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ViewSonic VX2452mh LCD

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Another Reason to Hate EA

If you wanted yet another reason to hate EA, it might be this. They were recently hacked and Apple IDs were stolen. The big deal here is not that Apple users will suffer most - they already do by trying to play EA games on their systems. The big deal is that no one really cares that much about it anymore and EA has never issued a widespread alert about this. The actual website for EA was compromised and a very legitimate box showed up asking you to "Sign in to verify your Apple ID". Many users did and a lot of information was taken. Make sure to check your credit cards for charges from your Apple account - and for Pete's sake, go change both your EA and Apple passwords!

The attacker may have used the calendar’s vulnerabilities as an entryway to go deeper into EA’s network. “The mere presence of old software can often provide sufficient incentive for a hacker to target one system over another, and to spend more time looking for additional vulnerabilities or trying to probe deeper into the internal network,” Netcraft said.


Thanks to forum member swdswan for pointing this out.

Source: PCWorld


If you need a supercomputer under your desk, you may want to consider a TITAN Z. This is a dual-GPU graphics card from NVIDIA that has a mere 5,760 processor cores strapped onto a single PCB. This should accellerate pretty much any GPGPU program you have and take your gaming and 3D-Rendering computer not only to the next level, but it will create a level above that level and then magically teleport you there. Of course the only thing that won't arrive there with you is a lot of money. Still, this is crazy technology that they've crammed into a single card.

“If you’re in desperate need of a supercomputer  that you need to fit under your desk, we have just the card for you,” Jen-Hsun said. Unlike traditional dual-GPU cards, Titan Z’s twin GPUs are tuned to run at the same clock speed, and with dynamic power balancing. So neither GPU creates a performance bottleneck.


Source: NVIDIA Blog

NVIDIA Shield Now $199 (For a Limited Time)

The NVIDIA Shield was an interesting piece of hardware. While it was pretty nifty that it was the first device to tout the Tegra 4 processor, but at the initial price, nobody really needed and very few wanted a dedicated mobile Android Gaming platform. NVIDIA has been trying to push sales a bit lately as they dropped the price to $249 a while back and now it is at $199. While that may still not be enough to sway you, perhaps the fact that Portal is coming for the Shield just might.

This price includes the SHIELD along with a USB cable and AC power adapter. Users will also get Sonic 4 Episode II THD and Expendable: Rearmed for free. Of course, those are just two of the many available games. Aside from the recent mention of Portal coming soon, SHIELD users have recently gotten Rochard and R-TYPE II.

Source: AndroidCommunity

MSI Launches Next-Gen Ultra-Portable Gaming Notebooks

City of Industry, Calif. – March 25, 2014MSI Computer Corp, a leading manufacturer of computer hardware products and solutions, announces the immediate availability of the ultra-slim, yet powerful GS60 Ghost and GS70 Stealth gaming notebooks.  Now available in 17-inch and 15-inch models, the GS Series offers gamers unmatched gaming power in incredibly thin and light gaming notebooks.


 MSI - GS70 Stealth

Thinnest and lightest 17” gaming notebook, the GS70 Stealth, returns with next generation GeForce GTX 870M GPUs


Samsung's New Chromebook is Fast

Chromebooks are handier that you may first think, and if you are traveling and still need to do some business, one of these sub-$200 machines can get the job done. Samsung is showing off their new Chromebook and they claim it's 125% faster than their first generation. This 11.6" unit will feature Samsung's own Exynos 5 Octa chip and four of the cores run at 1.9GHz and four run at 1.3GHz. They also have a 13.3" unit that will run at 2.0GHz and 1.3GHz as well.

Maximizing performance in tight power and thermal budgets is critical in today’s mobile devices. Compared to Exynos 5 Dual, our new Exynos 5 Octa application processors deliver up to 125 percent increase in computing and two times the multimedia performance. This enables designers to develop leading-edge products with significantly improved battery life.

Source: AndroidCentral

Thin and Light Small Tablets

If you are looking for a thin and light small tablet, there are a few more choices these days than just an iPad Mini. The original Nexus 7 was a pretty thick beast, but the new Nexus 7 makes this list as does the Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 7 the aforementioned iPad Mini as well as the new Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4. Which one of these is the thinnest and the lightest? Take a look.

The 8.4-inch tablet stuns with its 2,560x1,600-pixel-resolution screen, and it currently holds the title of tablet with the highest pixels-per-inch at 359ppi. It performs smoothly, comes with a ton of preloaded Samsung software (or bloatware, if you're a hater), and if you fancy a high-end small tablet that runs Android, this is your best choice.

Source: CNET

Xbox One Flies Off Shelf at $399

If you have been waiting for the price to drop on the Xbox One in order to pick it up, it did drop to $449 at a few select retailers this past week. Yesterday, Amazon posted it at $399 for a while and it flew off the shelves about as fast as people could hit the "order" button. It didn't last too long though as this was apparently an error - but it proves the point that if Microsoft could drop the price to $399, they might be able to catch Sony's PS4.

The Xbox One Standard Edition (with the Forza Motorsport 5 digital code) is currently listed for $450, but adding the discount code XIAMAZON -- first seen last week as retailers cut prices on the Titanfall bundle to $450 -- takes an additional $50 off of the price. Of course, this means you don't get the console's most anticipated game as a part of the deal, but at this price we doubt many will complain.

Source: Engadget

WTU Episode #255 - Apple's New 4.9GB iPhone 5C

We have just posted up Episode #254 of Weekly Tech Update. In this episode we are discussing the new iPhone 5c "C" is for cheaper, SimCity finally goes offline - in a good way, and cast your vote for the worst companies in America.We have those stories and more and the links below!

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Android App Pick - Days Left Widget Pro

We have just posted up another Android App Pick of the Week and this week we are looking at a handy widget that will help you keep track of how many "Days Left" with the Pro version of this widget. Often you want to know how many days left until a game launch, LAN Party, Holiday or event and Days Left Widget Pro can help you keep track of all of those events are more. See why it's our App Pick of the Week.


Assassin's Creed Unity Footage

Ubisoft has just released a bit of footage from Assassin's Creed Unity and this game looks like another solid title in the series. There is not much footage, but it does set the tone for the game. (Spoiler: There may involve virtual killing).


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