Don't Poke a Phone Battery With a Knife

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What Does 'All Day' Battery Life Mean on the Apple Watch?

Apple showed off their new watch anc claimed it has "all day" battery life that will get you through a 18-hour day. That's a pretty vague statement though and people are concerned if that means you can leave it on your wrist - or if it will actually be usable for 18-hours. In the end, the battery life is actually pretty decent, but I don't think it will warrant the $549 price tag for a nice looking watch.

Testing conducted by Apple in March 2015 using preproduction Apple Watch and software paired with an iPhone using preproduction software with a call placed from Apple Watch. Battery life varies by use, configuration, and many other factors; actual results will vary.

Source: Apple

Everything Valve Does is Because of Steam

While Valve and Steam are actually two separate entities, they do have the same parent company and sometimes we wonder what Valve is thinking when the try different products, games and technologies. The truth is that Valve is thinking about Steam. It's always all about Steam. Pushing their online store and community makes sense as whatever games they sell, they get a cut. The are trying to be Apple's App Store for gamers. So far, they are leading the charge.

Maybe you didn't know, but Valve generates a ton of revenue from Steam. It's not clear exactly how much, so here's some context for that assertion:
  • The most current numbers on Steam usage are from last week, with 125 million "active accounts" -- that's not total accounts, but accounts being used with some regularity.
  • The Steam library is around 4,500 games, depending on what you count (that number excludes game add-ons and non-game software -- thanks to Ars Technica's Kyle Orland and his Steam Gauge database for this number).
  • Valve gets approximately 30 percent of each sale made on Steam.


30% is the reason why they are all about Steam.

Source: Engadget

400,000 Apps have never been downloaded

A new article over at PhoneArena brings up some interesting points in regards to the Apple App Store, the biggest of which if that 400,000 of the 650,000 or so apps in the store have never been downloaded. Basically the conclusion of the report is that unless you are extremely lucky or have millions of dollars to spend your way to the top of the charts your odds aren't great. No stats yet on the Android Google Play Store yet but I'd wager a bet that the stats could very well be very similar.

Would you be surprised to hear that more than 60% of the apps in the App Store have never been downloaded, even once? That's the conclusion of analytical firm Adeven. The latter even counted the number of flashlight apps and found that Apple iPhone users in need of a quick light have 1,899 choices. Christian Henschel, Adeven CEO, said that there are only a "couple of thousand apps" that get downloaded in number from Apple's on-line applications store.

60% of iPhone users don't want the Apple Watch

Well the headline basically sums up a recent Reuters/Ipsos poll, A reported 60% of US iPhone users aren't interested in the 'groundbreaking' Apple Watch. While that sounds like a high number, if those numbers are correct that would still leave 40 million iPhone users that have some interest in getting their very own Apple Watch (there are 100 Million active iPhone users in the USA). If you multiply a minimum $350 x 40 million the resulting number will probably ruin your day. The full story can be found over at Digital Journal.

According to the survey, iPhone users in the United States, a very important market for the product going on sale from April 24, 39 percent expressed interest in purchasing the watch. About half of these respondents said they were very interested. The online survey included 2,469 respondents aged 18 and older, and was conducted between March 9 and 17. Of these respondents, 788 were iPhone users.

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