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Honda Bets on Luxury - Not Range in EV

While we all want to be pampered, Honda has bet big on luxury with the Clarity electric vehicle. What they've sacrificed in order to give you all the luxury is range. Currently the Clarity has a mere range of 80'ish miles. That's it. It's like buying a Smart Watch and then having to charge it up at noon. Sure, it's nice - just like many other cars that burn fuel and get 600 miles range. Either way, it's a bold move - but I think it will leave you underwhelmed.

The Prius took off while Honda continued to produce the less-popular Insight along with a few other hybrids including a V6 Accord. The company even tip-toed into the electric market with a limited run of Fit EVs. But as for a proper electric platform, it wasn't until this year that the automaker decided to enter the market with the Clarity.


Source: Engadget

Best Keyboards From 80's is Back

If you worked in an office back in the 80's - or remember your parents working at home on a company computer, you may remember the IBM Model F keyboard. This is heralded by many as the best keyboard ever. In many ways current mechanical keyboards have gleaned their style and inspiration from the Model F. While it is not officially back, a historian has re-created the keyboard faithfully and is making the "buckling spring" switch back.

Modern-day mechanical keyboards are different. Instead of rubber domes, they tend to use individual switches with innards made of plastic and metal. Cherry is the brand name to know in this world, offering switches of varying design to provide different feelings—stiffer sprints for firmer pushback, and, of course, keys designed to clack.

Source: PopularMechanics

Amazon and Dish to enter wireless market?

Well here is a good rumor for a Friday, Amazon and Dish are looking at a partnership to enter the wireless industry. I think it would be fair to say not many people saw this one coming and lately the only news coming from the wireless industry is the small guys getting gobbled up by the big guys at a record pace. Both companies have some big dollars behind them and Amazon in particular has lots of future plans that having their own wireless network could be a huge plus. I'm sure most people will agree that more competition in the wireless market wouldn't be a bad thing, especially by a company like Amazon who is famous for undercutting everyone on price. TechSpot has the story.

Two of the largest players in their respective industries have reportedly discussed a partnership to enter the cutthroat wireless business.

Sources familiar with the matter tell The Wall Street Journal that Amazon boss Jeff Bezos and Dish Network CEO Charlie Ergen – both described as eccentric billionaires with “geek tendencies” and similar interests in robotics and space – have developed a friendship over the past year.

The two have reportedly even discussed a possible joint venture to enter the wireless business with a couple of different ideas having been floated.

Qualcomm is trying to ban iPhone sales in the US

The lawsuit between Qualcomm and Apple has been going on for quite some time and it looks like Qualcomm isn't giving up. Qualcomm is going after Apple for patent infringement on 6 battery-related patents that Qualcomm currently holds. It's tough to keep track of where the whole battle is at because of course Apple has counter sued Qualcomm for charging too much of these patents. The latest move though from the Qualcomm camp is to try and halt iPhone sales in the US that are using these patents, a move that could halt iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 sales. Chances are good they'll be in court for the next couple years at least (and may just result in one side writing a big cheque) but it could make things pretty difficult for Apple if the claims hold up. The Verge has more on this story.

In the latest escalation of its global legal fight with Apple, Qualcomm is asking the US government to ban new iPhones from coming into the country. It also wants sales halted on iPhones that have already made their way in.

Qualcomm says that Apple is violating six patents that have to do with extending a phone’s battery life. None of the patents are essential to a standard, Qualcomm says, which means it isn’t required to license them — as it is with the other patents the two companies are in disagreement over.

Jawbone is being liquidated

It wasn't that many years ago where the name Jawbone was pretty much the biggest name in Bluetooth devices. Fast forward a decade and the end of Jawbone as we once knew it here as the company is currently being liquidated. The decline of wearable sales is probably one of the bigger factors, lawsuits with Fitbit probably didn't help either, and in the end Jawbone just couldn't get back on the right path again. TechCrunch has the story.

The slow and painful demise of Jawbone is finally coming to an end, as yet another effort to rejuvenate the business is beginning under a familiar name. After a multi-year struggle to maintain relevance in the consumer wearable market, Jawbone is now liquidating — and thanks to an injection of capital from a new, unnamed investor, some of the driving forces behind the original company are forming a new business called Jawbone Health Hub.

Pokemon Go turns 1

Pokemon Go has just celebrated its first birthday and in the end, wasn't the fad some thought it might be. When Pokemon Go was launched it set records and it was the only thing anyone could talk about. There are still an impressive 65 million people logging into Pokemon Go in the past month, however, games like League of Legend is at 100 million in comparison. CNET has the full story on the app that almost changed the world.

One year ago today, Pokemon Go took the world by storm. By many measures, it was the fastest growing app of all time. 

One year later, is Pokemon Go dead? Was Pokemon Go a fad? 

Not even close: According to developer Niantic, 65 million people play the game each month.

To put that in perspective: Uber has only 40 million monthly active users. All of Blizzard's hit games -- World of Warcraft, Overwatch, Hearthstone, Diablo, StarCraft and all the rest -- only add up to 41 million monthly users combined. 

Unlock Your Windows PC with Galaxy S8 Fingerprint Reader

Samsung has been upping is cross-platform software game with the latest update of their Samsung Flow application. This integrates with Windows Hello and your Windows 10 PC. You will need to install the companion app in the Windows Store as well, but after a simple install on both device, you'll be good to go. Notifications syncronize between both devices and it really extends the usefulness of your mobile device onto your Windows PC. If you own a Samsung device from Note 5 and newer, it will probably work.

"Samsung Flow is a software product that enables a seamless, secure, connected experience across your devices. You can authenticate your Tablet/PC with your smartphone, share content between devices, and sync notifications from your smartphone to your Tablet/PC. You can also turn on the smartphone's mobile hotspot to keep your Tablet/PC connected.

Source: GooglePlay

Gaming Smartphones Are Still a Thing - In China

In North America, mobile gaming is a bit more casual on our smartphones than it is in China. Here if we want a good mobile gaming experice, we invest in a Nintendo 3DS, Razer tablet or other game-centric device. In China - they have some pretty sweet smartphone/portable gaming consoles. In fact, the Snail Mobile i7 is the illegitimate child of a PS Vita and a Nokia Lumia 1050. It's large, and the gaming experience is very solid. Why can't we have nice things here?

Now, the i7 is powered by MediaTek's 10-core, tri-cluster Helio X20 (MT6797) processor, so it's more of a mid-range device. You obviously wouldn't be getting the same level of performance as you would with Qualcomm's flagship Snapdragon 835, but it's still a good chipset for this price. It also features a 5-megapixel front camera and a 16-megapixel main camera on the back, though there's no word on what kind of image quality to expect from them.

Snail Mobile i7

Source: Engadget

PlayStation Busted for Using Xbox One X Footage for Promo

Nintendo tried this a few years ago at E3 and got caught faking graphic quality footage as they "borrowed" it from Sony at the time. Now Sony takes its turn being absolutely stupid and has photoshopped buttons from a PS4 controller onto footage taken from the Xbox One X demo of Anthem. While Sony wants to be as cool as Microsoft, they just can't hack it at this point and don't have the power to produce graphics like the Xbox One X. I'm sure that will change over time, but this publicity is not good for them. Gamers start to consider the competition console. In other news, Microsoft's gaming division just got a raise.

Fans noticed the footage was identical but, given the benefit of the doubt, it could just be the same demo running on PlayStation 4 Pro, right? Nope. Over the weekend, eagle-eyed viewers spotted someone had simply edited the footage to overlay PlayStation 4 controls. There are frames where the edit fades in where both the original Xbox control prompts and PS4 overlay can be seen.

Source: EuroGamer

Windows 10 Growth Is Stunted

Windows 10 jumped out of the gate with a pretty solid start thanks to the upgrade option that Microsoft used, but since the initial year, things have slowed to a crawl. It's hard to believe that it's been out almost 2 years and in that time it only has a 26.8% market share. This past June was pretty rough as the growth was a mere 0.02% - basically, my parents just upgraded their OS - probably by mistake and they'll call me tomorrow. This growth is not what they were hoping for, but at the same time, those running Windows 7 are pretty happy and it's hard to get happy people to change what isn't broken.

Windows 7 went from having 49.46 percent share to 49.04 percent, a dip of 0.42 percentage points. Windows 8.1 fell 0.34 percentage points and now stands on 6.40 percent. Windows 8 dropped 0.22 percentage points and is on 1.37 percent. Combined, Windows 8.x has a 7.77 percent share, down 0.56 percentage points in the month. XP enjoyed a mini resurgence as people fired up their aging PCs for the first time in a while -- perhaps to install the new security updates from Microsoft -- posting a gain of 1.28 percentage points. It now has 6.94 percent of the market.

Source: BetaNews

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