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Windows 10 Natively Supports MKV

If you don't know that "Native MKV" support is, then you obviously haven't tried pirating videos off the internet. While the MKV fiel format is much more than just for pirating, it has always required certain players in order to play back this format. Thankfully, Windows 10 will now officially support this high-compression, high-quality video format. I'm sure that every Torrent user is a little happier with Windows 10 now.

If you want to test out support for MKV on your install, you can download a sample video from Jellyfish. After the file downloads, when you open it up, Windows will ask you what app you want to use to open this type of file with; select Windows Media Player. After you select WMP, a warning will pop up saying that the player does not support this file but if you click 'Yes', the file will then play without issues.

Source: Neowin

LG G Watch R Review

The Moto 360 was the first Smartwatch that caught the eye of many a geek and while that watch is pretty slick, the one aesthetic flaw of the flat bottom on the round screen may be a bit hard to get used to. If you want something even more awesome (looking), you should check out hte round-screen on the LG G Watch R. This is a round update to their original G Watch and according to the guys that strapped this on, the updates are awesome - the price is a bit steep though.

So far, in terms of Android Wear devices, we've seen efforts from LG, Motorola, Samsung and today, well, LG... again! Barely four months after launching the LG G Watch, the Korean firm is back with another one: the G Watch R. Whereas the G Watch was a square, unpolished and, perhaps, unfinished affair, the G Watch R we're looking at today is a different beast altogether. It has a much more traditional design with a round display, leather strap and more.

Source: Engadget

Nexus 9 Review

It wasn't that long ago that a tablet was simply another device to plug in and charge up in order to do the same things you could do on your phone and your laptop - but it was bulkier and more awkward. Times have changed and tablets have really come into their own. In my opinion, the ASUS Transformer paved the way for the Microsoft Surface and that is where tablets actually became useful. The new Nexus 9 doesn't have a keyboard, but it is more powerful that a 2012 Macbook Pro and the review of this new beast is at the link below.

Now small and cheap tablets are ubiquitous and Google doesn’t need to show other manufacturers how it’s done anymore. So for its new Nexus 9, Google took a different approach: it went straight for the iPad. The Nexus 9 starts at $399, has a display with the same resolution and aspect ratio as Apple’s tablets, and is made of more premium materials (read: metal). It also has a new, powerful Nvidia processor (the first 64-bit chip in an Android device), lots of RAM, and the latest and greatest Android software from Google.

Source: TheVerge

WTU Episode #287 - DARPAs 1THz Chip

We have just posted up Episode #287 of Weekly Tech Update. In this episode we are discussing DARPA creates a 1THz Chip, Microsoft joins the wearable war, and commercial space travel is not ready for prime time. We have those stories and more and the links below!

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All Your Drones Are Belong to China

China is all about keeping things quiet that they want quiet and in order to help do that, they've just activated a program that uses highly accurate lasers to shoot down low-flying drones. Amazon will not be delivering packages to China and unfortunately, the lasers are not attached to sharks. Either way, something like this has already been done in certain U.S. states where people drink beer and bet they can shoot drones down with their 12 ga. shotgun.

The laser system is expected to “play a key role in ensuring security during major events in urban areas” and address concerns on unlicensed mapping activities, according to Xinhua. It is effective up to a maximum altitude of 500 metres and against aircraft flying at up to 50 metres per second (112mph), Xinhua said.

Source: TheGuardian

Acer Joins the 4K Laptop Fray

If you've been eyeing the 4K laptops that have been available from MSI, ASUS and others, you may be really excited to learn that Acer has now joined the fray. Why should you be excited? The new Acer V Nitro Black Edition notebook is a total specification beast - and it's a mere $1500. I love the fact that these $50,000 4K displays have shrunk in size, skyrocketed in awesome dot-pitch and dropped in price. So much win!

Recently introduced, Acer’s powerful V Nitro Black Edition notebook PCs offer superior performance and a host of multimedia and entertainment features in a sleek and elegant design. The V Nitro’s workstation class capabilities make it a great tool for work or play, and its sleek and elegant design allows it to fit into a professional work environment. Lightning fast processing, cutting-edge graphics, brilliant displays, four built-in speakers (8W total output) and Dolby Digital Plus Home Theater™ deliver powerful surround sound for gaming, movies and music. It is the ultimate platform for any power user.

Source: PRWeb

PS4 Users - Delete and Re-Download the 40GB CoDAW Patch

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare has hit the streets running - except if you're a PS4 user. If you pre-loaded the CoD:AW Patch and are having issues, Sony says not to worry. Just delete the 40GB download and do it again. That may help. Thanks Sony and Activision. It seems that you still love taking people's money without actually testing your product. The same/similar thing happened last year with CoD:Ghosts. Way to go.

Pre-load / Pre-order Update:
If you pre-loaded CoD: Advanced Warfare and you're experiencing issues with the game, follow the steps below.
Re-download steps
Restore PS4 licences. [Settings] > [PSN] > [Restore License]. If this doesn't solve the issue continue to step 2.
Go to Library, highlight Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare and press Options.
Delete Game Content.
While still in the Library highlight Call of Duty: AW and press X to re-download the content.
Please ensure you download all available updates for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare and your system is running the latest system software.

Best Solution:

Return the game. Come play CoD: Black Ops



Apple Says 9. 300 Don't Lie

Apple claims that "bendgate" was blown way out of proportion and that there were only nine iPhone 6s that were bent. The video below shows that number may be slightly underestimated. I'm sure it's not a huge number when it comes down to it, but it's more than nine. Below is a video of 300 of the nine reported cases.


I love the music more than the Apple carnage.

Android App Pick - Word Lens

We have just posted up another Android App Pick of the Week and this week we are a little bolder going places that we've not been before. One of the most intimidating things about going to a different country is not knowing what is on signs, menus and posted everywhere. Word Lens is a super App that will help you translate on-the-fly, using the camera of your smartphone. It's amazing and our App Pick of the Week.

Word Lens


900 Classic Arcade Games - In Your Browser

The Internet Archive has put together a collection of classic arcade games that you can play for free - all in your browser. These games range from awesome "Q-Bert" to "Frogger", "Golden Axe" and even "Kung-Fu Master". If you want to get your classic game on, take a look at the link below. Also, make sure to check out their Historical Software Collection, that includes classic games as well as classic OS'.

The game collection ranges from early "bronze-age" videogames, with black and white screens and simple sounds, through to large-scale games containing digitized voices, images and music. Most games are playable in some form, although some are useful more for verification of behavior or programming due to the intensity and requirements of their systems.

Source: InternetArcade (Archive.org)


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