Samsung UN60F7100 60-in. LED HDTV - Closer Look and Features

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Samsung UN60F7100 60-in. LED HDTV
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Closer Look & Features:

As this is an LED-backlit TV, it is much thinner than its Plasma counterpart.  Still, it's nothing like the 9000-Series we saw almost two years ago.  Now it seems like everything should be super thin and sleek.  The reality is that this 9000-Series TV is still extremely expensive and the 7100-Series is priced to move.


There are quite a few inputs on this device and it should be enough for most users.  There are a couple of USB ports to get you started as well as a total of four HDMI-ports.  There are also several types of audio out connectors including option and standard 1/8" stereo.  To complete some of the old-school connections we also find a single Component video setup and a LAN port for connecting to your network.  Just as with the 8000-Series TV, there is no VGA connector and you'll have to rely on an HDMI connector to hook up your PC.  This shouldn't be a big deal for most people as many laptops have VGA and HDMI connections.  My laptop does not however and I had to use a Dock that supports DVI output and use a DVI-HDMI cable.  My laptop boasts both VGA and mini-Display Port connections.


Stylish Logo

Nexus 4 - For Scale

Nexus 4 - For Scale

Smart and beautiful, the F7100 LED compliments your living space and the images on screen with its contemporary style. All of the Smart TV benefits, plus outstanding picture quality and speed, prove that this beauty has substance. Micro Dimming adds greater detail to dark backgrounds while Clear Motion Rate eliminates the chance of blurry frames during fast-moving scenes. A powerful Dual Core processor ensures the F7100 runs fast, supports all of the Smart TV benefits. The F7100 is more than just a TV; it’s a Samsung Smart TV.
See every detail in your favourite movies and TV shows
Now you can experience better shadow detail and a sharper picture. Micro Dimming divides your TV screen into dozens of different areas. It then analyzes each area and changes the brightness to better reflect the specific scene and create deeper blacks where necessary. Amidst dark scenes, it creates the perfect contrast and allows for better picture quality so you can see the details that you never knew existed. With Micro Dimming, you’ll get a more accurate picture.
Capture every detail of even the fastest action
On some TVs, quick motion can appear blurred or choppy, but with Samsung’s Clear Motion Rate, you’ll experience remarkable clarity in even the fastest scenes. Clear Motion Rate automatically calculates how well the TV needs to perform with fast-moving images. The higher the rating (e.g. 720CMR), the better the TV can display fast-moving details. From sports to action-packed movies, get a better, faster and fuller HDTV experience.
Multi-task on your TV with the power of Dual Core
Now you can access apps, access the Internet and watch a movie at the same time. Dual Core makes your Samsung Smart TV more efficient by processing information twice as fast as normal internet enabled TVs*
*Based on internal testing
The gateway to a revolutionary entertainment experience
Get all the excitement with Samsung’s all new Smart Hub. Now, get immediate access to live TV recommendations based on your tastes and viewing patterns and get easy access to all your favourite apps, photos, videos and music. And what’s even better is that you can share all this with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and even make video calls on Skype. Samsung’s AllShare creates a wireless home network for you to enjoy content from all compatible devices. More features, double the fun.
*Screen image picture is a representation and may not reflect actual user interface.
*Content, TV services and capabilities may not be available in all region and territories.
Superior craftsmanship meets elegant minimalism
The immaculate design of the F7100 exudes an air of sophistication and luxury that adds elegance to any home. Its crisp metal finish stand gives it a truly distinctive touch that gives off a feeling of minimalism. The meticulous attention-to-detail ends in a work of art, with a truly sumptuous addition to any modern household.
*Product image is a representation. Actual colours and stand designs may vary by region.


On the next page, we'll take a look at the specifications before we jump into testing.