Alienware 'Alpha' Is a Half-Step Toward Steam Machines

Alienware is one of the companies that have jumped on board and promised Valve a Steam Machine. This has been a really slow process as Valve has tried something new with the controller and it hasn't worked out as good as they'd hoped. They've been back to the drawing board a few times and now with their new little "Alpha" system, they are half-a-step closer. Valve has done pretty much everything wrong with this launch and here's another example. We don't need "half". We need all.

Not long after, at CES 2014, Valve revealed a full line of Steam Machines from 14 different companies. Chief among them was Alienware, Dell's gaming PC arm, which showed a teensy $550 box called the "Alpha." Alienware was a standout not just due to name recognition, but because the company proposed a launch window for its "game console". The Alpha won't ship with any of the promises of the Steam Machines initiative: no Steam OS and no Steam Controller. Valve's delayed both, but Alienware's pushing on nonetheless with a fall launch.

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ROCCAT Kave XTD 5.1 Digital USB Gaming Headset

We have just posted up our review of the ROCCAT Kave XTD 5.1 Digital USB Gaming Headset. This headset builds off the original Kave Headset and ROCCAT has really stepped up their game with the XTD. There are many improvements on this headset and the audio quality is really, really good. If you're looking for something that will give you an edge in your game, make music and movies more enjoyable and even make you more attractive, check out our review. They may deliver on a few of these claims.

As mentioned earlier in this review, the most important part about this new in-line control unit is the fact that it has a built-in 5.1 sound card. The quality of sound that comes from this card is amazing. The first time I used this headset, I was blown away. Not only was I surprised at the sound quality from a USB headset, but I was floored at how far better it was than what I currently had (an analog headset).

Kave XTD

Smartphone Celebrates 20th Birthday

It seems that Apple didn't actually come up with the Smartphone idea. In fact, the smartphone just celebrated its 20th birthday thankfully things have gotten a little better. Simon was the name of IBMs flagship device and it actually had an amazing list of features. Take a look at the link below for all the details.

The phone was developed by firm IBM and the American cellular company BellSouth. IBM said it was called Simon because it was simple and could do almost anything you wanted. Charlotte Connelly, the content developer for the exhibition, said it was initially marketed around the idea of the game 'Simon says'.


Image Credit: DailyMail UK

Source: DailyMail

America's First Electric Supercar

Samsung @ CES 2013

One of the highlights of every CES is a stop by the Samsung booth and this year didn’t disappoint. Samsung has so many products on display which makes it feel like walking through a candy story wishing you could have one of each. The big product in the TV market this year at CES is 4k displays (4096x2160 resolution) and Samsung had a bunch of those on display. Right now content is pretty tough to find in resolutions that high, but the demo clips that they were showing attracted quite a crowd. 

Samsung 4K TV

Also on display was one of Samsung's curved OLED TV's. The curve in the screen wasn't drastic but it was enough to give the picture a bit of a different look and thanks to the OLED technology the picture was great. 

Samsung Curved OLED TV

Check out more of our pictures from Samsung in our CES 2013 gallery.

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