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InFocus Kangaroo is a $99 Windows 10 PC With a Battery

There are a growing number of Windows 10 PCs on the market and they are starting to get pretty decent. The first of these were pretty weak and didn't have a lot of features, but the $99 Kangaroo from InFocus is pretty sweet - especially for $99. Hardware wise, it packs in an Atom x5-Z8500 CPU, Gen8 Intel Graphics, 2GB DDR3, 32GB internal storage as well as supporting MicroSD cards. Security is handled by a fingerprint reader and it has 802.11ac WiFi as well as Bluetooth 4.0.

We've reviewed our fair share of mini PCs and while a majority of these devices offer similar specifications at a fair price, they don't really tend to have defining features that allow them to differentiate themselves amongst the pack. That's where the InFocus Kangaroo mini PC comes into play as it offers expandability and true portability.

Source: Neowin

The Best Graphics Cards at Every Price Point

With PC not dead (Steam broke another record today with over 11,625,000 users) it is a good idea to think about upgrading your PC if it is running your new game a bit slow. There are a ton of different graphics card models on the market and some of the last generation cards are actually faster than their modern counterparts. With so much selection it's pretty hard to decide what to buy - especially if you are on a budget. Thankfully, there are guides like the one at the link below that help make sense out of the mess.

You might say 2015 hasn't been the most exciting year for graphics cards, though in many ways it was more eventful than 2014. The only big highlight last year was the arrival high-end Maxwell GPUs in the form of the GeForce GTX 980 and 970. Then this year Maxwell did what many thought was impossible: becoming considerably faster.

Source: TechSpot

Rise of the Tomb Raider Collector's Edition Unboxing

This looks like an epic bundle.


Microsoft Store Gets New Surface Book with Discrete GPU

The Microsoft Surface Book is one of the coolest and best ultra-portable laptops on the market today and it combines fantastic performance with great battery life and a great hardware fit and finish. They start pretty affordable and get ridiculously expensive if you go with the ultra-high-end unit with 1TB of storage and 16GB of memory. The good news is that Microsoft has just released a new SKU for the low-end Surface Book that has a discrete GPU. This brings much better processing power for rendering and even playing games to the entry-level Surface Book.

Having a separate GPU in the Surface Book will be an advantage for graphics-intensive applications like gaming, video editing, imaging and 3D modeling scenarios. In models without the dedicated GPU, the Surface Book integrates video into the main board inside the tablet and screen segment. In models with the discrete GPU, the keyboard segment must be attached to take full advantage.

Source: Neowin via Microsoft Store

Self-Healing Screen Protector

Innerexile has just released a new iPhone screen protector that is pretty awesome. It heals in less than a second and makes most scratches disappear super fast. It's pretty impressive and works really well. The downside is that it is currently only available for iPhones. Innerexile is working on a full phone case for the iPhone as well, but that won't be available for another month or so.

Innerexile's first products to use its new coating is the "Self-repair screen protectors" for the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. These come in at just 0.2mm thick, have a hydro-oleophobic coating (so less likely to leave fingerprints) and are totally compatible with 3D Touch.

Source: Engadget

Ubuntu Hits a Werewolf

Ubuntu is probably one of the most consumer-friendly Linux distributions on the market and they have make it up to 15.10 and are calling this release Wily Werewolf. This is a pretty safe upgrade from previous versions of Ubuntu and if you are interested in a free OS, this is probably the one to get. 

The usual suite of Ubuntu applications has been refreshed, most notably LibreOffice that’s now on the LibreOffice 5.x line. Other updated default apps include Firefox, version 41, Empathy, and Chromium updated to version 45.

Source: TheRegister

Halo 5 might be coming to PC

Maybe Microsoft saw how many people are using Steam and realized that PC gaming isn't dead because at a event this week Halo's franchise director said there is "plenty of chance" that Halo 5 will be coming to the PC. Chances are good PC gamers won't get it on launch day, but one day maybe. PCGamer has the full story.

Halo 5 isn't coming to PC, despite Microsoft's frequent claims that it is "embracing" the PC community. At least, that's the official line: according to 343 Industries franchise director Frank O'Connor, it's not out of the question. In a livestream with our sister site GamesRadar, O'Connor responded positively to questions regarding an eventual PC port.

“Microsoft has made a huge commitment trying to normalize the Windows experience across multiple platforms," O'Connor said. "You see elements of Windows 10 are going to appear in Xbox and Cortana and stuff like that. 

Twitter CEO gives back

This week Twitters CEO, Jack Dorsey, gave back 1/3 of his shares in Twitter directly back to Twitters employees equity pool. The move by Dorsey is worth about $200 million which should make the employees of Twitter happier after a few weeks ago they cut 8% of Twitters workforce. Whether or not this is the smartest move I guess only time will tell, but it must be pretty nice to be able to just give away $200 million bucks. Bloomberg has the full story.

Twitter Inc. Chief Executive Officer Jack Dorsey is giving a third of his Twitter stock to the company’s employees, he said in a tweet today.

The shares amount to 1 percent of the San Francisco-based company, worth about $200 million. The move is to “reinvest directly in our people,” he said Thursday. It will go into the employee equity pool.

“I’d rather have a smaller part of something big than a bigger part of something small,” Dorsey tweeted. “I’m confident we can make Twitter big!”

Dell buys EMC

Dell has announced that they are buying EMC for a cool $67 Billion dollars. This is one of the biggest tech acquisitions and it's a bold move from Dell who is currently #3 in the computer hardware market and this might be the push they need to gain ground on the competition. Unfortunately in technology big acquisitions have a higher rate of failure than success, but time will tell if this was a good investment of $67 Billion.

The Globe and Mail have more on this story.

Computer-maker Dell Inc struck a deal on Monday to buy data storage company EMC Corp for $67-billion, setting a record in the technology industry, as it tries to transform itself into a giant in the fast-growing market for managing and storing corporate data.

The acquisition, the year’s third-largest in all sectors, highlights the frenzy of dealmaking sweeping the economy, as big or mature companies take advantage of low interest rates to buy rivals as a way to spur growth.

YouTube Red Offers $10 Ad-Free YouTube Watching

It had been rumored for quite some time that YouTube was planning on offering an 'ad-free' viewing option and we now know how it will work. Starting October 28th, for $9.99 per month you can get unlimited ad-free watching on YouTube. Google is making agreements with all of their video providers to make sure that everything is ad-free. In addition to ad-free viewing, you'll also be able to download videos for offline viewing, another feature people have been wanting for many years. Depending on how much YouTube you watch this might be worth it for some people. VentureBeat takes a closer look at YouTube Red. 

At an event in Los Angeles (livestreamed to offices in New York and San Francisco), YouTube revealed its much-anticipated subscription service, YouTube Red.

Starting on October 28, the company will offer users a $9.99 per month membership for access to ad-free videos. Be warned: If you sign up via iOS, the service will cost $12.99 per month.

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