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Mark Zuckerberg had a bad day

If you think you are having a bad day, or even a bad week, then you will want to check out this next story. Yesterday, Mark Zuckerberg lost $423 Million dollars thanks to Facebook's stock dropping 4% down to just over $20.00 per share. Thanks to this drop he is no longer one of the 10 richest technology billionaires, but I'm sure he's not too upset since he is still worth $10.2 Billion dollars in total. Bloomberg has all the details.

Facebook Inc. (FB) co-founder Mark Zuckerberg is no longer among the world’s 10 richest technology billionaires.

The 28-year-old’s fortune dropped by $423 million yesterday as shares of the world’s largest social media company fell 4 percent to $20.04 in New York, a record low. Zuckerberg is now worth $10.2 billion. He is about $400 million behind James Goodnight, the co-founder of Cary, North Carolina-based software maker SAS Institute Inc., who now ranks as technology’s 10th- richest person, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index.

Meet the Investors who sold Facebook before it crashed

Since Facebook's IPO a couple months back their stock has crashed to almost half of what it was worth. Obviously this is bad for investors who bought the stock and now have lost a bunch of money. Interestingly enough though there were some investors who sold at the told just before it started to tank, and yes if you were already thinking "I bet they were insider investors" you would be right. BusinessInsider has the fulls story and the full list (which includes Facebook's Mark Zuckerburg) over here.

Timing isn't everything in life, but it helps.

And now that Facebook's stock has been cut in half since its May IPO, it's time to compliment the clever folks who sold when everyone else was convinced that playing the Facebook IPO was pretty much a sure thing.

At the time, of course, these sellers appeared almost selfless: Demand for Facebook's stock was so intense that it seemed the inside sellers would soon look like schmoes for selling too cheap.

Android 4.1 Multi-User Accounts

When Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) was released there was a ton of new features they included. One feature that was included but not talked about or even mentioned at all was the ability to setup multiple users on the same phone. This feature is "not ready for deployment" according to the Android developers but if you are the kind of person who likes to tweak your phone to the limits, then TheVerge has all the details on how you can get this feature working (at your own risk).

Android 4.1 Jelly Bean brought with it an assortment of new features, but it looks like some unannounced multiple-user functionality is present in the OS as well. On the xda-developers forums, zanderman112 has posted a tutorial and video showing how to create a secondary account using a terminal emulator. The new account then shows up in the power button menu, allowing users to jump between the different accounts. The functionality looks to be rather limited at the moment, with the secondary account only having access to a small number of settings, and functions like text messaging reportedly showing up across both accounts. According to zanderman112, the method will work with any Jelly Bean ROM built from the Android Open Source Project.

Dropbox Confirms Security Breach

If you are a Dropbox user it might be a good time to change your password as Dropbox has confirmed they had a security breach. They aren't saying how many are affected by this but they've confirmed that some people's usernames and passwords have been stolen. Dropbox is changing a few things to hopefully fix this problem but if you have anything important in your Dropbox it might be a good time to change your password.

A couple weeks ago, we started getting emails from some users about spam they were receiving at email addresses used only for Dropbox. We’ve been working hard to get to the bottom of this, and want to give you an update.

Our investigation found that usernames and passwords recently stolen from other websites were used to sign in to a small number of Dropbox accounts. We’ve contacted these users and have helped them protect their accounts.

Goodbye Hotmail

Chances are good if you've been an internet user for the past 10+ years you've had a Hotmail email address at some point and time. Microsoft has decided to give Hotmail the boot and replace it with The new Outlook free email service will offer a cleaner look and will allow you tie in your social media contacts. If you want more details about this new free service head on over to CNET.

 It's not often we get a shakeup in the email world, but say hello to Microsoft's new free email account, It'll eventually be replacing Hotmail, but you might want to grab your name now. There's a new, clean look and it ties in your social media contacts. It's not too far off from what you may be used to already in Gmail, as you'll be able to tell from CNET's full overview of the features.

Google Acquires Mark Zuckerberg's Sister

You could file this next story under ironic. Google has just completed the purchase of a social media company called Wildfire where Mark Zuckerberg's (Facebook founder) sister is an employee. Obviously Google is a competitor with Facebook so it will probably make for awkward family gatherings. WebProNews has the full story .

As previously reported, Google has acquired social media marketing platform company Wildfire.

Business Insider has brought it to the public’s attention that Wildfire just happens to employ Arielle Zuckerberg (pictured), sister of Facebook Founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg. That’s pretty interesting, considering that Google and Facebook are direct competitors in a variety of ways.

Amazon brings Fire's conent to the iPad

Amazon has compiled quite a library of movies and TV shows which it has been selling through its popular Amazon Kindle Fire. Amazon has now come up with their own app for the iPad which will allow anyone with an iPad to have access to all the stuff that previously you had to have a Kindle Fire to use. This is good news for iPad users looking for an alternative to the Apple store. Wired has the story.

Amazon wants to sell you content and products, and it doesn’t care which devices you use to help achieve that goal. On Wednesday, Amazon released an iPad version of its Instant Video app. The app accesses Amazon’s video library of over 120,000 movie and TV show titles, and makes the iPad the only mobile device other than the Kindle Fire to receive Amazon’s special brand of video love.

“We listen to our customers and are always innovating on their behalf. Amazon Instant Video for iPad was one of our top customer requests, so we delivered,” an Amazon spokesperson told Wired via email.

Android App Pick - Super Monkey Ball 2

We have just posted up our 43rd App Pick of the Week and this week we are into too much monkey business with Super Monkey Ball 2.  This is a fun game that will challenge any monkey!  Take a look and give it a try!

Please post your thoughts, comments, questions and suggestions for next week's Android App Pick of the Week!

4TB Hitachi HDD

This is exactly the reason why SSDs won't dominate the entire market for a while.  A 3TB drive is pretty amazing and Hitachi has one-upped the competition with a 4TB drive.  This drive comes in 5900rpm and 7200rpm flavors, but the guys at TweakTown today are looking at the 5900rpm version.

Two such products, one of which we're looking at today, is the new 4TB capacity internal disk drives. The new Deskstar 7K4000 and 5K4000 drives increase storage capacity for a single 3.5" form factor from 3TB to an astonishing 4TB. If you thought 3TB was big, then add one more to it and call it massive.

Top 10 Consumer Complaints

CNN has put together a list of their top 10 consumer complaints.  After doing a bit of renovations on our home, I can identify with #3.  Also, it's always amazes me how every month I seem to make phone calls to China when my phone is off. (#5 Utilities)

No. 4 Retail Sales: Some of the top complaints when it came to retail sales included false advertising, fraud, defective merchandise, rebate issues, coupons, gift cards and gift certificates.


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