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TPL-408E2K Powerline Kit

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ZOTAC at CES 2015

ZOTAC was showing off their full lineup of ZBOX devices which no matter how many times you see them it is hard not to be impressed at the small size of their systems and the amount of performance they can pack in. The ZBOX Pico series was being shown off and is being offered in AMD and Intel powered solutions, both in a crazy small package that is small enough that you could fit it in your pocket. 


The ZBOX series also includes the E-Series devices that are a little bit bigger than devices in the Pico series yet have enough power to easily power 4k displays @60 Hz all in a very small box. The E-Series EN860 that was being shown off features an Intel i5 4210U CPU with an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 860M graphics card which makes the EN860 pack quite a punch in a small package and is enough power to replace most peoples desktop computers.



Mushkin at CES 2015

Mushkin has a couple of new products that they were showing off this year at CES 2015. The biggest announcement was their new Striker SSD to add to their SATA SSD lineup. 
Mushkin is also excited about their new M.2 Hyperion drive that are based on Phisons latest PS5007-E7 controller. It should be very interesting to see how this Phison can perform in real world testing and we look forward to getting one of these into our test rig but the numbers being talked about are very impressive.
In addition to Mushkin's SSD's they were showing off their new DDR4 memory which will be called Ridgeback. Mushkin also was showing off their lineup of portable battery powerbanks which they offer in a variety of different capacities.


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Monoprice at CES 2015 - More than just cables

CES 2015 continues to roll on and today we had the chance to stop by and see the folks at Monoprice and some of their new products they've introduced for the upcoming year. Monoprice was at one time best know for their cables and accessories, but they've continued to add new products, lots and lots of new products. Monoprice was proudly showing off their new 28" 60Hz 4K monitor. There have been a good number of 4k monitors hitting the market in recent months, however, Monoprice is offering theirs for $499 USD which is going to be tough to beat. 



In addition to Monoprice's new 28" 4K monitor, they were also showing off their 30" 2560x1440 which retails for about the same money. This panel has higher quality color reproduction which justifies the higher price-per-pixel.


Razer OSVR at CES 2015

We got a chance to look at one of the major items Razer was presenting at this years CES, the OSVR Hacker Dev kit. The initial setup was a little time consuming as the lenses on the inside had to be adjusted to the type of vision I have, (nearsighted) and after that they had to either be pushed left or right and backwards or forwards so that the images being displayed are seen properly. Once the headset was put on and properly adjusted, I was able to see the imagery, and layout. Based on what i was looking at and hearing, I felt like I was standing inside a game.


I could see the forest background though I could not move forward or backward but I could look from side to side or even look far to one side or the other. With the movement of the Skulls that were slowly moving toward me in a circular pattern, I could get a sense of depth. In this specific game that was being used, with holding out my hands, the left was given a water element and the right was given a fire element. The Skulls were also using the same elements and as a one got close, the opposite element had to be used to destroy them. I was only able to experience two rounds of the game before the timer ran out but it was still a cool experience.



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Sennheiser focuses on wireless at CES 2015

Every year we try and meet with Sennheiser at CES to see what they have that is new, refined and better and this year their big focus was on wireless. Many companies can put a Bluetooth receiver in a set of headphones, but they don't all sound alike. Sennheiser takes they excellent Momentum line and puts basic Bluetooth features in this great product and manages to keep the audio quality they are known for.

The other wireless set they were showing off was the Urbanite. These have been around in a wired version for a while, but they have joined the wireless world as well and include touch sensitive controls for play, pause, forward, back and to answer and end calls. Take a look at the video below for more details.


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Lian Li at CES 2015

We had the chance to check out Lian Li's new product lineup here at CES 2015 which includes a bunch of new cases that they are very excited about. One of these new cases from Lian Li is their PC-07S case which looks more like a piece of art than a computer case. The PC-07S can also be wall mounted if you want or can sit vertically. The attention to detail on this case is amazing and will allow you to build a PC that is very unique so I'll let the pictures speak for themselves. The PC-07S is large enough for an eATX motherboard with additional models (PC-06S, PC-05S, and PC-05) which are smaller if you would prefer to go with a micro or mini ATX board instead. The PC-07S case will be available in February of 2015.



A-Audio Luxury Headphones at CES 2015

Today BCCHardware visited with a new company called A-Audio. This company is trying to break into the headphone market with some really great looking and great sounding headphones. The headphones fell into four product lines, the Elite HD earbuds, the Lyric on-ear headphones, the Legacy over-ear headphones, and the Icon over-ear headphones. The look and design of the headphones are brought about by features that are in timeless premium brands.


The construction of the headphones are very durable with aluminum and zinc to go along with a nice soft leather for a comfortable fit. The Legacy and the Icon headphones both feature a 3-stage technology that lets you change modes between Passive Audio, Active Noise Cancellation, or Bass Enhancement. All the headphones and the earbuds come with built in mics while only the the headphones come with dual headphone jacks so that music can be shared or the plug can switch sides depending on what side of the body a phone is on.



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In-Win at CES 2015

In-Win brought a new case to CES this year called the S-frame and painted it in a sleek black and gold. The case is just one sheet of 4mm thick aluminum that is bent in order to achieve the design. A sheet of tempered glass is used as the window of the case, and because this is an open air case, there is no real bottom or top. The interesting part of the design is that the mounting pattern for the motherboard is rotated by 90 degrees counter clockwise. However if you are one worried about dust they were also displaying their S-Box case which also for the most part is made from one sheet of 4mm thick aluminum. 


This case has covers for the top and bottom along with tempered glass for the window. Another interesting product on display was the earphone holder which could be suctioned to just about any hard surface - including a computer case. 

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Crucial at CES 2015

CES 2015 is in full swing and today we were able to stop by and have a visit with Crucial and find out what they've got planned for 2015.

Crucial was showing off their new DDR4 memory which is something that we've talked with them about for a couple years now ,but just like everyone else, were waiting on motherboards and CPU's to finally catch up and support DDR4 memory. DDR4 is still probably a year or so away from mass adoption but the overall performance gains that are offered by DDR4 is enough to get enthusiast excited and Crucial is ready with their Ballistix Sport and Ballistix Tactical memory kits.

On the SSD side of things, Crucial was showing off their 2 new drives, the BX100 and the MX200. Basically the BX100 is the "entry" level drive that offers great performance at a lower price while the MX200 is the enthusiast drive that has a couple extra bells and whistles. Both drives offer some great performance at prices that are a whole lot more affordable than they used to be and the lower prices have really helped boost sales as drives are now very affordable for anyone. Both the BX100 and MX200 are offered in capacities all the way up to 1TB (the BX100 is offered in 120GB, 250GB, 500GB, and 1 TB capacities, the MX200 is offered in 250GB, 500GB, and 1TB capacities).


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Audio Technica at CES 2015

As we kicked off day two at CES 2015, we dropped by Audio-Technica for a look at their new products. They have always impressed me as being a brand that didn't brag about their products, while still delivering amazing sound, quality and finish. Their newest products for 2015 are no exception.

The are lauching a few new products, but the ones there were most excited about included their new SonicSport earbuds that are fully washable and waterproof. For gamers, they have both open and closed designs. The ATH-PG1 is a closed-back unit while the ATH-PGD1 is closed design. Both of these headsets deliver amazing quality and give you the audio experience of your choice.


In terms of "Hi-Res" audio, their ATH-MSR7's really impressed me. I love great audio that also looks great - but in that order. If headphones look great and perform poorly, that is a total fail. Audio Technica nails it on both fronts. If you are looking for active earbuds or some headphones to strap on and settle down for some "me" time, make sure you check out the video as we go over their products in more detail.


To check out more of our CES 2015 coverage, please check here and of course you can check out more pictures from the Day 2 of CES 2015 right here.

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