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P1 Power Sport Watch

Google makes more from iOS than Android

In a new lawsuit involving Google and Oracle it is being claimed by Google that they don't make much money off Android directly and in fact they make more money from Apple's iOS than their own operating system. Of course you can't feel to bad for Google as they have an annual revenue of 38 Billion. Also interesting to note is that Google makes approximately 30 dollars per PC user each year while mobile users only make them about 10. The Guardian has more details.

Android generated less than $550m in revenues for Google between 2008 and the end of 2011, if figures provided by the search giant as part of a settlement offer with Oracle ahead of an expected patent and copyright infringement trial are an accurate guide.

The figures also suggest that Apple devices such as the iPhone, which use products such as its Maps as well as Google Search in its Safari browser, generated more than four times as much revenue for Google as its own handsets in the same period.

Why one Mac user loves Windows 8

The reaction to Windows 8 has been a mixed bag due to the redesign of Windows that so many people have become used to over the past 17 years. One analyst over at CNN who has been a Mac user for the past 11 years is pretty excited about Windows 8 and shares why he thinks Microsoft has built a winner. The fact that one person is excited isn't news but its interesting to see how someone who stopped using Windows over a decade ago is willing to come back thanks to the new redesign. 

I've been a Mac user for about 11 years. And since I made the switch, I never thought the day would come when I'd say this:

I'm excited for the next version of Windows.

This fall, Microsoft will launch Windows 8, a radical redesign from the Windows you've grown accustomed to since Windows 95 made its debut 17 years ago.

Thursday Graphics Stack

As we kick off the hardware news today, we've got a stack of graphics cards to get out of the way.  If you've got a bundle - consider the new GTX 680 - it's darn fast.


No used games allowed on next PlayStation

PlayStation's next console codenamed "Orbis" (which is slated for a 2013 release) is rumored to be sporting a feature that will make you unable to play "used" titles on their new console. Basically when you buy a new game it will be tied to your PlayStation account and will make it unplayable if you sell it (or presumably if you lend it to your friend). GameSpot has the full story that will make console gamers a little more angry.

As for the first part of the rumor, multiple sources told the blog that the Orbis will sport some sort of anti-used-game measure. Full Orbis games will be available via Blu-ray disc or as a PlayStation Network download and will be locked to a single PSN account. Players will not be able to circumvent the system by remaining offline, as the source said users will be forced to be connected to the PSN to boot up their games. 

Now before you say "Screw Sony I'm buying an Xbox" you might also want to know that the next Xbox may also include some method of blocking gamers from buying used games as well.  Gamespot has that story as well.

Looks like you want used games you'll just have to stick with your N64...


Tweets into Toilet Paper

Finally a product that takes your Twitter tweets and turns them into a useful product.... toilet paper. A new startup will make you 4 rolls of toilet paper with your Twitter stream on them for the low price of $35 bucks. VentureBeat has the story,

What if you could take all those tweets you blast out during the day and ruminate on them in a place where your mind is free to wander and relax. A new startup for just $35, will turn your tweet stream into four rolls of toilet paper. The homepage tagline reads, “Social media has never been so disposable.”

How law enforcement hacks phones

This next article over at Forbes shows just how law enforcement can hack your iPhone or Android phone in order to get information on you if they need to. They've even got a 10 minute video that shows how they do it (even if you have a passcode on your phone). It's a pretty long video but worth a watch if you are interested in mobile security.

Set your iPhone to require a four-digit passcode, and it may keep your private information safe from the prying eyes of the taxi driver whose cab you forget it in. But if law enforcement is determined to see the data you’ve stored on your smartphone, those four digits will slow down the process of accessing it by less than two minutes.

Now even car stereos can play Angry Birds

In case you can't get enough of Angry Birds and would like to play it on your car stereo you are in luck thanks to Clarion's Mirage IVI car deck. While Angry Birds might be kinda gimicky for this unit, it also is running Android and a ton of other features. Engadget takes a look at a car stereo with more technology than you can shake a stick at.

Remember the Clarion Malaysia IVI that was teased back in December? The company's just unveiled the finished product, which you can call Mr. Clarion Mirage. The Android-running car stereo, head unit, erm, In-Vehicle Infotainment system is a hefty Double DIN unit, with a 6.5-inch display up front and plenty of tech packed inside. Intel's embedded systems division Wind River supplied the customized version of Froyo, Navigon offered up a navigation engine and industrial designers Plextex helped design the hardware.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5.3in Smartphone

We have just taken a look at the Samsung Galaxy Note 5.3in Smartphone.  This device is part phone, part tablet and (almost) all awesome.  Samsung combines a fast dual-core processor with a massive 5.3" screen running 1280x800 and puts in a nice package with  an "S Pen" for greater functionality.  If you are in the market for a new device, please check our review for all the details.

Galaxy Note

It's quite a site to behold when you first lay your eyes and hands on the Galaxy Note.  It dwarfs any other smartphone on the market and even when Samsung held it up to the Galaxy Nexus with it's 4.65" screen, the Note looked much larger.  Even with the larger size, it can easily be held and used (for the most part) with one hand when you're surfing, making calls, and playing around on this multipurpose device.

Peace & War

I know it's Wednesday, and if you want to just mellow out today, perhaps the new Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13 reviewed over at HardwareHeaven is a great game to help you sit back, relax and look forward to the weekend.  Or, if you're uptight and just need to vent some frustration and anger, maybe Street Fighter X Tekken at MEGATechReviews will help be your therapist.  Either way, take a look at these diverse games to see which one fits your style.

On the single player side of the equation, you get your regular arcade mode where you battle through a series of teams, face the Pandora’d team described above, and then face the final boss. If you have one of the pre-formed pairings, you also get the “fight your rival” match that you had in SFIV. There are plenty of stages, including multi-level environments.

Apple has 4G Issues Down Under

Apple has been happy to sue the pants off of Samsung in Australia and yet when they market their new "4G LTE" iPad "Down Under" they forget to mention the fact that the wireless providers don't actually use the same spectrum that the iPad does so you aren't going to get 4G.  This has caused a fair bit of trouble and Apple has had to offer refunds to keep things peaceable.  More over here.

The new iPad works on 4G networks in the United States and Canada, but not the 4G networks that are available to Australians. Telstra, the largest network operator in Australia, uses LTE in the 1800-MHz band and Vividwireless uses WiMax in the 2300-MHz band. The iPad supports LTE in the 700-MHz and 2100-MHz bands, which are used by network operators in North America.

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