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Kingston MobileLite G3 & Pro 3-in-1

We have just posted up our review of the super handy Kingston MobileLite Wireless Pro & G3 in our latest review. We take a look at these two sister products and find out just how handy it is to have a wireless SD card reader, wireless hard drive, portable router and a powerbank - all conveniently packaged to fit in your pocket. It sounds pretty awesome, but there are a couple of quirks that should be noted before you shell out your money. More details in our full review.

If you enjoy your media on the go, you've probably complained that your phone doesn't have enough storage. The Kingston MobileLite G3 and MobileLite Pro aims to help you with your mobile needs. The MobileLite acts as a wireless hard drive, portable router and even gives you extra battery capacity as it does triple-duty as a Powerbank...

Kingston MobileLite G3 & Pro

Real-Time Cinematography in Unreal Engine 4

Cinematography with Unreal Engine and CGI is amazing. Real time video to CGI. Boom.


Gears of War 4 Gets eSports Pro Circuit

Even before the game is actually launched, Microsoft has announced and put a bunch of money behind Gears of War 4 in a Pro eSports league. Later this fall, there will be a million dollars in prize money handed out at eight live regional matches. This is pretty awesome and shows that eSports is growing. Before you naysayers spew hatred for this as a "sport", take a look at the top players. They are actually very athletic and do a lot of physical training away from the video game. Good stuff.

Here's how it works: When Gears of War 4 launches in October, players will be able to earn "Gears Pro Points" by competing in regional MLG online ladder matches. The players with the most points will be able to qualify for open LAN events hosted at cities across the globe. These top players will be flown out to LAN events in London, Paris, Las Vegas and other cities every couple of months -- with each event boasting prize pools between $75-250,000.

Source: Engadget

Apple Wants to Believe the iPad Pro is a Computer

Apple doesn't disclose sales figures very often and they are letting people know how horrible the iPad Pro sales have been. The proof is that they are trying to now market them as a "full computer". That's right, they are trying to pull a Microsoft Surface RT trick and make it look like a full computer, while the connectivity, functionality and usefulness is still that of an iPad mini - which costs about 70% less. Either way, it's nice to see them grasping for straws here.

Apple has a complicated relationship with the 2-in-1 computing device. The company has shied away from describing its iPad lineup — even the wondrously expensive iPad Pro with its keyboard and stylus - as a convertible machine in the same language as competitors Microsoft and Lenovo market Surface and Yoga Tab products.


Source: TheVerge

Free Windows 10 May Still Exist

While the free Windows 10 upgrade offer actually expired on July 29, there may be a way that you can still snag it for $0 money down and zero payments of $0 for a little while longer. This stems from Microsoft's commitment to make it available for free to those you use "assistive technologies". The fact is they aren't checking in with your doctor, and if you download a file from Microsoft and claim that you need assistance, you can still get the upgrade for free.

The process seems to be far less complicated than some had expected. The free upgrade can be initiated from this page on Microsoft's site; an EXE file is downloaded to the user's PC, but as Lifehacker and The Verge noted, beyond a checkbox asking if you use assistive technologies, Microsoft doesn't appear to be making any verification checks before the upgrade begins.

Source: Neowin

Jumping from 25,000 Without a Parachute

If you have a death wish, you could jump out of a plane without a parachute like this guy did. I've jumped before - but I prefer the safety of a thin piece of cloth slowing me down. Just saying.


How to Fix a Dead Pixel

If you have ever had a screen with a dead or stuck pixel, it probably irritated you to no end. Once I see something not working right, it drives me nuts and that's why I'm pretty fussy about getting a warranty that will replace a screen if it has even one dead or stuck pixel. There may be a way to unstick a pixel and bring it back to life however. Make sure you check all the details at the link below to see if it can revive your pixels and restore sanity to your mind.

Here’s our quick guide on how to fix a dead (or stuck) pixel. We cannot guarantee the methods below will resurrect your pixel from the dead, but it’s worth a shot. Also, many manufactures will even replace your screen if you’re still under warranty and meet a certain set of requirements (terms vary by manufacturer), so be sure to check your warranty for a free replacement before digging in below.

Source: DigitalTrends

Android 7.0 Nougat This August

If you're excited for the next release of Android, Nougat is right around the corner. It looks like it's going to be here in August and we expect it to hit Nexus 6P and 5X devices first. This will be the first major Android update that is not scheduled to hit the original Nexus 5, so if you want all the new bells, whistles and security this release brings, you'll have to grab a slightly newer device.

That's not surprising given Google's regular rollout of monthly Nougat developer previews over the past five months. The most recent preview hit on July 18, so mid-to-late August is a decent bet for a stable Nougat release on supported Nexus devices, as well as an open-source code drop to AOSP (the Android Open Source Project.)

Source: AndroidCentral

Acer Has a Real Surface Competitor

Acer is not usually the name we associate with premium quality products. Often they appeal and market more toward mid-range and entry-level shoppers that are on a budget. With their new Switch Alpha 12, they are still marketing toward the budget conscious, but have a Surface competitor that will make you think twice about buying a Microsoft product. This unit is priced about $500 less that Microsoft's own, and you don't actually have to give up much.

The Switch Alpha 12 has a 12-inch touchscreen that’s really quite nice. The resolution is 2160 x 1440, slightly less than the Surface Pro 4’s, but not enough to make a huge difference. More importantly the screen is bright and vibrant, even outdoors (though, of course, it’s reflective as all get out in direct sunlight). The model I’m testing has a Core i5 processor, 256gb of storage, 8gb of RAM, and an included stylus.

Source: TheVerge

Yahoo's CEO is going to be OK

Now that Yahoo has been sold to Verizon, Yahoo's CEO Marissa Mayer was reportedly was in line for a $55 Million dollar payout thanks to a sweet contract she signed with Yahoo. After some new calculations, the fact that Yahoo's stock went up, and some extra stock options she could be getting that number could be a bit higher, like double higher, like closing in on $122 Million higher. Yahoo is denying the payout will be that high and isn't including some of the stock she is entitled to as compensation, but the fact remains, Marissa Mayer is going to be just fine thanks to whatever lawyer she used to draft a contract that took Yahoo to the cleaners. Fortune has the full story.

After the Verizon deal was announced on Monday, the Internet erupted in outrage that Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer could collect as much as $55 million. That’s the figure Yahoo stated in April that Mayer could collect if the company were sold and more-than enough to get observers who think Mayer has not done a great job to declare her pay unfair, and another sign that corporate compensation is corrupt.

But, here’s the thing, that widely reported $55 million figure grossly understates what Mayer is likely to pocket after the deal closes.

The real number: $122,578,795.

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