LG Beats Nexus to Market with Android Nougat Device

Traditionally, Google's Nexus devices have been the ones that launched their new OS, but it seems that LG is chomping at the bit and wants to beat Google at their own game - with Google's own software. That's right, instead of a Nexus device being the first one to market with Android 7 (Nougat), it will be LG. The dual-screen V20 will debut September 6th. If being the first one with a new OS is important, you may be in the market for a new LG device.

Although LG has yet to share many details about the new phone's features, we do know it will be once again sporting dual displays: a main 5.7-inch display, plus a second, always-on ribbon display at the top for notifications and quick app access. In practice, Engadget found the V10's second screen to be one of the best implementations to date, with easy access to audio controls or a quick glance at an email subject line.

Source: Engadget

Project Scorpio Will Run Games Native 4K

Microsoft is working on their Project Scorpio that will run games native in 4K whereas most games for the new PS4 Pro will be upscaled from 1080p. While upscaling looks better than standard HD stretched to a 4K screen, native looks much, MUCH better. It's interesting to see how Microsoft has evened up the console race with their Xbox One S and with Project Scorpio - they could keep doing well for a long time yet.

Loftis doesn't say which games those are, although that isn't surprising when Scorpio is roughly a year away. All the same, the 4K commitment could be crucial to giving the new Xbox hardware a strong start. Even if many third-party games resort to upscaling instead of real 4K, you'll have some incentive to buy the new system.

Source: Engadget

Pebble Thinks It's Time to Get Excited

If you've been wanting to get a smart-watch, but haven't been able to drop the cash on one, there is some good news as Pebble has just slashed the prices on some of their earlier generation watches and they are now very affordable. If you like the bulkly first-generation, it's only $70. Even the color eInk Pebble Time is now just under $100. There is not other smart-watch that will get you 7 days of battery life. I love my Pebble Steel and it is my go-to watch when I'm out and about.

"It’s that time of year: fall cleaning. And you know what we’re cleaning? Out inventory. That means for a limited time you can grab you or your favourite person(s) one of these Pebble favourites for up to 40% off. Hurry though… we have limited quantities of these watches available.”

Source: Neowin

Microsoft Pulls the 'Get Windows 10' App

One of the biggest complaints of users that don't want to get a free OS upgrade to Windows 10 is that Microsoft continuously nags you to get it. They pop up somewhat obtrusively and in my opinion, this pretty much constitutes malware. Thankfully, after much complaining, ranting, ticked off users and more than a little bad press, Microsoft is rolling out an update that will disable the 'Get Windows 10' app. There were ways to remove it manually, but none were easy and you shouldn't have to hack your OS to remove a popup - from the OS manufacturer.

Microsoft officials initially didn't say that it might take some time for the free update to be available to those with Genuine Windows 7 and 8.1 product keys. But after it came to light that the free update was still available, though not advertised as available, it seemed there might be some sort of grace period during which Microsoft quietly would allow users to upgrade for free to Windows 10.

Source: ZDNet

Western Digital 1TB SDXC Card

The big photography show - Photokina is in full swing in Germany right now and Western Digital has taken this opportunity to show off their brand-new 1TB SDXC card. That's right, 1,000GB. This is branded with the SanDisk brand of course, but still it's pretty amazing how much data they can fit on a little card. According to the press release, there are no performance numbers yet, but with the chip density as high as it is, the performance should be fairly snappy.

“Showcasing the most advanced imaging technologies is truly exciting for us,” said Dinesh Bahal, vice president, product management, Content Solutions Business Unit, Western Digital. “Sixteen years ago we introduced the first SanDisk 64MB SD™ card and today we are enabling capacities of 1TB. Over the years our goal has remained the same; continue to innovate and set the pace for the imaging industry.

Source: SanDisk

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