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Hyperlapse Video is Awesome

Time-lapse video of a mountain hike, traffic, sunsets and more is always pretty epic, but the downside to many of these videos is that the camera is mounted on the head or equipment and it is not still. Image stabilization has come a long way, but the reality is that when you speed up video, you also speed up the shake and it can be nauseating. Microsoft has been working on this problem and you can see the results demonstrated below.


Complex Passwords Won't Save You

It turns out that having complicated passwords won't likely save you from a malicious attack by someone other than your dorm-mates. According to a study discussed over at Wired, the fact is that having a complicated password doesn't necessarily make it secure. There are some good details at the link below, and ultimately the Russian hack of over 1 Billion passwords is really the major issue.

When the computer security company Hold Security reported that more than 1.2 billion online credentials had been swiped by Russian hackers, many people were worried—and justifiably so. Hold isn’t saying exactly which websites were hit, but with so many credentials stolen, it’s likely that hundreds of millions of ordinary consumers were affected.

Source: Wired

Chromebook Gets NVIDIA Treatment

Just yesterday we posted a link to a review of the new Chromebook C720 from Acer that packs in a Core i3 CPU and gets 8+ hours of battery life. Today, NVIDIA has announced their new K1 64-bit chip that packs in a quad-core Tegra K1 chip that will net you 1080p resolution and a crazy 13 hours of runtime. If this isn't enough to convince you, consider the price. The NVIDIA powered Chromebook is only $300 - compared to the Core i3 version at $400.

On a superficial note, the Chromebook 13 is definitely more basic-looking than the Chromebook 2. Whereas Samsung's model comes kitted out with a fake-leather lid, the Chromebook 13 is made of plain white plastic. It's clear that if Acer made any sacrifices to reach that lower price point, this is it. Then again, this is a perfectly serviceable, if unexciting, design, and the full-sized keyboard is naturally more spacious than what you'll find on Acer's older 11-inch Chromebooks.

Source: Engadget

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Trailer

Call of Duty is slated for another installment and this time they are taking the war to the future - again. That's right, this is totally new, completely redesigned and pretty much the same as the last three installments. This time around it's different though - and it will probably sell a billion copies. Take a look at the multiplayer trailer - again, for the first time.


Pizza Dispenser

Some things are awesome from vending machines. Beverage, snacks and a few select electronics at the airport thanks to Best Buy. I know that as you travel around the world, there are some pretty interesting machines that will make you a latte with your face on it and many other odd and wonderful things. Pizza is not the first thing I think of when it comes to a vending machine, but Australians have joined the mobile food revolution and joined the likes of France, Italy and the USA. Stick in some change and pull out a "fresh" pizza. Mmmm... e coli

Pizza Gio can hold 84 pizzas at one time: 42 margherita and 42 hot salami. Pizzas are prepared as normal in Pompei's Bondi pizzeria. The dough rests for 48 hours, the ingredients are added and then they are cooked about 50 percent of the way. Then, they're then blast chilled and held until they are ready to be installed at -20 degrees Celcius (-4 degrees Fahrenheit).

Source: CNET

Acer's Core i3 Chromebook C720 Reivewed

Chromebooks are immediately attractive to consumers for one reason: price. I purchased a Samsung chromebook that set me back $209 on sale and it is pretty solid - albeit a little underpowered. That was the case with many first-generation chromebooks that hit the market and now Acer (and others) are planning on changing that. The C720 is a Core i3 system that offers better battery life, more multitasking capability and a bigger price tag. At $350, there may be better laptop solutions available though. Check the review link below to see if it's worth the price.

Whether rightly or wrongly, Chromebooks have earned a reputation for being the new netbooks. Slowly, though, things are starting to change. The designs are starting to feel less cheap -- at least if you're Samsung. Battery life is getting longer, sometimes even better than on full-fledged laptops. And now, performance is getting stronger, too.

Source: Engadget

Google and Bing Maps Get Better

If you use Google Earth and satellite maps from either Google or Bing, there is a big upgrade coming very soon. A new satellite "Worldview-3" will capture sub-50cm resolution images that will allow more details to appear on your maps - including manholes and mailboxes. This is possible now that hte U.S. government relaxed their strict rules on high-definition satellite imaging.

The Worldview-3 is going to offer the highest commercially available resolution of any satellite system out there. Combining that with the power of our constellation, which gives multiple visits per day over multiple hours of the day, means the ability to monitor what's going on and enabling our defense and intelligence customers to make decisions on the basis of fact than the basis of fear.


Source: Gizmodo

GameStop Actually Values Your Trade-Ins

In a move that makes a bit of sense for the consumer, GameStop is revamping their trade-in system to give you more money for your games. In the past, the trade-in value was so low that you were almost better off throwing your games away instead of wasting gas to drive to the store and swap some games. This change affects different games differently, but in the end, it should put more value toward your next purchase - and that is never a bad thing.

The new system has been confirmed by GameStop's senior VP of pre-owned business Jason Cochran, and has a projected launch date of August 18. This isn't the only new business move that GameStop has made; just last week, it was revealed that GameStop was planning to introduce a high-interest credit card closely tied to its Power-Up Rewards program.

Source: IGN

Origami Robot Builds Itself

I'm not sure why people are in such a hurry to create machines that are going to kill us all, but in the name of "Science" they are doing just that. A week or so ago, we shared a story about a robot that will modify how it moves based on damage taken - so that when you shoot a leg off the darn thing, it can figure out how to chase you. This time around, we have a link to a robot that can fold itself a body and they run. It's pretty amazing, but a little creepy.


How to Stop ATM Card Skimmers

There are several ways to stop ATM card skimming - the first of which is to walk into a bank, talk to a human an get cash from your account. It's weird, but it does work. Another way has recently been developed by Diebold, a company that makes ATM machines and their rotate your card sideways so the magentic strip doesn't slide in past the reader. It's a super simple idea, and it should work until crooks find a way to work with this as well.

With ActivEdge, Diebold has separated the two steps of the card-reading process. First, by having users turn the card sideways, and secondly by reading the magnetic stripe information from that position. "Instead of moving the card over the read head, once it’s inside the card reader, we take the read head and move it across the stripe at 90 degrees,” said Natoli.

Source: ABCNews

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