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Rosewill RGB80 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

We have just posted up our review of the Rosewill RGB80 Mechanical "Tenkeyless" keyboard. This keyboard some with Blue switches and is a very solid product that offers customization for macros as well as LED backlighting. If you are looking for a keyboard that is built for gaming and the right size to carry with you to your next LAN, check out our review to see how this keyboard stacks up.

When it comes to performance, you can’t really go wrong here. I haven’t played around with other mechanical keyboards, but overall, it is a very positive experience. The Anti-Ghosting won’t bugger up your gaming experience and the keyboard works very well.

Rosewill RGB80

Waiting for a Rift

If you are one of the people who preordered the Oculus Rift 2nd generation for $350 back in March, then rejoice! Oculus VR announced today that the DK2 should starting arriving at their proper locations sometime by the week of July 14. The only downside to this is that they believe that only 10,000 of them will go out this month.

Word on the Oculus fan forums was that the company would announce more details today, and sure enough: the company has just announced that the first DK2 (Developer Kit #2) headsets should start arriving by the week of July 14th. The bad news: even with that sweet, sweet Facebook cash behind them, they can’t keep up with pre-orders — so if you didn’t get your order in early, you might be waiting a while. Oculus has received just over 45,000+ pre-orders for the DK2, but just 10,000 headsets are expected to ship this month.

Source: TechCrunch

4G is Fast?

We have all already seen the dawn of 4G networks, and the speed is outrageous! But this is not the stopping point for this ship of wireless speed! Ericsson, a Swedish based tech company, has already conducted a test that produced 5 Gigabits over the air!

Forget 4G. Ericsson already has its sights set on the dizzying speeds that can be achieved with 5G. The telecommunications gear maker said Tuesday it had conducted a test that achieved a connection speed of 5 gigabits per second over the air, part of its plans for 5G wireless technology. The bad news: commercial deployment won't actually occur until at least 2020.

Source: CNET

Facebook's Mood Swings

Facebook has had a lot of concerns directed their way in terms of privacy, and it shouldn't be a surprise that there is yet another one. This social media giant is under investigation by the Information Commissioners Office in the UK. The cause of this new development is a psychological experiment that influenced the content that showed on peoples feeds.

A company researcher apologized on June 29 for a test in January 2012 that altered the number of positive and negative comments that almost 700,000 users saw on their online feeds of articles and photos. Disclosure of the experiment prompted some members to express outrage on Twitter about the research as a breach of privacy. The U.K. data regulator’s probe of the social network was reported earlier by the Financial Times.

Source: Bloomberg

The OUYA has M.O.J.O.

Mad Catz's gaming platform the M.O.J.O, is a Tegra 4 box that runs Android and has recently received an update. “What is this update?” you ask. In addition to support for 4K UHD resolution, it now includes OUYA as an App! This is yet another reason why we won't see an OUYA 2 and why it as a platform is dead and gone.

M.O.J.O. owners now have instant access to the OUYA app. OUYA has hundreds of incredible games which are configured to work perfectly with M.O.J.O.’s C.T.R.L.R gamepad.  Many OUYA games are award-winning exclusives which you can’t buy anywhere else!

Source: Madcatz

WTU Episode #269 - Google and Verizon 'Breaking Hearts All Over Town'

We have just posted up Episode #269 of Weekly Tech Update. In this episode we are discussing Microsoft ditching the Surface, Google launches nothing at I/O and Verizon breaks hearts and promises.We have those stories and more and the links below!

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Android L vs Android 4.4.4 Kitkat

In the video, Android L’s UI changes become apparent when contrasted against Android Kit Kat. Some of the 100 screenshots included in the video compare the calendar, gallery, maps, contacts and others. The differences are stark.


Over 10,000,000 Reason To Play Video Games

Valve is giving gamers over 10 Million reasons to play video games and each of those reasons is actually a dollar. That's right, at this point there is a $10,142,695 purse awaiting winners of DOTA 2. Valve is hosting a huge tournament where they've crowdfunded prize money and for every Compendium (in-game pack) that you purchase for the tournament, they raise the pot by $2.50.

Contribute to The International's overall prize pool while receiving special rewards. The International Compendium is a virtual booklet that contains dozens of ways to interact with the year’s biggest Dota 2 tournament. This year, you’ll earn even more rewards as you level up your Compendium by watching games, collecting player cards, making tournament predictions and more. It’s the next-best thing to being there.

Source: DOTA2

Android Wear is Better Than You Think

Android Wear and other Smart Watches have been called "Slave Jewelry" by some and I can see their point. That being said, Mike Elgan thinks a little differently. According to him, Android Wear is the turning point that is way better than you think it is when viewing it from an outside souce. He compares it to Windows Tablet's from 5 years ago to an Apple iPad. It's a lot better experience that you may first think. That being said, I do want a timepiece that lasts - and I agree with Jason Schneider who says that you'll get 16-18 months tops out of one of these devices.

The voice feature deserves special attention here. I’ve found it to be noticeably faster and more accurate than the same feature on my Moto X phone. There are other differences. On Android Wear, the result comes in a condensed summary form in writing on the watch screen. On the Moto X, it’s typically a larger result, but with the summary spoken out loud.

Source: Datamation

Windows "Threshold" To Win Over Win7 Users

We found a little information lately that outlines Microsoft's marketing plan to win over Windows 7 users and get them to upgrade. While Windows 8.1 Update 1 was supposed to do this, it didn't bring back a real Start menu (the Start button doesn't count when it takes you to the same useless interface), the rumor is that Update 2 won't bring that feature either. In fact, Windows 9 (aka "Threshold") will be bringing a single SKU that has different options baked in. If you install it on a tablet, it will behave much differently that on a desktop. This is a good idea, but if Windows users have to wait another year for a usable desktop OS, they may just move a different direction and away from Microsoft.

Users running Threshold on a desktop/laptop will get a SKU, or version, that puts the Windows Desktop (for running Win32/legacy apps) front and center. Two-in-one devices, like the Lenovo Yoga or Surface Pro, will support switching between the Metro-Style mode and the Windowed mode, based on whether or not keyboards are connected or disconnected.

Source: ZDNet

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