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Apple's "Touch Disease"

Apple has announced that they will fix iPhone 6 Plus phones that have developed touchscreen problems, for a cost. For $149 they'll fix your phone providing it is in working condition (no cracked screens). They'll also reimburse you anything over $149 that you'd paid to have your phone repaired elsewhere. This touchscreen issue has been dubbed "Touch Disease" by the Apple community and Apple is claiming it is the result of dropping the phone multiple times of hard surfaces. The repair cost could be worse, however, the fact that it's only happening on one model probably isn't going to make anyone super happy about writing Apple a check for $149 to fix their phone. ArsTechnica has the full story.

If you've been having touchscreen problems with your iPhone 6 Plus, Apple has a fix for you if you're willing to pay for it. The "iPhone 6 Plus Multi-Touch Repair Program" is for phones that are either having trouble registering touchscreen input or that are have flickering displays as a result of "being dropped multiple times on a hard surface and then incurring further stress on the device."

Smartphone makers to watch out for

On WeeklyTechUpdate, we've talked about many times how the "second tier" smartphone makers are the ones to be watching as they've caught up to the big guys in terms of features and performance and blow them away with price. CNET takes a look and makes the perdiction that ZTE and Alcatel are two of the smartphone makers we should be watching thanks to some pretty cool (and affordable) new products they've introduced to the North America markets.

They both focus on selling affordable smartphones. They concentrate on prepaid customers. They're both growing at an impressive clip. And as Chinese companies operating in the US, they've both flown under the radar.

Now ZTE and Alcatel OneTouch both want to make a lot more noise in the states, and they made some bold claims at this year's Consumer Electronics Show. They're preparing to spend more on marketing. They're sponsoring events and arenas. They're increasing the quality of their products and expanding into related fields such as wearable technology. They're also investing in the Silicon Valley area in hopes of drumming up developer support.

Microsoft joins Linux Foundation

Microsoft has announced they have joined the Linux Foundation as a platinum member which is a headline I never thought I'd be writing. Joining the Linux Foundation cost Microsoft about $500,000 to be a platinum member and shows their commitment to working with the Linux community more. Microsoft has actually been one of the biggest open source contributors which once again is a weird thing to be saying. TechCrunch takes a closer look at why Microsoft is actually a friend of the Linux and open source community.

How is this for a surprise: Microsoft today announced that it is joining the Linux Foundation as a high-paying Platinum member.

“This may come as a surprise to you, but they were not big fans,” Linux Foundation executive director Jim Zemlin told me in regards to his foundation’s history with Microsoft. The new Microsoft under CEO Satya Nadella, however, is singing a very different tune.

Steve Jobs's Worst Decision

I can proudly say I predicted this, people are turning on Tim Cook. Obviously following Steve Jobs at Apple is a pretty tough gig, one which had huge odds of being a failure, but it seems like the tides are changing and Tim Cook might be the scapegoat. Quartz has the details on why Tim Cook is in trouble.

In January 2000, after running Microsoft for 25 years, Bill Gates handed the reins of CEO to Steve Ballmer. Ballmer went on to run Microsoft for the next 14 years. If you think the job of a CEO is to increase sales, then Ballmer did a spectacular job; he tripled Microsoft’s sales to $78 billion and doubled profits from $9 billion to $22 billion. The launch of the Xbox and Kinect, and the acquisitions of Skype and Yammer happened on his shift. If the Microsoft board was eager only for quarter-to-quarter revenue growth, Ballmer was as good as it gets as a CEO. But if the purpose of a CEO is long-term company survival, then one could make a much better argument that Ballmer was a failure as a CEO the moment he optimized short-term gains by squandering long-term opportunities.

Amazon lowers Prime price for one day

Amazon is celebrating the launch of their new show, The Grand Tour, tomorrow by lowering the cost of a yearly subscription of Amazon Prime membership from $99 down to $79. The Grand Tour is the newest show from the 3 hosts of Top Gear who walked away from the BBC around a year ago and every network placed huge bids for them to join with Amazon Prime winning the bidding war. The Verge has more on the new show.

Amazon Prime is getting a pretty enticing price cut tomorrow, with a year of the premium subscription service available for for $79, down from $99. The deal is available to first time subscribers only, and will be up for grabs just tomorrow, Friday November 18th, from 12am ET until 11:59pm PT. The UK has a similar price cut available right now, with a year's subscription going for £59 (down from £79).

The Best of CES (by Engadget)

Companies have been submitting products to the CES judges for months now and Engadget has jumped the gun, taken a look at the press releases and is already crowning their best of CES. Of course, all of these are just on paper and we'll be in attendance once again this year to take a look and see just how amazing these up-and-coming products really are. Still, you can get an early taste at the link below.

The Consumer Electronics Show is just two months away, which means it's time once again for us here at Engadget to kick CES planning into high gear. Not only are we excited to get our hands on the latest gadgets and gear at the country's biggest tech show, but this will also be the fourth year in a row that Engadget is hosting the official Best of CES awards.

Source: Engadget

PS4 Pro Slower at Some Games than Non-Pro

So, you just bought yourself a shiny new PS4 Pro and it didn't connect to your TV, and the breakout box doesn't even work with HDR. So, you went out and upgraded your fairly new 4K TV to one that worked. You get home, get everything hooked up for the third time and find the games you play on it feel slower than on your original PS4. Is it just buyer's remorse? Not at all. There are a number of games that have poorer performance on the "upgraded" hardware. This launch for Sony keeps getting worse and worse.

Several high-profile titles like Watch Dogs 2, Skyrim, and The Last of Us run better on the older hardware. Watch Dogs 2 on PS4 Pro runs at a higher 1800p resolution via checkerboard upscaling but suffers from game tearing and dropped frames. Skyrim runs at a native 4K resolution and down-samples, but again suffers from frame rate drops. Surprisingly, Sony's in-house title The Last of Us also suffers from performance issues in both 1800p 60FPS mode, and 4K 30FPS mode, dropping frames where the standard PS4 doesn't.

Source: ArsTechnica

Super Mario Run Won't Have In-Game Purchases

Nintendo is getting the idea that mobile games can be profitable and they releasing "Super Mario Run" next month - but it won't be cheap. This game will launch of December 15 and will set you back $9.99 USD - not cheap for a run-based game, but thankfully, there won't be any in-game purchases and if you spend the money, you get it forever - with no paid upgrades. Would you ranther get a free game and given options to help your gameplay for a fee. or get the whole thing for $10? Please sound off in the comments below.

Nintendo has finally confirmed the release date for its upcoming mobile game, Super Mario Run. The game was announced at Apple's event alongside the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus back in September. Super Mario Run is also slated to come to Android at a later date, but we still don't know when. The website says that it will be available "for iPhone and iPad" on the given date; however, it seems extremely unlikely that supported iPod Touch devices will be left out.

Source: Neowin

Apple No Longer Sets Trends

There was a time when Apple was considered to be a trend-setting and they did in fact push a lot of boundaries and push companies to be better, smarter and make more beautiful pieces of technology. While Jonny Ive is their main designer and Tim Cook does know how to run a company, without the harsh inspiration of Steve Jobs, the company has taken the idea that a few new features are "revolutionary". The public has tired of this idea and their revenue has declined for the fouth quarter in a row. Apple isn't going anywhere for a while - and that includes to the top of the stock portforlio.

Yes, Apple has brought us better smartphone cameras and fingerprint sensors, but there are more areas where it has whiffed. Cook has been saying for five years that the TV industry is broken and needs an overhaul. He was right. Now the way people watch television is being upended by Netflix Inc., by "cord cutting" and by video on smartphones. Apple is barely a participant in that transformation.

Source: Bloomberg

Encrypted Email Sign-Ups Double in USA

One thing that politicians need to worry about is email security, and now the American public is also worrying about that in light of the recent election. Some are afraid that the direction the government is going may be very intrusive to the citizens, but I personally feel that time has already come and probably won't ever leave. Still, this is good news for companies like ProtonMail that offers end-to-end encryption. It's a solid service that I've been using for about a year and now others are seeing the benefit of this as well.

ProtonMail was launched back in May 2014 by scientists who had met at CERN and MIT. In response to the Snowden revelations regarding collusion between the NSA and other email providers such as Google, they created a government-resistant, end-to-end encrypted email service.

Source: TheRegister

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