Superman Now Changing Clothes in Dirty Old HotSpots

Do you remember the last time you used a pay phone? I actually remember saving up and counting out those nickels and dimes to make a call. I think the last time I had used a pay phone was at my high school before I got a cell phone and even back then, it was a little gross to touch a public phone. There certainly isn't a lot of phone booths that are in operation anymore. NYC has arrived in the0 21st century by turning their public pay phones into free (ad-supported) WiFi hotspots!

Remember when they got into hot water over their mapping of private Wi-Fi hotspots during the Google Streetview recon missions? Anything that improves the accuracy of their geo-location data is of high interest to the data scientists in Mountain View. An entire city bathed in free Wi-Fi could be a commercial goldmine for businesses of all stripes looking to develop a better understanding of who is nearby and what they’re currently looking for.

Source: VentureBeat

Horrible Microsoft Parody

I know I'm hard on Microsoft when it comes to product - and at times, their marketing. I would love them to prove me wrong sometime. Just once. Here's another reason why Microsoft sucks at marketing. I know this video might go viral, but only so people can laugh, groan and maybe throw up a little bit in their mouths. I'd rather be rickrolled that watch this again... Enjoy!


OS X Yosemite Preview

If you're all about having the latest version of your software, you may want to try and get in on the open beta of the new OS X. Yosemite is a major change for Apple and according to many people, it is a welcome change and takes a few of its cures from iOS. While Microsoft tried to do this with Windows 8, it's possible that Apple got it right. Take a look at the link below and see what they think.

The last time Apple released a new version of OS X, we came away feeling a little... underwhelmed. Don't get us wrong: We'll never say no to a free software upgrade. But despite a handful of new apps and features, last year's Mavericks release still felt like the same old OS X. You can't say that about Yosemite, though. The company's next-gen operating system ushers in the Mac's biggest makeover in years, with a flat, streamlined look inspired by iOS 7.

Source: Engadget

PC Review Action

If you are looking at picking up a new PC, things are pretty awesome right now. Intel has recently updated their Haswell chips to "Devil's Canyon" so you have some great new options and a few older options that are very affordable. If you want a decent gaming system you can pick and choose a bunch of parts yourself, or you can pick up something like the Cube Raptor Gaming PC reviewed recently. If you want something that's built and ready to frag, take a look.

Maybe you just need something small to play media files and stream content to your TV. There are a lot of set-top solutions and the Chromecast is not a bad option, but you are limited. If you want something a little more robust and flexible, but yet you demand silence, try out a fanless mini-PC like the Shuttle Slim-PC DS437T. Unlike the HP Fanless Chromebox - that actually has a fan.

Shuttle DS437T

Source(s): eTeknix, TechPowerUp

ADATA @ CES 2013

We had the chance to sit down with ADATA at CES 2013 and check out the latest and greatest from them. ADATA is most famous for their DDR memory, Flash drives, SSD’s and memory cards and over the years we’ve had the chance to take a look at a few of them and have always been happy with the performance and quality. ADATA has a full lineup of SSD and memory products on display. one of which is their lineup of M.2 (NGFF) SSD drives which are designed for things like Ultrabooks where a full 2.5" drive just won't fit.


This year at CES ADATA is showing off a new product, the DashDrive Air. The DashDrive Air is a great portable device that can wirelessly transfer files to and from a SD card to your smartphone (Android or iOS). The DashDrive also has a battery inside which allows you to charge up any USB device. If thats not enough for you, the DashDrive Air can also act as a wireless hotspot and share a wireless connection with up to 8-10 devices (depends on model of DashDrive). The DashDrive Air comes in two models, the AE800 (which features an internal 500GB hard drive instead of having to use SD cards) and the AE400 (which is a bit smaller and uses an SD card for storage). The combination of a power bank, wireless hotspot, and wireless file storage makes this a very interesting product and could make it a great travel accessory.

ADATA DashDrive Air AE400

Check out our CES 2013 gallery for more pictures of ADATA's full lineup of products.

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