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Happy Birthday Linux

Linux officially turns 26 today. While Linux has never grabbed huge market share, it's always been there in the back ground and currently has over 12,000 contributors and over 1,300 companies are distributing it, which is a pretty impressive feat for a free operating system. Medium has the story.

Fast forward to today and Linux has more than 12 000 contributors from over 1300 companies that contribute to the Linux kernel.

The Linux Foundation released a fairly detailed progress report, including an infographic which I was tempted to include here but you can view it in it’s original context here.

Age of Empires IV

Microsoft has announced they'll be adding a 4th edition of Age of Empires this week and it's made RTS fans pretty happy. Age of Empires was originally released 20 years ago and if you're a strategy game fan it's probably a pretty safe be that you've played a few hours of Age of Empires. TNW has the details.

At the ongoing Gamescom expo in Germany, Microsoft announced the impending arrival of Age of Empires IV, the latest in its epic real-teal strategy game franchise.

The title is being developed by Relic Entertainment, which previously worked on the Company of Heroes and Dawn of War series. That’s a shift away from Ensemble Studios, which created the original AoE, and was disbanded by Microsoft after it acquired the developer.


Microsoft didn’t show off in-game footage or announce a release date, but its trailer, filled with concept art, depicts numerous different armies and time periods throughout history, from Romans to Japanese Samurai to Conquistadors and Native Americans.

Next iPhone September 12th?

Looks like September 12th might be the day that iPhone users are waiting for as an event has been scheduled by Apple and people are guessing it'll feature a new iPhone announcement. Lot's of leaks and rumors have been going around so it's not too hard to believe that something is in the works and by the time renderings and leaked photos start appearing usually a finished product isn't far behind. TechCrunch has the story.

Mark down September 12 in your calendar as Apple could be unveiling the next iPhone at 9 AM on that day. Mac4Ever wrote a report saying that it confirmed with telecom companies that Apple should hold a press event on September 12.

This wouldn’t be a big surprise as Apple has been announcing new iPhones every September since 2012. Apple also always holds press conferences on Tuesday for some reason. So many people were hesitating between September 5 and September 12. We’ll know for sure very soon as Apple should be sending press invites in a few days.

Nintendo SNES Classic preorders turned into a gong show

People has been patiently waiting for the pre-orders on the SNES Classic from Nintendo to finally go online and apparently yesterday was that day. Unfortunately, like we predicted on WeeklyTechUpdate, it didn't go smoothly. Of course there wasn't nearly enough pre-orders available and everyone sold out pretty much immediately and some stores in an attempt to prevent scalpers and robo-buyers from getting them didn't let anyone know the pre-orders would be going live. In the end it doesn't look like many people ended up scooping up a pre-order and if the stock was that limited for pre-orders I'd think on the 29th of September when they arrive in stores officially you won't be seeing many there either. CNET has more on this story.

I sure hope you weren't hoping to preorder the Super NES Classic Edition, the pint-size remake of one of Nintendo's most beloved game consoles. Because Nintendo doesn't seem to want your $80, £80 or AU$120.

How else would you explain what loyal Nintendo fans went through in the past 18 hours?

Microsoft wants to play nice with Sony?

Not sure if this is any more than a still rumor, but it is being reported that Microsoft is talking with Sony about cross-platform compatibility with the Xbox and PlayStation. For the consumer this would be a win, but obviously both Sony and Microsoft would lose out on some sales as right now most hardcore console gamers end up buying both consoles so they don't miss out on any platform-exclusive titles. I'm thinking this is just wishful thinking but it gets people talking. Gizmodo has the full story.

With the launch of the Xbox One X only a few months away Microsoft needs an interim win to keep people interested in the console that is currently in a very distant second place to Sony. Which is why it is no surprise that Xbox Marketing Manager Aaron Greenberg told GameReactor it was “talking to Sony” about the potential for crossplay between the two consoles.

Crossplay is the term applied to allowing gamers to play with other gamers regardless of what console they have chosen to bring into their homes. It’s a kind of holy grail for gamers stuck on the less popular console as they’re often not able to play with friends, and because a small userbase means fewer people to play with in general. With a reported 33 million Xbox Ones sold since launch Microsoft well behind Sony, which claims to have sold 60.4 million PS4s since launch.

Western Digital Launches 20TB Desktop Storage Solution

If you have taken too many selfies, you may want to back them up to an external drive. Some drives are pretty limited, but the Western Digital My Book Duo is not. It comes with capacities up to 20TB and the box houses a pair of drives that are RAIDed for best performance. As for connectivity, Type-C USB is on board that makes it work with pretty much everything including USB 3.1, on down to the slow USB 1.0. I'd hate to use it over anything less that USB 3.1 though as the interface would be the limiting factor.

Source: WesternDigital

SNES Classic Pre-Orders Open

If you were hoping to pre-order the SNES Classic, unless you get yourself to a GameStop pronto, you'll probably not be able to get one. A couple of online retails opened the pre-orders yesterday and they were instantly sold out. I'm sure that is pretty much the same story for physical stores, but there may be a slightly obscure GameStop that will have a few left. By that, I mean that the employees haven't pre-ordered them all themselves with the intent to scalp them on eBay.

The video game retailer will also be offering preorders for SNES Classics at some point later today online. But since this is GameStop, there is, of course, a catch: online preorders are only for pricier bundles that will no doubt include a bunch of extra junk you probably don’t want. Still, at least you’re likely to get the console, unlike the Walmart error last month that ended up getting tons of preorders canceled.

Source: TheVerge

CrashPlan Bails on Home Users

CrashPlan is an interesting backup solution that uses a P2P method for backing up your data off-site. It was pretty handy and I know more than a few people who used this as their main off-site backup. Data remains encrypted and unavailable at the destination to maintain security. While the service is still available for business customers, home users will no longer be able to sign up or renew their subscription when it expires. I hope you have another plan, because CrashPlan is done.

We want you to know that we are doing everything we can to help our consumer customers make the transition with all the support they need. First, we will honor all existing CrashPlan for Home subscriptions and the data we store for consumers will remain protected. Second, we are offering a choice to transition to either our CrashPlan for Small Business product or to our preferred third-party consumer backup provider, Carbonite.

Source: Code42

A Reason to Move from GMail to Google Inbox

I've been using GMail for a long time and the default method has been over at gmail.com. A while back now, Google announced a new mail client to access your GMail. It is called Inbox and while it certainly has a nice slick interface, some people get a bit lost over the reminder, dismiss and archive features. In all honesty, there hasn't been a huge reason for many people to switch. Google just gave you a reason. If you have more than one email account, Inbox lets you log in to multiple email accounts and display them all at once. I'm switching right now.

Google Inbox has a new “all inboxes” view on Android, allowing you to see all of your inboxes without tapping back and forth. This saves you two seconds of tapping each time you check your mail and keeps you from missing important messages arriving in your less-used mailboxes. While Gmail on Android has had this feature since 2015, it has yet to come to Gmail on iOS.

Source: TheVerge

Android Oreo To Roll Out to Devices in the Next Few Weeks

If you've got a Pixel, Pixel XL, Nexus 5X or Nexus 6P, you'll be happy to note that these devices will be the first to get the latest OS from Google. Android 8.0 Oreo is coming and with it, are some nice feature improvement and tweaks - as well as better security. With all sorts of malware targeted at mobile, this can't come soon enough. This will be the last major update for the Nexus line and moving forward, you'll have to get a Pixel at the minimum.

The company said that Android 8.0 builds for the Pixel, Pixel XL, Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P have now "entered carrier testing", adding that it expects to begin rolling out updates to those devices "in phases over the next several weeks". Updates for the Pixel C and Nexus Player will be made available within the same rough timeframe.

Source: Neowin

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