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SNES Classic at Toys R Us on Friday

If you still haven't gotten an SNES Classic, you may be lucky enough to snag one at Toys R Us on Friday. They are receiving some more units and will have them available. If you really want one, it may be worth getting up early and lining up as scalpers are demanding (and getting) stupid high prices on eBay. I wouldn't mind one, but not for $250 or more. Stay tuned as more units keep trickling into different retail locations.

There are no bundles or other nonsense to deal with at Toys R Us, but Friday also marks the release of Super Mario Odyssey for Nintendo Switch, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see other retailers join in with a shipment of SNES Classic units to go along with it. Toys R Us is selling a Switch bundle with the new Mario game included, but that’s separate from the Classic. (The company warns that this too will be in short supply.)

Source: TheVerge

Weekly Tech Update #410 - Oh, SNAP Spectacles Aren't Selling

We have just posted up Episode #410 of Weekly Tech Update! In this episode we are discussing Bitcoin hits new highs, videocard makers are making lots of money thanks to bitcoin hitting new highs and the snap spectacles aren't selling so well. We have those stories and more at the links below...


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Play Three Generations of Games on Xbox One

Just because you can do something, doesn't mean you should. Case in point is that Microsoft just announced that their backwards compatibility has reached new nostaligic heights (or lows) with support for the original Xbox. That's right, you will now be able to run your original Xbox games on the Xbox One. Thankfully, during installation you get higher resolution textures and features. While it certainly isn't HD, it's not 320x240 either.

The 13 Original Xbox games releasing tomorrow will look better on the Xbox One family of devices, taking advantage of the power of Xbox One with up to 4X the pixel count on Xbox One and Xbox One S, and up to 16X the pixel count on Xbox One X. You’ll be able to play Original Xbox games on Xbox One through the disc you already own, or you can purchase the games digitally in the Microsoft Store.

Source: Xbox

What if iPhone 8 is Better than iPhone X?

There are some that are waiting for the iPhone X, but the guys over at TheVerge have made a few good points regarding the underwhelming iPhone 8. It could quite possibly be better than the iPhone X - and the iPhone 7 is outselling the iPhone 8. This is not good for Apple at all. While some of the article is purely personal preference, the author does make some valid points. Take a look and see where your next paycheck should be spent.

I expect Face ID to work very well on the X... But that doesn’t mean I particularly want to use Face ID. There could be some technical issues to iron out at launch, and even if there aren’t, it’s just another thing to figure out and get used to without any immediate advantages. (I’m not sure Animoji counts.) Apple itself fell foul of this when it announced Face ID, as Craig Federighi couldn’t log into his demo unit on stage after the authentication had been reset.

Source: TheVerge

iPod Released 16 Years Ago

While Jason and I still prefer the Microsoft Zune, the Apple iPod has clearly won every portable music player war in the last 16 years. That's right. 16 years. The iPod has changed quite a bit as it's now all touch, but the iPod Classic was not much different than the original. It's pretty awesome to see how far media players have come since the days of the iPod - which was in no way the first player, but it was the most iconic and has since destroyed all competition, if nothing else than in longevity.

It featured a black and white LCD and the first click wheel, a mechanical scrolling interface that let users quickly and conveniently scroll through long lists of music. The click wheel also included easy access buttons for playing, pausing, rewinding, and fast forwarding through music content. The first iPod's battery lasted for up to 10 hours before needing to be recharged, and the device was priced at $399.

Source: MacRumors 

Google Pixel 2 XL vs iPhone 8 Drop Test

If you've got a little extra time on your hands - and a lot of extra money, you buy expensive gadgets and smash them. I don't have that much time or money to throw away, so I'm glad to see that PhoneBuff does. They take the two lastest flagship phones from the big guys and see which one can survive the most abuse. 


Chuwi LapBook Air

The Chuwi LapBook Air is a straight-up assault on the MacBook Air that offers some pretty impressive features for a very competitive price. The LapBook Air won't be available at Walmart or BestBuy, but it will be available online in the near future. It looks pretty impressive and I'd be very interested to see how it performs and how much it costs. It looks like it's aimed at the mid-level market with entry-level prices.

Source: Neowin

Bitcoin Breaks $6,100 - A New Record High

Bitcoin had a bit of a dip when China blocked things and is working on their own cryptocurrency, but has since fully recovered and continues to soar. The rate of gain of this stock is pretty remarkable but I do fear that it can't last forever. If I was mining, I'd be pretty happy. If I was thinking of buying some to speculate with, I'd probably have to pass as this could drop at any moment.

In an unscientific survey carried out by CNBC this week, nearly half of the more than 23,000 people who voted said bitcoin is heading to over $10,000. Former hedge fund manager Michael Novogratz told CNBC in a recent interview that he sees bitcoin heading to $10,000 in the next six to 10 months. Bitcoin has also been helped by favorable regulation in Japan which recently allowed companies to accept the digital currency as payment. Around 57 percent of the trade in bitcoin was executed in Japanese yen on Saturday, according to industry website CryptoCompare.

Source: CNBC

Pixel 2 XL Screen Burn-in Issues and Response

The Pixel 2 XL hasn't been out very long - just long enough to find an issue with the display. In fact, it appears that the screen is having some burn-in issues, poor viewing angles and the color isn't as vivid as users are used to. In fact, the screen is so "dull" that some people are calling it a disaster. The fact is that the display is a POLED unit that is quite new and that is probably contributing to the poor quality. Google's response is that the screen is designed to produce realistic color - not overly saturated and vivid color that we are more used to.

This dodgy display isn't the only issue that has plagued Google's new flagship line-up. The smaller Pixel 2 went on sale in the UK yesterday, but as we noted here at INQ, Google appears to be suffering the same stock issues that plagued last year's Pixel launch.

Source: TheInquirer 

Graphics Card Vendors Upbeat about Cryptocurrency

Just when games don't really push graphics cards and lowers demand for the latest upgrade, along comes cyptocurrency mining. As such, the demand for graphics cards has never been higher. Recently, Bitcoin reached an incredible $6,100USD and that has obviously kept the demand on these cards high. It's too bad for gamers that need an upgrade as it's pretty hard to find anything in stock. It's very good for vendors though.

Because of the quickly subsided cryptocurrency mining hype in 2013, some graphics card players were originally conservative about the development in 2017. Despite both China and Russia governments having expressed opposition on the trading of cryptocurrencies, their values continue increasing after a short-term relapse.

Source: DigiTimes

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