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The Strength of the Amazon

The Amazon Android App store seems to be catching on, in quite a few countries. Today is another good day for the online retail giant as they have just expanded their market to a plethora of new countries. There are precisely 41 new places with the ability to pick up this service. This should be a great boost to Amazon’s sale of apps.

This morning, Amazon is rolling out their App Store in 41 new places, bumping the grand total up to 236 countries and territories. At this point, it’s getting tough to think of a region where Amazon’s App Store isn’t up and running.

Source: TechCrunch

Collosal Case Collection

We kick off this week with a massive collection of PC cases that range from tiny little ITX jobs all the way up to full-tower cases and everything in between. There certainly is a lot more selection these days as companies realize that everyone has different taste. BitFenix also has some interesting colors in a few of their PC cases as you can see below.


A List of Google Now Voice Commands

If you've got an Android device, the "Google Now" feature can be either the best thing you've ever used or it can be totally useless. The fact is that the voice recognition is better than Siri, but Google Now doesn't have as broad a vocabulary. If you want to make the most from your Android device and Google Now, you should check out the full list of voice commands. Of course there are a few easter eggs along the way, but this is pretty much every major command that is currently available.

You pick up your phone and say "OK Google"... and then what? Your phone is listening. The microphone icon is pulsing. What do you say to your phone? What can you say to it? Google Now's voice function has become surprisingly robust over the years. Here's a list of just about everything you can say to Google Now. Try experimenting with different phrasing, you'll be surprised how much it understands. The part of the phrase in [brackets] can be replaced with any similar term you choose.

Source: Greenbot

A Shipment of Nostalgia

Being a fan of Call Of Duty 4 Modern Warfare, I have come to enjoy some of the smaller maps that this game had to offer, such as Shipment. Some of us miss this map, but now we can wipe the tears of remembrance from our eyes and play in this hectic battleground once more! In the upcoming DLC for Ghost; Nemesis, a re-imagined version of Shipment will be received and is called “Showtime”! The release date for the Xbox version is scheduled for August 5th.

Following the release of a short teaser video yesterday, Activision formally announced the Nemesis DLC today, which will be available first on Xbox platforms next Tuesday, August 5. The four DLC maps include one that lets you ride around in a minecart (even if you don't like Call of Duty, that has to sound fun) and another that is a remake of the smallest map ever created for a Call of Duty game, Modern Warfare's Shipment.

Source: Gamespot

Facebook Reacts to Slingshot

If you are a current user of the Slingshot app by Facebook, a photo sharing app, then you are aware of one of the key flaws. This flaw is that, up until now you can’t have an ongoing conversation it the “react” section, but now you can! The social media supergiant has made it so that you can add a photo, video or text in response to reactions. It's almost like Google+ / Hangouts have been for the last two years. Well done.

We’ve heard (and seen) how much people love reacting to shots in their feed. So why should the fun end after one reaction? Today we’re excited to announce that reactions to reactions are here! Starting today, you can reply to any reaction with a photo, video or text.

Source: Slingshot Blog

Nintendo Posts Another Loss

Nintendo has just wrapped up it's quarterly "earnings" report with yet another loss. While we all said they would do better once they released some new titles that we've been waiting for since the launch of the WiiU, this still wans't enough to get them out of the red and into the black. Even with Mario Kart 8 making a bit of a showing, a "50% increase in purchasing intent" does not translate to actual revenue.

Even though Mario Kart 8, its big first-party game released in May, shipped more than 2.82 million copies by the end of June, the Mario-themed racing game was not enough to help Nintendo’s struggling Wii U console perform in this particular quarter. The company said it lost $97 million between March and June.

Source: BusinessInsider

Wireless Roundup

If you are in the market for a new handset, or something you can actually wear, there are certainly a lot of choices on the market today. Sony has a wide variety of devices, including some large-screen, low end devices such as the Xperia T2 Ultra Dual Smartphone. It would be great if you're on a budget, but the 6", 1280x720 screen just doesn't get me all that excited. If you're on a budget, and you're not all that crazy about Sony phones, check out the Moto G. It's been around for a while, but it's pretty solid for the price.

Something that does get me interested at least is the LG G Flex Curved Screen smartphone. I really enjoyed the curved screens of both my Nexus S and my Galaxy S, so immediately I think this is just a little cool. While the Sony Xperia Z2 is not curved, it is still a very decent device that is one of the higher spec'd phones on the market today. 

On the Windows side of things, you can't really go wrong with the Nokia Lumia 520 - if you're on a budget and want a good phone, this one actually fits the bill very nicely. 

I know that Smartwatches are still in their infancy, but when a company called WiME can come along and make a device as good as this, it shows that there is promise. If you're a gadget junky, you'll want to check this out. If you don't want another device you have to charge everynight, you'll want to keep reading the news below.

AMD A10-7800 APU

AMD has just updated their line of APU's with a few new products and the A10-7800 is their "flagship" of the APU product line. This new chip has four cores and is clocked in with a base clock of 3.5GHz with a turbo speed at 3.9GHz. The integrated GPU solution is a AMD Radeon R7 chip with 512GPU cores and the whole thing has a TDP rating of a mere 65W / 45W. Unfortunately, it can't compete with Intel on the performance front in raw power, but the cost/performance ratio is really good and it could make a great AiO PC with a fantastic integrated video solution.

Choosing the desired TDP is as easy as selecting an option from within the motherboard BIOS, and AMD has been tweaking the technology to help squeeze every last drop of performance when running in the most energy-efficient 45W mode. AMD refers to this as the optimised TDP and it's worth noting that peak frequency remains the same whether or not the chip is running at 45W or 65W.

Source: Hexus


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Quad-Core Win8 Tablet for under $100

We've seen our share of cheap Android Tablets - and by cheap, I mean both in price and in quality. Now it's time to start seeing the rise of cheap Windows 8 tablets as well. KingSing made history earlier this week when they launched the W8, which is the first quad-core Windows 8 tablet to fall below the $100 mark. The specs are pretty low (obviously), but if you need an affordable Windows device, it's not going to get much cheaper than this for a while.

The cost of getting onboard the Windows tablet bandwagon just dropped a little. The promise of super-cheap devices has now come to something as KingSing unveils its super-budget offering. Measuring 8-inches, the W8 tablet is powered by a 1.8GHz quad-core processor, and is backed up by 1GB of RAM.

Source: Winbeta

Motherboard Roundup

As we hammer on through the week, we've got a few interesting motherboard reviews to share. The new 97-Series chipset from Intel is still a hot topic as you can tell from all the new Socket-1150 reviews.

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