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Virtual Desktop May Arrive on the Threshold

One way that Microsoft is making Windows Threshold more of a Desktop users OS is by including a feature called "Virtual Desktops". This is where there are mutliple "Desktops" that each can have different windows and applications open and they are independent of each other. Linux has been doing this for years with different interfaces and I was a fan when I used Linux for years. This won't be enough to make everyone happy, but it is interesting to see that they are taking us desktop users seriously.

Microsoft is considering bringing virtual desktops to Windows Threshold. The feature, which is already on other platforms like Ubuntu and OS X is currently being tested and is said to have similar functionality to that of Ubuntu. You can activate the desktops with a button on the taskbar (subject to change) and there are keyboard shortcuts that let you jump between active desktops.

Source: Neowin

Samsung Losing Big Money on Chips

Apple and Samsung have long been at war and as part of this war, Apple has started to pull away from Samsung. It started when they looked to other sources for screens for their iPhone 5S and 5C and now it is extending beyond that to the chips that power the devices themselves. ARM designs the chips and then companies like Quallcomm, Samsung and TSMC actually produce the chips. It seems that TSMC is getting Apple's business at the moment, and while that is no surprise, it has cost Samsung $851 Million in revenue.

All of those A7 and A8 chips that power Apple’s iPhones and iPads were created by Samsung. The process of how the chips are created starts in cupertino. Apple designs the chips using architecture provided by ARM, which is a British Chip company. Apple then sends those designs over to Samsung for them to manufacture the chip. Reportedly, Apple has jumped ship and has headed over to Taiwan-based TSMC for all of their chip manufacturing needs. The move of course is a result of their ever going war.

Source: AndroidHeadlines

BlackBerry To Be Born Again

I know that Jason is a hardcore BlackBerry fan and while they have certainly struggled in the past they are positioning themselves for a strong comeback. According to their PR, they are planning on remaking themselves in the very near future. What does that mean? Will they be an Android device company or are they sticking to their BB roots? Time will tell, and honestly, I'm not getting my hopes up.

How does it plan to bounce back in an era when even many of its corporate customers have moved on to Android and iOS? As you'll see in our gallery below, BlackBerry is only getting to this point after some grave errors and painful decisions -- but it at last appears to have a strategy that, while imperfect, at least acknowledges a difficult reality.

Source: Engadget

Apple to Hold Event on September 9

If you're all excited about another Apple device - or two, make sure you stay glued to your set on September 9th. Apple is all set to unveil their latest device in just over a month and we could be expecting a couple of device from the tech giant. There are a few more details, including what we really can expect to see in terms of hardware. Knowing Apple, there will be a couple of surprises in store for us. Time will tell.

Since Japanese newspaper Famitsu first reported  the two screen sizes in March – citing a source at a local display manufacturer – the figures have shown up in virtually every iPhone 6 rumour. The original report said the release could be staggered, with the larger 5.5-inch model being released after its smaller brother. Subsequent reports have echoed this.

Source(s): Re/Code, SydneyMorningHerald

Android App Pick - Pac-Man Dash

We have just posted up another Android App Pick of the Week and this week we get our game on with Pacman Dash. This is a full-on bit of nostalgia any way you bite it as Pacman gets unleashed from his maze and gets to roam freely much like Sonic. This is a classic mashup between a couple of games that makes for a really fun time. Get your platformer on and do the Pacman Dash!

Pac-Man Dash


Bag of Chips = Microphone

Using video and some pretty crazy algorithms, scientists have used plants, bags of chips and more to detect and recover sound. The idea is that sound makes objects vibrate, so if you have a video of that object vibrating you should be able to reverse engineer the visual vibrations back to sound, right? It works and is crazy. Check out the video below.


Source: TheVerge

Synology Affected by Cryptolocker Variant

If you have a Synology NAS you want to be really careful if you are running the web service and DLNA on the device. There is a new variant of the Cryptolocker malware making the rounds and it is infecting and encrypting files on these devices. In order to get these files decrypted, the scammers are holding your files hostage and will unlock them for you - for a price. Head on over to the Synology forum for tips and tricks on how to stop this and patch it up before you are affected.

Thanks to Synology for fast support. I sent them an email and got help. They can of course not decrypt the files, but they helped me to reinstall DSM. The trick is to restart the Diskstation WITHOUT the Harddrives. Then after a short while you can insert your HDD's and use Synology assistant to reinstall DSM. I guess Synology support will give us more info about this.

Source: Synology Forum

It's So Ezee

In the home entertainment market, there is a new kid on the block and his name is the Ezeecube. If you get one of these, you can wirelessly back up your files and photos from your mobile devices or cameras. This device can even organize your photos and delete duplicates. The Ezee will also function as a in-home media cloud that you can stream things to on iOS, Android, Windows and Mac. It is also stackable so you can add more storage, a Blu-ray player and more without having to call in the tech wizz in your life. They have destroyed their goals of reaching $75,000 dollars in pledges and are seeking more capital by the end of August.

Ezeecube has surpassed its goal of $75,000 on Indiegogo, with more than $117,000 currently raised and is now seeking money for is stretch goals before it ends on August 3. Pledges that come with a device currently start at $39 for an EzeeTuner and $42 for a DIY EzeeDrive. The device is modular so you can add features and functions, like extra storage space or disk players, in up to four different modules. Ezeecube is powered by a Linux (Yocto) operating system that runs EzeeCube’s pre-configured XBMC Media Center.

Source: Techcrunch

Start Menu Delayed to Windows 9 - Now Free

I'm going to go out on a limb and do a little deductive reasoning here. According to a video clip of an actual Microsoft press event, they stated that the Start Menu (they showed it off) was coming to Windows 8.1 users and that it would be a free upgrade. A few weeks back, Microsoft said that this Start Menu would NOT be coming to Windows 8.x now and instead would be part of Windows Threshold or Windows 9 or whatever you want to call it. If Microsoft said it was free (on record), and it's free for Windows 8.1 users - but it's not coming to Windows 8.x - then Windows 9 must be a free upgrade? Here's hoping. With that in mind, it really does make sense and Windows 8 has a slower install rate that Windows Vista - and we all know how that turned out.

Source: Neowin

The Strength of the Amazon

The Amazon Android App store seems to be catching on, in quite a few countries. Today is another good day for the online retail giant as they have just expanded their market to a plethora of new countries. There are precisely 41 new places with the ability to pick up this service. This should be a great boost to Amazon’s sale of apps.

This morning, Amazon is rolling out their App Store in 41 new places, bumping the grand total up to 236 countries and territories. At this point, it’s getting tough to think of a region where Amazon’s App Store isn’t up and running.

Source: TechCrunch

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