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The Macbook Pro is a Lie

There was a time when the Macbook Pro was a very premium product geared for professionals (hence the Pro, duh!) but that time has come and gone. The latest Macbook Pro is pretty much anything but "Pro" according to the guys at the Verge and I'd have to agree with them. If Windows PCs start to charge premium prices for lower-end hardware and missing features, I'd have a fit as well. Take a look for all the details.

The Mac community finds the specs underwhelming, even on the 15-inch model, which uses power-sipping AMD Radeon graphics instead of the world-conquering Nvidia Pascal chips. Emotions are running so low that people are even speculating about whether Apple should do with the Mac what IBM did when it sold off the ThinkPad line to Lenovo.

Source: TheVerge

There's a New Pi in Town

The Raspberry Pi project has been met with incredible success, but there has been quite a few alternatives for a decent value. Most of these are slightly more expensive with higher specs, or x86 support. The latest entry to the market is the Orange Pi and this single-board computer has a few features that make it more attractive that is fruity cousin. One of the best things is that it costs almost half that of a Raspberry Pi - and it still sports a 64-bit processor, 1GB Ethernet and more. The downside is that this is more of a Raspberry Pi 2 - than a 3. There is no WiFi or Bluetooth support.

It’s an open-source single-board computer. It can run Android 4.4, Ubuntu, Debian, Rasberry Pi Image, as well as the banana pi Image. It uses the AllWinner H3 SoC, and has 1GB DDR3 SDRAM.

Source: OrangePi

3DS to Sell for $100 on Black Friday

Nintendo is trying to fill the Wii U-to-Nintendo-Switch-gap with something. They recently announced that they are done making Wii U units, but they needs something to help tide them over until the next Pokemon app goes viral. In order to keep revenue rolling in, they have announced that the latest gerneration of 3DS will be selling for $100 on Black Friday. If you haven't picked one of these up - or want another one for you kids, there will be no better time.

You no longer have to pick a 2DS if you want a Nintendo handheld for $100 or less. The company is releasing special black and white Mushroom Kingdom editions of the New 3DS for $100 ($140 Canadian) starting on Black Friday, November 25th. These lower-cost models should be available at many North American game retailers, too.

Source: Engadget

Mass Efffect Trilogy Backward Compatible + Andromeda Trailer

Microsoft has just announced that the entire Mass Effect trilogy is now backwards compatible and can be played on your Xbox One. This is a nice touch as those games have a ton of replay value. On a similar note, the cinematic trailer for the upcoming Mass Effect: Andromeda is now out. Hopefully it plays as fantastic as it looks.


Source: Neowin

Ballmer Says Bill Didn't Like Smartphones

Steve Ballmer was recently interviewed by Bloomberg and he talked about his time at Microsoft and how the push into mobile cause a bit of a strain between himself and Bill Gates. Bill wanted to stay software strong, while Steve wanted to ride the curve into the mobile era. In the end, their delay meant Microsoft got in too late and they've never been able to capture much market. More details at the link below.

"There was a fundamental disagreement about how important it was to be in the hardware business," Ballmer said. "I had pushed Surface. The board had been a little -- little reluctant in supporting it. And then things came to a climax around what to do about the phone business."

Source: Bloomberg

Beat Facial Recognition with Glasses

If you don't want to have your face show up in databases across the globe, there is a way you can (currently) fool the machine. Apparently, wearing a funky tortoiseshell patterned glasses is enough to fool the software. The crazy thing is that this confuses it so completely, that often it can't even figure out gender. Make sure you check the link below for the examples on how bad it misses the mark.

The attack works by taking advantage of differences in how humans and computers understand faces. By selectively changing pixels in an image, it’s possible to leave the human-comprehensible facial image largely unchanged, while flummoxing a facial recognition system trying to categorise the person in the picture.

Source: TheGuardian

Microsoft Touch Bar Concept Before Apple

As we touched on last week on WeeklyTechUpdate, Apple wasn't the first company to put together a system with a context aware touch bar. Microsoft actually was trying that out back in 2010 with their Adaptive Keyboard concept, and it was too far ahead of it's time. Either way, Apple has borrowed yet another idea from other people, and hopefully they have to pay for some infringement.

Back in 2010, Microsoft showed off a demo of what it calls its "Adaptive Keyboard". Made available on YouTube, Microsoft's demo shows a member of the company's Applied Science group playing with a QWERTY keyboard that has a larger touch screen running across the top, with function keys still available for use.

Source: Neowin

USB-C #donglelife

Between the new Macbook Pro and the iPhone 7, you will need a long of dongle's if you want to keep all your hardware connected, charged and useful. The problem is that dongles aren't useful. They are a band-aid solution to a big problem. Some people that bought a new Macbook Pro had spent several hundred dollars on dongles, but now Apple has cut prices a bit. Still, the #donglelife is not all it's cracked up to be - but there are a few redeeming features.

I have been using USB-C for a year now, on the non-Pro MacBook, so I thought I should share some of my experiences. And I want to tell you that the #donglelife (yes, it’s a hashtag) is not all that horrible for me, day-to-day. That’s in large part because I am smack in the center of Apple’s target market: I don’t need to plug stuff beyond power into my computer all that often, so when I do it’s not too big a hassle to use a dongle.

Source: TheVerge

YouTube Red not catching on quickly

A year ago YouTube launched their Red service which allows you to enjoy YouTube without any ads for a monthly fee. Right from the start it was questioned by us on our weekly podcast, www.weeklytechupdate.com, as to whether people would pay. Apparently a year later, 1.5 million people are actually paying, but when you compare that to the billions of YouTube users that aren't paying, it appears that we might have actually been right. Most likely the service won't be going anywhere, but it appears that YouTube has some work to do if they want to grow the service. The Verge has more over here.

When YouTube Red launched a year ago, the plan was for the service to grow into a competitor against the likes of Netflix and Hulu. Now, less than a year later, subscriber totals show that YouTube still has a long way to go before the public will accept paying a monthly fee for YouTube.

According to multiple sources with knowledge of the situation, YouTube Red had 1.5 million paying subscribers as of late summer, with another 1 million users signed up on a trial basis (and not paying the monthly fee). Those numbers underscore just how difficult it is to convince millions of people to pay for something they’ve had free access to for over a decade. They also reflect the interest level in YouTube Music, which launched last November and requires a Red subscription to take full advantage of.

Apple iDongle

The new MacBook Pro was released last week and the lack of ports has people scratching their heads. Fortunately Apple has you covered, if you want HDMI, a lightning port, and/or a full size USB port, they've got you covered for a mere $79. Luckily cheaper dongles are most likely coming down the pipes from third party manufacturers, but the fact that you'll have to carry a pocketful of dongles around with your "ultra thin" MacBook Pro still has people a little confused. Engadget has more on the $79 iDongle from Apple.

If you've already got your heart set on Apple's new ultrathin MacBook, be sure to set aside $79 for one of these dongles if you want all of the ports you're used to. The new MacBook only includes a headphone jack and a new USB Type-C port, which handles both charging and accessory connectivity, making additional dongles and cables pretty much a necessity. Apple's starting out by offering two A/V-oriented options, which give you either a VGA or HDMI port, as well as a standard USB 3.0 jack and an additional USB Type-C port. Sure, they're expensive, but that's not unusual for Apple's accessories. The good thing about USB Type-C, though, is that it's a completely open standard, so we'll eventually see plenty of cheaper cables and dongles from other companies. But if you want a good deal, you'll probably have to wait until more computers start offering the new USB port.

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