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Dishonored 2 Live Action Trailer Drops

If you enjoyed the first installment of "Dishonored" you are probably looking forward to the sequel and while the trailer below has nothing to do with gameplay, it showcases the storyline and it's all about sweet, glorious revenge. Take a look and get ready for more good gaming this fall.

Source: Engadget

Sweden Bans Camera Drone Flights

Sweden's Supreme Court has just ruled that drones bearing cameras are "surveillance cameras" and therefor subject to a bunch of extra rules. This ruling means that pilots will need a permit indicating that they'll be used to prevent crime or accidents. If you end up flying a drone to keep watch over your own yard, you'll probably be denied a permit. While I hate more government, the use of drones for perverse or invasive usage needs to stop. I say open season on drones. Let them fly, but let people shoot them down without penalty. That would greatly decrease people spying - and generate a whole new sport in the meantime.


The verdict is killing an entire industry in one stroke. An industry that employs many and a turnover of many millions each year which will be felt in the Treasury. We were not in our wildest imagination thought that this could be the outcome, says Gustav Gerdes, President of the UAS Sweden.

Source: AftonBladet (Translated)

Amazon is Much Bigger Than we Thought

Amazon is a giant. We all know that. They have a massive retail business as well as a huge digital distribution business in the USA through their Amazon Prime as well as Android store. What many people don't realize is that the actually handle a lot of other online retail sales as well with their Amazon Checkout. They themselves do about 15% of total USA retail sales, but the big news is that they handle about 15% of other online sales as well. What we see is just the tip of the iceberg, and it's a pretty big chuck of ice.

When third-party sales are taken into account, Amazon's share of what U.S. shoppers spend online could be as high as $125 billion yearly, and it could represent close to 30% of the online goods Americans buy, according to an analysis of Amazon's financial statements.

Source: USAToday

BMW 5 Series Short

BMW has put together a rather lengthy "short" that showcases their new 5 Series car. It's interesting that they grabbed the likes of Dakota Fanning and Clive Owen to tease us. Honestly, I'm more curious about the plot and story of the movie...


iPod Turns 15

I'm not an Apple fanboy, but I have to give credit where credit is due. Their iPod changed the face of portable music and it just celebrated its 15th birthday. The iPod has changed quite a bit since the early days, but in many ways it's stayed true to its roots. The first iPod that my family owned was a 2nd Generation Nano and then years later, a 160GB Classic - just before they discontinued the best iPod ever. Were you an early adopter? Share you story at the comments link below.

And for the next few years, it seemed as if Apple could do no wrong. iPod sales exploded, helped in no small part by falling prices and more accessible models. The iPod mini, shuffle and nano transformed the device from a near-luxury item into something virtually anyone could own. Apple grabbed such a dominant foothold in the market that no competitors posed more than a temporary threat.


Source: Engadget

Google Pixel Review

Google's new Pixel phone (and Pixel XL phone) has been launched and it getting some really good news in the midst of Apple botching their new updates and Samsung having their Note 7 phone exploding. Overall the Pixel has impressed people and it might have come at the perfect time as consumers are looking for alternatives. The Guardian takes a closer look at the Pixel, and while it might not be perfect, still gets top marks.

Google has finally launched an own-brand smartphone, the Pixel, to challenge Apple head on and provide a premium Android experience with the hardware tailored to the software by the people who actually make it..

The new smartphone succeeds Google’s Nexus line of devices and the company claims that the Pixel is now 100% Google, unlike the Nexus devices where Google provided the software and had some input into the devices but not total control. The Pixel phone joins the Pixel C Android tablet and Chromebook Pixel as Google’s first in-house devices.

Nintendo Switch announcement gets mixed reviews

The Nintendo Switch has been announced and after watching the promotional video I think there were a few mixed reviews. Engadget had their staff provide their thoughts and while I wouldn't say it was overwhelmingly positive, there was a good mix of opinions. We've all still got to wait until March until the Switch hits store shelves, but some of the questions surrounding the Switch will hopefully be answered sooner rather than later.

We now know that Nintendo's next-generation game console will be the Switch, a hybrid device offering portable and home gaming in one. But there's a lot we don't know. What games will it launch with? How much it will cost? What's that screen like? Will it play games on a TV at 1080p? How long will the battery last? We'll find out more about the Switch before its March 2017 release, and the answers to those questions, and more, will likely dictate our overall judgement.

Nintendo NX is now the Nintendo Switch

Nintendo has finally shown off some footage of their next generation console, which was called the Nintendo NX until this week when the name was officially released, the Nintendo Switch. 



It appears that the Nintendo Switch is more like the Wii U than we were lead to believe, however, the merging of portable and console is a good move for Nintendo as they've dominated the mobile gaming market for decades. 

Thoughts? Are you going to save up until March to get one? Let us know if the forum using the like below.

Throttling unlimited data plans costs Verizon $48 Million

Verizon has been throttling unlimited data plans that they sold to their cell phone customers for a while and it has now cost them $48 million in fines. This is good news for customers who paid for unlimited data and weren't getting what they paid for, although it will probably also make companies reconsider before offering unlimited anything. The Verge has the full story.

Affected T-Mobile and MetroPCS customers will be eligible for 4GB of additional mobile internet data under the "Simple Choice MINT" plan, as well as a 20 percent discount on in-stock phone accessories. T-Mobile will pay for those benefits through a $35.5 million consumer benefit program, with an additional $7.5 million paid directly to the US Treasury and $5 million in services and equipment provided to American schools.

Candy Crush Game Show

I wish it were April 1st, because this makes more sense as a practical joke than a real idea. It's true though that Candy Crush is set to become a game show. For real. While the game has been incredibly popular, I have no idea how it would even make a game show. CBS is teaming up with Candy Crush maker, King Games as well as Lionsgate to pull this off. Reality TV and Game Shows is why North America is struggling as a nation - and why Justin Trudeau, Hillary Clinton and Donal Trump are prominent politicians.

This move follows the recent successes of retro-style game shows like Celebrity Family Feud as well as mobile game crossovers like the Angry Birds movie and the upcoming Fruit Ninja feature. This is what we get for complaining about how Hollywood was only interested in rebooting existing franchises.

Source: Engadget

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