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Audio Bytes

As we kick off the hardware bits today, we've got a few audio reviews to share.  Enjoy!

PC Failure Analysis

Ever wondered what happens when you decide to submit a crash report in Windows?  It gets filed away over at Microsoft and they analyze it and figure out why.  Many times it is software, but more often than you'd think, hardware glitching can be to blame.  What causes this?  How likely are machines to crash again?  Is overclocking, brand, laptops or desktops more likely to fail?  If you've got the time, the PDF file over at Microsoft Research is a great source of information.

For example, machines with at least 30 days of accumulated CPU time over an 8 month period had a 1 in 190 chance of crashing due to a CPU subsystem fault. Further, machines that crashed once had a probability of 1 in 3.3 of crashing a second time. Our study examines failures due to faults within the CPU, DRAMand disk subsystems.

Small Motherboard Roundup

As we start to wrap up the news, we've got a nice small motherboard collection to share.  They all have the Intel Z77 chipset in common, so the biggest difference will be features.

EVGA Z77 FTW Motherboard - HiTechLegion (5x PCIe 16x Slots) --=-- Biostar TZ77XE4 Motherboard - TweakTown (Fanless Cooling) - TechPowerUp --=-- ASUS P8Z77-V LX Motherboard - eTeknix (Lucid MVP) --=-- ASRock Fatal1ty Z77 Professional - TweakTown (10x SATA, 8x USB 3.0)

Eclipse Stealth Gaming System

Vortez has a look at the Eclipse Stealth FX812R795 Extreme system today and gives us the lowdown on what you can expect for £1,999.63.  This system is built in the sweet NZXT Phantom case and it comes packing AMD power for CPU and GPU.  Overall, it is spec'd pretty nicely.

Building a custom PC is quite a task for many people. Some may not know how to construct a system and others may be weary of choosing compatible components. Whilst there is a huge market for the individual sale of computer components, online retailers have to cater for those who may not be up to the task of building their own machine.

Episode #165 - Windows 8 Ups and Downs

Episode #165 of Weekly Tech Update is now available on iTunes and the Zune Marketplace.  This is our weekly podcast that covers the hottest stuff in tech - not only around BCCHardware, but also the world.  Check it out over here - as well as a free download in the iTunes store and the Zune Marketplace.

In this episode we will be discussing Windows 8 is coming, the Nexus 7 Tablet may be coming and here comes new Apple Accessories.  We have those stories and more...

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Tuesday Case Collection



Huawei Honor U8860 Android Smartphone

We live in a world where branded phones matter.  Apple, HTC, Samsung and Nokia make pretty good hardware and it's hard to go and choose another name that doesn't have the same recognition.  NikKTech Looks at the Huawei Honor smartphone and gives us the low-down on this phone that isn't as popular here in North America and finds out if it's worthy hunting down and picking up.

We've had the U8860 Honor by Huawei in our possession for well over a month during which we used it the same way as our own smartphones (best way to find bugs) and i have to say that it impressed us all with its flawless and bug-free operation (even the LG Optimus 2X has quite a few glitches) and smooth slide of just about everything from its menus up to the web browser.

ASUS' Transformer Pad Infinity

If you're in the market for a tablet, you have to balance several things including features, price, battery life and storage.  One thing that many tablets lack is a decent screen resolution.  Processors are plenty powerful.  They come with enough RAM and storage, but at 1024x600 - they are just a little week.  The ASUS Transformer Prime Infinity changes all that with a 1920x1200 resolution.  It's awesome - mostly.  TechReport has more details.

On paper, the Transformer Pad has all the makings of an iPad killer. The base model has 32GB of built-in storage, doubling the capacity of its iPad counterpart. The Infinity is thinner and lighter than the new iPad, too. It also has more connectivity options and an optional keyboard dock packed with extras.


Peripheral Pile

As we wrap up the news for this gloomy Tuesday, we've got a great bunch of peripheral reviews to share with you.  Enjoy!

Windows 8 RTM in July

It appears that Windows 8 might be on time as the RTM (Release to Manufacturing) build (8500) is set to be shipped off here before long.  This is good news and while I haven't used the beta a bunch lately, I've been pretty happy with the performance of it so far.  There are a few functionality things that take a bit of time to get used to, but with the classic desktop displayed - it's all there.  More information over at Neowin.

Windows 8 has been noted to be Microsoft's biggest gamble yet. But, with the hardware/software that was just announced (Microsoft Surface and Windows Phone 8), the entire ecosystem around the platform is coming together. If true, July will be yet another busy month as the company takes one giant step towards Windows 8 retail availability.

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