Xbox beats PlayStation in November

Not surprisingly, thanks to a nice price cut and some aggressive bundles, the Xbox One surpassed the PS4 in sales in the month of December breaking Sony's sales dominance. It should be interesting to see how (or if) Sony responds but so far we haven't seen much yet as we get close to the Christmas season.

Also interesting to note is that the Wii U had its best month so far in November, which can probably be attributed to the new release of Super Smash Bros.

November was also a strong month for Nintendo on the console side, as sales of Wii U hardware and software increased by more than 10 percent and more than 90 percent, respectively, over the same period in 2013. In fact, the week of Nov. 23 was the biggest single week of Wii U hardware sales since the system launched in November 2012...

IGN has more over here.


Skype Adds Translator Beta

Skype is a great tool that is currently owned by Microsoft and I hate to admit it but it's one of their better properties. While you can make calls with it around the world for a great price, there is still some language barriers that are falling away thanks to the launch of Skype Translator Beta. This currently only works with English and Spanish, but more languages will be added soon. It's very cool.

Source: Skype

WTU Episode #293 - Nokia, Pirates and Sony - All Dead

In Episode #293 of WeeklyTechUpdate we talk about the end of the Nokia brand, the sinking of the Pirate Bay and we also discuss Sony's slipping PS4 sales. We have those stories and more and the links below!

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Viber vs. ESET

As you've probably noticed, there is nothing I enjoy than a good social media fight. Viber (a Skype-like competitor) recently started getting flagged by ESET (virus detector) and decided the best way to deal with it was to take to Twitter and publically announce that #EsetSucks and to get a better antivirus detector. ESET offered one of the best Twitter comebacks by posting some of Viber's code and showing why they are being blocked (silent downloads and sending statistics).

You would think that companies would eventually learn that going to Twitter to "shame" other companies rarely works, I guess someone forgot to pass that note along to Viber....

Neowin has more on this 'digital upercut' that ESET sent Viber

What Viber wasn't expecting, however, was for ESET to respond, and the response was as classy as it can get. ESET tweeted back its own image, this time, however, it was an image of the Viber installer's source code showing silent downloads and silent statistics being sent back to Viber, and a message from ESET saying that their users' privacy comes first. Oh, and they also included an "#esetDOESNTsuck" hashtag at the end of their tweet.

Samsung @ CES 2013

One of the highlights of every CES is a stop by the Samsung booth and this year didn’t disappoint. Samsung has so many products on display which makes it feel like walking through a candy story wishing you could have one of each. The big product in the TV market this year at CES is 4k displays (4096x2160 resolution) and Samsung had a bunch of those on display. Right now content is pretty tough to find in resolutions that high, but the demo clips that they were showing attracted quite a crowd. 

Samsung 4K TV

Also on display was one of Samsung's curved OLED TV's. The curve in the screen wasn't drastic but it was enough to give the picture a bit of a different look and thanks to the OLED technology the picture was great. 

Samsung Curved OLED TV

Check out more of our pictures from Samsung in our CES 2013 gallery.

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