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In-Win at CES 2015

In-Win brought a new case to CES this year called the S-frame and painted it in a sleek black and gold. The case is just one sheet of 4mm thick aluminum that is bent in order to achieve the design. A sheet of tempered glass is used as the window of the case, and because this is an open air case, there is no real bottom or top. The interesting part of the design is that the mounting pattern for the motherboard is rotated by 90 degrees counter clockwise. However if you are one worried about dust they were also displaying their S-Box case which also for the most part is made from one sheet of 4mm thick aluminum. 


This case has covers for the top and bottom along with tempered glass for the window. Another interesting product on display was the earphone holder which could be suctioned to just about any hard surface - including a computer case. 

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Crucial at CES 2015

CES 2015 is in full swing and today we were able to stop by and have a visit with Crucial and find out what they've got planned for 2015.

Crucial was showing off their new DDR4 memory which is something that we've talked with them about for a couple years now ,but just like everyone else, were waiting on motherboards and CPU's to finally catch up and support DDR4 memory. DDR4 is still probably a year or so away from mass adoption but the overall performance gains that are offered by DDR4 is enough to get enthusiast excited and Crucial is ready with their Ballistix Sport and Ballistix Tactical memory kits.

On the SSD side of things, Crucial was showing off their 2 new drives, the BX100 and the MX200. Basically the BX100 is the "entry" level drive that offers great performance at a lower price while the MX200 is the enthusiast drive that has a couple extra bells and whistles. Both drives offer some great performance at prices that are a whole lot more affordable than they used to be and the lower prices have really helped boost sales as drives are now very affordable for anyone. Both the BX100 and MX200 are offered in capacities all the way up to 1TB (the BX100 is offered in 120GB, 250GB, 500GB, and 1 TB capacities, the MX200 is offered in 250GB, 500GB, and 1TB capacities).


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Audio Technica at CES 2015

As we kicked off day two at CES 2015, we dropped by Audio-Technica for a look at their new products. They have always impressed me as being a brand that didn't brag about their products, while still delivering amazing sound, quality and finish. Their newest products for 2015 are no exception.

The are lauching a few new products, but the ones there were most excited about included their new SonicSport earbuds that are fully washable and waterproof. For gamers, they have both open and closed designs. The ATH-PG1 is a closed-back unit while the ATH-PGD1 is closed design. Both of these headsets deliver amazing quality and give you the audio experience of your choice.


In terms of "Hi-Res" audio, their ATH-MSR7's really impressed me. I love great audio that also looks great - but in that order. If headphones look great and perform poorly, that is a total fail. Audio Technica nails it on both fronts. If you are looking for active earbuds or some headphones to strap on and settle down for some "me" time, make sure you check out the video as we go over their products in more detail.


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ADATA at CES 2015

We stopped in for a quick look at what ADATA has to offer and this year they are investing more energy into their DDR4 platform including memory speeds of DDR4-3200. They have plans to go faster as the year progresses and DDR4 matures, but for now, that is some pretty darn fast RAM.
On the SSD front they are maintaining their product line and have a few new SSDs for consumers coming down the line. They have a couple of different 1TB drives that are priced around the $400-$500 range making them very competitive. 
One SSD-tech they were showcasing on their enterprise drives is the power-loss-without-data-corruption feature. While the current plan and price of implementation makes this a enterprise-only feature at the moment, I can't help but think this could be the "killer app" that could push people to ADATA if they could bring this to their consumer drives.

Power Loss Demo @ ADATA


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SteelSeries at CES 2015

This year at CES, SteelSeries has been making headlines thanks to their new Sentry eye-tracker which allows users to track their eye movements through software and help them analyze it and help improve their gameplay. Watching a demo of the Sentry in action is very interesting thanks to SteelSeries partnership with some top DOTA 2 players as you can see exactly where they are looking on the screen and when. When you are trying to gain any sort of edge possible while gaming, a product like Sentry can help you make sure you aren't wasting time looking at things on the screen that don't matter and neglecting things that do. We've got some video which will do a much better job of showing you what Sentry is all about.


Also being shown off by SteelSeries is their new Apex M800 mechanical gaming keyboard that uses SteelSeries QS1 switches. The Apex M800 has LED's under every key and allow you to fully customize your keyboard and lighting to do pretty much anything you want.


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CoolerMaster at CES 2015

CoolerMaster did not put out any new products this year however they did do a restructuring of their product lines so that it is divided into three tiers. The three tiers are grouped as essential, mainstream, and performance with the price points to go with them. One great thing that they did to go with this was the changing of the packaging.

New Product Lineup


The essential and the mainstream lines both have white and black boxes while the performance line uses a purple and black box to differentiate itself from the other two. This will be very helpful when looking for specific parts. Though there were no new products, they did make a couple enhancements to a couple of their laptop coolers while also separating them into the three types of product lines.


Laptop Coolers


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Rosewill at CES 2015

Rosewill's philosophy on products is pretty simple, good products for good value and their new products are great examples of that philosophy. While maybe not the flashiest or the highest performing, Rosewill's product lineup has expanded over the years and the products they are showing off at CES 2015 are very interesting.

Rosewill Case Linup

Rosewill's case lineup for 2015 offer a few updated models as well as some new additions like the Wolfstone and Predator models. We've had the chance to review some previous models of Rosewill cases and have found them to be great cases at an affordable price and are looking forward to getting our hands on some of the new models being shown off at this years show.

Rosewill was also showing off their new additions to their power supply lineup, most notably the fact that they are now producing power supplies all the way up to 1200 Watts.

Keyboards and PSUs

In addition to Rosewill's new cases and power supplies, they also had some of their new gaming peripherals on display as well as a wide array of other consumer products.


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Thermaltake at CES 2015

Day 1 of CES 2015 had us stopping at Thermaltake to take a look at what they've got coming up for 2015. Thermaltake offers a broad spectrum of products and had a whole bunch of products to show off.

Thermaltake has been one of the biggest names in computer cases for quite some time now and this year they are showing off their new X-Series cases which include the X1, the X2, and the X9. All 3 of these new case are modular and allow customers to basically design their systems however they want and the sky is the limit. The X-Series cases also give you a ton of room for watercooling products (which Thermaltake also has lots of) and if you need even more room you can easily stack these cases together for even more room. As far as modular designs go, the X-Series are easily the most customizable cases we've seen. The MSRP's range from $169 USD for the X9 down to $99 USD for the X1.


Thermaltake also has their lineup of Tt eSPORTS products that are aimed at the gaming community. We've had the opportunity over the years to review quite a few products from this lineup and this year at CES Thermaltake is showing off quite a few updated products from Tt eSPORTS. Highlights include the new Poseidon Z Plus+ keyboard, Shock 7.1 3D headsets, and the updated Theron Plus+ gaming mouse.

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YotaPhone 2 @ Showstoppers - CES 2015

A product we've talked about on Weekly Tech Update a couple times before is the mysterious YotaPhone 2, a smartphone on one side and an e-ink display on the other side. The original YotaPhone got extra marks for creativity thanks to the unique feature and now the YotaPhone 2 picks up where the original left off.

YotaPhone 2


Today was the first time I had the chance to actually see one live and in person at CES Showstoppers and overall I was pleasantly surprised at the overall build quality and functionality (especially since YotaPhone is a new name in the smartphone market). The e-ink side of the phone is surprisingly useful and if you were to only use the e-ink side you'd be able to make it almost 6 days without charging the battery. Of course the beauty of the YotaPhone 2 is the fact that if you have options, but I have a funny feeling that people will probably be using the e-ink side more than you might think which will extend the time between charges.



EDYN @ Pepcom

A product that looks really interesting and could be a big is the EDYN Garden System. This system can be used by not only those homeowners with small gardens but also by those owners who have properties that could be considered small farms. This system consists of three parts; a garden sensor, a water valve, and the app (currently only for iPhone). The sensor monitors real-time conditions such as moisture, light, humidity, and nutrition. The water valve turns on and waters the garden only when it is determined by the sensors that water is needed, and shuts off when it determines water is no longer needed.


The app helps to play an even bigger role in the system as it provides information about upcoming weather forecasts, is able to access a database of over 5,000+ plants and gives tips and suggestions that are tailored to maximize a plant’s health. This system could really be a game changer for those that may not have the passion or the time to always be out in the garden. Heck it can  be a perfect system for those that have trouble remembering about their garden, especially when one’s schedule is really busy.

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