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Halo and Steam Coming to Windows Mixed Reality

Microsoft has just announced their "mixed reality" product that is basically their VR platform. Now that Microsoft has joined the bandwagon, it's time for it to die. That being said, they plan on bringing some decent content to the platform with Halo and other Steam titles making headlines. In the end, it might be Microsoft that brings the "killer app" to the VR platform and helps it take off. I wouldn't hold my breath though.


Source: Neowin

Whole Foods Sells Echos

The very day that Amazon closed the deal on Whole Foods, they started peddling their hardware. The Amazon Echo smart speaker was labeled as being farm fresh and the price on these has dropped - at least initially. Either way, this goes to show that after Amazon has driven out the brick-and-mortar businesses, they want in on that as well. They want to own and control both sides of the shopping equation. 

The display cheekily passes the Amazon Echo off as another one of Whole Foods’ “Pick of The Season” ad for discounted products, offering both the full-sized Echo and the Echo Dot for $99.99 an $44.99 respectively. They’re the same price as what you’d find on Amazon.com, though full-sized Echos appear to be out of stock online at this time.

Source: TheVerge


Google Broke the Internet in Japan

Google had a bit of a software glitch last Friday and it screwed up the internet in Japan pretty bad. It's interesting and a bit scary to see how much the world depends on internet. Because of slow speeds as half of the country was down, financial trading was halted and even rail service ground to a stop as people couldn't buy tickets. Google had things fixed within an hour, but the effect was felt for much longer. 

The problem occurred around noon on Friday. A mistake on Google's end made it appear as if a large chunk of IP addresses were available for internet traffic to be routed through Google. However, those IP addresses actually belonged to Japanese internet service providers. So a large amount of traffic that was meant for Japan was suddenly sent towards Google by major internet service providers like Verizon.

Source: Engadget

Galaxy Note 8 Trade-up Has Some Trade-offs

If you purchased and got excited that Samsung offered a $425 trade-in credit if you snag a Note 8, you may want to read the fine print before you get too excited. First, the offer is only available at Samsung.com - Canadians (and residents of other countries) need not apply. Also, keep in mind that the $425 credit is the maximum amount. If you have a $50 pay-and-talk phone, you certainly won't get that much credit. Also, you will need your original sales receipt for the Note 7, a credit card bill showing that you actually paid for it, a bill from your Telco showing that it was activated and a copy of your contract. No big deal. If you jump through all the hoops, you may get some credit. Maybe.

But if you were burned by the double recall after multiple units overheated and caught fire in 2016, it won't be as easy as raising your hand to get the deal. There are conditions, as there always are. For the most part, the Note 7 trade-in program fits right in to Samsung's existing program for new phones, with just one extra caveat. In fact, the last update to terms and conditions occurred August 14, more than a week before the August 23 Note 8 event.

Source: CNET

E-Book Revenues Continue to Slide

I love my Kindle and the library of E-Books that I own. It's wonderful to be able to take a few different choices with me when I travel without the bulk of regular paperback books. I also like the backlight of the Kindle Paperwhite, but there is a huge issue. Publishers want the same price (or more) for a digital book that doesn't require the cost of printing, the addtional shipping costs, packaging and more. Because of that, people aren't buying E-Books and therefore the revenue continues to decline. If Kindle books were half the price of their paper counterpart, I have a feeling we'd see some pretty tremendous growth.

The organization, which reports sales data from about 1,200 publishers, says that sales of trade books in the e-book format decreased 5.3% in the first quarter of 2017 over the same period in 2016. This decline is becoming a pattern, though these most recent figures are far less dramatic than those announced regarding the first quarter of 2016. That period saw an e-book revenue decrease of 21.8% over the first quarter of 2015.

Source: Forbes

Facebook is Pretty Popular

Facebook continues to grow in numbers despite what Jason and I predicted a few years back. Right now, it has more monthly users that Islam has followers. Facebook reports that it has 1.32 billion DAILY users are an incredible 2.01 billion MONTHLY users. The only thing that is bigger than Facebook is Christianity, and I'm guessing that more people are actually devoted to Facebook more than their Bibles. That's a huge market share and it keeps on growing. Hopefully if Mark decides to run for president, Facebook implodes.

Facebook already owns three of the five largest online communities in the world: its own network, WhatsApp, and Instagram. The other two, Chinese services WeChat and TenCent, have about 2 billion users between them. To fuel this growth, Facebook has gone on a relentless acquisition spree of any platform where it sees its future audience heading next.

Source: Quartz

Why Smart Watches Failed

I know that many of your love technology as much as I do, but there are some things that are cool - but impractical. As much as I still love my Pebble Steel and Martian Notifier, the fact is that Smart Watches are pretty much dead. Pebble is done, Motorola quit and Jawbone is out. Those are just a few of the companies that saw the writing on the wall and quit while they were ahead before they lost their shirts. While this is gone for now, it will probably be like VR and come back around again in a few years. There are several reasons the wearable failed as quickly as it did. You can read more at the link below.

Smartwatches failed to meet expectations and penetrate the mainstream consumer market for a variety of reasons. The top reason is that they are either too bulky and expensive or they're too limited in functionality to justify purchase and use by all but the most dedicated gadget enthusiast.

Source: ComputerWorld

HTC looking to sell?

The rumor of the day is that HTC is looking to sell either part or all of their business. Now this rumor probably isn't too surprising to most as HTC has been having a hard time competing in a overcrowded mobile market. While HTC has produced some top notch phones, they just haven't sold like they were hoping. While the mobile business it HTC's big focus, it sounds like their VR business (HTC Vive) is also on the block for sale. CNBC has more details.

HTC made its name building smartphones for carriers before launching HTC-branded devices, such as the popular One M7 that it sold several years ago. As competition from Samsung and Apple ramped up, however, HTC had a hard time maintaining its consumer base and, as a result, its carrier partnerships.

It also lost several key executives over the past couple of years, including CEO Peter Chou, who was replaced by Cher Wang in 2015.

Happy Birthday Linux

Linux officially turns 26 today. While Linux has never grabbed huge market share, it's always been there in the back ground and currently has over 12,000 contributors and over 1,300 companies are distributing it, which is a pretty impressive feat for a free operating system. Medium has the story.

Fast forward to today and Linux has more than 12 000 contributors from over 1300 companies that contribute to the Linux kernel.

The Linux Foundation released a fairly detailed progress report, including an infographic which I was tempted to include here but you can view it in it’s original context here.

Age of Empires IV

Microsoft has announced they'll be adding a 4th edition of Age of Empires this week and it's made RTS fans pretty happy. Age of Empires was originally released 20 years ago and if you're a strategy game fan it's probably a pretty safe be that you've played a few hours of Age of Empires. TNW has the details.

At the ongoing Gamescom expo in Germany, Microsoft announced the impending arrival of Age of Empires IV, the latest in its epic real-teal strategy game franchise.

The title is being developed by Relic Entertainment, which previously worked on the Company of Heroes and Dawn of War series. That’s a shift away from Ensemble Studios, which created the original AoE, and was disbanded by Microsoft after it acquired the developer.


Microsoft didn’t show off in-game footage or announce a release date, but its trailer, filled with concept art, depicts numerous different armies and time periods throughout history, from Romans to Japanese Samurai to Conquistadors and Native Americans.

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