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Promises Fulfilled at 60FPS

Ever thought that watching a YouTube movie at 60 fps would be simply splendid? Apparently YouTube agrees and like they announced earlier this year; you can view some videos in this frame rate, but be aware that some conditions apply. Regardless, this will be awesome for viewers and uploaders alike!

Earlier this year, YouTube announced plans to support videos running at 60 frames-per-second—plans that would make a huge difference for footage of video games. Today, the video network has finally started rolling out the new service, and you can already tell that this is going to be wonderful.

Source: Kotaku

Anti-Glass Laws

There is a sad event that I must inform you of; if you live in the States you are no longer allowed to where your Google Glass into a movie theatre. The Motion Picture Association of America has made it clear that any of these such wearable devices are not welcome by stating that they must be powered off when the movie hits the screen.

Individuals who fail or refuse to put the recording devices away may be asked to leave. If theater managers have indications that illegal recording activity is taking place, they will alert law enforcement authorities when appropriate, who will determine what further action should be taken," said a joint statement from the MPAA and the National Association of Theatre Owners, which maintains 32,000 screens across the United States.

Source: ArsTechnica

Siri and One Autistic Boy

Joaquin Phoenix did an incredible job acting in a movie called "Her" where he had a romantic relationship with his intelligent operating system and while the relationship between Siri and one particular autistic boy isn't romantic, it is certainly beneficial and therapeutic. Siri carries on "intelligent" conversations, and it's in these conversations that Gus can tirelessly ask questions and get somewhat meaningful responses. Now, before you go and judge his parents, take a read through the story and the link below.

It all began simply enough. I’d just read one of those ubiquitous Internet lists called “21 Things You Didn’t Know Your iPhone Could Do.” One of them was this: I could ask Siri, “What planes are above me right now?” and Siri would bark back, “Checking my sources.” Almost instantly there was a list of actual flights — numbers, altitudes, angles — above my head.

Source: NYTimes

New Security Features in Android 5.0

Android 5.0 Lollipop is much more than a pretty face. This new OS deserves a new version number for many reasons and some of those are the new security features in this release. According to Google, the new OS is like Kevlar wrapped around your data. Of course, Apple said the same thing with their iCloud so we'll have to see just how this works in the real world. The long and short of it is this: don't forget or lose your passcode as the filesystem is encrypted by default - and the key is your PIN.

More secure, from the first time you turn it on 
People use safes and combination locks to protect their physical goods. With digital information, encryption acts like a safe to protect your information from thieves and snoops. That’s why we’ve worked hard to provide this added security for our users, which will now be the default from the moment you power on a new device running Lollipop, keeping your data safer without needing you to fiddle around in the settings.

HP's $200 Windows 8.1 Laptop Now Shipping

We talked on the latest episode of WeeklyTechUpdate how Chromebook sales have continued to climb even though low-cost Windows laptops are becoming available. There hasn't been anything quite as low-cost as the HP Stream laptop though. This little machine comes with Windows 8.1, a standard 1366x768 screen, 2GB of DDR3 and a 2.16GHz Celeron CPU. As with most of these super-cheap laptops, it is short on memory with 32GB internal and no really much of a way to permanently upgrade to more. Still, at $200 it might be a perfect option to replace that Chromebook...especially now that it comes with Office 365 for one year - and that includes unlimited OneDrive storage.

This device, along with many other low-cost Windows devices, are part of Microsoft's ongoing effort to combat cheap laptops and tablets running Chrome and Android, as the Google-powered products have increasingly cut into Windows market share. Microsoft has made a large push for cheaper Windows devices by removing the license fee for tablets with screens smaller than 9 inches and introducing a free version of Windows that bundles Bing search.

Source: Neowin

YouTube to Launch Music Subcription Soon

Everyone wants to get their hands on a subscription service - most notably music subscriptions. We all know that traditional radio kind of sucks as they play what they are told to play and their playlist isn't very diverse. That's where music services like Pandora, Rdio, Google Play Music, Zune and others really shine. YouTube sees this as an opportunity to make a bit more money and I don't blame them. It's odd though that Google would compete against themselves, but if they do, I guess they'll get even more business.

YouTube has been working on a streaming music service since last year. The offering is expected to be similar to Spotify with commercial-free paid subscriptions as well as an ad-supported free model -- but with videos to boot. Google has reportedly been close to launching it several times, but 2014 is drawing to a close without an unveiling yet. The service has been hampered by reports of friction with independent music labels, as well as the departures of key executives.

Source: CNET

WTU Episode #286 - All Hail the iPad Air 2 King!

We have just posted up Episode #286 of Weekly Tech Update. In this episode we are discussing Chromebook shipments stay strong, Apple’s iPad Air 2 destroys the competition and 12 defining moments in Keyboard history. We have those stories and more and the links below!

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Android App Pick - Star Wars: Commander

We have just posted up another Android App Pick of the Week and this week we are using the Force as we become a Star Wars Commander. That's right, Star Wars: Commander is an RTS-style game that lets you choose your allegiance and then you can battle your way through a campaign or even play online against the hordes of the rebel scum. Get ready to use your blaster and may the Force be with you! Try it. You'll like it.

App Pick #159



Alienware Graphics Card Dock

If you buy an Alienware 13 laptop, you will soon have the option to purchase a $300 graphics card dock that takes almost any desktop graphics card and uses it to play games. This has been done before with limited success and being that Alienware only has one model that will work with this proprietary cable at the moment (more coming soon), I don't suspect this will fly either. If they made this $300 box work with other machines; such as MSI, Razer and ASUS, they'd sell a ton of them.

Sounds kinda rad, right? Right. Well, except for one teeny detail: This requires a proprietary, PCI-Express-based cable, one that only works on the new Alienware 13. According to a Dell spokesperson, future models will use the same connection port, but for now, even if you have an older Alienware machine you're outta luck. Of course, too, if you own a notebook from another brand, like Razer or ASUS, this will be of absolutely no use to you. Which makes sense: Dell wants to give people an incentive to buy Alienware laptops.

Source: Engadget

CoD Pre-Orders Down Year-Over-Year

The Call of Duty franchise has long been iconic when it comes to video games but those days seem to be over. After 12 or more refreshes, it seems that pre-orders are sliding year-after-year. While the game series will not be going away anytime soon, it just goes to show that when you refuse to listen to gamers, and you continue to charge full-price for a map-pack (aka new version), people get tired of it. I don't even feel a little sorry for Activision and everyone else involved. It's about time people started thinking outside the box again when it comes to video game titles.

Pre-order sales analysis by Cowen and Company released today suggests that the sales decline for the Call of Duty series will continue this year, with the forthcoming Advanced Warfare expected to sell 40 per cent less than last year's Ghosts and 70 per cent less than Black Ops 2 from 2012.

Source: GamesIndustry

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