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26 Twitter made a profit Jason
27 Bitcoin Prices Dropped Benjamin "Zeus" Heide
28 The end of Xerox Jason
29 Facebook drops 1 million users in North America Jason
30 GoPro exits drone business Jason
31 Hackers Stole $400 Million from Cryptocurrency Exchange Benjamin "Zeus" Heide
32 OnePlus whoops Jason
33 Bitcoin On the Way Down Benjamin "Zeus" Heide
34 Circuit City to Relaunch on February 15 Benjamin "Zeus" Heide
35 CPU flaw also affects Apple devices Jason
36 Intel + AMD Jason
37 South Korea announces new cryptocurrency regulations Jason
38 Tech Report Cards Jason
39 Apple says sorry Jason
40 Microsoft year in review Jason
41 HTC and Motorola pile on Jason
42 Horrible Gadgets of 2017 Benjamin "Zeus" Heide
43 Merry Christmas Benjamin "Zeus" Heide
44 Apple requires loot boxes come with odds of winning Jason
45 Bitcoin drops Jason
46 Apple gets sued for slowing down older iPhones Jason
47 Most common passwords of 2017 Jason
48 Apple slows down old iPhones Jason
49 Bad Passwords of 2017 Benjamin "Zeus" Heide
50 Power User Gift Guide Jason
51 Disney ends up with Hulu Jason
52 Bitcoin Trading is Official - Price Surges Benjamin "Zeus" Heide
53 Jony Ive is Back at Apple Benjamin "Zeus" Heide
54 Bitcoin mining platform hacked, 56M gone Jason
55 Steam no longer accepting Bitcoin Jason
56 Samsung working on new battery technology Jason
57 Coinbase ordered to turn over Bitcoin users names Jason
58 Bitcoin goes up, Bitcoin goes down Jason
59 Cyber Monday the biggest day ever for Amazon Jason
60 Jeff is Now Worth More than $100 Billion Benjamin "Zeus" Heide
61 What Do Amazon and Google Do With Voice Data? Benjamin "Zeus" Heide
62 Black Friday Deals Jason
63 Galaxy S9 Details Emerge Benjamin "Zeus" Heide
64 MoviePass Drops Yearly Subscription to $6.95 a Month Benjamin "Zeus" Heide
65 iPhone X Can Run Windows 95 and SimCity 2000 Benjamin "Zeus" Heide
66 Mashable sells for $50 million Jason
67 OnePlus troubles Jason
68 Amazon changing plans on live TV Jason
69 Hisense buys Toshiba's TV division Jason
70 Walmart raises prices online Jason
71 Payphones Still Make Millions Benjamin "Zeus" Heide
72 Tesla Semi Truck Details Emerge Benjamin "Zeus" Heide
73 Bitcoin Price Causes Electricity Consumption to Soar Benjamin "Zeus" Heide
74 Yahoo still doesn't know what happened Jason
75 Ethereum accidentally loses $300 million Jason

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