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Hands-On With Huawei's MateBook D, E and X

Huawei continues to expand their Windows 10 MateBook lineup with the D, E and X versions. These comes in three sizes with the smallest (yet still powerful) version being the MateBook X. The MateBook E is the successor to the original and is a nice upgrade while the MateBook D is the largest one of the bunch and is quite affordable. Check out the hands-on in the video below.


Source: Neowin

WannaCrypt Loves Windows 7

This seems a little too convenient as it comes on the heels of Microsoft's continued push to get people off of Windows 7 and onto the Windows 10 platform. It appears that the latest Ransomware - WannaCrypt, prefers Windows 7 over all other versions of Windows and in fact it won't even run on Windows XP. On Windows XP, the code crashes and the software can't even run.

WannaCry appears to target mainly enterprises rather than consumers: Once it infects one machine, it silently proliferates across internal networks which can connect hundreds or thousands of machines in large firms, unlike individual consumers at home.

Source: ITNews

75% of IoT Projects Fail

The Internet of Things is becoming more like the InterNOT of Things. It's a great idea to have things connected, but there are some hurdles that make it hard to compete in this huge market. First, the market is huge. Second, there are a lot of security issues. Third, there is always a compatibility issue making sure that things require the same software so that the products are fragmented and that they stay compatible with each other.

As many as three-quarters of IoT projects are a flop, according to Cisco. But rather than having fewer crappy connected devices, Switchzilla reckons what's needed is a better IoT architecture. If only someone could help... Some 60 per cent of IoT projects stall at the proof of concept stage, with just 26 per cent going on to be be viewed as a complete success, according to a survey of 1,845 IT bods by the biz.

Source: TheRegister

User Created Switch Ad is Solid

There are times when the internet really shines. They come up with ideas and implement things that make mainstream media look a little weak. This "advertisement" for the Nintendo Switch is exactly that. It's called "Banana Switch" and it's probably better than many of the ads that Nintendo came up with.


Could Android Pro be a Good Thing?

Google has been doing a good job with mainstream Android and their Android Go has been a fresh new look at an OS variant for entry-level devices. I realize that fragmentation is worse with Android that iOS, but there could be a good case for a "Pro" version of Android as it could have a better fit for high-end devices and offer more of a premium, bloat-free experience.

So here's a radical thought: maybe there's now room for more than one canonical variant of Android. I can already hear the chorus of disagreement, chanting the word "fragmentation" with cautionary zeal, but Google is already working on a modified version with Android Go, its extra lean serving for lower-spec devices. What I have in mind is a similarly stripped-down option intended for pro users: an Android Pro.

Source: TheVerge

Western Digital Adds Helium to 10TB NAS Drives

Western Digital has a couple of new drive models on the market in their Red Series for NAS storage. They have now added helium to the 10TB versions of both the Pro and Standard drives. The standard Red drive spins at 5,400 rpm, while the Pro drive spins up at 7,200 rpm and offers a better warranty as well as better performance. These aren't available just yet, but will be available soon. If you've got a nice 8-bay unit, that will give you a solid 80TB setup.

The WD Pro 10 TB drive is engineered for personal or small business NAS systems with up to eight bays, is optimized for mixed workloads and has a 5400 RPM spindle speed. By contrast, the WD Red Pro 10 TB is aimed at medium business and enterprise-class NAS systems up to 16 bays, which is why the HDD features additional protection against vibrations as well as improved random read performance due to both 7200 RPM spindle speed and firmware tuning.

Source: AnandTech

Refurbished Surface 3 128GB

Microsoft has discounted the Surface 3 to a mere $369 if you are looking for a certified refurbished tablet from Microsoft. Keep in mind that this isn't the "Pro" version. As such, this still has a great screen, but the processor has been stripped down to an Atom processor. Still, the 128GB version comes with Windows 10, 4GB of RAM and more for an attractive price. If bargain prices are your thing, the 2GB RAM 64GB storage version is only $299.

Sporting a quad-core Intel Atom processor, Surface 3 has the power to run your favorite apps and desktop software, including iTunes and Photoshop Essentials1- just like a laptop. Click in a backlit keyboard (sold separately) to type faster than onscreen, and easily connect accessories with the USB 3.0 port.

Source: Microsoft

Samsung S8/S8+ Keyboard Cover

There are some pretty nifty accessories for the Galaxy S8 device, but some of the accessories are more of a miss that a hit. While the idea of a physical keyboard on a new Smartphone is great, the implementation of the keyboard cover leaves a little bit to be desired. I have never tried one of these myself, but after reading the full review I'd probably have to agree with their observations and may avoid this one for now.

Compared to the keyboard covers on Samsung's previous smartphones, the new one looks more at home on the S8 and S8+, especially the Midnight Black. When attached, they look like they were meant to be together, whereas clashing colour shades and size differences between phone and keyboard meant the cover looked a bit oddly proportioned/styled with the previous models.

Source: Neowin

Amazon goes public 20 years ago

Time flies. 20 years ago Amazon went public, fast forward 20 years and now Amazon has literally changed the way we shop and has become a monster and the go-to place to purchase pretty much anything online. Right now Amazon is valued at $464 billion dollars which is twice the value of Walmart. 20 years ago if you'd have invested $10,000 your investment would now be worth $5 million. The New York Times looks at the 20 year rise of Amazon.

Twenty years ago this week, Amazon.com went public.

Skeptics of Jeff Bezos, the company’s founder, have spent the better part of the past two decades second-guessing and vilifying him: He has been described as “a monopolist,” “literary enemy No. 1,” “a notorious international tax dodger,” impossible, a ruthless boss and — more than once — “Lex Luthor.” His company used to routinely be described as Amazon.con.

But you know what?

Here we are, 20 years later, and Mr. Bezos has an authentic, legitimate claim on having changed the way we live.

AMD Ryzen coming to laptops

AMD has announced that they are bringing Ryzen to the laptop market later this year. In addition to the laptop CPUs they'll also be bringing out their Ryzen 3 lineup which will be more budget oriented. AMD seems to be trying to harness the buzz around their Ryzen lineup and should be interesting to see if their new offerings can generate the same hype as the Ryzen launch in 2016 generated. The Verge has the story.

AMD has announced some more Ryzen processors set to hit later this year, including mobile-focused Ryzen processors for laptops, the Ryzen “Threadripper” for high-end desktop PCs, and a budget Ryzen 3 line, as noted by Liliputing.

The first Ryzen processors were released by AMD earlier this year, and were seen a major leap forward for the company’s CPU offerings that actually managed to offer meaningful competition for Intel’s popular Core i5 and i7 models when it came to both price and performance.

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