Movie Trailer Monday - X-Men: Apocalyse

The first X-Men movie was undoubtedly the best so far, but Apocalypse looks pretty amazing.


Deepcool @ CES 2016

If you haven't heard of Deepcool before, after this CES, you will probably be trying to find someone who sells their products here in North America. Deepcool brought some interesting designs to their suite this year. One of such is the Tristellar case and by looks alone one could almost say it was out of a Star Wars movie. The graphics card is contained in the top one of the three "wings", while the PSU is in the lower left "wing" and lastly the ITX motherboard and CPU are housed in the lower right. There is also enough room to stick one of Deepcool’s liquid coolers in the case as well.

The Images will show the Tristellar S white case however this is a special Bill Owen MOD case with only 50 made globally; the normal version of the case comes in black.


The Genome which will be hitting the market later this year is more than just a case, it's an extreme liquid cooling system. The case and liquid cooler are designed to fit seamlessly together all the while bringing some interesting design elements in along the way. The cooling solution is a 360mm radiator with 3 PWM fans, a helix reservoir, and all the while using the new captain design CPU block and pump. Depending on the final price when it hits the market it really could be worth looking at when building a new rig.

To top it all off DeepCool was demonstrating a PSU that was liquid cooled which is something not too many people have worked on. Who knows if it will become a mainstream item or not, but it's always cool to seem something new and different.

Liquid Cooled PUS

Please be sure to check out more image in our CES gallery here. Also, take a look at the Deepcool website to find our more about these products.

WTU Episode #368 - One Billion iPhones!

We have just posted up Episode #368 of Weekly Tech Update. In this episode we are discussing a billion iPhones for Apple, millions of dollars for Yahoo's CEO and Nintendo's profits are down - but there is hope. Check out those and lots more tech stories at the links below.


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T-Mobile drops HTC 10

T-Mobile has dropped the new HTC 10 from their phone offerings which isn't a good sign for HTC. The even worse news is they did it in July and no one noticed. While the HTC 10 isn't a bad phone, I think its biggest downfall is that there are better performing phones and less expensive phones out there that have made a good phone easy for people to forget. Android Police take a closer look.

HTC launched the HTC 10 this spring to mostly positive reviews, a pleasant departure from several years of lackluster flagship phones. However, good reviews don't always translate into good sales. T-Mobile is known for kicking under-performing phones to the curb pretty quickly, and it looks like the same thing happend to the HTC 10 last month. Almost no one noticed, though.

The HTC 10 launched at T-Mobile on May 18th, and it was dropped about the same time of the month in July. So, that's two months—only half as long as the BlackBerry Priv lasted at Tmo. That's not great news for HTC, especially considering AT&T never sold the 10.

Apple Up to macOS 10.12 Beta 6

Apple is getting it. They are pushing their software releases out to the general public and taking their feedback to see how things perform, how features work and even overall system compatibility. Apple shouldn't have as big of a problem with compatibility as Microsoft does, but they are doing well to take into account a large install base for testing. Public Beta 5 is now available with Beta 6 released to developers. It's coming soon!

For those that have given up on hitting the Updates button in the Mac App Store, it's time to check again, as the new build of macOS Sierra is finally available. If you're not sure if you already have it, head over to "About This Mac" and make sure that you have build 16A294a.

Source: Neowin

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