Deepcool @ CES 2016

If you haven't heard of Deepcool before, after this CES, you will probably be trying to find someone who sells their products here in North America. Deepcool brought some interesting designs to their suite this year. One of such is the Tristellar case and by looks alone one could almost say it was out of a Star Wars movie. The graphics card is contained in the top one of the three "wings", while the PSU is in the lower left "wing" and lastly the ITX motherboard and CPU are housed in the lower right. There is also enough room to stick one of Deepcool’s liquid coolers in the case as well.

The Images will show the Tristellar S white case however this is a special Bill Owen MOD case with only 50 made globally; the normal version of the case comes in black.


The Genome which will be hitting the market later this year is more than just a case, it's an extreme liquid cooling system. The case and liquid cooler are designed to fit seamlessly together all the while bringing some interesting design elements in along the way. The cooling solution is a 360mm radiator with 3 PWM fans, a helix reservoir, and all the while using the new captain design CPU block and pump. Depending on the final price when it hits the market it really could be worth looking at when building a new rig.

To top it all off DeepCool was demonstrating a PSU that was liquid cooled which is something not too many people have worked on. Who knows if it will become a mainstream item or not, but it's always cool to seem something new and different.

Liquid Cooled PUS

Please be sure to check out more image in our CES gallery here. Also, take a look at the Deepcool website to find our more about these products.

ESPN vs. Cable Cutters

We post quite a few stories about how more and more people are making the decision to cut the cord on traditional cable services and go with other alternatives. ESPN is one of the names that comes up time and time again in this discussion and thanks to a new report their name has surfaced once again. In this new report people were asked if they would be cut ESPN from their cable package in exchange for a $8 drop in price and 56% said yes. The follow up question was would you pay $20 a month for a streaming service (similar to HBO, etc.) and the response was 85% said no. The results probably aren't too surprising, it's just amazing that the cable companies and their content providers aren't making a better effort to combat the loss of subscribers. TechDirt has the full story.

Over the last year, ESPN's decision to laugh off cord cutting has truly come home to roost. The company has had to engage in numerous "belt tightening measures" after losing around 7 million subscribers in just two years. Where are these subscribers going? Many are cutting the TV cord entirely. Others are opting for so-called "skinny bundles" that pull pricier channels like ESPN out of the core cable lineup, moving them to additional, premium channel packs. Companies like Verizon that have experimented with skinny bundles have been rewarded for their efforts with with lawsuits from ESPN. 

iPhone 7 Hisses Under Load

Apple was prepared to revel in the success of their iPhone 7 launch in light of Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 fiasco. Their celebration was short lived however. There is a growing number of iPhone 7 owner reporting that their devices are "hissing" when under load. This white noise could be coming from bad electronics inside. There is no word yet how widespread the problem is - whether they are all susceptible or if the affected devices came from a single bad batch.

Some early iPhone 7 adopters are getting considerably more than they bargained for. Reports are surfacing of both the regular iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus producing hissing sounds when they're subjected to a heavy processor workload, such as a game. They continue to function, thankfully, but it's a bit disconcerting when most phones are virtually silent.

Source: Engadget

Flashback to 2009 - Zune HD

One of the best devices that you could buy back in 2009 was Microsoft's Zune HD and there are a lot of compelling reasons why it was awesome then, and is probably the best standalone media player ever. Unfortunately, Microsoft doesn't know how to market small products (look at Windows Phone for proof) and the Zune HD was discontinued in a little over a year from launch. I still have my Zune HD and it still is amazing - 9 years later.

The hardware was undeniably sexy, offering brushed metal on the back, along with a metallic home button and a 3.3-inch 480x272 OLED display. The specs were impressive for its time as well with an Nvidia Tegra APX 2600 chipset, coming in at 0.6 GHz single-core, along with 128MB of RAM.

Source: Neowin

Project Scorpio Will Run Games Native 4K

Microsoft is working on their Project Scorpio that will run games native in 4K whereas most games for the new PS4 Pro will be upscaled from 1080p. While upscaling looks better than standard HD stretched to a 4K screen, native looks much, MUCH better. It's interesting to see how Microsoft has evened up the console race with their Xbox One S and with Project Scorpio - they could keep doing well for a long time yet.

Loftis doesn't say which games those are, although that isn't surprising when Scorpio is roughly a year away. All the same, the 4K commitment could be crucial to giving the new Xbox hardware a strong start. Even if many third-party games resort to upscaling instead of real 4K, you'll have some incentive to buy the new system.

Source: Engadget

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