WTU Episode #308 - 2015 Macbook vs 2011 Macbook Air

We have just posted up Episode #308 of Weekly Tech Update. In this episode we are discussing Bendgate 2.0 (Samsung says it's not a thing), the 2011 Macbook Air outperforming the new 2015 Macbook, as well as Nintendo wants a cut of your YouTube money.We have those stories and more so check it out!

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Samsung is selling a lot of phones

The new Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge are selling well, very well if you want to get technical. Samsung has announced that in addition to the 20 million phones they pre-sold and are hoping to ship another 10 million in the first 26 days of its launch. It seems like the S6 Edge is the tougher of the two to find thanks to its unique design and even in spite of the 'premium' price the demand is still huge. It's not surprising that the latest Galaxy phones are selling well as the first 5 versions have been top sellers, but are we getting to the point that $800+ phones are going to start dropping in popularity or are they so important to everyones daily life that price doesn't really matter anymore? WeeklyTechUpdate topic? I think so.

BGR has the story over here.

To date, no other Galaxy S model has enjoyed such popularity with consumers, and both Galaxy S6 models are selling better than their predecessors.

Samsung has not commented on actual sales numbers so far, but it has said that sales are gaining momentum. The company did say right after announcing the handsets in early March hat it sold 20 million units to retailers.

“The two new phones are drawing impressive responses. Samsung aims to ship 10 million S6s and S6 Edges in 26 days after the devices’ global launch. That target is achievable,” a source told the publication.

Aftershokz @ CES 2013

We met AfterShokz last year at CES and they were bringing to market their first product - the AfterShokz Sport.  Since then they have lauched the Sportz 2 and Sportz M2.  The M2 has a microphone and is still very much a current product for them.  They did announce and have some working samples of the upcoming AfterShokz Bluez.  This is a Bluetooth version that is based off the Sportz M2 and has a microphone, as well as full media player functionality.



The media player functionality looks a little strained with some of the controls located on the back of the headset and other controls located on each ear(ahem) cheek-piece.  Time will tell how this works in the real world.  Typically, AfterShokz put a fair bit of thought into usage as these are designed to be worn while running and working out.


Check out all of our CES coverage here and our galleries over here.

Google Keep

Google has officially released their newest app, Google Keep. Basically Keep is an Evernote competitor that helps you take better notes in either text, audio, or picture form. Google Keep is now available in the Google Play store for devices running Android 4.0 and above. Arstechnica takes a closer look at the app over here.

It looks like Evernote has another competitor in the note-taking game. Though it was leaked only a few days ago, Google has officially lifted the curtain off its Google Keep note-taking service. Keep allows users to quickly jot down ideas, make checklists and voice notes, and archive important photos. Everything is then stored away in Google Drive, and it syncs to all of your Google-linked devices.

Rosewill @ CES 2014

We had the chance to stop by and see Rosewill at CES 2014 and saw a whole bunch of new products. Rosewill produces a ton of different products and they seem to always be releasing new products so we had a bit of catching up to do.

Rosewill had a whole variety of cases on display and this year they've got some very nice looking aluminum cases that they have just released. Typically aluminum cases cost a fair bit more than steel cases but Rosewill has a couple offerings that won't break the bank and will make it look like you spent a whole lot more than you actually did.

Rosewill Case Lineup @ CES 2014

Rosewill had quite a few new products on display from their gaming lineup which included gaming keyboards, gaming mice, mousepads, headesets, and pretty much anything else a gamer would need. 

Another interesting product launch from Rosewill is their R-Studio lineup of earbuds. Rosewill has released 3 versions and you can expect to find them ranging from around $39.99 USD (F-340's)-up to $59.99 USD (F-860's). We have seen quite a few earbud offerings at CES 2014 but Rosewill's are some of the more affordable ones we've come across and we look forward to taking a close look at them in the future.

Rosewill R-Studio E-860, E-550, and E-340 Earbuds

Check out more pictures in the gallery here - as well as more of our CES 2014 coverage here.


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