guru3D

Hushme - aka "Fine, I'll Shut Up"

I guess a device like this could be handy - if you're trying to cosplay Bane... It's pretty random that it actually exists - or could if they get the funding.


IBM Creates 5nm Chip

Intel, AMD and NVIDIA do a lot of chip manufacturing and design, but lately it is IBM that has taken the "shrinking-die" crown. They have just beaten their old 7nm process with a miniscule 5nm process. That means the chip can actually pack 30 billion switches onto a chip the size of a fingernail. The previous 7nm process was topped out at 20 billion switches on the same size die. That's pretty incredible.

IBM's said it's using a new type of transistor, called stacked silicon nanosheets, to pack transistors this closely together. The nanosheet transistor sends electrons through four gates, as opposed to the current-generation FinFET transistor design that sends electrons through three gates. FinFET (short for fin field-effect transistor) began appearing in 22nm and 14nm chips and are expected to continue being used with 7nm chips.

Source: Forbes

Windows to Kill File History

In a HORRIBLE move, Microsoft is setting up to kill File Version History on Windows 10. While I see their point on some issues (history and file versions are available for one machine - not multiple) I think having this option is still really key for some applications. OneDrive does some of this, but it requires another paid service in order to store enough data to be really useful. Also, OneDrive access is still not super simple from within Windows. If File History is your backup of choice, you'd better start planning for something else, as this update is already rolling out in an Insider Preview build.

File History is one part of a broader set of backup and recovery features that have been built into Windows for years. It can be configured to automatically backup your most important files to a separate hard drive or network location. But it’s better than a basic backup: File History also lets you retrieve earlier versions of a file, so that if you make a change to a document or other file, you can “go back in time” and return to any earlier versions.

Source: Thurrott

E3 Goodness

E3 is quickly approaching and if you can't be there, some options are available for you to watch live streams. Between coverage from dedicated gaming sites, E3 themselves have a few streams that you can watch. YouTube and Twitch will be your biggest friends. Go bookmark some links and then wait patiently for the show starting next week. In the meantime, here's a teaser.


Source: Mic

10 Games that Should be On Switch Subscription Service

Nintendo has joined the subscription service bandwagon and they will be offering online gaming and more through this service. There will be some games available through the service as well. The reality is that while old-school games are fun, they won't be enough to make the subscription worth it in my opinion. Still, there are a few games that people would like to see.

I recently played this game on a Retron console and I was amazed at how much fun it still was to play. If you're wondering where games like Trials came from, the answer is Excitebike. Back in 1984, the developers of this game allowed gamers to design their own courses.

Source: Forbes

Google plans Chrome ad-blocker for 2018

Google is going to be adding an ad blocker in 2018 to their Chrome web browser in 2018 and is telling publishers to get ready.

This is great news right?

But wait a minute, doesn't Google make a ton of money serving up ads and if they block them they'll be losing money?

Ok, maybe it isn't so much a blocker as a filter which will take out annoying ads and only show you the good ones...

Sorry to get you all excited, I guess it'll be better than nothing, but from the sounds of it this won't kill the adblockers that are already out there. The Verge has more on this story.

Google will introduce an ad blocker to Chrome early next year and is telling publishers to get ready.

The warning is meant to let websites assess their ads and strip any particularly disruptive ones from their pages. That’s because Chrome’s ad blocker won’t block all ads from the web. Instead, it’ll only block ads on pages that are determined to have too many annoying or intrusive advertisements, like videos that autoplay with sound or interstitials that take up the entire screen.

Sridhar Ramaswamy, the executive in charge of Google’s ads, writes in a blog post that even ads “owned or served by Google” will be blocked on pages that don’t meet Chrome’s guidelines.

Nintendo Online

Nintendo has announced their Nintendo Live service is going to be launching in 2018 and will be similar in functionality to the Xbox Gold and PlayStation Plus. The service will be available free to Switch users until 2018 when it will start costing $3.99 per month, or $19.99 per year. Most games will require you to have a subscription to Nintendo Live to play online, it also looks like you'll get access to their "classic game collection" but it's unclear if you get to keep the games or just play them while you have a subscription. Chances are good we'll be hearing much more about this is the coming months but it looks like it might not be too bad of a deal. Gaming-Age has the full story.

In an update on their website, Nintendo revealed details on the upcoming paid service for online play with the Nintendo Switch. Previously dated for late 2017, the service has been delayed until 2018 which will allow users to play Switch games online for free until that time.

Nintendo has historically struggled with integrating a universal online system, but their partnership with DeNa shows an effort to turn a new leaf. While the Nintendo Switch Online service is exclusive to the Nintendo Switch platform (3DS and Wii U games will continue to have free online functionality), details on what users can expect have been updated.

Microsoft's E3 2016 Promises

I'm a fan of these articles where people actually look back at shows like E3 and see if companies actually lived up to all the promises they made. Kotaku takes a look at Microsoft at the E3 show last year and takes a look at if they lived up to their promises or if they were just hoping people would forget about it.

E3 is right around the corner, and that means we’re about to get deluged with colossal news and shiny new trailers. And as we do every year before the hype, let’s first take a look back to see if the three console makers delivered on all the grand promises they made at last year’s E3. Up first: Microsoft.

E3 2016’s buzz and excitement was overshadowed by the horrific mass shooting at an Orlando gay nightclub on Sunday, June 12. Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo each took the time to acknowledge the tragedy at their press events, in a show of solidarity and support to the LGBT community. Overall, the press events from the big three had the usual: some expected reveals and surprises, with leaks prior to the E3 festivities taking away from the latter.

Paul Allen's big spaceship plane

Paul Allen's company Vulcan Aerospace has just revealed their huge rocket launching airplane and it's pretty awesome. I won't pretend to know anything about it other than it's a pretty killer looking setup and if you'd like to know more about it check out ArsTechnica.



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