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TPL-408E2K Powerline Kit

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Lumia 1330 Specifications and Performance

While the Lumia 1330 is not a flagship device, it is interesting to see where Microsoft is taking their line of phones. This device is pretty 2012 in terms of processing power, but we've seen before that the Windows Mobile OS is pretty efficient and runs like a champ. This certainly won't be the fastest phone on the market but with the Lumia 635 available for ~$50, it is very interesting how these new phones will be priced when powered by older hardware. It could be the rise of the $100 phone and I think that people are getting tired of paying $800 for a new device. It just might work for Microsoft.

The listing also confirms a 5 MP Selfie camera, Adreno 305 GPU, Snapdragon 400 CPU (Quad-core, ARMv7) and a 720p resolution 5.7-inch display. It will have 1 GB RAM and don’t get confused by that 0.38 GB RAM shown in screenshot. That indicates available free RAM and if you have used GFXBench app on your Windows Phone you will know it. Click here to see how, Lumia 1020 RAM is shown as 825 MB by GFXBench.

Source: NokiaPowerUser

Netflix Gets 8 Original Series in 2015

If you are a fan of Netflix, you might be pretty excited to find out that they are getting a total of eight new series that will be debuting in 2015. This is great news if you've dropped them your $10 a month. Of course, some of these may be pretty lame - but some of them could be as awesome as The 100. Here's hoping for more great content that makes cable companies and big studios shape up their act.

In addition to these shows for mom and dad, Netflix also has plans to launch a selection of children’s programming next year, along with various documentaries, like one on the late singer and activist Nina Simone. Also on tap for 2016 is Netflix’s first talk show format with Chelsea Handler.  And,of course who can forget the Season 3 premiers for both House of Cards and OITNB? Looks like Netflix has plenty of goodies up its sleeves for subscribers to unwrap all through the year.

Source: Neowin

Merry Christmas

There are so many wonderful people in my life that I want to wish a very warm 'Merry Christmas'. Some of those are close friends, some are family, some are sponsors and affiliates that have helped us get through tough times and have rejoiced when things go well. To each and every reader, listener and supporter of BCCHardware, WeeklyTechUpdate and BenHeide - thank you. Merry Christmas and I do personally wish you all the best in 2015.


Merry Christmas

Security Update Pushed to Apple Devices

Apple has had their fair share of virus' over the years and while they try and make you think that their platform is secure, every platform has flaws - including theirs. The proof in the pudding is the fact that Apple has recently pushed a security update to their hardware that covers vulnerabilities in OS X in their NTP (network time protocol). Thankfully, this patch was seamless and it should all be patched and good to go. The big news is that this was enough of a security risk that Apple had to push the update - a first in the companies history.

The bugs were made public in security bulletins on Friday by the Department of Homeland Security and the Carnegie Mellon University Software Engineering Institute. Carnegie Mellon identified dozens of technology companies, including Apple, whose products might be vulnerable.

Source: Reuters

Samsung TVs Get PlayStation-less PlayStation

Good news for those that own love Sony PlayStation it looks like your Sony Samsung TV will be getting PlayStation Now game streaming service in the first half of 2015. There is a lot of bad news regarding Sony right now, but this is a small ray of sunshine from a company that is actually a lot more horrible than you'd ever think possible. Still, gaming service right to your TV without a set-top box of any kind is pretty awesome and may make you think twice about picking up Amazon's FireTV or Google's latest gaming stick.

PlayStation Now enables you to stream games from the Web straight to the TV without needing a PlayStation console. You do need a Sony Dualshock controller, but once that's plugged in all you have to do is fire up an app on the TV and you can choose from over 200 PS3 games to start playing immediately.

Source: CNET (submitted by @jaymorrison)

Skype Android Flaw May Allow Evesdropping

If you are running Skype on your Android device, make sure that if you hear it ringing and suddenly stop that the call is not still connected. There seems to be a bug in the Android version of the client that if a person calling you is signed in on a couple of devices, they can spoof a "dropped call" and have the target phone quietly call back. While there has to be certain conditions present to make this happen, it is easily reproducible - so be aware that your phone camera and microphone could be enabled remotely this way.


All you need is skype on two devices, call someone with one, then disconnect it from the net as it's ringing. Their phone will now call you back on your other device, camera, mic and all. I have only tested this on an android device after doing it accidentally, it works in around 1 out of 3 times. I don't know if it affects any other version. If we can get some confirmation from other users that would be great, but this is not cool.

Source: Reddit

Rockstar Group Ends Patent War on Google

Google received a nice Christmas present from the Rockstar Consortium. I guess it's more like what they didn't receive. They aren't receiving lawsuits from this Apple-and-Microsoft backed group of companies that had originally intended on breaking Google's Android by snatching up all the patents they could and then suing the pants off the competition. This is good news for Google and consumers. If the only way you can get rid of the competition is by suing them into oblivion, obviously you don't have very good products. Build a better product and they will come.

The move winds down a brief but nasty chapter in smartphone patent disputes. The Consortium was formed in 2011 with the goal of acquiring 6,000 patents (mostly for chips, optical and wireless tech) from an ailing Nortel. Even then, the intentions were pretty clear: Rockstar was determined to keep the intellectual property out of Google's hands and eventually sue Android's partners in order to punish the competition.

Source: Engadget, via RPX

WTU Episode #294 - Facebook takes on Craigslist

If you like all things tech, check out Episode #294 of Weekly Tech Update Podcast. We talk Facebook "Goods" to take on Craigslist, Microsoft to push Xbox One to your Phone and get ready for the Fancy Maker. We have those stories - and a bunch more in this pre-Christmas show.We have those stories and more and the links below!


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Surface Pro 3 Commercial - So Much Fail it's a Win

This is an absolutely horrible commerical. It might actually be so bad that its good. I don't think they tried for the horrible part though. You decide.


Halo 5: Guardians Impressions and Footage

Today's news is heavily video clips and gaming, but with game information like Halo 5: Guardians, I can't help myself. There is some interesting footage on the new game as they look mostly at the multiplayer "slayer" gameplay in the footage below. If you're a Halo fan, you'll get a bit excited, but keep in mind that this is very early beta, and we'll have to wait a while before we see a release date. My guess is there will be a LOT more information released at E3 and this will be the big game of that show half-way through next year.

I found Halo 5 to be a noticeable step forward for a gaming franchise that has stayed closer to home with each release as opposed to radically changing its formulas. After recently playing through a good portion of The Master Chief Collection and jumping into the Halo 5 beta, it's easy to see and feel the difference between the Halo that was and the Halo that will be. This is mostly attributed to the fact that there's a lot happening while playing Halo 5, and the beta only gives us small glimpses into what we can expect next year with a final product.

Source: Neowin

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