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1 Google Shares Microsoft Edge Exploit Benjamin "Zeus" Heide
2 Windows 10 on ARM is Half-Baked Benjamin "Zeus" Heide
3 Snapchat's redesign isn't so popular Jason
4 Google Working on Texting from Browser Benjamin "Zeus" Heide
5 Microsoft Wants to Pay You to Switch to OneDrive Benjamin "Zeus" Heide
6 Google Took Down 700,000 Apps in 2017 Benjamin "Zeus" Heide
7 Acronis Offers Free Ransomware Protection Benjamin "Zeus" Heide
8 Apple to "fix" throttling in iOS 11.3 Jason
9 Office 365 Finally Available for Windows 10 S Benjamin "Zeus" Heide
10 Some Android Games are Recording Your TV Habits Benjamin "Zeus" Heide
11 The Year of Linux Desktop Still Hasn't Happened Benjamin "Zeus" Heide
12 New Chrome Beta Mutes Autoplay Videos Benjamin "Zeus" Heide
13 iTunes isn't Coming to Windows 10 S Until 2018 Benjamin "Zeus" Heide
14 Goodbye AOL Instant Messanger Jason
15 HP Fixes Another Keylogger on 460+ Laptop Models Benjamin "Zeus" Heide
16 MIcrosoft Edge Passes 1 Million Downloads - On Android Benjamin "Zeus" Heide
17 The Game Awards Jason
18 Google to remove YouTube support from Amazon Fire TVs Jason
19 Google's Best of 2017 Benjamin "Zeus" Heide
20 Google's AI Built a Better AI Benjamin "Zeus" Heide
21 600 Million Windows 10 Machines Jason
22 macOS HIgh Sierra Serious Bug Benjamin "Zeus" Heide
23 Windows 10 to Run Apps in Tabs Benjamin "Zeus" Heide
24 MIcrosoft Office for All Chromebooks Benjamin "Zeus" Heide
25 Dell + Linux Jason
26 Facebook Won't Let You Delete Your Posts Benjamin "Zeus" Heide
27 The next Firefox: Firefox Quantum Jason
28 Many Anti-Virus Flawed - Some Fixed Benjamin "Zeus" Heide
29 Fun Fact: 40% of Microsoft Azure VMs Run on Linux Benjamin "Zeus" Heide
30 Samsung Steps Up Mobile Browser Game Benjamin "Zeus" Heide
31 Future Windows Update Will Protect Your Files from Ransomware Benjamin "Zeus" Heide
32 Chrome Adds Anti-virus to Browser Benjamin "Zeus" Heide
33 Microsoft Edge Browser is Actually Very Decent Benjamin "Zeus" Heide
34 AOL Instant Messenger pulls the plug Jason
35 Windows 10 Gaining Ground on Windows 7 Benjamin "Zeus" Heide
36 Safari Browser Falls Behind Linux Benjamin "Zeus" Heide
37 Edge Doesn't Allow Crappy Extensions Benjamin "Zeus" Heide
38 Facebook + WhatsApp Jason
39 Does Apple slow down old devices? Jason
40 Chrome Will Support Feature to Disable Autoplay Videos Benjamin "Zeus" Heide
41 No autoplay for Chrome in January 2018 Jason
42 Windows 10 Pro Free Upgrade from Windows 10 S Benjamin "Zeus" Heide
43 Palm Smartphones in 2018? Jason
44 Another Fail for Windows 10S Benjamin "Zeus" Heide
45 Happy Birthday Linux Jason
46 Age of Empires IV Jason
47 CrashPlan Bails on Home Users Benjamin "Zeus" Heide
48 A Reason to Move from GMail to Google Inbox Benjamin "Zeus" Heide
49 Android Oreo To Roll Out to Devices in the Next Few Weeks Benjamin "Zeus" Heide
50 Google Recognizes 119 Languages for Text-to-Speech Benjamin "Zeus" Heide

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