Luxa2 @ CES 2014

We took at a look at some of the mobile products from Luxa2 and saw that they have embraced Qi wireless charging in ways that we wish other companies would. They have a few really nifty products and you can check them out in our CES 2014 coverage!


Check out more pictures in the gallery here - as well as more of our CES 2014 coverage here.

Ford at 2014 Calgary International Auto & Truck Show

We spent some time last week at the Calgary International Auto and Truck Show and took a look at what Ford has to offer - as well as strolled the venue to see what is new or exciting (or really, really shiney). Take a look at the video below and see what they have coming down the pipe and what we can expect from BlackBerry as they make moves in this direction in the coming years.


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Monoprice at CES 2015 - More than just cables

CES 2015 continues to roll on and today we had the chance to stop by and see the folks at Monoprice and some of their new products they've introduced for the upcoming year. Monoprice was at one time best know for their cables and accessories, but they've continued to add new products, lots and lots of new products. Monoprice was proudly showing off their new 28" 60Hz 4K monitor. There have been a good number of 4k monitors hitting the market in recent months, however, Monoprice is offering theirs for $499 USD which is going to be tough to beat. 



In addition to Monoprice's new 28" 4K monitor, they were also showing off their 30" 2560x1440 which retails for about the same money. This panel has higher quality color reproduction which justifies the higher price-per-pixel.


Halo 5: Guardians Opening Cinematic

Need I say more? I think not.


Uninstall AVG - Here's Why

I haven't been a fan of AVG for years. It seems bloated, too flashy and I question whether or not it actually does much for you. The reality is that it is doing quite a bit - but not all of it good. Apparently with the new policy set out by the company, AVG Antivirus is now being turned more into malware than it is actual protection for your PC and your information. These changes are slated to come into effect on October 15, and the sad thing is that most poeple won't even bother reading the new Terms of Service or End User License Agreement and will simply install the udpate. What this update and changes do is this...

  • Advertising ID associated with your device.
  • Browsing and search history, including meta data.
  • Internet service provider or mobile network you use to connect to our products.
  • Information regarding other applications you may have on your device and how they are used.


This is absolutely horrible news. I also hope the shareholders of the company go broke and they become homeless and beg for food scraps. If they do find food scraps, I hope they are moldy. This is a way to mine, pillage and digitally rape your customers without the mass of people even knowing. It's a pile of garbage.

Source: TheRegister

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