Google Making New Chromebook Pixel "Soon"

Based on the (non)success of the original Chromebook Pixel, Google is working on version 2.0 that should be better than the first. Chromebooks are pretty awesome as it is, but when you slap an amazing monitor and a huge pricetag on it, you're asking for trouble. Maybe Google will be back to the drawing board with some new NVIDIA Tegra stuff and a great screen for less. That could be a win.

The big takeaway: Google is working on this thing, it’ll ship “soon,” but they… don’t actually expect to make/sell many of them. Chromebooks sell well enough at $200-$300; hell, three of the top 10 best selling laptops on Amazon right now are sub-$350 Chromebooks. Bump the price up to $1,300, however, and folks start looking elsewhere.

Source: Techcrunch

WTU Episode #302- All Things Super (Fish, Sound, Sales)

We have just posted up episode #302 of WeeklyTechUpdate. In this episode we talk about some super things. With all the negativity, we thought we'd pick things up a notch. We talk about Superfish, Sony's new Super Premium Sound MicroSD cards and the Super Sales of the Raspberry Pi. We have those stories and even more goodness below!

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Xbox One Burgers Available in Hong Kong

If you're an avid gamer, I'm sure that you've wanted food to be themed like your console. Things like the PS4 omelette sound really appetizing and Hong Kong has taken this idea and ran with it. You can't blame restaurants though, it seems that Microsoft is pushing the Xbox One burger by including a voucher with new consoles to help celebrate the Lunar New Year.

Xbox One Burger

Source: Kotaku

Rock Band vs. Guitar Hero

Looks like we are going to be getting new versions of Guitar Hero and Rock Band just in time for the holiday season in 2015. It's been almost 5 years since the last version of both Guitar Hero and Rock Band were released as the whole "fad" seemed to die off but I guess Harmonix (Rock Band) and Activision (Guitar Hero) think that enough time has passed and are hoping to capitalize once again on the popularity of their games. I guess we will see how they are received and if people are once again lining up for hours to get their very own plastic guitar. Wired has the story.

Two reports say Harmonix is gearing up to re-introduce its Rock Band series this year, and longtime rival Activision is set to revive its dormant Guitar Hero brand as well. The last time anyone released a full-fledged, plastic-instruments-based title in either series was in 2010, when Rock Band 3 and Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rockhit retail. If these reports are true, it raises the question: What exactly has changed since the band-game market flamed out five years ago?

On Tuesday, Kotaku UK reported that Activision is planning a new Guitar Hero with a more “realistic” graphic style, to be unveiled at the E3 Expo in June and released this holiday season. Kotaku said that new guitar controllers were in development, but did not mention if the new game, as with previous installments, would feature other instruments like vocals or drums.

Digital Storm @ CES 2013

We stopped at Digital Storm to check out their latest two products that they have refreshed and beefed up for this coming year.  The Aventum is a beast that has been developed entirely in house and offers exceptional performance.  The system will start at $5,000 and come with a single CPU and a single graphics card.  It will also come liquid cooled with some amazing thermal features.

As an upgrade option, you can get the liquid cooling built with nickel plated copper tubing for a completely custom look.  Digital Storm plans to start selling this system in March of this year and the upgrade options are almost endless.  If you want to spend $10,000 on a system, you’ll be able to drop in four graphics cards, dual Xeon CPUs and a lot more.

Digital Storm Aventum


Digital Storm has also recently upgraded their Bolt system as well.  We found the Bolt system to be very interesting.  It’s a “Micro Tower” that offers some pretty impressive features including full Core i7 CPU support as well as up to a GTX 670 graphics card from NVIDIA.  This is a tiny system that is big on performance and has a lot of upgrade options as well.  The Bolt will likely be available with custom paint in the near future as well.  You can see in the image below just how awesome this would be.

Digital Storm Bolt

It’s pretty amazing that this system has so many upgrade options for such a small system.  You don’t have to sacrifice performance for size here as it supports two 3.5” HDDs or a single 3.5” HDD and two 2.5” SSDs.  Make sure to check out the video below for all the details.

We have more pictures in the gallery link here.

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