WIndows Build 9788 Includes Start Menu

It appears that Microsoft may actually be listening to their customers and FINALLY putting an actual Start Menu in their OS for desktop users. Not everyone that uses Windows 8 wants to use - or has a touchscreen and we've been begging for this for years. The image below appears to be legit, and while it does say Windows 8.1 Pro, the rumor is that this is a feature that still won't show up until Windows "Threshold". I really hope that it makes it to a patch here soon. While there are some good Start Button replacements, none are perfect, and this looks great.

Start Menu

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Guadian's Best Games of 2014

If you are looking for some good games to spend your summer days inside - check out the list of the best games (so far) of 2014. There are a few in there that I've played and there are some that I may just have to check out. 

Just for the heck of it, we're not allowing new downloads for older titles or updates, remasters or conversions of games that have already been released elsewhere. So that's why you won't find Towerfall: Ascension (which is brilliant) or Last of Us: Left Behind (which is astonishing). Also, Stuart Dredge has compiled a separate list of smartphone titles, hence no Monument Valley, Threes or Hearthstone.



LG G Watch vs. Pebble Steel

Like it or not, wearable technology isn't going anywhere for the next little while. You don't have to buy into it of course, but there are some appealing aspects that may entice some users. Pebble is one of the first companies to get into this market successfully, but their first device was pretty ugly. They have launched a much sleeker version and today, that is up against the brand-new LG G Watch based off the Android Wear platform.

Here is a comparison that needs to be done – the infamous Pebble smartwatch, the Pebble Steel in this case, versus the new comer, the Android Wear powered LG G Watch.  How does the ‘old’ world stack up to the ‘new’ world in the smartwatch arena – which one offers the most features and best specifications for the money?  Other than the fact that both watches will tell you the time, these watches are as different as night and day in the specs department.

Source: AndroidHeadlines

Microsoft Stock Hits Decade High as the Fire People

Microsoft recently announced that they were axing a bunch of employees and the stock market responded - by going up. That's right, the stock market celebrated unemployment by pushing the price of Microsoft stock up higher than it has been in a decade. With all the buzz around their manifesto lately, there may be some good stuff coming from Microsoft over the next few years. People seem optimistic at least - well, those that still have jobs.

While there is no doubt that Nadella is changing the way the company is operating and is installing a new "challenger mindset," Wall Strett loves layoffs from a profitable company; investors traditionally look at layoffs from a profitable company as a way to streamline operations and reduce unnecessary expenditures. When Microsoft bought Nokia's devices arm, it also obtained more than 25,000 new employees; with that many acquisitions, there are overlapping roles that results in unnecessary overhead for the company.

Source: Neowin

Cooler Master @ CES 2013

We stopped by the Cooler Master suite today to see some of their new products that they are showcasing at CES 2013.  This year they are bringing a few new coolers to the market as well as showing off some of their best-selling gear that has proven itself in the field.  All of these main CPU coolers have a fan and they are showing off some of their new fans that offer great performance and 90cfm+ airflow while remaining fairly quiet.  These new fans will complement many of their new coolers.



Cooler Master has really expanded their line of mobile accessories as well.  They have a lot of tablet products available in the Apple Store and are trying to get some of these working with popular Android devices as well.  Their CM Storm line of products made a strong showing as well and they are working on a couple of new keyboards with Cherry Green switches that offer an even firmer feel and finish that Brown, Blue, or Red swtiches that are currently available from many other companies.

CM Storm Stuff


Cooler Master still focuses on cooling, but they do have a lot of products that are interesting and geared toward a lot of different people.  From Power Supplies to Lithium-Polymer Batteries for charging your USB-based products on-the-go, Cooler Master now has something for almost everyone.

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