Windows 10 Pro Free Upgrade from Windows 10 S

Windows 10 S is out in the wild on some new machines and while Microsoft's hopes for this OS are already waning. The idea behind this Windows-Store only environment were to keep it simple and easy to maintain. The fact is that it's unstable and very, very limited. People - even the Windows lovers - hate it. That is why Microsoft is offering a free upgrade to Windows 10 Pro - if you upgrade before March 31, 2018.

If you're not familiar with Windows 10 S, it's a version of the OS that only allows users to install apps that come from the Windows Store. Geared toward the educational market, the Surface Laptop is really the only consumer product that offers the SKU. Obviously, an upgrade path was necessary, and even at the normal price, it costs half of an upgrade from Windows 10 Home to Pro, which is $99.

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Bitcoin prices going down

The last few stories about Bitcoin have been about how it keeps going up, however, looks like it's going down pretty steadily in the past 2 weeks and has seen its value drop from $5000 to just over $3000. Now even at $3000 that is higher than earlier on in the year, but it looks like the market has started to correct itself. It's not just Bitcoin that is taking a beating, all of the other cryptocurrencies have also dropped significantly in the past couple weeks. Arstechnica has more details.

The last year has seen an astonishing boom in the two most popular cryptocurrencies: bitcoin and ether—the latter being the currency of the Ethereum network. The price of bitcoins soared from around $1,000 at the start of the year to nearly $5,000 on September 1. Ether rose from $8 to almost $400 over the same period.

But now both currencies are plunging. Bitcoin has fallen to $3,000—an 18 percent drop in 24 hours and down by 40 percent from the start of the month. Ether is worth about $200, down more than 20 percent in 24 hours and almost 50 percent since September 1. And this is part of a broader cryptocurrency bloodbath, with dozens of lesser-known currencies posting double-digit losses in the last 24 hours.

AMD APU Ups the Game in a Big Way

It seems that AMD has been really picking up their game - not just with the Threadripper - they are making big performance improvements generation-to-generation with their APUs as well. In the past, the APU was a good chip for a low-end all-in-one, but that has changed with the past couple of generations. The new 'Raven Ridge' APU picks things up even further with 90% performance gains over the previous generation. While Intel is still a HUGE contender and a larger player in the market, the boys and gals at AMD have got to be smiling these days.

Both Zen and Vega are designed to run on a 14nm process architecture, compared to their predecessor technology's 28nm. While Zen, in the form of Ryzen desktop CPUs, have been well received, the reception for Vega has been more muted, with debut devices not providing the big performance leap over rival Nvidia many had expected.

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Pi Can Charge Your Phone from a Distance

Wireless charging is pretty cool - but it does have limitations. In the past, Qi wireless charging has worked pretty well, but it is slower than the new phones that have fast charge available. That being said, there are new wireless chargers that are pretty fast as well. Still, the device has to make contact with the base in order to charge. All that is changing with the Pi wireless charger. It can now charge your phone as long as it is "close". That means there are even more radio waves slamming into your body and invading your home. Still, I think it's kind of handy. So is the natural radiation treatment this is delivering to cancer patients.

Despite Apple finally releasing phones with wireless charging, the technology has actually been around for several years. And the fact is, charging via a pad is still kind of a pain -- you can't really use them when they're being charged and you either need a charging pad for every device or one ginormous pad for all of your devices. There have been other companies that promise long-range wireless power before -- Energous' WattUp says it can charge devices up to 15 feet away -- but these products have yet to come to market.

Source: Engadget

Configuration Error Allows PS4 and Xbox One Cross-Platform Play

Microsoft really wants to be able to play with Sony, but Sony wants to keep people on their more popular PS4 platform. Sony also says that this requires a bit of work and it is work that developers may not be interesting in doing. It seems that it is probably just a simple line of code that is basically "If Peer = Xbox Then Deny" "If Peer = PS4, Then Accept". A configuration error in the game "Fortnight" confirmed this and both camps - Micorosft and Sony, were able to play together for a time. Whoops. Next excuse please?

The phenomenon was discovered two days ago by a Reddit user playing Epic Games' recently launched early access game Fortnite on the PlayStation 4. The user noticed that a player who killed him in the game's new battle royale mode had a name tag with a space in it, which is impossible to do on a PlayStation 4, but not a problem on the Xbox One or PC.

Source: Neowin

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