LG Booth Tour at CES 2016

We have posted the video that accompanied our CES 2016 coverage from the LG booth. Check out the full article here - but you can simply enjoy the video below.

How Microsoft's Hololens Enhances NFL

Microsoft is not showing an actual tech demo just yet, but they have high hopes that their Hololens could make pretty much everything you watch better. This is actually pretty cool, and while I wouldn't probably wear it when watching things like the new Lego movie, it would make NFL and NHL even more awesome.

Source: Microsoft (YouTube)

Windows 10 is #2

Windows 10 has officially moved up into the #2 spot for most used OS passing Windows XP and Windows 8.1. Windows 10 has grabbed up 11.9% of the desktop OS market share but now has a big job ahead of it thanks to Windows 7 still holding 52.5%. Most likely there will come a day when Windows 10 slides into the #1 spot, but looks like that's still a ways away. CNET has the story.

Microsoft made good Monday on its promise to give Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 users a shove toward Windows 10.

The shove arrived in the form of Windows 10's shift from an "optional" upgrade to a "recommended" upgrade.

Titanfall 2 Will Have a Real Single-Player Campaign

While Titanfall was one of the best games of 2014, it didn't receive a lot of traction as the long-term playability was a bit limited. The overall feel was great - but very repetitive. Titanfall will be back with their second installment, and this time around they claim that there will be a real single-player campaign, instead of the neutered online single-player attempt done in the first one. I personally enjoy single-player campaigns, but the big question is, "Will this be enough to drive more sales to TF2?" Time will tell later this year or early next when the game is expected to launch.

Respawn hasn't said much about its Titanfall sequel beyond plans for multi-platform support, but some details are starting to trickle out... and they'll be good news for fans of the robot-slash-infantry shooter. In a chat with Forbes, head writer Jesse Stern notes that Titanfall 2 will have a real, honest-to-goodness single-player campaign when it arrives either late this year or early next.

Source: Engadget

Mirror's Edge Catalyst Closed Beta

Mirror's Edge Catalyst details are surfacing, and there will be a closed beta. Unlike some other beta programs, this beta doesn't require a pre-order. All you have to do is head on over sign up, pick your platform of choice and wait by your inbox to see if you were selected. It will be available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.


Source: Mirror's Edge

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