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App Pick - AirDroid

Android App Pick - Compass 360 Pro

We have just posted up another Android App Pick of the Week and this week we are trying to keep you on track with Compass 360 Pro. This is a great App whether you're heading out to the hills or taking a drive anywhere, if you know which way North is, you'll never get lost... right? Go for a drive and check out our App Pick of the Week!

Compass 360 Pro


PC Review Action

If you are looking at picking up a new PC, things are pretty awesome right now. Intel has recently updated their Haswell chips to "Devil's Canyon" so you have some great new options and a few older options that are very affordable. If you want a decent gaming system you can pick and choose a bunch of parts yourself, or you can pick up something like the Cube Raptor Gaming PC reviewed recently. If you want something that's built and ready to frag, take a look.

Maybe you just need something small to play media files and stream content to your TV. There are a lot of set-top solutions and the Chromecast is not a bad option, but you are limited. If you want something a little more robust and flexible, but yet you demand silence, try out a fanless mini-PC like the Shuttle Slim-PC DS437T. Unlike the HP Fanless Chromebox - that actually has a fan.

Shuttle DS437T

Source(s): eTeknix, TechPowerUp

OS X Yosemite Preview

If you're all about having the latest version of your software, you may want to try and get in on the open beta of the new OS X. Yosemite is a major change for Apple and according to many people, it is a welcome change and takes a few of its cures from iOS. While Microsoft tried to do this with Windows 8, it's possible that Apple got it right. Take a look at the link below and see what they think.

The last time Apple released a new version of OS X, we came away feeling a little... underwhelmed. Don't get us wrong: We'll never say no to a free software upgrade. But despite a handful of new apps and features, last year's Mavericks release still felt like the same old OS X. You can't say that about Yosemite, though. The company's next-gen operating system ushers in the Mac's biggest makeover in years, with a flat, streamlined look inspired by iOS 7.

Source: Engadget

Titanfall DLC Brings Major Changes

A lot of us have played and enjoyed Titanfall, but have wanted more content for this monumental game. Well, you are in luck - if you want to shell out more money. Titanfall Frontier's Edge is being released on July 31st and boasts some exciting upgrades! The biggest of which is the in-game store labeled as the Black Market, where you can buy things like burn cards, insignias for your titan and other things. Time will tell if this is the killer feature or the feature that kills the game.

Its biggest addition is the Black Market, an in-game store where you'll be able to purchase packs of burn cards, insignias for your Titan, XP boosts, and so on. These will be available in exchange for credits, a new currency being added that is earned by playing matches, completing daily challenges (another new addition), and selling burn cards. If this is beginning to sound like it's being added in order to offer microtransactions, worry not--credits can't be purchased with real-world money.

Source: Gamespot

GS4 is Still a Hot Device

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is not that new of a device, but it is still hot and selling well. In Texas, one teen found that her S4 was a little hotter than it should be as she woke up to a smoking device that she'd placed under her pillow while she was charging it and sleeping. Samsung is in the clear here as they have disclaimers about covering your phone while charging and the battery was a non-Samsung replacement. Still, this serves to warn you to monitor your phone and maybe not keep it under your pillow.

If I am awoken by smoke in the middle of the night, I assume the neighbors are having a key party again. However, one 13-year-old from Texas, says she was woken by a smoky smell and didn't even worry about it. She went back to sleep. For Ariel Tolfree, though, the smell didn't go away. When she woke up again, she noticed that her Samsung Galaxy S4 was melting under her pillow.

Source: CNET

Voice Minus Google Plus

Sadly, Google hasn’t made it easy to use their voice system. Up until recently we have only been able to make call from Google Plus but now you can do so from hangouts on Gmail right from your PC! You can also make calls straight from the Google voice website. We may say a complete combination of Hangouts and Voice but as of yet it is simply a rumour.

The rumor is that eventually we're going to see Google Voice merged completely into Hangouts, and that's getting even closer to becoming reality. You can now make phone calls via Hangouts directly from the Google Voice website, no Google+ necessary. As Mountain View's Alex Wiesen notes on G+, the new feature is listed as an option in the "phone to call with" drop-down box. It seems a bit minor, sure, especially when you consider that Hangouts is already how you make phone calls from within Gmail -- but any updates for the oft-neglected service are welcome, right?

Source: Engadget

Halo: Nightfall First Look

I know that Halo is a religion to some people and I have to admit, I'm a fan of the culture. I'm not to ashamed to admit that I may have lined up for the midnight launch for the last two games in this series. The game is now jumping the gap to the small screen with Halo: Nightfall and as cool as the game is, I had my doubts about a TV series. Take a look and see for yourself.


The Order of Gaming

In the gaming industry it seems that people are always trying to brag their graphics up, but as it turns out even a game developer is saying that the PS4 is at the top of the consoles for graphics. The studio, Ready At Dawn, has said that,  "We couldn’t have achieved this graphical fidelity with any other console," and this is in reference to their new coming title, The Order 1886. This statement was made by J. Goldberg, community manager for Ready At Dawn. Sony will hopefully be happy with this praise, as it is not easy to get.

The studio used full performance capture for all characters in the game, as well as the same character model for gameplay sequences and cutscenes, making the transition from one to the other almost seamless. "We're moving the camera in space, we're not loading in a video."

Source: Gamespot

Google Helps with Exploration

Have you ever been in a new place and wondered where you should eat or what you should do? Google is doing something to help with this. This week they are releasing an update to the Maps app for Android and iOS that adds an Explore button; essentially letting you see what is close by and can even change what distance it will show you! Another cool feature is that you see how the weather will affect things!

Now, whenever you want to discover places in your area, simply tap the new Explore button at the bottom right corner of your map to get a quick look at what’s nearby (where available). With Explore as your guide, you’ll see different places and activities that adapt to each area and moment throughout your day. This also works when you’re browsing other neighborhoods and cities on the map so you can plan your day’s outing or daydream about your next vacation. 

Source: Google Blog

Robots Adapt to Injury to Keep on Killing

I believe that its robots, not zombies that will be the end to us. The proof is below in the video. People are developing algorithms that will let the robot try different methods of movement and pick the one that is the most effective shoud part of the robot itself be damaged. You'll have to shoot all the legs off this mechanical spider to keep it from killing you. Well done friends-of-the-robotic-takeover. Go build your mechanical overloads.


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