iTunes turns 13 (and still needs work)

iTunes is celebrating its 13th birthday. You'd think in 13 years Apple would have improved iTunes more than they have, but of course they haven't. Quartz has a history lesson on iTunes and why it's still awful.

Enter the iTunes Music Store, unveiled with a proud flourish by a beaming Steve Jobs. It was a digital jukebox, a music distribution game-changer, a record store to end all record stores—and it did, in fact, kill off a great number of those. The addition of the online store to the iTunes media player (which debuted in 2001) completely altered the way people bought, sold, and made music around the globe.

Nintendo is now worth more than Sony

Thanks to the huge success of Pokemon Go, Nintendo has seen its stock soar and has now surpassed Sony in value. Nintendo has seen their company value tack on an extra $23 Billion dollars since the release of Pokemon Go which as investors giggling. One would assume the value of Nintendo will come back down at some point once the hype dies down but for right now Nintendo is on top of the world. Mashable has the full story.

Pokémon, whoa.

Nintendo is now worth more than double what it was before the launch of Pokémon Go, as investors continue to drive up the price of the video game company's stock.

In dollar terms, Nintendo has added a whopping $23 billion to its value in less than two weeks.

Nintendo Slumps as Pokemon Go Details Emerge

Nintendo looked like they had a landslide winner with Pokemon Go, but they have just let their investors (and the public) know that it wasn't originally their idea and that they only get about a 13% share of the App profits. This is a bit different picture than we all believed at launch and the shareholders reactied. Nintendo is still doing well, but they don't get everything that you're spending online.

In a press release after the market closed on Friday in Japan, the Kyoto-based company said the game’s financial impact will be "limited" and that it is not necessary to revise its annual forecast even after factoring in current conditions. It also said revenue from Pokemon Go Plus, a Nintendo-produced accessory for the game expected to go on sale soon, has already been factored into the current guidance.

Source: Bloomberg

Dota 2 Breaks its Own Prize Pool Record

Last year Dota 2 set a prize pool record by giving away an astonishing $18,429,613 worth of prizes and this year they have crept past the last years total with just over $18,537,000 worth of prizes - and there are still funds and prize money rolling in. If you want to be an eSports athlete, there is actually some money to be won - but you'll have to spend a lot of hours in your parents basement practicing.

The company provides $1.6 million of its own money each year to get the ball rolling, which it then augments with sales of in-game perks, quests, and cosmetics to fans and players of the game. Dota’s consistently rising prize pools are thus just an expression of its enduring and growing popularity. In 2016, Valve has stepped up the sophistication of its enticements for players to buy so-called Battle Passes and Compendiums, staging strategically timed weekend sales and setting stretch goals that tempt people into buying more levels to unlock more cool loot.

Source: TheVerge

BlackBerry's New Android Phone is Secure

BlackBerry has been slipping in market share for a while now and they are trying different things to get back in the game. I think the Passport and the Priv were good attempts, but they came 2-4 years too late. Their latest phone - the DTEK50 (codenamed Neon), claims to be the most secure Android device ever - and not only is it secure, it's actually affordable. Make sure you check it out and the link below.

BlackBerry's leaning heavily on security features to sell this phone; primarily that means a hardened kernel, a hardware "Root of Trust," full disk encryption, a more secure bootloader and a bunch of other features designed to keep you feeling safe. The end-to-end encryption provided by that Root of Trust ensures only authenticated devices can connect to an organization's network, which should help it appeal to its intended business audience.

Source: Engadget

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