Pepcom Highlights from CES 2014

We stopped by Pepcom this year and saw a few nifty things from Piston, drooled over the Lenovo 4K display and checked out a "fair" way to cheat at gaming. The Red Dot is not a cheat - it's just a fancy way to hipfire accurately - and it's awesome. Check it out!


Check out more pictures in the gallery here - as well as more of our CES 2014 coverage here.


Humble Jumbo Bundle 2

If you are looking to while away a few more hours this summer playing games, the Humble Jumbo Bundle 2 may have a few titles that will keep you interested. There are a few Indie titles at the start, but if you manage to donate $15 or more, they even throw in Microsoft's Age of Empires Legacy Bundle to boot. That, combined with everything else would normally sell for $210+, but if you want to support these guys, it's yours for much cheaper.

The monstrous Jumbo bundle returns! It towers over the city leaving bundles in its wake. No gamer is safe when Jumbo comes to town. Is it friend or foe? The only thing we know, it's Jumbo! Pay what you want for the DRM-free version of Deadlight. Paying $1 or more gets you access to the title on Steam, as well as The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing Complete Pack and Galactic Civilizations II: Ultimate Edition. If you pay more than the average price, you'll also get Terraria, THE KING OF FIGHTERS XIII Steam Edition and Crusader Kings II with 3 DLC Unit Packs. Those who pay $15 or more will receive all of the above, plus the Age of Empires Legacy Bundle.

Source: HumbleBundle

MSN Messenger Shutting Down Last Zones

Microsoft is finally shutting down Microsoft Messenger in mainland China as they have now completely fazed out their messenging app in favor of Skype. China was one of the last countries to hold onto it, but even that is going away. MSN was the first messenging app that I used and later I moved to ICQ/Trillian for a while. Either way, I'm a bit sad to see it go as this is some internet nostalgia that won't be returning.

Many Chinese users of Windows Live Messenger, more commonly referred to as MSN in short in China, have received an email which says the service will close down on October 31st (two months away) in mainland China. To encourage Chinese users to migrate to Skype, the online calling service Microsoft acquired in 2011, each of them will get 2 dollar worth of a coupon for Skype calls.

Source: TechNode

WTU Episode #278 - BlackBerry Wins

We have just posted up Episode #278 of Weekly Tech Update. In this episode we are discussing next gen consoles are more last gen, Google joins the drone delivery game and Snapchat is apparently worth $10 Billion.We have those stories and more and the links below!

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What Steve Did at Microsoft

Jason and I have got into more than a few discussions as to what Steve Ballmer did at Microsoft other than be their "used car salesman" type of guy. In fact, the sweatervest guy actually wrote a few piece of code as well as the dialog for the Ctrl-Alt-Delete screen found in Windows 3.1. Well done Steve. Well done.

Since 16-bit Windows applications are co-operatively multi-tasked, it is easy to determine whether the system is responding, and if not, it is also easy to identify the application which is responsible. In that case, Windows gave you options to close the non-responsive application, restart the computer, or cancel.

Source: MSDN Blog

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