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Sennheiser Urbanite XL Wireless Headphones

We have just posted up our review of the Sennheiser Urbanite XL Wireless headphones. These headphones have the legendary audio quality of Sennheiser with a little extra bass thrown in for good measure. They try and step out above the competition with wireless capabilities, NFC and a folding design that is still very rugged. Overall, they are decent, but you should check our review for all the details.

I really can't find much wrong with these, although if you're an audio purist, you probably won't like the extra bass that they covertly add into your music. I didn't at first. After listening to them for a week or more as part of the review process, I was a bit disappointed when I used different headphones. The extra thump of the bass is not overpower, and quickly become an added touch to your favorite music - whatever it is.

Urbanite XL Wireless

Giant Robots, Fight! (Japan vs. USA)

A few years back "robot wars" were a big thing and there were some pretty interesting things going down as these roomba-sized machines battled each other. Japan is know for their large Gundam robot and the USA is not wanting to let them be the king of the large robot any more. In 2016, there will be a giant robot fight that will be pretty awesome. It's kind of like Terminator meets UFC - but on a much simpler scale.

The new proposed fight might have a better chance of success, since the robots themselves are already built. But if the Japanese melee idea is going to work, the US team will have to come up with some new hardware to punch and kick its opponent to death or risk ignominious defeat.

Source: TheRegister

Windows 10 Kills Xbox Music, Brings on Groove

Microsoft has been making some changes to their services - as have many other companies since the launch of Apple Music. They have just tried rebranding Xbox Music to make it more appealing to a wider group of users. The new name they picked, however, has a lot to be desired. Microsoft is betting big on "Groove" and while this may have been awesome back in the 70's, I don't think many people 'groove' anymore.

We’ve kept a keen eye on our existing entertainment fans to make sure the experiences which they enjoy and subscribe to today, will continue without any interruptions. Here’s a quick overview of the new features you’ll find with both apps in the build coming to Windows Insiders this week.

Source: Windows Blog

Samsung Introduces 2TB EVO & PRO SSDs

Samsung has just quietly released some 2-terabyte drives into their lineup. You can now snag yourself a 2TB version of the 850 Pro and 850 EVO drives. These drives come equipped with some of Samsung's 3D vertical NAND. This is a unique way to get higher denser modules in a smaller space. According to the article, there is no word on pricing at this moment, but they should be available very soon.

The new 2TB 850 SSD PRO and EVO drives remain in the same 7-millimeter, 2.5-inch aluminum case as their predecessors did. Equipped with Samsung’s advanced chip solutions, including 128 individual Samsung 32-layer 128Gb 3D V-NAND flash chips, an upgraded high-performance MHX controller that supports 2TB capacity, and four 20nm-class process technology-based 4Gb LPDDR3 DRAM chips, the 2TB 850 family provides industry-leading performance and power efficiency.

Source: SamsungTomorrow

How to Fix Windows 10 Update Failure

If your Windows 10 is not updateing like it should, there are a few possible fixes that can get you the latest build to your computer. There are some obvious things to try and a few that are little tricky. Make sure that you check this out if your are stuck in build 10130 with many other people. 

This one's a big deal, as going forward from build 10130, you'll need to be logged in with your Microsoft Account. After upgrading to new builds you'll be able to use local accounts once again, but during the upgrade, you must be signed in so Microsoft can do some licensing magic on the backend. If you're not signed in with MSA you won't get the updates.

Source: Neowin

How Much Does Security Software Slow You Down?

We all know that we should use some sort of security software on our PCs and Mac's, but after installing some of this software, things always feel slower. The truth is, security software does slow down your PC. It all does. Some slows down your hardware much more than others and this is where this comparison comes in. A company compared a lot of different software suites and has come up with a score as to how much each piece of software slows down your PC. The good news is that Avast is the fastest of the bunch.

Performance was assessed on a number of tasks; file copying, archiving and unarchiving, installing and uninstalling applications, launching applications, and downloading files. These results were used to provide an AV-C score for each product. Researchers also ran the industry standard PC Mark 8 benchmark test and combined this with the AV-C results to come up with an overall impact score.

Source: BetaNews

Samsung and Oppo Suit for Bloatware

Now here's a story that warms my heart. Samsung and Chinese phone-maker Oppo have been sued for installing a lot of crap on their phones and making it really difficult for a consumer to uninstall them. As much as I like Samsung hardware, I've have a beef with them for years about the amount of crap-ware they install and the space it hogs on your phone. Before the Galaxy S6, you could at least install a MicroSD card for more space, but now you can't, and that makes bloatware even more annoying. It's so annoying that a Chinese consumer protection group took Samsung to court. Nice!

The council said it was motivated to start the legal action following a growing number of complaints about pre-installed apps. It said people had complained because of the space the apps took up and because they ate into data allowances when they were updated. Results from a study carried out by the council said a standard Galaxy Note 3 could contain 44 pre-installed programs that could not be removed or were hard to disable. One Oppo phone tested by the council was found to have 47 apps that could not be uninstalled.

Source: BBC

Windows 10 Versions and Their Features

If you're thinking about picking up Windows 10 right away - or at least reserving your copy for use later, you may be interested to see just what features you get with different versions of your operating system. Microsoft is outlining four main versions: Home, Pro, Enterprise and Education. The cover pretty much everything you wanted to know and a bunch that you probably didn't. Either way, it should answer all of your "do I get this with versions x?" questions.


Source: Microsoft

Apple Music Impressions

Apple Music has been out for a wee bit now and while I haven't tried it, there are a lot of people that have jumped on the latest Apple bandwagon and there are some legitimate reasons as to why some of you should really check it out. While it may be a bit confusing, the library that Apple has on board is pretty impressive and while they borrow from some other services, it's not all bad.

And here's where it starts to get just a little confusing. Keeping your sense of place within the app can become difficult as you tap and swipe around. There are ever-present three-dot buttons that pop up menus that let you follow things like genres or artists, add stuff to your own music library, or add to an "Up Next" music queue.


They also compare it to Spotify, Tidal, Google Play Music, RDIO, Xbox Music, Rhapsody and Amazon Prime. That is an interesting comparison that should answer many of your technical pre-sale questions.

Source: TheVerge (2)

Chevrolet's Cell Phone Cooler

Chevrolet has announced that one of their new features in their 2016 lineup of vehicles will be the option for a 'air conditioned cell phone cooler'. Yup, we've reached the point in history where we are now providing cooling options in our vehicles for our precious cell phones. Keeping your cell phone 'cool' isn't the worst idea as technology just generally functions better at reasonable temperatures and Chevrolet's technology (AKA putting a vent in a compartment that you store your cell phone in) is probably a cheap selling feature, I just have to laugh at the poor salesman who will be trying to sell this as a good reason to trade your old car in on a new one.... Engadget has more.

Early summer on the East Coast hasn't been its usual level of brutal this year, but it's only a matter of time before smartphones start wigging out in the heat. Things only get trickier when you're charging up in your sweltering car, so Chevy cooked up an "active phone cooling" system to keep gadgets from overheating in their 2016 range of vehicles. Don't get too carried away, though: That's just a high-falutin' name for an air vent that points at a warm phone while it's wirelessly charging.

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