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Noctua NH-U12S and NH-U14S Review

We have just posted up our review of the Noctua NH-U12S and NH-U14S CPU Coolers. These are a couple of high-performance monoliths from Noctua that will rival quite a few entry-level liquid cooling kits. The NH-U14S is a beast as it features a massive 15cm fan and you will want to check your case to see if it will fit. For all the details - and why you should consider one of these, read our review for all the details.

The CPU cooling market has really changed since we started BCCHardware. CPU's no longer require big aftermarket coolers and most people are satisfied with stock cooling, but that hasn't changed the way Noctua looks at cooling and they haven't cut corners as a result. They just keep consistently pumping out coolers that are quiet, high quality, and can offer up performance that can compete with anyone.


Windows 8.1 Update 2 Coming Soon?

Over the past few weeks, there have been rumors about Windows 8.1 Update 2 and it looks like it might not be that far off. According to sources, the update could roll out on August 12 as part of patch Tuesday. I'm REALLY hoping that the update start menu that we've seen floating around on Windows 8.1 Pro will actually make the update. Please?

The image you see above comes from a Russian source and is said to be authentic, although, we cannot confirm that image is genuine Microsoft documentation. But, based on everything we had heard prior to this document surfacing, it aligns perfectly to that information.

Source: Neowin via PCPortal

Kindle Unlimited is Official

We talked about it last week, and this past weekend it was official - Kindle Unlimited is official. For only $9.99 a month, you can read as much as you want from over 600,000 books in the Kindle library as well as listen to the Audible version of the book - of which there are over 2,000 Whispersync for voice-enabled books (and growing). If you enjoy reading - a lot, make sure you check it out.

With Kindle Unlimited, you won’t have to think twice before you try a new author or genre—you can just start reading and listening,” said Russ Grandinetti, Senior Vice President, Kindle. “In addition to offering over 600,000 eBooks, Kindle Unlimited is also by far the most cost-effective way to enjoy audiobooks and eBooks together.

Source: Amazon, Free-Trial (USA Only)

Pending Doom

For those of you who played the original Doom games and very much enjoyed them, you've been waiting for what seems like millenia for the next sequel, take heart! ID Software has displayed the fourth game under the Doom title at the QuakeCon conference this year! Although there are no release dates as of this time we do know that the title will be simply, "Doom" and that the game is an original story. The game is being released for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

At this year's QuakeCon conference, id Software showed off the new game, finally detailing what exactly we can expect. It focuses on fast-paced combat and it takes place on Mars, outside of a Union Aerospace Corporation building. You'll be using melee combat a lot, and combat is brutal. Id is designing crazy enemies and weapons, and you'll be able to carry around a large arsenal "all at the same time," executive producer Marty Stratton said.

Source: GameSpot

Button to Buy

Have you ever been looking at your Facebook feed and wanted to be able to buy a product you saw displayed there without having to go to another site? Well, now you can! They are testing the new "buy button" which will provide you with the means of buying that object you desire by only using your credit card info linked with your Facebook account! For the time being Facebook will not be charging businesses for this service but it has not been ruled out.

Rather than clicking away to a merchant’s site, the Buy button lets you complete the entire purchase flow within Facebook, which could boost conversion rates and endear retailers to the social network. You can use a credit card you have on file with Facebook, enter new payment details and save them for future use, or just checkout and not store your payment info. The feature is privacy safe, and Facebook won’t pass payment details on to other advertisers.

Source: TechCrunch

Canada Catches a Break

As far as media goes, Canadians seem to get shafted with the worst or just get everything later than everybody else, but that is about to change! Netflix Canada and Disney have drawn up an arrangement beginning with 2015 theatrically released films so that Netflix Canada members can watch most productions by Disney roughly eight months after their release!

Beginning with 2015 theatrically released feature films, Netflix Canada members can enjoy new titles from Disney Live Action, Walt Disney Animation Studios, Pixar Animation Studios, Marvel Studios, Lucasfilm, Disneynature and DreamWorks Studios. Approximately eight months after titles leave theaters - quicker than has traditionally been the case on premium pay TV - Canadian Netflix subscribers will be able to watch new releases from The Walt Disney Studios in the home and on the go.

Source: NewsWire

PS4 Still Bigger than the Xbox One

As the console wars continue to rage on, one thing seems to be clear; the fact that the Xbox one is still behind the PS4. According to the NPD Group’s monthly report for the physical sales of consoles in the USA during June, the PS4 is still in the lead and this is in light of the fact that the price of the XBox One was cut a bit and the sales have been more than doubled for the same month. It will be an interesting watch to see what sales will do over the next couple months.

That's an especially noteworthy accomplishment given the momentum the Xbox One gained last month. Just yesterday, Microsoft announced that Xbox One sales had more than doubled in June (compared with May) after its Kinect-less, $400 model went on sale. No specific figures were offered, and as a result, it was difficult to tell just how many systems the price drop helped to sell.

Source: GameSpot

Google Wants to Chip Your Eyes

Back in January, Google showed off their prototype smart contacts for measuring glucose levels in diabetes patients. An outside company has now procured and in-license agreement for control over all medical uses of the contacts. This company’s name is Alcon; the eye care division of Novartis.

Novartis' Alcon eye care division has entered an in-license agreement governing all ocular medical uses for Google's smart contact lenses, it announced Tuesday. Google unveiled a prototype of its glucose-monitoring lens in January.

Source: TechNewsWorld

Light Night Vision

Up until this point, airforce pilots have not had a convenient way to view in night vision, but now they do. British Aerospace Systems have developed what they have name the Striker II. What this does is eliminate the need for an overweight pair of night vision goggles and replaces it with a night vision camera that projects onto the pilot’s visor, making the whole affair a lot less bulky and weighty. Think of this as Google Glass for fighter pilots.

The Striker II, designed and built by British Aerospace Systems, eliminates the need for cumbersome night-vision goggles (NVGs) which attach to the front of helmets. Instead, the Striker II has a tiny digital camera which turns night into day for pilots and projects an image on to the pilot’s visor in 1280x1060 high-definition resolution, along with other critical information such as speed, weapons and target.

Source: Telegraph

Scuba Gets a Wet LAN

As those of you who scuba dive know, communication is limited to simply hand signals for the most part, so if your air runs low and you can’t grab anyone's attention you could be in severe trouble. There is now a more practical solution that does not require your mates to be staring at you to know what you mean! This solution is called Ultrasonic Subaquatic Networks, and is made by Aqwary and does not only allow divers and some above water to monitor air levels and if an emergency arises you can alert everyone in your group up to 70 divers. Next up, local gaming underwater.

All of which means that recreational divers don't have much in the way of foolproof communication. Now, a Swedish startup called Aqwary hopes to change that. The company has developed a new approach to underwater communication: allowing divers to create ultrasonic, subaquatic networks that passively share information like their location and air supply status.

Source: TheVerge

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