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Pokeman GO Now Available in USA

Back in May, we talked about Pokeman GO and it is now available in the USA and a few other countries. The game uses an augmented reality layer and plays with the same concept as Ingress. It's a nifty idea and after Ingress has caught on so well, I don't blame them for trying. This game gets people moving and exploring - and that is always a good thing.

During gameplay, Pokémon GO players will be encouraged to join one of three teams and engage in Gym battles with other teams. Once they have joined a team, players will have the ability to assign their Pokémon to empty Gyms. Like PokéStops, Gyms can be found at real locations in the world, and because only one Pokémon per player can be placed at a given Gym, team members will need to work together to build a strong defense. A Gym claimed by one team can be challenged by the other two teams.

Image Credit: 9to5Google

Source: 9to5Google

Android Gets Malware from Chinese Adware

The Android camp has been exploited once again with a Malware - this time from China. HummindBad has infected only 10 Million devices. This malware doesn't steal a bunch of data, instead it is used to generate fraudulent advertising revenue by indicating that you have viewed certain ads - or clicked on them, thus making the advertising firm more money. It only makes the company $300,000 a month - so it's not that impressive.

The bulk of victims are in China and India, with 1.6 million and 1.35 million cases respectively. The Philippines, Indonesia and Turkey are toward the top of the list, too. The US has 288,800 infected devices. The UK and Australia each have fewer than 100,000 devices affected.

Source: CNET

DX12 Makes Multiple Graphics Easier

Microsoft has been working on the problem of mixing graphics cards in a system. Previously, this was possible, but the process, software and support were a bit finicky. With DX12, this is much easier and not only can you mix different generation cards from the same vendor, you can even mix NVIDIA and AMD to your hearts content. Finally.

Now Microsoft has confirmed that it’s taking away some of the complexity in multi-GPU systems, with a new abstraction layer. This will allow developers to take advantage of multiple GPUs on a system with only minimal coding. Of course this is only "basic multi-GPU support", so developers looking to access the full power inside of your video cards will still need to implement EMA properly.

Source: Neowin

Happy 4th - Have a Lawsuit

Blizzard's Overwatch game looks very cool and is a bit of a twist for Blizzard that has invested heavlity into RPGs as well as RTS games. Their Overwatch title is wildly popular, and with popularity comes the cheaters. On July 4th, Blizzard served Bossland a lawsuit for copyright infringement among other things as they have a number of cheats exploiting the game. If you can't beat them with programming, beat them with a lawsuit.

Blizzard is not happy with the Overwatch cheat and has filed a lawsuit against the German maker, Bossland GMBH, at a federal court in California. Bossland also sells cheats for various other titles such as World of Warcraft, Diablo 3 and Heroes of the Storm, which are mentioned in the complaint as well.

Source: TorrentFreak

Corsair Gaming K70 RGB Rapidfire Review

If you're looking for a new keyboard for gaming; or perhaps you just want to annoy people with loud clicky keys, you should check out the review of the Corsair Gaming K70 RGB Rapidfire Mechanical keyboard. This keyboard is really built for gamers - with an oversized wrist rest, flat profile, RGB lighting and the ability to pull keys to set up custom layouts. If I was shopping for a new keyboard, this would definitely be on my short list.

Today we are having a look at the K70 RGB RAPIDFIRE, the keyboard born from another exclusive deal that Corsair has made with Cherry’s new mechanical key switch, the “RAPIDFIRE”. It is a switch designed specifically for gaming by combining light actuation force and higher actuation speed. On paper it does sound interesting, and today we'll put its design to the test to see if there's any actual improvement over Cherry’s “classic” designs.

Source: AnandTech

Huawei MateBook Takes On Surface

While the Microsoft Surface may not be the hand of every professional, they probably should be. The Surface is a great product that is powerful, sleek, functional and is just plain solid. There are a lot of imitators, but not many people come close at all. Huawei (WAH-WEY) has recently released their MateBook for North American launch, and this little unit could actually give the Surface a run for it's money - all the while helping you save yours.

Other than a 3.5mm headphone jack, the MateBook has a lone USB Type-C port. The Type-C to micro-USB adapter could be great for plugging in your phone, but that doesn’t make a lot of sense. Huawei hopes that you’re using this with a Nexus 6P, which uses USB Type-C. The MatePen, however, charges via micro-USB. You can use the adapter to charge it, and being able to connect your micro-USB phone is an added bonus.

Source: Neowin

Windows 10 Rocks Steam

While not everyone likes Windows 10, there are a very large number of gamers that have opted to be somewhat early adopters - or at least get in on the free upgrade so they can spend their money on games instead. According to Valve's Hardware Survey, over 42% of gamers are currently using Windows 10. That's a nice market share and it will only grow from there. Whatever Microsoft is doing with their mobile division, they have at least put their best foot forward with Windows 10.

Steam conducts a monthly survey to collect data about what kinds of computer hardware and software our customers are using. Participation in the survey is optional, and anonymous. The information gathered is incredibly helpful to us as we make decisions about what kinds of technology investments to make and products to offer.

Source: Steam

Microsoft Working to Push Out New Surface This Year

Last week on WeeklyTechUpdate #363 we talked about how Microsoft looked to be ending the Surface (non-Pro) line as there have been no major rumblings of a new piece of hardware coming down the line. In fact, it appears that Microsoft was just working at selling off old inventory and would probably end the standard Surface line as Intel has pulled out of the entry-level mobile chip market. Not much more than a week later, it appears that Microsoft is indeed working on releasing a new Surface product this year - and will have many more to follow. Thankfully, they haven't given up - yet.

While the silhouette is clearly a Surface-related placeholder, it's not clear if the device that will launch this year is a tablet, laptop, an accessory for existing devices, or something completely new. Recent rumors have suggested Microsoft may be preparing to launch a Surface-branded AIO later this year. DigiTimes reported earlier this week that Microsoft is planning a Surface AIO as an alternative to the Surface Book.

Source: TheVerge

11 Year Old Linksys Router Still Making Millions

Linksys has had some very popular products that performed flawlessly, and they in turn have had more than a few lemons. Back in the day, I had a WRT54GL - a Linux compatible 802.11g router that was one of the best routers I've ever owned. It spawned a whole host of DIY firmware communities and made this router sell like hotcakes. 11 years later, it still makes the company tons of money and it is still being manufactured and for sale. The funny thing is that there are much faster and cheaper routers available from Linksys - but the WRT54GL still sells - a lot of units.

Linksys would not release exact sales figures, but La Duca confirmed that it is still a "multi-million dollar SKU" each year. Linksys sells the WRT54GL for $69.99 on its website. In the UK you can find it at third-party retailers for about £40. At that price, Linksys would need to sell 28,576 each year to make $2 million in revenue. They probably sell more than that since it's available for $42.95 on Amazon, and La Duca didn't specify how many millions of dollars the product earns.

Source: ArsTechnica

UEFI Exploit Affects ThinkPads

If you're one of the millions of people that are running a ThinkPad laptop, keep reading. A "Zero Day" exploit has recently been discovered that manages to tunnel it's way in through the UEFI subsytem, bypass Windows security features and run and access scripts though the System Management Mode - and do a lot of damage. This exploit is called "ThinkPwn" as it currently affects ThinkPad laptops only. While it sounds bad, the exploit requires physical access to your computer, so at this point it will probably be somewhat easily contained. We'll try and keep you updated as more details emerge.

Lenovo says that the affected code is not in its own UEFI file, but in one provided by an independent BIOS vendor (IBV). The extent of the security concern is not yet known. At the moment, it is only known to affect Lenovo ThinkPad machines, but it is a real possibility that other vendors and PC manufacturers could also be affected. Lenovo itself says the issue could be “industry-wide”.

Source: WinBeta

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