Cooler Roundup

As we continue through the news this morning, we've got a bunch of cooling reviews to share.  We have a bunch of different cooler reviews coming as well, so make sure to stay tuned as summer is coming and you're PC will thank you!

Tech Report Computex Coverage

TechReport is on the ground and sending in a bunch of Computex coverage.  They've already seen things like the ASUS Windows 8 tablet/notebook hybrids as well as an interesting Taichi notebook that transforms into a tablet thanks to the touchscreen in the lid.

They've also got some information on NVIDIA's cheap, Keplar-based GT 640.  They follow this up with the Corsair Neutron SSDs, ASRock doubles down on Thunderbolt ports and cables and there are some new Broadcom-based 802.11ac router chips that will actually be more affordable.

Thunderbolt was an Apple property that is now making it's way to the PC.  They take a look and see what this is going to offer.  It looks pretty sweet.

PSU Pile

Big Case Collection

As we keep on working our way through the news bucket, we've got a bunch of case reviews to share with you.  If you need a new home for your gear, you may find just what you need below.

SilverStone Fortress FT03-MINI - HardwareSecrets --=-- SilverStone Grandia SST-GD08B HTPC Chassis - TweakTown --=-- Thermaltake Armor Revo Snow Edition - HiTechLegion --=-- In Win BUC 101 - TechPowerUp & NikKTech --=-- Corsair Vengeance C70 Case - HardwareSecrets --=-- CM Storm Trooper - HardwareLook --=-- Silverstone Temjin TJ08-E Evolution - TechReport

OCZ RevoDrive 3 120GB PCIe SSD

RevoDrive 3We have just taken a look at the OCZ RevoDrive 3 120GB PCIe SSD.  This is a workstation storage solution that utilizes a PCIe 4x slot and offers some pretty crazy performance.  It's not for everyone, but now that the price of these is down to $2/GB at time of writing, they are somewhat affordable.  Take a look and see if it has a fit in your system.

Although the RevoDrive series from OCZ is not made for every platform, desktop and workstation users that need some extra performance can benefit from the 4x RAID 0 stripe created by the RevoDrive 3.  This is why the performance of this product is rated so high.  On one little board, we are sitting with a quad-drive RAID 0 array.  This stripe should be pretty fast.

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