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Audio Action

If you're looking for a bit of new sound for your PC, the Arctic Sound S362 at Vortez is a pretty decent set to get familiar with.  This is a 2.1 system that promises and delivers a fair bit of performance for a great price.  If you want to keep you audio to yourself, try out the much more expensive Sennheiser HD 558 over at TechReport.

Geared for gamers, and reviewed over at HardwareHeaven is the Razer Blackshark headset.  It looks interesting for sure.


Windows vs Windows... FIGHT!

It a Battle Royall between Windows 7 and Windows 8, PCMag takes a look at the performance between these two operating systems and benchmarks a lot of different aspects of an operating system.  They test browsers, shutdown, startup, rendering and even file moving.  There is a clear winner, and a reason you may want to shell out the $40 for that Windows 8 upgrade later this year.

The key thing here is startup. Windows 7 still takes just too long to get usable, and Windows 8 finally remedies this drawback. Browser performance is also notably better, and it's encouraging that Geekbench showed a little improvement and PCMark 7 a significant one.


Thanks to Tigger for the link... and finding the reason I needed to upgrade.

Friday Case Collection

Laptop Buying Mistakes

If you're planning on dropping some money on a new laptop in the near future, CNET has posted up a short list of three mistakes that they made when buying a laptop.  I agree with them - to a point.  If you are buying an extreme-budget (think cheap) laptop, you'll likely never be happy with it - so take their advice and enjoy!

After reading some reviews (professional and user alike), I found a system that seemed perfect. But it wasn't long before I discovered a few usability quirks that really detract from my enjoyment. If you're in the market for a new laptop of your own, consider the three things I wish I'd done differently.


Thanks to Tigger for the link!

CM QuickFire Pro Mechanical Keyboard

QuickFire ProWe have just taken a look at the CM Storm QuickFire Pro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard.  This keyboard features some great mechanical switches and a mode that ensure that you won't have any key "ghosting".  It's for hardcore gamers and the best thing is that all of settings and tweaks are done in hardware.  Please check our review for all the details.

Once it was fully unboxed, I noticed the QuickFire Pro is heaver than any other keyboard I have seen.  It is about twice as heavy as the keyboard I was using previously.  The CM Storm QuickFire Pro weighs 2.86lbs(1300g).  Think of that in terms of bacon... That's almost three packages of your favorite sliced heaven.

PSU Pile

We'll start things off right today with a few Power Supply reviews from around the web.

Nexus 7 is Best Android Tablet

Google and ASUS have teamed up to bring us the $199 Nexus 7 tablet that Business Insider claims is the best Android Tablet on the market today.  Of course if you are looking to replace a laptop with a table, the 7" screen may be a bit small, but if you want a portable device with a great IPS screen and a quad-core CPU, this is a great choice.  They have a video review on their site.

Starting at $199, the Nexus 7 competes directly against the likes of Amazon's Kindle Fire and Samsung's Galaxy Tab 2 -- and while the Google tablet is the best of its kind, it still doesn't quite hold its own against Apple's iPad.

Tim Hortons Brings Free WiFi

Amazing.  Just amazing.  The best coffee joint in North America (centered in Canada) will now be offering free WiFi at 90% of its locations by September.  This is great news for those of you that live in Canada and have nothing better to do than sit at a coffee shop with you laptop and leech off an unencrypted network.  In all seriousness, it's about time and very welcome.  Thanks Mr. Horton!

Tim Hortons has partnered with Bell, operator of Canada's largest Wi-Fi network, after a rigorous six-month testing process with multiple service providers. Results showed Bell delivered a fast and reliable service.

Click the "Read More" for the entire press release.


Gaming Goodness

If you're looking for a new keyboard, mouse or pad for to help you get the edge on your fellow gamer, we've got a few reviews gathered up that may be of interest.

Roccat Savu Gaming Mouse - XSReviews & Vortez --=-- CM Storm QuickFire Pro Mechanical Keyboard - eTeknix --=-- Ozone Radon Opto Mouse - TechwareLabs --=-- Roccat Taito Mouse Pads - eTeknix --=-- CM Storm Speed-RX Mouse Mats - TechPowerUp

iPad Mini

Well, everything that Steve Jobs stood for has been crumbling since he passed away.  They are giving money to charity, making a phone with a bigger screen and making an iPad with a smaller screen.  CNET has some information on the upcoming iPad Mini.  Take a look and see how this "innovative" company is following the likes of Samsung, ASUS and others.

(Credit: Screenshot by Brooke Crothers/CNET)


"For the 7.85-inch panel, there's a business plan for it, there's a mass production target for it. And we know that it's for Apple," Richard Shim, an NPD DisplaySearch analyst, told CNET.

Thanks Tigger for the heads up!



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