Weekly Tech Update #415 - Bitcoin Soars to $10K Heights

We have just posted up Episode #415 of Weekly Tech Update! In this episode we'll be discussing Bitcoin hits $10,000, Jeff Bezos is rich and Black Friday online sales hit a new high. We have those stories and more at the links below...


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Samsung working on new battery technology

Samsung is trying to tackle the old "not enough battery power" issues that plagues every mobile device with new graphene batteries. The talk surrounding this new battery tech sounds promising with them saying it would carry 45% more capacity than lithium-ion and be able to fully charge in 12 minutes. Let's all cross our fingers that this actually work out. TNW has the details.

While persistent efforts in phone design and software optimization have got us to the point where our handsets can now last a day on a single charge, there’s work to be done yet if we’re heading for a future rife with VR and AR apps.

To that end, Samsung says it’s inching closer to making better batteries, thanks to its breakthroughs in using graphene in place of lithium, which currently powers most phones and electric vehicles.

Google's AI Built a Better AI

Google's AutoML project was designed to make AI build other AI is a success - and that is a little scary. This project managed to build a better AI than humans have developed and it is by far superior. Once you roll the newly created AI back into the project to develop yet a better AI, then you get even more crazy stuff as it exponentially gets better. While there are safeguards in place (in theory), I'm sure that a fourth generation (or more) self-created AI could do a bit of damage if it wanted to. While it sounds like Terminator  - and a little crazy - the fact is that all it lacks is a motive.

Machine learning is what gives many AI systems their ability to perform specific tasks. Although the concept behind it is fairly simple — an algorithm learns by being fed a ton of data — the process requires a huge amount of time and effort. By automating the process of creating accurate, efficient AI systems, an AI that can build AI takes on the brunt of that work. Ultimately, that means AutoML could open up the field of machine learning and AI to non-experts.

Source: Futurism

Lenovo Tackles Business Without the ThinkPad

I believe it was Jason Schneider who predicted that once Lenovo got established as a quality business notebook maker - by continuing to use the ThinkPad branding - they'd eventually drop it in favor of machines that are strictly all their own. The time has some and the V730 has leaked and it shows that Lenovo is trying to make a solid metal machine with a 13-inch display that is geared toward the business user. ThinkPad doesn't make an appearance here though, so my educated guess is that it is garbage.

Inside the V730 is the latest Intel technologySo, the new SoCs of the "Kaby Lake-R" series are used, with the Intel Core i7-8550U representing the highest of emotions, with its four cores a base clock of 1.8 GHz at a maximum turbo frequency of 4.0 GHz achieved. The DDR4 memory can be expanded to up to 16 gigabytes, while the built-in PCIe SSDs offer up to 512 GB. 

Source: WinFuture

Lian Li @ CES 2013

Lian Li was at CES once again this year and they brought a few interesting chassis to the show.  By interesting, I mean a beast, a thermal guru and a train.  Let's start with the beast.  The PC-D8000.  This case supposts the largest motherboards possible and complies to the HPTX standard.  Even with a motherboard as large as 15" x 13.6", you still will have room for 20 (that's right, twenty) 3.5" HDDs.  In addition to that, it has four USB 3.0 ports on the front and all of the other awesome features we've come to expect from the all-aluminum case manufacturer, Lian Li.

PC-D8000 Big Front


The PC-V850 is a case that is coming in the near future (hopefully) and it offers the standard Lian Li quality with a bit of a different way to manage thermal issues.  Once the side panel is on, the air intake comes from the rear and the deflector ensures that you are not sucking in hot air from the rear exhaust.  The chassis is sectioned off into several areas that are compartmentalized so that different components don't heat up each other.


The last and oddest thing that we've seen from Lian Li is the train PC case.  We've seen some pretty odd cases, that included sea shells, horses and a yeti, but we've never seen a moving train PC.  There is not much else to be said about this.

Lian Li Train

Please check out the gallery for more pictures from the Lian Li booth.

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