Samsung VR Makes You Ignore Peers

While the purpose of this extended commercial for Samsung VR is to show that your imagination is the limit - and technology will get you there, I see a different picture as well. With their technology, you can ignore those around and chase dreams that aren't a reality - and be alone while you do it. Check out the video and see how VR alienates even ostriches from their heard/flock/gaggle.


Star Fox 2 Developers Celebrate Game Release 20 Years Later

The Nintendo SNES Classic was announced earlier this week and Jason has posted up a list of the games that will be shipping on the mini-retro console. One of the games is Star Fox 2 - which was never released at the time and it's kind of odd that Nintendo chose to release the game now - 20 years later. If you're a Star Fox fan, you'll be thrilled, but I can't help but feel that it took and place of a better game that could have shipped instead.

Star Fox 2 never made it to the market due to its aging look and the anticipated release of the Nintendo 64 in the then not-too-distant future. Unfortunately, the game was completed in a time when the SNES had already been out on the market for many years and its competition was pushing far more polygons with the likes of the Sony PlayStation and Sega Saturn.

Source: Neowin

AMD vs Intel Market Share

AMD has come out strong with their new Ryzen CPUs - at least in terms of press. The real numbers are what matter though and the question remains, "Have they taken away market share from Intel?" The truth is that since the Ryzen CPUs have launched, Intel has actually lost 8% of the market to AMD. While 8% may not seem like much, the slope is pretty dramatic, and there is a good chance that it will continue in that direction for a while longer. While Intel is still a huge elephant in the room, the mouse is making itself known and felt.

  • This graph counts the baselines submitted to us during these time period and therefore is representative of CPUs in use rather than CPUs purchased.
  • The Quarters are by the calendar year rather than financial. (i.e. Q1 starts January 1st)
  • Baselines can be submitted from anywhere therefore these are global statistics.
  • We do receive a small number of submissions of CPU types other than AMD and Intel however the percentage is so small as to make it not worth graphing. This combined with rounding off the percentages to 2 decimal places will account for each quarter not always adding up to exactly 100%.

Source: CPUBenchmark

Amazon Prime Day Yields Big Cuts

If you're an Amazon Prime Member, you'll be happily enjoying Amazon Prime Day Deals. If not, go become a Prime Member Now

One simple reason to is to get great deals (as well as free shipping) on things like the Amazon Echo and Echo Dot. There are more super savings all over the place. For us Canadians, things like the Kindle Paperwhite are under $100! Go check it out!

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Lian Li @ CES 2013

Lian Li was at CES once again this year and they brought a few interesting chassis to the show.  By interesting, I mean a beast, a thermal guru and a train.  Let's start with the beast.  The PC-D8000.  This case supposts the largest motherboards possible and complies to the HPTX standard.  Even with a motherboard as large as 15" x 13.6", you still will have room for 20 (that's right, twenty) 3.5" HDDs.  In addition to that, it has four USB 3.0 ports on the front and all of the other awesome features we've come to expect from the all-aluminum case manufacturer, Lian Li.

PC-D8000 Big Front


The PC-V850 is a case that is coming in the near future (hopefully) and it offers the standard Lian Li quality with a bit of a different way to manage thermal issues.  Once the side panel is on, the air intake comes from the rear and the deflector ensures that you are not sucking in hot air from the rear exhaust.  The chassis is sectioned off into several areas that are compartmentalized so that different components don't heat up each other.


The last and oddest thing that we've seen from Lian Li is the train PC case.  We've seen some pretty odd cases, that included sea shells, horses and a yeti, but we've never seen a moving train PC.  There is not much else to be said about this.

Lian Li Train

Please check out the gallery for more pictures from the Lian Li booth.

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