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10 Gbps Internet Now Available - in Vermont

While 1 Gbps internet is mind-blowing fast, VTel is not stopping there. If you want a mere 1Gbps line, it will cost you $35 a month, but if 1000Mbps internet simply isn't fast enough for you, they are also offering 10 Gbps internet as well. That's right, you'll need a 10GbE WAN port on your modem and router to take advantage of this. This is not for business customers either. This is listed for residential internet, but it's not that cheap at $400 a month. Still, in the day where we gasp at 1 Gbps speed, 10 Gbps is about 10x as awesome.

VTel’s new 10 Gig residential Internet has been made possible by an $85 million VTel telephone network award from the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Rural Utilities Service (RUS). This RUS project is expected to be complete by June 30, 2015, on budget and on schedule.

Source: Vermontel

Manning an Unmanned Drone Taxi

If you thought that quadcopter drones are cool - just image how awesome it would be to hang underneath one and be delivered to your destination like an Amazon package. Really.

Xbox One Double Storage Ahead of E3

It appears that Microsoft is beating the E3 launch madness and just forging ahead with their launch of a larger capacity Xbox One this week. This new unit packs a 1TB drive and boasts a new controller - one that takes regualr headphones instead of the proprietary mess that existed since the dawn of the 360. This is good stuff, and what makes it even better is that it is launching at the same price as the current model. You get more stuff for the same money!

An Xbox One game console with 1TB of onboard storage will launch on June 16 in the US, Microsoft announced Tuesday. The console, which will feature twice the storage of the previous model, will also boast a matte finish across the top, rather than the half-glossy finish that previously topped the console. The 1TB Xbox One will set customers back $399/AU$549. For a limited time, Microsoft will also include Halo: The Master Chief Collection with the console.

Source: CNET

WTU Episode #315 - WWDC 2015 Highlights and Low-lights

We have just posted up Episode #315 of Weekly Tech Update. In this episode we are discussing the Steam Machines are finally coming, the Galaxy Note 4 reaches the top in customer satisfaction and maybe 2016 year will be the year of Apple Pay. Check out those stories and more at the links below.


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Apple Finally Streams Music - Calls it 'Revolutionary'

Probably the thing that stood out today from Apple's WWDC is their new streaming music service. While this has been done countless times before, Apple is bringing something new. Actually they aren't. They are bringing their music library to a stream, loading it up with DRM and selling it off at $9.99 for a single user or $14.99 for a family of six. This is obviously the better deal and just might be worth it if you have 4+ people in your house that all enjoy music.

An integral part of this is its new Music app, which includes a 'For You' section that can make new music recommendations based on your tastes and usage. Playlists are not based purely on software algorithms but also includes selections made by "people who love music".

Source: Neowin

The iPad Gets Multitasking...Finally

After years of being able to have two windows open on a Windows or Android tablet, Apple has joined the dual-window fray and finally brought productivity to their iPad lineup. This really doesn't look or function any different than Windows 8, but it's nice to see that Apple users don't have to switch camps now to get nice software.

"The big one", as described by Apple's SVP of Software Engineering Craig Federighi, is iOS 9's support for true multitasking on the iPad. Side-by-side loading of apps has been one of the most highly requested features for iOS. Up until now, the iPad has kept apps running in the background and only given users the option to switch apps by double tapping the home button.

Source: Neowin

Stanford's Water-Droplet Based Computer

While it probably won't play Quake just yet, it's still pretty cool that Stanford has managed to build a computer that uses water to transfer data. This computer doesn't move information as much as it moves matter. Mind blown.


The 10 Most Important Announcements from WWDC 2015

Apple has a bunch of little announcements this year at their WWDC and probably the 10 most important announcements are linked below. Of course they include iOS9, OSX El Capitan, Siri gets to really know you and more. There is nothing really all that groundbreaking at all, but instead it feels like they are adding a new decimal to their version numbers (eg. iOS9 should be iOS 8.2)

Flashy as the whole thing was, though, it followed two hours of low-key but fairly solid tweaks to Apple's software products, from new versions of OS X and iOS to updates of its car, home, and watch software. This fall, Apple product users of all stripes can look forward to a lot of refreshed apps and, if the company delivers on its promise, all sorts of Siri integration. They might not make headlines quite as well, but little changes like Maps public transit support can make a big difference in the long run, too.

Source: TheVerge

Steam Machines hit on October 16

It looks like Alienware is prepping their Steam Machine for order on October 16 and to arrive on store shelves on November 10. This is about 2 years later than we expected, and there is no guarantee that it will actually launch on time. The controller has been re-worked yet again and the starting price is a pretty hefty $449 - and will range up to $749. This makes it a lot more expensive than it has to be in order to be competitive and there really isn't room for another console at this point - even if it is basically a PC.

All Steam Machines will run SteamOS, a Linux variant with Steam's big picture mode of interface. While Steam Machines will be limited to games with Linux compatibility, the systems will be able to play any game purchased on Steam by streaming it from another local Windows or Mac computer. Meanwhile, Valve is working to add direct Linux support to as many games as possible. At launch, between 1,000 and 1,200 games will be natively supported, according to Dell and Valve officials.

Source: Polygon

Another Mac Security Flaw

There is another security flaw that affects most Mac computers at-risk while in their sleep state. This issue is especially dangerous as it affects the computer at the EFI Firmware level. If you have a brand-new Mac, you should be okay, but if you have one older than a year you could be affected. At this point their is no solution, but Apple has been alerted to this issue.

Everyday users shouldn't worry too much about this specific hack since it's a complicated process that would probably be more suitable for a high-risk/high-reward hack. However, computer security workers within companies that have valuable data that could cripple the company if manipulated or removed should be aware of the vulnerability.

Source: Neowin

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