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Windows 10 for Raspberry Pi 2 = Free

The Raspberry Pi project is an incredible undertaking that brings ARM v6 processing to everyone for an amazing low price. For less than $50, you got the ability to make a PC running Linux that worked very well and could be added onto with different controllers to do some amazing things. The "problem" with this original project was that many people didn't think it was a real PC as it couldn't run Windows. This is changing with the Raspberry Pi 2 and ARM v7 support that will in fact run Windows. Microsoft is sweetening the open-source community by giving away many Windows 10 SKUs that will work on this board. Awesome stuff all around!

“Microsoft has a really good clue about cloud integration. There’s a great story about Azure, and about data integration between IoT devices and Azure,” enthuses Upton. “I think they’ve got a pretty compelling security story as well. As a child of the 1990s it feels funny to talk about this as being a security play, but there was that moment where Microsoft woke up and really started taking it seriously, examining the code base for security vulnerabilities. Their feeling is that they have the most secure operating system to build IoT applications. I don’t think that’s necessarily wrong.

Source: TheRegister, Windows

Pirate Bay is Back

After jail-time and nearly two months of downtime, the Pirate Bay is back online. There are two groups that are working together to make this happen, but as always with two factions, they can't entirely agree on the direction of the company.That being said, if you MUST get your illegal downloads, you can head on over to the Pirate Bay again, but I'd be cautious as they will no doubt be logging IPs and I'd rather not have a federal agency knocking on my door... 

This version of The Pirate Bay is functionally very similar but lacks a moderation panel for TPB staff, which has resulted in some staff claiming that it isn’t the “real” deal. Said staff plan to launch their own, “official” version instead, but I’d say a good portion of TPB’s existing user base will stick with the familiar URL now that it’s resolving once again.

Source: Techcruch

Xbox One now $299 - Get it While it Lasts

If you have been waiting to pull the trigger on an Xbox One and the $349 price tag was really tempting, but you still held off, the price of a new Xbox One is now $299 online (for a limited time) and if you want one - now is the time. At the time of this posting, there were 338 units left available, but I'd image they will be going quick. Take a look and treat yourself to a great console that is for much more than gaming.

Source: ShopRiteDelivers


Pay with Gmail

Google has just announced a new feature in Gmail which will allow you at attach money to your next email via their Google Wallet feature. Not sure if this was the feature everyone has been holding their breath about, but at least now when that Nigerian Prince sends me a email he can attach a couple bucks to it to let me know he means business!

Full story at Nerdaholic.

Google has made paying a friend for lunch, or transferring rent to a housemate as simple as sending an email. Gmail users can transfer cash simply by ‘attaching’ the transaction to a standard email. The service launched in the US in 2013 and is now being rolled out to Google account holders in the UK. It uses Google Wallet – a free mobile payment and digital wallet that securely stores a user’s credit cards, debit cards, gift cards, loyalty cards and offers. Cards are linked to the digital wallet, and payments can be made for online purchases and in shops using the phone’s contactless NFC chip. The Google Wallet Balance is a prepaid balance in a Google Wallet account. When users are sent money with Google Wallet, the money is added to this balance.  Money can also be sent to other people from Google Wallet, as well as back to the user’s bank account.

Broadband just got faster

Good news everyone, broadband internet by definition just got faster. Well your actual internet didn't get any faster but the guys at the FCC just decided to alter the definition of broadband from 4 Mbps download and 1 Mbps upload all the way up to 25 Mbps download and 3 Mbps upload. Just when we all thought we were on the cutting edge of technology by getting broadband they go and change the definition and we are now back in the "sub-broadband" or "dial-up" age again.....

DSLReports has the story.

After hinting at such a move for some time, the FCC today voted (along partisan lines, of course) to bump the standard definition of broadband from 4 Mbps down, 1 Mbps up, to 25 Mbps down, 3 Mbps up. It's a change the broadband industry and friends aren't happy with, because it will only further highlight the fact that a lack of competition has left large portions of the country with pricey and slow broadband service.

Germany likes driverless cars

Driverless cars look like they are going to be the next big thing and every car company has been dumping millions into research. Germany is the first country to step up and is going to set aside a lane on the A9 Autobahn for driverless cars between Munich and Berlin. If driving at 180+ km/h on the Autobahn wasn't enough thrill you'll now have the chance to do it while sitting in the passenger seat while the car drives itself. TransportEvolved has the full story.

Germany became the latest country to actively support the development and deployment of autonomous and partially autonomous cars on Monday by outlining its plans for a driverless car route pilot project to take place between the cities of Munich and Berlin.

Samsung profits slip

This week it was revealed by Samsung that their profits weren't all that great in comparison to previous years. Samsung saw their profits dip to the lowest since 2011 primarily due to weaker than expected smartphone sales. Since the release of the iPhone 6, Samsung has experienced weak sales in the smartphone market which had a impact on their overall profits. I guess this is a "well, it could have been worse" story as Samsung still turned an overall profit of $4.87 billion dollars, but when you compare that to other competitors investors aren't so impressed. The Verge has the details.

Samsung Electronics made an operating profit of 5.29 trillion won ($4.87 billion) off the back of 52.73 trillion won ($48.6 billion) in revenue last quarter. These are big numbers by almost anyone's standards, but the problem is that they don't meet the company's own; last year operating profit was 8.31 trillion won from 59.28 trillion won revenue, meaning that these latest results reveal respective dips of 36 and 11 percent.

Android App Pick #172

We have just posted up another Android App Pick of the Week and this week we take a look at a quick and simple program that allows you to add text to your square-cropped photos. This is the best of text-editing and Instagram and it's called Textgram. The possibilities are endless, so take a look and see what all the fuss is about with our 172nd App Pick of the Week!

Textgram Example


WTU Episode #298 - Windows 10 is Setting up to be Awesome

If you are into technology, you should check out our latest episode of WeeklyTechUpdate podcast. This time around we talk about Google trying to get into the wireless carrier business, malware in League of Legends, cable companies are betting their business that you're too lazy to cut the cord and we also talk about the awesomeness that is Windows 10. We have those stories and even more goodness below!

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Digging Deep into Windows 10

Windows 10 is still considered an early preview, but there has been a lot of changes in this major update and with Microsoft allowing you to download it for free if you're a Windows 7 / Windows 8 user. As such, there has been a lot of deep digging into this operating system to discover and disclose it's secrets, hints, tips and tricks and no one does that better than @BradChacos. Take a look and see just some of the cool new things it holds in store.

Despite still being very much an early preview, Windows 10 is already brimming with dozens of handy tweaks and tricks-and, because the operating is still in preview, a handful of those tricks unlock powerful functionality hidden to everyday users. Others, though, simply let you mold some of Windows 10’s new features into the shape you see fit. Here are some of the most useful Windows 10 tweaks, tricks, and tips we’ve found.

Source: PCWorld

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