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App Pick - Travel Diary

Electric Van Takes On Ferrari & Nissan GT-R

There are some big-name electric car companies, and then there is Atieva. They don't have much of a name for themselves, but they do have an electric van the fondly call Edna. It's pretty fast for a van. In fact, it can smoke a Nissan GT-R as well as a Ferrari 458 Speciale. Enjoy.


Source: Road&Track

Android App Pick - Travel Diary

We have just posted up another Android App Pick of the Week and this week we take a look back at some fun times and cool places we've seen with Travel Diary. This is not a girly-diary, but is a great way to manage and organize your images from different places you've been. It's a solid application that can be really useful. Take a look!

Travel Diary


iPhone 7 headphone jack case

A new project on Indiegogo has jumped on a golden opportunity with the removal of the headphone jack on the new iPhone 7. The case dubbed "Fuze" adds some extra battery life and an external headphone jack to the iPhone 7. Unfortunately it does make the phone bulkier, but so far they've hit 70% of their goal in just a couple days. BGR takes a closer look at the first headphone jack case for the iPhone 7.

The iPhone 7 is already a massive hit with consumers — even if it’s boring, and even if it lacks a headphone jack. However, some buyers aren’t happy about Apple’s decision to kill the headphone jack. There are fixes for it, including the adapter that Apple put in every iPhone 7 box. But there is still one audio jack issue that some iPhone 7 owners may complain about: There’s no easy way to charge the phone and use wired headphones at the same time.

If aesthetics don’t matter to you, then there is one solution to fix your iPhone 7 headphone hack problem, a new case that brings back the 3.5mm port back from the dead.

Spotify looking at SoundCloud

There hasn't been much acquisition news in the last few weeks, so why not a rumor that Spotify is looking at buying up SoundCloud? SoundCloud is worth around $700 million according to a recent valuation and depending on the interest (and their willingness to sell) that number could be a little higher. While the two companies approach streaming music a little differently, at first glance this actually sounds like it might be a good pairing. The Verge has the full story.

Spotify is reportedly in advanced talks to purchase SoundCloud, according to a report from theFinancial Times. The move would give Spotify a larger library of content  — SoundCloud has over 125 million songs — and remove a competitor from the streaming music landscape after SoundCloud launched its own paid service earlier this year. But outside of that the benefits of the acquisition seem limited for Spotify.

Apple AirPods

Apple released their AirPods, wireless earbud headphones that launched along side the iPhone 7. From day 1 people started asking questions as to how practical they were and were they actually worth the $159 USD price tag? Computerworld gets their hands on a pair and renders their decision.

Spoiler alert: People were right to question the practicality.

According to Apple’s senior vice president of worldwide marketing ,Phil Schiller, it was so Apple could make an even skinnier phone and/or add new technology. Because, don’t you know, what the world needs now is an even thinner iPhone.

The real reason, of course, is that Apple wants to shear more money from its sheep. All those pricey Apple Beats earpods and headphones you’ve bought recently? They’re all old junk on their way to obsolescence, if you believe Apple.

BlackBerry exits hardware business

I don't think the fact that BlackBerry is no longer going to be making their own smartphones anymore surprised anyone, however, the fact that BlackBerry has gone from one of the top phone makers to outsourcing their devices in less than a decade has people talking. BlackBerry has shifted their focus to the software side of the business and will let someone else make the hardware and they'll slap their name on it. Business-wise this probably is the best move they could make due to the underwhelming response to the last few devices that they've come up with. The Globe and Mail has the full story.

Two decades after it unveiled its first keyboard-equipped pager, the company that invented the smartphone is hanging up.

BlackBerry Ltd., which once captured the devotion of the world’s business and political elites with its line of devices, took another massive step in its transformation into a software-first company on Wednesday, announcing that it will stop designing and manufacturing the handsets that were the foundation of its brand for security and mobility. The company will concentrate on software for other companies’ devices. While BlackBerrys will still exist, they will be made by other manufacturers that will pay royalties on the sales.

Will it Flush? Mercury

I'm not sure who comes up with these ideas, but this video is cooler than I thought it would be. It's well worth the 12 minutes of your time.


Virtual Approach to Security

One of the best ways to keep your main PC secure is to run your environment in a virtual machine. Servers do this all the time and in fact, that's how many web-servers run if you buy a virtual dedicated server. It works. Microsoft is transitioning this idea to their Edge web browser and it is supposed to be much more secure than the competition - as it basically runs in a virtual machine. This keeps it locked away from other Windows processes and is actually a rather good idea.

Microsoft says that while other browsers are "sandboxed" away from security-sensitive PC areas, they "still provide a pathway for malware and vulnerability exploits." By contrast, Application Guard uses a hardware container to completely isolate Edge from the rest of the PC.

Source: Engadget

Elon Musk's Plan to Colonize Mars

There's nothing like dreaming big and Elon Musk knows how to do that. Watch this abridged clip of how he plans to colonize Mars.


Moscow Dumps Microsoft

Under the direction of one Vladimir Putin, Moscow has just announced that they are dumping Microsoft in favor of more local-grown software. They are cutting their dependance on foreign software and I really don't blame them. Right now they are ditching office in favor of alternatives, but that may extend to Windows in the future.

President Putin's 'digital czar' German Klimenko has made no secret of his opposition to Windows, and his desire to see it replaced on all government systems with a domestically developed Linux-based OS. Klimenko also wants to raise taxes on foreign tech firms in order to help Russia's own companies, such as search giant Yandex.

Source: Neowin

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