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FBI's Hacker Army vs. Apple

There is a lot of crowdsourcing and crowd-funded project right now, and none of these is more popular than the Apple vs. FBI project. Project, you say? That's right. When Apple refused to help unlock a dead terrorist's phone, the FBI went to work - and a ton of hackers beat a path to the FBI's door wanting to help. They did help, and now Apple has been and will continue to be the focus of a massive hack attempt in order to easily hack and exploit iPhone hardware. Whoops.

The FBI has said practically nothing about the “tool” that helped the FBI get inside the phone, as a U.S. law enforcement official called it in a hastily arranged press conference on Monday evening. Nor would the official say whether investigators might use it again on the dozen or so other iPhones the FBI is reportedly trying to gain access to, or whether the bureau would share the tool with local law enforcement agencies, who are believed to have hundreds of phones just waiting to be cracked.

Source: TheDailyBeast

SoundCloud Streaming Service is Here (And it Sucks)

Sucks may be a bit of a strong term, but SoundCloud's music streaming service certainly isn't great. In fact, it's not even good. The software is clunky, lacks organization and doesn't make a lot of sense. I know that companies need to make their product different and more unique than the competition, but making it bad is probably not how you want to set yourself apart. In the instant age we live in, it's often a one-strike-and-you're-out world, but hopefully they can revamp and make it workable soon.

SoundCloud first tipped its hand for a music-streaming service in late 2014, and after wrapping up a series of licensing deals with labels, it's finally here. Called SoundCloud Go, the subscription plan costs $10 a month and includes a library of additional content as well as the usual remixes, emerging artists and podcasts.

Source: Engadget

Razer Launches Capture Card for Streamers

Razer has continued to appeal to the gaming crowd with their most recent product launch. The Ripsaw is a video capture card that is designed to capture and pass-through video for a lag-free streaming and capturing experience. Often, software solutions cause video lag and make it much harder for the gamer trying to make videos. The Ripsaw helps that and will only set you back $180 USD.

“Razer has been involved with the streaming scene since the beginning of game broadcasting, with top streamers using our hardware through the ages to get the unfair gaming advantage in front of audiences,” said Min-Liang Tan, Razer CEO and co-founder.  “We’re excited to design a game capture card that meets the exacting needs of broadcasters and to also give newcomers a perfect tool to help them possibly become the next Syndicate or Pewdiepie.”

Source: Razer

Feeding the Trolls (10 Tech Pranks)

There are some pretty awesome pranks to play on people - and no better time to pull off a couple than on April 1. If you are still trying to think of something fun (and harmless) to pull on your co-workers, there are a few ideas at the link below. Make sure you bring you sense of humor as some of these may be played back on you.

2. Drive people to insanity by changing the mouse pointer to look constantly busy
This simple prank will make your victim think their computer is hanging all the time when it’s really not. Whenever I see the busy cursor I feel irritable. Can't help it. The mere idea of this prank happening to me makes me want to punch something. But, if you promise to never use this on me here are the directions: For Windows: Go to the Control Panel > Mouse > Pointers and change the Normal pointer to the working one.

Source: TechSpot

Occulus Rift Review

The Oculus Rift is almost here and it's another piece of high-end VR hardware that offers a much better experience that cheap cardboard, or other phone-powered VR kits. The Oculus unit requires a hefty computer, lots of good hardware and a pretty big budget to make sure the experience is solid. If you meet all that criteria, it apparently is pretty awesome according to the guys over at Engadget.

The Oculus Rift is basically a head-mounted box holding two OLED displays (one for each eye) running 1,200 by 1,080 pixels at 90Hz. There's an integrated gyroscope and accelerometer, and the headset also works together with the included IR sensor for 360-degree head tracking.

Source: Engadget

Never 10 Tool

If you are tired of being reminded to upgrade to Windows 10 - and you don't plan on upgrading to one of Microsoft's best OS's ever, you can give Steve Gibson's Never 10 tool a try. The beauty is that this tool is exactly that - a tool. It doesn't have to be installed on your system - just ran. Once the system has been modified, the program can be deleted. If you do decide you want the free upgrade to Windows 10 however, remember that the free offer expires on July 29.

The name “Never 10” is a bit of an overstatement, since this utility may also be used to easily re-enable Windows operating system automatic upgrading. But the primary reason for using this is to, at least initially, disable Windows' insistence upon upgrading Windows 7 or 8.1 to Windows 10.

Source: Neowin

Domotz Home Network Monitoring Evaluation

We have just posted up an evaluation of the Domotz Home Intelligence and Remote Tech Support System. This is a software solution that can be installed on anything from a Raspberry Pi, NAS or even a Windows PC and it gives you the ability to monitor, control and administer PCs and smart devices on your network. It can be used for tech-support as well as simple monitoring of products and devices while you're away. There is so much you can do, and we have a closer look at what to expect.

Often, companies create solutions to problems that don't exist and they are just trying to sell you on a service or product that you don't really need. The Domotz team has created a solution to a problem that does exist, but often we find more complicated ways to solve those problems. Thankfully, the Domotz solution is pretty simple...

Games with Gold April

Microsoft's Games with Gold program includes a couple of worthy titles in April. In addition to Dead Space and Saints Row IV on the Xbox 360 platform, Xbox One owners also get The Wolf Among Us and Sunset Overdrive. There is some pretty good value here as Sunset Overdrive is not that old of a title. If you missed it the first time around, you should check it out on the free Gold promotion.

There's only one week left in March, so if you haven't had a chance to nab this month's Games with Gold titles then you should be jumping on to your Xbox One/Xbox 360 console and getting those free games while you can. As we wind down this month we've been given a look ahead to the games that will be free to Gold subscribers starting April 1, and the freebies look extra-good this month.

Source: Neowin

Google Data Center 360 Tour

Strap on your cardboard, or other VR goggles and get ready to tour a Google Datacenter in wonderful, immersive 360 video. This is actually pretty cool, so it's worth breaking out your VR goggles - seriously.


Texting and Walking = Jailtime

In New Jersey, texting while walking makes you a criminal. That's right, dangerous people walk and text and it will earn you some jailtime if you are caught doing this dastardly deed. They call it "distracted walking" and apparently it's bad. I think we should just let them get ran over, fall into fountains, drown, get hit and more. Once stupid people are removed from the circle of life, we will breed smarter humans. Survival of the fittest and all. Still, be aware if you are walking around in the land of the free and home of the arrested.

Experts say distracted walking is a growing problem, as people of all ages become more dependent on electronic devices for personal and professional matters. They also note pedestrian deaths have been rising in recent years. In 2005, 11% of all US fatalities involved pedestrians, but that number rose to 15% in 2014.

Source: TheGuardian

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