Mushkin at CES 2015

Mushkin has a couple of new products that they were showing off this year at CES 2015. The biggest announcement was their new Striker SSD to add to their SATA SSD lineup. 
Mushkin is also excited about their new M.2 Hyperion drive that are based on Phisons latest PS5007-E7 controller. It should be very interesting to see how this Phison can perform in real world testing and we look forward to getting one of these into our test rig but the numbers being talked about are very impressive.
In addition to Mushkin's SSD's they were showing off their new DDR4 memory which will be called Ridgeback. Mushkin also was showing off their lineup of portable battery powerbanks which they offer in a variety of different capacities.


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Martian Watches @ CES 2016

Martian was one of the companies that started the smart-watch thing - and they've done it with style from the get-go. Their watches have always focused on one thing first - the watch. They are great analog timepieces that also have a few smart features thrown in for good measure. They have a pretty wide distribution in the USA and have limited retail locations in Canada. It's too bad, because their current generation of "Active" watches - including the Envoy, Alpha and Electra have been doing very well.

As CES, Martian announced some new watches that are geared more toward female users. These do not have a notification display, but instead use different vibration pulses and a mutli-colored LED to indicate what app is sending a notification. It could be a text message, incoming call, Facebook post or pretty much anything that sends notifcations. You have the ability to specify a ton of options and notification settings via their handy app. 

CES Releases

The battery life on their devices is about two years for the actual watch, while the new watches should last about a week on a charge for the smart features. The new watches charge via pogo pins, while the current "Active" series charge by way of a microUSB port that gets covered up for water resistance.

There are a lot of very attractive products coming later this spring from Martian - and the best thing of all - they are watches, that just happen to be smart. Sometimes there is more beauty in less features than a watch that drains the battery by 2:00pm.

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BlackBerry to Make Cheaper Android Phones

While the Priv was widely accepted from a tech standpoint, sales of the device have been nothing more than lackluster. The fact that the build quality feels questionable, combined with a sliding keyboard makes people nervous. BlackBerry has committed a couple more Android device and they won't share the same $700 price tag. They will be almost half price - but hopefully the build quality and feel will be better. If not, the end of BlackBerry as a hardware company could be drawing to a close.

In an interview with the Middle Eastern site The National, BlackBerry CEO John Chen detailed the company's plans for the future. If you haven't been following along, BlackBerry is now an Android OEM, having launched the BlackBerry Priv at the end of 2015. The Priv was $700, a price point Chen admitted "was probably not as wise as it should have been." Now the company is going to try a pair of "mid-range" Android devices.

Source: ArsTechnica

Good Guys Win One

A particular bit of nasty ransomware has been cracked by the good guys and systems can now be liberated without paying through the nose for access to your own data. The Petya ransomware was laid wide open and there is a fix that allows you to unlock your infected computer. This is great news and hopefully will help stifle one of the latest attacks on honest users.

An unidentified programmer has produced a tool that exploits shortfalls in the way the malware encrypts a file that allows Windows to start up. In notes put on code-sharing site Github, he said he had produced the key generator to help his father-in-law unlock his Petya-encrypted computer. The malware, which started circulating in large numbers in March, demands a ransom of 0.9 bitcoins (£265).

Source: BBC

Micorosoft Xbox Elite vs Razer Wildcat

Microsoft's Xbox Elite controller is pretty awesome, but Razer has stepped into the high-end controller ring with their Wildcat version. This head-to-head compares comfort, analog performance as well as D-Pad performance, buttons, triggers and pretty much every aspect of your controller experience. It could quite possibly be the definitive controller review. The winner is... announced at the link below.

The standard Xbox One controller provides a solid base, and works well across a wide range of titles, but there's plenty of room for enhancement and this is where premium controllers really add value. The bottom line is that both of these pads are clearly superior to the standard controller, and do indeed improve gameplay, connecting you more closely to the experience.

Source: Eurogamer

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