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One Bad Apple...

It seems that the government of the USA is suing Apple.  I'm sure that this will make a few more lawyers even richer, but the issue on the table is that Apple has been price-fixing eBooks.  This was obvious from the launch and I'm glad someone is taking action.  I'm surprised that the government of a country is the one stepping up.  ABC News has more.

Also on the wrotten Apple side of things is their failure to patch security holes and the fact that they were caught trying to take down the security firm that let the world know that there was a hole is OSX.  The same flaw was found in Windows - but Microsoft patched it - six weeks ago.  Nicely done Apple.  It's always awesome when you willingly let your customers be part of a zombie network.  More at TheRegister.

Apple went out of its way to make life difficult for the Russian security firm that first alerted the world to the spread of the now infamous Flashback Trojan on Mac computers, it has emerged. However the fruitbite-branded firm has now pledged to resolve the problem, well after security firms - and Microsoft - had acted.

Listen Up!

If you like to enjoy your audio privately, perhaps the Clar1tyOne EB110 Earphones over at TechPowerUp is what you're looking for.  These are from a Canadian company and will set you back over $100.  You may want to find out how they perform before you drop that much money.

If you are looking to share your sound from your PC, perhaps the Olasonic TW-S7 USB Speakers at EverythingUSB are more up your alley.  They aren't that much cheaper though.  

I know.  Wires can be a pain.  That's why the Auna PS-7801 Wireless Speaker System at XSReviews is getting all the press.  These look pretty awesome but unfortunately, that's about where the awesome ends.  MissingRemote has a look at the Aperion Audio Zona Wireless Speakers and at $399, I hope these are decent.


Tuesday Storage Stack

It's Tuesday and that means it's time to empty the big old stack of storage reviews that have collected in our inbox.


Get Your Game On

HardwareHeaven takes a break from their main test-bench and sits down on the couch with their controller and "tests" out the Devil May Cry HD Collection as well as the new Kinect Star Wars.  Even though the Kinect Star Wars game may be a bit of a gimmick, I had a ton of fun back in the day playing Star Wars on the Wii and this would be even more physical and fun. 

As well as jumping around the room with full body motion controls which include various saber swings, kicks, jumps, crouching and dodging we also have the use of force powers with our empty hand. This takes the form of the ability to grab items by outstretching our arm and then throwing/moving or pulling close to our body to create a charge before pushing towards the screen to send out a burst of power or force an enemy away.

Episode #154 - Instagram = InstaBillion

Episode #154 of Weekly Tech Update is now available on iTunes and the Zune Marketplace.  This is our weekly podcast that covers the hottest stuff in tech - not only around BCCHardware, but also the world.  Check it out over here - as well as a free download in the iTunes store and the Zune Marketplace.

In this episode we will be discussing Samsung may open a store in Canada, Instagram is worth $1 Billion to Facebook & 5000+ artists like the Pirate Bay.  We have those stories and more...

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Z77 Motherboard Roundup + More

In the not-so-distant past, Intel launched a new chipset, a new CPU architecture and a new socket.  This fragments their lineup and it's hard to buy Intel products with confidence - as you may be buying a completely new setup in another year.  The new Ivy Bridge socket 2011 processors are on an island of their own, but the new Z77 chipset supports both Ivy Bridge and the older Sandy Bridge on the socket 1155 platform.  There will be more features available (such as PCIe 3.0) when Ivy Bridge for the 1155 land, but until then, there are a lot of Z77 motherboard reviews posted using Sandy Bridge chips.

Android App Pick - Pocket MadLips Pro

We have just posted up our 27th App Pick of the Week and this week we're helping you relax and laugh it up with a fun app that will get people talking and get them involved.  We've got Pocket MadLibs Pro on our phone and are having some fun.  Please check out our pick for more details.

MadLibs Pro

Please post your thoughts, comments, questions and suggestions for next week's Android App Pick of the Week!

Samsung S27A850 LED Ultra HD Monitor

S27A850We have just taken a look at the Samsung S27A850 LCD.  This monitor boasts some awesome 2560x1440 resolution on a 27" display and has a nice feature set to boot.  It can be rotated for long page viewing, has multiple inputs and a USB 3.0 hub.  If you need a monitor that is a little more - and offers bright LED backlighting - please check out all the details over here.

We are looking at the S27A850 unit that comes in boast WQHD resolution.  For those of you not up to date on that particular specification, that means the screen comes in at 2560x1440.  It follows a 16:9 aspect ratio instead of the 16:10 aspect ratio of my trusty 30" 305T display (2560x1600).  This screen has a few other features other than just a nice high resolution and I can honestly say that the screen can go bright enough to light up your entire office.

Big Graphics Bundle

Hitachi 4TB HDD

It's not often that a single hard drive review takes up an entire post - but with the size of the Hitachi 4000000MB hard drive on the bench over at NikkTech - it's worth a post.  This drive is currently the largest spinning consumer-level storage devices available.  It offers 1TB per platter and spins up at a speedy 7200rpm with a 64MB buffer - so it should be pretty snappy.  Find out and see if a 4TB drive is in your future.

Monstrous capacity disk drives have always been expensive especially at their launch so it comes as no surprise that the single and only drawback of the Deskstar 7K4000 by Hitachi GST is it's price tag since currently this particular package retails at around USD420 inside the USA and 350Euros inside the EU. Of course not everyone needs 4TB of space so the Deskstar 7K4000 line is targeted at a specific part of the market which includes professionals and enthusiasts who can put to use any HDD regardless of size.

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