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AMD May Be Breaking Up

AMD is considering splitting up the company to better compete with Intel and NVIDIA. Currently AMD is a distant second when it comes to performance desktop processors, and their graphics division is holding well, but could use a noteworthy kick-in-the-pants to ensure that it keeps up with rival AMD. All in all, this is not the end of AMD, but rather a better way to focus on each division. Those are my thoughts, but others think it could indeed be the beginning of the end for our beloved AMD. Thoughts?

AMD, which has a market capitalization of around $2 billion, has competed with much larger Intel since the 1980s, and at times has made inroads with its PC and server chips. AMD has an extensive cross-licensing agreement with Intel, an issue AMD would have to study carefully in the case of a break-up.

Source: Reuters

How its Made: Beats Headphones

Are you considering dropping a couple or maybe a few hundred dollars on an expensive set of headphones? Chances are good if you are Beats are one of the brands being considered and this next article over at Medium.com takes apart a set of Beats headphones to show you just what you are actually getting. I don't want to wreck the entire article, but 30% of the weight of your headphones is actually just weight to make it feel heavier and sturdier..... Check out the entire teardown over here.

Lots of optimizations are to be expected in a product manufactured in the millions of units: snaps and glue are used for assembly rather than screws (which require lots of human manipulation) and almost every part is injection molded plastic (which is essentially free at high volumes).

Anytime I take a product apart there are a few exciting surprises to solve some tricky problems. Here’s what I found for Beats:

Dell tries Linux (Again)

Every once in a while Dell makes an announcement that they are going to be offering Linux on some of their desktops or laptops and the open source community cheers and Dell makes headlines. After a couple days it seems that everyone forgets and life goes on and Dell drops the models. Dell is now trying once again to offer a couple laptops in the Inspiron 15 3000 and Inspiron 14 3000 series that will be shipping with Ubuntu Linux. So far the advertising is limited to just a tweet, but that more that in the past so we will see how long this lasts. TechRepulic has the full story.

Ask any fan of Linux about the on-again, off-again relationship Dell has had with the flagship open-source platform, and you'll get mostly negative reactions. There's a reason for that. Every time Dell teases the Linux community with a new Linux-powered desktop, the relationship lasts for a few months, and then it's over.

Well, guess what? Dell is at it again. However, this time, something feels a bit different. Instead of being secretive about Linux on their laptops or desktops, Dell is actually (gasp) promoting the things!

Game makers cautious about VR @ E3

At CES 2015 there were a bunch of companies dipping into the VR (Virtual Reality) headset market. Fast forward 6 months and now gamer makers are getting the stage at E3. While the hype is still there surrounding VR headsets, the game makers aren't jumping in as quickly as the hardware makers and overall the attitude can be summed up as 'interested and cautious' when it comes to the people making the big name games. The NY Times has more on VR at E3 2015.

Game developers have seen fads like 3-D games come and go in recent years. They’ve also seen technologies like mobile come, stay and upend the entire industry.

Which bucket does virtual reality fall into?

It’s clear the technology has passionate believers. But at this week’s E3 game convention here, it became equally clear in conversations with executives at big game companies that many of them aren’t ready to proclaim the next big thing in entertainment.

How Apple and IBM marketed in 1977

Back in 1977 both Apple and IBM were trying to convince people that they needed a computer. Both companies became huge players in the personal computer markets and The Atlantic is taking a look at the early days and how the personal computer was marketed. I've even included a video explaining how a 50 pound IBM 5100 computer will change your life.



Control Your Range Rover with Your Phone

Although Jaguar has a nice idea by interfacing their vehicles with your mobile device, did none of them ever hear of the game "Watch Dogs"? Yeah, that's not really a good idea. If you tend to spend more time in the real world, you will see that this technology is pretty cool and could help you get out of a few scrapes.

Source: Jaguar Land Rover

Want. Games. Now.

Maybe I've been working too much lately, but E3 has shown off some incredible games that I can't wait to play. Which ones? I'll tell you what I really, really want. For starters, Star Wars Battlefront and DOOM.





Go Vote for Your Backwards Compatible Games

Microsoft announced that they are offering a sort of backwards compatibility with the Xbox One in the near future that will allow it to play Xbox 360 games. The thing is, not all games will be supported as there are some logistics that have to be addressed. I stated before that some bargain titles won't likely be available, and Xbox has opened the polls to allow you to vote for games that they should make compatible with the Xbox One. Speak up and be heard so you can play more for less!

Xbox One Backward Compatibility is here. Now you can play a growing number of your Xbox 360 games on Xbox One at no additional cost. With new games added to the roster every month, now you can play both generations of games on one console. Experience the greatest games lineup in Xbox history - exclusively on Xbox One. We can’t promise every title will be available, but we’re working hard to make as many of your favorite Xbox 360 titles playable on Xbox One.

Source: Neowin

ASUS Radeon R9 380 STRIX Review & R9 Fury

ASUS is one of the companies pushing out the new R9 380 cards already and in fact their top-end STRIX Gaming card is on the review bench today and there are some interesting details regarding this card. The review is not in English, but the pictures seem to be English. Also the graphs appear to be pretty universal. Keep in mind that this is a mainstream card, and there is a lot more good stuff coming from AMD in the near future - such as the R9 Fury below.

AMD's new GPU developed specifically ever. The specification and is close to R9 280, R9 280X by R9 285 would be pulled highlight the advantages of R9 280 Series and R9 290 Series comes out. For the technology being added to the latest AMD RADEON R9 285 then. AMD ZEROCORE Technology System is a system that focuses on energy saving in the state that the video card is not in use.

Source: VModTech



Android App Pick #185 - AlphaBetty Saga

We have just posted up another Android App Pick of the Week and this week we are excited to be back gaming as it is E3 week. This week brings a lot of new games to light - including both hardcore and casual games. If you can't wait over a year for some of the new titles, you can at least get smarter with games like AlphaBetty Saga. Take a look and see why this addicting game is our App Pick this week.




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