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Android App Pick - Sea Battle

15 Important Announcements from Apple

If you weren't able to watch the Apple event today or would just prefere a quick break-down of the event, there are 15 of the most important announcements listed below. Us non-fanboys will be quick to tell you that much of this has been done for years by the Android camp, but the reality is that Apple is doing some it better. By the same token, they are totally dropping the ball on others.

Apple is definitely playing catch-up here-it’s adopting features that Google and others announced months or years ago. But this is also how the company has succeeded with products like the iPad: perfect the technology, and then bowl over the competition. We’ve sat through a string of boring Apple events, but this wasn’t one of them.

Source: TheVerge

HGST Announces 10TB HDD

Just when we finished getting excited about 6TB Hard Drives, 8TB drives come along and steal the show. They are already taking a back seat as we see that 10TB units are already being sampled by HGST today. They are combining some sorcery with some wizardry and have mixed the two to create a small black hole that compressed quantum matter in order to pull out neutron dark matter and build this drive...or something like that. It's pretty awesome and there are some actual details at the link below.

HGST achieves unprecedented capacity leadership by utilizing two complementary technologies:  HelioSealTM technology and host-managed Shingled Magnetic Recording (SMR).  Combining these two technologies allows HGST to achieve the lowest $/TB and watts/TB of any large capacity rotational drive.

Source: TheSSDReview

Android App Pick - Podcast Addict

We have just posted up another Android App Pick of the Week and this week we try and fight off addictions. Podcast Addict is the App of the Week and it's a great app whether you are totally into podcasts or just a casual listener. This App will help you keep your podcasts organized and let you know when new episodes show up. It's great and you can even check out WeeklyTechUpdate using it!

Podcast Addict



Amazon Trys to Create Firesale with Sale on Fire

Recent reports suggest that the Amazon Fire Phone as sold no more than 35,000 units and they were betting big on this device. In order to try and stimulate sales just before the iPhone 6 announcement, they have just dropped the price to a mere $0.99 on contract. I don't think they could have picked a worse time than less than 24-hours before Apple's announcement and if this would have happened a few weeks ago - or at launch, they might have sold another 12 phones. Let's be real here - people want a brand phone that isn't proprietary. Sorry Amazon. I think everyone has already put out your Fire.

One of the things that shocked a lot of people with Amazon's release of the Fire Phone was the price. Marked at $199 back in June, the cost was comparable to high end devices and many wondered why Amazon wasn't undercutting the competition in order to sell more units. As of August, speculation that Amazon sold a mere 35,000 units hit the Internet, making the device a major flop.

Source: Neowin

Coin Meets Dry Ice

As much as I love technology, this is pretty low-tech and yet it's super cool (pun intended). Take a look at what happens when a coin meets dry ice.


Intel Details New Core-M Chips

Why should you care about the new Intel Core-M chip? Battery life. That's what portable devices are all about at this point is how long can you go without plugging in. The new processor is based on the Haswell-Y processor design and really optimizes things. They are claiming that you'll quite easily see 1.7 hours more battery life with the same performance. That, and these are based on a 14-nm process, portable PCs can get a whole lot thinner.

Because Intel moved from a 22-nanometer process with Haswell to a 14-nanometer one with Broadwell, this new crop of PCs will be both thinner and lighter than was previously possible for a full-fledged PC. In particular, Intel says some of these devices will measure as little as 7mm thick, though the company has warned from the beginning that not every Core M device will be as thin as that iPad Air-like tablet we mentioned earlier.

Source: Engadget

Samsung Gear VR Only $199, But...

If you've been excited to get your hands on some Oculus VR, there are a couple of current options. One of course is the tethered Oculus VR headset that has made the rounds on a lot of demos, but is still pretty scarce, or you can pick up the Samsung Gear VR for a mere $200. That's right, get your Virtual Reality on for only $200! On a side note, in order to use Samsungs product, you'll also need to spend some extra money on a Note 4 Smartphone also by Samsung. If you aren't planning on picking up a $800 Phablet, you'll be left out in the real world - instead of the virtual one.

Two days ago Samsung unveiled the Gear VR, a virtual reality headset made in partnership with Oculus VR. The device, which uses Samsung’s Note 4 phablet as a screen, was announced without a price at the Berlin IFA 2014 consumer electronics show this week. Samsung says the device will be released later this year.

Source: VentureBeat

WTU Episode #279 - iCamp for iPhone 6

We have just posted up Episode #279 of Weekly Tech Update. In this episode we are discussing Apple readies the iPhone 6, Sony tells you what you want and we finally figured out what Steve Ballmer did at Microsoft.We have those stories and more and the links below!


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Tt eSPORTS Verto Headset

We have just posted up our review of the Tt eSPORTS Verto Headset. This is a very affordable headset that offers great value, performance and some extra functionality. You can plug this into standard PC jacks or into your favorite mobile device. The design looks a bit edge and the performance holds up quite well. If you have a limited budget, but don't want to settle for junk, make sure to check out our review for all the details.

When I dropped these on my head, the first thing I noticed was the self-adjusting headband. I didn't have to adjust or tweak anything and I love it! It works and feels great. It's very comfortable and is easy on your head as it doesn't clamp down on your ears. 


What Steve Did at Microsoft

Jason and I have got into more than a few discussions as to what Steve Ballmer did at Microsoft other than be their "used car salesman" type of guy. In fact, the sweatervest guy actually wrote a few piece of code as well as the dialog for the Ctrl-Alt-Delete screen found in Windows 3.1. Well done Steve. Well done.

Since 16-bit Windows applications are co-operatively multi-tasked, it is easy to determine whether the system is responding, and if not, it is also easy to identify the application which is responsible. In that case, Windows gave you options to close the non-responsive application, restart the computer, or cancel.

Source: MSDN Blog

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