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16GB DDR4 Memory Roundup

Blackberry KEYone Black Ed.

Linksys EA9300
Linksys EA9300 Router

Super Mario Run
App Pick - Super Mario Run

Apple Genius Training Manual

Someone has "accidentally" leaked a copy of the Apple Genius training manual that is provided for Apple store employees. Normally it wouldn't be much of a story if a company leaks a training manual, but the Apple store has been always known for being quite unique and as expected the training manual is pretty interesting. From things they aren't allowed to say to how they are supposed to talk to customers this manual has it all and you can read the whole thing over at Gizmodo.

We recently showed you just how badly some of Apple's retail elite behave when no one's watching, but surely they were taught better, right? You bet they were: Apple tells its new recruits exactly what what to think and say. How do we know? We read Apple's secret Genius Training Manual from cover to cover. It's a penetrating look inside Apple: psychological mastery, banned words, roleplaying—you've never seen anything like it.

Too much Google?

The guys over at Gizmodo have posted up a quick editorial on Google and the fact that they are now featuring a Nexus 7 ad on their main search page which had traditionally been blank. Are we getting to a point that Google is just controlling too much? Between them now being a social network operator, search provider, web browser maker and now hardware manufacturer are we getting too much Google?

Today Google has an ad for Google's Nexus 7 tablet on Google's home page. Google Google Google Google did you know this page is called Google.com? Between search, a mobile os, hardware, and a social network, Google apparently does absolutely everything now. The ad is an obnoxious departure from the comfort and familiarity of a typically sparse page. And arguably a bit of an unfair advantage for its own product, considering Google doesn't usual advertise other devices in that sacred white space. 

BlackBerry 10

BlackBerry 10 is just around the corner and the people at RIM are claiming its innovative and cutting edge. The guys over at The Droid Guy claim its "borrowing" features from Android and Windows Phone and isn't as innovative as they are claiming. Regardless, this is good news if you are a BlackBerry fan and are finally getting a decent upgrade.

Research in Motion (RIM), the Canadian based manufacturer is claiming the BlackBerry 10 is going to be an innovative and cutting edge operating system, though from the details announced, it’s clear they are doing what some might call ‘borrowing’ from a concept for unifying contacts listings that is found in the Windows Phone People Hub.  Contacts in BlackBerry 10 will include the name, phone number and email address, etc.  In today’s appetite for all aspects of social media, users will also be able to read contacts latest tweets, Facebook statuses, blogs and so much more.

Networking Tidbits

As we kick off the hardware news for today, we've got a couple of networking reviews in the inbox that I thought I'd share with you.  NikKTech has a look at the TRENDnet TPL- 405E 4-Port 500Mbps Powerlien AV Adapter and give this powerline hub a run through the obstacle course.

TechwareLabs has a look at the Western Digital MyNet N900 Dual-Band Router and tries to figure out why a hard drive company is now into networking.

Black Ops II Editions Unveiled

Black Ops II Limited Editions have been announced, and if I had an extra $190 kicking around, I'd pick up the collectors edition for sure.

What is Really Going on with OnLive

We've followed OnLive for a while now - in fact, we met them before they officially launched their product and have been trying to keep track of what has been going on.  Recently, they performed some massive financial restructuring that was just short of declaring bankruptcy.  TheVerge has the real information as to what is going on with this virtual gaming console company.

The actual game would run on a powerful server miles away, which the user would remotely control, and that server would stream compressed video frames of the action back to the user, letting them watch the game in motion. Yes, it could play Crysis, and that was actually one of the original games the company let attendees try at the show.

Pile of Peripherals

CPU Action

If you're wondering what new CPU you can upgrade your Core 2 Duo with and bring your PC out of the 2008 era, take a look at the entry-level AMD A4-3400 at Vortez  and see what today's low-end APUs have to offer.

If you're thinking of going with something a little more high-end, check out the Intel Core i7-3820 over at TechwareLabs.  What's impressive is that the 3770K just broke 7.1GHz on a Gigabyte motherboard.

Episode #174 - Samsung is REALLY Sorry

Episode #174 of Weekly Tech Update is now available on iTunes and the Zune Marketplace.  This is our weekly podcast that covers the hottest stuff in tech - not only around BCCHardware, but also the world.  Check it out over here - as well as a free download in the iTunes store and the Zune Marketplace.

In this episode we will be discussing Samsung is wrong, Ubisoft has been wronged and Nintendo Power is gone.  We have those stories and more...

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