OCZ @ CES 2014

We had the chance to stop by and catch up with OCZ here at CES 2014. As you might already know, OCZ had a rough 2013 and is currently in the process of being acquired by Toshiba. OCZ Vertex and Vector drives traditionally have been using Micron flash memory inside them, however, that will be changing soon as OCZ will be begin using Toshiba flash memory in their new Vertex 460 SSD and they are saying that this move could really help improve performance which has everyone at OCZ excited. At this point we don't have any numbers but when the lineup and new models are finalized the performance numbers will be released. Stay tuned to BCCHardware as we will taking a look at these new drives down the road and we will see just how much performance they were able to gain.

OCZ Vertex and Vector SSD Lineup


Check out more pictures in the gallery here - as well as more of our CES 2014 coverage here.


Xbox 360 Holiday Bundles Surface

If you've been waiting to pick up a new Xbox 360 to keep on playing your old games, there are a few new Holiday bundles that have just surfaced. These will be available right away and all bundles are currently $249USD. You have a few choices that include more storage and less games, or less storage and more games and accessories. Take a look and see what a console half the price of the Xbox One Kinect offers.

Today we are announcing the Xbox 360 Holiday Value Bundles that will be available next week at retailers around the world. There are a number of options; here are the details: Xbox 360 500 GB Holiday Value Bundle, Xbox 360 Special Edition Blue Bundle, Xbox 360 4GB Kinect Bundle.

Source: MajorNelson

NVIDIAs 4K on 1080p Tech

NVIDIA has just launched a couple of new graphics cards (GTX 970 & GTX 980) and they have announced some new tech as well. These new chips manage to play game and video content in 4K and then downsample it to match your computers screen so that it looks absolutely amaizng. This isn't a new or crazy idea, but the ability for the card to do the downscaling and rendering is new - and it looks amazing! If you to check out this new technology, check the link below - or the full review of the GTX 980 here.

By running a game at a high resolution beyond what your monitor can support and then downsampling (rescaling) the image to your monitor's native resolution, you get some gorgeous, crisp visuals that is often much better than any form of anti-aliasing can accomplish. But downsampling always required hacks or external tools, and it was never flawless. NVIDIA decided to address that, with what it's calling Dynamic Super Resolution.

Source: OverclockersClub

Microsoft: Windows 9 isn't going to be called Windows 9

A senior staffer at Microsoft's France office went on record as stating that "Windows 9 will be released in a few days." Microsoft USA told the media that the president of Microsoft France doesn't know what he's talking about and their is "no name" just yet. Yes there is. It's Windows 9.

Worried that Microsoft was going to keep the “Threshold” codename on the next version of Windows? Fret not, it probably won’t. In a speech to employees, Alain Crozier, president of Microsoft France, called the new operating system “Windows 9″ quite recently, and there is tape of it.

Source: TechCrunch

WTU Episode #282 - Windows 10; Because 7 Ate 9

It's been a big week as Windows 10 was just announced and Apple had their share of problems with bendy phones, iOS8 updates and more. Don't forget that PayPal and eBay are separating... On a positive note, the Tetris movie is coming and Bill Gates is still doing pretty good financially. We have those stories and more in Episode #282 of WeeklyTechUpdate.


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