LG Beats Nexus to Market with Android Nougat Device

Traditionally, Google's Nexus devices have been the ones that launched their new OS, but it seems that LG is chomping at the bit and wants to beat Google at their own game - with Google's own software. That's right, instead of a Nexus device being the first one to market with Android 7 (Nougat), it will be LG. The dual-screen V20 will debut September 6th. If being the first one with a new OS is important, you may be in the market for a new LG device.

Although LG has yet to share many details about the new phone's features, we do know it will be once again sporting dual displays: a main 5.7-inch display, plus a second, always-on ribbon display at the top for notifications and quick app access. In practice, Engadget found the V10's second screen to be one of the best implementations to date, with easy access to audio controls or a quick glance at an email subject line.

Source: Engadget

Pokemon GO Now Favors Casual Players

In an effort to keep casual players playing Pokemon GO, Niantic has released an update that nerfs the original game dynamic and replaces things geared toward casual players. The problem with Pokemon GO, is that in order to really succeed, you had to play it lots, and that took commitment and newer players weren't interested in competing. This helps level the playing field, but doesn't really reward players for all their previous time spent.

If you’re a dedicated Pokémon GO player, you might be able to tell that these changes favor those who only casually pick up the game. Making it easier and lowering the barrier to entry for the game was an important part of what made the title go so big overnight. In other words, these changes are designed to keep even casual users engaged.

Source: Neowin

BMW 5 Series Short

BMW has put together a rather lengthy "short" that showcases their new 5 Series car. It's interesting that they grabbed the likes of Dakota Fanning and Clive Owen to tease us. Honestly, I'm more curious about the plot and story of the movie...


November Games for Gold

Microsoft just announced their Games for Gold for November and this month there are a couple of titles worth checking out for sure. Remember with the backwards-compatibility, you can play most of the 360 games on your Xbox One, so you're getting four games a month. This month, Super Dugeon Bros (never heard of it) is coming on the Xbox One as is Murdered: Soul Suspect (never heard of it either). On the 360 you get Monkey Island: SE (great game) as well as Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon (also a great game). Enjoy!

The only things that you have to do to get these four games for free every month is to be an Xbox Live Gold member, and claim them between the specified dates. Remember, if you ever cancel your subscription, you get to keep the Xbox 360 games (which are always backward compatible), but you lose the Xbox One games.

Source: Neowin

Upcoming Macbook Pro Images Leak

The fall Apple event is just around the corner and the rumor mill is in full swing. There have recently been a few leaked images showcasing the new OLED touch panel (think function keys), and it supports Apple's Touch ID. I love the idea of an OLED touch panel / toolbar that is context aware. Companies have been trying this for a few years, but having one integrated into a laptop would be the best use scenario. I'm a fan of that feature. We'll have to see how the rest of the machine stacks up.

As has been rumored, the touch panel, which may be called the "Magic Toolbar," appears to be contextual, changing based on what's on the screen. In the images, Apple Pay dialog is depicted, asking a customer to confirm a purchase with a finger on the panel. It appears Touch ID is built into a nearly-invisible power button located next to the display. 

Source: MacRumors

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