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Gabe Newell Chips in $18 Million for DOTA 2 Championship

League of Legends gets a lot of hype when it comes to professional gaming, but DOTA 2 has a very large following and a sweet tournament as well. Valve's Gabe Newell has just announced that they are chipping in $18 Million for the new DOTA 2 International Championship, so if you play, you should look into how to register your team to be part of the fray. For $18 Million, it's worth a shot - if you're any good at all. Good luck!

Dota 2 is a terribly addictive game and it makes for a fine competitive spectacle as well, judging by the viewer numbers it attracts on streaming services like Twitch. It isn't quite on the same level of popularity as the similar League of Legends - another team-based battle game where the goal is to destroy the enemy's base - but The International is certainly the most prominent tournament in the genre of competitive gaming.

Source: TheVerge

Windows 10 Install Base Now 67 Million & Growing

Windows 10 is pretty much a success already. While there will no doubt be some issues that raise their heads as more people install the new Operating System, the fact that it is free helps calm people down if something isn't working right on day 1. That being said, everything is working great for me an all the machines I've upgraded. Just a few days in, Microsoft is over 67 Million installs - the number which has been confirmed as of Sunday morning. I'm sure it's much larger now.

A Microsoft employee who wishes to remain anonymous to the public has informed Windows Central that as of 8 AM this morning, the Windows 10 OS has reportedly been installed on a massive 67 million machines. Even more interesting is the claim that Microsoft hit a max bandwidth of 15 Tb/s, topping the previous record of Apple's 8 Tb/s during their last OS push. Microsoft has reportedly reserved up to 40Tb/s "from all of the third-party CDNs combined".

Source: WindowsCentral

Customize Your New Start Menu

If you've downloaded and upgraded to Windows 10, you may love the new (oldish) Start Menu. I personally love it, but there are a few changes that I'd like to make as some of the tiles aren't relevant to me and how I use my computer. I want to make it more "me" and less an out-of-the-box installation. Thankfully, customizing the Start Menu isn't actually that hard, and if you want to do it, head on to the link below for all the details from our friends over at Neowin.

If you do want tiles, the first thing you will want to do is add the apps that you will use the most. You can add tiles by clicking on Start, all apps, then finding the apps you want to add, right clicking on them and selecting "pin to start." By doing this, the tiles will now show up on the right side of the Start menu next to all of the other tiles.


Source: Neowin

Windows 10 Upgrade Scam

As with pretty much anything these days, there is a dark side - or at least people that have a dark side and want to get rich off your ignorance. While I know that many of the readers of BCCHardware won't fall for a scam like this, it's worth mentioning so you can spread the word and keep others from having their files held hostage. There is a file-locker called CTB-Locker that you are persuaded to install - thinking you are installing Windows 10, and unless you pay up, you lose all your data.

The email message above is a sample of the type of messages that users are being presented with. There are a couple of key indicators in the message worth calling out. First, the from address, the adversaries are spoofing the email to look like it is coming directly from Microsoft (update<at>microsoft.com). This is a simple step that tries to get users to read further.

Source: Cisco

Russian Woodpecker Sees Over the Horizon

While this story is not about modern technology, it is a pretty awesome feat of engineering during the Cold War that enabled Russia to see over the horizon with radar and harass nations around the world. The Woodpecker Radar Array at Chernobyl was probably the biggest and most advanced (at the time) arrays to spy on other nations and see if they had launch cruise missiles. Take a look and see this behemoth still standing.


How to Clean Up WIndows 10

So you've got Windows 10 installed, but there is a bunch of extra apps that you don't really want and you're not going to use. How do you get rid of them? It's not as simple as the Control Panel and Add-Remove Progams with these integrated apps. To make things quick and simple, you'll need to become a bit familiar with the Windows 10 PowerShell. More details at the link below.

Open the Start menu, and type 'PowerShell'. Launch it by hitting enter. Run the 'Get-AppxPackage -User username' command (replacing 'username' with your actual Windows 10 username). This will display all of the installed applications. Locate an app you want to remove and copy the actual PackageFullName for it.

Source: BetaNews

Inside Amazon Fulfillment Center

I'm sure that most of the readers of BCCHardware have shopped at Amazon more than once. Why not? They have good prices, fast and affordable shipping and they often get your item out in the mail the same day. It's pretty incredible how they can pull this off, and we have a link today that shows the inside of one of their fulfillment centers as they walk us through the process. It is pretty awesome to see how few employees there are and how most of it is robotic.

Upon arrival, each new product is identified using a computer vision system that catalogues it rapidly, feeding its weight and dimensions into a central tracking system. At the heart of the building, items stored on tall, square shelves are kept stocked by humans working with a team of 2,000 squat orange robots.

Source: TechnologyReview

NYC Subway Could Maybe Use an Upgrade

If you think your computer or other gear is getting a bit old, I'm sure it's got nothing on the system currently running the NYC Subway system. They are still using electro-mechanical relays, physical switches and a train tracking system that was built in the 1930's or before. That's right, this system is 85 years old and counting. While it sounds like it is due for an upgrade, infrastructure makes it hard to change things over so it will still be running this for a while yet.


Source: Mashable

Sharp Makes Deal with Hisense

It looks like Sharp is the latest company to decide that the highly competitive TV market just isn't for them, at least not in North America. Sharp has announced that they've sold their manufacturing plant and have licensed their brand name in North America to Hisense. It's not surprise that Sharp is making a move like this as they've had a rough go for a while now, it's just more interesting to see that one of the 'budget' brands is the one that is taking over for them. Companies like Hisense have figured out how to produce TV's cheaper than the big guys and still make them look just as good. PCWorld has more on this announcement.

Yet another TV maker is calling it quits on the hyper-competitive U.S. market, while keeping the brand name alive through licensing.

This time the victim is Sharp, which plans to sell its manufacturing plant in Mexico and license its brand name to Hisense for the Americas, Reuters reports. The news follows an especially rough quarter for Sharp, in which it posted an operating loss of nearly $232 million.

“Sharp has not been able to fully adapt to the intensifying market competition, which led to significantly lower profits compared to the initial projections for the previous fiscal year, and has been suffering from poor earnings performance,” the company said in a statement.

14 Million Windows 10 Users

It's not too surprising that Windows 10 is going over well so far (especially since it is free for most people). Yesterday was the first day people were able to upgrade and they saw 14 Million people take the plunge to Windows 10 already. Most people who reserved their upgrade from Microsoft are still waiting to be given notification that they can start downloading so I'd think that their first week of download should be pretty impressive. Microsoft has more on their blog.

As we’ve shared, our top priority has been ensuring that everyone has a great upgrade experience, so, we are carefully rolling out Windows 10 in phases, delivering Windows 10 first to our Windows Insiders. While we now have more than 14 million devices running Windows 10, we still have many more upgrades to go before we catch up to each of you that reserved your upgrade. Rest assured we are working 24×7 to continue the upgrade process and are prioritizing the quality of your upgrade experience over anything else. We are grateful for your excitement and enthusiasm and we appreciate your patience over the days and weeks ahead as we carefully roll out Windows 10 in phases to all of you that have reserved.

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