Android App Pick - Think

We have just posted up another Android App Pick of the Week and this week we are working out our brains with "Think". This game has some features of the immensely popular "Brain Age" and it helps you put together a series of pictograms into phrases. It will have to thinking and is a great way to spend a few minutes - and to entertain and get people of all age using their brains for more than just ordering pizza. Check it out to see why it's our App Pick of the Week.

Android App Pick



WTU Episode #328 - Facebook's Dislike Button is Disliked

We have just posted up Episode #328 of Weekly Tech Update. In this episode we are discussing Facebook working on a dislike button, Steve Jobs probably would dislike the iPad Pro and Sharp dislikes 4K and introduces 8K TV. Check out those stories and more at the links below.

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iOS ad-blocking software chooses your ads for you

A couple weeks ago Adblock made headlines after they started allowing 'premium' ads to be allowed to be shown if those companies paid them money. Apparently (and not surprisingly) they weren't alone and now popluar iOS ad blocking sofware Crystal has started doing the same. All of these small ad blocking companies are looking for extra ways to make money, but it does raise some interesting points about who gets to decide which ads are good and which ads are bad. The Wall Street Journal has the full article.

When Dean Murphy created Crystal, an application to help users block ads on Apple Inc.’s mobile devices, he knew there was pent-up demand from consumers frustrated with how cluttered the Web has become.

Still, the U.K.-based software developer was surprised by how fast consumers snapped up his product. In the week following its Sept. 16 launch, the 99-cent app was downloaded more than 100,000 times, according to data from mobile-app market intelligence firm Apptopia, generating an estimated $75,000 for Mr. Murphy. (Apple gets a cut.)

Google and Microsoft play nice

I could probably post a new lawsuit between the major technology companies on the main page here at BCCHardware a couple times a week without much trouble, someone is always suing the competition. This week Microsoft and Google decided they were tired of fighting and have agreed to dismiss all pending patent infringement lawsuits they have against each other (roughly 20 active lawsuits). I think in the 10+ years of news we've been posting this is probably the first one where both companies have made a move like this. MarketWatch has the story.

Rivals Microsoft Corp. and Google Inc. agreed to dismiss patent-related lawsuits between the two companies, in a sign of the cooling intellectual-property wars among technology giants.

Microsoft and Google had roughly 20 lawsuits pending between them over uses of patents in mobile phones, Wi-Fi, Web video and other technologies. The companies agreed to dismiss all the pending patent cases, including those related to Google’s former Motorola Mobility smartphone unit, Microsoft and Google said in a joint statement Wednesday.

ZTE Grand X 2 Z850 Review

We have just posted up our review of the ZTE Z850 Grand X 2 Smartphone. This is their followup to last years ZTE Grand X Plus and this unit packs a slightly faster processor, a larger battery, decent camera and more. It's a solid mid-range device that looks and performs like a champ. The icing on the silicon-infused-proverbial cake is that this device will only set you back $150 - off contract. Take a look and see why ZTE really deserves serious consideration.

One thing that I do like about ZTE devices is the inclusion of a MicroSD card slot. They do this to make up for the 16GB of internal storage that is showing its age. With the included software, the device ships with about 11GB of available storage. It certainly is nice that the Grand X 2 will support up to a 64GB MicroSD card.

ZTE Grand X 2

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