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PC Game Deals

If you are sitting here on the end of summer and don't have a lot to do, this is a great time to buy some games for your PC. There is a rather large list of games that are on sale from the likes of Steam, Origin, or UPlay. Pick them from your favorite vendors and get your frag, race, puzzle or adventure on!

"The Humble Capcom Super Turbo HD Remix" bundle is still active for three more days, giving you access to titles such as Lost Planet 3 (Complete Edition), STRIDER, and Bionic Commando Rearmed for only $1. Paying more than the average (currently $9.35) adds DmC: Devil May Cry, Resident Evil 4, Resident Evil Revelations, and Remember Me into the mix.

Source: Neowin

Biggest Announcements from Google I/O 2016

Google has been holding their Google I/O conference this week and have had a few interesting announcements that have people talking. Google announced their Daydream VR platform, showed off their Facetime competitor Duo, their Amazon Echo competitor called Google Home, and of course Android N. The announcements didn't stop there and The Verge has a list of the top 10 Google I/O announcements.

At I/O this year, Google displayed its vision for a more ubiquitous and conversational way of interacting with technology. Its Assistant is chattier, answering natural language queries with a more human voice, and it’s found its way into several new Google products: the messenger Allo and the Echo-like speaker Home. Both are areas where other companies have a lead, but Google’s strength in AI gave these services some nice twists, doing things like automatically generating surprisingly specific reactions to photos.

Google also announced improvements to Android — though N, out of beta this summer, still needs to be named — as well as a mobile VR platform that will come with the new OS. There’s a FaceTime rival Duo as well, and a way to run Android apps without downloading anything. Below are the 10 biggest announcements.

Nokia to enter Android market

Nokia is back, but this time they're joining the Android side. Nokia sold their phone side of the business to Microsoft a while back (which became the Lumia phone lineup from Microsoft) and now they're giving it another go, but this time using Android. Nothing is scheduled but they are making the announcement that Nokia is back in the phone business. You can read the full press release here.

We are proud to announce that the Nokia brand will be returning to the worldwide mobile phone and tablet market.

Every day our fans continue to ask for Nokia smartphones. In fact, in a recent survey, we found that Nokia smartphones are amongst the top five considered brands for purchase by smartphone buyers – and they aren’t even available yet.

So, under a new agreement, Nokia Technologies has granted HMD, a new company led by some of the world’s top mobile specialists, an exclusive global license to create a full range of Nokia-branded smartphones, tablets, and feature phones for the next decade.

IBM Sets a New Bar for Storage

Flash memory storage is much faster overall than mechanical storage, but there is a point when flash is about as fast as it can be. There have been some amazing advancements in this medium, but optical storage is set to make a comeback if IBM has anything to say about it. Their new storage technology shows performance that's 50x faster than flash memory and this phase change memory could really change things in the next few years.

PCM materials exhibit two stable states, the amorphous (without a clearly defined structure) and crystalline (with structure) phases, of low and high electrical conductivity, respectively. To store a '0' or a '1', known as bits, on a PCM cell, a high or medium electrical current is applied to the material. A '0' can be programmed to be written in the amorphous phase or a '1' in the crystalline phase, or vice versa. Then to read the bit back, a low voltage is applied. This is how re-writable Blue-ray Discs* store videos.

Source: PRNewswire

Firefox Overtakes Internet Explorer

According to StatsCounter, Firefox has just taken over Internet Explorer and beome the 2nd most popular browser in the world. This is the first time that IE has been beaten by Firefox, but Google Chrome is still #1 by a huge margin. Keep in mind that I use the term "IE" loosely. Internet Explorer and Windows 10's Edge browser are included in those numbers. Nicely done Firefox!

I started writing this editorial during Mobile World Congress in February, following a Lenovo press roundtable that was almost entirely dedicated to explaining the peculiar way the Chinese company was killing off the Motorola brand. We are still here, said Rick Osterloh, chief of the former Motorola, but we're now a division under the Lenovo umbrella, so we're adopting the parent company's name.

Source: Neowin

Lenovo & Motorola to Follow HP & Palm

There is a saying that history has a way of repeating itself. That being said, I'd think a company like Lenovo should learn from other peoples mistakes. It appears that they didn't learn and there are a lot of similarities between Lenovo and HP. Both of them bought a large mobile company (Lenovo -> Motorola / HP -> Palm) and neither of them seem to know what to do with the company. The Motorola name is all but gone and is being replaced by Lenovo - that is a giant in the PC world, but is struggling here in North America when it comes to handsets. It's not too late yet, but they really need to bring back the Moto that we all came to know and love.

I started writing this editorial during Mobile World Congress in February, following a Lenovo press roundtable that was almost entirely dedicated to explaining the peculiar way the Chinese company was killing off the Motorola brand. We are still here, said Rick Osterloh, chief of the former Motorola, but we're now a division under the Lenovo umbrella, so we're adopting the parent company's name.

Source: TheVerge

Overwatch Animated Short - Dragons

With only a week left until Overwatch launches, there is another animated short available. Check out the Dragons animated short as you count down the days until this game releases. May 24 is the date we all forget about work.


Apple's iOS 9.3.2 Has Nasty Surprises

Let's start the rant.

Apple. What the HECK are you DOING? There was a time when you bragged that because you controlled the entire ecosystem (hardware & software) that you were superior. Well, once again an update from Apple for their own hardware is bricking - that's right - their own hardware. I understand when a company like Google releases a big update and people sideload it - it could bring non-Nexus devices. No way should a company like Apple fail to test their own software on their OWN FRICKING HARDWARE!?

You want a real main reason why the "end of the Apple era is upon us"? Quality. You used to have it. People would pay extra if they got extra value, quality, service or performance. Since the death of the G4, things have been slowly slipping and now - Oh.My.Gosh. Well done ya hoser!

On a positive note, at least this issue only affects really old iPads - oh wait, that's right. It affects only the brand-new iPad Pro. No big deal...

When affected devices install iOS 9.3.2 and restart users are presented with an ‘Error 56’ code which tells them to connect to iTunes. The problem is connecting to iTunes does nothing, the device is locked and forced reboots only return it the same state. As for the error code itself, according to Apple’s code guide, Error 56 is loosely described as a “hardware issue”, which doesn’t sound like a credible explanation.

Source: Forbes

Amazon Makes Tablets Great Again

Tablet sales have been pretty flat over the past year, and no matter how hard Apple tries to appeal to customers, not everyone has $600 to spend on a new tablet. There are plenty of "cheap" tablets that are also inexpensive, but there are also some gems that are pretty affordable as well. Amazon is the company that really is pushing the tablet market and they have some really nice tablets for a fantastic price. This has let to a 5,421.7% growth in Amazon's tablet sales.

iPad unit shipments have declined in each of the last nine consecutive quarters, and the iPad is now Apple's fourth-largest segment. In Apple's fiscal year 2014 first quarter, the last time iPad shipments grew on an annual basis, it was Apple's second-largest business -- behind only the iPhone -- and generated almost twice as much revenue as Apple's then third-largest segment, the Mac.

Source: FoxBusiness

Xbox Live Gold Price Climbing Overseas

If you live in North America, you're safe from the price hike for now, but if you live in South Africa, Hungary, Israel, Sweden or Turkey, you'll soon be paying 2-3x what you currently are paying. The price hike reflects foreign currencies and exchange rates. Microsoft wants to get about $10USD from you - no matter where you live. I think this could hurt their sales as "Gold" has always been something to sacrifice when the times get tough. There simply may not be that much extra cash for "Gold" in everyone's home.

When asked for more information about how this will work, a Microsoft representative shared the following statement. "We believe this model suits the way our fans want to pay for Xbox Live Gold memberships in Austria," the representative told us. "We are always listening to customer feedback, but have nothing to share about other markets at this time."

Source: GameInformer

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