Design flaw in Pre-SandyBridge Intel CPUs

There is some bad news if you are running an older Intel Core processor. It appears that Intel chips made from 1997 up to SandyBridge has a flaw that allows hackers to install a rootkit into the low-level firmware of the actual processor. This means bad things. Even if you format and reinstall your operating system, the flaw is still present - even if you swap hard drives. This rootkit could be very destructive and while Intel is working on a patch, not all CPUs will be able to be patched. AMD processors may affected, but they could be affected as well.

Once installed, the rootkit could be used for destructive attacks like wiping the UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface) the modern BIOS or even to re-infect the OS after a clean install. Protection features like Secure Boot wouldn't help, because they, too rely on the SMM to be secure.

Source: PCWorld

Portable Steam Machine Coming in 2016

Oh look! Another piece of Valve Vaporware! A few years back now, Valve announced their SteamBox that was going to take over the living room, your entire home and change the way we play PC games. That hasn't happened yet, although their controller has almost launched, sort of - over a year late'ish. With that solid track record, they are tackling another problem that doesn't exist. Portable gaming. According to the good folks at Steam, this is scheduled for a late 2016 release date - meaning we may see it as early as 2018.

The handheld, portable Steam Machine previously known as the Steamboy will go on sale on Nov. 10 for $299 — the same day other Steam Machines from manufacturers like Alienware and Cyberpower hit store shelves — but the device won't actually ship until late next year, according to its manufacturer.

Source: Polygon

M is for Mashmallow

Android "M" has been revealed. It's sticky, goey and really quite gross. That's right, it's a marshmallow.



Source: Neowin

Free Samsung Test Drive

Samsung is pretty sure that you'll choose their new Galaxy Note 5 or S6 Edge devices over an iPhone that they've started a 30 day test drive program for iPhone users where for $1 you can try out one of the new Samsung devices if you are a T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon, or AT&T customer that currently has an iPhone. It's interesting to see Samsung targeting Apple directly with a promotion like this, but there are only so many people who want a 'premium' handset and currently most of them either have a Samsung or Apple device. Tom's Guide has the details.

Samsung is confident that iPhone owners will love the Galaxy Note 5 and S6 Edge  — so confident that the company is letting them try the new phones out for free. As part of the company's Ultimate Test Drive initiative, folks with iPhones can test Samsung's latest handsets for a month — complete with a data plan — for virtually nothing.


Top 10 Windows 10 Apps You Need

If youv'e recently installed Windows 10, you may wonder what all the fuss is about and what applications really make it that much more awesome than Windows 7. Of course it is already better than Windows 8, but what are the best applications out there? Microsoft's plan to monetize Windows is through their store, so here are some freebies and maybe even a paid application or two to get you going.

Below, in no particular order, are the apps we think no PC should be without. All are free, but some offer paid-for premium options. They range from social software to system tools and we hope you find something new and useful for your shiny new Windows 10 installation.

Source: Neowin

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