Sennheiser at CES 2014 (Gamers and DJs Welcome)

We have a look at a few new products from Sennheiser this year at CES. They just launched a couple of new gaming headphones - including a closed style as well as some great new DJ headphones. Take a look at our interview for more info!


Check out more pictures in the gallery here - as well as more of our CES 2014 coverage here.

Blackberry Juiced?

For quite a while, Blackberry has been on a downhill slope towards that dangerous spot of obscurity and outright disappearance from the market, but things may finally be turning around. They seem to be stabilizing more and more with the leadership of new CEO John Chen. Their supply has stabilized and finances are being managed in a better manner. Maybe Blackberry will be the name it used to be.

"Once we turn this company to profitability again, I will do everything I can to never lose money ever again," Chen told Reuters in an interview this week. "That is definitely something I am very focused on doing."

Source: Reuters

Apple Kills SSD Performance on Competitor SSDs

If you needed another reason to hate Apple, we've got some ammunition for you. With the latest version of their OS (Yosemite 10.10), Apple has pulled the pin and killed off TRIM support for competitor SSDs. There is no reason to do this as the "user experience" will be the same (or better) with a different SSD, but Apple has decided to push their own brand to the point where a part that could be serviceable for the average guy - no longer is. Removing this will make the experience worse for users that upgrade their drives. #BadApple

TRIM marks data to be deleted that was removed at the filesystem level. Normally, SSDs do not keep track of the blocks that are no longer in use. This is where TRIM enabled SSDs would come into play by  helping increase the life of of the SSD, and performance over that lifespan.

Source: FutureLooks

Metal Gear Very Solid

There are many people who are eagerly awaiting the release of the new Metal Gear Solid title, and some of you still have questions when it comes to some versions such as the PC. One question is, “What is the framerate going to be? “ and this has been answered with a simple 60fps. A lot of games are running at this framerate so it isn’t a big letdown, but you would think with a title with this large a cult following that they would do all they can to give those who can use it a better framerate. 


The FPS is locked at 60 for MGSV:GZ.

Source: SteamCommunity

Skype Gets Better?

Have you ever wished that you could keep up with your Skype contacts without actually downloading the whole client? Well we have good news for you, now you can access this great service over the web! It is nice to see since if you ever need to use this service on someone elses computer you won’t have to download such a big file to it.

To use Skype for Web, users simply sign in on Skype.com. From there, they can connect and start instant messaging directly from their browser. Voice or video calls will require a small plug-in. Now in beta, the service works with Internet Explorer, Chrome on Windows, Firefox and Safari, but it initially will be available only to a small number of users. It will be rolled out worldwide in the coming months, Watson said.

Source: TechNewsWorld

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