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Halo 5 might be coming to PC

Maybe Microsoft saw how many people are using Steam and realized that PC gaming isn't dead because at a event this week Halo's franchise director said there is "plenty of chance" that Halo 5 will be coming to the PC. Chances are good PC gamers won't get it on launch day, but one day maybe. PCGamer has the full story.

Halo 5 isn't coming to PC, despite Microsoft's frequent claims that it is "embracing" the PC community. At least, that's the official line: according to 343 Industries franchise director Frank O'Connor, it's not out of the question. In a livestream with our sister site GamesRadar, O'Connor responded positively to questions regarding an eventual PC port.

“Microsoft has made a huge commitment trying to normalize the Windows experience across multiple platforms," O'Connor said. "You see elements of Windows 10 are going to appear in Xbox and Cortana and stuff like that. 

Twitter CEO gives back

This week Twitters CEO, Jack Dorsey, gave back 1/3 of his shares in Twitter directly back to Twitters employees equity pool. The move by Dorsey is worth about $200 million which should make the employees of Twitter happier after a few weeks ago they cut 8% of Twitters workforce. Whether or not this is the smartest move I guess only time will tell, but it must be pretty nice to be able to just give away $200 million bucks. Bloomberg has the full story.

Twitter Inc. Chief Executive Officer Jack Dorsey is giving a third of his Twitter stock to the company’s employees, he said in a tweet today.

The shares amount to 1 percent of the San Francisco-based company, worth about $200 million. The move is to “reinvest directly in our people,” he said Thursday. It will go into the employee equity pool.

“I’d rather have a smaller part of something big than a bigger part of something small,” Dorsey tweeted. “I’m confident we can make Twitter big!”

Dell buys EMC

Dell has announced that they are buying EMC for a cool $67 Billion dollars. This is one of the biggest tech acquisitions and it's a bold move from Dell who is currently #3 in the computer hardware market and this might be the push they need to gain ground on the competition. Unfortunately in technology big acquisitions have a higher rate of failure than success, but time will tell if this was a good investment of $67 Billion.

The Globe and Mail have more on this story.

Computer-maker Dell Inc struck a deal on Monday to buy data storage company EMC Corp for $67-billion, setting a record in the technology industry, as it tries to transform itself into a giant in the fast-growing market for managing and storing corporate data.

The acquisition, the year’s third-largest in all sectors, highlights the frenzy of dealmaking sweeping the economy, as big or mature companies take advantage of low interest rates to buy rivals as a way to spur growth.

YouTube Red Offers $10 Ad-Free YouTube Watching

It had been rumored for quite some time that YouTube was planning on offering an 'ad-free' viewing option and we now know how it will work. Starting October 28th, for $9.99 per month you can get unlimited ad-free watching on YouTube. Google is making agreements with all of their video providers to make sure that everything is ad-free. In addition to ad-free viewing, you'll also be able to download videos for offline viewing, another feature people have been wanting for many years. Depending on how much YouTube you watch this might be worth it for some people. VentureBeat takes a closer look at YouTube Red. 

At an event in Los Angeles (livestreamed to offices in New York and San Francisco), YouTube revealed its much-anticipated subscription service, YouTube Red.

Starting on October 28, the company will offer users a $9.99 per month membership for access to ad-free videos. Be warned: If you sign up via iOS, the service will cost $12.99 per month.

Western Digital buys SanDisk

The rumors were true, SanDisk was for sale and it looks like in the end Western Digital was the successful party and have paid around $19 Billion. We talked about this on Weekly Tech Update last week and agreed that Western Digital would be a good fit to acquire SanDisk and this should help Western Digital to expand into new markets almost instantly. 

The full announcement can be found over here at Western Digitals website.

The combination is the next step in the transformation of Western Digital into a storage solutions company with global scale, extensive product and technology assets, and deep expertise in non-volatile memory (NVM). With this transaction, Western Digital will double its addressable market and expand its participation in higher-growth segments. SanDisk brings a 27-year history of innovation and expertise in NVM, systems solutions and manufacturing. The combination also enables Western Digital to vertically integrate into NAND, securing long-term access to solid state technology at lower cost.

WTU Episode #331 - Microsoft is a Sell-Out (In a Good Way)

We have just posted up Episode #331 of Weekly Tech Update. In this episode we are discussing Gaming is not dead, Microsoft Sells out - in a good way and Nintendo gets ready for next-gen. Check out those stories and more at the links below.

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Closer Look at Halo 5 Guardians Collectors Edition

I'm looking forward to Halo 5: Guardians - a lot. After seeing the collectors edition bundle, I'm even more excited - although I won't be spending $200 of my hard earned money on a game. Still, the bundle looks awesome and hopefully the game doesn't disappoint. You get a lot more gear with this bundle than normal - including some digital goodies that you won't be able to get any other way.

The most anticipated item, which comes in the form of a large statue, is where the package's value can be found. The two characters and archway surrounding them measures over fourteen inches tall, and captures the aesthetics of the rival Spartans from Halo 5’s campaign. The sheer size of the statue has surprised me, however when paired with the additional bonuses, the result is a complete package essential for any large fan of the series.

Source: Neowin

Western Digital's Hard Drive Encryption is Useless

Western Digital has been bragging about their hard drive encryption on their Western Digital Passport drives and it appears that their encryption is about as useless as a button on an outhouse door. It can be brute-forced very simply and that is not good news for people that are counting on it to keep their portable data safe. I'm sure they'll come up with some excuse, but in the meantime, you data is not safe on one of those drives.

Drive models using a JMicron JMS569 controller – which is present in newer My Passport products – can be forcibly unlocked using commercial forensic tools that access the unencrypted system area of the drive, we're told.

Source: TheRegister

Stanford's Electric DeLorean

October 21, 2015 is Back to the Future Day and to celebrate, Nike is rumored to be doing something special. Also, Stanford has put their minds to task by creating an Electric DeLorean that is pretty awesome.


There's a New Star Wars Coming?

Here I was all excited about Battlefront, and apparently there is a new movie coming out as well. Who knew?


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