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No More Ransomware

When it comes to malicious software, there is currently none more irritating than ransomware. If you are unfamiliar with this “virus”, it is a piece of software that encrypts your files and then wants you to pay to unlock them. It sucks and there is little a person can do, other than format their computer and hope the last backup was clean, use a product like Acronis True Image New Generation or possibly go and use a tool over at NoMoreRansom.org. It’s a neat idea, but all of these are reactive. PSA: Be careful. That is all.

Source: NoMoreRansom.org

Android is Most Popular Operating System

It appears that Android has now overtaken Microsoft as the most-installed Operating System on the market. That's impressive that a mobile OS has overtaken the monster that is Microsoft and their Windows Operating System. Windows is currently installed on 37.91% of devices that require an OS, while Android sneaks into first place with a 37.93% global market share.

In North America Windows (all versions) maintained its lead across all platforms with 39.5% share in March followed by iOS (25.7%) and Android (21.2%). It’s a similar story in Europe where Windows (51.7%) is more than twice the level of Android (23.6%). However, in Asia, Android is on 52.2% compared to 29.2% for Windows.

Source: StatCounter

Microsoft Editions of Galaxy S8 and S8+ Coming

Microsoft is turning their back on their own mobile strategy and embracing Android. This is not a surprise as the new Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ devices have a better-than-Microsoft Continuum feature. The Microsoft editions will feature a full software suite including Office, OneDrive, Cortana, Outlook and more. It looks to be a good idea as this new phone looks and works amazing with the Snapdragon 835 processor.

Yesterday, Samsung announced its latest mobile flagships, the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+. As you would expect, the new handsets are packed with all sorts of high-end specs, including Qualcomm's Snapdragon 835 chipset, iris and facial recognition, a PC-style desktop experience, and a new digital assistant called Bixby.

Source: Neowin

Gigabyte Firmware Flaw Allows UEFI Ransomware

At a security conference this week, a hacking team demonstrated that they could inject ransomware in the UEFI bios of certain Gigabyte motherboards. This is pretty hardcore at this level as software such as anti-virus, and even things like Acronis can't prevent and stop this kind of attack. With all the handy features UEFI brings, it also brings new threats. Hopefully these hackers stay working for the good guys and they Gigabyte patches things up real soon.

The second vulnerability is another lapse on Gigabyte's side, who forgot to implement a system that cryptographically signs UEFI firmware files. The second flaw also covers Gigabyte's insecure firmware update process, which doesn't check the validity of downloaded files using a checksum and uses HTTP instead of HTTPS. CERT/CC has issued an official Vulnerability Bote (VU#507496) for both flaws.

Source: BleepingComputer

Verizon Swears an Oath with Yahoo

Yerizon is going ahead with the Yahoo acquisition and merging AOL into the mix as well. This new company will be called "Oath" and hopefully it's not because they are muttering oaths under their breath to the lords of the underworld. With their security issues, it could be, but hopefully this is a sign that they take their new company and security seriously. Still, I'd use fake profile names and for the love of all that's holy, don't use your real address.

Yes, you read that right — if all goes according to plan, your grandparents may soon be logging into Oath Mail and checking the front page of Oath News for top headlines of the day. Twitter users are already taking the name and running with it, because an ill-fated media rebranding is the gift that keeps on giving.

Source: TheVerge

Games for Gold This Month

If you are a Gold subscriber on the Xbox platform, there is some good stuff this month. For the Xbox One you get Ryse: Son of Rome and a Walking Dead title. On the 360 side of things Darksiders and Assassins Creed :Revelations are the titles you get this time around. If you have an Xbox One, you can actually get all titles thanks to the backwards compatibiltiy. Enjoy!

As a reminder, you can still get Evolve Ultimate Edition (Xbox One) until April 15. If you're not yet an Xbox Live Gold member, you can sign up right now and start building your games library. In case you ever cancel your subscription, you get to keep the Xbox 360 games, but you can only have access to the Xbox One games again if you resume your subscription.

Source: Neowin

Steam Users Like WIndows 10

If you're a gamers, there are a lot of things to like about Windows 10. It works, it's fast and if you upgraded in the first year, it was free. Really, there's not a lot to hate with Windows 10 and gamers have migrated to it in waves. While the overall market share is still lower than Windows 7, according to the latest Steam Hardware Survey it now comprises 51.2% of market share.

Microsoft’s other operating systems such as Windows 7 also a decline in market share — the OS now claims 34.74% of the market, and it experienced a 2.07% decline last month. Interestingly enough, Windows 8.1’s 64-bit saw a 0.03% growth but its 32-bit declined by 0.03% so it’s market share technically didn’t change last month.

Source: MSPowerUser

Samsung Spends $9 Billion on iPhone

Samsung of all companies is spending a bunch of money on the next iPhone. It appears that Apple is going to go with OLED displays and Samsung has to ramp up its production capability in order to keep up. $9 billion is a lot, but it will also help Samsung be able to ramp up their own phone screen production and maybe scale that into UHD TVs for the future.

Apple’s decision to move to OLED technology is likely what motivated Samsung Display to go ahead with this massive investment. Apple still continues to set the tone in the mobile market, and other phone makers are expected to follow its “lead” in the near future. Samsung, however, has been using OLED screens in its Galaxy-branded handsets for years, while Apple pushed LCD technology to its limits in its iPhones.

Source: BGR

Samsung 24-inch CFG70 Curved Gaming Monitor Revkew

We have just posted our review of the Samsung CFG70 24-in curved gaming monitor. Not only does this have a pretty sweet 1800R curve, it also supports FreeSync, multiple inputs, portrait mode and measures up as a solid all-around display as it is 97% sRGB. It's a solid unit that's made for gamers, but fits and works great a professional display as well. Check out all the details in our full review.

Samsung offers some extra premium features with this display for gamers though. The curved screen, AMD FreeSync support and a crazy-fast 144Hz refresh rate make it stand out. The panel is also capable of 1ms GtG response and the wide viewing angle means that it will enable people to spectate and see all the detail and color that the screen offers.

CFG70 24-inc

EpicGear MorphA X Modular Gaming Mouse

We have just posted our review of the MorphaX mouse from EpicGear. This mouse is unique in the way that it is completely modular. Included in the bundle is the ability to change the sensor from laser to optical, change up the switches and even the outer shell and color of the mouse. Combine that with a solid product, great software and RGB lighting, and you may just have a winner. Check our review for all the details.

In terms of physical hardware changes, you can pick from a great laser sensor or an even-better IR LED sensor. Once you've got those figured out, you can swap left and right mouse button switches and you are good for at least 70 million clicks. It's a great feature to have and it eliminates SKUs for EpicGear to try and market. You get everything you need and more and while it's not a budget priced mouse, you are getting a lot for the price...


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