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Why your friends deleted you from Facebook

Have your friends been deleting you from Facebook? Well chances are good its because of your Facebook habits and you might want to change them before all of your friends give you the boot. News,au has conducted a survey of the most annoying Facebook habits that might get you deleted.

PEOPLE hate it when you post photos of your food on Facebook and nobody cares about your boring habits.

They're also sick of your baby photos and public displays of affection.

Just stop. You and your wonderful spouse or partner  - and your equally brilliant children - are making people sick.

The end of Nintendo Power magazine

If you've had a Nintendo gaming console chances are good you've bought a copy of Nintendo Power magazine over the years. Nintendo Power is however closing the doors and will publish its last magazine shortly. They've been going since 1988 and had a pretty good 24 year run. Shacknews has more information.

Yet another gaming magazine icon is biting the dust. According to a new report, Future Publishing is discontinuing Nintendo Power.

The magazine is one of the longest-running gaming magazines, having started in 1988. Nintendo originally produced and distributed the magazine until 2007, when it outsourced the magazine to Future Publishing (who also produce "official" magazines for Xbox and PlayStation).

Who cares if Samsung copied Apple?

The past couple weeks have been filled with Apple vs. Samsung court battle stories. Gizmodo has a story up today that asks the question, who cares is Samsung copied Apple? Basically they are arguing the fact that imitation drives innovation and says that companies shouldn't be punished for copying each other.

But there's actually another question that I think is much more interesting to the future of innovation in the technology industry: regardless of whether the courts say that Samsung copied Apple or not, would we all be better off if we allowed—even encouraged—companies to copy one another?

Ubisoft claims to experience "93-95%" piracy rates

Ubisoft's CEO has come out and said they are going the route of F2P (Free to Play) gaming because the rest of their games are just being pirated too much to make them financially viable. Ubisoft is claiming that they experience 93-95% piracy rates which might be a bit of an exaggeration, but regardless it will be interesting to see how all of these upcoming free to play games do. RockPaperShotgun has the full story.

Here’s the logic: Only 5-7% of people ever fork out cash for the F2P models that are out there. And that just happens to match the piracy rates seemingly plucked out of the air. You may immediately say, “Er, if it’s the same, why bother doing something different?” But Guillemot explains that with the F2P model, that 5-7% who pay will keep on paying, over and over, making more money for the F2Ping company in the long run. Thus making the F2P model more financially effective.

Android App Pick - Google Translate

We have just posted up our 46th App Pick of the Week and this week we take a look at Google's update Translate App and find out how good it is.  You can type, talk and even snap your way to another language with this one.  Check it out!

 Google Translate

Please post your thoughts, comments, questions and suggestions for next week's Android App Pick of the Week!

Chrome OS Upgrades

Google has updated their Chrome OS with a few noteable improvements.  These include a better, more manageable Apps list that includes a search box at the top of it.  Also upgraded is the Cloud Print feature and the ability to save documents directly to your Google Drive.  More info at the Chrome Blog.

Under the hood, we’ve added audio support for USB and HDMI, additional sandboxing security features, and many more bug fixes. This is all part of our goal to make sure your Chromebook and Chromebox get better over time.

Samsung Galaxy Note II - Small and Light

If you believe everything you read and see on the internet, the new Galaxy Note to be released later this month is labeled a small and light thing.  It will have the S-Pen that Sammy introduced with the original Galaxy Note, but at this point there is no word on whether the new "small and light" version is smaller than the original, or just smaller than a tablet.  Catch the teaser below.

Motherboard Roundup

Google Play Gift Cards Live!

The rumors are true, Google Play gift cards are now available in the USA.  You can pick up a $10, $25 or $50 card at your favorite Target, GameStop and RadioShack if you are so inclined to spend your cash instead of your credit on Apps.  This is a great move by Google and I hope they move this outside the US very soon.  Here's hoping.  More information over at Google+.

Google Play Card

Over the next few weeks we’ll be rolling out Google Play gift cards in stores across the U.S. We’ve teamed up with Target, +GameStop and +RadioShack to offer $10, $25 and $50 Google Play gift cards, and will start offering them later this month. You can use them to purchase your favorite music, movies, books, apps, games and more. You can even use them to purchase in-app goods in your favorite games. Or buy one for someone special.

Wednesday Gaming Goodness

If you've got a bit of extra time on your hands, there are a few games that may be worth chekcing out.  eTeknix looks at ShootMania Storm PC and gives us their thoughts on this competitive onlien FPS.  Techgage looks at Top-Down Racing Destruction: Death Rally as well as Darksiders II

TweakTown mixes things up with the 3DS title, Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance.  This game is quite a bit different than other games that I've played, but it does look interesting.  HiTechLegion wraps it up with The Secret World, and not only gives us a good look at this game, but they also give us a performance review on some pretty decent hardware.

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