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WTU Episode #331 - Microsoft is a Sell-Out (In a Good Way)

We have just posted up Episode #331 of Weekly Tech Update. In this episode we are discussing Gaming is not dead, Microsoft Sells out - in a good way and Nintendo gets ready for next-gen. Check out those stories and more at the links below.

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Closer Look at Halo 5 Guardians Collectors Edition

I'm looking forward to Halo 5: Guardians - a lot. After seeing the collectors edition bundle, I'm even more excited - although I won't be spending $200 of my hard earned money on a game. Still, the bundle looks awesome and hopefully the game doesn't disappoint. You get a lot more gear with this bundle than normal - including some digital goodies that you won't be able to get any other way.

The most anticipated item, which comes in the form of a large statue, is where the package's value can be found. The two characters and archway surrounding them measures over fourteen inches tall, and captures the aesthetics of the rival Spartans from Halo 5’s campaign. The sheer size of the statue has surprised me, however when paired with the additional bonuses, the result is a complete package essential for any large fan of the series.

Source: Neowin

Western Digital's Hard Drive Encryption is Useless

Western Digital has been bragging about their hard drive encryption on their Western Digital Passport drives and it appears that their encryption is about as useless as a button on an outhouse door. It can be brute-forced very simply and that is not good news for people that are counting on it to keep their portable data safe. I'm sure they'll come up with some excuse, but in the meantime, you data is not safe on one of those drives.

Drive models using a JMicron JMS569 controller – which is present in newer My Passport products – can be forcibly unlocked using commercial forensic tools that access the unencrypted system area of the drive, we're told.

Source: TheRegister

Stanford's Electric DeLorean

October 21, 2015 is Back to the Future Day and to celebrate, Nike is rumored to be doing something special. Also, Stanford has put their minds to task by creating an Electric DeLorean that is pretty awesome.


There's a New Star Wars Coming?

Here I was all excited about Battlefront, and apparently there is a new movie coming out as well. Who knew?


Steam Breaks Its Own Record

As a gaming service, Steam is probably the best one out there by far. They won't run ads in their software, they have crazy sales and the community around it is pretty awesome. Not only is the community awesome, so are the sheer numbers of people using Steam. On October 18, they broke their previous record and now have counted over 10,760,000 users logged in all at the same time. That is pretty impressive for a gaming service and beats Xbox and PlayStation networks.


Source: Steam

Microsoft Lumia 950 XL Liquid Cooling & Teardown

Microsoft claims the Lumia 950 XL is liquid cooled - ant it is - to a point. They used a nifty and thin copper heatpipe, very similar to what you find in your favorite high-performance HSF for your PC. In addition to showing off the cooling system, they do a full tear-down and show off all the bits inside - without trashing the device. It looks like it could be fairly repairable.

The Lumia 950 XL is capable of recording 4K video, and can also output 60fps video to an external monitor at 1920x1200px, while at the same time showing different content on its own Quad HD (2560x1440px) display. These tasks push the performance of the device to the point that its components can heat up considerably, which is why Microsoft decided that liquid cooling would be necessary.


Source: Windows Blog Italia

Thermaltake Tt eSPORTS Poseidon Z RGB Keyboard

We have just posted up our review of the Tt eSPORTS Poseidon Z RGB Mechanical Keyboard. Thermaltake challenges the competition with their own custom mechanical switches that have a great feel and a longer lifespan than Cherry MX switches. In the end, it's a fantastic keyboard that deserves a second look - especially as it packs in all the bells and whistles and doesn't even need software (but still does for convenience). Check our review for all the details.

For the last two weeks this has been the only keyboard I have used so that I could properly test it in all situations such as typing, gaming, and general use. Upon first use I did notice that the brown switches were definitely quieter than other mechanical keyboards I have used. I was also still able to feel when a key is pressed as there is a slight catchy feel to it upon initial pressing. The responsiveness of the keys are very good with basically no delays from what I press to what I see on screen.

Steam is Awesome (They Won't Run Ads)

Steam is awesome for quite a few reasons. They have amazing sales, a massive community, great customer service, "returns" on games that you purchaed and downloaded, and to top it all off - they won't run ads on their software platform. They don't see that it pays off and in the end, would make more customers unhappy in the long term. Short term gains are much smaller than long term damage. Nicely done Steam. Nicely done.

"We don't see a case for that ever getting user value," he said when asked if a product like Doritos might ever be advertised on Steam. "So we wouldn't do it. I don't think that those ever work, either. To take it a step further, I don't think anybody buys Doritos as a result of that."

Source: GameSpot

Intel Needs a New Advertising Agency

Wow. This ad is pretty not good at all. Ouch. I'm glad I didn't pay someone to make that ad.

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