Movie Trailer Monday - X-Men: Apocalyse

The first X-Men movie was undoubtedly the best so far, but Apocalypse looks pretty amazing.


Deepcool @ CES 2016

If you haven't heard of Deepcool before, after this CES, you will probably be trying to find someone who sells their products here in North America. Deepcool brought some interesting designs to their suite this year. One of such is the Tristellar case and by looks alone one could almost say it was out of a Star Wars movie. The graphics card is contained in the top one of the three "wings", while the PSU is in the lower left "wing" and lastly the ITX motherboard and CPU are housed in the lower right. There is also enough room to stick one of Deepcool’s liquid coolers in the case as well.

The Images will show the Tristellar S white case however this is a special Bill Owen MOD case with only 50 made globally; the normal version of the case comes in black.


The Genome which will be hitting the market later this year is more than just a case, it's an extreme liquid cooling system. The case and liquid cooler are designed to fit seamlessly together all the while bringing some interesting design elements in along the way. The cooling solution is a 360mm radiator with 3 PWM fans, a helix reservoir, and all the while using the new captain design CPU block and pump. Depending on the final price when it hits the market it really could be worth looking at when building a new rig.

To top it all off DeepCool was demonstrating a PSU that was liquid cooled which is something not too many people have worked on. Who knows if it will become a mainstream item or not, but it's always cool to seem something new and different.

Liquid Cooled PUS

Please be sure to check out more image in our CES gallery here. Also, take a look at the Deepcool website to find our more about these products.

WTU Episode #369 - Facebook is Taking Over the World

We have just posted up Episode #369 of Weekly Tech Update. In this episode we are discussing the end of free Hulu, Apple TV is still dead in the water and Facebook is taking over the world. Check out those and lots more tech stories at the links below.


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Battlefield 1 Open Beta This Month

If you've been excited about the upcoming Battlefield 1 game, you'll be even more excited to find out that it hits an open beta right at the end of this month. That's right, you're just two weeks away from the chance to play this and help work out the kinks in the game as well as the servers. If you aren't excited yet, just remember, you can ride a horse - or drive a tank.


Source: BluesNews

AMD Zen CPUs coming in 2017

AMD is getting their Zen CPUs ready for a fight with Intel in 2017 in the high-performance ring. AMD had been in the mid-range market for a while but they want the high performance CPU market to be theirs, which for the last decade has been dominated by Intel. Only time will tell how these new CPUs compare to the high-end Intel chips, but if nothing else it might help drop the prices which is a good thing for consumers. Engadget has the story.

A block away from Intel's Developer Forum in San Francisco, AMD brought together a select group of media and analysts to make one thing clear: Its long-awaited Zen processor actually exists, and it's on track to ship early next year for desktops. Surprisingly, the company is aiming directly at the high-end PC gaming market, whereas its last few chips appealed more to budget builders.

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