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The makers of Angry Birds, Rovio, have announced that they are going to be laying off 38% of their staff (up to 260 people) after the company has decided they need to restructure. Angry Birds launched Rovio and it appears that the rapid and massive growth wasn't even close to being sustainable. I don't think anyone is too surprised to see them unable to sustain the levels that they hit when Angry Birds became a massive success. The Independent has the full story over here.

Rovio, the maker of Angry Birds, is looking to lay off 38 per cent of its staff because it “did too many things”.

The company — whose most famous game is Angry Birds, but also makes other games like Jolly Jam and Stella Pop — said that it would “restructure its businesses around three primary business areas. That will involve negotiating redundancies for up to 260 staff, it said.

Only the staff working on The Angry Birds Movie in the US and Canada will be safe from the cuts, it said.

Weekly Tech Update #325 - Blackberry and Android Get Cozy

We have just posted up Episode #325 of Weekly Tech Update. In this episode we are discussing BlackBerry gets friendly with Android, Music streaming sucks and there is actually one California law that makes sense. Check out those stories and more at the links below.

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Games for Gold Includes Tomb Raider & Crysis 3

Microsoft is stepping up their game with their Games for Gold program this month. Sometimes the free games that you get with your Xbox Live Gold membership are pretty weak, but Tomb Raider and Crysis 3 are still somewhat relevant and are pretty awesome titles to snag for free. The only hitch is that Xbox One users get Tomb Raider, and Xbox 360 users get Crysis 3.

From the ERPs suggested by Microsoft, by downloading all of the above titles, you are able to receive $89.96 in games at no extra cost. Obviously, many stores offer the games at a lower price point, but regardless, these are still great titles to receive for free. It was estimated that over $500 worth of free games were given away though the program last year.

Source: Neowin

Simple Android Device Mirror

There are many different ways that a person can mirror their phone screen on their desktop or TV,  but none are as fast, simple and as easily interactive as Vysor. This little application installs on your Android device and connects with your PC via a Chrome Browser plug-in. Once those are installed, you can mirror - as well as a use your desktop mouse to click on the screen of your phone that is viewable on your PC. Mouse wheel, keyboard and more work seemlessly. It's super DUPER awesome. As this is a browser plugin, it works equally well on Chromebook, Windows, Apple and Linux systems.

Vysor puts a fully controllable window of your Android on your desktop. An easy install Chrome app, compatible with all operating systems.



Source: Vysor

Office 2016 Coming Next Month

If you've been waiting patiently for the Office 2016 preview to come out of beta, you won't have to wait that much longer. Sources show that Microsoft is just about ready to launch their next office program which seems to rely a bit more heavily than I'd like, on an Office 365 subscription. Of course you can install all the software stand-alone, but I had a couple of issues myself that made me uninstall and wait for the final release. That wait should be over on September 22.

The new release will boast a tasteful and colourful new user interface which will bring parity with the existing Mac, Android and iOS apps, or an alternative dark theme for Funeral For A Friend fans. The biggest change in Office 2016 is collaboration in real time, a first for the desktop version. Web-based versions of Office and its rivals all pride themselves on this functionality, but bringing it to the desktop is something a bit special.

Source: TheInquirer

Android App Pick #190 - Spending Tracker

We have just posted up another Android App Pick of the Week and this week we getting all financial on you with Spending Tracker. This little app doesn't require any crazy permissions to your bank account, but it can help you identify and keep track of your spending so you can save money. It's a great little app to help you budget your hard-earned money!

Spending Tracker



App That Can "See" Wireless Networks

There are somre pretty crazy applications that are very useful and some that just appear to be useful. According to the the site below, they've built an application that can help you visualize exactly where the radio waves are. While this may indeed be a bit far-fetched, radio waves are pretty static and I could see this as possible. Take a look at the video at the link below.

The infosphere* relies on an intricate network of signals, wired and wireless, that support it. We are completely surrounded by an invisible system of data cables and radio signals from access points, cell towers and overhead satellites. Our digital lives depend on these very physical systems for communication, observation and navigation.


Source: ArchitectureOfRadio

Top 10 Windows 10 Apps You Need

If youv'e recently installed Windows 10, you may wonder what all the fuss is about and what applications really make it that much more awesome than Windows 7. Of course it is already better than Windows 8, but what are the best applications out there? Microsoft's plan to monetize Windows is through their store, so here are some freebies and maybe even a paid application or two to get you going.

Below, in no particular order, are the apps we think no PC should be without. All are free, but some offer paid-for premium options. They range from social software to system tools and we hope you find something new and useful for your shiny new Windows 10 installation.

Source: Neowin

Cortaina Enters Public Beta on Android

If you're into Cortana, but don't want to make the plunge to a Windows Phone, Microsoft has dedicated themselves to pushing out their software to Apple and Android devices as well (sometimes before their own platforms). Cortana isn't done yet but all means, but it makes at least as good of a digital assistant as Siri - and you get to think of all the fond memories playing Halo to boot.

The Cortana app can do most of the things Cortana does on your PC or on a Windows phone. With the app, you can manage your hectic lifestyle by setting and getting reminders, searching the web on-the-go, tracking important information such as flight details as well as starting and completing tasks across all of your devices.

Source: Windows Blog

BlackBerry Makes the Move to Android

BlackBerry has been teasing their Venice phone - an Android slider with a keyboard, and now they are showing off a BlackBerry Passport also running Google's OS. I've said for a while that BlackBerry hardware is great, but there isn't that much room for another mobile OS. Hopefully they still retain enough of their "Black-ness" to make them a worthy choice. Would you consider a BlackBerry that runs Android over a BlackBerry that runs the older BlackBerry OS?

BlackBerry's Android-powered smartphone is allegedly due later this year, but the company may also be rejigging one of its recent devices to run Google's OS. A video showing the BlackBerry Passport very clearly running Android Lollipop has surfaced. In the non-English clip above, you'll see the silver phone cycle through the Android home screen, app drawer, and Google Play.


Source: TheVerge, Neowin


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