Xbox One Update Brings 1080p 60FPS Game Streaming

It appears that Microsoft is keeping their promise of pulling off 1080p game streaming to your Windows 10 PC - and keeping it nice and smooth with a silky 60fps. This is good news and the update is coming very soon. This is part of the August update and it will be a nice addition to all of those that have bought an Xbox One and it might be a bit of an incentive for those that are thinking about taking the plunge.

1080p/60fps Game Streaming – You can now stream games from your Xbox One to Windows 10 devices in high-res HD quality at 1080p/60fps. The new streaming capability works best for gamers who have home networks with adequate bandwidth. In the Xbox app on Windows 10, go to Settings > Game Streaming and set the video encoding level to Very High, which will then stream games from your Xbox One to your Windows 10 PC at 1080p and 60fps (frames per second).

Source: Xbox Wire

3D Printing - With Glass

MIT has managed to put together a machine that can 3D Print - using molten glass. This is as hot as it sounds and part way through the video below, you'll see them drop in a chunk of molten glass to refill the "ink" in their printer. Super awesome stuff.

Source: Vimeo

App That Can "See" Wireless Networks

There are somre pretty crazy applications that are very useful and some that just appear to be useful. According to the the site below, they've built an application that can help you visualize exactly where the radio waves are. While this may indeed be a bit far-fetched, radio waves are pretty static and I could see this as possible. Take a look at the video at the link below.

The infosphere* relies on an intricate network of signals, wired and wireless, that support it. We are completely surrounded by an invisible system of data cables and radio signals from access points, cell towers and overhead satellites. Our digital lives depend on these very physical systems for communication, observation and navigation.


Source: ArchitectureOfRadio

Simple Android Device Mirror

There are many different ways that a person can mirror their phone screen on their desktop or TV,  but none are as fast, simple and as easily interactive as Vysor. This little application installs on your Android device and connects with your PC via a Chrome Browser plug-in. Once those are installed, you can mirror - as well as a use your desktop mouse to click on the screen of your phone that is viewable on your PC. Mouse wheel, keyboard and more work seemlessly. It's super DUPER awesome. As this is a browser plugin, it works equally well on Chromebook, Windows, Apple and Linux systems.

Vysor puts a fully controllable window of your Android on your desktop. An easy install Chrome app, compatible with all operating systems.



Source: Vysor

Digital Storm @ CES 2013

We stopped at Digital Storm to check out their latest two products that they have refreshed and beefed up for this coming year.  The Aventum is a beast that has been developed entirely in house and offers exceptional performance.  The system will start at $5,000 and come with a single CPU and a single graphics card.  It will also come liquid cooled with some amazing thermal features.

As an upgrade option, you can get the liquid cooling built with nickel plated copper tubing for a completely custom look.  Digital Storm plans to start selling this system in March of this year and the upgrade options are almost endless.  If you want to spend $10,000 on a system, you’ll be able to drop in four graphics cards, dual Xeon CPUs and a lot more.

Digital Storm Aventum


Digital Storm has also recently upgraded their Bolt system as well.  We found the Bolt system to be very interesting.  It’s a “Micro Tower” that offers some pretty impressive features including full Core i7 CPU support as well as up to a GTX 670 graphics card from NVIDIA.  This is a tiny system that is big on performance and has a lot of upgrade options as well.  The Bolt will likely be available with custom paint in the near future as well.  You can see in the image below just how awesome this would be.

Digital Storm Bolt

It’s pretty amazing that this system has so many upgrade options for such a small system.  You don’t have to sacrifice performance for size here as it supports two 3.5” HDDs or a single 3.5” HDD and two 2.5” SSDs.  Make sure to check out the video below for all the details.

We have more pictures in the gallery link here.

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