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Google Drive drops prices

Good news for everyone that needs some extra cloud storage, Google has announced they've dropped their Google Drive prices. You can now get 100GB of cloud storage for $1.99 a month from Google which is pretty cheap when compared to Dropbox who is currently at $99 per year. Google also has a 1TB plan for $9.99 per year if you just can't live with 100GB. Arstechnica has the story over here.

Google today announced big price cuts for the 100GB and 1TB tiers of Google Drive cloud storage.

"We've lowered the price of our monthly storage plans to $1.99 for 100GB (previously $4.99), [and] $9.99 for 1TB (previously $49.99)," the company said in a blog post.

9 lies programmers tell themselves

Since it is a slow news day and also because I know there are a bunch of programmers that regularily read BCCHardware I figurd this was a good choice for a Friday new story. ITWorld has a list of 9 lies programmers tell themselves. If you are a programmer or have ever worked with a programmer you will probably agree with pretty much every one of these.

Everybody lies to themselves now and again (“I can’t weigh that much; my scale must be off”) in both their personal and professional lives. Some professions, however, may be more prone to it than others. Software developers, who often work - alone - for long hours under tight deadlines seem to be particularly susceptible to a little self-delusion. 

PS4 still outselling Xbox One

Microsoft announced they had a good month in February selling 258,000 Xbox One consoles. Unfortunately for Microsoft, some of their thunder was stolen by Sony who sold 287,000 PS4 consoles. I think both Sony and Microsoft are probably both happy with their console sales and it looks like the Sony vs. Microsoft "which is better" debate is going to continue for quite some time. The Inquirer has the full story and all the numbers.

Games console maker Microsoft is bragging about the number of Xbox One units it sold in February, although the games console's sales are still lagging behind those of the Sony Playstation 4 (PS4).

Microsoft has picked over the latest NPD Group sales figures and spoken of the Xbox One's record-breaking sales pace. In February it sold 258,000 consoles. It said that this was higher than the number of Xbox 360 units it sold in the comparable period.

Amazon to raise Prime rate

Amazon's Prime program has been a huge success which for $79 bucks a year give US customers unlimited free 2-day shipping (on eligible products) and access to Amazon's video library (movies and TV shows) as well as access to streaming music in the near future. The price however is going to be jumping up to $99 dollars a year which is probably still a good deal if you are a big Amazon user. If you act fast you can lock in another year at $79 but if you are too slow the price will be $99 within a week or so. BusinessInsider has more details.

Amazon announced on its home page today that it has raised the price of its Prime subscription service from $79 to $99 per year.

Prime gives you access to unlimited free two-day shipping on many items, plus access to thousands of streaming movies and TV shows through Amazon Instant Video, a service similar to Netflix. There have also been reports that Prime members will soon get access to a Spotify-like streaming music service.

Windows Phone OS for free?

The rumor that Microsoft was looking to offer their Windows Phone OS for free to some manufacturers has been floating around for a while now (which is the same model as Android uses). I don't think many people thought it would ever happen that Microsoft would give it away for free but apparently Microsoft has proven us all wrong as they are going to start giving away the Windows Phone OS for free to some manufacturers. This will hopefully allow phone makers to offer Windows Phone products at lower prices and be able to compete with Android in the lower end phone market. The Verge has more details.

Microsoft has been considering offering a free version of Windows Phone to smartphone makers for months now, and it appears the company has signed its first free license deals recently. The Times of India reports that Microsoft is waiving the Windows Phone license fee for two Indian phone makers — Karbonn and Lava (Xolo). Both were recently announced as new Windows Phone makers, and currently create low-cost Android handsets. Microsoft has been reportedly talking to the pair since last year, but agreements to build Windows Phones only came after the license fee was dropped.

Microsoft Stays Committed to Xbox

With all the moving and shaking going on a Microsoft these days, there have been rumors and recommendations that they drop all the effort to their entertainment division. At this point, they have no desire to do that at all and they remain committed to the platform and to make "Games for Gold" even better as we continue on through 2014. I don't see why Microsoft would bail on this train as it is probably one of their more profitable ventures. I'm sure it makes more money that Windows Mobile.

In his SXSW Gaming panel, Spencer addressed how the company's new leadership felt about the Xbox brand as it fits into the company-at-large. Though Microsoft's internal game development teams aren't too involved in those high-level discussions, Spencer said, they've received plenty of support from Microsoft's management.

Source: Polygon

Recommend an App, Get $15

If you got paid $15 every time that you suggested an app to someone who then went out and paid for it, you may have a nice chunk of change. Google has now made a way to make this a reality. You have to register into the Google Apps Referral System and then you can start making cash. When someone you referred to a Google Business app signs up for it and provides payment information, boom! You get cash!

Referring users must provide a name, email address, bank account information for deposit of the bounty, and a valid taxpayer ID. Referrers receive a unique referral link after registering for the program, and start with email and website templates that Google provides to simplify the process.

Source: Electronista

Ghetto Crypto-Currecy Mining Rigs

There are some really amazing crypto-currency machines kicking around and then there are some not-to-fancy rigs. I'm sure there are a lot more where these came from and I guess as long as you can keep the cards cool, you're good to go. Either way, you may draw some inspirtation - or a shudder from some of these builds.

After seeing some really bad mining setups we wanted to show you the opposite end of the spectrum so we present to you some of the most ghetto Crypto-Currency Mining Rigs out there!


Source: ThinkComputers

Power In the Keys

If you were one of the people who picked up a second generation Microsoft Surface Pro, then you know that once you travel with it the battery life is not very stellar. Luckily though, there is a product coming that will help with this dilemma! This product is called the Power Cover keyboard and is scheduled to come out March 19th for $199.99 - finally.

Microsoft announced plans to provide Power Covers for its Surfaces in October 2013 when it launched the second version of its ARM- and Intel-based Surface devices. At that time, officials said Power Covers would be available in "early 2014." Microsoft execs declined to provide any further updates about the timing on the covers since that time.

Source: ZDNet

Retro Game Console via Raspberry Pi

This is not news as much as it is a How-To and this one is pretty awesome. If you've wondered if you should invest all of your $50 into a Raspberry Pi setup, this will give you an even better reason to give it a try. If you love retro video games for casual play, this guide will show you how to create it, set it up and get it running. Super cool stuff that is worth checking out.

The Retro Pie can work with either the $25 Raspberry Pi Model A or the slightly more expensive Model B, I recommend the latter. For an extra $10, the Model B adds an additional USB port, an Ethernet port, and doubles the memory to 512MB.

Source: CNET

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