Fortnight Battle Royale Supports Mobile, PC & PS4 Cross-play

If you enjoy Epic Games' Fortnight on the PC or on the PS4, you may be happy to note that it is coming to iOS and Android in the near future. What's even more interesting than having yet another game draining the battery on your mobile device is that the game will support cross-platform play. That's right, if you have Android or iOS, you'll be able to play head-to-head against players on PC and PS4 systems as well. That is really good for the PC crowd as they will be able to do even better against this odd match-up.

But, the announcement also came with another surprise, with Epic Games announcing a partnership with Sony to introduce official cross-play and cross-progression support between "PlayStation 4, PC, Mac, iOS and eventually Android." Although cross-play between Xbox One and PlayStation 4 has occurred accidentally in the past, this official implementation curiously doesn't include the Microsoft console, perhaps due to Sony's reluctance.

Source: Neowin

Sonarworks True-Fi Evaluation

We have just posted our evaluation of the True-Fi software from Sonarworks. This is a pretty amazing piece of software that lets you setup your headphones to be true reference headphones. If your hardware is on the list, you'll have a great experience and have a music experience that is equal across all platforms. Take a look and see what True-Fi has to offer.

As much as I'd like to encourage everyone to run out and buy True-Fi from Sonarworks, it's not for everyone. If you are happy listening to bass-heavy music and don't really care about good quality sound, you might want to pass. If you care about audio quality and are willing to browse the list to see if your headphones are supported (list is growing all the time), you may want to give it a shot.



Cable keeps losing customers, but not as fast as you might have thought

A constant topic of discussion in the tech world is how internet video will mean the end of cable companies, however, while subscriptions are dropping, it really isn't as bad as predicted. Since 2012, 3.4 million people have cut the cord but it hasn't bankrupted any of the major players. The first quarter in 2018 saw 285,000 users which is once gain about the average over the past couple years. DSLResports has the full story.

The cord cutting phenomenon saw a slight slowdown during the first quarter, with the nation's biggest pay TV providers losing "just" 305,000 subscribers during the first quarter. According to the latest study from Leichtman Research, that's a notable improvement from the half a million subscribers the industry lost one year earlier. That said, Leichtman's numbers tend to be notably lower than many Wall Street analyst estimates, and the cord cutting phenomenon is expected to heat back up during the second quarter, when many college students go home for the summer.

Snapdragon 850 is Qualcomms's PC Chip

Qualcomm has been doing a lot of awesome things over the past few years in terms of chip designs. They have built most of the smartphone processors as well as a ton of IoT chips, VR Headsets and a bunch of wearable processors as well. They really have a solid product line with their Snapdragon processors and they are in virtually all flagship devices. They've just stepped up their game again and released the Snapdragon 850 - a chip that is designed entirely for Windows PCs that support ARM. The beauty of this chip is that it is clocked in a 2.96GHz and the chip includes a camera processor that captures 4K and HDR. In addition to those nifty tidbits, it also includes Qualcomms X20 LTE modem that enables 1.2Gbps transfer speeds, and up to 25 hours of battery life on a thin-and-light PC. Zing!

So how is a made-for-PC chipset different from one for a phone? Not much, really. Since the Snapdragon 850 is meant to be used in devices bigger than a smartphone (like laptops and convertibles), it can run at higher clock speeds without overheating. The extra space in larger chasses allows for better dissipation. Thanks to the faster 2.96GHz clock speed (among other tweaks), the Snapdragon 850 is about 30 percent faster than the 835.

Source: Engadget

Weekly Tech Update #448 - Netflix Dances with the Commercial Devil

We have just posted up Episode #448 of Weekly Tech Update! In this episode we are discussing CES 2019 highlights, free to play games dominate 2018 and Netflix is dancing with the commercial devil. We have those stories and more...




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