Razer OSVR at CES 2015

We got a chance to look at one of the major items Razer was presenting at this years CES, the OSVR Hacker Dev kit. The initial setup was a little time consuming as the lenses on the inside had to be adjusted to the type of vision I have, (nearsighted) and after that they had to either be pushed left or right and backwards or forwards so that the images being displayed are seen properly. Once the headset was put on and properly adjusted, I was able to see the imagery, and layout. Based on what i was looking at and hearing, I felt like I was standing inside a game.


I could see the forest background though I could not move forward or backward but I could look from side to side or even look far to one side or the other. With the movement of the Skulls that were slowly moving toward me in a circular pattern, I could get a sense of depth. In this specific game that was being used, with holding out my hands, the left was given a water element and the right was given a fire element. The Skulls were also using the same elements and as a one got close, the opposite element had to be used to destroy them. I was only able to experience two rounds of the game before the timer ran out but it was still a cool experience.



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Windows 7 Mainstream Support Ended

If you're still using Windows 7, you may be a bit miffed to find out that mainstream support just ended on January 13th. Extended support will still be active until 2020, but if you want major updates, you'll have to update to a new OS. Windows 8.1 is pretty solid in my opinion and with Windows 10 coming soon, I think you'll be ok. Still, it's something to take note of - there will be no more new features and enhancements, but security will continue to be updated.

Support ends 24 months after the next service pack releases or at the end of the product's support lifecycle, whichever comes first. For more information, please see the service pack policy here.

Source: Microsoft Support

Google to enter the cell phone market?

The rumor that Google is wanting to enter the cell phone market is on that has been floating around for quite some time, yet once again the rumor has surfaced which gets a person thinking that there might just be something behind it. AndroidPolice has the rumor again saying that Google is getting ready to work a deal with Sprint and T-Mobile to become a "virtual mobile operator" and launch their own service which is being called "Nova". The prospect of Google being in the cell phone carrier game is an interesting idea and with deep pockets like Google it could really shake things up.

Reports indicate that Google has taken definitive steps towards launching their own cellular phone service, making a long-whispered rumor sound like more than just hearsay. Google is working on deals with both Sprint and T-Mobile to become a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) on their infrastructure. While details are sparse for now, this might be your surest bet to avoid bloatware if there ever was one.

Aftershokz @ CES 2013

We met AfterShokz last year at CES and they were bringing to market their first product - the AfterShokz Sport.  Since then they have lauched the Sportz 2 and Sportz M2.  The M2 has a microphone and is still very much a current product for them.  They did announce and have some working samples of the upcoming AfterShokz Bluez.  This is a Bluetooth version that is based off the Sportz M2 and has a microphone, as well as full media player functionality.



The media player functionality looks a little strained with some of the controls located on the back of the headset and other controls located on each ear(ahem) cheek-piece.  Time will tell how this works in the real world.  Typically, AfterShokz put a fair bit of thought into usage as these are designed to be worn while running and working out.


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Google Keep

Google has officially released their newest app, Google Keep. Basically Keep is an Evernote competitor that helps you take better notes in either text, audio, or picture form. Google Keep is now available in the Google Play store for devices running Android 4.0 and above. Arstechnica takes a closer look at the app over here.

It looks like Evernote has another competitor in the note-taking game. Though it was leaked only a few days ago, Google has officially lifted the curtain off its Google Keep note-taking service. Keep allows users to quickly jot down ideas, make checklists and voice notes, and archive important photos. Everything is then stored away in Google Drive, and it syncs to all of your Google-linked devices.

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