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App Pick - Wheel of Fortune

T-Mobile brings back unlimited data

A couple years the trend was for cell providers to try to lure you over to their side with unlimited data. The unlimited data dried up a while ago but now companies like Sprint and T-Mobile are bringing it back in an attempt to get your to switch to them. I don't think anyone will argue that unlimited data isn't a bad thing, although the price isn't great if you use a bunch of data chances are good it will be around the same (if not less) than what you are paying now. CNET has the full story.

T-Mobile is eliminating data plans for new customers -- and for current ones who opt in.

The company is getting rid of all its wireless data plans and instead offering new customers one unlimited plan, T-Mobile said Thursday. Under the new plan, called T-Mobile One, everyone will get unlimited talk, text and high-speed 4G LTE data.

The company has also changed prices for unlimited. The first line will be $70 a month, the second line will cost $50 a month and additional lines will be $20 a month for up to eight lines with auto-pay turned on. The price is $5 more a month without auto-pay. For a family of four, the new plan will cost $40 a month per person.

Android App Pick #205 - Wheel of Fortune

We have just posted up another Android App Pick of the Week and this week we get to play on one of the most iconic game shows of all time - Wheel of Fortune. Experience the fun and make yourself feel good about yourself as you solve your way around the world. It's a fun game that will have you coming back for more.


You need to buy a vowel movement?

Intel to start manufacturing ARM-based CPUs

It wasn't long ago that Intel made the announcement that they were exiting the smartphone CPU market, a move that didn't surprise too many people as they were never able to gain much market share. The surprising announcement however is that they are going to be producing ARM-based CPUs for companies like LG for their upcoming products. It's ironic to see Intel producing other people technology, but moneywise its probably a good move. The Verge has the full story.


Intel has entered into a new licensing agreement with competitor ARM to produce ARM-based chips in Intel factories. The deal, announced today at the Intel Developer Forum, is a strategic move from the Santa Clara, CA company to offer its large-scale custom chip manufacturing facilities, which include 10-nanometer production lines, to third-parties, including those using its rival's technology. Intel's new foundry licensing agreements also include deals to produce chips for LG Electronics, Netronome, and Spreadrum.

Jet.com contest winner wins big

Jet.com came up with what they thought was a great idea to get people to sign up, award 100,000 shares in their company to the person who could get the most people to sign up. One guy, Eric Martin, went to extreme lengths, spending $18,000 in advertising to get people to sign up under his name and he won the 100,000 shares. The biggest twist of the whole story though is that shortly after Walmart comes in and buys Jet.com making 100,000 vastly more valuable and making spending $18,000 on a contest look like the smartest move ever. CNN has the full story.

Eric Martin of York, Pennsylvania, is in line for a massive payday following Walmart's recent purchase of Jet.com for $3.3 billion.

Martin doesn't work for the startup retail/tech company, but he does own 100,000 of its shares thanks to a get rich quick scheme that made him an overnight millionaire.

Here's how it happened

WTU Episode #370 - Google Loves Pokemon and Fuchsia

We have just posted up Episode #370 of Weekly Tech Update. In this episode we are discussing Pokemon Go is still making a lot of money, Ad-block Plus vs. Facebook and Google goes Fuchsia. Check out those and lots more tech stories at the links below.


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Gears of War 4 Needs a Beast for 4K

If you're thinking of picking up Gears of War 4 for the PC and hope to run it in 4K, details emerging from Gamescom may help you budget your money. Unless you have a cutting edge system already, GoW4 will probably require a substantial upgrade - if you want to play in 4K. Recommended specs include a 4th Gen Core i5 3.5GHz CPU, GTX 970 and 8GB of memory. Ideal specs include a GTX 980 Ti or 1080 and 16GB of RAM. It's gonna be a hog - but it does look super pretty.

In this short gameplay demo through the “Rescue” chapter of Gears of War 4, our heroes JD, Kait and Del are chasing a large unknown enemy through an old COG fort. Along the way, they encounter two fierce Swarm enemies – Drones and Pouncers – for the first time, and have to battle their way through them before it’s too late. You can watch the video above or view it on YouTube.


Source: Xbox

HP's new Omen GamingPCs Look Sweet

HP has just announced their new Omen gaming PC lineup and it looks pretty awesome. The specs on their laptops run from quite modest to absolute high-end. The Omen X Desktop is very unique and is a classy cube case on a stand - balanced on it's edge. While it certainly looks like form over function, it's actually really well laid out internally and should be quite serviceable. More details at the link below.

And don't worry if you weren't in the market for an over-the-top desk machine, as there's more Omen hardware in the pipeline. An updated Omen 17 laptop now packs NVIDIA's portable version of the GTX 1060 or GTX 1070 as well as a mini DisplayPort jack, making it friendly to both VR and dual external screens.

Omen Cube

Source: Engadget

Trolling Gamescom

Gamescom is underway in Europe and a company has posted up a nice banner advertising Half-Life: 3 over at Halle 1. I'm sure they are getting a lot of publicity, but for the record - Half-Life: 3 is not in the pipeline and this is not a Valve poster at all. In fact, if you read the fine print, it says: "Half-Life: 3 editors who played it back then". Sadly HL3 isn't confirmed, but I'm not throwing a fit like apparently millions of people are.

Via Neowin


Source: Neowin

Acoustic Levitation

Levitation can be accomplished through magnets, super conductors and now through sound waves. It's a pretty short video, but it's still pretty nifty.


Battlefield 1 Open Beta This Month

If you've been excited about the upcoming Battlefield 1 game, you'll be even more excited to find out that it hits an open beta right at the end of this month. That's right, you're just two weeks away from the chance to play this and help work out the kinks in the game as well as the servers. If you aren't excited yet, just remember, you can ride a horse - or drive a tank.


Source: BluesNews

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