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Trendnet TU3-DS2 Dock

TPL-408E2K Powerline Kit
TPL-408E2K Powerline Kit

App Pick - Peggle Blast

The Year's Biggest Winners and Losers in Privacy and Security

2014 was undoubtedly the year of the hacker. There were so many large company hacks that it didn't even make headline news after a while. There were several notable hacks that got our attention as hackers got our data - and the good news is that there were some great success stories that surfaced as well. Not everyone was targeted, so make sure you find out who was safe at the link below.

The biggest winner in 2014 was you, the user. That’s because a host of new products and services emerged to help protect the privacy and security of your data and communications. The rulings in two court cases also provided better protection against the warrantless seizure of your data. But you were also the biggest loser this year in terms of privacy and security. 

Source: Wired

LG's 34-inch Curved LCD is Made for Gamers

If you want to get a gamer something that they'll appreciate for quite a while, LG is hoping their new 21:9 curved LCD is the one you'll pick. It's 34-inches of ultra-wide IPS panel that is very accurate in terms of color reproduciton. Once you combine that with AMDs FreeSync, you've got a great monitor in the making. These have a nice narrow frame and come with the ability to stack them vertically as well as horizontally for a really awesome gaming/stock trading experience. I'm sure we'll see more at CES next week.

You're going to see lots of curved things at CES 2015. TVs, all-in-one PCs, and plenty desktop monitors. LG's one of the main pushers of curved displays, and tonight it's announcing one of those products before we head for Las Vegas. The 34-inch UltraWide desktop monitor has been designed for gamers and integrates support for AMD’s FreeSync, which eliminates unsightly screen tearing that can happen when your monitor and graphics card get out of sync. 

Source: TheVerge

WTU Episode #295 - The Best & Worst of 2014

We are wrapping up 2014 with Episode #295 of Weekly Tech Update Podcast. In this show we have Daniel Guenter from FlatlandPhotography as our guest and we talk about the best and worst of 2014. We also go out on a limb and make some crazy predictions about 2015 in tech. Join us as we wrap up 2014 and welcome in the New Year!

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Quake Running on Analog Oscilloscope

Quake has been done and re-done countless times for different platforms, but the latest and by far the coolest port is to a Hitachi V-422 oscilloscope. That's right, an analog scope. This is done by modding the game and level design into sounds with waveforms that fit the environment. Yeah - super cool!

The XY-mode of an oscilloscope is pretty straightforward. Two voltages specify the horizontal and vertical position of the ray, so by varying these as a function of time you can draw shapes. Basically you output a set of 2D points with coordinates in range [-1, 1], view it in XY-mode on the oscilloscope and Bob's your uncle.

Source: Lofibucket

Steam Sets New Record

While consoles are popular and all, the fact is that Steam is mopping the floor. They set a new record of concurrent users over the holidays with over 8.3 million users logged in at once. While Dota 2 is the top dog, CS:GO is in second place and I find that quite surprising. In fact, several of the games on the list are Valve titles that have been around for quite a while. Go Steam!

Steam Users

Source: Steam

Pirate a Game - Get Stuck in an Elevator

I love the idea that when you pirate a game, there is a "bug" that will screw with you and cause the game to quit working properly. Croteam has pulled off some awesome stuff with their Talos Principle game and if it's pirated, it plays just fine - until you get to a key progression state and then get stuck in an elevator. That is awesome!

It seems that the first person to stumble in to Croteam's anti-piracy measures for their latest game The Talos Principle has surfaced today, as complaints of getting stuck and not being able to progress have come in. If you pirate the game you'll get trapped in an elevator during one of the game's key progression points and not be able to continue. You'll just be stuck. In an elevator. With nowhere to go.

Source: Neogaf

Apple Had a Very Merry Christmaas

According to analytics firm "Flurry", Apple did very well over the holidays. It appears that Apple device activations totaled 51.3% of all devices activated in the past week. That's pretty big news as Apple only has a few different products when compared to the plethora of Android and Windows phone options available. Could this signal the return of the smartphone king? Or perhaps the fact that with sales, Apple devices were actually affordable?

Flurry deduced the activation numbers for device manufacturers by tracking which mobile operating system's version of popular apps like Instagram and Facebook were downloaded between December 21 and December 25. Similar to years past, says Flurry, app downloads spiked 150 percent in the week leading up to Christmas, with the largest jump in downloads occurring that day.

Source: CNET

Trendnet TU3-DS2 USB 3.0 Dock Review

We have just posted up a review of the Trendnet TU3-DS2 Universal USB 3.0 Docking Station. If you have a laptop, Ultrabook or even a small PC without a lot of ports, haivng a one-plug Docking station is a super handy upgrade. This unit allows you to have a couple of extra displays hooked to your machine - all via a single USB 3.0 port. It does that and a lot more so make sure to check our review for all the details.

Utilizing a DisplayLink solution, the TU3-DS2 can run a couple of 1080p monitors by way of DVI-I and an HDMI connection. In addition to these, it gives you four USB 2.0 ports, two USB 3.0 ports, a Gigabit network connection in addition to full microphone and speaker connections.

Trendnet TU3-DS2

30 Most Anticipated Games of 2015

There really hasn't been that many great games in 2014 in my opinion, but there are some big titles coming out in 2015. Of course, there will be the standard Call of Duty and Battlefield iterations, but those aren't what get me a bit excited this time around. Halo 5: Guardians looks very cool as does Star Wars Battlefront and the new Mirrors Edge title. There should be some good times coming your way in 2015.


Source: Stuff

The LG G3 is a HOT Device

Every current phone I know generates quite a bit of heat when you're playing games and charging it. This is made even worse if the phone is trapped in a tight case. This is made yet even worse if you fall asleep with your phone under your pillow, while it's in a case, when it's running a game while charging. Ask Reddit user s-blade. It's hawt.

[My little sister] was awake in her bedroom, we were annoying her to start getting ready for the morning when she was suddenly crying out that her phone exploded and we turned around to see tons of smoke coming from inside her room,” the user writes. “It was literally right beside her. We did have the fire extinguisher handy, but when the battery continued to burn through the mattress, we were forced to toss the mattress out the window.

Source: Reddit

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