WhatsApp to remain closed

People have been hoping for quite some time that WhatsApp (which is now owned by Facebook) would be opening up for 3rd party App developers, however, after the F8 developer conference that appears to not be happening anytime soon. WhatsApp wants to control 'user experience' and they don't want anyone else messing it up for them. Developers are obviously upset at not being able to piggyback on WhatsApp but I don't think anyone can be too surprised at their decision to keep things closed. CNET has the story.

What does $19 billion buy you? Sometimes, it's a spot of trouble.

That's what Facebook found out at its F8 developer conference in San Francisco on Wednesday when executives tried to explain to an eager crowd of app developers why it wasn't going to offer a way for them to plug their programs and services into the 700-million-user-strong messaging service WhatsApp.

Halo 5 Lands on Xbox One October 27

Good news for all of you Halo fans, Halo 5 is coming. Microsoft has nailed down a date and that date is October 27. This is pretty awesome - if you've got an Xbox One. At this point, the release is only for the Xbox One though. That's right, this October may be the time I have to go out and buy a new Xbox.

Ready for the next installment of Halo? The bad news is you still have a seven-month wait on your hands, but at least it's a concrete release date, right? Right? The news coincides with a new in-game teaser for Halo 5, with Master Chief et al. attempting to emote again --still while cocooned in giant spacesuit helmets.

Source: Engadget

WTU Episode #307 - Samsung Wants AMD

We have just posted up Episode #307 of Weekly Tech Update. In this episode we are discussing that Google is NOT giving up on Google Glass, FutureShop is giving up on retail, and Samsung may want a whole lot of AMD. We have those stories and more so check it out!


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Microsoft Unveils Surface 3 - Full Windows for $500

There were rumors that Microsoft was done with the "non-Pro" Surface Tablet line and they were kind of right. Gone is Windows RT, but instead of a crippled OS, Microsoft is bringing full-on Windows 8.1 to the Surface by replacing the ARM processor with a new Intel Atom. The specs are pretty solid with a full 1080p screen powered by the new X7-Z8700 (Cherry Trail) processor. It even supports Pen input if you're into that sort of thing. It looks pretty as well as pretty solid.

With a starting price of $499, Microsoft is making a play for the entry level consumer who wants a high quality machine. Seeing as the device features that same build quality as the Pro 3, it should be a competent machine for the price. But, as with every Surface, this device does not come with a Type cover nor does the Surface 3 include a pen.


Source: Neowin

Complete DIY Weather Station

User kkingsbury over at Instructables has put together a great DIY weather station powered by a Raspberry Pi and even with the few switches and sensors that were required, this entire GPS-based, WiFi-enabled, web-serving weather station probably cost less than $125. It looks like a fun project that I will be exploring this summer. Take a look and see what the Raspberry Pi can do for you!

Fast forward about a month and I have a basic working system. This is a complete Raspberry Pi Weather system with just the base Raspberry Pi hardware, camera, and some assorted analog and digital sensors to make our measurements. No buying pre-made anemometers or rain gauges, we are making our own!

Raspberry Pi


Source: Instructables

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