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Microsoft to be the First Trillion Dollar Company

So Apple is doing quite well, and Google really doesn't have a lot to fear (in the near future) in terms of their mobile platform and search. It is interesting however that it is Microsoft that is set up to be the first company to hit a trillion dollar value - thanks to the acquisition of LinkedIn. It is absolutely mind blowing that the company's different business ventures all total up to $1,000,000,000,000.00. Zing!

Explaining why, he first points out Microsoft's free cash flow yield, which is reportedly the highest of all the contenders. Secondly, the LinkedIn acquisition expands the company's price/earnings (P/E) multiple. Lastly, Markowski sees that Microsoft will play a key part in social investing community (SIC), which will help make online equity crowdfunding ubiquitous.

Source: Neowin

Weekly Tech Update #384 - A Fresh Look Back at 2016

We have just posted up Episode #384 of Weekly Tech Update. As we wrap up 2016 we take a fresh look back at this year in tech and discuss the best and worst of this past year as well as make some bold predictions about the coming 2017. Check out those and lots more tech stories at the links below.


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AMD Ryzen CPU Benchmarks

While AMD's Ryzen CPU isn't officially released until CES in about a week, there are more and more benchmarks getting leaked showcasing what the CPU is made of. So far, it looks pretty good for AMD as this chip has been put up against some hefty Core i7 goodness, and while it's not the king of the pile, it certainly gives Intel a run for their money - and keep in mind that software and drivers haven't been optimized yet for this platform. Things are looking up for AMD.


Source: HardOCP

CyanogenMod Dies, Lineage OS Lives On

There was a little bit of news over the holiday weekend, including the news that CyanogenMod is shutting down. This was perhaps the best Android-based OS made - even better than pure Android - as they worked feverishly to make older phones work well, optimize battery life, power management and more. All this work has cost them too much however and now CyanogenMod is shutting it's doors. If you currently use their OS, don't totally despair (just yet), Lineage OS has taken up the reigns and will continue to work and make this branch of Android live on.

As an independent team, Lineage will once again need to get the infrastructure required for developers working on the open source code made available by Cyanogen. The OS is still in its inception phase and it would take some time for us to see any progress from the newly formed unit.

Source: Neowin

Sony Music Hacked - Britney Dies

I hope you had a Merry Christmas and that you don't have a Sony Music account. If you do, you may have been compromised over the holidays, and if so, may have heard the rumor that Britney Spears in dead. Unfortunately, some of that is true and some if it isn't. Sony was indeed hacked, but no Britney has not died. Once again, change your passwords and make sure that you use fake informaton on all your online accounts.

Some Twitter accounts related to Sony Music were apparently accessed by hacker group OurMine this morning. The handles for Sony Music Global and Bob Dylan tweeted that Britney Spears was dead shortly after 8AM ET. “britney spears is dead by accident! we will tell you more soon,” the @SonyMusicGlobal account read before the tweets were deleted. A rep for Spears confirmed to CNN that the singer was, in fact, still alive.

Source: TheVerge

The Worst Gadgets of 2016

While there have been some decent gadgets released in 2016, there really hasn't been anything too spectacular in my opinion. We saw a few new pieces of hardware hit the shelves, but I think there were more notable products that were horrible in 2016. I don't entirely agree with the choices listed at the link below, but it's not too far off. Make sure to check them out below.

Lenovo thought it was taking a page out of the Star Trek playbook when it skipped a physical keyboard on the Yoga Book in favor of a digital sketchpad. It wasn’t. The writing surface is nearly impossible to type on unless you use the two-finger hunt-and-peck method from middle school, and the device requires a stylus for freehand drawing and note-taking. Heck, you can’t rest your fingers on the keys without activating them. Seriously, use a pen and paper instead.

Source: Engadget

PC Games Generated 442% More Revenue That Consoles in 2016

The gaming industry keeps crying that PC gaming is dead and that is why they've dropped dedicated servers and make horrible interfaces for games as many developers merely port over the game - or the UI from the console. The fact is that PC gaming is currently much more alive than console gaming. In 2016, console games generated a revenue of an incredible $6.6 Billion. That pales in comparison however to PC game sales that generated $35.8 Billion. I think it's high time that developers quit screwing over PC gamers and optimized the game for the platform that is providing them the biggest source of income. 

SuperData noted that games like League of Legends and even my favorite, Overwatch, "drive enthusiasm". They also noted that PC gamers recognized a "big improvement with the release of a new generation of graphics cards, offering a 40% increase in graphics power and a 20% reduction of power consumption" - thanks to AMD's release of the Radeon RX 400 series, and NVIDIA's popular GeForce GTX 10 series of graphics cards.

Source: TweakTown

Steamcrate Takes On Origin Access

If you've been a subscriber to EA's Origin Access service, you've no doubt come to love and hate it at the same time. You'll love it if you play the games that are in the vault, but not so much if you don't play those particular games. Steamcrate is the service that wants to help you move to this platform, and for a mere $7 a month right now if you check out the details below. For that $7, you get anywhere from $100 - $700 worth of games each month.

In addition to your monthly batch of games, Steamcrate subscribers are automatically entered into the Uber Crate giveaway each month. Packed with over $600 worth of Steam titles, the Uber Crate offers even more of a return on your investment, if you're lucky.

Source: Engadget

Best New Games for Your Apple or Android

If you received a new device this Christmas season, there are some really great games for your Apple or Android device. There are also a lot of horrible games and applications, so if you've just moved to a new device, make sure you fill it with only the best. This is the reason why we do our Android App Pick feature. However, if you want to find out what is "hot" right now, you should check out the article linked below. They've got all the greatest of the latest.

If you aren’t already an active mobile gamer, even at this point, you’re missing out on quite a bit of both simple and even deeply involved experiences — and if this holiday, you happened to upgrade your device to the latest and greatest, we’ve got a couple of suggestions. Here are a few of our picks to get through the end of 2016 and beyond.

Source: TheVerge

HP Steps up Their 2-in-1 Game

HP has really stepped up their portable game lately as they've been pushed and inspired by the likes of Apple and Microsoft. In fact, it's getting to the point where HP is starting to be a trend-setter themselves. Their x360 line of products has been pretty solid, but their latest Spectre x360 for 2016 was a particular step in the right direction according to the review featured below.

The 2016 Spectre x360 has three USB ports, one of which is a standard USB Type-A, and the other two are Thunderbolt 3 capable, USB Type-C ports. Either of the Type-C ports can be used to charge the device and, since they also support Thunderbolt 3, they can be used to power up to two 4K monitors or one 5K monitor per-port. Of course, this laptop uses Intel HD Graphics, so I wouldn't exactly recommend a setup of four 4K or two 5K monitors.

Source: Neowin

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