Hobbyist Railgun

My DIY projects generally were pretty low-key and while I may have built a potato gun, I never ever attempted anything quite as nifty as a railgun. Not only is this railgun awesome, there is even a link to show you how you can build your own. It really isn't all that complicated once someone else figures out what you need. I don't recommend playing with this type of electricity, but if you do - please send us a video.

Properly built, railguns could be a world changing weapon. Electromagnetic forces accelerating projectiles at high speeds means powerful guns could one day again line the decks of ships. And the Navy has taken note. It is investing in railguns for the future, and is already building ships that would someday carry the sophisticated weapon.


Source: PopularScience

AMD Gets Sued for LYING

AMD is under the gun here once again as they have been caught lying about the number of cores in their processors. While some of their more recent processors have been touted as having eight cores, the reality is that there are merely quad-core CPUs with a sort of "hyperthreading" type module beside the other core. The reality is that these modules cannot operate independantly so it is not a core. It allows core-like processing, but still - they were stretching it. This is not what AMD needs right now - negative press about how their chips are only half what they claim. In all fairness, performance for the price is fantastic, but you can't pull the proverbial wool over people's eyes forever.

In fact, the Bulldozer chips functionally have only four cores - not eight, as advertised. Notably, AMD built the Bulldozer processors by stripping away components from two cores and combining what was left to make a single 'module.' But by removing certain components of two cores to make one module, they no longer work independently. As a result, AMD’s Bulldozers suffer from material performance degradation and cannot perform eight instructions simultaneously and independently as claimed.

Source: Neowin

Aftershokz @ CES 2013

We met AfterShokz last year at CES and they were bringing to market their first product - the AfterShokz Sport.  Since then they have lauched the Sportz 2 and Sportz M2.  The M2 has a microphone and is still very much a current product for them.  They did announce and have some working samples of the upcoming AfterShokz Bluez.  This is a Bluetooth version that is based off the Sportz M2 and has a microphone, as well as full media player functionality.



The media player functionality looks a little strained with some of the controls located on the back of the headset and other controls located on each ear(ahem) cheek-piece.  Time will tell how this works in the real world.  Typically, AfterShokz put a fair bit of thought into usage as these are designed to be worn while running and working out.


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WTU Episode #229 - iOS 7 vs SteamOS

We have just posted up Episode #229 of Weekly Tech Update. In this episode we are discussing the iOS 7 release, Steam OS hits the airwaves and Microsoft bets big on the Surface 2.  We have those stories and more. . .


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Rosewill @ CES 2014

We had the chance to stop by and see Rosewill at CES 2014 and saw a whole bunch of new products. Rosewill produces a ton of different products and they seem to always be releasing new products so we had a bit of catching up to do.

Rosewill had a whole variety of cases on display and this year they've got some very nice looking aluminum cases that they have just released. Typically aluminum cases cost a fair bit more than steel cases but Rosewill has a couple offerings that won't break the bank and will make it look like you spent a whole lot more than you actually did.

Rosewill Case Lineup @ CES 2014

Rosewill had quite a few new products on display from their gaming lineup which included gaming keyboards, gaming mice, mousepads, headesets, and pretty much anything else a gamer would need. 

Another interesting product launch from Rosewill is their R-Studio lineup of earbuds. Rosewill has released 3 versions and you can expect to find them ranging from around $39.99 USD (F-340's)-up to $59.99 USD (F-860's). We have seen quite a few earbud offerings at CES 2014 but Rosewill's are some of the more affordable ones we've come across and we look forward to taking a close look at them in the future.

Rosewill R-Studio E-860, E-550, and E-340 Earbuds

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