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Machines vs. Primates

I'm a little confused. According to some people, machines will be taking over the world in the not-to-distant future and yet other futurists have indicated something more like "Planet of the Apes". In the middle of that, we'll all have to deal with a zombie apocalypse. Still, my money is on primates putting up the biggest fight and saving us from machines - probably to enslave us later.


Vizio Joins with Low-Price 4K Revolution

4K TVs really haven't been around that long and it is impressive at how fast they have dropped in price. Of course, all the big names were talking minimum $2,000 TVs until Seiki went ahead and started selling 39-inch 4K TVs for a mere $500. Their big 55-inch unit sells for around $600-$700 here in Canada, and now Vizio has seen the light and wants to snatch up all the fence sitters on a budget. If you've got $600 to spend on a new TV, you should consider a low-end 4K unit over a mid-range 1080p unit. It's something to consider at least - and Vizio wants you to consider them.

Vizio has already developed a reputation for offering decent 4K TVs on the cheap, and it's cementing that image now that it's rolling out its 2015 line of Ultra HD screens. The company's new M-Series sets (above) tout full LED backlighting, speedy 802.11ac WiFi and a six-core processor starting at $600 for a 43-inch model -- not bad considering that even stripped-down TVs cost more just a couple of years ago.

Source: Engadget

Move Over 2K Phone Displays, Sharp Has 4K

While a retina screen is pretty impressive, there are several companies that have higher pixel density that Apple's retina display. To take you into the next technology revolution, Sharp shows off their new 4K 5.5-inch display that packs in an incredible 806 pixels per inch. Of course with that said, it appears that 8K mobile displays are being worked on, but they could be years away. The 4K screen is coming in 2016 however.

Still, it's only 2015, and we're "only" enjoying 1440p resolution displays on our high-end Android devices. You'd be forgiven if you can't quite figure out the practical purpose of 4K smartphone screens, seeing that those 2K displays we mentioned are already considered "overkill" by many consumers and manufacturers alike.

Source: Phonearena

HDD & Floppy Music: Smells Like Teen Spirit

If you like the 90's as much as I do - and like tech from the 90's even more, you'll love the "Smells Like Teen Spirit" cover done by Arganalth.


Install Windows 10: Achievement Unlocked!

In an effor to make your Windows 10 experience more 'fun', Microsoft looks like they've added achievements to build 10056 of their Technical Preview. While I'm not 100% sure this will stay in the final product, the idea is that achievements are fun. If you have nothing better to do that explore content on your Operating System, you will probably be pretty excited. For the rest of us that try and be productive with our PCs, it probably won't matter.

Achievent Unlocked
Image courtesy Neowin


Achievements are used to help entice users to explore content in a way they typically would not without the superfluous acknowledgement by these motivators. Still, the mechanism has shown to be quite popular with Xbox gamers and now it looks like they are coming to the desktop as well.

Source: Neowin

Call of Duty: Black Ops III Teaser

That's right. Black Ops III. Let's hope it doesn't suck like Black Ops II.


Complete DIY Weather Station

User kkingsbury over at Instructables has put together a great DIY weather station powered by a Raspberry Pi and even with the few switches and sensors that were required, this entire GPS-based, WiFi-enabled, web-serving weather station probably cost less than $125. It looks like a fun project that I will be exploring this summer. Take a look and see what the Raspberry Pi can do for you!

Fast forward about a month and I have a basic working system. This is a complete Raspberry Pi Weather system with just the base Raspberry Pi hardware, camera, and some assorted analog and digital sensors to make our measurements. No buying pre-made anemometers or rain gauges, we are making our own!

Raspberry Pi


Source: Instructables

FFXIII Goes to the Cloud

Mobile gaming has grown increasingly popular over the last few years. While Nintendo has missed out on a lot of the mobile gaming goodness, Square Enix doesn't want to miss the boat as well. They are launching a Cloud-Powered Final Fantasy XIII in Japan for iOS and Android devices. This will bring more people to spend money on the Square Enix title and also bring better games to Android as the graphics will be rendered server-side and pumped to mobile handsets. While this hasn't worked for competitve shooters on the PC, it could work awesome for mobile games.

The game is delivered as a free, tiny (~20 MB) app, and the entire game is streamed from G-Cluster servers to your device as a video. To accommodate the game’s controls (which were originally built for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 controllers), the screen is surrounded by large touch targets that match up with most buttons that would normally be available.

Source: TechCrunch

$20,000 iWatch = Sold Out

Looks like Apple's $20,000 Gold Watch gimmick has paid off as they went on sale in China and were sold out in less than an hour. Apparently $20,000 isn't too much for a status symbol and while the total amount of watches sold isn't known, the fact that more than 1 sold is proof enough that some people do in fact have more money than brains. Business Insider has more on this story.

The Apple Watch Edition has already sold out in China — and it took less than an hour for the most luxurious gold version of the device, which reportedly costs 126,800 yuan ($20,000), to get completely snapped up.

Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge

Today is the day that the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge go on sale in the United States and thanks to the positive reviews so far, Samsung is expecting big things from their flagship phone. How big? Samsung is hoping to move around 50 million of these devices in 2015 alone which is a pretty impressive feat and would make it the best selling Galaxy phone so far. Right now it seems like the S6 Edge might be the more in demand phone and supply most likely won't be able to keep up with demand for a while so if you are in the market for one you might not want to wait around otherwise you'll be disappointed. The Verge has more on the launch over here.

Samsung's Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge go on sale in the US today at 12.00pm ET, with the South Korean manufacturer predicting record sales for its new flagship devices. Samsung certainly needs a boost, with relatively sluggish sales for the Galaxy S5 dragging down its revenue and profit in the last quarter. However, after positive reviews across the board for the S6 and S6 Edge, some analysts are expecting the new devices to sell as much 50 million units in 2015 alone. "We expect the sales volume to hit the highest record ever among the Galaxy series," said Lee Sang-chul, Samsung's head of mobile marketing.

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