GoDaddy to GoPublic

GoDaddy has announced officially that they will be taking their company public and analysts are expecting GoDaddy to be worth around $2.87 billion dollars. GoDaddy is expected to sell around $418 million dollars worth of shares on this filing which isn't anything to laugh at. GoDaddy tried to go public back in 2006 but had cold feet and withdrew their application. Reuters has the story.

Web-hosting company GoDaddy Inc's initial public offering is expected to value the company at up to $2.87 billion, and comes at a time when there has been a steep fall in the number of companies going public in the United States.

Including debt, the company could be valued at $4 billion.

The IPO market has had a slow start this year compared with 2014 when U.S. IPOs raised about $93 billion, the highest since 2000.

Battle for Your Boot

There were a couple of weird boot-related announcements this past week that came to light. Once of which is that Windows 10 may make it pretty near impossible to boot to Linux or another OS via the Secure Boot feature in your UEFI BIOS settings. While for many consumers, that really isn't a big deal - as very few people dual-boot their systems, the reality is that it is a weird step back from Microsoft as they've been showing a lot more love to the open-source and 'Maker' community lately. More details below.

The bad news isn't just coming from Microsoft though, it appears that with the launch of a couple of new Apple Macbooks, that Apple themselves is locking down Bootcamp from booting to Windows 7. If you want any Windows support on your Mac, the only other viable option right now would be Windows 8.1, but my guess is that will disappear soon enough though as Apple wants all of you.

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ADATA @ CES 2013

We had the chance to sit down with ADATA at CES 2013 and check out the latest and greatest from them. ADATA is most famous for their DDR memory, Flash drives, SSD’s and memory cards and over the years we’ve had the chance to take a look at a few of them and have always been happy with the performance and quality. ADATA has a full lineup of SSD and memory products on display. one of which is their lineup of M.2 (NGFF) SSD drives which are designed for things like Ultrabooks where a full 2.5" drive just won't fit.


This year at CES ADATA is showing off a new product, the DashDrive Air. The DashDrive Air is a great portable device that can wirelessly transfer files to and from a SD card to your smartphone (Android or iOS). The DashDrive also has a battery inside which allows you to charge up any USB device. If thats not enough for you, the DashDrive Air can also act as a wireless hotspot and share a wireless connection with up to 8-10 devices (depends on model of DashDrive). The DashDrive Air comes in two models, the AE800 (which features an internal 500GB hard drive instead of having to use SD cards) and the AE400 (which is a bit smaller and uses an SD card for storage). The combination of a power bank, wireless hotspot, and wireless file storage makes this a very interesting product and could make it a great travel accessory.

ADATA DashDrive Air AE400

Check out our CES 2013 gallery for more pictures of ADATA's full lineup of products.

Steam passed Xbox Live

Steam has hit 65 Million active users which now puts them ahead of Xbox Live when it comes to active users and shows a 30% rise for Steam in the past year. This is a very interesting stat as PC gaming has been written off for a few years now, yet Steam has managed to grow anyways. The Verge has all the numbers over here.

Steam now has more than 65 million active accounts. The figure marks a 30 percent rise in players over the last year. The video game digital-download platform also boasts daily peak concurrent users of more than 6 million.

Sennheiser at CES 2014 (Gamers and DJs Welcome)

We have a look at a few new products from Sennheiser this year at CES. They just launched a couple of new gaming headphones - including a closed style as well as some great new DJ headphones. Take a look at our interview for more info!


Check out more pictures in the gallery here - as well as more of our CES 2014 coverage here.

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