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Apple's Macbook Officially A Flop

It's no secret that the new Macbook Pro hasn't done nearly as well as Apple hoped, and the biggest cause for this (in my opinion) is the lack of ports, extra expense and inconvenience for dongles and mediocre hardware - as well as poor battery life. There is nothing "Pro" about it when it comes right down to in. PC's on the other hand have faster processors, better performance, better battery life and actually have ports. This is why the high-end market is now choosing Windows over Apple.

Microsoft famously claimed that with the announcement of the Surface Studio, which caused many to claim Microsoft is more innovative than Apple, and Apple’s announcement of the disappointing MacBook Pro “more and more Mac users were switching to Surface.” It seems Microsoft’s Surface line was not the only beneficiary, which is good news for OEMs struggling with the slow decline of the PC market.

Source: MSPowerUser

Netflix Allows Downloading to SD Card

Back in November, Netflix announced wonderful news about offline downloads but have now added more great news. When downloading to watch offline, the app now offers two options, internal storage or external storage (sd cards). Before it used to be just internal storage which could be an issue if your device had very limited internal storage. As long as your device supports external SD storage you should be good to go, however Netflix did state that not all devices may have the capability to save to SD storage.

Keep in mind that offline content does expire (time limits vary depending on the content), so you won’t be able to store movies or shows on microSD and just leave them there to watch much later. And Netflix notes that the feature doesn’t support any and all Android devices with a microSD slot. But this small change definitely makes offline downloads much more convenient on the Android side of things.

Source: TheVerge

PC sales down, Gaming PC sales up

PC sales are down, however, when it comes to gaming PCs sales are actually up. Even though we've been told PC gaming is dead numerous times over the years, it appears to be getting a bit of a resurgence. Also interesting to note is the fact that mid-range gaming PCs are the biggest gainers, which isn't too surprising as at CES 2017 we saw the big guys like Dell and Lenovo adding mid-range options to compliment their high-end gaming systems that they traditionally focused much more on. ArsTechnica has the full story.

While other market analysts are seeing overall PC sales continue to decline, a new report from Jon Peddie Research (JPR) shows the worldwide market for PC gaming hardware growing faster than expected in 2016.

All told, the market for pre-built and "DIY" gaming-focused PCs (which also includes "upgrades and accessories such as input devices and audio/communication systems") exceeded $30 billion (£24 billion) for the first time last year ($30.346 billion, to be precise), according to JPR's latest report. That's well up from the estimated $24.6 billion (£19.6 billion) market for gaming PCs that JPR saw back in 2015. Back then, JPR projected that the PC gaming market wouldn't pass the $30 billion mark until 2018, meaning the industry has accelerated roughly two years ahead of those old projections.

Seagate working on 16TB HDD

Apparently a 10TB spinning hard drive just isn't enough for some people so Seagate is getting a 16TB model ready. Now to be fair, it could be up to 18 months before Seagate gets these onto the store shelves, but in the meantime they've got a 12TB model that will be here sooner and hopefully keep people happy until the 16TB version is available. The SSD market has also seen the capacities increase (Seagate was showing of a 60TB SSD drive, but the prices are crazy high and a cost-per-TB comparison gives the old spinning hard drives the advantage for cheap storage space that doesn't need to be accessed as fast. Techspot takes a closer look at what Seagate has up their sleeves.

Cloud-based storage is a popular alternative to maintaining local data backups or as part of a multi-location / off-site strategy, especially if you’re dealing with mission-critical data that’s irreplaceable. Others, however, prefer to keep their data within arm’s reach on high-capacity hard drives.

If you haven’t shopped around for hard drives in a while, you may be surprised at what’s out there. The largest 3.5-inch desktop hard drives currently available from Seagate, for example, offer a whopping 10TB of capacity for less than $500.

Microsoft HoloLens only selling "thousands" of units

Augmented reality devices like Google Glass and Microsoft HoloLens have a way of making the news for being innovative products, however, as Google and Microsoft have learned, they don't actually sell that well. Google of course put their project on a bit of a hold, and now Microsoft has announced that they've only sold "thousands" of their devices. Price and lack of support are playing a bit part in the slow sales, and it will be interesting to see if others jump into that market or hold off until the technology become more widely support and less expensive. The Inquirer has more on the slow selling Microsoft HoloLens.

MICROSOFT HAS REVEALED that it's HoloLens augmented reality headset has only sold "thousands" of units since it went on sale in November.

The Microsoft HoloLens, Judge Dredd-style "mixed reality" headset, went on sale in the UK last year, with the firm offering a developer-only version for £2,179, and an enterprised-focused model for £4,529.

Speaking to The INQUIRER at the BETT show in London Thursday, Roger Walkden, Microsoft's HoloLens commercial lead, revealed that sales of the headset are so far in the "thousands," but insisted that's all that the company needs. 

Apple vs. Qualcomm

For the past couple years we've had a constant Apple vs. Samsung lawsuit story stream, however, that seems to have quieted down a bit and now Apple has set their sights on Qualcomm with their army of lawyers. Basically Apple isn't happy that Qualcomm is supplying them with CPUs at a higher price than they would like to pay (and that price has gone up over time) and Qualcomm has it setup so if Apple uses other CPUs then the price of the Qualcomm CPUs goes up even more. Their solution is apparently to sue Qualcomm (the company supplying all of your CPUs for your mobile devices). Fortunately for Apple, they've never made it hard for their users to try something different so I'm sure they'll get lots of sympathy from the general public... (/sarcasm). CNET has more on this story.

Bring it on, Apple -- at least, that's what Qualcomm's top executives seemed to be saying Wednesday.

Qualcomm CEO Steve Mollenkopf and Derek Aberle, head of the wireless chipmakers's licensing business, fired back at lawsuits filed over the past week by Apple in the US and China. Those suits, they said, are all about the money, an effort by Apple to squeeze as much money as possible from its supplier.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Rumors

Even though Samsung won't officially announce the Samsung Galaxy S8 at MWC next month, it hasn't stopped the rumor mill and we are slowly getting more and more details on the next version of the Galaxy lineup. Once again we are still hearing that there will be a headphone jack, the screen design will be "bezel-less", and it will feature a desktop dock connection. The desktop dock connection is a new one, however, it is something that a few other phone makers have been playing with as the idea of dropping your phone into a dock and getting "desktop" functionality is quite appealing. The Galaxy S8 will of course be Android-based so the desktop functionality may be a little limited, but if Samsung can pull it off better than the other have been able to so far they might have a winner. The Verge has more on this story.

Information about the upcoming Galaxy S8 keeps leaking out at a steady pace, and now The Guardian has published a considerable amount of info on the phone gleaned from unnamed sources. First off, the phone is supposed to be announced in late March, and then will ship in April, which matches other rumors we'd heard that the phone won't show up at MWC this year.

More controversially, The Guardian claims the S8 will have a headphone jack, citing "several sources," which contradicts a report from December that it would not. The new report does agree with the rumors about the "all-screen" design reported by Bloomberg last year.

Xiaomi to skip MWC 2017

Mobile World Congress (MWC) is the next big event in the tech industry where the mobile side of the business takes their turn announcing and showing off their new products. Samsung announced earlier they wouldn't be showing off anything new on the mobile side at 2017 MWC but now Xiaomi has announced that they won't be attending the show at all. Probably not too much to read into this other than Xiaomi doesn't have anything to announce and it is probably just as easy to not be there than to have to answer the "what do you have to announce?" questions 40 million times. TechCrunch has more on this story.

Samsung isn’t the only major phone maker who won’t be announcing a new device at Mobile World Congress, the telecom industry’s largest event, next month. China’s Xiaomi will skip the event entirely, a spokesperson confirmed to TechCrunch.

The move is an unexpected one since it was widely assumed Xiaomi would attend. Barcelona-based Mobile World Congress is one of the largest events for the global mobile industry, attracting over 100,000 attendees, and it has a reputation as the place to show off the latest developments in mobile.

Turn Off Edge Notifications (Ads) in Windows 10

If you have Windows 10 and are tired of the Edge ads in Windows that pop up as notifications, you are able to turn them off. I personally love being advertised to when I purchase legitimate software. It makes me feel like I'm living in a time when people don't actually own anything and are merely being marketed to by those that hold the digital keys to our lives. Wait... #itjustgotreal 

In other words, Microsoft is now using Windows to advertise, well, Windows. Or at least Edge, which is part of Windows. That's fine -- it's their operating system, and I'm sure Edge generates ad revenue -- but I've already made my browser choice, thank you.

Source: CNET

Five States Introduce "Right to Repair" Bills

If you live in Kansas, Nebraska, Minnesota, Massachusetts or New York and have ever experienced the issues of trying to get a device repaired either at an authorized repair place or with legitimate replacement parts, help is on the way. These five states have introduced “right to repair” bills which would give small repair shops, that are not termed “authorized”, the ability to get access to official parts and manuals needed to repair your device. These bills would also include large appliances and tractors.

The problem is that kiosk and other repair shops like it might be running afoul of the law. Apple doesn't have an "authorized repair" model for its iOS devices. The iPhone maker isn't alone in this. Other electronics manufacturers only offer repairs via their own stores or workshops. This means individuals and small companies don't have access to official parts or manuals.

Source: Engadget

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