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Apple Predictions

Forbes has put up an interesting article on the state of Apple after Steve Jobs. It's pretty tough to argue that Apple isn't doing very well right now but George Colony of analysis firm Forrester is forecasting that without Jobs at the helm Apple could be headed for rocky times and he thinks in the next few years they will begin to coast and then start to decelerate. It's an interesting article and worthy of a read.

All things considered, Apple had a very successful financial quarter. The Cupertino giant sold 35.1 million iPhones, 11.8 million iPads, 7.7 million iPods and 4 million Macs. In all, that’s a total of 58.6 million devices sold over the quarter, which works out at some 645,000 sold every day.

Given all this, it might seem a rather odd time to start predict the demise of the company. But that’s exactly what George Colony, CEO of research and analysis firm Forrester, is predicting. According to Colony, the catalyst for this fall from grace is something that couldn’t be helped or avoided — Steve Jobs‘ death.

Nexon to buy EA?

The rumor of the week is involving EA and the possibility that Nexon is looking to possibly buy them up. Nexon might not be the most well-known game company here in North America, but in 2011 they had 1.12 Billion dollars in revenue (they've also got a bunch of other subsidiaries). EA had revenues of 3.5 Billion last year so its unknown if a merger would even be possible but you never know. IGN has the full story.

Free-to-play developer/publisher Nexon could be looking to buy Electronic Arts. According to Bloomberg, which picked up on the news from a Korean newspaper, Nexon "has contacted EA about making an offer." No word on whether this would see EA absorbed or merged.

EA's shares are, as of press time, up almost six percent following the alleged approach, which is the highest they've been in six weeks.  

Android App Pick - Temple Run

We have just posted up our 29th App Pick of the Week and this week we've got a fun app that will keep you running.  Temple Run is a great little game that is a progressive platformer and will be a fun addition to any gaming collection.  It's free and at this point it's also ad-free.  Take a look and enjoy!

Temple Run

Please post your thoughts, comments, questions and suggestions for next week's Android App Pick of the Week!

Graphics Card Collection

As we kick off the news for today, we've gathered up a nice selection of Graphics Cards reviews from around the web.  Enjoy!

Nintendo selling the 3DS at a loss

In order to get more of their portable 3DS products into people's hands, Nintendo has admitted that they've been selling the 3DS at a loss (which isn't a normal Nintento move). Nintendo has also said that they expect to stop selling the 3DS at a loss (not sure what that means) by March 31, 2013. Its pretty obvious that smartphones have had a pretty big impact on portable gaming when even the once unbeatable Gameboy lineup is being sold at a loss. Engadget has the story.


Ever since Nintendo slashed the price of the 3DS, there's been plenty of speculation that the gaming giant has been selling the portable console at a loss. The company acknowledged that fact during its disappointing earnings report, stating, "its hardware has been sold below cost because of its significant price cut in the fiscal year ended March 31, 2012," something that's uncharacteristic of the company's past operations.

Facebook hits 901 Million Users

Facebook announced Monday that they've hit the 901 Million user mark. Of those 901 Million users that have signed up, 526 Million are described as daily users, over 3.2 Billion posts are made per day, and 488 Million people have used Facebook's mobile products in the past month. Facebook has also predicted hitting the 1 Billion user mark by August which is pretty impressive even if you aren't a fan of Facebook. Mashable has this story as well as more Facebook stats over here.

Facebook disclosed on Monday that it has 901 million users, making it likely that it will pass the 1 billion mark well before the end of the year.

The company, which dropped the stat in its amended S-1 filing, also notes that its network receives 3.2 billion comments per day and 300 million new photos daily. The site also claims 125 billion friendships. Of the 901 million figure, 526 million were described as daily active users in March. Some 488 million people also used Facebook mobile products that month, according to the filing.

Mac security is "10 Years behind Microsoft"

This week the CEO of Kaspersky (virus protection software maker) has come out and said that he doesn't think Apple is doing enough to prevent malware for Apple users and feels like they are "10 Years behind Microsoft" when it comes to security. He also predicted that more Malware will be coming Apple's way and they are going to have the same problems that Microsoft experienced about a decade ago. This probably isn't what Apple wanted to hear from one of the major Anti-virus makers... The full story can be found over at CNET.

Forrester's CEO isn't the only one spouting doom and gloom for Apple today.

Now Eugene Kaspersky, the CEO of security firm Kaspersky Lab, says Apple is headed for a rough patch. However, this one's in the world of computer security, and he says Apple is already getting into the thick of it.

Speaking to Computer Business Review at Info Security 2012 show in London this week, Kaspersky said that when it comes to computer security, Apple's Mac platform was a decade behind Microsoft's, and that it's got some things to learn from its rival.

2012 Ford Focus Titanium Evaluation

Ford Focus TitaniumJason has completed his evaluation of the Ford Focus Titanium, and this car has turned a few heads here at for sure.  It combines fuel efficiency, with good looks and lots of gadgets.  Take a read and see how the GM-loving Jason Schneider adapted to what Ford can offer in a small car.

We’ve had the chance to look at the Ford MyTouch and the SYNC system while we were at CES 2012 in Las Vegas, but like any technology seeing it on the trade show floor and using it on an everyday basis are two completely different things. The opportunity to borrow a vehicle and drive it on errands and to work for a week was a fun experience and it really gave me a different view of this system.

Google Drive Rolls Out

Google has long been generous with it's photo, mail, video and document storage, but if you just wanted to store files, it wasn't all that helpful.  On Tuesday, they rolled out Google Drive and you can now (maybe - it's still rolling out) get 5GB of free storage space and have some options to pay for more - a lot more.   The service tops out at 16TB.  Engadget has a look at how Google Drive compares to Skydrive, Dropbox and iCloud in terms of storage space and pricing.  Either way, 5GB is kind of nice.

Sometimes a table says a thousand words. Now that Google has finally announced its cloud service, Google Drive, we're sure more than a few of you are crunching the numbers in your head in an attempt to figure which is the best deal. Far be it for us to tell you which service to use when we've barely had a chance to poke around Drive, but for now, better if we lay out those gigabytes and dollars in number form, rather than squeeze them into a crowded paragraph, don'tcha think?

Odds and Bits

As we continue through some hardware news today, we've got a few odds and ends to share.

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