WTU Episode #280 - iPhone 6: Innovating Like It's 2012

We have just posted up Episode #280 of Weekly Tech Update. In this episode we are discussing the iPhone 6 is Apple’s big thing that is actually bigger, Microsoft pays the NFL to use Surface Tablets that keep getting called iPads, if you need 26,000 hours of video storage - TiVo can help. We have those stories and more and the links below!


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Google's Self-Driving Cars Now Legal in California

With self-driving cars actually starting to exist in the wild, different states suddenly had to address questions like regarding liability of a crash with a self-driving car and this delayed deployment. It seems that Google has managed to iron out some of these little hiccups and their cars are now legal in California. This is a huge win for Google.

Google's self-driving cars have made impressive progress in the past few years, logging over 700,000 accident-free miles without human intervention, according to the company (there has been at least one accident reportedly caused by a human driver). But those test-drives have been limited to a few closed courses and select areas. Starting this month, Google and a few other ambitious automakers will be able to unleash self-driving vehicles on any public road in the state of California.

Source: TheVerge

Windows 9 is Free and the Preview is Available - Tuesday

If you are getting geared up for Windows 9, you won't have to wait much longer to get your hands on a Technical Preview. This Tuesday, Microsoft is hosting an event and we've already seen that their download page was made live (oops) although no files were available to download. That's good news that it's coming quick and even better news that the cost of this new OS looks to be free for Windows 8 users - keeping to their promise that the "Start Menu" would be a free update for Windows 8 users. We thought it would be an update for Windows 8, but Microsoft wants to leave this dud in the past as fast as possible.

If you bookmark the source link below, based on the staging site, that's where the download will be posted once the page goes live. While the staging page was full of links that went to dead sites or Windows 8.1 content, the URL slug of the download link shows that Microsoft is gearing up to release the preview.

Source: Neowin, Microsoft, DetikInet

Roccat @ CES 2013

We made a stop by Roccat today to check out some of their newest products. Like most other Roccat products, the newest additions to their lineup are made specifically with gamers in mind. The first product we saw was the Ryos MK Pro keyboard. This is a mechanical keyboard with your choice of 4 different cherry MX switches and is the first keyboard to offer individual key illumination. Individual key illumination means you can illuminate only the buttons that you are using in a specific game, or you can change the colors of specific important buttons, or pretty much anything lighting scheme you can think up. Roccat will also offer the Ryos keyboard in other flavors with less features at a lower price.

Roccat Ryos MK Pro Mechanical Keyboard

Also being displayed this year is Roccat’s new software called Power-Grid which allows you to use your smartphone to control things like skype, teamspeak, game macros, news, weather, computer performance statistics, and much much more without ever having to exit out of your game. The Power-Grid software will be free for the base program (extra functions and premium apps will be extra)  and you will be able to make your own apps and customize it to do whatever you want. At first this might not seem like the most useful program but after we experienced it first and we thought up dozens of uses that would make it quite handy. Roccat will be releasing this software for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone (release date still unknown). You can find out more about Power-Grid and even sign up to be a beta tester over at Roccat's website.

Roccat Power-Grid Smartphone App

WTU Episode #229 - iOS 7 vs SteamOS

We have just posted up Episode #229 of Weekly Tech Update. In this episode we are discussing the iOS 7 release, Steam OS hits the airwaves and Microsoft bets big on the Surface 2.  We have those stories and more. . .


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