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Microsoft Gives More Space to OneDrive

If you use Microsoft's OneDrive (formerly SkyDrive), you'll be happy to know that they've just upped their free storage space in order to keep up with the likes of Google Drive. This is good news for those of us that want 15GB of free storage for access on the go. If you need even more storage than that, you will also be glad to know that Microsoft also slashed their prices on larger storage plans as well.

Microsoft's moves come as all the major players are scrambling to offer customers more for less. Earlier this month, Apple said it would cut prices by up to 70% for paid iCloud plans. And last week Amazon said that users of its Fire phone would have an unlimited amount of storage for photos taken with the device's camera.

Source: ComputerWorld

PSA: If you have cloud storage on a bunch of different services, make it easy to access everything in one place using CloudCube. It was a recent App Pick of the Week.

Russia Pulls the Plug on AMD & Intel

After all of the NSA spying crap going on (and it hasn't stopped), Russia is getting a little worried and doesn't want to risk their government computers to NSA spying on a CPU-level. They are getting prepared to pull the plug on AMD and Intel and are thinking of moving to their home-grown Baikal processors. These little chips are 64-bit and are based on the Cortex A-57 platform and are more than adequate as Baikal plays a roll in the manufacture of supercomputers. Good for Russia.

The Baikal chips will be installed on computers of government bodies and in state-run firms, which purchase some 700,000 personal computers annually worth $500 million and 300,000 servers worth $800 million. The total volume of the market amounts to about five million devices worth $3.5 billion. Russia has been unhappy with Intel and AMD since the US government's spying programme was revealed and routers from Cisco were found to have been intercepted and installed with bugs.

Source: TechEye

Surface Pro 3 is Not Repairable

iFixit tears down pretty much everything electronic to see how easy it is to repair should anything happen to it. I love this site as it gives me a look inside all of the latest gadgets, tablets and laptops without having to buy them and violate (er, void) the warranty myself. I want to like the Surface Pro 3, but after hearing how it is not very easy to repair, I think I may pass. My luck with gadgets is not great - and Jason still likes to heckle me with the fact that I sat on a tablet - ONCE - a long time ago.

Wondering just how difficult the Surface Pro 3 is to repair on your own? On its very first step opening the tablet, the experienced the iFixit staff accidentally cracked the Surface Pro 3’s screen as a result of its fused glass panel and LCD. The website states its engineer “carefully heated and pried up the glass at the edge of the device, but the cooling adhesive alone was enough to crack the glass on our photo table.”

Source: Neowin via iFixit

ROCCAT Ryos MK Pro Review

We have just posted up our review of the ROCCAT Ryos MK Pro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard. This keyboard is the big brother to the ROCCAT Ryos MK Glow that we looked at a while back and this time around it brings a few extra hardware features including a media hub, USB ports and some interesting lighting options. If you are in the market for a new gaming keyboard and want something a little special, check out our review of the MK Pro to see if this is the keyboard you've been waiting for.

This is a solid product that definitely deserves more than a cursory glance if you are in the market for an absolutely fantastic gaming keyboard. While it does have more options that you’ll probably use, I do believe that this is the best keyboard I’ve ever used. If anyone has a keyboard that can rival the Ryos MK Pro in terms of flash, substance, quality and performance, I’ve yet to see it.

Ryos MK Pro

5 Lies Laptop Salespeople Tell You

If you're reading BCCHardware, it's probably because you're a bit of an enthusiast and know your way around tech. There are many people though you don't understand processors, RAM, screen resolution and what is actually better. Those are the people that salespeople love to prey on. CNET has put together a list of the biggest five lies that someone will tell you when you're shopping for a laptop. I love this and enjoy pretending to be the ignorant customer when a salesman is trying to seal the deal.

A more powerful graphics card means web pages will load faster
When we heard this one, we had to restrain ourselves from slapping the salesperson. It's absolutely false.

Source: CNET

'NSA-Proof' Email Fundraiser a Hit

In the light of the massive NSA spying that has been going on in the USA for the past few years, a company has started up offering 'NSA-Proof' email and their recent crowdsourced fundraising kicked off to a good start. It seems that honest American (and some not-so-honest) don't take kindly to the National Security Agency accusing us all of being terrorists until we are proven innocent. ProtonMail is an encrypted email service that looks really promising.

Accounts on ProtonMail are free (though at the moment you have to sign up for a waiting list before you can create an account). Yen said basic accounts would always be free, but that in the future the company would charge power users a “modest monthly fee” for additional storage, in order to make ProtonMail into a self-sustaining business.

Source: VentureBeat

300K Servers Still Heartbleeding

Just over a couple of months ago, the internet was crippled by the "Heartbleed" bug and patches were issue and rolled out within hours in many cases. In over 300,000 other cases however, no patch has been applied and the servers are still infected. Please make sure you continue to watch your personal and banking information as we could see ripple effects of this for a long time. Hopefully, these remaining servers get patched up soon.

By scanning port 443, one of the most commonly used server ports, Errata could establish from the server's response which version of OpenSSL it was running and  determine if the server was at risk of attack. When the vulnerability was first made public, they scanned the port and found over 600,000 systems were vulnerable.

Source: Neowin via Errata Security

Genius Zabius M Mobile Gaming Headset

We have just posted up our review of the Genius Zabius M Mobile Gaming Headset. This is a tidy little piece of kit that makes your mobile gaming easier and a lot more immersive. The Zabius M works with your mobile phone as well as your laptop and promises (and delivers) decent sound at a very good price. If you want to pack light the next time you take your game on the road, make sure to take a look at our review for all the details.

Genius seems to be trying to provide quality gaming gear for a reasonable price, and they appear to be doing just that with the Zabius M headset. The box looks great and the earbuds look promising. If they provide good quality sound is a small portable package that would be the perfect complement to a gaming laptop, they are winners.

Zabius M

BlackBerry announces Passport phone

BlackBerry announced a new phone yesterday which they've called Passport. This new phone combines a larger screen (4.5 Inch screen, 1440x1440 resolution) like most smartphone have combined with the traditional BlackBerry keyboard. The phone looks a little odd at first glance, however, as a former BlackBerry user who still misses the physical keyboard I think I might be willing to give it a try. For more details on this new phone head on over to Engadget.

BlackBerry teased the existence of a new device with a square, high-resolution screen before, but the Passport's design isn't exactly what we were expecting. Unlike other BlackBerrys with squared-off displays, the folks in Waterloo didn't feel the need to craft a more traditional (some would say more hand-friendly) chassis. Nope, the Passport seems to bask in its angular tendencies, and that 4.5-inch display running at 1,440 x 1,440 -- which works out to a pixel density of 452 pixels per inch -- is clearly the star of the show. If reports hold true, you'll also be able to trace out gestures directly on the (now cramped) keyboard, though why you'd do that instead of paw at a touchscreen is still unclear.

Microsoft teases new Android Phone

No the headline was not a typo. Microsoft (through their phone division Nokia) has been teasing consumers with their newest Android phone the Nokia X2. Nokia and Microsoft had confirmed that they would continue to produce their Android phone lineup (even after Microsoft acquired Nokia) which was a surprise to most as Microsoft is obviously the producer of their very own Windows Phone OS. The official launch date for the Nokia X2 is June 24th and at that time all the specs will be confirmed. Nokia produces a solid phone so I am sure this will make Android fans happy. If you can't wait until the 24th head on over to The Verge for more details.

Microsoft has committed to supporting its existing Android-based Nokia X handsets, but it appears the company is also planning to introduce new models. A teaser posted at the Nokia Conversations blog today hints at a new Nokia X phone for next week. LiveSinohas discovered the same teaser on the Chinese version of Nokia’s site, complete with a green X shape and the June 24th date. Nokia previously used green ducks to tease its original Nokia X announcement earlier this year.

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