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Netflix to Offer "The Interview" starting Saturday

I'm not promoting "The Interview" by all means, but I am saying that Netflix knows how to keep on turning up the heat and making their service the one-you-keep-paying-for. They announced that they would be starting to stream this movie just a little over a month since it was released. If they keep up things like that, they'll have a hard time keeping up with the horde of subscribers. Having current content is always a good thing.

In the midst of Netflix's Q4 financial report (if you're wondering - it added the expected amount of subscribers this time, unlike Q3) it revealed a few things viewers will actually be interested in. First of all, it's going to have The Interview available for streaming to US and Canadian subscribers starting Saturday. That puts the Sony Pictures flick on streaming just about a month after its unconventional Christmas Day theater / video on demand launch that netted $40 million online, and ahead of its Blu-ray release February 17th.

Source: Engadget

Worst Passwords of 2014

If you thought that your password was a bit weak, you're probably a part of a much bigger pool than you thought. In fact the very tricky "123456" is the most common password list and the others really aren't far behind. Take a look at the link below, and if your password is on the list - for the sake of all that is holy - go change it!

"The bad news from my research is that this year's most commonly used passwords are pretty consistent with prior years,” Burnett said. “The good news is that it appears that more people are moving away from using these passwords. In 2014, the top 25 passwords represented about 2.2% of passwords exposed. While still frightening, that's the lowest percentage of people using the most common passwords I have seen in recent studies."


I would have thought that "incorrect" might have been on the list... Maybe next year.

Source: PRWeb

Microsoft's Phone/Laptop Hybrid to be Revealed

Mobile World Congress is just around the corner and companies are lining up to show off their latest devices and gadget. If you thing CES is bad for phone cases, I'm sure the MWC will be even worse. One thing that looks like it could be better is Microsoft's lineup for the coming year. They are rumored to be showing off a new "phone/laptop" hybrid that aims to do what Motorola didn't with their Atrix and ASUS is still trying to do with their Padfone X.

We've known for some time that the standalone Windows Phone and Windows RT operating systems will be replaced by a variant of Windows 10, as the company consolidates its efforts around one unified Windows platform for all devices. Microsoft will show off Windows 10 running on phone handsets this week, but it looks like it will be announcing new hardware too.

Source: Neowin

WTU Episode #297 - The Beginning of the End

If you are into technology, you should check out our latest episode of WeeklyTechUpdate podcast. This time around we talk about the end of a few things - including Google Glass. They shut it down this week. Along with Glass being shelved, we see the end of RadioShack as they prepare to file for bankruptcy. Once you throw in the rumored sale of BlackBerry to Samsung - it's a show of endings. Don't fret we also talk about Google Domains, Russian Cell Phones and more...

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How Much Does Microsoft Make from Windows 8.1 OEMs?

I've long wondered just what it costs OEMs to buy and install Windows on their devices and according to some leaked information - it's not much. In fact, there are several different plans that make it absolutely free for the PC maker to install and use Microsoft on their products and it looks like one of the more expensive options is about $25. That's not a lot and it makes you wonder why we have to pay $100 for a copy.

Interestingly, the prices Microsoft is charging OEMs for this SKU with Office 365 are identical to those for the Bing SKU without Office 365, meaning Microsoft effectively is giving away a year subscription to Office 365 Personal to OEMs for free (which OEMs are passing along for free to users).

Source: ZDNet


Phone Roundup

There are some juicy rumors regarding the next HTC flagship device - the One M9. If the rumors prove to be true, this device could be a getting a super high quality 20MP sensor, a wicked fast Snapdragon 810 processor and a lot more. It sounds like it could really be the phone to wait for. If you can't wait that long, Tuesday, January 20, will be your day to order the OnePlus One without an invite. Head on over to their site for all those details and to order a truly flagship phone at less-than-Nexus5 prices.

Finally if you've ever wanted to see an iPhone 6 make it to space and then plummet back to earth - take a look at the video below. It's not quite as impressive as I'd hoped and the phone didn't burn up during re-entry. Still, pretty awesome footage from over 100,000ft up.


How Many Hours to Beat All Your Steam Games

How long would it take you to beat all of the games in your Steam Library? If you've been a sucker for the awesome Steam sales, as I have, you're numbers will be pretty high. Take a look at the link below and see how long it will take. I'm up to 1227 hours of straight gameplay - the time it would take to drive coast-to-coast in America 22 times. Wowza.



To find your Steam ID: Go to "My Profile" in the Steam client, right click on the page and hit "Copy URL". The big long number in that link is your Steam ID. Paste that number in the box at the link below. Please share your results!

Source: SteamLeft

Android App Pick - Peggle Blast

We have just posted up another Android App Pick of the Week and this week we are getting back to gaming with Peggle Blast. This is a great twist on the original Peggle and it's super fun. It is absolutely free so if you don't like it - you can get your money back. Take a look and you'll see why it's our Android App Pick of the Week!

Peggle Blast




Crucial MX100 512GB SATA 6Gb/s 2.5-in SSD Review

We have just posted up a review of the incredible Crucial MX100 512GB SSD. This little unit is only 7mm high and combines a great amount of storage, with excellent performance at a very attractive price. Crucial claims that you don't have to sacrifice anything when choosing an MX100. Take a look and see how it stacks up with other drives we've looked at in the past.

It's been a while since I tested an SSD and after using mechanical drives in some of my systems for the past few months, the difference was incredible. The MX100 is Crucial's answer to performance at a price that makes an SSD afforable. This drive has an MSRP that makes it just under $0.45 / GB and if you can find it on sale - it's an even better deal.


Microsoft's Android Lock Screen is Awesome!

Microsoft has been playing catchup in the mobile space for a while now and recently they've been doing some weird (yet awesome) stuff. They've updated their Android lock screen utility. That's right. Microsoft has a lock screen for Android devices. While this isn't all that newsworthy alone, it's probably one of the best lockscreens around and now features music controls, online chats and more. Take a look in the Google Play Store.

Next Lock Screen, a Microsoft Garage project, saves you time with quick app launch and access to the information you need. It’s a time saver lock screen built for busy professionals. See your calendar, missed calls and text messages all at a glance. Connect to a conference call in a single tap without unlocking your phone. Next Lock Screen even surfaces the apps you use most based on your location.

Source: Google Play

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