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Microsoft Zune Forever!

Remember the Microsoft Zune?

It was supposed to be the iPod killer and gained a loyal following but Microsoft let it die much quicker than some people were hoping. Well the loyal following of Zune fans is still strong today and if you want to buy a Zune be prepared to pay more than you would of when they were on store shelves. The following is so loyal that Motherboard has done up an article looking at why people still care about the Zune.

It's hard to forget the Zune. After all, Microsoft's mid-2000s bid to sink the iPod with an MP3 player of its own was notable for its immense thirst.

The Zune, which was clunkier than the iPod and came in black, white, pink, and putrid shit-brown, desperately wanted to be cool. Unluckily, at the time of the Zune's release in 2006, Apple also began airing its "Get a Mac" ads, which cast Microsoft as terminally lame. Still, anti-Apple sentiment was strong even then among the nerds, and so the Zune was an underdog. Microsoft tried to capitalize on this, and counter Apple's messaging, with its own "edgy" ads and stunts like sponsoring a VICE event in Toronto.

Weekly Tech Update #409 - Netflix Grows and Oculus Go's

We have just posted up Episode #409 of Weekly Tech Update! In this episode we are discussing Netflix grows, Oculus Go's and everybody KNOWS; you're going to get hacked.We have those stories and more at the links below...


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Samsung's CEO resigns

The CEO of Samsung has announced that he's resigning due to the company facing an "unprecedented crisis". Even though profits are at all time highs for Samsung, there has been some issues with management and they've been making the news for the wrong reasons. Long story short, this isn't good. Dawn ha the full story.

The CEO of Samsung Electronics Kwon Oh-Hyun resigned Friday, saying the South Korean tech giant was facing an “unprecedented crisis”, even as it expected profits to hit an all-time high in the third quarter.

Kwon's resignation comes as the company struggles to overcome a bribery scandal that sent Lee Jae-Yong, its de-facto head and heir to the Samsung empire, to jail.

But in a sign of good news for the company, its estimated operating profits for the July-September period of 14.5 trillion won ($12.8 billion) marked a record for quarterly profit, nearly tripling the 5.2 trillion won earned a year earlier.

No more signatures for Mastercard

Well the digital age has changed a lot of things over the years and the newest change comes from Mastercard who have announced that after April 18th, 2018, you will no longer need to leave your signature when you use your Mastercard. Obviously with pin numbers and chip technology transactions are secure and found that in the end that using your signature actually slows things down (and no one has checked that signatures match between the card the slip since the late 90's). 

Mastercard's official announcement can be found here.

Did you know that more than 80 percent of Mastercard in store transactions in North America today do not require a cardholder signature at checkout? That number could now reach 100 percent after April 2018, when we will no longer require signatures at checkout for any credit or debit purchases in Canada and the U.S.

ZTE Axon M - Dual Screens with Awesome Potential

A few companies have talked about dual screen and foldable phones, but haven't delivered a product to market yet - that is, until now. ZTE is the company that "did it first" with their Axon M. This is a premium device that offers a lot of potential and I really do like the design. I'm not sure if I'd use one of these as my daily device, but it sure looks cool. Specifications are pretty solid as well with 4GB of RAM, Quad-core Qualcomm CPU, and 4K video recording.

Introducing the revolutionary foldable smartphone with dual screen technology that enables the true power of multitasking. Dual Mode provides virtually unlimited potential in app combinations so you can do more, all at once. Two identical Full HD screens combine to give you a stunning 6.75" tablet-like display. This Extended Mode lets you play games or watch your favorite shows on a larger screen, when and where you want to.

Axon M

Source: ZTEUSA

Microsoft Updates Surface Book with the Surface Book 2

Microsoft has updated their very nice (albeit very expensive) Surface Book with the Surface Book 2. There are two different sizes available - the standard 13-inch version as well as a new 15-inch unit. The amazing thing is that even the smaller unit has option discreet NVIDIA graphics - when docked with the base. Also, the 13-inch model is fanless and that is a welcome change over the previous design that required a fan to keep it cool. The 15-inch unit has a fan, but it also has a more powerful CPU. Take a look at the hands-on at the link below.

I was told that the Surface Pen has 19ms latency with the Surface Book 2. When Panay originally announced the Pen alongside the Surface Pro, he said that with 21ms latency, it was the "fastest digital pen on the planet." By the time it shipped though, Apple announced the new iPad Pro, with a 20ms Pencil.

Source: Neowin

Roku Express Coming to Canada & More

The latest version of Roku's mini device is coming to Canada and this has a price point that is aimed squarely at the Chromecast / Home device from Google. The thing is that the Roku can do so much more - as well as offer screen sharing from your mobile device. The cost of this little wonder is a mere $40 and it will be available very soon. It's a whole heap more powerful that the predecessor - and this will make navigation and use as smooth as previous higher-end versions.

Canada is getting a new version of the Roku Express, the company announced today. The tiny device, which is aimed at consumers new to streaming, is five times more powerful than its predecessor. It was unveiled on October 2nd as a part of Roku's refreshed lineup. It will retail for $40 and will be available starting in November.

Source: Engadget

Chrome Adds Anti-virus to Browser

Google won't go as far as to say that security in Windows needs some help, but they are adding a layer of extra security through their browser. The latest Chrome Browser update includes software enhancements by ESET that will help detect changes to browser settings, removing bad/malicious code in visited sites and more. It's a nice step in the right direction and when you think about it, security pretty much belongs in the browser anyhow. Good on Google.

"Our engine scans for and cleans potentially harmful applications, specifically the types that negatively impact or target the Chrome browsing experience," said Juraj Malcho, chief technology officer at ESET, in an email to The Register. "It is not meant to provide full coverage against all modern threats, its capabilities are limited to detecting specific malware families and/or specific ways of tampering with Chrome or operating system."

Source: TheRegister

Pi-Top Turns Raspberry Pi into an Expensive Laptop

I love the Raspberry Pi. I've currently got three of them doing various tasks and they are certainly worth their weight in Rubles. The latest Pi is quite powerful (for a $35 machines) and includes WiFi and Bluetooth to name a few features. It's fantastic for $35. How could you make it better? Make it portable with a laptop housing and have a Raspberry Pi powered laptop. This would be great for learning to code projects, but at $320 - it's priced way too high. That being said, it does have a 1080p panel.

The updated Pi-Top is easier to assemble than the first model, and features a clever adjustable keyboard, which slides forward to reveal the Pi itself, along with what the company calls the “Modular Rail,” where users can attach new components and Pi-Top accessories. The new Pi-Top comes with one compatible accessory out of the box; an “Inventor’s Kit” that consists of a breadboard and some basic components for building small projects, like LEDs; a microphone; and a motion sensor.

Source: TheVerge 

Netflix to Spend $8 Billion on Content in 2018

Netflix is doing well, but spending so much money on original content may come back to bite them in the booty. That being said, they have better and more original content than any other streaming service and this is what sets them apart. Still, at $8 billion, that's a lot of overhead and combine that with all the licensing rights payed to Hollywood and you'd better not have a quarter that sees people migrating away from your service.

Netflix on Monday reported third-quarter revenue of $2.99 billion, up 30 percent from the same period last year. It brought in earnings of 29 cents per share, up from 12 cents per share during the third quarter of 2016. Meanwhile, Netflix grew its subscriber base by 850,000 members in the U.S. and 4.45 million members internationally. That adds up to 5.3 million new members during the third quarter. 

Source: HollywoodReporter

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