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FBI did not steal Megaupload evidence

In the ongoing Megaupload vs. Everyone saga the FBI are now taking some heat and being accused of stealing Megaupload evidence. Don't worry though, the FBI has come back and said its not stealing because it was "digital" and therefore its not covered by relevant legislation. Isn't stealing of "digital" content the whole reason Megaupload is in this pickle already? TorrentFreak has the story.

Dotcom’s lawyer Mr. Akel argues that the FBI illegally copied data from his computers, to send it to the U.S.

“The first [copies] were sent without the New Zealand Police having any say in it whatsoever,”he said quoted by Stuff.

“If [they] went offshore without the consent of the attorney-general, it was an illegal act.”

However, according to Crown’s lawyer, no harm was done because the evidence in question is “not physical” and therefore not covered by the relevant legislation.

Is Facebook boring?

Has Facebook become boring? Well, according to a new poll conducted it has found that 34% of Facebook users have spent less time on the site than in the previous 6 months. 40% of the people polled still said they used the site on a daily basis. Also interesting to note is the fact that 80% of respondents said they'd never bought a product as a result of ads or comments on Facebook which probably isn't what Facebook's advertisers want to hear. CNET has more details on this survey over here.

Do you spend less time on Facebook than you did six months ago? If so, you're not alone.

A recent survey of Facebook users found that 34 percent of them spend less time on the sitethan they did half a year ago. Why the cold shoulder?

Those among the 34 percent described Facebook as "boring," "not relevant," or "not useful." Concerns over privacy ranked third on the list.

Linkedin confirms passwords were compromised

Linkedin had a bad day yesterday as 6.5 Million users passwords were compromised by hackers and then posted online. Originally Linkedin was saying there was no evidence that this actually happened, but now they've admitted that it did happen and it might be a good time to go change you password if you use the same password for everything. CNET has all the details on what happened.

LinkedIn said today that some passwords on a list of allegedly stolen hashed passwords belong to its members, but did not say how its site was compromised.

"We can confirm that some of the passwords that were compromised correspond to LinkedIn accounts," Vicente Silveira, a director at the professional social-networking site, wrote in a blog post. It is unknown how many passwords have been verified by LinkedIn.

Graphics Card Bundle

HIS Radeon HD 7770 iCooler 1GB GHz - NikKTech --=-- MSI Radeon HD 7850 2GB Power Ed. - TweakTown & TechPowerUp --=-- HIS Radeon HD 7870 IceQ 2GB CrossFire - TweakTown --=-- HIS Radeon HD 7850 iCooler 2GB - NikKTech --=-- PowerColor HD 7850 PCS+ 2GB - TechPowerUp --=-- HIS Radeon HD 7870 IceQ 2GB - eTeknix --=-- Gainward GeForce GTX 680 2GB Phantom - TweakTown --=-- Sapphire HD 7770 Vapor-X 1GB - TechPowerUp

ViewSonic 31.5" 4K LCD Monitor

I have to admit, I almost cried tears of joy when I saw this post over at Engadget.  they are talking about the prototype 4K display from ViewSonic and I couldn't be happier.  We've been stuck at a maximum resolution of 2560x1600 on the PC (single display) for a while now, and this could be loads of awesome.  Unfortunately, you'll need a full Core i7 system to run it - oh, and about the same money as you'd need to buy a car.  Still, cool stuff.

The current iteration requires 2x dual-link DVI, but would be compatible with 2x DisplayPort in the future. ViewSonic reps say the VP3280, which will be marketed towards film studios, broadcasters, photographers and any other professionals in need of a compact 4K display, could ship by the end of the year, costing "about the price of a car."

Halo 4 Demo & Details

Halo 4 is coming November 6, but that's not the big news.  The big news is that it is in new hands - 343 Industries has it now.  Things look up though and it looks like it's in good hands with a lot of interesting content that will be available for free - with a year of DLC included with the game.  I wish more companies would follow suite and yes, I'm counting down the days.  ShackNews has a lot more details.

Halo 4

Although the Halo franchise may be in new hands, 343 Industries is taking great care to surprise fans by expanding the lore of the universe they love. Launching with the game on November 6, the incredibly ambitious Spartan Ops mode will offer a new piece of fiction each week, with five new co-op missions with each release.

Cooler Roundup

As we continue through the news this morning, we've got a bunch of cooling reviews to share.  We have a bunch of different cooler reviews coming as well, so make sure to stay tuned as summer is coming and you're PC will thank you!

Tech Report Computex Coverage

TechReport is on the ground and sending in a bunch of Computex coverage.  They've already seen things like the ASUS Windows 8 tablet/notebook hybrids as well as an interesting Taichi notebook that transforms into a tablet thanks to the touchscreen in the lid.

They've also got some information on NVIDIA's cheap, Keplar-based GT 640.  They follow this up with the Corsair Neutron SSDs, ASRock doubles down on Thunderbolt ports and cables and there are some new Broadcom-based 802.11ac router chips that will actually be more affordable.

Thunderbolt was an Apple property that is now making it's way to the PC.  They take a look and see what this is going to offer.  It looks pretty sweet.

Episode #162 - E3 Gaming Fun

Episode #162 of Weekly Tech Update is now available on iTunes and the Zune Marketplace.  This is our weekly podcast that covers the hottest stuff in tech - not only around BCCHardware, but also the world.  Check it out over here - as well as a free download in the iTunes store and the Zune Marketplace.

In this episode we will be discussing E3 gaming goodness including Nintendo pushing the 3DS to be larger, Microsoft is expanding their Xbox Ecosystem and lots and lots of games.  We have those stories and more...

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