Oculus Skipping out on E3

E3 is the biggest game-centric even here in North America and it's at an event like this where you see some really cool things - like up and coming technology for gaming. Speaking of up and coming, VR isn't. Nothing has really improved since 2014 when Oculus showed off their device and with all the legal trouble they've been having - and with nothing being new - they are bowing out this year.

Oculus' absence at E3 may be a noticeable one, considering its presence at the event had reportedly been doubling in size each year since its debut at E3 2014. However, attendants can still expect the Oculus Rift headset to show up at Oculus partners and other VR related booths on the show floor.

Source: Neowin

HTC Ups Game with U11

HTC makes really nice phones, but without the brand recognition that Samsung and Apple get, it's an uphill battle. The U11 is their 2017 flagship that offers everything you need and then some. It comes with the latest Snapdragon 835 processor, an excellent sound chip and even Amazon Alexa. If you have come to love the Alexa service, it's pretty handy to have it packed into a phone. Also, you can give the phone a hug and it will do a couple of other things. It supports "squeeze" gestures. Just what we've been waiting for.

However, it's with audio that HTC shines. The bundled digital USB-C "USonic" headphones contain a built-in DAC, and also have active noise cancellation. They also have one additional feature, beaming ultrasound into your ear on first use, to tune an equaliser profile most suited to your age and earplugs. You can then manually tweak this if you like.

Source: TheRegister

Refurbished Surface 3 128GB

Microsoft has discounted the Surface 3 to a mere $369 if you are looking for a certified refurbished tablet from Microsoft. Keep in mind that this isn't the "Pro" version. As such, this still has a great screen, but the processor has been stripped down to an Atom processor. Still, the 128GB version comes with Windows 10, 4GB of RAM and more for an attractive price. If bargain prices are your thing, the 2GB RAM 64GB storage version is only $299.

Sporting a quad-core Intel Atom processor, Surface 3 has the power to run your favorite apps and desktop software, including iTunes and Photoshop Essentials1- just like a laptop. Click in a backlit keyboard (sold separately) to type faster than onscreen, and easily connect accessories with the USB 3.0 port.

Source: Microsoft

Could Android Pro be a Good Thing?

Google has been doing a good job with mainstream Android and their Android Go has been a fresh new look at an OS variant for entry-level devices. I realize that fragmentation is worse with Android that iOS, but there could be a good case for a "Pro" version of Android as it could have a better fit for high-end devices and offer more of a premium, bloat-free experience.

So here's a radical thought: maybe there's now room for more than one canonical variant of Android. I can already hear the chorus of disagreement, chanting the word "fragmentation" with cautionary zeal, but Google is already working on a modified version with Android Go, its extra lean serving for lower-spec devices. What I have in mind is a similarly stripped-down option intended for pro users: an Android Pro.

Source: TheVerge

User Created Switch Ad is Solid

There are times when the internet really shines. They come up with ideas and implement things that make mainstream media look a little weak. This "advertisement" for the Nintendo Switch is exactly that. It's called "Banana Switch" and it's probably better than many of the ads that Nintendo came up with.


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