LG Booth Tour at CES 2016

We have posted the video that accompanied our CES 2016 coverage from the LG booth. Check out the full article here - but you can simply enjoy the video below.

Star Wars Magic - Video of the Day

This is pretty cool and maybe a little disheartening how much CGI there is in Star Wars. Regardless, the way it comes together is pretty awesome.


Lian Li at CES 2017

Lian Li came back to CES 2017 with a few updates for their exciting products including USB 3.1 support via a module designed to be mounted to the rear of many of their tower cases. They also showed off some USB-C cables that work with current motherboards and bring this to your favorite last-generation Lian Li box.

One of their big debuts was the update to the  DK-04 adjustable table that also is able to house a pair of systems. The DK-04 could hold one system, but this standing desk is large enough to hold two systems and two employees could easily work at the same time. It's a monstrous beauty that I think everyone that stopped by asked if they were sending out review samples. The price to entry is a little steep at around $1800, but you have to keep in mind that in addition to being a unique and gorgeous Lian Li case, it's also an electric height-adjustable standing desk.

Lian Li


They've done a bit of work redesigning some of their cases to look a bit more modern and have added metal mesh accents to cases such as the upcoming PC-V3000, but one of the nicest cases overall that they have is the PC-09WX.  It's almost a cube case and has tempered glass, all aluminum build and tons of room, along with incredible looks. It's one of my favorites, but the image below doesn't do it justice.



For the DIY and hardware tester, they are working on a new test-bench that looks incredible. It answers pretty much all the questions, needs and desires of a hardware reviewer including a cover so temperature testing is now relevant. Previous test platforms have been open-air and while that makes it easy to swap hardware, temperature testing and load performance weren't comparable when put in a closed case. This new platform fills that need - and does it with a magnetic Plexiglas cover. It's super simple to use and configure however you need.

Test Bench


Lian Li has some great products already and there are some absolute gems in the works right now. Many of these products will be available here in the next month or two and we are excited to work with them more as they have absolute top-notch products.

For more images from our Lian Li visit, please check the gallery here. Also, you can view all of our CES coverage over here.

Google Killed Andormeda

It appears that Google has killed off the development of it's Android/Chrome Hybrid OS. This OS was supposed to revolutionize and put the conveince of a mobile OS on a device that offers much more productivity that a mobile OS can offer. It seemed like a great idea at the time, but in the end, there isn't much of a demand overall, so it met the axe.

Does this mean the company is giving up on its efforts to bring together the separate, and often disjointed, experiences offered by its mobile and desktop offerings? Given the industry trend toward favoring such an approach, it's unlikely that Andromeda's demise also signifies the end of Google's ambitions in this regard.

Source: Neowin

iPad Pro is Clear Example that Apple is #2

Microsoft has come out and made the complaint official. The iPad Pro is a rip-off of the Surface series of products from Microsoft. This puts Apple as a copier, not an innovator and while we've known this for years, it's not often that a Microsoft executive will come out and tell it like it is. The thing that makes the iPad Pro less of an option over the Microsoft Surface is that the iPad Pro still runs a mobile OS and therefore is limited when it comes to overall functionality. The Microsoft Surface, on the other hand, has a full OS and is much more usable for mainstream and workstation tasks.

Surface Pro, Laptop, and Book are the company's mobile computers, but Microsoft has recently launched its all-in-one Surface Studio as well. Business Insider asked Gavin whether the iMac Pro — just unveiled at Apple's WWDC developer conference earlier this month — would prompt Microsoft to follow suit and make a machine more suited for people demanding raw power.

Source: BusinessInsider

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