Able Planet @ CES 2014

At the very first CES BCCHardware attended (8 years ago) we got to meet with a brand new audio company called Able Planet. We knew from that very first meeting that Able Planet wasn't just another headphone company thanks to their much different approach to audio and every year at CES we look forward to stopping by and seeing what they've been up to.

At CES 2014 we saw a countless number of headphone makers showing off countless number of designs and colors but Able Planet isn't worried about colors and designs, they are all about the audio quality. We've had the chance to review numerous Able Planet headphones over the years and we've always walked away impressed with the sound quality.


Last year at CES 2013 Able Planet was showing off their newest product that promised to bring 4D sound to their headphones. Last year we got to see the prototypes but at this years CES the product is completed and we got a proper demo of the final product which Able Planet has called Linx Fusion. In addition to the audio signal, Linx Fusion adds a slight vibration to the sounds which allows the user to listen to audio at a lower decibel level yet the brain still processes the audio as if it was much louder. Adding a vibration might sound like a cheap gimmick, but the reality is that when done properly it can add an entirely new dimension to the audio and also can help prevent hearing loss over time as the audio does not need to be as loud as with other products. Hopefully I've done a good enough job trying to explain this product, unfortunately it might just be one of those things that you need to hear to really believe and if you're like me you will be very impressed.

Able Planet Linx Fusion Headphones

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Nintendo's Next Gen to Use Free-Form Displays

Sharp has come up with some pretty cool technologies over the years and in fact the current 3DS uses a Sharp display to do the 3D magic. Well, Nintendo is a fan and Sharp's next awesome idea comes in many different shapes. "Free-Form" displays allow the panel to be cut to pretty much any shape to fit anywhere and will allow the next handheld device from Nintendo some freedom from the typical rectangle screen. It should be nifty. Stay tuned to E3 this year as it could be one of the highlights of the show.

Sharp's Free-Form Display technology is designed to allow for new shapes and sizes of screen, and the first client could be Nintendo. Japanese news agency Kyodo reports that the venerable video games company will be Sharp's first client for the LCD tech, which may be used in a new portable games console or the company's upcoming sleep-tracking device. According to one source, Nintendo is considering a doughnut-shaped screen with a hole in the middle.

Source: TheVerge

Kingston Brings 64GB DDR4 kits to CES 2015

Kingston brought some great stuff to CES this year with a new SDD drive, DDR4 RAM, a new M.2 form factor SSD, and a 7.1 channel gaming headset. The HyperX Predator PCIe is the new M.2 SSD that boasts a 1400 MB/s seq read speed and 1k MB/s seq write speed. Kingston was also showing off the HyperX Predator in 2.5-inch form factor as well which uses the Phison s10 controller which allows for speeds of 560 and 540 sequential read and write speeds.


Kingston Lineup


Next on the list is the HyperX Cloud 2 gaming headset that touts a USB DSP sound card in the microphone control unit. It allows for switching between normal operation or 7.1 channel virtual audio with the press of a button. From a short demo of the headset, gaming sounds pretty good with the 7.1 enabled, however music sounds much better with the 7.1 audio off. With the best saved for last, the new HyperX Predator DDR4 64GB RAM is claimed as the first to be produced using the official standard for DDR4. This ram can operate at 3000MHz and in quad-channel making this ram very beastly.

Big System


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Optoma NuForce NE800M Superior Performance Earphones

We have just posted up our review of the Optoma NE800M "Superior Performance" earphones. These are the high-end of the Optoma/NuForce line and they offer great looks and even better performance at a price that may have you second guessing them. One you take a listen though, you may be swayed into a purchase. All is not perfect though, so make sure you check our review for all the details.

The machined brass nozzles combined with the carbon fiber shell makes these very inert and by all appearances, they didn't introduce any external vibrations into the sound. With silicon ear tips, they block out a lot of external sound at the expense of a bit of comfort, but once you put on the Comply™ tips, you are in a place of comfort and peace.


Ouye Rips off Almost Everyone

OUYA got us pretty excited a couple of years ago with their promise of a Android microconsole that could take on the big boys, but that fell rather short and hard. Android consoles affordable, and most have a pretty mediocre design. That's where Ouye comes in. They pretty much rip off the name of OUYA, and then take it up a couple of extra notches with their Xbox One controller knock-off - as well as their PS4 console rip. I can smell lawsuits cooking already. So, it looks good, but it will probably be lacking - as is every other Android console.

The console is being crowdfunded on Chinese site JD.com. The spec says it is running on an A80 platform, which suggests the Octa-core Allwinner A80 board (ARM Cortex A15/A7). That’s combined with a PowerVR G6230 GPU, 2GB DDR3 RAM, 16GB of on-board flash memory, USB 3.0 and 2.0 ports, and a MicroSD card slot that supports 64GB cards.

Source: Geek

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