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Wireless Roundup

If you are in the market for a new handset, or something you can actually wear, there are certainly a lot of choices on the market today. Sony has a wide variety of devices, including some large-screen, low end devices such as the Xperia T2 Ultra Dual Smartphone. It would be great if you're on a budget, but the 6", 1280x720 screen just doesn't get me all that excited. If you're on a budget, and you're not all that crazy about Sony phones, check out the Moto G. It's been around for a while, but it's pretty solid for the price.

Something that does get me interested at least is the LG G Flex Curved Screen smartphone. I really enjoyed the curved screens of both my Nexus S and my Galaxy S, so immediately I think this is just a little cool. While the Sony Xperia Z2 is not curved, it is still a very decent device that is one of the higher spec'd phones on the market today. 

On the Windows side of things, you can't really go wrong with the Nokia Lumia 520 - if you're on a budget and want a good phone, this one actually fits the bill very nicely. 

I know that Smartwatches are still in their infancy, but when a company called WiME can come along and make a device as good as this, it shows that there is promise. If you're a gadget junky, you'll want to check this out. If you don't want another device you have to charge everynight, you'll want to keep reading the news below.

AMD A10-7800 APU

AMD has just updated their line of APU's with a few new products and the A10-7800 is their "flagship" of the APU product line. This new chip has four cores and is clocked in with a base clock of 3.5GHz with a turbo speed at 3.9GHz. The integrated GPU solution is a AMD Radeon R7 chip with 512GPU cores and the whole thing has a TDP rating of a mere 65W / 45W. Unfortunately, it can't compete with Intel on the performance front in raw power, but the cost/performance ratio is really good and it could make a great AiO PC with a fantastic integrated video solution.

Choosing the desired TDP is as easy as selecting an option from within the motherboard BIOS, and AMD has been tweaking the technology to help squeeze every last drop of performance when running in the most energy-efficient 45W mode. AMD refers to this as the optimised TDP and it's worth noting that peak frequency remains the same whether or not the chip is running at 45W or 65W.

Source: Hexus


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Quad-Core Win8 Tablet for under $100

We've seen our share of cheap Android Tablets - and by cheap, I mean both in price and in quality. Now it's time to start seeing the rise of cheap Windows 8 tablets as well. KingSing made history earlier this week when they launched the W8, which is the first quad-core Windows 8 tablet to fall below the $100 mark. The specs are pretty low (obviously), but if you need an affordable Windows device, it's not going to get much cheaper than this for a while.

The cost of getting onboard the Windows tablet bandwagon just dropped a little. The promise of super-cheap devices has now come to something as KingSing unveils its super-budget offering. Measuring 8-inches, the W8 tablet is powered by a 1.8GHz quad-core processor, and is backed up by 1GB of RAM.

Source: Winbeta

Motherboard Roundup

As we hammer on through the week, we've got a few interesting motherboard reviews to share. The new 97-Series chipset from Intel is still a hot topic as you can tell from all the new Socket-1150 reviews.

Sensing Sleep

Ever wondered how well you actually slept? Well, if you find yourself wishing for a way to test that beyond how you feel in the morning, then the Sense, headed up by James Proud, might be what you want. This device will sense the air, light, sound and even your movements during the night to help determine how your sleep is being affected and also connects to your iOS or Android device so you can see the results. Also with this device is a sensor called the sleeping pill, that clips onto your pillowcase to measure in what way and what time you move in your sleep. This product is available for preorder at the moment and will ship in Q4 of 2014 should they reach their $100,000.00 goal, after which the Sense will be sold at the retail price of $129.00.

When you glance at the app in the morning, it displays a timeline of the prior evening. It might show you that at 3AM, you tossed and turned a bit because some lights came on, and at 6AM, your dog started howling, which caused some more stirring. Sense includes a microphone that listens to your room as you sleep, so it can actually play back the noises that woke you. Proud fed hundreds of sound samples into Sense — many of them snoring samples from YouTube — so the app might display "snoring" instead of "abrupt sound at 3AM."

Source: TheVerge

Gaming High

Have you ever wished that you were able to have the experience the joy of gaming on Mount Everest? Me neither. If you are the lucky winner of a contest put out by the makers of Far Cry4, you will be doing just that. Should you win this competition, you will be going to Everest and playing FC4 there on a special piece of equipment made to withstand the harsh environment. This was all announced at comic con this year. Good luck to all who enter!

During a Far Cry 4 panel at this year's San Diego Comic-Con event, the developers announced an interesting contest: one person will get the chance to play Far Cry on Mount Everest. The winner will use a specialized (but unspecified) piece of gaming hardware that both allows for playing on the go while also standing up to the harsh weather conditions of the icy mountains.

Source: Gamespot

Upcoming Windows Phone Update to Support Smart Cases & More

If you like the look of some "Smart Cases" but are stuck with a Windows Phone, be patient as an update is coming soon that will give you more flexibility. The update also includes support for large screens, folder support and a lot more. Windows Phone may not be your first choice, but it very well could be a resonable choice in the near future. Hopefully Microsoft keeps the updates rolling.

Aside from previously revealed folder support, the upgrade will allow for smart cases akin to HTC's Dot View or LG's QuickCircle. Phone makers will get to run special apps when the cover is closed, and specify what happens when it's open. This seemingly simple addition could be important, since The Verge claims that HTC is preparing a Windows Phone version of the new One -- such a device would need smart cover features to perform the same tricks as its Android counterpart.

Source: Engadget

Firing Off Notes

Onenote, Microsoft's free note taking software for Android and iOS, is a useful app and up until the 24th of July, unavailable on the Amazon App Store For android. This is good news for Fire Phone and Kindle Fire users! It is amazing that is such a short period since the Fire Phone's release that so many apps are being made and made usable for it.

Today OneNote is available at the Amazon Appstore for Android, delivering on our promise to bring OneNote to every device that matters to you. If you have a Kindle Fire or a Fire phone, you can now use OneNote to capture or access thoughts, ideas and to-do’s while on the go. OneNote is a free download and can also be used on Android phones and tablets running Android OS 4.0 and up.
Source: OfficeBlogs

Microsoft Wants You to Forget Windows 8

There are quite a few rumors about the next OS from Microsoft and it's starting to actually generate some buzz. Based on this article (link below) I have to agree and digress that we will not likely see the real "Start Menu" coming in any patch to Windows 8. Microsoft is poising themselves to pull off a huge "Nothing to see here" when it comes to Windows 8 and once the next version ships, we'll see people dropping Windows 8 faster than a sneeze through a screen door.

The second half of the year will be especially telling if, as often-in-the-know bloggers like ZDNet's Mary Jo Foley have contended, Threshold is to launch in the spring of 2015. With just over seven months until the start of March 2015, eight to April, it's coming up on the time that Microsoft changes messaging from the past to the future.

Source: ComputerWorld

15 CMD's Every Windows User Should Know

If you consider yourself a Windows Power-User, you probably already know a bunch of these command-line commands that can make your Windows experience better, simplier and faster. Either way, this article has something for everyone and it could save you a lot of trouble and hunting around the web. Check it out.

Microsoft has slowly but surely pushed the command line aside in the Windows interface. This is not without reason, as it’s an antiquated and mostly unnecessary tool from an era of text-based input that has long passed. But there still are some commands that remain useful, and Windows 8 even added new features. Here are the commands every Windows user needs to know.

Source: MakeUseOf

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